Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Updates In Life: Travelling I Go... Again.

Okay, so before I even think of heading off out that door into the big wide world, I want to keep y'all posted on a soon-to-be adventure, and let you know that I may have no internet whilst I am away, again.

From July 13th until the 25th of this very month, I will be jetting off to Poland, a location not so far from England, but still outside of my usual zone to warrant some form of discomfort. I'm excited, and I am nervous, to the point where sleep has been lacking and tears might have been shed. I'm still going, though, and heck yeah I am ready for it! (Even if I feel like I'm not).

So, yeah, I just wanted to make sure I updated everyone on this, and to let you know that, if you don't hear from me on comments (I'm slow on those, anyway), in posts (again, sloooow), on Facebook (I live there) or Twitter (partially live there), then it's because I'm away seeing a friend, and spending my time away learning about another culture, and finding new make-up to fawn over and foods to enjoy. Things like that.

In general, though, I might not be on the internet that much anyway because, y'know... new country to explore! Things to do and see, happiness and memories to create! Lots of exciting things and all that jazz~

I know I have some things I'd like to review, however with the current situation being that internet there will be scarce (where I am staying, that is), I won't get them reviewed, at least not yet. I might try and bash something out before I do leave tomorrow, however I still wanted to let everyone know that I will be gone, but that I will not forget you, or my Idols.

I love you all, and I hope you enjoy the next two weeks ahead of you. Love life, be happy and healthy, and of course, love your Idols! Take care everyone, and good day.

Much Love,
A Rushed Chiima~


  1. Safe travels and enjoy your trip!! Good to hear an update from you :) Have fun~!