Friday, 29 November 2013

Houkago Princess LOVE! ~Houkago Princess Fansite~

So yeah... remember that Project I briefly told you about in my Digest? The one that I ever so subtly skimmed over, and noted that I didn't know how long it would take/keep my interest? Yeah... you don't remember? Well dum-diddy-dum, that's not fun!

Regardless though, I've decided to let the cat out of the bag, or the Idol so to speak, and let my Project be known, even if it IS still a work in progress! So, let's go!


So, after a long time wondering, umming, ahhing and debating, I decided to look for free website builders to create my own Houkago Princess English Fansite! Why, you ask? Because I am pretty much obsessed with this group right now, and recently on Facebook my online friends have gained interest in this group (thanks to the addition of Michishige Saho, that is) and have been asking about the Members, who is who, what they have done, etc... so I decided that it was time to basically revive the fan site, but this time in the form of a site, not a fan-blog that I once had.

... Yeah, does anyone remember my Wordpress HouPri Fansite? If you do, you probably don't remember I made it, or you never knew of it. This was back when the group was insanely obscure, and during their early days before they disappeared off of the face of the internet for a good while. Sadly, I couldn't hack Google Translate either, and so I just stopped posting on there all together... I wasn't happy with myself for that, but also, it was hard to try and keep up to date with this stuff because it was simply a blog; I really couldn't do much more than a few extra pages for profiles, and the rest was just blogging, which I love to pieces, but daily updates was a no-go for me!

Look at that... it's horrible, I know.
However, thanks to the interest the group seems to have been getting (I can toot my own horn here and say my promotion of them has helped a little... I think I am the only one who blogs about them, actually) I did finally decide that it was high-time I start working on a fan-made fansite for the group. Sure, I did pander with the idea of restarting the blog, but I knew I would ant to kill it after a while, and for me a website looks a little bit more classy, and it can be more informative too; also, Websites cater to the basic information you need, such as Member Profiles, access to videos, single details and such... and that's what I wanted. So I did it. I made one. Okay, so I sill have a lot to do to it (Former Members' profiles, Discography details and probably a few other tweaks here and there...) but I have the basic stuff down, most importantly the current member profiles and the important links leading to the official blog, staff blog, youtube, twitter... all that stuff.

So, without further ado, here it is... THE LINK!!!

Before I even decided to publish this website, I asked others to look at it, and when I had a good amount of opinions on it (all positive, weirdly enough...) as well as the member profiles done and dusted, I thought that it was time to publish it and let others view it.

I have wanted to do this for a while; I love Houkago Princess and I want to share them with the Wota World and let them decide for themselves what they think, but because of how small they are in comparison to other awesome Indies Idols, it's a little harder for others to really see them, I think... so I created this because I know not a lot of fans know that much about the current members, or they don't follow them as actively as I do and so miss out on the more important updates such as new members, graduations (even with Graduations, I am late XD) and such. I also created this for new fans or those who are interested so that they can take a look for themselves in an easy format... and in a language that I hope they understand! Luckily it was easy to build, as the style of the website creator I used is similar to what I used in my Media Classes, so I didn't have much of a problem making this... so yeah.

I know that not a lot of my readers follow the group, and many of you probably have little to no interest in them, but for those who do, please check out the site; I created it so that we have a place to look for information on the girls and to share the love with the fans. It's a big thing for me to make this, and I am happy I did because it means that I am sharing the Houkago Princess Love with more fans and hopefully allowing newer fans to find out about them. Hopefully it helps, even just a little, in getting HouPri known more in the Wota world.

And that is all I have to say for now~

Much Love and HouPri goodness,


  1. I did, I remembered!

    Congratulations on Houkago Princess Love. You've been a champion of this group for a long time now so it is very smart of you to make their own English fansite. I hope they fly you over to meet the girls and enjoy a concert IMMEDIATELY!! Failing that they should gift you a HouPri uniform. That'd so rock!

    In your blog I guessed you were going to take over the world, but I was wrong. You are going to help Houkago Princess take over the world!!

    That is what a true fan does. I wish you all the success in the world and can't wait to see you modeling your honorary HouPri uniform!

    1. YAAAY, REMEMBERING! (late comment XD)

      I love the group a lot, and given very few others have talked about them much, I thought 'why not' regarding the website and such. I love them, I want to meet them. I would cry when that happens XD

      Yes, I am going to help HouPri. THEY WILL BE THE QUEENS OF THIS WORLD!!!

      Thank you so much, this makes me happy -sobs-.

  2. YAY!

    I remember when I first saw their debut song on Tokyohive, I LOVED them. But for some reason I never heard anything from them after that... up until I saw their most recent music video in my YouTube subscriptions. Anyway, this site will help me catch up on everything I missed, so I love it! I'm sure you will help spread the love of HouPri all around the world! :D

    My only complaint is that sometimes the text is a bit hard to read either because of the pink being too light or the cursive font... or both.

    But aside from that it looks lovely. :)

    1. I loved them too, I was like 'I love you, why doesn't anyone else want you? Fairies aren't cool ;w;' XD but yeah, Tokyohive are very slow with updates, or never report on them again if they are indies and not as current or cool as groups like AKB or MoMusu, which is annoying. For a long time, even now, I looked for them through youtube and google to find updates. Eventually I followed their blog very closely.

      I will have to redo the text, I worried it would be hard to read XD