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Okay! Musume Digest #63

Minna! Digest Dayo~?

This Week, in Digest News...

Lots of Hello! Project! Nakanishi Kana solo DVD Digest! YATTA!!! JOIN! The AKB48 and Red Cross Japan Campaign! Perfume's next album release date revealed! Babyraids' new single has been pushed back!? Up Up Girls become Samurai's! And more! Are you ready to Digest?

This weeks Digest is late... very late, as you can probably tell. It is because I went to another county to spend time with my friends, and I had a break from the Idol world for about four days... It was actually very relaxing, and I was so happy to be back with my best friends! However, I missed you guys as well, and I felt bad on Tuesday when I didn't post the Digest! I have done the Digest from up to Wednesday today, and will include the rest of the News from Wednesday until next week in Next Weeks Digest. So, yeah!

Hopefully everyone has had a good week as well, and taken a break from anything they have been doing a lot of! Whilst I love blogging, it was nice to sit back for a few days and relax, and not have to focus on anything. I am still tired from my journey home (I returned home at 12am and woke up early (for me) the next day to do something... urgh) but I knew the Digest needed to be up, so everyone, here it is!

Also... I will now be posting the Digest on Wednesdays! This is so that I can align my Digests with the Hello! Pro Station episodes, so hopefully they won't be a week late any more! Sorry for the bother, everyone! Also, have a wonderful week ahead! :D

... There is a lot of news this week, by the way. Or at least there is to me! XD

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Weekly Happenings

This is a new feature on here, because I do work with other blogs and also have my own Youtube channel, so any posts that are on other blogs or any new videos, I will now link them here. I know that not everyone follows Selective Hearing, Idolminded, Pure Idol Heart or my own youtube, so if you want to see what other things I do... yeah, be sure to check here! This week, I only have Youtube videos to share. Enjoy!


Video of the Week

I Can Go the Distance from Herculese, by Michael Bolton

Surprisingly enough, my Video of the Week is not of a Japanese song or group, but instead a song from a Disney movie. I have decided, with my friends, that this is my 'Journey to Somerset' song. I love this song, it is one of my favourite songs from Herculese, and probably one of my all-time favourite Disney songs (along with Beauty and the Beast, A Whole New World and a few others). I just love this song! It is so hopeful and positive, and great to listen to. I also love dorky little Herc, so cute! It really does make me think of how hard you work towards a journey, and how far we can go ourselves if we really want to get to that place where we know we belong, and where we will be successful, or where we will be happy.

It's a great song, and I love it. I hope you all enjoy!

Picture of the Week

Looking towards the Distanc, and knowing that, one day, I will be there with you...

Uemura Akari is gorgeous. May Melon-san always be glorious and fruitful!


Hello! Pro Station #26 with MC Zukkini is here, so be sure to check it out!

On this last weeks Hello! Pro Station...

Morning Musume's PV's for Ai no Gundan and Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke have been revealed! And concert footage from all Hello! Project groups singing their latest songs! Be prepared for some awesomeness!!!


... Yup. Love it!

Hello! Pro Station #27 is here, and this weeks MC is S/mileage's cute, but half-arsed, member, Katsuta Rina! Check it out!

On this weeks Hello! Pro Station...

The Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke Dance shot! Comments from Baby Predator and Riho on the dance! Takeuchi Akari sings Campus Life~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. Some backstage action at the Hello! Pro concert, including DawaRuna together! C-ute perform! And Juice=Juice's Tomoko (Tomato-chaaaan) answers questions! Enjoy~


The funny thing is that Akari sings Campus Life better than her own cousin does, and yet, her cousin is in C-ute... oh wait, everyone can sing better than Maimi.

Also... DAWARUNA!!!!!!! <3

Hello! Project News

The summer Hello! Project Maruwakari Book will be available at Hello! Pro Shops on August 3rd.


If I squint, I can almost see just how damn hot Aika looks.

Hello! Project Shop

After the August 10th and 11th Nagoya Hello! Project concerts, it has been announced that the members of Hello! Project will hold an after-talk show.

The full schedule is on the Hello! Project News site.


This is new, and also exciting, news! I am happy with this, it will allow fans to hear the members' thoughts on various things... a clever and nice approach! WOOHOO FOR PROMOTION!!!!

Hello! Project News

Hello! Project's official Shop now has a facebook page.


OI, where's my Google+, Twitter, Vine and Instagram!?

Hello! Shop Official Facebook Page

It has been announced that on August 14th, past concerts will from Hello! Project will stream on Nico Nico Douga.*

*Thanks to Liz for the correction!


Apparently, it is for subscribers only, meaning yes, you have to pay, people. Again, this is 'apparently'.

Nico Nico Douga

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou and Juice=Juice will hold a joint live house tour from October 12th until November 17th.


So are UFP praying that some of Juice=Juice's talent, personality and group drynamic rub off on the bland and shitty Berryz? Because I do. I really bloody do.

But I ain''t holding my breath for that, either.

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

The H!P Digital book for August is Michishige Sayumi! Enjoy!


Looking deliciously hot as always, Usa-chan... <3

H!P Digital Books

The DVD cover for Ayumi in Guam has been revealed! Take a look at the cute and colourful Ayumi!


I still see no sign of Ayumi's family members, the Sharks, in this picture... this DVD, will it be disappointing for me? I want my Sharks!!!


Morning Musume now have Official Facebook and Google+ pages!


Finally, they are slowly evolving to the ways of the internet!

Official Facebook | Official Google+

The LQ covers for Morning Musume's 54th single Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan have been revealed!


Even in low quality, I can still see that Hello! Projects Photoshop team still suck. Then again, I suck at photoshop too, so I should shut up. But I won't.

Morning Musume Discography

Fukumura Mizuki is the guest for Idol Hour Hello! Project on Enjoy Network Japn for the next two weeks of August! Please cherish her time as a host/DJ!

We have two guests on Idol Hour Hello! Project this month of August! The guest for first two weeks is mizuki Fukumura from Morning Musume!
She is still 16 years old high school student and this is the third year of paticipation of Morning musume 
she says that this is the first challenge of recording on English program, but she looked having really fun! 

First edition is broadcasting tomorrow on August 3rd (Sat.). She is talking about surprising process of her paticipation to the group "Morning Musume" and some episodes back then, also introducing other members in the group for us.We could hear type of character that only member can tell!  

Also of course we are playing lot's of songs of Morning Musume too! 

Enjoy the time with Mizuki Fukumura from Morning Musume!

Awesome, now the Boobs have landed for those who speak English! Will she talk abotu ehr Rocket-boobs PB?

Enjoy Network Japan Facebook

Morning Musume comment on their up-coming national handshake events in Tottori, Saga, Kochi and Shimane! Please take a look!


I love those outfits... so much...

Also, whilst I should never complain that Haruna is on the front row... why is Haruna there and not Masaki, who is becoming a prominent member of MoMusu now? Hm...


Berryz Kobou

The DVD digest for Tokunaga Chinami's up-coming solo DVD, titled White, has been released! Be sure to check it out!


Those legs... that beautiful face... that Chinami... that DAYUMN!!!!

The DVD cover for Tokunaga Chinami's up-coming solo DVD, White, has been revealed!


Looking lie a deer caught in the headlights.

Berryz Kobou have also opened up official Facebook and Google+ accounts!


Not gonna lie, I don't care about you guys enough to like a page on facebook for you or follow you on G+

Berryz Kobou have graced the cover of Top Yell magazine!


That is a lot of colour, for sure o-o


Suzuki Airi graces the cover of Young Gangan magazine1 Previews from the magazine photoshoot have also been uploaded on the site, so be sure to check them out!


Time to drool in 3... 2... 1...


C-ute also have their own official Facebook and Google+ pages! WOOHOO!!!


Hey, wasn't their official Facebook already around? They were the only group advanced enoug to have one a the time...

A preview of the alternative cover to Suzuki Airi's new PB Oyoganai Natsu has been revealed.


Sultry and sunny. Yush!

The raw edit of C-ute's Budokan concert DVD is no up for pre-order!


They have yet to even hold the concert, and the raw DVD is already up for pre-orders!? Did C-ute happen to go into the future????

The Digest for Mai2 showing fans the 'Special edition making of DVD' has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


Lets just say this: Mai. Looks. HAWT!!!!

Youtube | Tokyo Girls' Update

It has been announced that C-ute will hold a handshake event after their Mezamashi Live on August 9th for those who pre-ordered their album.


That is actually a really nice offer for fans who pre-ordered the album. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the event!!!

Hello! Project News

It has been announced that C-ute will hold their next Hawaii Fanclub tour in November!


Won't that be a tad col? Eh, whatever... C-UTE IN BIKINI'S!!!!!!!

Hello! Project News


It has been announced that Tamura Meimi (as the voice of Tirara) will hold a handshake and autograph session at World Dino 2013 on August 2nd.


She won't need to put in fake Dino fangs, either! It will be the real thing there, Dino fans!!!!

It has been announced that Tamura Meimi will throw the first pitch at the August 2nd Orix/Lotte baseball game!


It will have passed by then, but hopefully, she will have thrown a decent pitch, and not feasted on any baseball players... welp, here's to hoping, right?

S/mileage now have an official Facebook and Google+ page!


YAY!!!!!!!!!!! More crap for me to like on FB that I don't bloody understand!!!! :D

The DVD Digest for Nakanishi Kana's solo DVD titled Sweet Kana has been revealed, so please check it out!


Sweet Kana? More like DAYUMN Kana!!!! Now, where is my PB!?

The cover for Nakanishi Kana's solo DVD Sweet Kana has been revealed!


Holy sweet mother of Crepes and Bagels, she is divine!


Juice=Juice have graced the cover of Anican R YanYan!


And they all look gorgeous and juicey, don't they? :3

Juice=Juice leave a video comment on their up-coming major debut, so be sure to check it out!


They look sooo cute and refreshing! Can I hug them all now, please? Gehe!!! <3


Juice=Juice have revealed on their blog that they will be guests at the public recording of BAYLINE GO! GO! on August 7th.


What the hell is BAYLINE GO! GO! anyways?

It has been announced that Miyamoto Karin will be interviewed by Champion Red magazine, which will be out on August 19th!


In which Karin will reveal that her ideal mate is 'Someone like Uemura Akari-chan'. Or something along those lines o 3o

Juice=Juice will hold a mini-live and handshake events in Okayama on August 13th it has been revealed!


I am still waiting for the raging Aina fans to ambush one of their events.

Juice=Juice now have an Official Facebook and Google+ page!


Lovin' these shitty graphics...


Juice=Juice now have an official Twitter to follow!




Up-Front Promotion News

It has been announced that Up Up Girls will release their new single, titled SAMURAI GIRLS/Widol Seven on September 4th.


A new single? YES!!!! Also, that cover looks damned cool, doesn't it? And daaamn, those swords look sharp!

Here is to hoping there is a PV alongside this single!

It has been revealed that on September 4th, Up Up Girls will release a DVD mini-MV collection!

Track List:

1. Up Up Typhoon (Music Video)
2. Uppercut! (Music Video)
3. Up Up Typhoon (↑ ↑Ageteke Version)
4. Uppercut (Dance shot Ver.)
5. SAKURA DRIVE (late spring ver.)
6. Up Up Typhoon/Uppercut MV Making-of



It has been announced that LoVendoЯ will perform at TBS Radio Kakiiin Presents KOMADA SONIC on August 18th!


And technical issues and crappy UFP management will ensue, I am sure... Oh, and Reina's squirrel voice, too.

Footage of Tasaki Asahi playing a slower version of her debut song, Tegami, has been uploaded to the Satoyama Movement youtube channel. Please watch and be engrossed by Tasaki's beautiful piano playing!


I love this performance, it is just so beautiful. So delicate and passionate, with love and care... I love it so much... it gave me chills and makes me love Tasaki more.. ; A; And that voice... <3 Man, please, UFP, promote this girl more... she has more talent than nearly half of H!P, anyways.

Mano Erina will be featured in the Wanibooks Gravure Collection, it has been revealed.


No signs of ugly-ass vests or sweaters that make her look pregnant, thank fuck. Also... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!

Wanibooks Gravure

It has been announced that both LoVendoЯ and Up Up Girls will perform at the 2013 Japan Popculture Carnival in Matsudo on November 4th.


I would say that two acts with talent were going to this event, but then I remembered that Tanaka Reina still sings like she can't.

Japan Popculture Carnival

On August 3rd, Matsuura Aya and W-inds member Tachibaa Keita announced the registration for their marriage! The couple have also revealed that they have been dating privately for the past 12 years. The couple officially registered their marriage on August 4th.

Regarding the decision to hide their relationship, Matsuura Aya wrote:
"There were reports on our relationship several times, but I decided that the time we would say anything would be when we got married so that I wouldn't cause trouble to everyone concerned with me, including my fans. So I'm sorry that I wasn't able to report it until now."
"He's been there my entire youth. Sad times, painful times, happy times, fun times, all of them. Until now, I've spent every day feeling happy, but from now on, I hope to make a new happiness by becoming family and making a home together." (Tokyohive translation)
Regarding their future, Tachibana said:
"While having a family and experiencing various things, I will devote my everyday to grow as a man. Also, I want to work even harder."
Matsuura added:
"I am still immature, but I will try my best to become a strong, lovely, and reliable woman in order support this stoical and hardworking Kyushu boy."

Some fans must be annoyed and pissed off by this news, but really, I am happier that Matsuura Aya married a man who she has been dating, privately, for 12 years and knows so well, as opposed to getting knocked up and marrying that guy who knocked her up from a silly one night thing. I respect what she has done here, and I hope for both her and Tachibana's happiness. They deserve it, and they have been together long enough to want to finally marry. So, congratulations, Tachibana Keita and Matsuura Aya!

Natalie | Tokyohive 1 | Tokyohive 2


AKB48 and Japan Red Cross have launched the JOIN! campaign! Three new CM's, which feature AKB48 members Takahashi Minami and Watanabe Mayu, SKE48 members Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena, NMB48 member Yamamoto Sayaka and HKT48 member Kodama Haruka, have been revealed!

The campain theme has been revealed to be Join! The Red Cross are waiting for your Strength!. The members of AKS joined the Japanese Red Cross Society volunteer activities, and here they express their awareness and feelings from their experiences. The song used in the CM's is Ai no Imi wo Kangaete Mita, which is sung by the Undergirls and is a coupling track from AKB48's 32nd single Koisuru Fortune Cookie.


It has been announced that Maeda Atsuko's new solo song, titled Time Machine Nante Iranai, has been chosen as the theme song for the drama Yamada-kun to 7-nin to Majo
"It'll be my first solo single in about a year, but it turned out to be a happy song that's easy to get into! It's a cheerful and fun song, so I think everyone will enjoy it.
"Since it will be used as the drama's theme song, I hope that it will help liven it up." - Maeda Atsuko (Tokyohive)
The single will release on September 18th.


As long as Maeda doesn't attempt to act, then we will be okay. Also, a happy song that is easy to get into? That means generic and crap, doesn't it? Also, liven what up? The song or the drama? Because dear, it will be the song that needs livening up (haha).


It has been announced that Watanabe Mayu will provide that Japanese voice dub for the role of Annabeth for the up-coming American movie Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters. The film will open in theatres in Japan on November 1st.

Mayu commented:
"I will play my role to the best of my ability so that I won't bring shame onto its name." - (Tokyohive)

No offense to Mayu or her fans, but isn't Annabeth a pretty cool character, who is stubborn too? I don't see Mayu fitting the role at all from what I remember of Annabeth, but whatever, it isn't me casting her...

I don't think she will do the role much justice, though Mayu can surprise me.



It has been announced that NMB48 will hold a concert for their third year anniversary in Osaka Hall, and is set for October 12th and 13th. Also, Team N will hold their original stage which will be their third, N3, and the Team have performed a new song titled Aoi Tsuki ga Miteru Kara.


The song sounds pretty... well, the title does! I wanna hear it!!!!

Misc Idols and Groups News

Houkago Princess have collaborated with Guitar☆Man GPK and other artists for the up-coming cover-album King of Pops2! Houkago Princess members Odagiri Nene and Sakuragi Nene sing the song WAKUWAKU Sasete, as well as provide chorus for the song Gakuen Tengoku which is covered by the singer YOU.

The Mini cover album will release on August 7th.


HOLY CRAP, A COLLB ALBUM? YEEEEEEEEEES!!!!! Okay, a bit peeved that Nana and Nene are the only ones seeming to sing WAKUWAKU Sasete, but whatever, Nene has a really good voice...

Youtube | CDJapan

It has been announced that Yuumi Yoshida of the group Yumemiru Adolescence has been chosen as the heroine for the new Karmen Rider series, Karmen Rider Gaim! This will be the 15th series of the iconic superhero show.


I have no idea who this girl is, but damn, she is adorable!

Tokyo Girls' Update

N Zero (ex AKBN0) will release their new single on September 25th. The single has been titled Dogimagi First Love and will include two songs, including their instrumental versions.

Furthermore, the group will hold a one-man live on August 13th to celebrate the groups one year anniversary of their debut single.

Track List:

1. Dogimagi First Love
2. Zero Smile


Wait, this group is still around!?

J-Pop Idols | CDJapan

Bakusute Sotokande Icchome will release their 3rd major single this fall, it has been revealed.


Wow, they are actually releasing stuff pretty fast now, aren't they?

Bakusute News

It has been announced that, due to a few changes, Babyraids' new single release, Koyomi no Ue dewa December, has been pushed back from August 21st to September 11th.

The CD, originally to come in two editions, a CD+DVD and a CD only edition, will now be available in only a CD+DVD edition.


I wonder what the heck happened to make their managers decide on only one edition for the CD release... I am still trying to figure out wherever this is good or bad... @.@


It has been announced that Perfume will release their new album, titled LEVEL3, on October 2nd! This will be the groups first album release since November 2011 when they released JPN, and the first album under the label Universal Japan.


I have a feeling that many of Perfume's fans are screaming ecstatically over this news, and possibly fainting in their rooms... -stares towards Nia's Wonderland...-

Tokyo Girls' Update | SGCafe

PV/Song Previews

Performance footage of Up Up Girls new song SAMURAI GIRLS has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


Please, give them some swords... I want some Samurai battles here! And from what I can hear of it... it sounds like a very cool song which really allows their voices to shine!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

A promotional video for Up Up Girls 3rd one-man live at Yokohama Blitz has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to check it out!


I love the member introduction... that is damn clever. And damn, so much COLOUR!!!!!!! I want all their glow sticks!!!! Also, nice promo here, very good :3 I LAIKS EET!!!

MAiDiGi TV, Tokyo News Service, JIJIPRESS and Oricon have released press footage from the Harori x Ginza Cozy Corner collaboration. Please check it out!


Sayu is so cute as Harori! Also, the cake she designed for the collaboration... is that not just an ordinary strawberry shortcake? XD Sadly, I hate artificial strawberry as a taste... so I would avoid this cake at all costs ;^;

MAiDiGi TV, JIJIPRESS, Tokyo News Service and Oricon report on NMB48's press event for their groups up-coming movie NMB48 Geinin! THE MOVIE Owarai Seishun Girls! so be sure to check it out!


Kawaii Pateen Report at Akihabara Backstage Pass #18 is here! Do you want to know some fashion tips from these cute Idols?


I swear, that style of hat in the first portion of the report is... not the best, but not the worst XD But it is EVERYWHERE now o-o I love the Chic look, though, very cute and classy! I would actually wear it myself >3< <3

Kikkawa Yuu leaves a message for Japan Expo on their official youtube channel! Be sure to check it out!


I would ask why the hell she screams at the camera in English, but then again, she just screams at the camera in Japanese, too... ow, my ears...

UFZS "Snapshot Movie" Dream On vol. 4 has been uploaded! Be sure to check it out!


Looking pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

JIJIPRESS have released press footage from the release of Hagiwara Mai's second photobook, Mai2. Be sure to watch and enjoy!


As someone in the comments said 'My Goddess.' But I will actually say it as 'Mai Goddess'... that actually needs to be a photobook title, doesn't it? Mai, Goddess.


And that is all we have time for this week! Hopefully you will all forgive me for the delay in Digest goodness, and also for changing the days from Tuesday to Wednesday! Gomen, my darlings, but it has to be done. Until next time... ja ne!



  1. "the August 14th Hello! Project concert will stream on Nico Nico Douga."

    No, it's a marathon stream of past concerts. It says so right on the page.

  2. Thanks! Updated it :) Apologies for the mistake!