An Introduction to: Chiima & OMT

An Introduction To: Chiima

Name: Kelly-Mae
Nickname: Chiima / Chii / Kelly
Age: 27
Charm Point: Eyebrows
Favourite Group: LONDON BLUE
KamiOshi: Sasaki Miho (READY TO KISS)

Hello, world, I am Chiima, though you may also call me by my real-life nickname, Kelly. If we have to get formal, then Kelly-Mae is my given name (and the name my mother calls me). I am a University graduate, and I have a bachelor's degree. I am also an aunt, as well as a full-time idiot. My charm point is - and forever will be - my eyebrows.

I love words. I also have a deep love for Japanese idols and their music, as well as a deep-rooted interest in research, music videos and film theory. It is through all of these combined interests that my blog was created, and the reason why it has grown into what it is now. Before, this was a place of solitude, a space where I could vent and rant, write a bunch of nonsense and do whatever. Now it is a home to reviews and a little more, a place where I can share my love of idols and music, and hopefully give you some insight into groups and music that you may have otherwise ignored.

Whatever it is that you are here for, my aim is for you to simply enjoy my commentary, and to ultimately introduce you to the idols I love and why they amuse me. Typo's, rambles and over-commentary will be included in all posts, however I want you to feel free in calling me out on my mistakes. I am human, and I have room to improve.

More recently, I have become invested in my Idol research and aim to create content that not only helps me to learn about a group, but you as well. Though this has been apparent in early blog posts of mine, I want to increase these types of posts in order to introduce you to groups, and to give those groups a boost within the Western fandom.

Outside of this blog, my interests include Hufflepuff merchandise, Harry Potter - sans its writer / creator - travel, film reviews, films, video editing (of the simplistic kind), Brooklyn Nine Nine, eating, and organising my shelves. I am also impartial to walking, photography (sometimes), and editing pictures.

I love idols, music and travel, and I am happy to share the things that I love with you all on this here blog. Hopefully you enjoy what I write, too, or at least put up with it... otherwise, why would you be here!? It makes no sense.


An Introduction To: Okay! Musume Time (OMT)

Created on November 18th, 2010, Okay! Musume Time (OMT) started out as a way for me to share my love of idols, air my grievances for music videos or songs, and to simply have a place to write. My first post was for a vent-heavy review of Morning Musume's Appare Kaiten Zushi music video. At the time, I never intended to write as much as I did, and anticipated OMT's imminent hiatus within a year of its making.

Despite my lack of confidence in keeping a blog afloat, OMT has since evolved into what it is today, and almost ten years later it has become a place of pride and happiness for me. Though I am stressed at times with the blog, I can always find some form of solace here, and will always return even when I think about closing it altogether.

It is here that I talk about idols, express my love of music and share my enthusiasm in the written word, and it is through this blog that I have been able to grow as a fan and a writer, and I could not be more thankful. Without this blog, the encouragement of the readers or my friends, I do not think that I would have become the fan or writer that I am today.

I do not update as much now, however I am thankful for everything up until this point, and I want to express how much I love not only this blog, but all of you. I am extremely grateful that I became Chiima of Okay! Musume Time when I did, so thank you very much for being a part of this journey with me, whether it is from the past, the present or the future.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for being a part of Okay! Musume Time.