Thursday, 28 January 2021

2020 Music Edit: The Final Digest

In the final digest for the year of 2020 that comes in the form of a very long list of tracks, it's time to listen to the songs that created a world of colour and escape when we needed it the most.

It's time to leave 2020 behind us and look towards the future, but take the songs into the future. Are you ready to endure the beautiful music of yester-year?

After listening to a whopping 600+ songs last year alone, with about 500 of them being in my playlist of songs I enjoyed, it's no wonder I had a hard time figuring out this list. It will also come as no surprise that it took so long because I - the Queen of No Taste and Idiocy - decided it would be a great idea to, oh I don't know, rank 100 songs for the year of 2020.

The last time I did something like this was back in 2016, and there is a damn good reason why I didn't do it again after that; it takes too much time, I get stressed out, and I eventually figure out what a dumb idea it was. Yeah, it's satisfying to know I ranked 100 songs at the end of it all, but during the time of making the list? Er, I'm dead. I am also fairly sure that I don't want to listen to some of these songs for a few weeks now, but that's by the by.

Griping out of the way, I've done it guys. This is the end of the road for my Year End lists, and whilst it was definitely a time consuming struggle, I have to say that I am happy with the end result and that yes, it was worth it. In fact, despite spitting feathers about it and the mental toll that this Master List has put me through, I am sad to see it come to an end and deliver the final product to you, bad writing and all. I am also nervous because, like anything I put all of my worth into, I care about it and feel scared to share it with the world.

But sharing is caring, right?

So, before heading into this list I have my final list of criteria for you to read through, and then we can dive into the list itself and bore you all with my words and placements. Let's take a look, shall we:

⮞ The songs that I remember enjoying the most
⮞ My fondness towards the song, and the emotions it makes me feel
⮞ How incredibly catchy it is, to the point of singing and dancing along like a div
⮞ The happiness factor of course
⮞ That strong desire to never, ever skip it
⮞ The Loop-the-fuck-outta-it factor
⮞ It can be as recent as December 2020
⮞ All releases from 2020 are subject to this list; Singles, Albums and Digital releases, it doesn't matter. Anything can be included, at this point.

As always, the ranking of these songs are not determined by the ranks of the previous lists. A song that appeared elsewhere may not even get a look in the Master List, and songs that probably didn't appear in the other lists can make their way into this one. It's all about my preference at the end of the day, and how attached I am to a certain song.

Also: some songs that had certain placements in the previous lists might lose to or beat out other songs from that list, so... yeah. Consistency who? We don't know her here.

I hope that you enjoy this list my dearest readers, and I hope that you find something new to enjoy as you read through it. Thank you for sticking with me throughout 2020, and thank you for coming to this list to find something new. Now, go forth my friends, and I will see you on the other side.

Let's experience the sound of the 2020 Music Edit together in the this final digest, everyone. What will you find today?

2020 Music Edit:
The Top 100 Songs

⮞ 100 

Natsuiro Finale by Nanahira
(August 10th, 2020)

Natsuiro Finale is a weird one because, despite thinking it wouldn't make it into this list, I keep coming back to it and have yet to remove it from my playlist for one reason or another. It is a cute song for sure, one that I enjoyed a great deal in August of 2020, but it's not my favourite in any way shape or film. Still, if I've kept it in my playlist for this long, it's clear that I like it more than even I realise, so I'm going to put it as my #100 spot because yeah, I like it. I just don't like it as much as other songs.

Cutesy, memorable and extremely high-pitched, Natsuiro Finale is adorable in every sense of the world, but I would steer clear from listen to this on full volume; it can get a bit much, and Nanahira's voice will definitely hurt your ears. It's a lot of fun to sit through though, so give it a chance and enjoy!

In A Nutshell: Don't listen to this if you have an earache, my friends.

⮞ 99 
Ima Ai ni Iku by Uru (From the album Orion Blue)
(March 18th, 2020)

After capturing my attention back in the early days of 2020, I was pretty certain that Uru would top a few of these lists, however after a lot of releases later and letting this album in particular fall by the wayside, I am sad to see that Uru is a little lower than anticipated, but that does not detract from the beauty of her work; seriously, Ima Ai ni Iku is a freaking gorgeous track and must be appreciated by all.

I have a few minor regrets in regards to not listening to this more, but after playing it back I remembered how much I loved this song during the first lockdown of 2020, and the memories I have of enjoying it are pretty strong, which is why it's on this list, albeit far lower than I had ever anticipated. Still, give it a chance and fall in love with Uru's incredible voice because you will not regret it.

In A Nutshell: A beautiful song that is perfect for the winter season, Uru's Ima Ai ni Iku is a gorgeous track that deserves so much more than I gave it.

⮞ 98 

Against. by Ishihara Kaori
(November 4th, 2020)

Though I haven't been listening to it as long as other songs, I can't deny how much fun I have when I listen to Against. This song is an absolute blast to listen to, and whilst I don't currently follow Kaori's  post-YuiKaori and StylipS career, I will admit that I have fallen in love with this song. Energetic, spirited and pretty cool to listen to, Against. is the kind of anime track I live for. It is sad to say that the accompanying music video doesn't live up to the songs incredible energy, but thankfully I listen to the song by itself and just make up my own PV in my head.

This is a great track, one that suits Kaori's voice well and basically gets me hyped whenever I listen to it. I would happily loop this - hell, I have looped it already - and just listen to it all day. Against. is a wonderful track, and I am so glad that Kaori could sing something so fun, yet cool at the same time.

In A Nutshell: Shalalalala, Shalalalala... Yeah, it's one of those songs, but it's damn good!

⮞ 97 

Yume no Nakanara by tiny little charm (From the album 20204)
(April 18th, 2020)

I hold a lot of love for this album because it honestly made the Spring of 2020 a little more worthwhile, despite the lockdown that was going on in the UK, and whilst it has definitely been forgotten in favour of other tracks over the year, listening back to Yume no Nakanara reminds me of how much I adored this song. It is incredibly beautiful and moving and feels so powerful to me, and I feel such nostalgia and happiness when I hear it. This is such a good track!

Yume no Nakanara was definitely one of the best songs on this entire release, and whilst I have neglected it over the past year, I am glad that I can relive it now and share it with you all. This is a wonderful piece of music that I want others to listen to. If I had just continued listening to it, it may have been a little closer to the Top 50, but I am happy to have it on this list, point blank.

In A Nutshell: I feel so much nostalgia from this release, and whilst it definitely fell to the wayside, I still adore it as much as I did back in April of 2020. Yume no Nakanara is beautiful, my friends.

⮞ 96 

WE ARE ALL ONE by SAY-LA (From the single Kanjou Reversible)
(August 18th, 2020)

Please be aware that the song linked is actually the I-GET version of WE ARE ALL ONE, and not SAY-LA's track alone. With that said, I actually like both variants of this song because it is such a cute and wholesome bop. Created with the intent to instill hope during a time of distance, WE ARE ALL ONE is an uplifting track that I have enjoyed during the lockdown of 2020. It is cute and charming, as one would expect from the idols of I-GET, and SAY-LA's version is just as adorable, if not more-so. I really do love both versions, thought I have definitely looped SAY-LA's variant a little more.

If you are also a fan of any lockdown tracks that were created during the state of emergency in Japan, then please check out WE ARE ALL ONE and bask in its cuteness. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face, and hopefully it will also make an I-GET fan out of you. Enjoy~

In A Nutshell: A cute song that creates hope during a time of distance and uncertainty, WE ARE ALL ONE is I-GET's answer to the pandemic. It's adorable and a lot of fun to listen to, so check it out!

⮞ 95 

Taiyoukei Cinderella by Menipara (From the mini-album First Paradigm Shift)
(August 1st, 2020)

Though the mini-album for Menipara's first release came out in August, the music video for Taiyoukei Cinderella had been out a bit longer and happened to be one of my earliest obsessions during the first lockdown of 2020. With its bright, orthodox idol sound and energetic melody, I cam to fall in love with abundant charm of Menipara's Taiyoukei Cinderella, and continue to love the song even now. Granted, I let the song itself slip through the cracks as the year wore on, but my love for it still burns.

Menipara is a great group, and whilst this may not be their best song to point people towards, it's infectious energy and easy tune allow you to fall into the groups world pretty easily, and it certainly gets you hyped for more of their songs. I love it and I honestly hope that you enjoy it, too!

In A Nutshell: My lockdown song of 2020, Taiyoukei Cinderella kept me smiling, singing and dancing despit the woes of the world. It deserves to be in this list, and I hope that you guys give Menipara a chance!

⮞ 94 

Higher by SHE'S (From the album Tragicomedy)
(July 1st, 2020)

Though I have not listened to this as much as I should have - and this goes for the whole album in general - I am placing it one step higher than Menipara because, truth be told, this is a better song and I honestly love it. As a song, Higher is definitely the highlight of SHE'S wonderful album Tragicomedy, and despite its low ranking on this list I will implore you all to listen to this release in its entirety. It's good, and it's a release I kind of regret not dedicating more time to.

Anyway, Higher is a really uplifting song that will make you smile and fill you with happiness. It's bright, catchy and a nice listen all around, and a song that I think many will like. This is a beautiful track and I adore it, and if I had dedicated just a little more time to it in the year that was, you can bet your ass it'd be in the Top 50 at least. Regardless, it's here and it's staying. Please enjoy Higher my friends.

In A Nutshell: It could have been much higher on the list (lol), but I'm happy that Higher is here, at least. This is a great song, one that deserves your time so please pop it on and have a fun little listen. Enjoy~

⮞ 93 

Wasure Sakura by SUPER✩GiRLS
(March 18th, 2020)

Much to my own chagrin, I came to enjoy a SUPER✩GiRLS release in 2020 that - urgh - quickly became a favourite of mine in the year that was. Now, I put this down to the fact that Wasure Sakura, in all its glory, sounds exactly like Sayonara no Imi, my favourite Nogizaka46 release. Like, it's a carbon copy because the composer really couldn't be bothered to be imaginative and instead plagiarised themselves beat by beat, but because it's a carbon copy of one of Nogizaka46's greatest songs, I am somewhat obligated to love this one, too. God damnit!

Whatever. It's cute and catchy, and I like it. Like, I kept returning to this song enough to know that I'd be putting it on this list. I really do like Wasure Sakura, but I do think it is down to it being the identical twin of Sayonara no Imi, an incredible Nogizaka46 song. So, yeah. Please enjoy it if you like Nogizaka46's music, too!

In A Nutshell: I hate myself for enjoying a SUPER✩GiRLS song enough to put it on this list ;^;

⮞ 92 

Happy♡Sweet♡Birthday! by Sasaki Ayaka (From the album A-rin Assort)
(July 8th, 2020)

Despite the use of a demon puppet throughout the duration of this song, Sasaki Ayaka's Happy♡Sweet♡Birthday! has become one of those songs that I can't help but enjoy listening to. With its catchy sound, cute vocals and change of genres to keep you on your toes, this is the kind of song that simply appeals to me thanks to how random and out of the box it becomes. Yeah, it's not the most consistent of tracks, but what else should we expect from a Stardust idol? They keep you on your toes, and Ayaka really does try and keep your interest with this fun and unique Happy Birthday track.

This is a lot of fun to listen to, despite the demon puppet voice, and I think that you should totally check it out on your birthday, or any other day of the year. So, yeah... listen to Happy♡Sweet♡Birthday! and fall into this weird and random world that Ayaka has created for us all. I promise it's a lot of fun!

In A Nutshell: This is the last song I would have expected to find its way onto my list, but here it is! Have yourself a sweet, random and weird Birthday song, everyone!

⮞ 91 

Only one no anata no Seiyo by Tamura Yukari (From the album Candy tuft)
(June 24th, 2020)

Okay, I never ranked Candy tuft as an album, but let's be real: This is a great little release from Tamura Yukari, one that I neglected aside from a few songs such as Only one no anata no Seiyo, which became one of my many bops throughout 2020. It's absolutely adorable, and after the first lesson it moved into my mind and refused to leave for a while, even when I didn't listen to the song for a few weeks. It's just so incredibly memorable, really fun to sit through, and a song that I hope I never forget. I just love how adorable it is!

Annoyingly enough, I can't find a link for this song so that you can endure the absolute high-pitched cuteness that I have been enjoying for a while now, so just take my word for it: This is one of those diabetes-inducing songs that will bring about cavities and raise your blood sugar levels, it's that sweet, and I can't help but be a little bit addicted to it. Only one no anata no Seiyo is adorable, and I love it in all of its high-pitched glory.

In A Nutshell: High-pitched, cute and fun, I really love this song from the album Candy tuft. It is a freaking joy, and I may just loop the heck out of this at a later date...

⮞ 90 

Itsuka no Kioku by Waki Azumi
(October 7th, 2020)

Though I have not had as much time with this song as others, I admit that I have enjoyed this release a great deal, with the leading track Itsuka no Kioku truly throwing me for a loop in regards to how much I like it. Seriously, this is such an endearing and fun release - and much like the past three songs that have graced this Top Music list of 2020 - it is a squeaky, high-pitched track full of cuteness and smiles. I can't help it, I absolutely adore these squeaky singers who make everything sound like a helium-fueled trip!

I am still fairly new to Waki Azumi's music, but if this release is anything to go by, then I will probably love anything else she puts out in the near future. I have truly enjoyed sitting through Itsuka no Kioku and can't help but smile when it plays, and dance along to it when it starts. It caught my attention, and I look forward to keeping an eye on this cute, fun singer in 2021.

In A Nutshell: Yes, it's full of squeak and cuteness, but I like it okay!? Let me be, my friends. Let me be.

⮞ 89 

Donut Ring World by Suwa Nanaka (From the album So Sweet Dolce)
(May 13th, 2020)

The sugar-infused, helium fuelled voices aren't over and done with yet my dear Readers, because I raise you a Suwa Nanaka and bring forward Donut Ring World, an energetic song that is anything but boring. Seriously, I love this song and would consider it a bop because it is just so damn catchy, and though it did have its fair share of being looped both on its own and alongside the rest of the albums tracks, I would not say it was my favourite track out there from my 2020 batch. With that said, I do think it is a farking great track, and it definitely makes me miss DDR because in my mind, it feels like a DDR tracks.

If you like AniSong singers, squeaky voices and energetic, upbeat music that gets you in the mood for DDR and para-para, then mate, this is the track for you. So, knock back the sugar and get hyped, because Donut Ring World is a trip and so much freakin' fun to listen to!

In A Nutshell: Listen to this whilst on a sugar high. It's kinda worth it, in my opinion.

⮞ 88 

Ai wo Shiru by Last Idol
(April 15th, 2020)

When I think of Ai wo Shiru I get pretty excited about listening to it, and whilst I do think that it is a good song, it definitely falls a little short in some ways, and pleases me in other ways as a listener. With that said, this song has given me a lot of fun moments in 2020 and I look back at it pretty findly. Still, because it falls short sometimes, I am going to have to rate it a little lower than I initially thought I would.

Heck, I was pretty sure this would rank in the 50's, but alas it was not meant to be. Still, this song is a bop and a lot of fun to sit down to (despite my grievances with it), so check it out!

In A Nutshell: I try to sing along to this but fail, because there are some fast lyrics, but it is a lot of fun to listen to!

⮞ 87 

Oborodzuki no yoru ni by Ueno Yuuka (From the mini-album Konya Atashi ga Naitemo)
(March 18th, 2020)

Believe it or not, my playlist has not been a majority of squeak this year, so to break up that image I have going on in this list I will now present to you the wonderful Ueno Yuuka, who once again graces this list with her beautiful music and ever so wonderful vocals. Yes, this is a ballad - it's Ueno Yuuka, for crying out loud! - and though I should have played this a little more in the year gone by, I did not. Still, this is an incredible song, one that reminds me of how amazing Yuuka is as a singer. Seriously, if you have not heard her sing yet, please check this entire release out. She really is deserving of your time and the few loops that I have put into this song.

I say this every year, and I will say it again: Yuuka continues to improve and impress me with each and every release, and every time I hear something new from her I am simply blown away. Oborodzuki no yoru ni is no different, and despite it being a style that Yuuka is very familiar and comfortable with, it is a song that suits her voice and the power that she has. Yes, she could probably do with being a little more powerful, but I think that Yuuka brings a lot of heart to this song. I love it, and I am so glad that this beautiful track is the end to a rather lovely mini-album.

In A Nutshell: This song is great, Ueno Yuuka is even greater, and I am so happy to see Yuuka on my Year End list once again, no matter how far down she may be. Check this song out, and become enaoured by Yuuka's lovely voice. Enjoy.

⮞ 86 

Secret Story of the Swan by IZ*ONE (From the album Oneiric Diary)
(June 15th, 2020)

I don't know what it is about IZ*ONE, but no matter how much I happen to dislike a song of theirs, I will eventually come around to liking it. Of course that happened with Secret Story of the Swan, a song I swore I wouldn't like, but ended up enjoying a great deal down the line until we got to this point. I swear, this song lives in my head rent free, and whilst I still consider it one of my lesser favourites against other IZ*ONE tracks, it is definitely catchy and memorable, and it will stay in your brain for God knows how long. Seriously, I can't stop thinking of this song.

Secret Story of the Swan is catchy, memorable and fun, and I will give it its dues by admitting that, yes, it's a bop. I'm happy that I could come to enjoy the song in its entirety to be honest, because I like Oneiric Diary in general, but I am even happier that I've stopped denying my sheer enjoyment for this song. It's good, it's pretty powerful in sound, and I just have a great time listening to it.

In A Nutshell: I'm no longer in denial; I like Secret Story of the Swan, but there are some stronger IZ*ONE songs out there, hence its slightly lower ranking. Sorry, Secret Story of the Swan song stans.

⮞ 85 

Alpha Omega by Satanic Punish
(December 25th, 2020)

This music is a little bit out of of my own comfort zone in regards to its genre and sound style, but it is no lie that I have become a fan of Satanic Punish throughout 2020, and as such I have come to really appreciate their music style, death voice and all. Yes, it's still a little jarring for me sometimes, but I think that Alpha Omega is a beautiful song at certain points, and an insanely cool track at other points. This is an aggressive song that focuses on both the clear cut vocals of Usagi, as well as Webshiki's amazing death voice that she has been working hard on for the recording of this track, and I love how these polar opposite voices come together to create something this chaotically beautiful.

I like Alpha Omega a lot, and I am pretty sure it will keep climbing the ranks until it becomes one of my favoured SataPani tracks, but for now I am just content looping it every few days and headbanging along to it. Also, it's only this low because I have many other songs I favour over this one, plus I need a break with this one due to how heavy it is. It is what it is, dear Readers.

In A Nutshell: An aggressively beautiful track, Alpha Omega is a ruthless song that will win you over with its sheer power, or torment you with the chaos that it holds within.

⮞ 84 

Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye by Houkago Princess
(July 29th, 2020)

Surprised its so low? I'm not, because whilst I do appreciate how fresh of a sound Shakunetsu no Myster Eye is as a song, and how catchy and incredible it sounds to boot, I have honestly become bored of this track in a way. I mean, not bored enough to kick it from the list, but I definitely feel less of an impact from it the more I listen. Still, I was obsessed with this single as a whole throughout the summer of 2020 and remember how happy it made me to hear this, and how much I loved watching it being performed live. It is a great track - one that many like, and I can't blame you for preferring this over the second A-side on this single - and I definitely think it's a bop, but it definitely lost some spark down the line for me as a listener.

That, and I was already biased towards the second track on this single. But more on that later.

I do love Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye, and I do think it is incredible as a song and one of the more powerful releases from HouPri, but it lost some lustre with me down the line. Still, I'm glad I could experience it in 2020 and feel a great deal of happiness from it. Catchy, strong, memorable and fun to dance along to, Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye is worthy of your time, my dear Readers.

In A Nutshell: This is a quality track, and despite it losing me a bit as 2020 wore on, I think back on it fondly. I understand why many people love this song, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

⮞ 83 
(February 9th, 2020)

At one point or another I was all over this song, and whilst I still enjoy the absolute beauty it brings and the calm it makes me feel, I have let Anata ga Iru koto de fall through the cracks in favour of other songs. With that said, I still consider this to be one of the most beautiful pieces I have heard in 2020, and it is thanks to this song that I could discover Uru and her gorgeous, otherworldly vocals. Seriously, she is such a blessing of a singer and one that I look forward to hearing more of in 2021.

Uru's voice is honestly a God-send and a beautiful change of pace from all the squeak that I have enjoyed in 2020, and this song happens to showcase her breathy vocals wonderfully. If you are somebody who enjoys a more mature and refined voice, then check out all that Uru has to offer, because she is beyond incredible; Uru is moving, and her voice simply takes my breath away. I just wish that I had given this song more than a few months' worth of listens, but alas, Anata ga Iru koto de slipped way for a while, but I will not forget the initial impact it had on me way back in February of 2020.

In A Nutshell: A breathtaking showcase of Uru's gorgeous vocals, Anata ga Iru koto de is a song you should listen to if you want something a little more breathy and mature when it comes to singing style. She is amazing and must be heard by all!

⮞ 82 

Muchuu Graffiti by i☆RiS (From the album Shall We☆Carnival)
(March 18th, 2020)

Because of my affinity with ballads and emotional tracks, you would think that Muchuu Graffiti would rank a little higher on this list, yet somehow it didn't. Then again, I liked a lot of songs in 2020, and with an extensive list such as this one, I knew that Muchuu Graffiti - no matter how much I like it - would end up a little lower on this list because there are other songs that outrank it.

Surprising, I know. But it has to be that way, my friends.

Muchuu Graffiti is a beautiful track of course, one that I have looped many times and enjoyed thoroughly both alone and as a part of the album that it ends, so whilst it does rank low on this list, please be aware that I do think highly of it and consider it an incredibly moving track that delivers a beautiful end to a wonderful release. I love Muchuu Graffiti, and yet again i☆RiS have delivered a beautiful release that makes me want to smile and cry.

In A Nutshell: Yeah, I love Muchuu Graffiti. It's a great track and I will 100% cry to it on the days that I need to cry. Now, stan i☆RiS, damnit!

⮞ 81 

STΔRT by BANZAI JAPAN (From the single Jumpin'! Nappu! JAPAN!)
(March 24th, 2020)

A delightfully cute release, STΔRT is the third and final track on BANZAI JAPAN's sole 2020 single release, Jumpin'! Nappu! JAPAN, and is probably the most 'normal' song on this track list in terms of its sound. With a slightly more orthodox sound, STΔRT feels a little more relaxed despite its cute, pop sound thanks to how it deters from the more energetic, traditional sound of BANZAI JAPAN's other tracks. Despite this contrast, STΔRT fits in well with the rest of the single, and ultimately winds down a high-energy release that starts off loud and proud.

I think that STΔRT is a great track honestly, and I absolutely love listening to it. This is a brilliant addition to BANZAI JAPAN's ever-growing playlist of songs, and whilst it definitely differs in tone to the groups usual style, it is a welcome change of pace, and I do think that its contrast against the other two songs on Jumpin'! Nappu! JAPAN! helps to create a nice balance in the single, as well as to end the single in an appropriate manner.

In A Nutshell: A great addition to a wonderful single, STΔRT delivers a more orthodox, toned down appeal against the other two tracks on this single, and perfectly ends an already stellar single.

⮞ 80 

Pierce by Yamaide Aiko
(April 29th, 2020)

A stunning track in its own right, Yamaide Aiko's Pierce became a quick favourite of mine when I first heard it sometime back in 2020. With her sweet vocals and the catchy, gently paced instrumental, this track hooked me from beginning to end and kept me interested for a while. Heck, even now I can't help but love this song! In a way it is such a breath of fresh air, and despite Aiko's vocals being just as sugary as a few of the AniSong singers I enjoy listening to, I find Aiko's voice a little more refined and gentle.

This is just a sweet, fun song that caught my attention and continues to please my ears and desire for music. It's a treat for the ears, and though sweet and cute, her voice does not pierce - hehe, get it! - your ears or puncture your brain. It is simply delightful, and I am happy that I could experience the joy of Pierce for many weeks in 2020. What a cute, fun track!

In A Nutshell: Pierce is a wonderful song that will bring you joy and brighten your day, especially if you are a feeling a little blue. Yamaide Aiko's voice is uplifting and sweet, so definitely give this track a try if you want something that is both adorable and pleasing for the ears!

⮞ 79 

Over The Sky (Japanese version) by Dreamcatcher (From the single Endless Night)
(March 11th, 2020)

As my favourite track from Endless Night, it makes sense that Over The Sky would debut on this list somewhere, and whilst it is a little lower than I would have liked, I have to admit that I paid this less attention than I should have. Still, this is an incredible track that I love both versions of, however I have definitely been dabbling in the Japanese version a little more than the original Korean variant of Over The Sky.

Anyway, this is a fantastic song that is incredibly catchy and memorable, and I love sitting down to listen to it. It feels so damn dreamy in sound, and I just can't help but love Dreamcatcher more when I listen to it. Over The Sky is a pleasing song for the ears, everyone sounds absolutely incredible and I am just in love with this song. It's great, it makes me want to look at the sky and daydream, and it's just. So. Nice!!!

In A Nutshell: Damnit, I just love the Japanese version of Over The Sky so much right now. Let me obsess over it a little more, 'kay?

⮞ 78 

(April 15th, 2020)

No matter how much I try to convince myself to take this song out of the list, I keep coming back to it and remembering just how good it is and the happiness it gave me whenever I listened to it back in 2020. So with that in mind I have kept CHIHIRO's pretty track in my playlist, and I'm happy to see it here honestly. This is a great track and the entire reason I was able to discover some more of CHIHIRO's music last year, though I admit that this is the only song that really stuck out to me for replay fodder. Still, I'm glad I could experience her beautiful voice and enjoy the releases she came out with in such a weird and weary year.

Tsumetaku shinaide yo is just pretty. It's something I can relax to, a song that I just listen to and enjoy in peace. Yeah, I will sometimes sing along to it, but this is the kind of track that I simply want to appreciate as it plays. It's so good, and whilst I have been a little hot and cold with it, it is one of those tracks that makes me smile and just appreciate how good the music of 2020 was. Damn, this track is so good.

In A Nutshell: Yeah, I appreciate the heck out of Tsumetaku shinaide yo. Why was I considering not putting it in this list, again?

⮞ 77 

(August 18th, 2020)

When I think about songs that snuck upon me like a ninja, it has to be Kanjou Reversible, because I had zero interest in this song until it was just there, in my brain rent free without any notice whatsoever. I don't know what it was that made me suddenly want to listen to this song, but as time wore on with its release, I began thinking of how cute and catchy Kanjou Reversible was, waking up to it playing in my brain... and so on. So, yeah. Props to Ishitani Hikari for making this bop of a song so damn catchy and unforgettable. Thanks, man.

If I had been as into this song back in August as I was in November onwards, I do think that SAY-LA could have ranked much higher, but out because my sudden love for this song is pretty damn recent - plus other songs are at the forefront of my mind - I will keep SAY-LA a little lower. Still, it's pretty incredible that a song I didn't really consider managed to infiltrate my brain this much, huh?

In A Nutshell: Watch out, this one is a creeper.

⮞ 76 

SAHARA by Dreamcatcher (From the album Dystopia: The Tree of Language)
(February 18th, 2020)

The second Dreamcatcher song to grace this list, SAHARA is an undeniably great track that I absolutely love listening to because it is just so fun to listening to. With a little more power and body to it, SAHARA is a pretty heated track that I absolutely adore singing along to thanks to how incredibly catchy the lyrics are. Much like any Dreamcatcher song out there, this is a very memorable song that will be stuck in your head rent free, whether you like it or not.

What else can I say about SAHARA, other than how amazing it is? This whole album is incredible, but SAHARA definitely sticks out and has become one of my favourite Dreamcatcher tracks thanks to how fun it is. I love it, this is honestly a 10/10 from Dreamcatcher and I am so happy it's a part of an incredible album.

In A Nutshell: Just listen to it. I'll wait.

⮞ 75 

Time Warp by Perfume
(September 16th, 2020)

Despite its short run time, Time Warp is one of those songs that feels like it could last forever thanks to how good it is. With such an upbeat and energetic tune, this has to be one of my favourite releases from Perfume in a while, and I honestly can not get enough of it. It is pretty damn incredible to me and I have such a blast whenever I tune into it, because it is the sort of song that perks me up straight away and makes me want to dance.

Time Warp is a lot of fun, and that's pretty much it for me. If I want something random and enjoyable, I'm going to listen to this, because to me Time Warp is all about the fun of the song, and less about the substance. It's just mindless, energetic and harmless, and it makes me smile and want to be random. What more could I ask for?

In A Nutshell: Time Warp makes me want to create silly dances and be random, and I'm happy to do just that when it plays!

⮞ 74 

Haru wa Yuku by Aimer
(March 25th, 2020)

I was initially going to take this out of my rank list, however after a lot of contemplation, many loops and the realisation that I actually kept coming back to this Aimer track in particular during the year that was, I have changed my mind and will keep it in this list. Oh, and Haru wa Yuku is a beauty of a track, but that's not really a surprise because this is Aimer we are talking about, Queen of gorgeous vocals and ethereal music.

Sound wise, this is a breath-taking track that will pull you into an enchanting world because I swear, Aimer's voice tells a story no matter what she sings. I feel like I am in a fairy tale or adventure story whenever I listen to her music, and Haru wa Yuku is no different. Powerful, atmospheric and simply gorgeous, this is a great song to immerse yourself no matter your mood. It's time to fall into Aimer's world once again, dearest Readers.

In A Nutshell: Whether you are  seasoned listener or new to Aimer's work, allow yourself to fall into a world of enchantment and become encompassed by her mesmerising voice.

⮞ 73 

Kirakira Kira by Ohara Sakurako (From the album Passion)
(February 5th, 2020)

Just so you know, it's fucking hard to place Ohara Sakurako anywhere in this list because I am 1) biased, and 2) she was a freaking Queen when it came to amazing releases this year alone, so figuring out where to put any of my favourite Sakurako songs is not an easy feat. I love all of her tracks from the year gone by, but I will say that whilst I enjoy Kirakira Kira a great deal - and I'm already having regrets placing it this low, but whatever - it is not my favourite track from Passion. Yes, it is absolutely fabulous and blows me away every time I listen to it, but I will admit that this is not her most unique or inspiring track. In fact, it is pretty much generic for Sakurako's sound, so I'm going to have to place this one pretty low in favour of the other tracks, which are just as amazing to me.

If I didn't reign myself in, I would put all of Sakurako's songs in the Top 10. She is an incredible singer and I freakin' love Kirakira Kira with all my heart, it's a wonderful track and her signature sound, hence why I adore it... but there are better songs. Anyway, just remember that I love this song and will hate myself for putting it so low.

In A Nutshell: How many times will I say I regret placing this song so low?

⮞ 72 

(August 21st, 2020)

One of the biggest kicks in the teeth from 2020 was the disbandment of Keyakizaka46, who went on to reform as Sakurazaka46 right after. Sadly, we were robbed of a complete single release for Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no ka?, a powerful and memorable song that was released digitally back in August. Am I still sore about the lack of a physical single or extra songs? Why yes, I am. Will I forever be salty about it? Probably, but that's a me issue. Moving on.

This is a great song, one filled with the power and struggle of the remaining members of Keyakizaka46 who would see the dissolve of their beloved group, who create a memorable, resiliant song that feels like a message of their resolve to continue fighting. It's such an emotional track, one that just overwhelms me whenever I hear it. I honestly love Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no ka?, but it does make me feel a great deal of sadness whenever I listen to it. I will still crank it up to full volume and cry to it, though.

In A Nutshell: Excuse me whilst I sob and think about Keyakizaka46, thanks.

⮞ 71 

Pretty by IZ*ONE (From the album Oneiric Diary)
(June 15th, 2020)

Though it may not be the best song on this track list, Pretty gets stuck in my head very easily. It is a damn catchy tune, and what it does lack in terms of its lyrical substance (it's pretty repetetive), it makes up for in how quickly you get into it and how uch you remember that song. Heck, whenever I think something is pretty now, the lyrics "You're so pretty~" pop into my head without fail. I also keep thinking of this song whenever I look at my sister xD

I definitely think that it is a cute, fun track and I really enjoy it, but it's mostly on this list because of how much it sticks in my mind, and how quickly I can recall it when I see someone or something that I think is pretty.

In A Nurtshell: This song just storms into my brain when I see pretty stuff.

⮞ 70 

Futari Dake no Hajimete wo Motto by 26ji no Masquerade
(December 2nd, 2020)

Though it is one of the later additions to 2020, this song has infiltrated my mind and refused to leave despite my initial dislike of this song, and since my first listen of Futari Dake no Hajimete wo Motto, I have become somewhat obsessed with it and no longer feel bored by it. In fact, I am now charmed by how pretty this song is, and enjoy the fairy tale quality that it has. I have also noticed that this is a pattern with some of Nijimasu's music; some songs I am not so keen on, but after a while I come around and remember the song, it gets stuck in my mind and I eventually fall in love with it. It's a cycle, and I have just accepted that no matter what, I am bound to like Nijimasu's music one way or another.

As I said, this is a charming song that has a fairy tale quality to it thanks to its magical instrumental and the soft vocals that accompany it. It has cast a spell upon me, and I just adore how pretty it sounds. This is a lovely track, one that has won me over for better or for worse, and I am just enjoying Futari Dake no Hajimete wo Motto and the happiness that it gives me.

In A Nutshell: From a song that I didn't care for to one that I am now obsessed with, Futari Dake no Hajimete wo Motto is a great track that will charm your socks off, one way or another.

⮞ 69 

Mousou Syndrome by 26ji no Masquerade (From the single Futari Dake no Hajimete wo Motto)
(December 2nd, 2020)

Yeah, yeah, I've popped two 26ji no Masquerade songs back to back, what of it? Seriously though, I love both of these songs a great deal, but Mousou Syndrome was such a blast when I first heard it, and even now I am obsessed with this song and its cute, happy vibe that makes me smile and sing along, hence why it is fairly high on the list for a December release. It just gels with me, I love everything about it, and think that it is an incredible song all around. Heck, it has to be my favourite song on this entire single, I think.

Mousou Syndrome sparks joy, it gives me a wave of energy whenever I hear it, and it just brightens my day! This is such a fun song and I am so happy that I could experience it before 2020 ended, because it definitely made those winter blues fly away for a little while. God, I love this song, and I love Nijimasu.

In A Nutshell: Obsessed, the end. Now let's put this on a loop!

⮞ 68 

Jumpin'! Nappu! JAPAN! by BANZAI JAPAN
(March 24th, 2020)

Though it is by no means my favourite leading track from the group, I do think that Jumpin'! Nappu! JAPAN! is a charming release that is embedded with the charisma and personality of BANZAI JAPAN's members, all of whom give it their all in this fun release and upbeat release. The music video that accompanies it is even more entertaining and energetic, as well as a tad random, but the song itself can stand alone and will definitely charm its listeners.

Truth be told, I was not that keen on Jumpin'! Nappu! JAPAN! when I first heard it, but like a few other songs on this list it managed to grow on me. Now I love it, and I think that it is a wonderful addition to the groups collection of songs, and can only imagine how energetic and random this song will be when performed. Seriously, if they're holding back for the sake of a studio recording, I can only wonder just how much life the members will breathe into this song on the stage.

In A Nutshell: A charming and fun release, Jumpin'! Nappu! JAPAN! is a wonderful piece from the group that aims to introduce everyone to the beauty of Japan in its traditional and modern aspects. Give it a listen and fall in love with BANZAI JAPAN, please!

⮞ 67 

Kimi to Boku no Uta by ≠ME (From the single CAMEO)
(July 8th, 2020)

Though this song has not been as consistent as others have been in my playlist, I do have a lot of fondness for Kimi to Boku no Uta because it is a lovely song, at the end of the day. With some cute and endearing vocals, this is a bright, sweet song that catches your attention right away, and the overall tone feels pretty refreshing, especially against a song like CAMEO. It's a nice contrast from the other tracks present on this single, and though it may not be my favourite track on this single in particular, it does come a close second. I mean, how could I not like it?

I love the music video for Kimi to Boku no Uta too, and upon its release I looped the heck out of it. So yeah, I like the song a lot and think it is a great track for ≠ME, who are really showcasing their strengths as idols in any and all songs given to them.

In A Nutshell: Bright, airy and light, this is a refreshing tune that will allow you to understand the charm of ≠ME and their strength as a group.

⮞ 66 

Make you happy by NiziU
(June 30th, 2020)

How can you not be happy when this plays? I mean, it's the title of the song: This will 100% Make you happy, and no matter how much you try to hate it, NiziU's debut track will somehow worm its way into your mind and keep you coming back for a few replays, it's that addictive. Yes, I didn't like it much at first, but I kept thinking about it and eventually gave into the songs power; it's great, I love it, I have yet to look back and regret loving this song. Sadly I can't say the same for their other tracks, but ah well. One good song out of 2 releases is better than nothing, right?

This is a fun track. I won't say its great by any means, but it is definitely fun to dance and sing along to, and will please its listeners for however long it plays. I simply enjoy the happiness it gives me, and think that it is a nice addition to my playlist. With that said, it has a lot of competition ahead of it, hence why it didn't break any of the higher numbers on this list.

In A Nutshell: Cute, catchy, annoyingly addictive and fun, this song will do its darndest to make you love it. So just give in; Make you happy is here to stay in your head, rent free.

⮞ 65 

Spaceship by IZ*ONE (From the album BLOOM*IZ)
(February 17th, 2020)

Spaceship is an incredibly cute and energetic song, and for a long time it was my favourite track on BLOOM*IZ. I have since rescinded that favour for one reason or another, however my love of the song lives on in my head, and I will more often than not think of this song at the most random of times. Granted, it's not like Pretty from Oneiric Diary where it will suddenly appear in my mind if I see something (or someone) cute, but Spaceship definitely lives in the very depths of my brain, rent free. Pretty sure it's renting out one of my two braincells, actually.

Anyway, this is a damn cute nonsense song that I enjoy putting myself through. Yeah, it's squeaky as fuck, but who cares? If it makes me happy, then that's all that matters to me! I will 100% endure the cuteness that is Spaceship, even if my ears begin to bleed. I just want to appreciate this cute, wholesome tune, friends.

In A Nutshell: It's adorable, high-pitched, squeaky and a lot of fun. Spaceship may not be the best song on BLOOM*IZ, but it's one of the most fun and was at one point a favourite of mine in 2020.

⮞ 64 

So many stars by E-girls
(July 5th, 2020)

A beautiful send-off for a group that was loved by many, So many stars is the sentimental track we all hoped for from E-girls before the members went their separate ways. Though the release was pretty piss-poor due to being released digitally instead of as a full single, I do think that this song is an incredibly moving and wonderful final hurrah for the group, as it not only sounds incredible, but feels emotional and like a real goodbye from the group.

I love So many stars and will sometimes listen to it when I just need a moment to myself, and yes, I will sometimes just sit at my desk and cry when I hear those beautiful voices. It's a powerful song, what more can I say?

In A Nutshell: Pull out the tissues my dears, this one might make you blub.

⮞ 63 

Ephemera wo Atsumete by Suzuki Minori
(June 3rd, 2020)

This is one of those songs that I will forget how brilliant it is, no matter how many times I loop the heck out of it. Yet once it begins to play and I am immersed in the wonder of this song I finally remember how joyful this track is. It's bright and energetic - a reacurring theme in this list, I see - and I can see why I have a hard time taking this beautiful song off of my playlist, because when I do remember the happiness it brings me, I do not want to stop playing it. It's a treat for the ears, and I am so happy that I could discover such a pretty song in 2020.

Ephemera wo Atsumete - which is a pretty sounding title if ever there was one - follows this pattern of being a bright, upbeat and endearingly happy song that caught my attention in 2020, and who can blame me for being interested in that style of song? 2020 was a rough year, and it was my love of songs like Ephemera wo Atsumete that kept me going. It's a cute track and it has made me very happy.

In A Nutshell: It makes me feel happy inside and that's all that matters to me.

⮞ 62 

Kimi wo Toshite by Amamiya Sora
(September 27th, 2020)

Though I have not been listening to Kimi wo Toshite as long as a few other songs, I have been enjoying this track a great deal and will often loop the heck out of it, just because. A cheery and carefree song, Kimi wo Toshite simply makes me life a little bit brighter when it is on. Yes, it's another one of those tracks, but I have to pay my respects to the happy, cute songs that made me smile when my days were gray, y'all.

These wonderfully chipper songs are dominating my playist, but I promise there a few more sombre ones in here, somewhere. For now though, why don't you treat yourself to the uplifting and sweet voice of Amamiya Sora? I promise she's not that squeaky.

In A Nutshell: It's another happy track that serves me a smile whenever I listen to it, and whilst it is the only Amamiya Sora song I really threw myself into this year, I have loved every second of it.

⮞ 61 

Kokoro Knock by YuNi 
(August 14th, 2020)

Similar to a few other songs in this list, I did not expect Kokoro Knock to make it into this list, and it was actually in my Honourable Mentions before I went back to the song and realised that I like it a lot more than I realised. I mean, it's catchy and cute, I think about it a fair bit even when I haven't listened to it, and I just think that it is a very pleasing song to listen to. Kokoro Knock is certainly one of the more appealing songs out there by a virtual singer for me, and YuNi has a very pretty, somewhat soothing voice as well, which makes my listening experience even more pleasant.

I keep thinking back to Kokoro Knock, it's a song that I genuinely enjoy and look forward to listening to, and I am happy that I was able to find it amongst many other songs in 2020. It's a great little track, YuNi is a wonderful singer, and I am fairly certain that Kokoro Knock will continue to be a repeat favourite regardless of the New Year.

In A Nutshell: Knock knock, I'm going to put this on repeat. What a surprise.

⮞ 60 

Ningen Kankei No way way by Morning Musume. '20
(January 22nd, 2020)

I know that this is a carbon copy of LOVEpedia in a way, but who gave Morning Musume. '20 the right to go this hard on a single? I mean, as an entire release this single snaps, but on its own Ningen Kankei No way way has wormed its way into my heart and lived in my head rent free. I honestly can't help but love it because it's so catchy, a little bit weird, and definitely a tune that you can dance and sing along to. It is a lot of fun, and whilst I am fairly sure this was my least favourite song on the release at one point, it has somehow become a favourite and been present throughout the latter half of 2020.

Ningen Kankei No way way is fun, and despite how cool the PV tries to make it look, it's a silly and energetic song that just makes you smile. But be careful my friends, because this song will live in your head, and you will wake up to its nonsense if you don't watch out. Yes, it's that kind of song.

In A Nutshell: This song is weird in the best way possible, but it tries its best to be cool. We know you aren't cool though, Ningen Kankei No way way. But we love you just as you are.

⮞ 59 

Dear My Friend by Little Glee Monster x Pentatonix
(December 16th, 2020)

This might be the high of loving this song for a month straight talking, but I adore Dear My Friend enough to rank it this high on my list despite how late of an addition it is. Call me biased - this is Little Glee Monster, after all -but this song is such a wonderful addition to my playlist and so worth this position in my Master List of 2020 songs. Seriously, I don't think a day has gone by since its release that I have not listened to, thought of or hummed along to this incredible track.

I am restraining myself from placing this higher because of its release date, but I do adore this track and the happiness it makes me feel. It is a wonderful 2020 release, one that brings together two incredible groups and a message for everyone that no matter where we are in the world, we can still be there for one another. It's a great song, I love it and now it is time to let me loop the shit outta this, my dear Readers.

In A Nutshell: A beautifully crafted song that is performed by two incredible groups, Dear My Friend is a heartfelt piece that will bring a smile to your face when you hear it.

⮞ 58 

Zenbu Anata no Seinanda by I Don't Like Mondays.
(May 6th, 2020)

Random note, but I didn't expect this song to be this high, but it's here and I am happy with this placement because damn, I have loved this song in 2020. Okay, onto the spiel.

Adding a delightful twist to my playlist, Zenbu Anata no Seinanda by I Don't Like Mondays has been one of the most pleasant of surprises from 2020. Smooth, a little bit sexy and very relaxing, this song initially intrigued me before it became a favourite, and whilst it has fallen a bit compared to other songs, it continues to intrigue me even now because let's be real; this is not my usual flavour of song, and is so left-field when you compare it to the songs above. Still, I'm super happy that I found this song because it is great and adds a nice, much needed change of pace in my typically cute, idol-filled playlist of songs.

Now, if I was a whisky drinker I would totally lounge about with a Jack Daniels in hand as I listen to this, but I'm not, so I will just knock back the cola instead and enjoy how chilled out this song makes me. It's delightful and I hope you give it a listen, because it might just surprise you with how great it is.

In A Nutshell: An atmospheric, smooth song that will chill you out, this is a great track to relax to and immerse yourself in. If you want something a little more mature, perhaps something not so Idol in sound, then this is for you.

⮞ 57 

One Kiss by i☆RiS (From the album Shall We☆Carnival)
(March 18th, 2020)

Originally placed as an Honourable Mention, I realised the error of my ways pretty quickly because - let's be real - One Kiss is an absolute bop, and probably one of the best songs on this entire album thanks to its upbeat sound that you could easily dance along to in a club. I just really enjoy this song and how easy it is to get into the second it starts, and like many other songs on this list: It makes me smile and sing along to it!

It might seem a bit random, but I associate this song with the Sims 4 quite a lot because this was the album I would listen to when I was building lots on the game during the first Lockdown of 2020 in March. So, whenever this comes on I just think of the Sims 4 and how much fun I had building houses, as well as the joy that this song brought me.

In A Nutshell: It's fun and makes me think of the Sims 4! Yes it's random, but it's true!

⮞ 56 

Sakanaito Days by halca (From the album Assortrip)
(February 12th, 2020)

After who knows how many songs, we have finally hit my first halca mention in this list, and of course it has to be a track from her incredible album, Assortrip! A cute and appealing song, this is a fun and endearing track that is a great addition to halca's first studio album, despite it being one of the tamer tracks in my opinion. I really love how cute it is though, but maybe I am just biased to the charm of halca?

I have had a lot of fun listening to this both alone and along with the other songs on the album, and whilst it is not my favourite from this release in particular, it still stood out to me and gave me a great time whenever I listened to it. Definitely check it out, and while you're at it, fall in love with halca like I did!

In A Nutshell: halca is charming and bright in Sakanaito Days, and delivers a wonderful performance that will charm your socks off, so get going and listen to one of my new favourite soloists!

⮞ 55 

Tension by Dreamcatcher (From the album Dystopia: The Tree of Language)
(February 18th, 2020)

This album has a whole host of incredible songs on its track list, and whilst Tension might be the most basic Dreamcatcher song of them all - hi, it sounds exactly like Chase Me and Good Night - it is still an incredible track that feels like an adrenaline rush whenever I listen to it. With its fast pace, impeccable vocals and Nightmare vibe, this is the perfect track for me to fall into when I just want some oldschool Dreamcatcher to get me through the day.

I could listen to this song on repeat all day, I love it that much. Sure, it's not the most original track on the album, but it's one of my favourites and I am just obsessed with Tension and the rush it gives me. So yeah, I'm gonna play it again my friends.

In A Nutshell: Want an adrenaline rush, good vocals and a good song all around? Here you go, Tension is the song for you, now go forth and listen my friends!

⮞ 54 

Itoshisa ni Ribbon wo Kakete by Little Glee Monster (From the album Bright New World)
(February 12th, 2020)

Though this song is very much a Christmas track thrown into a non-Christmas album, I have actually been listening to Itoshisa ni Ribbon wo Kakete throughout all of the seasons because it is - to put it bluntly - a wonderful song that I am obsessed with. I am obsessed with this album in general, I mean look at my damn Albums of 2020 list and see where this placed, but on its own this song is amazing. I think it helps that I love Christmas songs anyway, and will listen to them any day of the year regardless of whether it's Christmas time or not.

That's it. That''s all I have to say on this song. I'm obsessed with it, it's Christmassy, Little Glee Monster are incredible and if you have yet to listen to them: Do it. Do it now. You won't regret it.

In A Nutshell: -sings in Christmas song-

⮞ 53 

So Sweet by Suwa Nanaka (From the album So Sweet Dolce)
(May 13th, 2020)

I feel like I had a love-hate relationship with this album when it first came out, but as time went on I came to really like the sugary-sweetness of Nanaka's So Sweet Dolce, with So Sweet being one of my favourites from this album. As addictive as candy, possibly moreso, this adorable track will flow through your bloodstream quicker than you'd like if you're not careful, and maybe give you a cavity or two along the way.

Because this is the first track on the album, it's a great introduction to the cuteness that you'll be faced with from here on out, so if this isn't your style or pains your ears a bit too much, definitely give this one a miss. I enjoy it though, and I will continue to indulge in this every now and again when I feel the need for a sugar spike.

In A Nutshell: It might hurt your ears and give you a toothache, but this sugar sweet track will charm you as well if you don't mind a high-pitched vocalist.

⮞ 52 

Rainbow by Anly
(September 9th, 2020)

In a similar vein to I Don't Like Mondays music, Anly's Rainbow is a bit of a new one for me in terms of its style. With a bit of a campfire sound that is both upbeat and chilled out, Rainbow has become one of those songs that I look forward to coming up on my playlist. I genuinely enjoy this track and how chilled out it makes me feel, and how it makes me think of campfires and being with my friends, singing together terribly and just having fun.

The clapping in the instrumental is also fun to clap along to, and only adds to that campfire vibe it gives off.

Rainbow is such a fun, unique track in my playlist and I have absolutely loved looping it from September to now. Yeah, it's not my usual sound, but it's a welcome addition that breaks up the idol and cuteness I usually entertain myself with, so check this out if you also need something a little different to wind down to.

In A Nutshell: Rainbow is a welcome and much needed change of pace to my playlist, and I will happily eat smores to this as I sing and clap along.

⮞ 51 

23:59 by CARRY LOOSE (From the single Ningen)
(February 11th, 2020)

From a happy track to one that makes me feel pretty damn sad, I present to you 23:59, yet another February track that is a stand-out thanks to its power and beauty. I absolutely love this single as a whole, but on its own I can not help but consider 23:59 a strong and emotive track. With the powerful instrumental backing the raw vocals of the members, this is song moves me and just makes me sit there in awe at the absolute beauty of the members' vocals.

Oh, and it makes me want to cry, but that's more to do with the fact that the group has since disbanded and I miss them. CARRY LOOSE was an incredible group, and whilst I don't really follow WACK I did like this group and their music. It speaks to and resonates with me, and listening to 2359 now only makes me feel more emotional.

In A Nutshell: This is my crying hours song, and it will continue to make me cry until I get over CARRY LOOSE's disbandment (which will be never).

⮞ 50 

Zesse Cleopatra by Houkago Princess
(July 29th, 2020)

An absolute bop and a wonderful homage to the indies era style of sound that Houkago Princess once toted, Zesse Cleopatra is my favourite song from HouPri's latest single for obvious reasons: Upbeat, energetic, summery and a sound that I am all too familiar with, this song throws me back into 2012 and reminds me of the simpler times as a Houkago Princess fan. This is such a nostalgia trip, and I can not help but adore this sunny, cute track!

I still adore Zesse Cleopatra, and listening to it again for the purpose of ranking it is bringing back such strong, happy feelings, however I must be true to myself; I have not been as dedicated to this song as others, and whilst I do adore it in all of its generic, HouPri glory, there are other songs that deserve much higher ranks. I still love this track to bits though, never forget that!

In A Nutshell: My summer sonata, Zesse Cleopatra is a blast from the past in this cute and upbeat tune that is perfect for the sunniest of seasons!

⮞ 49 

Daijyoubu by Kimura Yuka (From the mini-album rainy)
(June 25th, 2020)

I can't get enough of this entire release, but Daijyoubu alone is such a beautiful and heartfelt song, one that reminds me of the sun after the rain has disappeared. With its bright and freeing sound, this is the perfect song to tune into if you want something that will soothe and uplift you in one fell swoop. It is honestly glorious, and I do not think that I will ever get over just how incredible this song is, or how amazing Kimura Yuka is as a singer. I was so blessed to hear this beautiful pairing between music and singer.

I've already reviewed the mini-album and sung my praises for this entire min-album, and I have already obsessed over it both in my personal time and on the albums of 2020 list, so yeah, I need to say no more. I love it, I think it is a perfect song, and *chef's kiss* to Kimura Yuka. Listen to it my friends, it's a good'un.

In A Nutshell: -all the chefs kisses-

⮞ 48 

Untitled world by ReoNa
(July 1st, 2020)

Despite taking a while to grow on me, Untitled world has become one of my favourite songs since it was first released as a digital track back in July last year. Thanks to ReoNa's breathy vocals and the powerful instrumental behind her, I have really come to enjoy just how incredible this song is, and often wonder just why I didn't like this song. Seriously, it is such a masterpiece!

Untitled world acted as my introduction to ReoNa, and though this is my first mention of her on this list, it will not be the last because hoo boy, I have been impressed by this incredible AniSong singer and look forward to sharing some more incredible songs with you further down the list. To start your journey into her world however, definitely check out Untitled world and fall into a universe that is both wonderful and unknown. Go on, you know you wanna ;)

In A Nutshell: Another new soloist to add to my list of who to follow, ReoNa drags you into Untitled world and will not let you go. This song is addictive and powerful, and will surely intrigue you after your first listen.

⮞ 47 

(September 30th, 2020)

I absolutely love Acacia, mostly because it was used for a Pokémon music video and also because it is just a great song in general. But yeah, I'm mostly into this song for the Pokémons and I am not ashamed to admit it, because at heart I am a weeb and always will be.

Aside from reminding me of Pokémons and the memories attached to that franchise as a whole, Acacia makes me happy when I hear it, simple as. It is an uplifting, bright song that makes my day a little bit more cheerful, and no matter how much I listen to it I know that it will make me smile without fail. It is a good song, and it only gets better with every new loop.

In A Nutshell: This is my weeb song.

⮞ 46 

Red Sun by Dreamcatcher (From the album Dystopia: The Tree of Language)
(February 18th, 2020)

Even though Red Sun is not the highest ranking Dreamcatcher song on this list, I do think that it's my favourite on this entire album because of how creepy and cool this song sounds. With a few classic horror sound elements thrown into the instrumental, a slightly creepy child vibe and some incredible vocals to create an atmospheric and immersive piece, Red Sun has to be one of the best tracks on this release (though that is up for debate).

I freakin' love Red Sun in all of its creepy glory, and whilst t might not appeal to everyone who reads this, it's definitely for those who are fans of that slightly haunted lullaby vibe. Honestly, I could go to sleep to this and be content, that's how much I enjoy it.

In A Nutshell: I like songs that are creepy.

⮞ 45 

STARTING OVER by Little Glee Monster (From the album Bright New World)
(February 12th, 2020)

After dominating most of my playlist for the year of 2020, Little Glee Monster are back in the Top 50 songs with the incredible, STARTING OVER, one of a few favourite tracks on this album release alone. I just love chilling to this song, or singing along to it. It kind of depends on my mood, but no matter what I will always have a lot of fun listening to this song.

The vocals are as beautiful as ever, the song is hopeful and bright, and I just think that it is a wonderful track all around. I can not get enough of Little Glee Monster in general, but STARTING OVER is such a high for me as a listener, and I will gladly relive this gorgeous song over and over again.

In A Nutshell: My bias is gonna start showing again, so let's just leave it at this: STARTING OVER is a great song, I love it and I will loop the shit out of it.

⮞ 44 

Start Line by Kobushi Factory
(March 4th, 2020)

Happy in sound, sad in what it meant for Kobushi Factory as a group, Start Line is one of those weird songs that I want to jump around and dance to, before promptly crying my eyes out because this is literally the beginning of the end for what was an incredible group. Yeah, the song may not be their most original, but it definitely delivered the energy and charm of Kobushi Factory and allowed us to look back at the good (and the bad) times, whilst also appreciating the vocal talent of this group.

I initially wanted to place this song a bit higher on my list, however as time has wore on it hits a little less than when I first heard it. It's still a good track though, and whilst it might not speak to me as much as it once did, I hold a lot of love for Start Line and the underlying sadness that it holds. Finally, I will continue to miss Kobushi Factory and mourn their loss thanks to the incompetence of Hello! Project.

In A Nutshell: You should be so... HAPPY! -wails-

⮞ 43 

Hyakubun no ichi by Tani Nobara
(November 1st, 2020)

*Link included is an iTunes link, just so ya know.

I am livid that I can not find a link to this song because it is so freakin' cute and I absolutely adore it, so I ask that you trust me on this one: Hyakubun no ichi is an adorable song that feels like a little ball of life, and no matter how much I listen to it I can not help but feel so happy and energised. This song makes me smile, it makes me want to dance along to it terribly, and I absolutely adore how upbeat and fun it is. I honestly wish that there was a PV for this song, because I can only imagine just how cute it would be.

This is Nobara's first official solo release since leaving Houkago Princess in March of last year, and I can only look forward to more of her work after this. I mean, this is such an endearing and cute tune! It's so wholesome and fun, and I love it with every ounce of my soul. The sole reason it isn't higher is because there are many other songs I rank a little bit up above this, but take note myfriends, this is a bop and it must be heard, so head over to iTunes and enjoy!

In A Nutshell: I am crazy for this song, it's truly a delight and even if you just preview it via iTunes, at least you have heard it and experience some of the joy that it gives me.

⮞ 42 

Fuyu-iro silhouette by Ueno Yuuka (From the mini-album Konya Atashi ga Naitemo)
(March 18th, 2020)

Without fail this song makes me smile, and whilst I did want to see it rank in perhaps the Top 30's, I need to be truthful to myself and finally place it in somewhere in this list though, because whilst it is an incredible song - and one of the fest on this mini-album - I have not listened to it as much as I would have liked. With that said, it holds a special place in my heart, and once again Ueno Yuuka dominates my soul with her pure, beautiful voice.

This was definitely the song that spoke to me the most from this release, and whilst I do think that Yuuka has some fantastic songs on here, Fuyu-iro silhouette has to be my favourite track of hers from 2020. It is a gorgeous, uplifting and gentle tune that speaks to me, and I am so happy that has blessed my ears.

In A Nutshell: I freakin' love Ueno Yuuka's music, and if I had listened to this song in particular a little more, you can bet your ass it'd be so much higher (I'm hella biased).

⮞ 41 

Kono te wa by Misawa Sachika
(April 29th, 2020)

After six years of no single releases, who gave Sachika Misawa the right to go this hard in a song? I mean, when I first heard this release I was absolutely amazed by the sheer power and beauty that this singer holds within her. This is a breathtaking song and one of a few surprise favourites from 2020, because I never expected to like this, but I fell pretty damn hard for it and continue to think about it pretty frequently.

Kono te wa is such a fun track, I love singing along to it and it just cheers me up pretty easily. It's a wonderful tune, and this whole single was the perfect introduction to Misawa's music, as well as a great return to singing for her. It's absolutely beautiful, I am obsessed with it, and I hope that you become obsessed with it, too!

In A Nutshell: How many times can I say 'I love this' before it gets annoying?

⮞ 40 

color by Hiragana KAMIYADO
(May 29th, 2020)

Okay, so I really love all that Hiragana KAMIYADO has given me this year, color included. This is a wonderful, bright song that truly livened up my 2020 when I needed it the most, and it is one that I constantly come back to because it is just so wonderful. To say that I love this song would be an understatement, because I do. I'm pretty sure that I may be a little obsessed with it, too. Not as much as other songs of course, but... yeah. I like this one a lot.

Hiragana KAMIYADO has charmed the heck out of me this past year, and color is one of a few reasons why I want to continue following this incredible group. This is a great song, I absolutely adore it and I hope that it brings a smile to your face as well, and a little colour to your day.

In A Nutshell: color gave be the boost I needed in 2020, and I won't stop loving this beautiful track for as long as I can manage. It is pretty damn great, and I am so happy that I could discover Hiragana KAMIYADO though this beautiful track.

⮞ 39 

Spending by i☆RiS (From the album Shall We☆Carnival)
(March 18th, 2020)

I swear, this song pops up like a random brain notification whenever I think about money because... well, read the title. As a song though, Spending is one of those unexpected bops that I initially thought I'd hate, but ended up enjoying far more than I would have liked because it is such an addictive and enjoyable tune. Y'know, kinda like when you spend money... Or is that just me?

This has to be one of the harder songs to place, because whilst I want it to rank pretty high, I am aware that it's not my absolute favourite and should not place it above others. So, we're gonna stop here with Spending, because it is a bop of a track that deserves to be heard, however there are even bigger fish to fry, my friends. Enjoy Spending a bit of time on this one, kay ;)

In A Nutshell: I'm gonna be addicted to this track for a few days, aren't I?

⮞ 38 

Ashita wo Shinjite Mitaitte Omoeru yo by SUPER☆GiRLS
(August 5th, 2020)

... I hate myself.

For a SUPER☆GiRLS song, Ashita wo Shinjite Mitaitte Omoeruyo climbed this list far higher than I would have thought, but that's because I had to put my pride aside and admit that yes, I really like this track. I like it so freakin' much, and it actually makes me mad that I do. So, yeah. Here's a damn guilty pleasure track from 2020, and I hope that you all enjoy my pain and suffering (especially you, Seta my dear).

I will admit that I have loved the singles that SUPER☆GiRLS put out this year, with this one being a favourite. It's a fun song, the bright sound just makes me so happy, and the energy is much appreciated. Yeah, it's generic SUPER☆GiRLS trash, but I will happily indulge in this trash whilst the guilt slowly takes over.

In A Nutshell: I'm questioning my own tastes right now, so let's just move on.

⮞ 37 

(April 22nd, 2020)

It's time to finally place an early favourite of mine from 2020, the incredibly upbeat and addictive Otome no Route wa Hitotsu Janai! After hearing this for the first time as a part of the opening for the first series of My Next Life As A Villainess, I became a little bit obsessed with this track and the boost of happiness it injected into me whenever I heard it. I adored this song - I still do - and would just spend hours upon hours of time listening to it. I enjoy it a lot, and listening back to it along with all these other songs just throws me back to both the anime, and my time spent listening to this song in both its short and long versions.

Otome no Route wa Hitotsu Janai! is such a fun, catchy tune that fits in with the rest of my happy tracks from 2020. It livened up some of the boring days I faced, and whilst I don't play it as much now as I did back in the early to middle months of 2020, I will still play it every now and again and appreciate the joy it gave me when I was completely obsessed with it.

In A Nutshell: This is such a fun, somewhat silly pop track that mixes a few genres, so definitely check it out and look out for the beautiful opera moments that are thrown into this song! It will also give you a boost of energy, so if you need that today then head on over to YouTube and watch the PV for this, too ;)

⮞ 36 

Music by Fudanjuku
(March 25th, 2020)

Despite the fact that I may have neglected Music once or twice in the past year, it has been one of those songs that stayed in my head rent free thanks to how much of a bop it is. From the second I heard it I was hooked on Music, and whilst it may not be the groups most powerful track out there, it's one that reminds me of the classic Fudanjuku sound I once obsessed over as a wee baby wota, and continues to remind me of how fun this group is in general. It is also one of those songs that I kept looping the short version of when the full track still wasn't out because I was that obsessed with it. Seriously, I love Music and I am glad that it infiltrated mind the way it did.

I keep coming back to this one without fail, and whilst it is pretty low in my mind, it is definitely one of those tracks that I will continue going back to. Once again, I am obsessed with this song and will loop the shit out of it, but for the sake of this list there are other songs that rank just that little bit higher.

In A Nutshell: Light, fun and easy to get into, this is a great song that I can not help but adore and sing along to, so please check it out and fall in love with the charm of Fudanjuku today.

⮞ 35 

Hapiraki☆Dream Carnival by i☆RiS (From the album Shall We☆Carnival)
(March 18th, 2020)

Though it did not rank as high as I thought it would, I am not mad with my final placement for Hapiraki☆Dream Carnival, the leading track for Shall We☆Carnival and an absolute mess of a song. With one too many genre changes and a lot of energy, this track has kept me on my toes and continued to entertain me throughout the lockdown. And yes, I did listen to this a hell of a lot whilst playing Sims 4, so whenever I listen to this track - or the album as a whole - I can't help but think of the game and building lots.

Despite being a fairly generic sound for i☆RiS, I have had a lot of fun listening to Hapiraki☆Dream Carnival and how silly it sounds at certain points. It really is a weird ball of happiness and energy that will lift your spirits and blow away the cobwebs no matter what your mood, so if you are just looking for a nonsense song to tune into, this is it. Seriously, it feels like Hapiraki☆Dream Carnival was created just to be weird and wonderful. I love it because of that though, and I'm so glad that I could just be my weird, happy self to this song whenever it came on.

In A Nutshell: It's weird, it's wonderful and it is perfect. I feel so happy and carefree after listening to this song, and will continue to be a goofball dancer whenever it starts playing.

⮞ 34 

Start Line by cota
(April 24th, 2020)

Another release that took me surprise, cota's Start Line is this inexplicably beautiful song that always captures my attention, without fail. I absolutely adore this track and how chilled out it feels, and I just love cota's heavenly vocals to accompany that smooth instrumental. It's such a great combination, and if I ever want to listen to something that is both relaxing and pretty, then this is the song that I turn to. I freakin' love Start Line.

Start Line is an experience. This is the kind of song that must be appreciated for how beautiful and well-sung it is, and I honestly hope that you guys tune into it, because Start Line is simply incredible. With every play it takes my breath away, and I do not think I can talk about it enough. It is bloody amazing.

In A Nutshell: Just listen to it, that is all I am gonna say.

⮞ 33 

So Curious by IZ*ONE (From the album BLOOM*IZ)
(February 17th, 2020)

I love this song. What else do you want me to say, because I think you already know what a bop it is already. With catchy lyrics and a cute, upbeat instrumental, this song is a bop and you know it, and I just... I love it. I love singing along to it, I enjoy how happy it makes me, and it is definitely one of the best songs on this release. Actually, all of the songs on BLOOM*IZ are great, but I am definitely a big fan of So Curious. It's just so. Damn. GOOD!

Yeah, I thought this would be a bit higher, but I have a lot of other songs to get through. So Curious is an incredible song though and should be appreciated all. Now, go be curious and listen to this adorable song.

In A Nutshell: I'm so curious, I'm so curious...~

⮞ 32 

Kimi to Watashi no Uta by  =LOVE (From the single CAMEO)
(July 8th, 2020)

My final placement for this song comes as a surprise to me, because back when the PV was first released for =LOVE's Kimi to Watashi no Uta, I was absolutely besotted by its sheer charm and enthusiasm. I adored this song, poured over it for hours and just thought it was the best thing out there. Heck, I thought it would easily snag the #1 spot because I loved it that much, but alas, here lies another song that fell through the cracks. How sad );

I still think that this is a brilliant song of course, and I will continue to consider it the misplaced A-side on the CAMEO track list (because CAMEO is horrible, y'all), but I definitely favour others over it. Still, Kimi to Watashi no Uta makes me smile no matter what and I simply adore this cute and charming song.

In A Nutshell: It's bright and happy and filled a good few months of 2020 with absolute joy, what more can I say?

⮞ 31 

Symphony by Little Glee Monster (From the album Bright New World)
(February 12th, 2020)

As the title would suggest, this is a beautiful Symphony courtesy of our 2020 darlings, Little Glee Monster. With an almost campfire-like vibe, this is a great song to lift your spirits no matter what time of the day you listen to it, and hopefully it will make you feel like clapping along to it the more you listen.

Symphony is such a cheerful tune, one that I obviously sing along to and can't help but love. It makes me smile, it makes me feel at ease, and I just adore how inviting and fun it sounds. This is a sweet little tune that has some beautiful harmonies, and of course I am in love with it. I can not praise it more than I already have.

Hopefully this track will make you smile today, and if not, at least it will fill your head with a fun tune.

In A Nutshell: Let your cares blow away and fall into this fun campfire-like track. Symphony is well worth your time, and hopefully it will make you fall in love with Little Glee Monster, too.

⮞ 30 

Sunflower by I Don't Like Mondays.
(July 22nd, 2020)

With so many great songs being thrown at me in the year of 2020, there was a lot of competition in regards to what would stay in my playlist and what would be kicked out. In regards to Sunflower, there was honestly no question that it would place pretty high in my Top 100 because hot damn, I freakin' love this track. With its chill summer vibe and the smooth vocals to really set the mood, I can not help but fall in love with this track. It's a bloody bop, y'all!

I also just realised that this beat out cota's Start Line, which was ranked a good 8 songs above it in my Digital Songs of 2020 list. Goes to show how much more I am loving it after giving it a few more listens for the sake of this list.

This is a sexy song, and I will loop the shit out of this at any given moment because it is a damn Godsend. I do not think that I have ever been this thankful to find a group or singer - aside from halca, my AniSong Goddess - because damn, I was blessed. Sunflower is an incredible track and totally different to what you would expect from my usual style of music, but I will happily preach this song to the stars.

In A Nutshell: Sunflower is a blessing and one of my undeniable favourites from 2020, and definitely one of the most difficult tracks to place in this list because it is just so, so good my friends.

⮞ 29 

Special Lovers by Ohara Sakurako (From the album Passion)
(February 5th, 2020)

Without a doubt in my mind, Special Lovers has been one of my most played songs throughout 2020, and I am still fairly deep in my obsession for this song. Yeah, it's not my #1 song from Passion - we will get to that one a bit later on in the list - but it's still one of my favourite tracks on the album, and it continues to keep me singing along with a smile.

Incredibly catchy and one of the more notable tracks released on this album, Special Lovers is a bit of a unique addition to Sakurako's usual sound, but that ultimately allows it to stand out against all the other songs. Special Lovers is passionate and fun, and I adore it. Then again, it isn't that hard for me to adore anything my beloved Sakurako throws at me, is it?

In A Nutshell: I can't get enough of this song and will sit in my room singing along to it at the top of my lungs. It's fun, passionate and catchy, and it is an absolute bop!

⮞ 28 

Plunderer by Ito Miku
(February 12th, 2020)

Out of all the songs that made it this high on my list, Plunderer is the one that I considered to be the least likely to end up this freakin' high, and is the track that continues to surprise me with how much I like it. Like, it's a fun song, but I never pegged it as a Top Tier track in any way shape or form because it's... it's just not a song that I am obsessed with, yet I absolutely adore it. It's my fail-safe song, if you will.

Plunderer is that one song that I always come back to, especially when I feel like I don't know what to listen to. It's a song that never fails to appeal to me, and when I play it I feel excited and enthralled by its sound. Granted, it's probably the weakest of my Top 30, but I like it, and that is all that matters.

I thought that this would be in the low 50's if I am completely honest with you, but when I was making this list and trying to place it, every low placement felt wrong because at the end of the day, Plunderer is one of my favourites and extremely deserving of a higher placement, so here we are. Enjoy this cute, fun, energetic song!

In A Nutshell: Plunderer might not be the cream of the crop in regards to originality or style, but it's a fun track that fills the void and makes me smile.

⮞ 27 

Pink Blusher by IZ*ONE (From the album BLOOM*IZ)
(February 17th, 2020)

Bright, cute and poppy, Pink Blusher is one of the biggest highlights on the release that is BLOOM*IZ, and my current favourite of all the tracks on that album release. Yeah, Spaceship initially held that spot, but after a while Pink Blusher managed to worm its way into my heart to the point where it became the song that I constantly thought about and sought after.

With its bright and adorable vocals, Pink Blusher is happiness fuel for me as a listener and never fails to have me singing along and smiling whenever it plays. It's such a fun release, and whilst it might not be everyone's cup of tea, I am completely besotted by how sweet and endearing Pink Blusher is to my ears. It is one of my favourite IZ*ONE songs, period, and I will happily loop the shit out of it!

In A Nutshell: My BLOOM*IZ favourite, Pink Blusher never fails to entertain me whenever it plays, and I am so happy that I could treat myself to such a cute song in 2020! A highlight of the year and the best IZ*ONE song to come out of 2020 for me, I hope that you can enjoy such sweetness, too!

⮞ 26 

Till the End by ReoNa (From the album unknown)
(October 7th, 2020)

unknown is one of the best albums I have come across in 2020, and one of the most incredible songs on this entire track list is Till the End, the penultimate track on this release and a damn Godsend of a song that lasts around 6 minutes. Yes, it's a long-ass track, but it is well worth the time that it takes to sit through it.

From beginning to end this is a gorgeous and piece that, paired with ReoNa's incredible vocals, sounds so damn stunning that I can't even comprehend how beautiful it is. Till the End is such a good track that is pretty underrated on my end, because it is a damn pleasure to listen to and I just think that it should be appreciated by all.

ReoNa is a freakin' talent, so please go listen to this. Listen, enjoy and come back to me a ReoNa fan, because this girl deserves so much love for both her voice and her music.

In A Nutshell: Believe me when I say that this is a banging track and go enjoy it, my friends. It is worth those 6 or so minutes of absolute bliss.

⮞ 25 

Free Turn by TrySail
(January 22nd, 2020)

When I look back at 2020 and think about a song that not only makes me happy, but also makes me want to dance along to it no matter how badly I might hurt myself, it has to be Free Turn by TrySail. This song really hits home for me when those opening bars rush through my ear canals, and whilst it might not be the best song out there for some, this track has created a lot of happiness for me over the course of 2020.

Catchy, fun, easy to sit down to and something I will definitely dance along to regardless of how bad of a dancer I am, Free Turn is definitely one of the most memorable tracks of 2020, and a freakin' God send from a year of absolute uncertainty.

In A Nutshell: I love Free Turn and will do a terrible job at dancing and singing along to it no matter what my mood. Yes, it's that powerful my dearest Readers.

⮞ 24 

PEACE!!! by Haruna Luna
(March 18th, 2020)

For a song that I considered pretty dan shit upon first hearing it, PEACE!!! really did climb its way up into my brain and stayed there rent-free until I fell in love with it. I'm not mad about that because PEACE!!! is a bop, and over the lockdown period it became one of my key go-to tracks if I wanted to hype myself up, or get a little energy to keep me going throughout the day.

PEACE!!! is a great song to listen to when you want something to motivate and push you. It's fun, upbeat and just so. Damn. Catchy. I love it, and whilst I do wonder why I disliked it after initially listening to it, I'm glad that I came around and found love for this track. It's a lot of fun, it hypes me up and it is just entertaining to listen to!

In A Nutshell: Happy, upbeat, fun and cute, PEACE!!! is such a bop and a wonderful release. Sadly, it was Haruna's only release of 2020, but at least it kept me entertained throughout the year.

⮞ 23 

one another by halca (From the album Assortrip)
(February 12th, 2020)

I freakin' love one another, but I have been holding off on placing this song long enough and whilst I want to see it in the Top 10, this is not a Top 10 song when its pitted against all the other tracks I still need to rank. I still think it's a wonderful song - it's one of the best tracks out of the album-specific songs on Assortrip in my opinion - but it definitely does not hit like the others do.

one another is a sweet, fun track that fits halca perfectly. It is absolutely adorable in every sense of the word, and I am so happy that this song was a part of my 2020 playlist. This album in general was a blessing for 2020, because it introduced me to even more of halca's style of music, and I am glad that I could experience it. one another alone is a wonderful track, it makes me smile and I just love it. This is truly a *chef's kiss* worthy moment.

In A Nutshell: one another is such a cute, fun song and I love every damn moment of it. It makes me feel happy, a running theme for all of the songs on this list, but it's true! I love the happy songs, and one another happens to be another happy track for me.

⮞ 22 

LOVEpedia by Morning Musume. '20
(January 22nd, 2020)

As one of the earliest - if not the first - songs I heard in 2020, it makes sense in my little brain that LOVEpedia would be this high on the list because damn, it really is a bop. With that said, if I am going to talk about Hello! Project during the year that was, then I have to mention what a brilliant start to the year LOVEpedia gave us in regards to a strong, brilliant sound that sparked my interest. Seriously, this was a Godsend amongst some less than stellar songs from MoMusu, and I have continued to be enamoured by the cute, catchy tune that is LOVEpedia since the ay it was released. I honestly can't get enough of it, and it continues to delight me into 2021.

To say that this is a great introduction to the latest generation of MoMusu would be an understatement, but it must also be noted that this is such a refreshing sound from the group, and I am all for it. I just hope we get something this adorable again in the future, because I'm already missing this fun, sweet sound and want it back so badly!

In A Nutshell: I love LOVEpedia, and I look forward to looping it to death a little more in 2021! Now, let's dance!

⮞ 21 

ECHO by Little Glee Monster (From the album Bright New World)
(February 12th, 2020)

Little Glee Monster have been pretty powerful throughout 2020, with each song being one hit after another, but when it comes to having a banger of an opening track for your album, ECHO is hands down one of the best tracks you could ask for. With its incredible sound that will echo through the very depths of your mind, this track is one of the most unbeatable opening songs I have heard in 2020, bar one other. We will get to that song a little bit further down the list, though.

I love ECHO, but I wasn't going to include it in this list initially. I sorted myself out though, because I freakin' love this track. It is a beautiful song with impeccable vocals, it sets the tone for the rest of the album beautifully, and throws you into the deep end in the best way possible. ECHO is damn beautiful, and I have loved every moment of this track since I first heard it, til now. My 2020 would probably not have sounded as pretty as it did without it.

In A Nutshell: Let this one echo through your mind and soul, and enjoy the beauty of Little Glee Monster's music.

⮞ 20 

Aozora Moment by Gunjou no Sekai
(April 13th, 2020)

Back when the PV to this song was released, Aozora Moment was my jam and despite it falling through the cracks a little and getting lost at some point in 2020... Yeah, it's still my jam, generic Idol sound be damned!

I love this track and feel so happy whenever I put it on, and whilst I am sad that it isn't in the Top Ten (or even #1, because I thought it'd make it that high back when I first listened to it), I am glad that this song stuck with me long enough to be placed this high. It is such a sweet track, I adore the heck out of it, and I will continues to dance to it in the worst fashion possible.

I don't need to talk about this any more, there's a review on this blog somewhere for this entire single, but just know that I love how it sounds, it makes me happy and that it is one of my many, many adored tracks from the year that was.

In A Nutshell: I love it. I don't think I need to say anything else, honestly.

⮞ 19 

Kirifuda by Penguin Research
(April 27th, 2020)

Running at two minutes and 30 seconds long, Kirifuda is the shortest track on this entire list, yet it packs one of the most powerful punches in its sound, and is an incredible track that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. This is such an adrenaline rush, and I am so glad that I gave it a chance based solely on the damn group name. I mean, PENGUIN RESEARCH? Who wouldn't listen to a group with that name? It's great!

The song itself is just as great, which is pretty obvious given how high the song ranked. Kirifuda is such a joy to sit through and sing along with, and whilst I do wish that it was a bit longer so that my experience was not as short-lived, I do think that PENGUIN RESEARCH give their all here, and they will keep you interested from beginning to end.

Kirifuda is a bop, it's catchy as heck and it is a lot of fun. I adore this song, I think that it is probably the best anime theme that I have heard in all of 2020, and I am just obsessed with it.

In A Nutshell: Excuse me, I'm just going to sing along to this real bad and enjoy how incredible this song is. Be right back.

⮞ 18 

Grape by Ohara Sakurako (From the album Passion)
(February 5th, 2020)

I hope you missed Sakurako's music, because she is back with yet another track from her incredibele album, Passion, which has some of my favourite tracks from the year gone by. Of course, Grape is another impressive track that I initially gravitated towards for the name alone. What can I say, I love grapes, and thankfully the song itself was as good as I had anticipated. Heck, it was better than expected, because Grape is a beautiful track that never fails to astound me whenever I put it on.

This is one of those tracks that always hits me at the chorus with how incredible it is. With its almost unassuming verses, I always think that I'm in for a pretty chill time with Grape, only to find myself singing and feeling stupid for forgetting how hard this song hits me whenever I listen to it. I love it for that though, and I do consider Grape a very strong track.

Grape is a wonderful song from Sakurako, and a great addition to the album that balances out some of the more upbeat songs that were included. Hopefully, uplifting and an all around nice track, Grape is a 100% a typical Sakurako sound that I love and adore.

In A Nutshell: I'm a nerd for Ohara Sakurako's Grape, which is a brilliant track. It's not the last Sakurako track you will see on here though lads, so buckle up, because there is more to come.

⮞ 17 

(November 25th, 2020)

Okay, Seishun Subliminal is freakin' high on this list for a November release, but hear me out:

I love it. That's it, that's the reason. I just love this song and everything about it, and I'm honestly not ashamed of placing it so high. Like damn, I 100% acknowledge that this song is my favourite right now, and whilst I could just as easily make it my #1, I'm not gonna. Because sometimes just being the favourite doesn't cut it.

Seishun Subliminal is such a good track though, and I am pretty sure it's become my favourite =LOVE song of all time with its release. I'm obsessed with it, I think that it is such a cute, fun and uplifting song, and I adore listening to it on a freakin' loop. It is so bloody amazing, so... check it out? Please?

In A Nutshell: =LOVE absolutely floored me with this release, and while it may sound a bit generic to some, it is a Godsend of a song for me. I adore Seishun Subliminal an obscene amount, so please applaud my restraint in putting it this low on the list. 

⮞ 16 

Scream by Dreamcatcher (From the album Dystopia: The Tree of Language)
(February 18th, 2020)

There is no denying that Scream is one of the best things to come out Dreamcatcher since... well, their songs are always good, but Scream is on a whole other level of amazing if you ask me. With so many layers in its sound, the use of operatic vocals and the atmosphere it delivers, Scream is one of those tracks that simply throws you into a whole other world from the moment it begins, and I am just in love with it.

I can see why this was chosen as the leading track on Dystopia: The Tree of Language, because Scream truly sets the tone for the rest of the album. The vocals are especially incredible here, some of the best we have heard from Dreamcatcher thus far, and I just adore how haunting and dystopian the entire track sounds. It is simply amazing and I can not get enough of it, and I am so glad that I could dance along to this bop throughout Lockdown.

In A Nutshell: Simply put, this is a *chef's kiss* kinda track, friends.

⮞ 15 

Ato Ippun by Sachika Misawa (From the single Kono te wa)
(April 29th, 2020)

How does one express their love and adoration of a song in so many words, because I am honestly struggling with how to convey this towards Ato Ippun. I mean, damn, I freakin' love this track and the absolute joy it brings me whenever I put it on. It is such a bubbly, entertaining song, and I can not stop myself from singing along to it whenever it plays.

This is definitely one of those uplifting tracks, and most definitely my favourite song on this release. Yeah, there's only two songs on it, but Ato Ippun is my absolute favourite because of how cute it is, and how happy it makes me whenever I hear it. I always pay attention to this song when it plays, I never ignore it, and I simply can't help but love it.

In A Nutshell: Ato Ippun is 100% my jam and I freakin' love how much it makes me want to smile. This is such a cute, happy song and I adore every damn moment of it when it plays.

⮞ 14 

(February 11th, 2020)

One of the harder hitting songs of the year, Ningen is an incredibly moving track that has brought me to tears on more than one occassion. Yeah, part of that is down to the fact CARRY LOOSE were disbanded far too soon, but another reason for it is because the vocals are just so damn powerful and emotive. I freakin' love this song, and when I need a good freakin' cry this is the song I will typically go to.

There is a reason why this entire single was my second favourite of the year, but of the two songs I do consider Ningen the strongest, as well as the song that makes me feel a lot of emotions. For example, I will smile or cry when I hear this song, and I will dance along to it pretty badly, or I'll punch a pillow to it. Yes, it makes me aggressive, but in a good way. This song is freakin' good, and I am so mad that Watanabe took a group this strong from us all.

In A Nutshell: We should totally burn Watanabe at the stake, friends.

⮞ 13 

rainy by Kimura Yuka (From the mini-album rainy)
(June 25th, 2020)

I feel like I don't need to say much about rainy because, let's be real, I've talked about it enough on this blog. I love this song, the atmosphere it creates, the peace it brings me and how beautiful it sounds. I love Kimura Yuka's voice as well of course, but I do consider this song a bit of a Godsend because - damn - it is one of my favourite releases from the year gone by, hence why it got #3 in my Top 10 albums of the year.

rainy is a brilliant track that moves me no matter how many times I listen to it, and it is one of those songs that I keep going back to regardless of what kind of mood I am in. This is truly an experience, and the effects used throughout the instrumental are just beautiful. I implore you to check this one out, and I will shut up now because I have already said a great deal about this song as is.

Seriously though, it's perfect.

In A Nutshell: The kind of song that takes you away from the world outside and brings you into Kimura Yuka's own universe. This is a simple but soothing track, and I hope that it makes you happy, too.

⮞ 12 

unknown by ReoNa (From the album unknown)
(October 7th, 2020)

After hearing it for the first time, I was absolutely besotted by the beauty of unknown. Hell, this track is the entire reason I love ReoNa now, because whilst I do enjoy and give Untitled world its dues, I didn't care for it upon its digital release. So without the existence of unknown, I wouldn't have discovered such an incredible soloist to follow. Seriously guys, I freakin' love unknown and cosider it my October and November anthem.

I was obsessed with unknown for a while because it is simpy, so. Freakin'. Good. I still think it is freakin' amazing, hence why the song is so high up on this list, but I will admit that I have let it take a backseat in favour of other tracks. ReoNa is such an incredible singer though, and I can not help but feel amazed whenever I hear her gorgeous vocals on this track. She truly did this song justice and I am happy I could experience it back in October of last year.

Please listen to unknown and experience the magic of ReoNa, because she will take you to another world and soothe you with her breathy, unique voice. unknown is a breath-taking track sung by an incredible singer, and I would honestly hate for you all to miss out on that.

In A Nutshell: A beautiful song by an equally beautiful singer, unknown will bring you into ReoNa's world and leave you wanting more.

⮞ 11 

Kokoro no Chizu by Hiragana KAMIYADO
(June 5th, 2020)

One of a few cover tracks on their first album, Kokoro no Chizu is probably one of the best tracks to come from Hiragana KAMIYADO in 2020. Granted, I don't (and won't) watch One Piece, but this is one of those tracks that serves to invoke happiness and nostalgia for its listeners. With a recognisable tune and the upbeat vocals of the members, Kokoro no Chizu found no issue in becoming one of my most played tracks of 2020.

I love how bright this song is and I love how well it goes with the members' vocals. I love the energy the girls put into it, and I can only applaud Hiragana KAMIYADO for staying true to the source material, as well as updating it for 2020. I also love that this song, despite being a cover, still feels like it is Hiragana KAMIYADO's song, probably because they sung it so much when they didn't have their own songs to perform during their first year as an idol group.

This is an incredible track, one that I absolutely adore. I just hope that others will appreciate Hiragana KAMIYADO's efforts in this cover, and I hope that this allows you to fall in love with the group like it did me.

In A Nutshell: Bright, nostalgic and fun, Kokoro no Chizu is a wonderful cover of a beloved song that will throw you back, or throw you into the Hiragana KAMIYADO fandom. Whatever happens, I just hope that you enjoy this song!

Anyways... it's Top 10 time, babbbbbyyyyy~

⮞ 10 

Skeleton by Ohara Sakurako
(November 25th, 2020)

What makes Skeleton different to the other November releases, you ask? Simple:

It's crazy good, it makes me smile at the most random of intervals, and it is just so freakin' amazing that I can not even comprehend how bloody good it is! Seriously, I'm in love with this song, I already know that it is a core favourite of mine from not only 2020, but from Sakurako's discography as a whole.  I have honestly been blown away by the absolute beauty that Skeleton holds, and I am here for it!

Sakurako is definitely a ballad singer first and foremost, but tracks like this that are filled with the power and soul of her voice are just incredible at showcasing the sheer talent she holds as a performer. She sounds amazing here, and though she has delivered some unforgettable releases throughout 2020, I think that Skeleton blew everything else out of the water in terms of quality. Like, damn, Sakurako really went ahead and gave 2020 a big freakin' send-off.

How many times can I say that I love Skeleton and the feelings it makes me feel? It's such a good track, I absolutely adore its sound and I love Ohara Sakurako even more after this release. She is a damn perfect soloist, and I am so glad that I could round off a pretty shit year with a song as moving as this one. Bravo, Sakurako, bravo for ending the year with a bang.

In A Nutshell: Skeleton is the song of my soul right now, and it makes me incandescently happy whenever I listen to. Yeah, you may disagree with me in regards to how good it sounds, but just give it a go and make up your own mind when you hear it. Don't worry; I'll wait.

⮞ 9 

#Yappa Motto by Ohara Sakurako
(September 30th, 2020)

Okay, I freakin' love #Yappa Motto for how it sounds and the feelings that it makes me feel. This is the kind of song that I will ugly cry to, the track that I will belt out at the top of my lungs and a song that I'll consume myself with when it's raining. It is my emotional support track, if you will, and I absolutely adore every moment of it. Is it a typical Sakurako track? Hell yeah, it is, but it's my kind of track and this is the content that I am here for.

I have loved everything Sakurako as thrown at me this year, and #Yappa Motto has been no different, because upon its release I have all but devoured this release and enjoyed every waking moment of it, with #Yappa Motto being my favourite of all three tracks served on this single. It is such a beautiful song, one that took away my September blues and brought me into the month of October with a beautiful sound. I love it so much, and I knew right away this would make the Top 10; it's too good to go any lower, and I have too much of a freakin' bias towards Sakurako. Why do you think I have 5 of her songs in this Top 100 list alone, huh?

This is a great song, and though it is not as good as Skeleton, it was with me for a little bit longer, and therefore has a little bit more pull as of right now. I still think #Yappa Motto is great, but it's not on the same level in terms of quality. Still, this is my crybaby track, and I will enjoy it well into 2021, I assure you.

In A Nutshell: I am a bit of a simp for Ohara Sakurako's music, aren't I?

⮞ 8 

Super Hero by Hiragana KAMIYADO
(June 5th, 2020)

There was a point where I thought that out of all the songs I listened to in 2020, Super Hero would be #1. I mean, no surprises here, but I love this track and how energised it makes me feel and the motivation it gives. This is such a fun and invigorating track, and one of a few reasons why I fell in love with Hiragana KAMIYADO's sound during 2020.

Every time this song plays, it has my attention and keeps me there until it ends. I swear, my reaction towards this track is almost immediate, I have to to stop everything that I am doing just to lip synch to the lyrics and dance along to the song as aggressively as possible. Yes, that's right, I punch the air, act like an absolute fool (and look like one, too) because this song demands it. It's too much of a bop not to be a complete twat to.

Super Hero is a lot of fun, and that's all there is to it. I freakin' love this track and will happily return to it without fail. It's a song that I constantly found myself thinking about, singing along to and returning to no matter what my mood, and I continue to love it even now. It's this high on the list because it really is one of my favourites, and I have no plans to stop listening to it any time soon.


⮞ 7 

(May 27th, 2020)

If it weren't for the undeniable cuteness of Tokitoshite Violence, I would not have found halca. I also would not have experienced the obsession that I did with this song, nor would I have accidentally punched myself in the face because of excessive and aggressive para para... but that's by the by. What I'm trying to get at is this: I fucking love Tokitoshite Violence, and much like Super Hero, this is another song that I was pretty sure would make #1, or at least the Top 5. It hasn't exactly panned out that way, but I'm happy with this rank regardless, because it's a solid song.

When Tokitoshite Violence plays, I am ready to sing and dance along like an absolute nut. I ab absolutely obsessed with this song, it is one that I haven't ignored since its release actually, which says a lot because I usually give the songs I like a rest to favour others. Not this one though, this one had me hooked from the moment I heard it, and I still love it to pieces now. Tokitoshite Violence is just an absolute joy to listen to, and yeah, it won't be everyone's cup of tea - halca is her own brand of husky squeak - but it charmed me, and I am here for the long run.

If you could see the smile that I have when this song plays, you'd understand the joy that Tokitoshite Violence brings me. It's more than just a joyful pastime at this point, and I am fine with that. I adore this song, I am extremely thankful for the happiness and escapism it has given me throughout 2020, and I am just stupidly besotted by everything that Tokitoshite Violence is. And yes, I would 100% accidentally punch myself again for this song. It's too good not to, I guess (but it does hurt).

In A Nutshell: Cute, energetic to the max and super freakin' fun, I love Tokitoshite Violence in all its glory! This song allowed me to discover halca, and I couldn't be happier; the obsession for Tokitoshite Violence shall continue, friends!

⮞ 6 

Sekai wo Kaeru Yume wo Mite by fhana (From the single Hoshi wo Atsumete)
(February 26th, 2020)

Sekai wo Kaeru Yume wo Mite is one of those songs that has pretty much been with me since 2020 began, and has continued to stay with me throughout the year gone by. Heck, it is one part of my favourite single of the year because when put together, all three songs present create nothing short of joy and hope. With its bright, hopeful sound and the cute, uplifting vocals of the lead singer, Sekai wo Kaeru Yume wo Mite has become one of many songs that filtered light into the darkness of 2020.

Truth be told, I never expected fhana to make it this far into the list, but like always these lists somehow surprise me when I create them. Going back through the songs I enjoyed or adored allows me to think a little more on what I have a bigger attachment to, as opposed to critically thinking about how good they sound against each other, and listening back to Sekai wo Kaeru Yume wo Mite reminded me not only how beautiful this track is, but how much the song itself became an important fixture in my everyday listening. I have a strong emotional attachment to this single as a whole, but Sekai wo Kaeru Yume wo Mite alone is a song that I just love listening to thanks to how happy it makes me, and the hope it fills me with.

This is an important song, one that I never considered for a Top 10 position, but here it is. I love Sekai wo Kaeru Yume wo Mite a lot, I will continue to love it I believe, and I am happy to experience something this pure and light. Sekai wo Kaeru Yume wo Mite really does make me think of happiness.

In A Nutshell: I love everything about this song, and I am happy that I could relive the beauty of it whilst creating this painful list.

⮞ 5 

flora by tiny little charm
(March 21st, 2020)

I have already talked extensively about flora back in my Digital Songs of 2020 post, because over there it was my #1 release, and for good reason; this song makes me smile, it fills me with life and energy, it reminds me of the Winter fading into Spring, and it makes me want to move no matter the mood I am in. This song creates magic and delight, and no matter how long I go without listening to it, the power that flora holds over me is undeniable.

flora is more than a beautiful Spring track to me, and whilst it may not be #1 song of the year - trust me, it's come pretty close when you look at how many songs I sifted through to create this list - it is still an incredible song that continues to remind me of when I first heard it, and a track that simply moves me in a way that I never thought possible. It is joyful and pure, and I am glad that I can spend my time listening to something this wonderful no matter what I am doing.

I can't help but smile as listen to this right now, I am just so happy that this song is a part of my playlist and a part of the Top 5 in this stupidly long list of songs from 2020. It is a damn beautiful creation, one that I adore beyond words. I really can not express just how happy this song makes me feel.

In A Nutshell: flora makes me happy. The end.

⮞ 4 

Amazing! by Ohara Sakurako (From the album Passion)
(February 5th, 2020)

I swear, this is the last Sakurako song of the year 2020, but lemme tell you something: The song title is correct, it really is Amazing! The proof is in the pudding, because if I didn't think it was a good track, then it simply wouldn't make it this high up on my stupidly long list, nor would I continue listening to it above all of Sakurako's other incredible songs. Y'know, the ones that are her typical pop-ballad sound that I love so much? Yeah, them.

Amazing! beat out the ballads, my friends. If that doesn't say anything about how good of a track it is to my ballad-obsessed ears, then I don't know what will.

Everything about Amazing! is... well, amazing! The upbeat nature of the song, Sakurako's voice, the slight K-pop vibe that it has and how easy it is to dance to, this song became a quick favourite of mine from Passion, and I have not looked back almost a year on from its release. Like, damn, who knew that I'd be obsessing this hard over Amazing! this far down the line? Not me, because ballads. Yet Amazing! is here, and it is freakin' incredible.

Amazing! is fun, catchy and everything you need to make you feel happy and energetic. It's a great track to pop on when you want something to dance along to, or a song that motivates you when cleaning, organising or whatever else. It's simply amazing and hands down one of the best songs Sakurako has ever released.

In A Nutshell: To my dear Ohara Sakurako, you are amazing, and so is this song. Thank you for making my 2020 bright and delightful in sound.

⮞ 3 

start line by Kimura Yuka
(April 6th, 2020)

This is another digital track that, despite ranking below flora and peaking at #3, has managed to overtake the aforementioned song in my Master List for one reason or another. Well, the real reason would be that I honestly consider start line to be one of those tracks that moves me a considerable amount, as well as one of my most favourite releases from 2020. Seriously, I love this song and can not comment enough on how incredible start line is, or how happy I am that I could discover it in 2020. This goes for rainy as a whole release, but by itself start line is simply incredible and truly encompasses the image of the sunshine peeking through after the rain has ended.

Once again, start line came so close to becoming my #1 track of the year, but after much contemplation, writing about the songs that I have loved and more, I have realised that despite my unquestionable love and devotion towards this track, there is a song that is perhaps a little more deserving of the #1 spot, at least in my mind right now. start line is still fantastic, it will continue to be one of my pick me up songs in 2021, and it will continue to inspire me as a listener and writer whenever I hear it.

start line is happiness in my mind. I look forward to being engulfed by this beautiful song even more and the sunlight that it brings whenever it plays.

In A Nutshell: The song that brings the sunshine after rainfall to my mind, start line is one of the best pick me up songs of the year, as well as an incredible track to motivate you in walking towards your desired path. I love it, I want you to love it, and I am happy I found it.

⮞ 2 

(February 26th, 2020)

I can not rave about this release enough, but as a song by itself, I am honestly in love with the absolute joy that is Hoshi wo Atsumete and the happiness that it brings me as a listener. With it's bright and uplifting sound, this song became one of a few that lifted me up throughout the grayest of days in 2020, and continued to stick out to me no matter how much time passed by. Seriously, this is a Godsend of a song, and I can not express just how much it means to me.

I never knew where this would place until... well, I got to the final five songs on this list, but should I really be surprised? I mean this was my single of the year after all, and whilst Hoshi wo Atsumete did not get #1 at the end of this list, it's managed to stick with me this long because of how much it means to me as a release. I never forgot it, and even when I wasn't listening to it I would think about it.

To say that Hoshi wo Atsumete is powerful would be an understatement, because for me it is more than that. It is the light of 2020.

Throughout the year I have danced to this song, smiled along with it and followed the lyrics. The light to my darkness, I am beyond delighted that I could enjoy Hoshi wo Atsumete to the fullest. This song is wonderful, and I am grateful that I could find a gem like this in such a weird, uncertain year.

Hoshi wo Atsumete is perfect, and no matter what it will continue to be a precious presence within my heart.

In A Nutshell: There is a reason this was my single of the year, and a reason why I think highly of this song. It makes me happy and blew away the darkness, and even now it brings light to my world. This is an incredibly powerful song, and it will never fail to motivate and inspire me. I love it.

I have talked about 99 songs and have one more to go. It's time to figure out songs became my 2020 Edit and see if it lives up to the standard of the rest of my Top 10. Are you ready, because Im not.

In A Nutshell: Let's end this list, friends.


The 2020 Music Edit

Love Yourself by Little Glee Monster (From the album Bright New World)
(February 12th, 2020)

So, whilst I have not punched myself to Love Yourself, I have thrown my drink all over my shirt in pure excitement for this song because - yes, it's that time again - I absolutely adore this song and feel nothing but pure love for it. It is pure joy to listen to and makes me feel nothing but happiness. I am also having a freakin' hard time talking about Love Yourself because I am just vibing with this song so hard right now, and I can't help but dance and sing along to it like the weirdo that I am.

This is my favourite song from Bright New World, period. It's the song that lifts me up and makes me cry from happiness, and it's the song that makes me fall in love with Little Glee Monster all over again. I enjoy the atmosphere and how unapologetically uplifting it is. When I think of Bright New World, this is the song that comes to mind, and I just love listening to it alone, on a loop, for God knows how long.

Love Yourself is pure bliss, but I initially thought that as a song it did not make me think of '2020'. Yet the more I thought about it and the more I listened, I came to the realisation that actually, this is my 2020 track because of how it makes me feel, and how lost I am when I try to write about it. I really can not convey into words what this song means to me, and when I can not express something for a long period of time, I know that the song itself means more to me than even I could comprehend.

But the real reason why I knew this song was my #1 is because I realised something about it: Love Yourself goes beyond the realms of making me happy, and instead hes me with the motivation to do what I love, and inspires me to move forward towards the future that I want.

Love Yourself is a beloved and treasured song, one that makes me think of the talent and brilliance Little Glee Monster holds, and the motivation it sparked within me throughout 2020. I just hope that it continues to inspire me in 2021, but I also hope that inspires you.

As the lyric goes: You go your way. And last but certainly not least, don't forget to love yourself.

The Honourable Edit
Final Edition

It was a long time coming, but we are nearing the end. Before you leave though, enjoy the Honourable Mentions that only just missed the list. Hopefully something here will pique your interest and, if not, at least you looked at them. One way or another, they have brought honour to us all, but not that much honour.

Kono Shiawase ga Yume Janai Nara by TrySail (January 22nd, 2020)
(From the single Free Turn)

KOKORO&KARADA by Morning Musume '20 (January 22nd, 2020)
(From the single KOKORO&KARADA / LOVEpedia / Ningen Kankei No way way)

Contrast by Ohara Sakurako (February 5th, 2020)
(From the album Passion)

Denwa Dete by Ohara Sakurako (February 5th, 2020)
(From the album Passion)

be your XXX by halca (February 12th, 2020)
(From the album Assortrip)

Ano Koro no Boku-tachi wo by halca (February 12th, 2020)
(From the album Assortrip)

Destiny by IZ*ONE (February 17th, 2020)
(From the album BLOOM*IZ)

Code "Genius"? (English ver.) by fhana (February 26th, 2020)
(From the single Hoshi wo Atsumete)

Seishun no Hana by Kobushi Factory (March 4th, 2020)
(From the single Seishun no Hana / Start Line)

Silent Night by Dreamcatcher (March 11th, 2020)

TIN TONE by i☆RiS (March 18th, 2020)
(From the album Shall We☆Carnival)

marie by Aimer (March 25th, 2020)
(From the single Haru wa Yuku / marie)

Chronicle by Gunjou no Sekai (April 14th, 2020)
(From the single Aozora Moment)

Kyun to Sasete Ageru yo by halca (May 27th, 2020)
(From the single Tokitoshite Violence)

TUPILAQ by NECRONOMIDOL (June 2nd, 2020)

My Voice is For You by Morohashi Sana of =LOVE (July 8th, 2020)
(From the single CAMEO)

Route 246 by Nogizaka46 (July 24th 2020)

Wake up by Ohara Sakurako (September 30th, 2020)
(From the single #Yappa Motto)

Call Me Sick by Rei (October 2nd, 2020)

BIRTHDAY by ReoNa (October 7th, 2020)
(From the album uknown)

Zetsubou Nenpyou by ReoNa (October 7th, 2020)
(From the album uknown)

You & I by Ishihara Kaori (November 4th, 2020)
(From the single Against.)

Boku Dake ni Mieru Hoshi by Asakura Momo (November 11th, 2020)

And so we come to a close for the year of 2020's Music Edit. Thank you very much for bearing with me up until this point everyone, and for those who read through it all: Thank you and please don't forget to rest your eyes. It has been an arduous journey for me, much like the year that was, but I am thankful that I could finish the list before the month's end.

Please do not forget that all of the releases from 2020 have been incredible in their own right, but for me these are the songs that stood out and created a stellar playlist that delighted me for hours on end. We all have different tastes though, so what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. All I hope for at the end of this is for you to find something new to enjoy, or to rediscover a group or singer you may have stopped listening to along the way. Whatever it is, I hope that this post has at least given you something new to enjoy, be it a specific song or an artist you never knew existed until today.

Once again, thank you for reading this list and looking at and listening to the music that I have loved throughout 2020. Despite the difficulties of the year itself, a lot of wonderful music was released and shared with us all, and for that I am incredibly thankful. Even when I could not go outside or see people like I used to, my days were filled with the beauty and colour of the world in sound and lyric. I only hope that you were able to enjoy the music we were given too, and that you were safe throughout it all.

Until the next post everyone, thank you for everything. Please take care, stay happy and healthy, and continue to love your idols. I will meet you again in the next post~

Much Love and rest,

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