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Idols of Advent: The Tranquility of A Winter's Day - A Gentle 'Snow Flake Remind' by Jewel☆Neige (Pic Spam Review)

Despite the world being askew and the loss we feel from the disconnect and distance, let's come together in a moment of quiet and find the peace that we have all been craving since life was thrown off-balance for us all...

In a hectic and uncertain world it can become difficult to find time for yourself. Where peace feels fleeting and moments of solace are so few and far between, we must not forget that we need to take a moment and breathe. Of course our Idols are working hard to create a brighter world for us all, one where we can relax and forget about the news and strife that other people are putting us through right now.

In todays Idols of Advent review I want to allow these idols to give me that peace of mind I need and step back to take a moment of quiet and beauty this winter. Away from the bright lights and cold snow, I now look to Jewel☆Neige to deliver a reminder of the peace and tranquility a snow flake can bring, and the longing I hold for a relaxing winter day at home without the worries of the world weighing down my mind.

It's time to close the door on the world and find solace with Snow Flake Remind. Are you ready to remember the beauty of a quiet winter's day?

Who needs ASMR when you have this to look at?

We love a cute and aesthetic snow globe in our winter themed music videos.

There are quite a few pretty members in Jewel☆Neige, with this girl being the first cutie I have seen. Ahhh, she is so adorable!

I want that book, it's so pretty!

And of course I want those biscuits, they look so yummy!!!

I love random shots of someone leaning against something.

Hmmm, I need to grab myself a little shawl like that sometime. So stylish, so cute, so wintery!


This is so relaxing to look at, I love it.

Cuties! So many cuties to look at!

Wait, wait, wait... she' so PRETTY!!!

And so is she, but maybe I am biased towards her because she has a cute book in her hands.

I'm enjoying the random off-shots of the interior and exterior. They are so cute!

Are all of these music videos I choose somewhat interlaced? Because if they don't have mirrors, you can be damn well sure they have a snow globe or even a vintage camera thrown in there.

Her smile, ahhhhh, she shines so brightly that I uwu in her presence.

Just cute moments with friends, y'know? Something that 2020 has taken from us D8<

Adorable. Why are they all such adorable beans?

No clue why, but I adore this shot of her. She looks so damn adorable.

Awww, this is precious. I like how this scene has been paired with a part of the song where you can hear the tinkling of the piano keys pretty well.

They are such cute, precious beans ;;

Aw, damn! I didn't know I'd put on The Queen's Gambit. I was supposed to be watching Snowflake Remind by Jewel☆Neige!


As a certified Brit*, I must aggressively call out when I see any form of tea.

*Certification pending

I want tea and cookies now, minus the tea ;;

Moments like this just remind me of how peaceful this PV and song is.

Oh wait, she's a cutie, too!

She is baby. I love her. -boops nose-

I think I found former HouPri member Miyashita Mayuka's doppelganger! She looks just like her, oh my days!

These are cute little moments too, I love how aesthetic this music videos location is.

It is also fairly beige, which Sugaya Risako would adore.

This choreography is so gentle and nice, but I wish they weren't in such a white space whilst wearing silver outfits.

Guys, I think I love her. She's so adorable!

I caught a cute moment, eeeeeeeeeee!!!

This self-assured smug smile is what makes me love some idols <3

Farkin' adorable. How can a dance me this cute?

I - I love her ; A; She is baby!

This dance relaxes me in a way, but I do wish they were in a less white room, they kinda fade into the background because it's so... white.

I love pensive and beige moments like this.

That melancholy look into the distance...

Also, that outfit is cute.

Someone put a piano behind me. I need it for the ~aesthetic~

Oh wait, I love her outfit! Also: A tent has appeared! Chiima having a tent obsession in music videos: confirmed.

Beautiful, a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous smile. What more can I say?

How adorable is this choreography, and how adorable are the members?

Don't furrow that brow, kid!

I feel so happy watching this dance. It is so sweet and refreshing in its own way.

I -

I am in love. How is she this adorable?

I loved this clip so much I had to gif it and take a couple of screengrabs of it! Look at how precious she is!

The talking hand choreo just reminds me of how I used to do that as a kid for funsies. It is so freakin' cute as a part of the choreo, of course.

It's simple but it's cute. I want to dance along to it, though I will ultimately fail.

Capturing another cute and precious moment from these happy, adorable members.

FILTERS!!! We love a random filter on our videos.


I don't see any snow, but this is cute as heck. Very Spring-like, very sweet.

Speaking of sweet...


Please let it snow, please let it snow, please let it...

When her smile is as bright as the sun and as healing as tiger balm.

... That makes no sense, Chiima.

The elegance, the cuteness, and of course everyone has to bow down to our doppelganger Queen!

She is so gorgeous, I hope she's still in the group ;;

YESSS, THE SNOW GLOBE RETURNS! And the cutie pie who stares at it longingly, wishing for snow in this snowless PV...

Look at how pretty she is! Now, if only they wouldn't put shimmering lipstick on her. That flatters no one, sweet pea.

Looking at that snow globe seems relaxing. I want a snow globe, now!

I want to skip, too. Skip through the snow and have a jolly old time!

Precious, precious beans and babies.

I like all of this groups winter music videos, but I do think Snowflake Remind has my favourite choreography and atmosphere of them all.

She. Is. BABY!!!! I love her! Protect the baby!!!

She looks smug about something and I love it. Maybe she's smug about my newfound love for her?

And she is just gorgeous. I love her, too! I love them all!

Take back the word snowflake, people! It now means something positive, and whenever I think of snowflakes I will think of these wonderful idols!

They woke up! Winter is truly here! Now, let it snow~

Okay, so Snow Flake Remind is not as winter-driven as I would have liked, but it does include a few simple motifs from the season of winter in the music video, as well as the cuteness of the idols we so adore. Plus I really enjoy the song and its overall tone and have wanted to review at least one Jewel☆Neige PV since they began creating winter music videos.

Anyway, to cut a long story short: this music video is adorable, and whilst it would benefit from a little bit of snow and a few twinkling lights I do enjoy the simplicity of Snow Flake Remind. With its light and fresh setting the music video is perfect to pop on if you are looking for something comforting and easy to watch this winter season.

The editing is clean, the location is bright and airy and I enjoy the inclusion of exterior and interior shots to set the scene. Little moments where the members do things together such as taking pictures, choosing nail paint or enjoying tea and biscuits add to the charm and comfort of the music video, giving it a friendly vibe overall. In fact, it reminds me of spending my winter days inside with family or friends and just relaxing in the warmth of my own home, a memory that feels lightyears away now with the current state of the world.

The dance shot is one of my favourite aspects of the video though, because whilst it does take away from the comfort of the alternative / story shots, it definitely brings us back to that winter theme thanks to the sparkling dresses and cosy little shawls the members wear. Yeah, I would have liked it if they hadn't danced in a white, open room that they almost disappear in because their outfits match the interior, but I do think that it fits well with the rest of the videos bright and open feel. The dance itself is absolutely adorable though, and one of the best things about this video. It is so cute and fun to watch!

I actually have very little to say about this music video outside of how pretty and calming it is, but I do think that the reason I enjoy it so much is because Snow Flake Remind is visually soothing for me as a viewer. With its gentle colour palette and airy feel, as well as the beautiful pacing that matches the song perfectly and little moments of tranquility with friends or moments where the members sit alone and think to themselves, Snow Flake Remind captivates me in a different way. It is peaceful and its visual elements reflect that perfectly, with shots like the close-up of the snow globe especially giving me a sense of tranquility that other music videos haven't. Yes, the dance shots counteract that peace a little with an upbeat and adorable dance, but the dance sequences help to give the music video balance and a reminder that this is a winter PV.

If Snow Flake Remind is going to do anything for you, it will be successful in giving you a peace of mind and reflection. It certainly won't make you want to run out into the snow or grab a coat and feel the chilly winter air upon your cheeks, but it will make you want to snuggle up with a book or watch the world go by from your window, or maybe even watch a snow globe in silence. It will give you give you quiet, something that we need every now and again to truly be at one with the world.

There are those who find peace when listening to ASMR, but for me I truly find solace in the visuals of a music video like Snow Flake Remind. The reason why I like this video so much is because it puts me at ease, and that is honestly enough for me to want to share it with you all. I'm glad that this PV has reminded me of the beauty of a quiet winter's day with friends or alone.

What does Snow Flake Remind make you think of?

When I want to feel a sense of calm and understanding I know that Snow Flake Remind will bring me the peace I need. Though the winter can be cold and bring a lot of beauty and light, it is sometimes nice to sit back and relax in our homes and enjoy what we have already.

My question for you today is this: What brings you a sense of peace in the winter, and are you the kind of person who enjoys to calm down with ASMR or a video that visually soothes you? Think about it and then be sure to give yourself time in the day to wind down from the hectic world that surrounds us, and relax.

Thank you for reading todays post. I hope that you are enjoying your day and also enjoying the Idols that surround you. Please take care of yourselves, stay happy and healthy, and I will see you in the next post.

With many calm and peaceful winter blessings,

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