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Idols of Advent: Spending This Winter Holiday with You - Celebrating A 'Very Merry Happy Christmas' with Ogura Yui (Pic Spam Review)

Despite all that is going on in the world, we can still celebrate the winter holidays with our loved ones even when they are a screen away...

Before the bell tolls and the festivities begin despite the harsh realities of the world at present, let's take a look at a heartwarming and intimate celebration of the winter season. Yes, most of us will be taking the time to celebrate with family and friends either in-person or a screen away, but for some today will be about joy we share with our significant others, wherever they might be.

In todays Idols of Advent review we celebrate with the cute and charismatic Ogura Yui, who has gifted us with the wonderfully merry Very Merry Happy Christmas, which celebrates the close bonds of a couple in love as they prepare for their own holiday festivities. Though the holiday season is certainly different to ones that we have previously experienced, Yui will instill a sense of hope within us all that we can spend our days with our beloved ones again sometime soon.

Let's prepare for the day ahead and get ready to celebrate the most festive day of the year in Ogura Yui's sweet yet intimate Very Merry Happy Christmas. Are you ready to get into the winter spirit and celebrate with the ones you love?

I am already in love because there is a SHINY STAR *^*

The cutest Santa Clause is Ogura Yui, of course. She is also the fluffiest.

The sparkles on the side and how Yui looks away from us like we don't even exist just makes me so happy.

Yui being a cutie is life, people. LIFE!

Chiima is obsessed with mirrors in music videos confirmed

Yui: "Gasp, I'm so cute!"

We know.

Yessss, Yui! Gotta love a bit of bubbly in the morning!

When the bubbly is your baby.

How can your winter be complete without Santa Yui to brighten your day, month and year?

Yui: "Slave! Take my bag!"

If Yui demanded I take her groceries, I probably would because she is too cute to deny.

I actually love this outfit. So beige and pretty.

Sugaya Risako APPROVES!


This is adorable and whilst the video ratio being that of a phone's ratio kills me a little, I also love the framing and symmetry it provides.

Yui: "Gimme the presents!!!"

Those should be opened at Christmas, young lady!!!

When she looks at you like you're the only person in the world...

Honestly, this is too adorable to ignore, especially when she smacks the bauble with her head.


Oh wait, this is both adorable and invasive. Don't film your spouses whilst they're asleep, friends :3

Yui is so freakin' adorable though, I love this. It also makes me want to snuggle up in bed and just sleep.

I love her ;;

She is so cute and SO precious, and I must reiterate that I love these shots of her.

Yui is not impressed.

Yui: -throws water at you-

Oh my gosh, there are little bells attached to her mic! So cute!

Yui being the cutest thing ever to exist, as per.

Okay, this puppy is cute. BABY! ;^;

I love how homey and comforting these shots feel, like Yui is really out there trying to convince us she's a regular person who washes her dishes, gets groceries and sleeps.

Wait, that's a really cute necklace. Yui, where'd ya get it~?

Mate, I just find everything about this music video adorable.


Ah yes, the obligatory 'can't eat icing neatly' shot.

Awwwww, a little cookie heart!

I never noticed that she accidentally smacked her hand into the icing so after finally figuring it out, this scene is a lot funnier and cuter. We adore clumsy Yui.

It would have been funnier if she wiped the camera lens with the icing, as if to wipe the 'boyfriend' behind the camera and make him messy, too.

I think this is my favourite part of the dance, she is adorable.

That makeup brush looks soft, I want it.


Yui: -gives fish-like kisses-

Yui: "Boop, boop, boop, BOOP!"

This could totally be my phones new wallpaper, but I am too lazy to change it right now.

Erm, that turkey looks whiter than me Yui. It needs to cook a little longer before you take it out of the oven.


Why in the heck are there noodles with the Christmas turkey? What?


Yeeeeeeah, bubbly! Let's celebrate!

We love a cheeky champers in the evening.

She looks so freakin' cosy and it makes me jealous. May just have a nap in a second...


Yui: "This piece is mine, and this piece... Oh, and this piece!"

If you're not careful, Yui's gonna finish that turkey before you get a piece!

How can she still eat cake after all that turkey and noodles!

Yui's reactions are extremely rigid and forced here, but I can't deny her cuteness.

I also want that necklace.

Oh! The necklace I admired earlier!

I love when the story scenes and the solo shots are tied together in a small way like this.

I just want to admire her at this point because these scenes are so pretty and Christmassy.

Awwww, PUPPIES!!!!!!

Adorable. Simply adorable. We love her.

Yui: "SNOW!!!"

Yes, I can see that it is indeed snow, Yui.

What a nice way to end this cute music video. Now I'm ready for a nap, and maybe a little bit of bubbly before that....~

From the moment I heard this song I knew that I wanted to review it because of how adorable it is, and when is a better time to review this music video than Christmas Eve itself? With its easy-going sound and the cosy scenes where Yui shops, prepares for the day and eats her Christmas dinner, this is the perfect music video to snuggle up to and enjoy during the evening before the merriest day of the year!

I think one of the most surprising aspects of this video was the choice to make it mobile friendly. Though this is nothing new in the age of smartphones and media consumption, I was intrigued to see that this video - the second holiday video of Yui's to make use of this feature - included the smartphone ratio. Thing is, it makes sense when you watch it thanks to how intimate and personal the video feels, because whilst the festive holiday is often considered a time for family to get together and celebrate one another, Christmas is a little more intimate in Japan and often spent with your significant other. So, to get a peek into a more personal setting for Yui in this music video is made even more intimate thanks to the fact it looks as if it has been recorded on a phone; it's as if a couple is filming their day-to-day shenanigans as they prepare for a cosy Christmas together.

Comforting yet energetic, Very Merry Happy Christmas is a wonderful addition to my ever-growing track list of idol-related winter content. Yes, I really do treasure the intimate moments of the videos lifestyle scenes, but I also enjoy the bright and idol-like moments as well. Seeing Yui dance in a cute Santa outfit only makes me feel excitement for my own holiday celebrations, and it acts as a nice contrast against the everyday scenes. I love every aspect of this music video to be honest, especially because it bridges an idols charm along with an idol living their everyday life.

Watching this music video simply makes me happy, and it makes me want to spend a cosy day inside with those I love. Granted, the holiday season is anything but relaxed, however Yui's charming Very Merry Happy Christmas paints a cute and entertaining picture of what the festive season could be like with the ones you love. It's heartwarming and sweet, and I thoroughly enjoy the happiness that it brings me.

I'm simply enamoured by it and can't help but smile whenever I listen to the song or watch the music video. Sometimes even the simplest of videos can delight you, and Yui has certainly charmed me with this sweet music video of hers. What a wonderful way to lead us into the spirit of Christmas, winter and the festive season as we know it.

It truly is a Very Merry Happy Christmas. What a treat.

The festive season may will be a little different this year, but if you are able to spend it with your loved ones either virtually or in person, be sure to spend it with them and remind them of your love and respect for them. Your warmth and love is needed just as much as you need the warmth and support of the people, pets and loved ones that surround you.

To end: What kind of presents are you looking forwrd to this year? Or better yet, which beverage do you enjoy having a sip of during the festive season? And if you are not in the celebratory mood, what will you be doing on your festive day that keeps you somewhat sane and relaxed? Be sure to share it with others, and let them know how you will be spending December 25th this year!

And to those who are working hard over the holiday period, thank you for everything. Thank you for continuing to work in these trying times and doing your best in any and all situations. You are truly the pillars of our society, and we are increasingly thankful for all that you do any day of the year, not just this short period of time. You are incredible and deserve far more than you are given.

Happy Holidays everyone. Please take care, stay safe and enjoy yourselves if you are celebrating. You deserve all the happiness in the world~

Stay safe, much love and many Winter greetings,

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