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Idols of Advent: Once Upon A Winter Story - An Enchanting 'Winter Story' by LABOUM (Pic Spam Review)

Though we are in a time of uncertainty and feel at odds with the world, let's come together and find comfort in the form of festive music videos that will bring back our beautiful winter memories...

With the winter season well and truly upon us and the world still in an uncertain and strange place, it feels like now is the right time to bring some positivity and light to the world in the form of some beautiful winter music videos. Sure, it won't ease the situation in any way but I think that having some form of normality for my blog in the form of my favourite Idols of Advent series will at least give myself - and hopefully everyone who reads this - a little bit of seasonal spirit despite the circumstances of the world.

So now that I have a bit of extra time on my hands, as well as a desire to finally review this beautiful music video that I have been eyeing up for around two years now, I think it's time to open this years series Winter series with LABOUM's own Winter Story. It's a fairy tale world where the members of LABOUM come together to experience the magic of the snow, so let yourselves be enchanted as you enter the world and experience the warmth and delight that Winter Story has created.

It's time to step through the mirror and escape the woes of the world. Are you ready to experience a magical world this winter?

Awww, I want a chandelier in a tree, too!

... Wait, why is the chandelier in the tree?

Oh my days, this framing is EVERYTHING!

I also want that dress, the lantern and the carriage! Give me everything in this image, it's all so pretty, eeee!

I want that parasol. Someone get me that parasol, now!

Ah crud, I'm giving myself Veruca Salt vibes. I'm such a brat DX

What a beauty that sleeps there upon the couch.

And yes, I want that sofa as well, and the flowers (even if they do make my hay fever go haywire).

I just like how this scene plays out, so here ya go: a gif(t).

God damn, this PV is so bloody aesthetic and I love it. Who gave it a right to be so pretty!?

I love this girls scenes, they are especially gorgeous and so up my ally aesthetics wise.

God damnit, now I want a snow globe, too!

Even if some of these scenes don't necessarily look Christmassy, the outfits and fairytale vibe more than makes up for it. Truly enchanting and just so cute and cosy!

Cherry Blossoms: Enchanting. Ominous pink fog? Creepy but cute.

This whole music video is appealing to my many aesthetic loves. Can it stop because I want everything that this music video has to offer, and I doubt my measly paycheck could afford it.

Her hair might be fried, but the cuteness of this girl is just AHHHH!

Glittering white dresses? Twinkling lights? Why, I might just be watching a winter music video!

A princess in a tree! AHHHH, I LOVE IT! She's just so pretty!!!

The rays shining down, cherry blossoms descending and the whole look of this gorgeous scene is just amazing. I feel like I have stepped into a pure maiden's fairy tale.

I adore these scenes because they make me think of Sleeping Beauty.

That awkward hug that you give to the sibling you dislike the most after seeing each other for the first time in a year at the Christmas family reunion.

And here we catch a glimpse of the awkward, tense hugs you give the rest of your family that you happily ignore because they're all narcissists and you don't want anything to do with them, but it's Christmas dinner and your parents will kill you if you dare to be rude to any of them.

This scene is too adorable that I couldn't not gif it for you all, so enjoy!

Not me wanting a polaroid camera of my own, I swear... >_>

I wish I had a bay window that I could sit in just like this. It looks so peaceful and nice.

A princess in her tree, waiting for her beloved to find her. What a cute, outdated tale~

That jumper looks so damn comfy, and the girl wearing it is so damn cute! I think she's my favourite from this entire music video.

Uh oh, looks like the mirror will teleport you to another realm! I wonder where we'll end up?

I love all the random picture frames scattered about this scene. Is it littering? Yes. But is it aesthetic as fuck? HELL YEAH!

With that said: Don't break the mirror when you step on it, now! That's 7 years of bad luck otherwise!

Wait a minute now, did the mirror yeet her into the sleeping beauty suite, or did it wake Sleeping Beauty up? I'm confused.

Whatever! This scene is so pretty!

Every time I see these outfits I think of Swan Lake, and I don't know why.

So damn adorable and some of my favourite scenes. This dance shot really does hold some gem-like moments.

I want a room like this, hay fever be damned!

This would be a perfect background, oh my days.

Whomever directed this music video knew what the heck they were doing because this entire music video is a masterpiece of beauty and flowers!

So freakin' cosy, I need me a jumper like that.

Feeling like a princess and I'm not even the one walking through the room in this scene. I guess glittery slippers, lace socks and blossoms scattered on the ground give me that Princess feel.

I wanna write a fairytale, now ;;

It's like she's heading into the secret garden! Ahhhh, I can't wait!

They are like graceful princesses. How are they all so pretty?

A Princess enveloped by a background of stars. How much prettier can this scene get?

Also, yes, this scene is banner worthy, I do agree!

This girl has some of the best scenes and that delights me. Best girl gets the best scenes of them all!

I have no idea where the podcasting element of this video fits into the rest of it, but whatever; I'm here for the aesthetic, not the non-existent storyline.

I adore the cherries on her hat and how cute she is in the dance shot! This gal is really stealing the spotlight and enjoying every damn moment of solo screen time that she has bee n given, and I am living for it!

Just look at her! Adorable! I freakin' love it and she has stolen my heart with this scene alone!

... She's the member that graduated, isn't she e.e

Yulhee: "Sweetie, I left in like... 2017? Keep up."

God damnit, what is it with me stanning the graduated members?

How can I not love her after this much screentime? She is so freakin' cute and just wonderful to watch!

AHHHH, WAIT A SECOND! This is now my favourite scene!

I love the serenity of this scene and how peaceful she looks.

When it starts snowing but you don't give a fig because the book you're reading is just so damn good!

Tea party in the woods? I'm there!

Oh, is the North Wind dragging you towards the tea party, m'lady?

God, this is a gorgeous scene. I love it!

Why is there a damn chandelier in the forest!? That's not how chandeliers work, set designer!

... Wait, why am I questioning the pretty PV?

Good grief, I want it to snow now just so I can watch it from the window and be thankful that I'm not outside walking in it.

Why am I only noticing now that there's a Dutch angle in this, and why is it being used in such a pretty music video? There's nothing ominous about Winter Story, so the angle itself makes zero sense aside from adding some sort of variety to the camera angles and framing devices used here.


Yulhee: "God fucking damnit, the weather app said there'd be hail, not snow!"

Just go back to reading, love.

I can feel the magic from this girl alone. She's so freakin' cute!

Add a cup of hot chocolate to this scene and it is perfect. Such a warm, cosy setting perfect for a snowy eve!

Despite the fact that this tent nor her clothes offer any form of warmth, this setting looks cosy as heck and I wanna do this right now, weather permitting.

I honestly don't think that a tea party outside during a winter's eve is the best of ideas, but hey! It's the aesthetic of it all that matters and not your health, right?

Her expressions are so wonderful, and that voice, y'all. I love her. She is perfection.

They're all perfection!

"I wish... I wish for a warmer shirt cause this snow is fuckin' cold, man!"

In love with this scene, just like I have been in love with every damn scene in this entire video.


This is an adorable tea party, but I still wonder how they got that chandelier up in a tree and working.

Some mysteries were never meant to be solved, I suppose.


And so ends The Chronicles of Sleeping Beauty's Snowy Tea Party In the Forest That You Can Only Enter Through The Mirror: The Tree Princesses Adventure. What a wonderful story.

Did you enjoy it, too?

Has the winter spirit made its way into your heart yet?

Though it may not be the most snow riddled music video out there in the realm of Christmas, festive and winter PV's, I do think that LABOUM's Winter Story embodies the magic and spirit that is needed to get you into the festive mood for one of the most enchanting times of the year. With its light, upbeat tune and beautiful scenery, LABOUM delivers a wonderful experience that reminds us of how the winter season can bring people together and the warmth that even the coldest season provides.

Sure the music video doesn't provide much in terms of story line or a linear plot, but it does give us a peek into a cute world of friendship and the beauty of experiencing the snow together. We also get a look at some cosy and adorable outfits that are fitting for the fall and winter season, as well as a few scenes that are simply breathtaking to look at, such as the window scene where one of the members plays with a snow globe before looking towards the sky, or someone reading a book in a makeshift tent as the snow falls around them. It is simply gorgeous and I love the comfort that this music video provides me whenever I watch it.

I may be the only one who thinks this, but Winter Story actually reminds me a little of The Snow Queen and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe stories thanks to its use of costume design, location, effects and how it makes use of each season. It feels like a fairy tale in winter thanks to the use of the woods, transportation via a magical object (the mirror) and the flowers that decorate specific scenes of the video, and the use of the older, classic items such as the polaroid camera and the radio microphone give it a feeling of nostalgia that is timeless. Even the way the members enter into the forest feels like a storybook framing device, be it a pull from the wind, through some mysterious gates with a lantern or through a set of wooden doors after waking up in a room full of flowers.

I'm also a fan of how beautifully this entire video has been framed and the vintage feel it exudes, though the use of a Dutch angle is honestly confusing here. It may simply be there to display some level of variety in the dance shot, but it makes zero sense when it's typically used to create tension and unease in a scene. Regardless of that small issue, the rest of the video looks absolutely stunning thanks to how beautifully it has been framed and its use of effects (smoke, snow, falling petals, etc.), and more. It is honestly breathtaking and delivers exactly what I needed as a viewer and fan of winter-themed music videos.

LABOUM's Winter Story is simply magical and invites you into a world that isn't our own. With its enchanting set design, beautiful costumes and the warmth that it exudes I can not help but feel happy when I watch it. This is a world that celebrates the beauty of the winter season as well as the togetherness that it brings, and to me that feels just as magical as the twinkling lights and falling snow. It is the fairy tale world that I need to escape to for the winter of 2020, and whilst it might not be everyone's cup of tea it is certainly the kind of story that I will happily fall into.

Has Winter Story cast its magic spell on you yet, or will you need something a little more festive and cheery to get you into the seasonal spirit?

No matter what is happening within the world right now I hope that the winter season will be a good one for you all, and that there is nothing but happiness for everyone. I know that it may not be the easiest year for many of us, and it may not feel right to celebrate or do the things you usually do, but please continue to take care of yourselves and rest easy.

Even when you can not physically be together with the ones you love most, know that you can still be together with them in spirit. No matter where you may be in the world, no matter the circumstances, the love and warmth of the winter season is still there even if you are far apart.

Please take care everyone and I look forward to seeing you again in the next post.

Much love and winter spirit,

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