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Idols of Advent: A Land of Winter and Heartbreak - The Loneliness of 'Tiamo' by T-ARA (Pic Spam Review)

Even though it looks beautiful from the outside, a world covered in snow is still cold and lonely when you are unable to be with the ones you love...

Despite winter being a wonderful time of the year for some, it can be the cause of much heartache for others. Winter can create a lonely world for people and whilst I would like to reflect on the happiness that this season brings me, I also want to look at a music video that deals with heartbreak and this ever-growing sense of being lost in a world that is as cold and lonely as her heart feels in that moment.

Of course where there is darkness there is light, and whilst you may feel lost and alone in this world right now, there will be a path for you to follow until you find the warmth you so desire. So with all that in mind, today we will look at T-ARA's Tiamo and fall into a world of loneliness and snow where the key to your escape lies in the understanding of your emotions.

It is time to fall into a wintry world of cold beauty and quiet sadness, but don't worry; I have every bit of faith that you will find your way out and come back to a world of love and warmth...

If you ever find yourself alone in a cornfield, you're either experiencing a really bad break up or you're running away from a murderer in a horror movie. There is no in-between.


How is that mirror able to stay upright?

You - You're lover is named Tiamo?

"Why the fuck is this mirror floating?"

Why the hell do I keep choosing music videos that include mirrors?

Snow! Snow in the cornfield!!!

Mate, if there was a floating mirror in a questionable cornfield, I wouldn't be reaching out to touch it.

Aaaaaaaand you're in a wintery land. Great. How do ya out of there now?

Good grief, she is pretty. And look at that little branch that frames her, ahhhhhh ; A;

... It's the little details that please me.

She looks like she's about to cry but damn, her make-up is on point!


Merry Christmas to you!

Why does this girl remind me of former Berryz Kobou member, Miyabi? Is she moonlighting as a K-pop star now?

Wait, wait... she's so PRETTY!!!

Look at her!!!


She is also adorable, oh my days. These baby-faced beauties ; A; <3 They be stealing my heart!

Okay, I love the red twig dome, but it doesn't look like it will do a good job in keeping the snow out. I say buy an actual tent or something, sweetie.

Love the winter world they're in, love the red vs black outfits. And the 'eh eh eh eh's' make me laugh. Such a pointless addition to this song, but worth the chuckle.

Emotion? This girl doesn't know her.

She does looks amazing in purple, however.

This really is a beautiful shot, I love this useless twig dome. So aesthetic.

"Where in the heck am I?"

To be honest I would rather be in a strange winter land than an iffy cornfield where an axe murderer could come out any second.

She really is gorgeous. Her hair looks so soft, too!

I love how the set designer couldn't be bothered to move the pieces for each solo shot in favour of making these scenes feel a little more lonely and barren. That said, I do think that this adds to the effect of tying everything together and making the music video feel like it is in one world or something.

She reminds me of someone, but I forget who. Either way, she's hella cute and I love her styling.

I think she's my favourite. Her scenes feel especially nice.

Ah, this must be... The key to your heart!

Wait, why is there a key already on the present? Is this what we call a continuity error?

God damnit editors, you had one job.

I just like these shots. They're so pretty.

Ah, wait. Why is that tree branch peeling >_>

I can only guess that the key has something to do with being her key to letting go of her beloved ~Tiamo~. We love metaphors.

Wait, why does this remind me of:


Cute girl says 'Patience is a virtue' as she sits on a pile of presents. So, yeah... wait until Christmas to open your presents, y'all.

(Kidding, open them when you want if you're allowed to ahahaha)

I do love these dance shots, they're so pretty and feel especially festive thanks to the colour palette.

This picture feels like it would go well with that 'Run' meme.

Okay, I love her hair when it's pulled back. So freakin' pretty!

She is so pretty, shame about that outfit ;;

Ah, shit. That keys useless, too! Welp, time to find another one!

I love her makeup. It's so simple and pretty!

Okay, I am loving her choreography shots but WOW how the hell did her hairstylist fry her hair so bad? It looks so dead!

I cannot unsee the crispy hair ends now. What a shame ;;

Fried hair aside, she looks so damn good in that outfit and her emotionless expression works really well for these scenes.

One day I too will have a twig dome that fails to keep out the snow.

I just liked this shot because of the depth of field on the twigs and how they frame her face a little.

Okay, the snow covered key is a really nice touch. It's the little details that make me happy :3

This setting has appeared out of nowhere, but I do like the outfits. Also, it reminds me of that one MoMusu PV with a forgettable song.

Yeah. That one. Except MoMusu used red saran wrap whilst T-ara could actually aford curtains.

I just can't help but think this looks so pretty, but I do wonder why they added this other than for the sake of variety? It honestly takes away from the rest of the music video and the winter vibe. 

I do like these outfits however. The navy blue is so freakin' nice!

Oooooooh, I love her sleeves! I want a shirt with sleeves like that!

She is precious and we MUST protect her!!!

This cutie isn't in the music video enough, if you ask me. Give her more solo screen time, damnit!

Ah, she looks hopeful. Maybe the key to freeing herself from the constraints of a broken heart is close by?

She really is like a baby. So cute!!!

The key to freedom has been found...

Nah, all you had to do was find that damn floating mirror again. Seriously, how is it able to float? Has it been cursed?

I like the contrast of both scenes, how she reaches out from the winter world whilst she pulls back from the real world. A melancholy moment of understanding.

It's as if she has come to terms with what she needs to do.

Okay, I do like the contrast of both dance shots as well.

I love how this scene looks, the snow against the golden cornfield. So pretty!

Two sides of the same person: The version of herself and the feelings she keeps bottled up inside, and the person on the outside.

;^; Why did Tiamo hurt you?

We gonna kick Tiamo in the crown jewels when we next see 'em D8< No one makes the pretty lady cry!

That hopeful look towards the sky as the snow falls is so nice.

And when she finally accepts that she must let go the snow stops falling.

But what will happen to the lady in the mirror...?

Of the three music videos I have reviewed thus far, Tiamo probably has the most easy to understand plotline that can easily be followed by all viewers. A gorgeous, short-lived music video, the story behind Tiamo's music video is fairly obvious from the onset; a heartbroken young woman feels lost and alone towards the end of a relationship, with her feelings being reflected in the cold and snowy world that only she seemingly resides in. As she comes to terms with the decisions that she needs to make in order to move forward, the young woman is able to find the key that unlocks the door to her own world, no longer lost.

Though I wish there had been more to this video than what we were given, I do like how clear-cut Tiamo is in what it wants to get across to the viewer. It lacks something though, because despite the run-time falling just shy of 4 minutes, the video feels like it is much shorter, possibly because it has a fairly quick resolve and some very quick edits that make you wish a specific scene had gone on for a little longer. It's the kind of video that doesn't linger, and whilst I applaud the editor for keeping the video varied in its scenery changes, I did find myself getting tired of the scenes constantly changing after a second or two. It would be nice to hold onto a specific moment for a second or so more in regards to some members, just saying.

But what it lacks in its lingering edits is made up by how beautiful Tiamo looks. This is a gorgeous music video, one which makes use of how complimentary certain colours work together. The richness of the reds against the white backdrop and the stylish black outfits of the dancers are simply beautiful, perhaps even iconic of a stereotypical Christmas / festive music video. The contrasting navy blue outfits for the alternative dance sequences are also really nice to look at, but let's be honest here: I love all of the outfits in this and the vibes they give off. I like that the leading member in this song is wearing gray in the story scenes to represent her emotional state, I love how the dance outfits contrast one another not only in colour but also in modesty, and I like their individual outfits for solo shots. They fit this video well, and they are all really nice to look at.

Another thing to note about the video is its use of the mirror and how it acts as a reflection of the lead characters emotional state and the sense of loss and misdirection she is feeling as a result of her heartbreak. The mirror is also a nice reference to being a doorway into another world, though it is a fairly common metaphor for 'otherworldliness' in various fairy tales and music videos. I enjoy the use of the mirror here of course because it adds a touch of magic to Tiamo. Also, to answer my own nagging question in the back of my mind: No, I did not purposefully pick three music videos to review just because they include mirrors, though I do love seeing mirrors in PV's. I only just realised that mirrors appeared in all three videos to be honest, but yeah... I do like mirrors in my videos, but I swear it was not on purpose!

The winter themes were, however, completely on purpose because this is Idols of Advent, and we need snow and beautiful set designs to get in the festive mood, okay?


To conclude, Tiamo is stylish and beautiful to watch, and I doubt it will disappoint anyone who views it for the first time. This is a stunning and visually pleasing music video that will capture your attention for its set design, use of colour and the beautiful song that accompanies it. It's a melancholy winter tune, one that looks festive from the onset but is actually much sadder in tone. In sound and vision it is a delight despite its sad undertones, and I can not help but enjoy it from beginning to end.

It may be a winter wonderland to some, but to others it is a world where you feel lost and alone. Only when you understand your feelings and come to accept what has happened will you find the key to freedom...

Do you have a melancholy winter song that you enjoy during the festive period? I know that everyone enjoys different music around this time of the year, and for some of us a sadder song may help us a little more. Not everyone wants cute, happy music during the winter, so if you have something a little colder to share please tell us about it.

I hope that Tiamo has given you something beautiful to look at today, and I hope that you are all well despite everything that is happening in the world. Please enjoy the time you have to yourself, enjoy being around those you can be around, and continue to stay safe. I hope everyone is well and happy, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon in the next post.

Much love and winter warmth,

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