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Idols of Advent: Beneath A Starry Winter Sky with You - The Beauty of a 'secret star' by amatsuuni (Pic Spam Review)

Even when we are apart we are still connected by the sky and the stars that will eventually guide us to each other. Though the world is a dark and scary place right now, please let the shining stars in the winter's night sky lead you to happiness...

Though the world is still at an odd place our Idols continue to work hard and create fun, memorable content for us all in a bid to escape from the trials of the world around us. Of course we can not always escape our own reality, but when it is time to relax and lose ourselves a little the comfort of an idol or musicians music is always there to spirit us away to a sparkling world unlike any other.

In the case of anisong singer and coverist amatsuuni, we will be taken to the sky to experience the magic of the stars on a chilly winter's eve. Though it may not be the festive, wintery music video you imagined you would be watching, amatsuuni has the ability to transport you far from the loneliness of this world to create an enchanting experience for her viewers and listeners.

It's time to step away from the world and fall into the beauty of a starry night sky during the winter. Want to join me for a walk and see if we can stumble upon some magic?

I want those shoes.

God, I love how starry skies look. This is SO beautiful!

How is this opening so powerful with such a simply gesture?

I wouldn't walk around Tokyo during a winters night without any form of leggings, but I do love how cosy that dress looks!

Also just look at that little hand scrunch! Who did this to you? D8

It looks a little cheesy, yes, but amatsuuni is so beautiful here and damn, is that glitter on her cheeks? Shimmer shimmer!

Okay, so the effect used on the background is a bit distracting but it looks super dreamy and fitting for the song, so I'll forgive it right now.

Look at how pretty it is! The use of the lens flare really works with the blurred backdrop, too!

Someone really said 'this jumper isn't fluffy enough' and added pompoms to it.

Honestly in love with this editing, even if it is a cheap effect. It looks good durig the night though and that's what counts.

I love the amount of fake stars and real lights that are used in this. It makes me feel excited for the lights that brighten up a dark Winter sky!

Such a pretty side-profile, ahhh!

I can smell the cold air from this gif. I FEEL SO EXCITED, AHHHH!

Me: "Just look at her!!!"
Train fans: "Just look at her!" -shoves amatsuuni out of the way-

This music video might be simple, but damn it does have a variety of ways to show off these solo shots.

This bedroom is so minimalistic and so, so satisfying to look at. I love this entire scene.


amatsuuni: "Yes. It's a bear."

The emotion that amatsuuni lacks here is truly inspiring.

The effects in this video are a tad overdone, but at least they fit. With that said, I like how the effects flawlessly transition some of these scenes.

Also, that bedroom looks lonely as heck now that I think about it. Get a chest of drawers in there, stat!

amatsuuni: "Shhhhhhh, it's a secret!"

Wait, what secret? WHAT SECRET, amatssuni!?

These scenes are just so pretty, I had to!

This looks so cosy, it makes me want a fluffy jumper or dress regardless of how much it would itch my skin!

I am so conflicted on whether this PV is supposed to comfort me or make me feel lonely. Which is it, amatsuuni?

amatsuuni: "As I said, it's a secret~"

Now that's adorable.

Have I mentioned that I love how this music video transitions? Because I really do love how each scenes transitions to the next so fluidly.

I love howfake that window looks.

NOOOO, WHY DOES THIS LOOK SO LONELY? amatsuuni, Bear-san is reaching out for you! Go to him now!!!

Don't ignore Bear-san, amatsuuni please! ;; I will cry otherwise!

Oh thank goodness, she gave Bear-san a hug! YAAAAY!

You know what, I'm not even mad. I love how cheap and badly edited this looks because the stars and sparkles make up for it.

Favourite scene: confirmed? I love how warm, otherworldly and inviting it feels.

It feels so magical! AHHHH, I LOVE IT!

Look at how pretty she is against a starry background!


amatsuuni: "The bear is a secret!"

Everything is a secret with you, I swear.

The inclusion of the lyrics in some scenes is a pretty nice touch, as are the diamond and circle effects.

It's like a bed of stars in a garden. So. Freakin'. PRETTY!

Oh shit, is she wearing a corset? That looks uncomfortable to sit down in o-O

Narrator: "Something something something... THE NEGAVERSE!!!"

I feel like this is the perfect backdrop for a Star Wars style text that scrolls up the screen, or something just as corny, don't you?

AHHHH what beautiful lighting! I love it. It looks so warm and inviting!

amatsuuni might just be the cuddliest idol. Cuddly clothing? Check. Cuddles a cute Bear-san? Check and chec.

PS this scene is cute, goodnight.

These scenes are SO pretty, I love how the floor sparkles and the sky glotters above her.

Nice to see that the chroma key is eating away at her cheek, pfffft.

Why are these scenes so pretty and inviting? I want to bask in this gorgeous orange hue, it's so lovely!

Gimme whatever light is making those reflections in this scene, they are so damn PRETTEH!

Sure, she's a little awkward at times, but you can't deny that amatsuuni is serving here.

MIRRORS! Fuck yeah, mirrors!

Again, such a cute lil bean! I love how charming she is, this girl really is an amazing ball of cuteness.

She has my heart, well and truly.

So precious. We must protect her at ALL costs!!!

This is so freakin' pretty, I can't get over how pretty this entire music video is.

amatsuuni: "In this lonely world it's just me and you, Bear-san."

Why am I making this commentary unnecessarily sad?

amatsuuni: "Shh... it's a sEcReT!"


Hella freakin' pretty, I love her.

Such a gorgeous transition once again, and just a beautiful shot of amatsuuni in general. This may be my favourite close up of her.


She looks so content and at peace with the world, I love it.

This is totally a representation of me keeping amatsuuni in my heart.

Okay wait, maybe this is my favourite scene?

An absolute princess, AHHHH!

Yeah, this is a strong ending. I freakin' love how elegant it looks.

amatsuuni: "When the world becomes too much all I have to do is look at you and everything feels right again."

And in the end she finally caught the star...

A simple and pretty music video, amatsuuni's secret star may not be the most expensive or creative video out there, but it certainly looks appealing and has that warm feeling most winter music videos contain. With that said, I will be using the term 'winter music video' loosely here, because whilst secret star certainly hosts a winter setting in the outdoor scenes, it is definitely focused on the night sky that surrounds us.

Despite the lack of snow and decorations that can make a PV feel a little more festive, I do think that secret star is for all intent and purposes a winter music video. It feels reminiscent of taking a walk during a biting winter's eve with the beautiful lights on the streets to guide you, and as someone who absolutely adores the bright and inviting lights that we decorate our homes and streets with this time of the year, it only makes the video all that more appealing to me. I love how magical winter feels because of the lights, so seeing a PV like this only serves to make me feel both comforted and nostalgic for something I enjoyed doing when I lived in a city.

I'm a sucker for a night sky that has been lit up with lights galore, basically.

Thing is I am also a complete sucker for anything to do with the sky, be it a sky filled with clouds or stars, with the latter being the focus of this music video. Yeah, some of the scenes can come across as quite cheap here, but secret star always offers some of the most beautiful scenes I could ask for. Each sequence feels as magical as the last, so it feels as if I am constantly enamoured by the beauty of the glittering stars that surround amatsuuni in any given scene. I think that my favourite moments are when it looks like she is walking through a bed of flowers in a bright, sparkling new world that isn't her own.

secret star has an enchanting look about it no matter how cheap it can seem at certain points, and whilst it could certainly benefit from a linear story line I do love that there is some form of emotion and depth to the video. There are times where amatsuuni looks especially lonely and distant from the world she is a part of, as well as scenes that showcase the comfort she seeks in her teddy bear, and it's these scenes that truly stick out to me and make me think about the video beyond the pretty sky and glittering stars that act as a backdrop. Of course I love the happier moments where amatsuuni acknowledges the world around her and becomes engulfed in the magic of the stars, but I do think the more sentimental and melancholy moments are worth looking out for.

The addition of the transitions only seems to enhance the beauty of this music for me. Without the fluidity of these transitions I feel like secret star would not come across as magical as it does. Yes, the effects play a part in how pretty the music video is too, but the transitions between each scene are complimentary to the video as a whole. They fit with the lighting, the theme of the video and transport us between each location flawlessly to deliver a clean and well-present music video that is easy to fall into.

The effects are also fairly well done too in my opinion, and whilst they may not be the most beautiful or extravagant effects out there, they look good in the music video and work well together. I think the cheapest effect is certainly the blurred street that surrounds amatsuuni, but it works in favour of the video because it feels more like a dream or alternate reality. As amatsuuni herself seems to be in a world of her own, it makes sense that there is very little focus on the real world that surrounds her.

In short: I love secret star's music video and the feeling of a magical winter night it gives me. It embodies the power that light and a starry night sky can deliver when we walk outside for a midnight stroll, and it simply reminds me of the beauty that a city holds when it is lit up with Christmas lights and decorations during the winter season. This is a beautiful release, and whilst it may not be as winter-driven as other PV's out there, secret star by amatsuuni certainly reminded me of one of my favourite aspects of the season and was an enjoyable watch through and through.

It's simple but it is also beautiful, and it makes me happy! What more could I ask for from a music video?

Will the magic of a starry winter sky enchant you this chilly evening, or are you waiting to watch the lights turn on in your town square before you get excited for the winter season?

If this is your first time watching an amatsuuni release, what are your thoughts on her voice and the music video she provided? This is not her only winter release I believe, however it is the one that charmed me enough to want to review it for Idols of Advent 2020. So, please check out her other releases and see if you like what this soloist has to offer!

The year of 2020 has been a difficult and trying year for many, but please look forward to a brighter future. And if you are feeling lonely this winter season, please look to the sky and remember that we are all connected no matter where we are in the world. Somewhere out there someone cares about you, so please take care of yourself and stay safe this winter.

Please take care, stay warm and be well. I look forward to seeing everyone once again in the next post.

Much love and many starry kisses,

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