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And These Are A Few Of My Favourite MV's: Confessions Of A Music Video Fanatic

In which I showcase a list of my favourite Music Videos for Hell Cake Month.

Music videos have - and will always hold - a special place in my heart. It is no secret that I adore them, and without music videos as my vice, I would not have found my niche on this blog. Granted, I don't really talk about music videos on here these days - I need to get back on that wagon, actually - but I will always consider the music video a precious media form. Without the beauty that is the music video, I probably wouldn't continue blogging today.

So, in a bid to continue this Hellish Cake Month, I wanted to share a list with everyone that showed my appreciation for a few of my favourite music videos. These are the ones that have been stuck in my mind since I first watched them, the ones that have entertained, or perhaps the ones that had editing I could never forget. It's a list of the music videos that have basically left an impression on me, regardless of how deep or meaningful they may be, or how happy and mind-numbingly simple they look.

If it stood the test of time and is a music video I look back on, then it will be featured on this list.

Today we will appreciate the beauty of the music video, one aspect of the music world that has entertained and swayed us all. Without the music video we know today, we would not have a window into a groups single, nor would we have a visual representation of that song we love so much. So, to celebrate my love of music videos, it's time to check out my favourites in yet another list, and entertain ourselves with the editing, the joy, the sadness and the beauty that they provide.

It's time to take a look at just a ~few~ of my favourite music videos, Dear Readers. Are you comfy? If yes, then let's begin...

Kitagawa Kenji by NMB48 (2012)

If I had to say anything about Kitagawa Kenji, it would be that it is mindless fun. With its bright and colourful set, the plastic costumes and insanely giant pieces of furniture (plus the mini trees!), this is one of those PV's that I simply enjoy thanks to its vibrancy and the cuteness that ensues, as opposed to its editing or lack of plot.

Of course the video does have its editing merits, though it's fairly simple in its execution. One thing to note is of course the classroom vs the imaginary world of the students. The classroom is purposefully made to look dull and grey-toned, and feels a lot more closed in and suffocating. Time seems to stand still here, and things are far too uniform and crisp. On the other side of this PV, there is a lot more colour and cuteness, the furniture is bigger (or smaller), and the set feels a lot more open and allows for exploration and movement. These scenes are loud and entertaining, and it's fun to watch this world slowly filter into the classroom that feels stagnant and dull.

I come back to Kitagawa Kenji every now and again, and every time I look back at it I just feel happiness and nostalgia. It was the first song that made me want to watch a little more NMB48, and I'm glad that 8 years on it still brings a smile to my face.

Kono Sekai ni Sayonara shite by Tenkou Shoujo* (2017)

I think about Kono Sekai ni Sayonara shite a lot, and it's all down to the editing, camera work and pace of this music video. I know that a lot of people don't care about this side to music videos - most people enjoy the set design and story lines - but good editing and some nice camera angles really does make a difference for me.

A few years down the line, this music video still blows me away. It is bloody stunning, and whilst it might not offer much in terms of diversity - the shots are fairly similar, and we don't get a change of location - I think that the camera work is simply mesmerising. It's also pretty relaxing to watch thanks to how slow some of the shots are and how peaceful the members look. The way their hair blows is also fairly nice to watch, though I can't pinpoint why.

It's a visually pleasing music video, and it chills me out whenever I watch it. I think the lighting helps here as well; the cool tone of the daylight and the warmth of the evening light is beautiful, and ultimately gives the music video a really nice balance of cool and warm tones. I love watching it, and I am just so happy that this music video has managed to stick with me since it was released.

Teokure Caution by =LOVE (2018)

No matter how much I love cute and energetic music videos, I am a giant sucker for dark and angsty music videos that deal with love and heartbreak. This is where Teokure Caution comes in, a music video that focuses on betrayal, lost love and heartbreak, and a little bit of bitchiness is even thrown into the story line, because why not! It's also gorgeous in a dark and enticing way, and one of the best music videos from the group since their career began.

This is one of those music videos that I simply watch for the pleasure of watching a music video. I don't pay too much attention to the editing details - the story line is engrossing enough - but I do appreciate how dark this video is, and the sound editing is absolutely beautiful here. It makes the video feel a lot more haunting than it actually is, and the lighting in the close-ups especially only adds to that eeriness.

I love all of the story lines in this, I enjoy the visualisation of rejection in various forms, and I think that is a fantastic music video overall, and a great watch for those who like something a little less cutesy, and a lot more real when it comes to the pain of love and rejection.


The following Music Video features upsetting and grotesque imagery, and includes scenes of a violent nature. The subject of self-harm, suicide and extreme bullying is featured heavily within this music videos imagery, so please do not wish this video if any of these subjects affect your mental well-being.

I Kill by DEEP GIRL (2016)

I Kill is dark. It's cruel and emotional, and it makes me cry. I honestly questioned whether or not I should add this video to the list because of the scenes depicted in this MV. It's deeply unsettling, and it is very upsetting to watch. So, why include it?

Because I Kill deeply impacted me when I first watched it, and it is a very well executed music video that gets across the realities of being an Idol for some girls. The lyrics for this song were written by the members of DEEP GIRL at the time, and detailed their experiences of being bullied because they were Idols, the messages they were sent and more. It's a very harsh song, with an even harsher video to accompany it, but the message itself is powerful and the song moved me in a way that I can't explain.

I do not advise that people watch this for the sake of watching it; you need to be in the right headspace to get through I Kill.

This music video has stuck with me since its release, and whilst I was certainly hesitant to include it in this list, I can't keep shying away from how much of an impact it has had upon me. It's well made and has some amazing editing, but that only adds to how upsetting it is. So please, do not watch this if you are not in the right headspace, or are sensitive to trigger-heavy imagery.

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa by Morning Musume '14 (2014)

A much needed change of pace, Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa has to be one of my favourite Hello! Project PV's to date. With its interactive editing against a stark white background and good lighting, it's undeniable that this is some of Hello! Project's finest editing. It looks stunning, and every time I re-watch this music video I am blown away once again by how precise and clean everything looks.

Granted, it may not age as well as it could in the future - you can clearly see some of the green from the chroma key in a few scenes - but what MoMusu were doing at this point in time was pretty unique for them, and showcased just how good the editing could be for their music videos, and how creative the editing team could be.

It's only 6 years old at this point, but for its time it was a breath of fresh air, and still proves to be a refreshing watch against all of the other MoMusu music videos we have had over the years. It's so pretty, and I love looking at it (even if that white background has been overused to death).

Fly High by Dreamcatcher (2017)

I love the creepy and the spooky, mysterious and ookie... which must mean that I really like Dreamcatcher. With a nightmarish world that has slowly been built and represented through various music videos, Dreamcatcher is a group that feeds into my love of the dark and eerie through beautiful imagery, amazing camerawork and stunning effects. No matter what they produce I just can't look away, but when it comes to Fly High I simply have to watch it over and over again.

I love everything about this music video. There are times where it looks like a dream, points where it reminds me of a horror movie, and some exceptionally beautiful moments that take my breath away. The camerawork is also spectacular here, with a Dutch angle being used a few times to bring a little bit of anxiety and unease to the viewer, as well as some beautiful framing. The lighting is gorgeous, too, enhancing the quality of the video, and furthering the beauty of this dark and enticing music video.

This video is amazing, I simply love to watch it both for fun and to decipher the story line. It's visually pleasing, makes me want to watch more of Dreamcatcher's releases, and also makes me want to start studying film again. I just adore it, and will always consider it one of the most superior music videos out there. Fly High is glorious, simple as.

Sweet Memory by MACO (2017)

As I said before, I have an affinity for music videos that deal with heartbreak and the pain of rejection. I guess I like the reality of it, and MACO's Sweet Memory seems to be a little more realistic in that there is an unrequited love that ultimately ends in not only heartache, but the loss of of the protagonists friend. It's a very sad music video, but I often look back on it or think about the video and how beautiful it is in a melancholy way.

I really thrive on sadness, huh?

Sweet Memory is not that old for a music video, but I love it a great deal and will think about it often. It has a good story line, beautiful editing and lighting, and is an emotional piece that gets to me every time I watch it. No matter how many times I have viewed it, Sweet Memory continues to impact me in a way that I can not describe. I just love it for what it is, and continue to view it as one of my favourite music videos that I have seen since becoming an Idol fan.

Glass wo Ware! by Keyakizaka46 (2018)

Back when it was released, Glass wo Ware! impressed me greatly with its atmosphere, sharp editing, the choreography, its use of camera movement and even the coats used in the music video. Paired with an amazing and memorable song, Keyakizaka46's powerfully moving Glass wo Ware! still impresses me two years on.

In short, I absolutely love it.

The directing for this is amazing, the lighting is beautiful, and I just love how edgy and hectic it looks and feels. Sure, this type of music video isn't exactly new for Keyakizaka46 - it's kind of their brand to sing about and focus on this idea of standing out amongst a crowd of hive-minded folk - but it's one of the first to really make me think 'wow, that's powerful'. I suppose it also helps that, in a way, this video has a specific scene that reminds me a little of Footloose and the iconic warehouse dance sequence. In a similar vein to Ren's anger and frustrations being thrown into dancing, the scene with Techi feels just as powerful and iconic.

I find Glass wo Ware! both moving and powerful, and adore the music video a great deal. Yes, the group has many incredible PV's behind their name, but this is the one that truly stands out to me. I just love everything about it, and continue to think of it as one of my favourites since becoming an Idol fan.

Kono-te de Kanaderu Arigato BY HANDSIGN (2018)

2018 was truly a year of incredible music videos, and HANDSIGN'S Kono-te de Kanaderu Arigato is one that I think about often. With a powerful storyline based on a true story, this is an emotional and heartfelt video that focuses on the story of a girl who is born into a family where both her parents, as well as all of her siblings, are deaf.

The music video is absolutely beautiful. Depicting the girls life as well as it can in 7 minutes, we see the way that she helps her family, the hardships that she faces as the sole hearing person in her family, and the decisions she struggles to make for the sake of the people she loves. It's such a pure, beautiful story, one that makes me tear up every time I watch it, because the outcome is so loving and wonderful. It's only made better by the fact that this is based on true events, and that HANDSIGN presented it so beautifully for both those who can and can't hear to enjoy.

It can not be said enough that I adore this video. The story is wonderful, the acting is incredible, and the end is simply wonderful. I can't help but think highly of this video, and I only hope that I continue to think of it as one of my favourites as the years pass by. Kono-te de Kanaderu Arigato is incredible, and HANDSIGN are an amazing group, so please watch it and enjoy.

Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki by Morning Musume '15 (2015)

When Hello! Project do it right, they do it bloody right. Case in point: Ima Sugu Tobikumu Yuuki, a music video that takes my breath away no matter how many times I watch it. I mean, just look at it! It's freakin' gorgeous, has one of the most gentle colour palettes that H!P has ever used, and basically makes me think that this is what Heaven looks like.

It's soft, it's soothing, and it matches the song perfectly.

I don't think that H!P have done anything as mesmerising as this PV in a while, at least not in terms of simple music videos that aren't overpowered by an abundance of in-your-face effects. Yeah, this makes use of its fair share of effects - the background, the lighting, etc. - but it's so soft and gentle that you actually believe this to be some form of reality, regardless of its otherworldly nature, which is what I like the most about this; it just feels like another world, but it does not feel fabricated, which goes to show just how well H!P can make their music videos when they put their remaining braincells together.

It's beautiful, super polished and one of my favourites. I will never get over just how well done this video is, in how it looks, the colour palette, editing... everything. Yes, it's stupidly simple in terms of what it delivers, but damn it does look good. I hope I never get over just how amazing this PV looks.

Oh, and as a random end note: This PV has some of the best hairstyles in a MoMusu PV, and everyone looks freakin' incredible. It's just so. Freakin'. BEAUTIFUL!

Chase Me by Dreamcatcher (2017)

If I had never watched Chase Me at the request of my friend, then I would have never become a fan of Dreamcatcher and their incredible music videos. With such beautiful cinematography, impeccable editing and a horror influence, there is very little to complain about when it comes to this music video. In fact, I might dare to say that it's a masterpiece, at least to me.

Then again, I am a sucker for things like this, so of course I would consider it anything less than perfect.

Chase Me is a lot of nightmarish fun, and it sucks me in from the beginning. The fact that it reminds me heavily of The Shining only makes it better, and it's many Kubrick-like elements that run through it only make me love it more. This is such a wonderful video, and it really does feel like it was plucked right out of a nightmare thanks to how specific scenes have been edited to look. It's just so damn beautiful and eerie, and I love every moment of it.

I do think that at times, this video can feel a little confusing upon the first watch, but after viewing it as much as I have, I see nothing but beauty and perfection. It's incredible, it looks gorgeous, and I can not get enough of the nightmarish Chase Me, and I consider it to be one of the best music videos I have ever seen.

Tong Hua by Michael Wong (2005)

I do not often go back to Tong Hua, but man, it is a beautiful music video. And my beautiful, I mean tragic and extremely sad, and it makes me cry like a baby whenever I re-watch it. I'm just an emotional sap at the end of the day, but I really do think that PV's like this are important and incredibly powerful.

Tong Hua is a heartbreaking video, to put it simply. Made up of flashbacks and a concert scene where Michael Wong is playing Tong Hua on the piano during a concert, it is revealed that his girlfriend is in hospital, listening to him play through a phone. As the story unravels, we see that the two had a cute and loving relationship, but as the story progresses it is revealed that the girlfriend is incredibly ill. It's dramatic, it's incredibly sad, and by the end of the music video we are left heartbroken.

By far the oldest video on this list, Tong Hua is incredibly well done. Rather than being laced with fancy edits, the simple and linear structure takes us in and provides an incredibly moving story that is both powerful and memorable. The acting is equally amazing, with Michael Wong providing a great performance that feels believable, and only adds to the sadness that this music video depicts.

In short: It's a sad music video, but it is beautifully done, and feels like a drama at times. I just adore it, and I will continue to think of this as one of the greatest music videos I have seen since I became a music video fanatic.

Sayonara no Imi by Nogizaka46 (2016)

When it comes to Sayonara no Imi, I am just besotted by its story line and editing. I return to this PV regularly just so that I can fall back into the story and fall in love with it all over again. Yes, the story is basically Beauty and the Beast, but its depiction of prejudice, discrimination and acceptance is extremely powerful, making the video far more beautiful beyond its editing and bright colour scheme.

Sayonara no Imi is basically a fairy tale, something that I love a great deal in my everyday life, and it is this aspect that drew me to the MV in the first place. Of course the editing is beautiful here, too, and the use of blue and red as the main colour scheme is very symbolic (blue for purity, red for different / demonic), but I do acknowledge that the reason why I love this is simply because it is a fairy tale. Still, the editing is incredible, but that isn't all too surprising from a Nogizaka46 release.

Nogizaka46 have many incredible music videos under their belt, but Sayonara no Imi is my favourite by far. It's stunning, the ending is a happy one, and it moved me. I love Sayonara no Imi a lot and continue to regard it highly. Heck, it is one of my most beloved music videos and consider it one of my absolute favourites, without fail. It's because of this love that I have placed it so high on my list, and unless a stronger music video is released in the near future, it probably won't budge from this position for the time being.

Orchestra by BiSH (2016)

Welcome back, pain of lost love! I missed you!

Orchestra is another video that I come back to more often than I care to admit. It's a video that I think about constantly, and a song that I simply adore. Above all though, this video is pretty damn amazing and makes me feel all the emotions whenever I watch it. Then again, it's a lost love story; of course it will make me feel a range of emotions from happiness to sadness, pain... etc.

Okay, I get it: Orchestra is fairly simple in its story line, and it's not like we haven't seen this in previous music videos, but I do think the kicker with this one is that it's a forbidden love story between two adolescents who are ripped apart from one another, and only one fights for it as she's being pulled away, whilst the other gives up. It's a story of losing your first love, the regrets that come with not fighting for it, and moving forward after all that has happened. It's a bitter love story at its core, and whilst it may seem weird to admit it... yeah, I like those kind of stories.

Given I have about three lost love MV's on here though, you probably caught on to my love of videos that make me cry and feel pain, lol.

Aside from the sadness this PV throws at me though, I do love how it looks. It is beautifully directed, the editing is smooth, and the contrast between the bright drama scenes and the grey-tone of the performance clips is well done, and gives the video a nice balance. It looks great, and the storyline only strengthens it.

I have talked about this video a lot, which goes to show just how much I love it. I find Orchestra pretty amazing as a music video, and I love every moment I spend watching it. It makes me smile, cry, I admire the effort put into making it as beautiful as it is, and I appreciate every moment of it. This is an incredible music video, and I don't think that it will be beaten out of its spot any time soon, unless something much stronger comes along.

Orchestra is a visually moving piece, and it's great. It may not be the type of video that others consider the best, but for me it is amazing. I love Orchestra, and I love forward to binge-watching it a little more in the future.

And another list is done and dusted for Cake Month! Huzzah!

Once again, I took my time with editing this, even though the process of compiling the list wasn't that hard. Yeah, I added a few music videos during the process of writing out why I liked a specific video, and the positions did change every now and again, but it actually was not that difficult to sort. In fact, it was incredibly easy, and I knew almost immediately which Music Videos would go where.

Like any post though, my main issue comes with me actually writing. I procrastinate too damn hard, or I'm too tired, so I usually leave the post without writing for a week or so before finally getting around to it, or worse, I leave it for a month. Thankfully, I was pretty quick with this one, but not quick enough.

Anyways, this is what I consider my final list of favourite music videos. In no way do I consider them superior to others, because whilst I may think of them as better than others, or simply my favourites, they will certainly not look superior to others. There are better MV's out there, but these are the kinds of music videos that suit my tastes, and my tastes are basically dramatic, moody, tear-jerkers, or beautifully crafted MV's. Or, in the case of Kitagawa Kenji, cute and happy antics, and not much else. Simply put, these are my favourites, and it's okay to think that I have some bizarre interests, and that my tastes are shit.

But regardless of how different our tastes are, I hope that this list was at least somewhat enjoyable. I really enjoyed making it, and it's actually nice to make these kinds of lists again. Yeah, I procrastinate on writing them up, but when I get around to finishing it, I find the process of making the list and talking about why things are placed where fairly relaxing and rewarding. So, I am happy that for Cake Month I am going back to lists, even if it's only for the month of November. It's a nice change of pace, and it makes me happy. What more could I ask for?

Finally, to end this rambling, here is the compulsory Honourable Mentions List!

Honourable Mentions

Hashire Penguin! by AKB48 Team 4 (2011)
Hetappi Wink! by Watarirouka Hashiritai 8 (2012)
Hikaru Monotachi by Watanabe Mayu (2012)
Kidzuitara Kataomoi by Nogizaka46 (2014)
Junpaku Antoinette by Houkago Princess (2016)
Leadership by Yumemiru Adolesence (2016)
Mugne Climax by ℃-ute (2016)
Kimi Dake ja nai sa... Friends by ANGERME (2017)
HiDE the BLUE by BiSH (2018)
Nanairo no Tsubomi by 26ji no Masquerade (2018)
Kuroi Hitsuji by Keyakizaka46 (2019)
Vampire by IZ*ONE (2019)
KOKORO&KARADA by Morning Musume '20 (2019)

Aaaaaand with that I am done with another list! Thank you very much for reading everyone, and thank you for taking part in the Hellish Cake Month that is November! Until the next post for the month of cake, please take care of yourselves, stay happy and healthy, think of the wellbeing of those around you, and of course: LOVE. THY. IDOLS! (And the MV's they create).

Au revoir, adieu and much Love,

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