Thursday, 19 November 2020

The 10th Cake Day: Sushi And All

Buckle up dear Readers, this is about to get long-winded...

Ahahaha, yes! I made my own mini-character! How about that!

In the world of Idols it is hard enough to keep a group running for one year, let alone a decade. In a similar vein I have come to realise that this same sentiment applies to maintaining a blog, website, YouTube channel or something similar because - to put it bluntly - things change. Interests disappear or evolve, fear creeps in or time will simply stop you from pursuing your interests and hobbies as frequently as you'd like.

There are many reasons for why people stop doing what they love, yet somehow I managed to continue. I persevered despite my own reservations, saw improvement in what I created and even came across opportunities and achieved things that I had never anticipated achieving all because of this blog.

I am extremely proud of myself, but above all I am proud of this blog and how far it has come since I began it 10 years ago.

Oh, and please bear with me as I try my best to express myself, because it may become a little long-winded.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The Adventures of Sushi-Musume and the Sushi Plate Invasion - Returning to 'Appare Kaitenzushi!' 10 Years On (Picspam Playback)

In which Chiima return to spams the heck out of a PV 10 years after she first reviewed it...

10 years ago today I opened this blog with a rant review, one that revealed my disappointment and distaste for a music video that I had previously held high hopes for even before watching it. I needed to vent my frustrations to the world in the only way that I could: through writing, screen captions and a surge of annoyance that steam-rolled me through my first blog review on Okay! Musume Time.

Now a decade later and I am back to review the same music video that began my journey so long ago. Of course with a ten year gap things have undoubtedly changed, whether it be in writing style or my interests, but my question now is whether or not the views I once held are still there, or if I see the music video I once disliked in a different light.

On the Anniversary of my own blog's birth and the release date of the music video that started it all, I will finally look back at Appare Kaitenzushi by Muten Musume to see how my opinions have evolved over time, whilst also reflecting on the past and celebrating where it all began.

Could there be a better way to celebrate my blog's 10th Cake Day? I don't think so.

10 years... That was a long time ago. Even though the name of this blog and the name that I gave myself when I created it are still the same, the person behind it and the content isn't. So with that in mind my dear Readers, it only feels right to return to the beginning with a new mindset and a fresh pair of eyes. Have my views changed from what they once were, or will I still consider this a poor watch all around? It's time to turn back the clock and return to where it all began.

Are you ready?

Oh, and:

Happy 10th Sushi Cake Day to Okay! Musume Time!

Thursday, 12 November 2020

From Regular to Royal! Houkago Princess Transform into Idol Royalty in the 'Princess no Teigi' Music Video! (Rewind Pic Spam Review)

To disclaim: All thoughts and opinions are my own, and yours are your own. Etc. I can't be bothered to write much more, though future Chiima may regret being this lazy. Ah, well.

In which I finally review the Princess no Teigi PV! Because I put this off for a whole year, stewing in my misery over how poorly made this was.

... But then Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye happened, so it's about damn time I talk about the first monstrosity that HouPri released! So, voila!

Okay, so I don't usually take this long to bring out a Houkago Princess music video review. Heck I'm pretty quick most of the time, but upon the release of Princess no Teigi in 2019, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. Not only was the music video released a couple of months after the singles initial release date, but it also happened to be pretty bad.

And by bad, I mean poorly edited. So, like the mature adult I am, I decided to ignore and stew in my annoyance. Because why the heck not?

So I left it, and whilst I would look back at it every now and again and realise some of its merits, I actually never intended to review it. A lot of time has passed since Princess no Teigi's music video release, and it also still annoys me, so I think these were fairly good grounds for just why I shouldn't review it.

Then Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye happened, and also Hell Cake Month, so I decided that if I could sit through a review of the aforementioned bastard of a PV that was released this year, then I could sit through this one. And what better time to put myself through Hell, than for Cake month? Because, yes, I like to torture myself, and yes I think it's good to balance out the things I enjoy with the things that annoy me.

So, let's get annoyed together and sit through Princess no Teigi, the start of HouPri's downward spiral in music video quality. Are yer ready? OOOOOH---

In the words of Houkago Princess, circa 2019: So let's start! (Let's start!)

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

And These Are A Few Of My Favourite MV's: Confessions Of A Music Video Fanatic

In which I showcase a list of my favourite Music Videos for Hell Cake Month.

Music videos have - and will always hold - a special place in my heart. It is no secret that I adore them, and without music videos as my vice, I would not have found my niche on this blog. Granted, I don't really talk about music videos on here these days - I need to get back on that wagon, actually - but I will always consider the music video a precious media form. Without the beauty that is the music video, I probably wouldn't continue blogging today.

So, in a bid to continue this Hellish Cake Month, I wanted to share a list with everyone that showed my appreciation for a few of my favourite music videos. These are the ones that have been stuck in my mind since I first watched them, the ones that have entertained, or perhaps the ones that had editing I could never forget. It's a list of the music videos that have basically left an impression on me, regardless of how deep or meaningful they may be, or how happy and mind-numbingly simple they look.

If it stood the test of time and is a music video I look back on, then it will be featured on this list.

Today we will appreciate the beauty of the music video, one aspect of the music world that has entertained and swayed us all. Without the music video we know today, we would not have a window into a groups single, nor would we have a visual representation of that song we love so much. So, to celebrate my love of music videos, it's time to check out my favourites in yet another list, and entertain ourselves with the editing, the joy, the sadness and the beauty that they provide.

It's time to take a look at just a ~few~ of my favourite music videos, Dear Readers. Are you comfy? If yes, then let's begin...

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

The Top 11 Female Idol Groups (According to Chiima)

*All groups listed in this here list are subject to my own terrible tastes and opinions. You do not have to like the groups that I have picked out, nor do you have to agree with my choices. This is, at the end of the day, a subjective list curated to my own taste, and therefore it will contain groups that I prefer. Please do not mistake it for a legitimate list that many others have voted on. Thank you for your understanding, and for not taking this post seriously.

The journey to celebrate Okay! Musume Time's 10th Cake Day continues, but it is still too early to debate whether or not this series of posts was a wise idea...

July Chiima here, and damn, this took way too long to complete. I started it at the beginning of July, and was mostly finished... and then stopped. Talk about procrastination! Also: my wrists hurt. Damn my desire to type too much!

Hell Cake Month continues, and today I will be subjecting myself to the fun that is my Top 11 Female Idol Groups. Of course, this is an extremely subjective post - much like the Top 11 J-Pop and Idol songs one - and basically contains a handful of Idol groups that I have liked since I became an idol fan. Some of these groups will be obvious (look at the banner above), and others may surprise you, but regardless of where they are placed, they have all made an impact to me as a fan one way or another.

I will also include disbanded groups in this list because whilst they may not be around any more, their music is still out there and my love for these specific groups is unwavering. I also want to pay my respects to the groups that made my Idol fandom so joyful and basically write about why I like them, or how they make me feel, etc.

All in all, this was a relatively easy list to create, at least compared to the Top 11 songs list. I guess that's because, when it comes to my favourite Idol groups, I am pretty stubborn in who and what I like, and even when they have disbanded, I continue to look back on them with fondness, and will go back to the music every now and again. Of course I won't share all of the groups I have ever liked in this list, but the ones that made the Top 11 are those that I consider incredibly important either because they were my favourite, or because they shaped my fandom one way or another.

So, let's get into this list of my Top 11 Female Idol Groups, and see who made the cut. Will your favourites be included, or will it be a list of complete nobodies?

It's time to continue read on and find out~

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Welcome to Cake Month: The Top 11 J-pop & Idol Songs Of All Time (According to Chiima)

*All songs listed are subject to my own personal taste and opinions. I do not and will not expect you to agree with my choices, nor do I perceive this list to be anything other than a creation made for my personal entertainment. Please do not take it seriously, and do not consider this to be a legitimately compiled list with the Top 10 songs of all time. This is simply what I like, and what I wanted to share with everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

And so begins the journey of celebrating Okay! Musume Time's 10th Cake Day with a few posts to celebrate...

It's 5:30am in the UK on June 16th, 2020, and I am high on Pepsi right now. Enjoy whatever stupid commentary ensues from Past Chiima.

Welcome to the beginning of my new Hell, or, as it will otherwise be known: Cake month. Yes, you read it right; Cake month, a month in which I dedicate myself to writing a bunch of posts as a way of celebrating this blogs 10th Anniversary. A month that will be filled with agony and turmoil, a lack of imagination, and much stress on my part in regards to thinking up what the fuck to post.

Now if I have planned it accordingly and thought ahead, I will have successfully created a months worth of posts for you to read. If I haven't done my job as a writer and thought this out in a half-arsed nature, then you will at least have a handful of articles at your disposal. And if I really do fail? Well, you'll have this post, and the actual Birthday post to look forward to. Honestly speaking though, I hope that Chiima from the distant past of June 2020 has sorted her shit out, and that she's actually finished writing everything before November actually hits.

November Chima here: I have not finished everything and November has started. Oops.

Well, whatever happens post-wise, I can assure you that I went mad during the lead up to this very month because - Jesus Christ - why have I put myself through this?

Love. That's why. The most basic-ass answer you can get because it's true. I love this blog and have a great amount of pride for it, and whilst I have certainly slacked off in the past, I want to celebrate Okay! Musume Time's 10th anniversary in style, because damn, how the fuck did I get this far?

November Chiima: I wonder how the hell you got this far, too. It's probably all those shit posts and ranking lists you did back in the day.

Right, I have written enough already, so let's cut to the chase: My aim is to create a bunch of posts for my blogs 10th Anniversary, and today we are kick-starting this Hellish month of the Cake with the style of post I do best: Stupidly Long Lists.

For this first list (there will be more, I assure you), I will take a look at my Top 11 J-Pop & Idol Songs of all time (at least for now). These are the songs that I will consistently return to, the ones that I remember well, those that feel nostalgic, and the tracks that have a lot of meaning to me as a listener. For one reason or another, these 11 songs are incredible important to me, and today I will share why with all of you.

Let the Cake month festivities begin.