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Idol'ween: Welcome to the Halloween March - Let's Trick or Treat in Halloween Junky Orchestra's 'Halloween Party' (Pic Spam Review)

It's time to awaken the spirits and begin the Halloween festivities! Are you ready to walk alongside those who haunt the night this Halloween night?

Way back when in the year of 2012 when you could go to a party and enjoy your time there without having to worry about restrictions, HYDE created the incredible Halloween Junky Orchestra. Made up of various artists and musicians, this incredible group donned their costumes to sing the iconic Halloween Party, a song that I fell in love with upon its release and have continued to adore 8 years on.

As both a song and music video Halloween Party holds a special place in my heart because, whilst it was not my first spooky themed review on this blog, It was a part of my first ever Halloween series of PV reviews on this blog. I also adore this music video a great deal because it embodies the fun and spook-factor of Halloween beautifully, and is visually appealing as well. It's incredible, and I have actually wanted to come back and review it now that I am older and a little less juvenile in my writing, and also because I use gifs in my PV reviews these days, which was a big part of my reasoning for coming back to this review: I can now fully express why I love a scene and its motion, and I can also capture the true beauty of Halloween Party without restriction

That, and I simply wanted to revisit this music video. It's just too good to ignore this time of the year.

So with this music video I will end this years series of Idol'ween reviews with one of the most reliable Halloween PV's out there. It's definitely a favourite of mine and will be one of those videos that I continue to watch not only for the visuals, but because it makes me happy and fills me with Halloween spirit.

Bring out the candy and put on your costumes dearest readers, because it's time to revel in mischief and fun. Let the festivities begin!

I'm already excited and the PV hasn't even started!

Ever heard the tale of the moon that was made of cheese? Well, it was all a lie. The moon is actually made out of pumpkins.

I love how the houses look like they have smiley faces. Just like a pumpkin!

This world is just so beautiful, I absolutely love how aesthetically pleasing it is in the gloomiest of ways.

It so freakin' gorgeous I can't even!

And this sweeping shot, OH MY DAYS! Beautiful. And just look at those cobwebs!

Hmm, I wonder what's beyond those closed doors... Perhaps a little treat, or maybe a scary old trick?

!!!!!!!!! IT'S TIME !!!!!!!!!


I love how dramatic this all looks, and how we don't see any faces as they arrive to takw their seats.

You hanging in there alright, Hyde?

Lord, I am in love with this dreary, gloomy décor.It really does feel like the life and soul of the manor has been sapped out of it!

But this decor is just as amazing, and so within the spirit of Halloween's entertaining side! AHHH, IT LOOKS AMAZING!

Simply incredible. They really went all out with this set and I am absolutely living for it! Also, Hyde lazily swinging his wand as he conducts the Junky Orchestra is the best part here, in my opinion.

The impatience of these ghouls and monsters! Guys, you can eat soon and cause mischief later, just be patient for his Lordship Hyde to announce that your Halloween dinner is ready!

Hyde: "Let the Halloween Festivities officially begin!"

I said it back in 2012 and I will say it again right here: Good God, Hyde is sexy in this music video.


Reminds me of that one Cards Against Humanity card that is about a pyramid of heads, or something. But it's a window!

This would have made a pretty cool cover, too!

Hyde: "I'm too sexy for this body!"

Hyde as such fun in this and it is a wonderful sight to behold.

I agree; we do need more sweets! Give me more sweets, damnit!

The fact that they keep a yearly tally for their candy consumption is absolutely amazing. Such attention to detail!

You can totally tell that the guy in bandages is such an ikemen under his costume, but daaaamn Acid Black Cherry, I have missed you!

What in the fuck is this??? It looks like something you would find on a game like Five Nights At Freddie's or something. YEESH!

When you're steamed off your head and garlic breath here gives you the munchies.

When that one friends photobombs you pulling a weird face, thus ruining the one good picture you took during the party.

Are... Are those skulls under your sofa, miss?

Ah. Okay. Now I get why there are skulls under there, Medusa my dear. Carry on now, and don't look me in the eyes!

Honestly though, back when I first saw this video on its release and even now, this is probably the weirdest costume by far, and the one that freaks me out the most.

I am loving these costumes, but why is the guy I will call Cap'n sawing his fangs under the table... whilst he is on fire, no less?

Cap'n: "Y'know. Just chilling and chiseling ma tooshy pegs."

Ah, crap, the bulb has blown! And on Hallows Eve, too!

Wait... they're candles. They can't blow a fuse. The heck is going on in your creepy mansion of Halloween Horror, Hyde?

I don't follow Tommy febraury6 or Tommy heavenly6, but I like how Halloween Party honours Tomoko's alter-ego solo acts.

Anyway, now that the lights are out: TO THE STREETS!

You wouldn't get away this sort of trick or treating in 2020, Hyde and friends. Do like the jugglers and stand far apart, no crowding of the sort and by God, don't touch each others candy!

I love how everyone is 100% giving it their all with their characters, and then there is Hyde, lazily leading everyone like the Vampire Pied Piper.

Hyde: "Trick or treat!"

It's always a treat when Hyde stands in your doorway. Just, erm... don't invite him in if you care about breathing >_>

YUMMMMMMM, don't mind if I do! -steals candy-

I swear, these two are my favourite characters here. Also, Tommy febraury6 is so freakin' pretty!

I like to think that these two are the best of friends in this realm. Let me believe this, please ;;

Okay, this is the scariest thing to open your door to on Halloween. And they stole all the booze, too!


But not Suzuki Rina. She looks absolutely stunning and is really enjoying every moment spent on this set and in this costume, and I love that!

Tommy february6: "I-I don't have any more candy! I ran out when the last lot of you came a knocking!"

Tommy heavenly6: "I told ya I don't have any more candy, now fuck off of ma fuckin' lawn!"

This effect still looks kick-ass and is beautifully done. I loved it back then and I love it now, and I will continue to love it well into the future.

God, I love these kinds of scenes. It adds a light-hearted feel to the video and just looks so good.
You can never go wrong with a scene like this.

It looks so goooooooooood! I wish we had more scenes like this!

Why does the moon look like a giant cookie?

HNNNNNNNG, Acid Black Cherry looks so freakin' good in this.

I never noticed it until 8 years later, but these two are constantly in sync whenever they share a scene together, and that is fascinating.

Have I mentioned that I love this set design? Also, whoever this little girl is: She is so cute!

I personally would not want to eat whatever that is, but you do you, kid.

Okay, if DAIGO offered me food I would probably take it. Just cos'.

This is the look a child will give you when you tell them that Halloween has been cancelled because of a Global Pandemic.

Your Kid: "What you say a second ago, bitch?"

God, this set design is everything. There was so much thought and effort put into this video and perfecting that atmosphere.

I love how HYDE mirrors the scene of the scared girl with his own parody of being scared. It's a nice little sequence, and I just love HYDE's face when he mocks the little girls own fear of these weird beings that surround her.

Kanon: "See no evil, little one~"

Well, that's one way to stop her from seeing all that goes bump in the night.

HA! I never noticed that the Cap'n stuck his middle finger to the camera. I can only guess that he is saying 'Fuck you, 2020!', because why not?

Tomoko is so damn pretty, and I love how it's Tommy february6 who looks the most innocent of the two cats, but is actually the one that becomes a giant Cheshire Cat monstrosity that will haunt your nightmares forevermore.

Look at how cute she is, oh my days.

Why do I feel like this PV is calling out my hoarder ass in this very scenes?

Kanon: "A yoink, it's mine!"

Rina: "Clang clang, bitches, let's make some noise!"

Er, due to COVID-19 restrictions, nise is something we can not permit. Please be diligent and keep the volume down. Thank you.

This is still one of my favourite scenes from this entire PV years later. There is just something about it that is so beautiful.

Just give HYDE all the candy, it's not like anyone else needs it.

It looks like DAIGO is going through sugar withdrawals. Quick, give him some candy before he turns into a Zombie-Mummy!

This is how your dreaded in-laws look to you every day of the year, let alone Halloween.

Kanon: "You entitled little shits made me drop my basket! THIS is why I never have you ever for Thanksgiving!"

Some family members just aren't great people!

Er, yeah, there is no way that wolf's head popped out of her stomach in the first scene.

I do like it how portrays Red Riding Hood as having eaten the wolf herself, and it basicall ripping itself out of her. Or, it's just that she happens to be a wolf herself and only lets her wolf-side free when someone pisses her off. Either theory is good, in my books.

There are so many of them, and they are so close together... Oh, this is unthinkable nowadays!

Remember when every group had a flag in their music video? I remember when every group had a flag in their video.

#I feel old.

HYDE: "Let the music flow, my Underlings!"

And here he comes, the King of the hour!

This looks like such a blast. HYDE really does know how to throw something amazing together.

Though she weirds me out in this, I do love that Tsuchiya Anna is living her best life in this music video.

I would honestly attend this party if it weren't for restrictions, and also the fact that this party had been held 8 years in the past.

HYDE: "Lalalalalalalala HALLOWEEN PATEH! Dance, my puppets, dance!"

This is going to everyone anywhere in the world once restrictions life.

Pumpkin Baby:"Erm, Mr. HYDE? The sun is coming up. You might wanna go home..."
HYDE: "What? Nah, you can't be right. It's too late for the sun to come u--- ahhhh, fuck, the sun is coming up."

The dawn is'a coming so you better get runnin'!

This is a cute scene, but how can she see through that pumpkin? The eyes don't look like they can be seen through.

HYDE: -whistles- "Get the fuck outta here you little shits, the sun is coming up! Drop the instruments, forget the candy and just. Get. HOME!"

HYDE: "Well, this has been fun but it's time to go. Peace out, bitches and Happy Halloween!"

And so comes an end to another Halloween Party...

As said above, Halloween Party is my favourite Halloween music video by far. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it is also varied in its scenery, captures the motion of its characters and their actions in a variety of ways, contains plenty of bright and inviting scenes to contrast the dark and gloomy ones, and has incredible costumes that stand out and suit the artists who make up the Halloween Junky Orchestra.

It is a giddy, enjoyable music video that captures the creepy and fun side of Halloween without going too over the top. Yes it has its scary moments, but it balances them out with the décor and cute, cartoonish effects that only add to the video and its charm. Halloween Party has so much personality embedded into it, and it's not just because of the setting or editing; the performers play a big part in how entertaining this video is from beginning to end, and it is thanks to their investment in their characters that truly allows Halloween Party to shine.

Take Tsuchiya Anna, for example. Though she is not my favourite character, she really hams it up and becomes the character she has been given. Suzuki Rina is also a stand-out in this video, because while she does not have that many scenes she still manages to exude charisma and catches your eye every time she's on camera, to a point where she practically steals the scene. Every character in this is noticeable in one way or another, and every one of them is unique and truly shines in their own way. That's what I love about the Halloween Junky Orchestra, as not one of them shrinks back into the fog or allows themselves to be swallowed whole by the other members of the group.

Of course the editing and set design plays just as much of a role as the performers, because without these things we would not have the incredible atmosphere of Halloween Party. Whether it's a scene that has been sped up or slowed down, effects to suit the moment or a transition that takes us from one scene to another, everything fits. Nothing is out of place here and I can't help but appreciate the care and effort that went into making this video. I especially love watching the scenes where a character knocks on the door, and the scene pulsates to fit that sound effect and movement perfectly to capture that idea of us knocking on the door and being a part of the story with these characters. They all have their place and they are all charismatic and confident enough to stand out in their own, unique way.

Another effect that I love is when Tommy heavenly6 and Kanon Wakeshima kick the trick or treaters off their doorsteps in their respective scenes. The bullet time effect is so clean and seamless and I am still impressed by how incredible it looks years after this music video was released. This entire PV still looks amazing to be honest, so I'm just sat here in awe of how beautiful it is.

I could gush about how I am still in love with Halloween Party for a while, but I will wrap this up. Eight years down the road, Halloween Party is still just as entertaining and eye-catching as it was in 2012 and still feels relevant and fresh. It looks good, the song honestly slaps as hard as it did way back when, and I still remember how excited I was to review this video when I first started doing Halloween themed reviews. If anything, this is a nice trip down memory lane and a testament to how I have grown in my adoration of this PV. I am happy to have returned to Halloween Party and given it a better, more coherent review than the one I did back in 2012.

And for those of you decide to go ahead and read my 2012 version of this PV review, please enjoy the cringe that will ensue. I was 20 at the time but still young enough to write things that I wouldn't dream of writing now. So please enjoy my younger counterparts thirsty dumb review to your hearts content, but please remember that I have changed... at least in regards to writing with more tact and a little more filter.

Happy Halloween! Did this video finally get you into the spirit, or did your love for the season of spooks and ghouls leave your body long ago?

I am happy that I reviewed this video again for everyone, but at the end of the day what matters is what you think of it as a viewer. Did it treat you to an array of fun and spooky scenes, or did it trick you into thinking it was something better? Whatever it made you think and feel, please share these thoughts with others and let them know if Halloween Party is worth a watch this Hallows Eve.

Of course I hope that you enjoyed the review and the video, and I hope that you are enjoying Halloween in your own way today! Whether you are at home watching scary movies, playing games with your family or friends, or simply enjoying a bucket-full of sweets and yummy treats in front of the computer, please have a wonderful Halloween night and enjoy yourselves to the fullest! And if you don't celebrate Halloween, please do something that you love and enjoy and make the most of your last day of October.

And with that my Halloween themed reviews come to an end. Thank you so much for enduring these seven days of music videos with a creepy, kooky, spooky or interesting theme that reminded me of the Halloween season. I hope that you found something to ejoy in this batch of reviews, and now I am looking forward to when I will review a few more PV's when the fancy strikes me!

Until that time comes though please take care everyone! Stay safe and be considerate of others, do something that you love, keep yourself physically and mentally well, do all that you can do in work and school, and of course: Love your idols, regardless of the time of the year!

Happy Halloween! Love, ricks and treats,

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