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Idol'ween: The Strange Case of halca the Scientist - Concocting Mischief in halca's 'Tokitoshite Violence' (Pic Spam Review)

It's time to skirt the fine line between the alternative and reality as we head into a world that would not look out of place during the Halloween season...

The world we live in is an uncertain, often strange place, and what makes it even stranger is the possibility of other worlds and alternate versions of ourselves. Of course, it is almost impossible to skirt between these worlds... but what if sneezing allowed you to do just that, and enter into a world similar to yours, but completely different?

In today's music video review, we look into the possibilities of entering a new world with halca, who plays with chemicals that not only tickle her nose until she sneezes, but also send her into an alternative reality and another side to herself that she didn't know about! So, prepare to enter a darker, inverted reality that isn't your own in Tokitoshite Violence, a music video that truly embodies the spirit of Halloween despite being released back in May of this year.

In this world where alternative realities collide, it's time to concoct a mischievous experiment that will change your perception of the world around you...

Are you ready to change your surroundings? If so, then let's go!

Lemme just start of this review by saying that halca is love. She is life. I adore halca, and she looks so freakin' beautiful in this PV.

Beautiful, I say!

Look at those gnashers! That adorably awkward, cheeky grin!

Just look at her! I love her ;;


Vials and liquids and apparatus galore, oh my!

What will we learn today from Advanced Potion Making, halca my dear? Anything interesting?

Also: Panda to the left.

Who knew that chemistry or potion making could be so darned cute?

I wonder what she's making? A fruity cocktail? Maybe some yummy boba tea? Or perhaps... a potion of some form?

My God, this setup is so pretty.

hacla: "Oooh, vodka!"

No, halca, not the vodka!

halca: "A strength of 70%... Oh! This is my kinda drink!"

halca, sweetie... put down the vodka. That stuff is lethal. Trust me.

To reiterate: Adorable.


With this aesthetic, halca could start a YouTube channel based around pastel slime and random concoctions.

halca: "Add a little bit of arsenic for flavour..."

Er, what'd you say just now, halca?

Her nails. They are love.

halca is love.

halca: "Argh, my hay fever."

This is why you wear a mask when playing with chemicals, dear readers!

halca: "Urgh... this vodka smells like paint distiller."

This is why I told you to keep away from the vodka! It stinks and it makes you feel ill!

halca: "A... AHCHOO!"

Random, but the violent sneezes are always the best, in my opinion.

halca sneezed so hard, she blurred the lines of reality and became engulfed by a rainbow! Whoa!

She is beauty, she is grace, she will hit you with cuteness in your face!

Well, this PV took a turn. Who are you, the Jekyll or the Hyde?

halca-hyde: "Ufufufu, wouldn't you like to know~"

What the heck is in that vial? It looks like snot. BLEH.


She is a princess ;;

Look at this precious bean and tell me how you can deny any love towards her ;;

That look of self-satisfaction is all I need from halca-hyde to get me through the day.

God, this set design is perfect. I'm in love, and all these random shots of the scenery are amazing.

Ahahahaha, the Panda's turned away! I wonder why? Is it because we're in a parallel universe?

Also, I am loving this fluorescent, inverted colour scheme. It's so pretty and perfect for Halloween!

I love halca-hyde, I really do.

We're halfway through the PV, and now is the time that the editor's decide to throw in the title sequence?

Random, but it does work, oddly enough.

To be honest, it is pretty cool how they introduced the title of the song. It's unexpected, but it fits with the theme of the unexpected.

Damn, I love this set up, too!

... What's been written on those balloons? I'm curious >_>

That is some weird looking boba tea you have there, halca-hyde...

Okay, that's a cool edit. I wish there were a few more edits like this thrown into the end product.

halca-hyde: "Ahhh, that was some good boba tea~"

But it looked like slime!

This is an awesome setup, and reminds me of my own desk: a right mess.

Anyway, what are you whipping up now, halca? Another boba tea?

halca-hyde: "Ah-Ah... AHHHH.... Ah, safe~"

Allergy season really is a bitch. Good thing you caught that sneeze before it could escape you, halca-hyde!

Now that is a look of relief right there after you have dodged a bullet. SAFE!

Oh, no. The sniffles are coming back! Quick, get a handkerchief or something for her!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back to cuteness and one adorably confused halca.

halca: "Holy schnitzel's, that vodka was strong."

At 70%... yeah. It was freakin' strong, halca! Now don't touch it again!




LORD, she is beautiful ;;

And incredibly adorable when she acts like a confused baby.

Anyway, this is me right now after wtching this gif 100x:



halca: "Gao, gao~"

I want everything on that table, even if I never use it again. It all looks too adorable and I simply adore the colours.

Holy shit, this is a trippy scene. But a cool, trippy scene.

Is this what halca saw when she drank all that voddy?

When your sneeze is so powerful that it manages to yeet you into a parallel universe.

halca-hyde: "What in the Jiminy Cricket just happened?"

You sneezed. Bless you, halca-hyde.

halca-hyde: "Ah, so that's what has been happening... I travelled to another world via a sneeze!"

... Yeah, that logic is weird even for me. How did that happen, again? You didn't happen to snort the vodka in your other form as opposed to drinking it, did you?

Ah, yes, more boba tea! Why not? Slurpy slurp~

I love how smug halca-hyde looks. She is absolutely loving this experiment of hers.

If that sneeze had been any more violent, I would have expected halca's head to bounce off of her desk.

Perfection. Absolutely beautiful. How were we so blessed to have her in this world?

She looks so mischevious and happy. Her joy truly brings me joy, ahhhhh!

Here, halca, just take my love! Take it all!!!!

The most adorable little bean, and she doesn't even realise it. So precious ;;

I'm unsure if halca is elated or slightly worried about her sudden change of scenery.

Personally, I think she looks a little scared, but also a little happy.


It probably would have been easier to just say that she looks confused.

An absolute Queen in her fluorescent lair of slime and lava lamps! It truly is the perfect Halloween setting.

Adorable. The light of my life.

I love you, halca!!!

halca: "This isn't my house! Where am I? How do I get gome? How did I even get here???"

Questions we have all asked after a night of heavy Vodka drinking. You'll learn in time, dear halca. You shall learn.

halca: "Urrr... I don't even want to ask what this is..."

It's slime, halca. Just slime. You were making some before in your world, remember?

halca: "What in the Parallel Universe..."

Y'know, that fog machine will probably set off your allergies in 3, 2, 1...

halca-hyde: "ACCHOO!"


Best bean ;^; Please indulge in her cuteness.

She is too good for this world, her smile too bright, and yet she continues to make the Earth a brighter, more tolerable place ; A;

halca-hyde: "How in the heck did I get here... It's so... bright and refreshing."

Welcome to the Unicorn's domain, halca-hyde! Bask in the cuteness and enjoy the sunlight!

halca shines so bright that even the sun can't help but shine on her, and only her.

To be honest, with a smile like that, the sun should just retire or call it a day. halca's here to make the day sunnier, everyone!

halca: "Gao, gao! I'm a monster, grr~"

She is so freakin' precious, I love her. I will reiterate over and over again... I LOVE HER!!!!

halca-hyde: "Sneeze, damnit, sneeze!"

Hey, there's some vodka over there. Maybe that'll help a bit? Or clicking your heels together three times whilst reciting "I want to go home,"? Just a suggestion, is all. 

Hmmm, halca seems comfortable in halca-hyde's world. I don't know if this bodes well, given how desperate halca-hyde is to return to her realm...

Our innocent halca seems to have taken to this new world. I wonder if she will become a little more mischievous now that she has had a taste of what this other realm has to offer?

halca, you're cute and all, but damn that is a scary gremlin look you have there. Did halca-hyde's world change you that much? ;;

ARGH! Don't eat me!

Credits? Damn, this PV got fancy at the end. It's not everyday you get a credit sequence at the end of a music video.

And a bonus sneeze! I wonder if halca returned to her world in the end, or if she and halca-hyde stayed in limbo until the end of time? Hmm...

Moral of the story: Don't mess with the chemistry set you got last Christmas, and don't make slimey Boba tea, either. It will only end with you in a parallel universe and too many sneezes to count!

Prior to actually watching this music video, I was already a fan of Tokitoshite Violence as a song. Upbeat, catchy and colourful in its tune, this is a song that has delighted me on many an occasion. So, when the full music video was eventually uploaded to YouTube some months back (May), I jumped on the chance to watch it. To make a long story short: I enjoyed the PV upon the first viewing, and thought the visuals were entertaining to say the least.

Now that we are closer to Halloween, it has crossed my mind that Tokitoshite Violence's video does embody at least one classic horror trope that you would find in 1800's literature, as well as classic horror movies of the early 1900's and beyond:


Looking at Frankenstein's Monster and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde especially, the idea of science within horror is one of those classic tropes that has been replayed time and again. Yeah, it's an outdated view to say the least, but it's a trope that is either seen as an unethical practice, or one that has unprecedented outcomes that can quickly turn horrific, perhaps even deadly.

And that is why halca's PV is a pretty good candidate for a Halloween music video review, because whilst the consequences of her actions are not exactly deadly, her haphazardous ways of putting together chemicals and sneezing herself into an alternative Universe fit into that Ye Olde mindset of 'Science is bad' that the Victorians had back in the day. Y'know, when playing God was frowned upon (and then the invention of The Sims franchise happened!)

So whilst the taboo of using science isn't much of an issue nowadays like it was in the 1800's, it's still interesting to see this idea played out in Tokitoshite Violence. Paired with inverted colours and a darker tone to the alternative room that halca finds herself in, the world she inhabits becomes a gothic variant of the colourful, sweet room she had original been in. At first she is scared by her surroundings, even a little disgusted at the chemicals around her, but as time passes she becomes a little more intrigued an mischievous, more-so than she was before. In fact, I will probably go as far to say that her own innocence becomes warped after entering this new world and overcoming her grievances about being there.

The use of a parallel universe in the music video is also an interesting aspect, and whilst not used as much in horror, it does employ that idea of halca's own duality and her switch from being scared to intrigued in one world, vs being intrigued to quickly wanting to return home in the other. The way both worlds are portrayed is also interesting, because whilst both versions are set in the same room and have the same apparatus for halca to play with, visually and tonally they are both different.

If anything, Tokitoshite Violence is a fun look at parallel worlds and the consequences of messing with chemicals, but still delivers a colourful and vibrant setting that is fitting for the song. Even the darker setting offers some form of colour thanks to the luminous paint and vials of rainbow liquid, but still maintains its slightly creepier look through the added table cloth, halca's outfit and eyepatch, as well as a few additional effects to make this inverted world a little bit more effective.

Tokitoshite Violence is a cute and enjoyable music video that, whilst not creepy or kooky, is still perfect for Halloween. Featuring halca's antics as she experiments and tries to travel between worlds and the other side of herself, this video delivers a fun look at dual personalities and a parallel universe, and the effects that playing with science can have when you do something one time too many. In this instance, halca abused her power of sneezing and switching between worlds and who she was, only to find that she was trapped in another setting because she was too concerned with flitting between the lines of reality and something else.

This is an adorable PV, one that includes a mixture of story and typical Idol scenes that may create the idea of three worlds, but its focus leans towards the experimental, parallel universe side that also plays with the idea of duality and awakening another side to yourself that was dormant. As a viewer I appreciate that the focus is towards the story, but I loved the additional solo shots as well that allowed me to see halca in a bright, open environment outdoors that countered scenes of her sitting in a room. Overall, I think it's a nice little music video, one that feels a little more Halloween-y thanks to its use of inverted colours, science, duality and parallel worlds.

Tokitoshite Violence is a great little music video, one that fits my idea of Halloween and continues to entertain me a great deal, even after the initial viewing. Hopefully it will also entertain you and perhaps put you in the mood for this years season of Spook!

Just don't go playing with your chemistry set any time soon, guys and gals. You might just find yourself in alternative universe, and it may not be all its cracked up to be...

Hopefully you have enjoyed the music video and all it entailed, and hopefully you are slowly getting in the mood for Halloween! Whether you are in the spirit or not however, I hope that you enjoyed this review and the colourful, experimental world of halca as she sneezes between worlds.

What did you think about halca's antics and her power to sneeze herself into an alternative reality? Was it a cute way to perceive the way we can travel between alternative timelines, or was it a little too cute and cheesy for your liking? Whatever your thoughts, please let me know and share your own favourite videos that remind you of Halloween!

Until the next review, please take care of yourselves as you prepare for the spookiest of seasons! Keep yourself mentally and physically well, enjoy the time you have to yourself, be considerate of those around you and - of course - love your Idols and treasure the happiness that they bring you! Please take care and have a wonderful day and evening!

Thank you for everything my dear readers, and continue to be spooktacular!

Much love and Halloween Happiness,

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