Monday, 27 July 2020

The Rain at the End of the Spring Creates A Brighter Sun in Kimura Yuka's 'rainy' (Mini-Album Review)

*The usual applies: All thoughts and opinions written within this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. Of course, your opinions, thoughts, feelings are all your own, and it is fine to disagree. We are human and do not share the same sentiments in regards to music, but please do respect my opinion and I in turn will respect yours. Thank you for your understanding.

**Of course, I am human and therefore subject to mistakes. This post is most likely riddled with them, so if you notice any, feel free to call me out on them. Thank you once again.

In which Chiima decides to take on the summer heat with a little end of Spring rain...

In her first physical release for the year of 2020, Kimura Yuka brings rainy, a mini-album packed with songs perfect for the end of Spring. From vibrant and energetic tracks to refreshing sounds that will soothe your soul, rainy is the perfect release for those who want something a little more simple in sound, but is still packed full of colour and delight.

Once again I have found someone new to write about on my blog, despite Kimura Yuka having been active as a singer since 2014. So, much like other posts that I have created this year, my review of rainy will serve as an introduction to her music and voice, and my overall thoughts on this mini-album and what it offers me as a listener. Of course, the impending question is - as always - this: is rainy worth the listen, and will it hold up until the end of the year?

Now is the time to talk about rainy and the kind of experience it delivers. Though we are now in the season of Summer, it's nice to think about the rain and look back at the beauty that Spring delivers. So, without further adieu, let's turn back time and return to a cooler time of the year. Oh, and don't forget your umbrella's, dear readers.

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Saturday, 25 July 2020

The Mystery of Houkago Princesses 'Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye' and Its Underwhelming Music Video (Pic Spam Review)

*Please note that this music video review is made up of my opinions, and my opinions alone (unless stated otherwise). Feel free to disagree with me, I am open to discussion over this music video and all that it shows, but please respect all thoughts and opinions given. I am not saying I am right, but please do respect that tastes differ, and what I enjoy may be something you dislike, or what I dislike may be what you enjoy. Thank you for your understanding.

In which Chiima laments over Houkago Princess being transported to a computer generated Egypt...

With just a week before the physical release comes out in stores, Houkago Princess saw fit to finally unveil their much-anticipated music video for the first track, Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye, a song with a heated summer dance sound that fans have been enjoying around the world.

But will the music video have the same effect, or will it fall flatter than a drunk tripping up a curb?

This is what we will be finding out today my dear readers, because in a miraculous twist of fate I have manged to pic spam the crap out of this music video just days after its release! This is also my first music video review / pic spam of 2020, as well as one of my first informal reviews in a while, so it's serving as a nice change of pace from everything else I have been doing lately. And hey, what a PV to come back to in regards to pic spams and informal posts, because damn, I couldn't have been formal with Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye even if I tried.

I won't get into the details right now - that's the end of this reviews job, and damn... I kinda went off a bit. You'll see, trust me - but I can't say that I'm mad, because whilst this video is everything that I would have never wanted this MV to be, I have had a lot of fun watching and taking the piss out of it. It's a goldmine of what the heck, and though some may enjoy it, there will definitely be plenty who hate it. Me? Well, I'll leave my thoughts to the end of the post.

So, without further ado, I present my latest PV review, along with a whole lot of nonsense to follow once the pics are over and done with. I hope you all enjoy, and I look forward to the formalities of my single reviews unravel dramatically with, well... this.

Are you ready to travel to Egypt and meet the Queen of the Desert herself, or would you rather fly far, far away from the dusty sand dunes? Let's fine out and read on.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Music Digest: 2nd Quarter 2020

And these are a few of my favourite songs (from the 2nd quarter of the year) ~

With the first half of 2020 complete, it is time to head into the second stage and take a look at the 2nd Quarter edit of my music digest for the year. With a lot of new music to throw myself into, the months of April, May and June have truly been kind when it comes to offering up amazing content, both in the form of digital and physical releases.

Much like the 1st Quarter, the choices made here will not completely reflect how I feel towards these songs come the end of the year. This is simply a list of the songs that I have enjoyed these past few months, but there is always the chance that some of these songs will be forgotten, whilst those that didn't even make the final cut may appear out of nowhere, because I simply enjoyed them later down the line. This is just how I work, but I do think that it is good to reflect on the music I have enjoyed up until now in a list such as this one.

Hopefully with this second quarter, I have introduced a hoard of new groups or singers that you can all enjoy alongside me. Similar to the last post, I have included Spotify links for most of the releases on here, if available at the time of editing. Ultimately I hope that you all enjoy the music that has been included in this list, and of course I pray that you find something new to love and invest your time in.

It's time to read on and sink yourselves into some new music. Maybe you will find something different to listen to, or perhaps a rekindled love of a group you left behind is in the stars? Whatever happens, my only wish is that you come out of this thoroughly entertained, and humming a little tune to yourself.

It's time to press play and throw ourselves into a world filled with music~