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Fighting Against The Sins of the World Through Music: An Introduction to Satanic Punish (Updated on December 7th, 2020)

As always, I would like to start this post off by saying that this series, An Introduction to, is a passion-driven project in which I research and profile an Idol group that piques my interest. The ultimate goal is to create a semi-detailed piece that helps to introduce the group, its history and its concept to new fans, and to act as a reference for those who want to delve a little deeper into the groups I research. I honestly hope that these kinds of articles can be of some use to other Idol fans, and that they deliver a deeper understanding of a group.

Of course, these types of posts are made just as much for myself as they are for you. The research process, though tiring at times, is an enjoyable and often positive experience for me, and only helps to deepen my connection and interest with a group. The time it takes to finally finish off these kinds of posts is also pretty damn rewarding, and I simply get a thrill out of creating them. Maybe I'm weird, but it's small things like this that really make my time as an Idol fan even better.

With that said, let's take a look at today's group and learn a little more about them! Though information is a little hard to come by (aside from one incident, which was everywhere during research), I am happy to finally introduce my guide to a group that wants to punish the world and its wrongdoings.

Brutal, honest and passionate about music, let's sit down and learn about Satanic Punish!

*Regardless of excessive research and a lot of sifting through Google, there is a high chance that some information may be incorrect, and I am 100% certain that I do not have all necessary information on this group. I am not an expert on Satanic Punish, and still a new fan. At the end of the day, this article was created because I simply enjoy writing and learning about Idols, and sharing this sort of thing with fans. To end this disclaimer, I also acknowledge that there may be grammatical errors and typo's / spelling mistakes here, and some errors regarding group information. Please feel free to call me out on those if you see them. Thank you for your understanding.

The Origin Story

Born from the desire to create music that details the absurdities and inequality of the world, Satanic Punish came to life on June 16th, 2019 with a sound that matched their fighting spirit. With a heavy and powerful melody at the core of their songs, the groups band-sound and use of metal-core, kira-core, Death-core and trance-core has become a key feature of their identity.

With lyrics written by Fudou Gantetsu, Satanic Punish have made it their mission to sing about topics that other idols won't. With a brutal but honest sound, the group and their producer are able to express their frustrations with the world through the power of music, and continue to make use of various genres and topics to get their message across. Because of this, the group has not been held back by any given genre or topic like past groups have, and consider themselves 'genreless' Idols that are bringing something different to the current Idol scene.

Originally made up of five members, Satanic Punish began their activities as a group by handing out flyers and selling tickets to their debut show, as well as promoting themselves on Twitter. Just a month after their live debut, however, members Kamishiro Sara and Amanoto Riyu left the group, and Satanic Punish continued as a 3-member lineup. Since their debut, Satanic Punish has been under Devil Margin Inc.

The group found its footing during this time, and with the remaining members - Youma Eme, Akatsuki Nagi and Yamiyo Noah - Satanic Punish were able to make a name for themselves in the Idol scene, and continued to perform as a trio for three months. In September 2019, all three members announced that they would be leaving the group, and with their graduations on October 26th, 2019, Satanic Punish ceased all activities and went into a short hiatus period, with the promise that the group would return in the New Year.

The rebirth of Satanic Punish came on February 7th, 2020. With the new members revealed, as well as the announcement of a new single, Pray for Satan, Satanic Punish were set to re-debut with another five member lineup. Made up of Kisaragi Mel, Webshiki, Sari, Eirene and Himeno Usagi, preparations for the groups re-debut began, with a live show planned for March 7th. Prior to their live debut, the members would hand out flyers at events.

To further celebrate the groups return, an official website was opened on February 14th, and the groups Soundcloud was introduced on February 21st, and includes teasers of the groups music.

Before the group could officially re-debut, however, history decided to repeat itself. On February 27th, Eirene withdrew from the group, and shortly after on March 18th it was revealed that Sari had been fired from Satanic Punish, and that the group would continue to work as a trio once again.

In early September, it was announced that Kisaragi Mel had left Satanic Punish and that both Webshiki and Usagi would uphold the groups name as a duo.

Just a little over the groups first year, the second phase of Satanic Punish is in full swing as they continue to fight against the injustices of the world. Through impactful music and memorable lyrics, Satanic Punish are here to spread their message and recruit the Sinners of the world to their plight.

Are you ready to reject conformity and join the rampage?

The group follows these 5 points, which act as their motto's, of sorts:
  1. An Idol music that never replaces their costumes with swimsuits.
  2. There are no discarded songs! Music production without compromise.
  3. A group with a live sound that that is superior to other Idol groups.
  4. Content production is not compromised, similar to their music. This includes lyrics, photo jackets, etc.
  5. A group that consists only of members who already liked SataPani's songs.
Satanic Punish fans are called 'Sinners', 'Fallen Angels' and 'Punishers'.

They are called SataPani (サタパニ) for short.

Member Profile


Name: Webshiki. (うぇぶ式。)
Nickname: Web
D.O.B: June 9th
Blood Type: A
Image Colour: Bakibaki Pink
Hobbies: Watching movies, creating detailed works, overseas anime characters
Favourite Bands: Kinniku Shoujo Tai, Ziyoou-Vachi, Motionless in White, Inokashirachikuondan, Aiden, Avatar.
Tenure: February 2020 - Present

Twitter  |  Twitcast  |  Showroom


A member of SataPani's second generation, Webshiki was revealed as a new member of the group in February 2020 alongside Mel and Usagi. Though she is not in charge of screaming vocals, Web is interested in them, and often posts small video clips of her performing scream segments during karaoke.

Described as good looking, talented and intelligent, Web has always enjoyed singing and music, and has some experience in bass and drums, which she was taught how to play by a friend when she was in high school. In regards to her singing voice, the groups manager has noted that Web's powerful mid-range vocals will overwhelm anyone who listens to her.

Outside of singing, Web enjoys watching a variety of films, likes to visit Nakano Broadway to buy manga, magazines and figurines, and also enjoys collecting merchandise that features cartoon characters. She is also a fan of Rick and Morty, and other overseas cartoons.

With the graduation of Kisaragi Mel, Web has taken on the role of group leader and also provides Death Vocals during performances. Even before she performed death vocals on the stage, Web was practicing her death voice at karaoke and posting videos on Twitter.

On the official website, Web is profiled as the groups #1 crazy girl, as well as someone who is extremely happy that she could become a member of Satanic Punish. Web also loves the music that Satanic Punish produces, and holds a great deal of knowledge for Loud music. Web is a fan of Metalcore, but also enjoys Visual Kei and Western music.

Personal Thoughts:

Of all the members, Webshiki. was the one I least expected to intrigue me as much as she does. From her Twitter profile alone, Web comes across as someone who is cool and distant, but after reading the few interviews we have of Satanic Punish, Web actually seems like a very sweet, hardworking young woman who genuinely loves to sing and perform.

I don't know a lot about Web, and right now I consider her the most mysterious member, but I do want to learn more about her as time goes on. With that said, I do think that she's the sort of idol I would get on with because of a shared interest in film. If I could speak Japanese, I would be so interested in learning more about her film interests, and go into an in-depth conversation with her about it.

Prior to starting this giant info dump, I knew next to nothing about Webshiki, and whilst I am still a little in the dark regarding her personality and quirks, I do want to learn more about her and become a better fan, if that's at all possible. She is an interesting member, one who looks cool and mature on the outside, but is ultimately the most willing to show her vulnerability in interviews, as well as a hard working idol who is dedicated to her fans.

She intrigues me, and I hope that she intrigues you, too.

Himeno Usagi

Name: Himeno Usgai (姫乃 羽咲)
D.O.B: October 17th
Blood Type: B
Image Colour: Innocent White
Hobbies: Hard muscle training, rabbits, games, Horumonyaki (a type of grilled yakinuku style of dish, but with cow, pork or chicken innards)
Special Skills: Pitching and batting (baseball)
Likes: Watching Baseball
Favourite Artists: sylph emew, Sheena Ringo, REBECCA, Ann Lewis, THE BLUE HEARTS.
Favourite Idols: Nakamori Akina, Yamaguchi Momoe, Pink Lady, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da, Yukueshirezutsurezure, KAQRIYOTERROR, Jyujyu, Higeki no Heroine Syndrome, ZOC
Tenure: February 2020 - Present

Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitcast  |  Mirrativ  |  Showroom


A fan of both 2D and real-life Idols, Himeno Usagi joined Satanic Punish in February 2020 as a 2nd generation member alongside Mel and Webshiki. Though she does not participate in scream vocals, Usagi is said to be able to sing for a multitude of genres.

The youngest of the group and currently a student, Usagi realised her desire to become an idol through the anime Aikatsu and its sequel, Aikatsu Stars, and chose to pursue this career in order to bring strength to others, similar to the Idols she looked up to. Prior to becoming an idol, however, Usagi already had an interest in singing and dancing, and was active as a member of her elementary school's choir. She also played baseball in middle school, and is good at pitching and batting.

Outside of being an idol, Usagi's interests include playing games, anime, baseball, muscle training, learning the piano and is also studying German, English and Opera. Usagi also has a deep interest and knowledge in 1980's idols, with her favourite being Nakamori Akina, a singer who rose to fame in 1981 after winning the Star Tanjou! talent show. She also enjoys manga, with the psycho-horror genre being her favourite, and loves horumonyaki, a type of Japanese cuisine.

In-keeping with her love of anime, Usagi's hairstyle is based on the character Enma Ai, from the anime Hell Girl. She also likes rabbits, as her name would indicate, and is the groups 'Utahime'.

From her official profile, it is stated that Usagi doesn't look like the youngest member thanks to her mature looks, and that she is a talented member who will make any song her own, and knows a lot about older music. Thanks to Usagi's ability to sing from any genre, Fudou-san sees her as 'genreless' when it comes to music. Unsurprisingly, Usagi is a fan of a variety of genres, and enjoys anisong, J-pop, Vocaloid, classical opera and enka.

Personal Thoughts:

I didn't know much about Usagi before I started my research on the group, and whilst there is still a bit of mystery about her, I can't help but think that she is the most idol-like of all the members. Cute and innocent, Usagi would fit well in an orthodox idol group, yet somehow manages to balance out the cool dispositions of Mel and Webshiki as a member of Satanic Punish.

Despite being the youngest, it's already clear that Usagi is a hard worker. Currently practicing the piano, learning German and attending school alongside her activities as an idol, Usagi comes across as a determined and mature young woman who knows what she wants, and is determined to achieve her goals. She's admirable, and I can't help but look up to her thanks to her perseverance.

Much like the other members, there is still a lot to learn about Usagi. She is pretty open about her interests, of course, and I love that she is so passionate about gaming and baseball especially, but I think my main point of interest in her stems from her deeper knowledge of 80's Idols, and her love of Idols in general. I am intrigued, and I would honestly love to sit down with her and talk about this, because it would be a great deal of fun to get to know her interest in Idols on a deeper level.

Oh, and I love that she styled her hair after Hell Girl's Enma Ai. I loved that anime when I was a bit younger, so it's great that Usagi herself would do that. Let's hope she cosplays the character, one day.

Former Members

Kamishiro Sara

Name: Kamishiro Sara (神代沙羅)
Image Colour: Sadistic Blue
Generation: 1st
Tenure: June 2019 - July 2019


The original leader of Satanic Punish, Kamishiro Sara joined the group with the other first generation members in June of 2019, however left the group a month later on July 18th. She was described as a rebellious spirit who confronts everyone, but had a strong and reliable presence.

Before the groups debut, Sara held a solo performance on May 12th and sold tickets for the groups debut show. It can be assumed that prior to her time in the group, Sara performed as a solo idol.

Upon leaving the group, Sara wrote that she liked all of the members of SataPani, and that each one was unique, funny, cute and hard-working, and would always think of each other and their fans. She believed that even when she left, they would do well even if she was gone, and apologised for annoying the other members.

Amanoto Riyu

Name: Amanoto Riyu (天廼門りゆ)
Nickname: RyuRyu (りゅりゅ)
Nickname: Princess of Darkness
Image Colour: Melty Pink
Likes: Strawberry milk
Special Skills: Fluent in English
Generation: 1st
Tenure: June 2019 - July 2019


The baby-faced member of the first generation, Amanoto Riyu joined Satanic Punish as an original member in June of 2019, but left a month later on July 30th upon the request of her parents. During her time in the group, Riyu was described as a Princess of Darkness, and was noted for her slender frame and black hair.

She is fluent in English, and would often wear twintails during live shows.

Yamiyo Noah

Name: Yamiyo Noah (闇夜のあ)
D.O.B: February 17th
Blood Type: O
Image Colour: Innocent Yellow
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, sleeping
Skill: Singing, dancing, choreography
Generation: 1st
Tenure: June 2019 - October 2019


The youngest member from the original lineup, Yamiyo Noah joined Satanic Punish in June of 2018, and was one of three members to stay with the group until its unexpected hiatus from October 2019 until February 2020.

Responsible and talented, Noah was described as a good singer and dancer who had a hidden innocence. Despite being the youngest member, Noah was in charge of creating the groups choreography, and was viewed as one of the most responsible members of SataPani.

On September 27th, 2019, Noah announced her graduation from Satanic Punish alongside fellow member, Youma Eme. On October 26th, 2019, Noah graduated Satanic Punish.

Youma Eme

Name: Youma Eme (妖魔えめ)
Former Stage Name: Akuma Kyameru (悪魔きゃめる)
D.O.B: August 19th
Blood Type: A
Image Colour: Mad Purple
Hobbies: Going out with friends, reading
Skill: Showing an innocent smile that would kill the wota
Generation: 1st
Tenure: June 2019 - October 2019
Affiliated Groups: Mikeneko Kagekida (April 2018 - February 2019)


A former member of the group Mikeneko Kagekidan, Youma Eme joined Satanic Punish as an original member in June of 2018, and stayed until the group went under hiatus at the end of October that same year. Her catchphrase during her time in SataPani was 'It's no exaggeration that I was born to be an idol!' and that her very existence made the fans mellow. She claims that she was a small devil in her previous life.

Prior to joining SataPani, Eme was affiliated with the idol group Mikeneko Kagekida, which she joined in April of 2018. Her stage name was Akuma Kyameru. The group's concept was that the members were originally cats who loved singing and dancing, and were able to transform into idols through magic. As a part of their activities, the members would promote animal welfare and protection rights, and proceeds from their performances would be donated to these organizations.

In February of 2019, Eme graduated Mikeneko Kagekida. It is possible that she was preparing for her debut with Satanic Punish at this time.

On September 27th 2019, Eme announced her graduation from Satanic Punish alongside Noah, and revealed that she would be graduating from the Idol industry in order to focus on employment. In her graduation message, Eme mentioned that she had sometimes felt depressed, and that the fans, members and producers had supported her, and that she was extremely grateful to the past and present members of Satanic Punish for all they had done, and for continuing to do their best.

On October 26th, 2019, Eme held her last performance as an idol and graduated from Satanic Punish and the Idol industry.

Akatsuki Nagi

Name: Akatsuki Nagi
D.O.B: December 6th
Blood Type: O
Image Colour: Solitary Red
Hobbies: Observing people, listening to music
Skills: Singing
Likes: Rap, R&B
Generation: 1st
Tenure: June 2019 - October 2019


Born to sing rap and R&B, Akatsuki Nagi joined Satanic Punish in June of 2019 as an original member, and stayed with the group until the graduations of Noah and Eme in Late October that same year.

Reminiscent of the Japanese rock and pop singer, Aikawa Nanase, Nagi was one of Satanic Punish's strongest singers from the original lineup. She continued to perform as a part of the three member lineup, but revealed her intentions to suspend her activities as an idol after the graduations of Eme and Noah.

On October 26th, 2019, Nagi left Satanic Punish alongside her fellow members.


Name: Eirene (えいれーね)
D.O.B: September 6th
Blood Type: O
Image Colour: Aishikuru Pink
Hobbies: Anime, games
Special Skills: Dance
Favourite Things: Pandas, rabbits
Generation: 2nd
Tenure: February 7th 2020 - February 27th 2020


Announced as a second generation member in early February 2020, Eirene was a part of Satanic Punishes revival, but would not make her debut with the group due to her sudden withdrawal from the group.

Because of her physical condition, Eirene, her parents and SataPani's producer discussed at length whether or not she could continue. Respecting Eirene's wishes, her withdrawal from the group was granted, and she left the group on February 27th, 20 days after being unveiled as a new member. With her departure, Eirene asked for fans of SataPani to wait for her recovery.


Name: Sari (さり)
D.O.B: March 3rd
Blood Type: A
Height: 151cm
Hometown: Aichi, Japan
Image Colour: Satellite Blue
Hobbies: Singing, watching lives
Special Skills: Can speak English and German
Favourite Things: Movies, music, female idols, food, singing
Generation: 2nd
Tenure: February 2020 - March 2020 (Fired)


A second generation member, Satanic Punish unveiled Sari as one of five new members that would begin SataPani's second phase in February of 2020. After various acts of misconduct however, Sari was fired on March 18th.

Prior to Sari joining Satanic Punish, Sari had worked under a different agency as a member of a different group. It was never disclosed which group she worked with, though her previous employer warned Satanic Punish staff that she had caused trouble in the past.

Upon her dismissal, Satanic Punish's staff revealed that Sari had been misbehaving from the beginning, caused problems for the other members, stole personal belongings, and more. After being asked repeatedly to improve her behaviour and think about her actions, staff decided to fire Sari after becoming overwhelmed and concerned by her actions.

Kisaragi Mel

Name: Kisaragi Mel (如月める)
D.O.B: November 21st
Blood Type: B
Image Colour: Royal Purple
Hobbies: Fishing, traveling, drawing, writing, playing games
Skills: Can speak English and Korean
Favourite Music Genres: Japanese Metalcore and Deathcore
Favourite Bands: Yuuyami ni Sasoishi Shikkoku no Tenshi-tachi, undergarde, Dead or Alive, The Police, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, DEVILOOF.
Tenure: February 2020 - August 2020

Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitcast  |  Showroom  |  Mirrativ  |  TikTok


Acting as the current leader of Satanic Punish, Kisaragi Mel joined the group in February 2020 after its sudden hiatus in October 2019. Mel also provides the shouts and 'death vocals' for the groups newest songs, and is currently practicing each day to perfect her voice.

Prior to becoming an idol, Mel was already interested in singing and dancing from the age of 8 to 14. After moving to Tokyo for high school, she made the decision to pursue a career as an idol. Outside of her job, Mel's other interests include reading, watching YouTube videos, drawing, playing games, and writing stories, the latter being an activity she has been engaged in since she was a child. When she lived at home, Mel used to practice the bass guitar, but currently doesn't play any instruments.

Mel is also a big fan of fishing, and collects fishing related gear, such as lures. Because of this interest, Mel has intrigued fans with what is considered a unique hobby for an idol.

In her official profile on the SataPani website, Mel has been described as someone who has clear white skin, eyes that pull you in, and a weirdo with common sense. She is a also a fan of Japanese Metalcore and Deathcore, and likes a variety of bands.

In early September of 2020, it was revealed that Mel had left Satanic Punish a month before. The reason for her departure was not made known.

Personal Thoughts:

Of the current lineup, Mel is the member I am the most aware of. I tend to interact with her a little more on Twitter than the other members, and will often watch her on Twitcast when I get the chance. I find Mel to be a pretty funny and cute member, and love how passionate she is regarding her hobbies and singing. She has a lot of personality, too, and of the three I find her the most playful and engaging.

I also find it funny how she doesn't like anime, and that she is just one big fishing nerd.

She's basically an old man reborn as an idol, lol

I think that Mel is someone that I would get along with pretty well, fishing obsession aside. She enjoys writing, a hobby that I myself love a great deal, and whilst I don't write stories now, I used to, and would love to understand what kind of genres and styles she enjoys most. I love seeing idols embrace their creativity, and to know that she is interested in something I also enjoy... well, it makes me happy, and it makes me feel a little close to her, aha.

So yes, I like Mel. She's the member I gravitate towards most right now, and after researching the group to a greater extent, I like her even more! Of course, I like all of the members more, but for now I will say that Mel is my oshi. She's beautiful, she's great, and she's pretty damn talented and great to watch when singing.

As an end note, I think that she would like my county. People seem to be pretty big on fishing around here, so Mel would fit in pretty well.


Since their debut, Satanic Punish have made it their mission to release music that is not only hard-hitting, but deals with real-world issues that other idols do not sing about. With lyrics written by producer and creative director Fudou Gantetsu,  each song deals with different topics that will impact the listener through its sound and lyrics. The songs are composed by someone who has worked on BABYMETAL's music.

With each new release, SataPani's music becomes heavier, furthering the idea that they are frustrated with the world and its issues. As of 2020, the group has introduced 'death vocals' in their music.

Though most of their music is not available on streaming sites, it is available through their official store, as well as Idol Underworld.

Personal Favourites: WHITEWOLF, (not) Idol War

WHITEWOLF (1st single)

Release Date: August 5th, 2019
Price: ¥1,000

Track List:
  2. WHITEWOLF (Instrumental ver.)
Originally from the Tohouko region himself, Fudou wrote the song WHITEWOLF as a message for the victims and friends he lost during the Tohouko Earthquake of March 2011. Fudou continues to look back at messages on LINE between him and his friends, and sees WHITEWOLF as a song that allows him to express the words 'rest in peace' to the friends and victims lost in March 2011.

The cover of the of the single is an image of Sanriku Coast in Miyagi Prefecture, as seen during the day and night. In addition, the binary codes that rest over the image represent the souls of the victims as they rise into space.

BULLY (2nd single)

Release Date: September 7th, 2019
Price: ¥1,000

Track List:
  1. Bully
  2. Bully (Instrumental ver.)
BULLY is Fudou's homage to a young girl who, after being bullied repeatedly, took her own life in July of 2018. Though Fudou himself did not know her, the news of her death made him cry. As an answer to the news, Fudou created BULLY in the hopes that it will help others who are thinking about taking their own lives, and to remind us that against all the meaningless and boring news articles, there are more important things happening in the world such as this, and that we should never forget these incidents.

VESICA PISCIS (3rd single)

Release Date: September 16th, 2019
Price: ¥1,000

Track List:
  1. VESICA PISCIS (ヴェシカパイシス)
  2. VESICA PISCIS (Instrumental ver.)
The theme of the song is that it is simply about the beginning of the world.

That's it. That's the theme.

(not) Idol War (4th single)

Release Date: October 6th, 2019
Price: ¥1,000

Track List:
  1. (not) Idol War ((not)アイドル戦争)
  2. (not) Idol War (Instrumental ver.)
Keeping true to their image, (not) Idol War was written to cement the idea that Satanic Punish doesn't give a damn about commercialisation, and that they simply love music. They will not bow to the whims of other idols who take off their costumes and pose in swimwear, because SataPani isn't just another run of the mill Idol group, simple as.

This song includes some rapping.

Heroine ≠ Heroin (5th single)

Release Date: October 6th, 2019
Price: ¥1,000

Track List:
  1. Heroine ≠ Heroin (ヒロイン≠ヘロイン)
  2. Heroine ≠ Heroin (Instrumental ver.)
Similar to (not) Idol War, the song Heroine ≠ Heroin has a similar theme in that they will not bend to Idol conformity. It is a more upbeat song, and has some cute elements to its sound.

Pray for Satan (5th single)

Release Date: March 7th, 2020
Price: ¥1,000

Track List:
  1. Pray for Satan
  2. Pray for Satan (Instrumental ver.)
A continuation from BULLY, SataPani's Pray for Satan acts as the retribution of the girl who died as she haunts those who tormented her. To save their own souls, the bullies must 'pray to Satan', and will be reincarnated only to face retribution in the end.

Pray For Satan introduced death vocals.

Videos & Performances

There are very, very few videos out there when it comes to Satanic Punish right now, and try as I might, I can't find a lot of footage. This is in part due to the on-going pandemic, so footage of the current lineup is difficult to get a hold of. Still, I can only find one video of the original lineup, so I'm unsure why I can't find any more.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the few videos we have, and hope that it encourages you in a small way to support the group. Have fun watching~

BULLY (Lyric video)

Pray for Satan (teaser)

To conclude, I would like to say that my main frustration with this post had less to do with a lack easily accessible information on the net, and more to do with finding my writing voice for this post. I had a hard time figuring out the words to use, and how to write the Synopsis was especially annoying this time around, and lead to me simply staring at the mess of info I had for hours on end, re-typing the same sentence 50 times over, and wanting to scream at my laptop.

In the end, I did find my voice, and I'm happy with the final piece. I have to thank Fudou-san for helping to inspire me though, because during the process of editing this article I decided to ask him some questions about the group - nothing too deep, I just wanted to know about the groups motto and their fan names - and was given a wonderful amount of information regarding the motto's, which only made me more excited about the group. I honestly love information, so receiving it first-hand from the creator was a wonderful moment for me, and I kind of fan-girled and squealed over it for well over a minute.

If this doesn't convince you that I'm a nerd for research, I really don't know what will. More of these posts might convince you, lol.

Anyway, as always, creating this post - though a bit annoying at times - was an absolute pleasure, and I am so happy with the result. Part of that happiness is in part to getting first hand info, of course, but even if I didn't have it, I would be delighted nonetheless.

To end, I would like to thank Fudou-san for providing me information on the group and for basically escalating my excitement for learning about the group. He is amazing with communication, and it's clear that his love for the group and their music runs deep, and I can't help but be thankful that we have such a good producer in the Idol world at this time. It was wonderful being able to ask him a question, and for him to respond so quickly and openly.

I would also like to thank all of you for reading this post, and for showing an inkling of interest in Satanic Punish. Even if you do not become a fan of theirs, I am grateful that you gave this article a chance, and that you took the time to learn a little more about them. Of course it would be nice if you did enjoy SataPani's music, but we live in a diverse world; our interests do not always align, and our tastes differ from perdon to person, so if this group isn't your cup of tea, so what? Enjoy what you enjoy, and don't let others determine who you should and should not follow.

Once again, thank you all for reading until the end, or for even glancing at this post. Please take care of yourselves, stay happy, healthy and safe, and of course: love thy Idol. Until the next one, fellow fans.

Much Love and good vibes,



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