Sunday, 28 June 2020

Houkago Princess Reignite The Summer Heat in 'Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye / Zesse Cleopatra' (Single Review)

*As per usual, all thoughts and opinions expressed within this review are mine, and mine alone. Each persons feelings and opinions differ, and I am not different, so please respect my thoughts and feelings that have been written here. I also do not intend to offend, so if you are offended, I do Let's just respect one another's views, and enjoy our Idol music. Thank you.

**To add, I am terrible when it comes to typo's. I also suck at grammar and punctuation, so if there are any mistakes riddled in this review, please call me out on it. Thank you in advance.

In which Chiima battles the heat of the summer with HouPri's latest addition to their song catalogue...

In these trying times of turmoil and uncertainty, Houkago Princess have prepared a brand new song to ignite hope, and bring back your spirit for the summer of 2020. With the strength of Cleopatra embedded in their lyrics, as well as the passion of the members singing these songs, Houkago Princess will bring back the summer heat, and instil hope and liveliness to all who will listen to their music.

Made up of two tracks, the most recent addition to Houkago Princesses discography is also the last for sub-leader Maika, who will be leaving the group after 6 years of activity, and continue to work as a solo artist. With her graduation on the horizon, Shakunetsu no Mystery Eye / Zesse Cleopatra sees Maika and the other members of Houkago Princess transform into the beautiful and strong Cleopatra, the Pharaoh whose legacy is still remembered 3,000 years on.

It's time to tell a story with Houkago Princess once again, but this time we are looking at the history of a desert Queen. Are you ready to step back in time and experience a brilliant summer like no other?

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Fighting Against The Sins of the World Through Music: An Introduction to Satanic Punish (Updated on December 7th, 2020)

As always, I would like to start this post off by saying that this series, An Introduction to, is a passion-driven project in which I research and profile an Idol group that piques my interest. The ultimate goal is to create a semi-detailed piece that helps to introduce the group, its history and its concept to new fans, and to act as a reference for those who want to delve a little deeper into the groups I research. I honestly hope that these kinds of articles can be of some use to other Idol fans, and that they deliver a deeper understanding of a group.

Of course, these types of posts are made just as much for myself as they are for you. The research process, though tiring at times, is an enjoyable and often positive experience for me, and only helps to deepen my connection and interest with a group. The time it takes to finally finish off these kinds of posts is also pretty damn rewarding, and I simply get a thrill out of creating them. Maybe I'm weird, but it's small things like this that really make my time as an Idol fan even better.

With that said, let's take a look at today's group and learn a little more about them! Though information is a little hard to come by (aside from one incident, which was everywhere during research), I am happy to finally introduce my guide to a group that wants to punish the world and its wrongdoings.

Brutal, honest and passionate about music, let's sit down and learn about Satanic Punish!

*Regardless of excessive research and a lot of sifting through Google, there is a high chance that some information may be incorrect, and I am 100% certain that I do not have all necessary information on this group. I am not an expert on Satanic Punish, and still a new fan. At the end of the day, this article was created because I simply enjoy writing and learning about Idols, and sharing this sort of thing with fans. To end this disclaimer, I also acknowledge that there may be grammatical errors and typo's / spelling mistakes here, and some errors regarding group information. Please feel free to call me out on those if you see them. Thank you for your understanding.

The Origin Story

Born from the desire to create music that details the absurdities and inequality of the world, Satanic Punish came to life on June 16th, 2019 with a sound that matched their fighting spirit. With a heavy and powerful melody at the core of their songs, the groups band-sound and use of metal-core, kira-core, Death-core and trance-core has become a key feature of their identity.

With lyrics written by Fudou Gantetsu, Satanic Punish have made it their mission to sing about topics that other idols won't. With a brutal but honest sound, the group and their producer are able to express their frustrations with the world through the power of music, and continue to make use of various genres and topics to get their message across. Because of this, the group has not been held back by any given genre or topic like past groups have, and consider themselves 'genreless' Idols that are bringing something different to the current Idol scene.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

The Night of Resurrection Begins in NECRONOMIDOL's 'TUPILAQ' (Song Review)

*As per usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own, and all words written within this post are completely subjective. Of course, I will respect your views on the song in question, as long as you respect my views. We are individuals at the end of the day, and our tastes will sometimes clash. My only hope is that we can agree to disagree, and to shape one another's points of view with our opinions, as opposed to trying to force our own feelings down each others throats.

**In addition, I'm human. I make mistakes. So, any typo's or errors that I have left in this post, please feel free to call me out on them. I want to continue improving in any way I can when it comes to fixing my mistakes, so if you see any, again: call me out. There is no shame in wanting to make my blog a tidier, somewhat easier to read place. Thank you, in advance.

Just 10 days shy of a year since their last official music release, NECRONOMIDOL return with TUPILAQ, a song that solidifies the groups resurrection after a turbulent start to the year. With Tsukishiro Himari at the helm, this release brings the dormant group to life, and successfully debuts a shiny new lineup that will either ignite the flames of interest, or quash the remaining fragments of dedication a few fans once held?

As a fan of the group, I am understandably excited for any release they put out, but with the recent changes in the group, there has been a little bit of hesitation from the fans, myself included. Will the sound be consistent with their past releases, and how will the vocals hold up now that some of the core singers are out of the group? Can NECRONOMIDOL withstand such a drastic change, or will their music suffer in the process?

It may be too early to tell right now, but I have a lot of faith in the group and all that they produce. So, with that in mind, it's time to take a look at the latest release from NECRONOMIDOL, and to see if they meet expectation, or fall further from grace.

The time for judgement is now! What will the verdict be...?

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Monday, 1 June 2020

Fighting For Better Days in 'King for a day' by Merry Bad End (Song Review)

*All thoughts and opinions regarding the song in question are completely my own. Our opinions may / will differ, but ultimately we can not always have the same views on something. So, whether you agree or disagree with me, please respect what is being said here, and I will in turn respect your own views. I love discussing the merits and downsides of a song with others, so if you want a civil dispute, feel free to dispute with me! But, again: don't disrespect my opinion, or feel the need to try and make me think like you. We are individuals, and individuals do not have the same line of thought! Thank you.

**I am but a human, not a robot, therefore I will make mistakes. Any mistakes here, please point them out. I am useless with grammar, and have a tendency to litter my review with typo's. I am thankful for anyone who points them out, and will do my best to fix my mistakes if they are directed to me. Thank you in advance!

In which Chiima checks out Merry Bad End's most recent song release in a quick review...

Resisting the bad end with each passing day, Merry Bad End are back with a new fight song to inspire their fans, one that incites hope and spirit thanks to a powerful instrumental and beautiful vocals!

Acting as the third song release of 2020, King for a day follows a steady pattern of song releases from Merry Bad End, who have now been releasing a new song each month since the end of March this year. With each new track invoking an image of better times, King for a day comes at a perfect time in the year to inspire and uplift its listener, and to deliver a message of hope and resilience for those who need it most.

With its Dystopian sound and beautiful vocals, Merry Bad End are ready to help you resist these hard times, and to pull you forward in a bid to find light during even the darkest of times with their newest fight song. But it's up to you to determine how you feel about it, so here is the question: is it as inspirational as I make it out to be, or will it fall flat and leave you unfulfilled during these times?

It's time to answer that question and give King for a day a listen. Who will be wearing the crown once this is all over...?

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