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The Sounds Of Spring Comes Together in tiny little charm's '2◯2◯4' (Album Review)

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A review in which Chiima (not so) shockingly enjoys another Spring release...

Made up of former POLU members and vocalist natsune, tiny little charm began its journey in late 2019 with a mission to 'offer a little bit of healing in your everyday life, with the hope that this song becomes your charm'. Despite being in the early stages of their career however, the group has already compiled together 8 songs and released their first album, 2◯2◯4.

Packed with various aspects of Spring - ranging from a romantic spring, to a spring that you experience after a difficult period in your life - 2◯2◯4 acts as a great introduction to the world of tiny little charm and the music that they offer, and includes five of their previously released tracks, a self-cover of a POLU song, and two new tracks that fit the beauty and loneliness that the Spring season can offer.

With songs that paint a canvas of vibrant worlds and others that create feelings of loneliness, 2◯2◯4 has been an album I have yearned to review upon hearing it, both for the love of reviewing the music I enjoy, and to also share this amazing new group with everyone on here. Luckily my desire to write this piece was raring to go, and I managed to finish it in two days; a quick turnaround for me at this point in my life, admittedly. So, I'm happy to finally share my thoughts with you all, and hope that you join me on this venture into the (not so) unknown world of tiny little charm. Of course, links to some streaming services will be included, so listen along with me for the duration of this review.

It's time to find out why this group has intrigued me so, and to get stuck into 2◯2◯4. Are you ready to plug in your ear/headphones and fall into another world, or will you be hard to convert? It's time to be healed as we get stuck into this release. Let's go~

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Release Date: April 18th, 2020
Price: ¥2,000 (Physical) / ¥1223 (Digital)
Versions: 2 (Physical / Digital)

Track List:
  1. flora
  2. Ruri iro (瑠璃色)
  3. Yume no naka Nara (POLU self-cover) (夢の中なら (POLUの楽曲 セルフカバー))
  4. Wendy (ウェンディ)
  5. balloon flower
  6. blue moon fantasy
  7. Toumei na Mama de (透明なままで (カキモトナオ)
  8. Prologue (プロローグ)

- Single Review -

1. flora

Upbeat and fueled with a dose zest to spark some colour into your day, flora is this bright, energetic track that opens up tiny little charm's first album, and promises the beginning of something quite beautiful.

Of course, this track will not be fore everyone, but that's the risk we take when going into something new. I questioned myself a little before finally taking the plunge, and whilst I will acknowledge that not everyone will take to natsune's vocals - she's a little on the high-pitched, squeaky side of singing - I do think that this song should be given a fair chance. In fact, this whole album should be given a chance, but we're talking about flora here, so let's get back on track, hm?

To put it bluntly, I really like this song, and it is certainly one of my favourites on the album. It's this pretty, fun track that immediately caught my attention not because of its endearing qualities or upbeat sound, but because of its opening. With the instrumentals volume gradually rising to a crescendo, the song begins in this surprisingly quietly gentle way, only to surge into an energetic, delightful beat that feels like a spring in your step. It's happy and bright, and whenever I listen to it I just want to smile.

flora is such a high quality song, too. I wasn't expecting this level of richness when I first tuned into it, only to now appreciate that quality every time I listen to flora. It's even better when you listen to it with headphones, which is my preferred method of enjoying this song. It just sounds better, and you can truly appreciate just how good it is in full.

Right now, flora makes me happy, and it just makes me think of spring and sunshine, grass and blue skies. It simply warms my heart.

Funnily enough, I didn't watch the music video until starting this review, so I'm happy to see just how fitting the PV is for flora. With a winter to spring theme, the video acts like a portal in time as the child of spring awakens, ready to renew the world with sunshine, grass and warmth. It's a story of renewal, the ending of season and the beginning of another, and it is told in a beautiful sequence of playfulness and delight, and I absolutely love it.

The cinematography is lovely, the editing is well done, and I just love how effortless the passage of time is portrayed, and how we see the in-between of the winter and spring when the girl sits down to write a message. This is a well acted, beautifully directed music video that is fun to watch again and again, and it only gets better every time I see it.

My favourite part has to be the use of the note, however. After time has passed, the note flies to the girl as she wakes up, and after she has played and created the spring, she sits down to write another note, only for it to return to where it began. It is the beginning of the end, or perhaps the end of the beginning; no matter what, this letter is what sets off a new season, as well as the renewal of another year. That is beautiful, and flora's accompanying PV presents a beautiful, strong message for its viewers.

As a song, flora is a charming piece that captures your attention with its opening, and keeps you listening thanks to its effortless, bright sound and ethereal approach. Likewise, the music video will entertain its viewers with bright imagery, delightful cinematography and a simple, sweet story line that demonstrates the passage from winter to spring beautifully.

It's a song that was made to capture your attention, and I'm glad that flora managed to hook me when I first heard it. I love this song, from its bright, happy sound to its wonderful music video. There is so much to love here, and I cant help but love everything about this track. flora is incredible.

In A Nutshell: flora is bright, charming and sweet, and will intrigue you from the get-go with its rising instrumental and happy, bright tune that fits the awakening of Spring beautifully.

2. Ruri iro

With a more mechanical, raw sound, tiny little charm's Ruri iro is a unique track amongst the others thanks to its expressive and heavy sound, all made possible by the groups own Van, who wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and more. A little darker in its atmosphere, and a bit of a heady experience for me after listening to it on a loop, Ruri iro is a bit of a trip, to say the least.

Honestly speaking, this is the type of song I would typically avoid, though I bear with it whenever I sit down to listen to 2◯2◯4 in full, simply because it adds to the experience of the album, and happens to balance out the rest of the songs really well. Still, Ruri iro isn't exactly my style, but what doesn't work for me may work for you, and that's what matters down the line: that you like it, and that what I say should hardly matter if this is your type of song.

Still, I do think that this is an interesting track, and the more I learn about, the more I wish I liked it, because there was a lot of thought put into the creation of Ruri iro. Sadly, the overall tone and heavy feel of the song is what ruins it for me, and I can't with good conscious say that it's amazing when I don't mean it.

The accompanying music video is a pretty good much for the song though, and is pretty impressive in its use of colour and animation. Produced by animator duo twotwotwo, this work acts like a picture book and expresses the emotions of the song with vibrant, waxy colours. Tagged with the message 'The front and back of a piece of paper are the same, love your colour' in the video description, Ruri iro's song and music video were created with the aim to give others motivation to do things even when faced with failure, and to ultimately love themselves as they embrace their individual journeys in life.

It's a fun little video, one that sees a collaboration come together that had been in the making back when POLU were a band, but could never come to fruition due to timing or other issues. In a way, it feels like Ruri iro's music video is also proof that even when things don't happen at first, you can still create something you aimed to do long ago despite the end of a project and the pursuit of something new.

Granted, I don't care for Ruri iro as a song, but it's the message that I like the most here. The meaning behind the lyrics, the use of colour in the video -as well as the fact that a collaboration with twotwotwo could finally be realised - are all important aspects of this song, and I am glad that I took the time to look deeper into Ruri iro as opposed to just writing it off as a song I don't like all that much.

I still don't care for it in sound, but I like everything else about it, and can see that it is an important track for tiny little charm. It accomplished something that POLU could not due to various reasons, and became a personal message not only for Van, but for the listeners, too. It perfectly captures the feelings of the composer and lyricist, and will hopefully give its listeners the hope and motivation to pursue the things that they love, and to stop talking themselves out of doing something.

And finally, in the words of Van: There is no success unless you try.

In A Nutshell: Ruri iro is not my favourite song on this album, but the message it bears and the thought put into it moves me. It's definitely worth checking out, especially if you love heavier songs and deeper meanings. Also, be sure to check out tiny little charm's blog post on this song. It was enlightening, to say the least.

3. Yume no naka Nara

A bright, beautiful ballad, Yume no naka Nara is a cover of self-cover of POLU's own song in 2019, and features the vocals of Hashimoto Shuhei (ex-POLU), and tiny little charm's own vocalist, natsune. Bringing together the powerful and moving vocals of these two singers, as well as the nostalgia that this song undoubtedly imbues, Yume no naka Nara is a heartwarming and sentimental piece that will hopefully inspire you.

Being the kind of person that absolutely loves ballads, this song will obviously speak to me on another level, and I acknowledge that not everyone will like it. It's just a case of preference, but hearing Yume no naka Nara was honestly one of the highlights of this album. A gorgeous, well made piece, I can't help but adore just how pretty it sounds, and the emotions it makes me feel.

I love so much about this, though I will pinpoint the rise of the instrumental throughout the latter half of the song as one of my favourite moments. It feels as if the song's power is spiking to its greatest height, ultimately allowing the emotion and power of the composition and vocalists to reach a higher point than expected.

I'm also a fan of both Shuhei and natsune's vocals together. They are a great duo, and their harmonies are absolute breath-taking. I can see why Van wanted to create a twin-vocal track in tiny little charm's style, and I'm glad that he brought his former group mate onto this project to not only honour the original version, but to enhance the charm of the self-cover.

Sadly there is no accompanying music video to this track, however the audio was officially released on the groups YouTube channel after the postponement of the groups first one-man live. Still, it's nice that the official audio is out there for everyone to enjoy if they have not purchased the album itself.

I honestly love this song, though that may just be my bias speaking when it comes to ballads. Still, it feels like a vibrant song in terms of its power and vocals, and I love the addition of Shuhei's vocals with anase's. They both create a beautiful harmony together, and I just can't help but think it's a wonderful song. Yume no naka Nara is definitely one of my favourites from this album, and I absolute love listening to it whenever I have the chance. It is absolutely gorgeous, and should be given a chance (even if you don't necessarily care for ballads).

In A Nutshell: A beautiful dual-vocal ballad, Yume no naka Nara is tiny little charm's answer to POLU's song of the same now, and delivers a sentimental, provoking piece that will please all who enjoy these types of songs, and maybe a few others. Please give it a try and see if you enjoy what you hear.

4. Wendy

One of the few songs that does not come with a video attached, Wendy is this spirited and lively piece that feels in-keeping with the playfulness of flora, though certainly not as energetic from the get-go. Still, the song does rise to the occasion as it progresses, ultimately proving itself to be a bright and breezy piece.

As a song, Wendy is a lot of fun to listen and sing along to, and after having sat through it more time.s than I can count, I have found myself a little more than enamoured by this song. It's charming, and though it may not be the most memorable track on here, I have no issues remembering it, nor do I have a problem getting stuck into the track completely. It feels like a breath of fresh air, and I just can't help but dance along to it, and maybe sing a few notes out of key if I'm feeling brave.

Wendy is such a chirpy, bright track, and I can't help but think about running around and playing outside whenever I hear it. It's so refreshing in sound, too, adopting this spring-like air to its tone that makes me feel happy. I just love how upbeat it is, and I feel like this will become one of my favourite tracks on this album down the line, or perhaps a favourite of 2020. It's so much fun, and I just can't fault it.

With that said, I really wish it had a music video attached. It's just too good to be neglected!

In A Nutshell: Refreshing and bright, Wendy has a beautiful atmosphere that feels perfect for this album, and works well alongside flora. It is a lot of fun to listen to, and will certainly brighten your day if you give it a chance.

5. balloon flower

The song that started it all, balloon flower is a track that involves a a variety of sounds, from metal synth to bells to piano and strings, and lyrics that depict the love someone holds for another, not by saying 'I love you', but by the loneliness they feel when saying goodbye and the warmth that it can bring.

Much like the songs before it, balloon flower is this incredibly pretty song that opens up soft and slow, only to rise into something a little more upbeat and powerful the more it plays. Accompanied by an interesting instrumental, this is one of those songs that needs to be heard through your ear/headphones in order to fully appreciate the small yet mighty details.

Of course, I like this song. I find it pretty relaxing to listen to, and find it to be an engrossing song that allows me to discover something new every time it plays thanks to the composers use of sounds, and the variety of instruments used here. Out of all the tracks, I think that this is one of the key songs you should invest your time in, both for its beauty, and for its great composition.

Oh, and be sure to take note of metal synth thrown into the instrumental break. That really threw me off track, but adds a unique quality to the song that keeps me interested.

Directed by Yoshida Harerama and featuring actress and model, Sasaki Hina, balloon flower's accompanying music video creates a beautiful collection of imagery and colour that is simply mesmerising. With various expressions, an assortment of tones and a variety of textures, we are treated to what I can only describe as the perfect companion for this song. It is just delightful, and I can't help but love how perfectly each moment is captured in this video.

It's freaking beautiful, that's what it is. If I didn't think the song could get any better, I was wrong; balloon flower's music video only aims to enhance the tone of the song, ultimately adding to its beauty with each frame.

Graceful, a little lonely at times, warm and emotive, this gorgeous music video creates visions that are too great for words. I love it, and I can't help but think that this was one of the best ways to begin tiny little charm's journey. It's so captivating, and I am at a loss for what to say about it.

To put it simply, the music video's imagery perfectly captures the story and emotions of the song, and just seems to enhance the song even more, despite the track being an already strong, unmatched piece.

balloon flower alone is a great piece of music that acts as the beginning for tiny little charm, but paired with the music video it creates something incredible. It's bright and cute, charming and beautiful, and one of the strongest releases that this group has given us during their short run together. It's glorious, and I can't help but smile whenever I hear this song or watch the music video.

I love it, and I can't believe that the music video was so perfectly in tune with what the song represents. It's incredible.

In A Nutshell: balloon flower was the beginning for tiny little charm, showing off the groups strength in creating beautiful, energetic instrumentals. It is a charming piece, one that will captivate you if you listen to it thoroughly and watch its accompanying music video. It is definitely one to listen out for, and I hope you enjoy it.

6. blue moon fantasy

Opening with only natsune's vocals before throwing us into a powerful instrumental, blue moon fantasy is one of those songs that I can't help but get lost in, because before I even know it, it's come to an end. At 3 minutes long, it's one of the shorter songs on the track, yet it is quite possible the most powerful of all 8 tracks on this release.

blue moon flower is, to put it bluntly, incredible. It's the one song on this entire album gives me goosebumps and sends a chill up my spine thanks to its powerful instrumental and natsune's vocals. She really showcased her full power as a singer here, creating a moving performance that has almost moved me to tears. It is a breath-taking piece, and by far one of my favourites on this entire album.

I flip-flop a fair bit on my favourite tracks here, and let's be real: I like this album as a whole and think most of the songs are amazing, but I do think that blue moon fantasy is my #1 on 2◯2◯4. With a strong presence, an inexplicable amount emotion from both the instrumental and natsune, I can't help but get lost in this song. It's wonderful, and I am pretty damn sad that it doesn't have a video to accompany it. In fact, it's a damn shame.

Anyway, this is a song that has to be heard through your ear/headphones, because the instrumental really is done no justice without them. It is absolutely gorgeous, and the more I listen to it, the more I realise that blue moon fantasy has a fair bit going on behind the vocals, the drums and the guitars. For example, in what has been my who-knows-how-many listens of this song, I have finally picked up on the finger clicks in the first verse. And a while ago, I noticed there was the sound effect of a glass breaking in the background added to that same first verse.

Like I said, there is something new with every listen, but my words can't do this song justice, so please check it out and discover its charms for yourself.

In A Nutshell: Another favourite, blue moon fantasy is a powerful song that sends shivers down my spine, and proves to be one of the strongest, most moving tracks on the entire release. With such presence and beauty, I can't fault this track at all. I love it, and I hope that you like it, too.

7. Toumei na Mama de

Once again featuring the vocals of Hashimoto Shuhei, this time in just the chorus, Toumei na Mama de is one of the more deceptive songs of the bunch, all thanks to the opening bars creating a completely different atmosphere and tone than the rest of the song. This is also one of the more unique songs, in that it feels completely different to the others in its own way. In terms of tone, Toumei na Mama de has this playfulness about it that feels less ethereal, and more grounded.

The difference in its style is thanks to kakimoto nao of [.que], the composer who provided tiny little charm with this track, and someone with a knack for creating both serene and disorienting piece. For Toumei na Mama de, it seems that kakimoto brought together these two tones, ultimately creating a joyful piece that is, at times, rather unsettling and lonely. It has contrasting moments, especially during the instrumentals introduction and end, but that is what allows it to stand apart from the rest.

With that said, there are some similarities to the other songs that I have noticed with each new listen, such as the use of different sound effects littered throughout the instrumental. It's fun to pick up on them every now and again, adding to the overall texture of the song and giving me something new to discover.

Anyways, I enjoy this song. Though the inclusion of effects that sound like they are being played in reverse feel a little jarring whenever I hear them, there is a lot that I like about Toumei no Mama de. Firstly, I really enjoy the use of the marching snare drums that rattles throughout the song, because it reminds me carnivals and The Nutcracker, and I swear I can hear some trumpet fanfare in this, which is another reason for enjoying this song. Also, natsune and Shuhei's harmonising is absolutely beautiful in this, though you will probably miss Shuhei's voice if you don't listen carefully enough.

Oh, and I swear I hear clapping in the opening verse. So, there's another thing to like about Toumei no Mama de. It has so much going on, and it's always a delight to figure something new out when I hear it play.

Toumei no Mama de sounds like a marching band at a carnival, is what I'm saying, and I can't help but love it for that. It makes me think of childhood adventures, fairy tales and family days out, all of which bring a smile to my face and make me reflect on more innocent, happier times. It's a great tune, and whilst it isn't as ethereal sounding as the other tracks, I do appreciate just how colourful Toumei no Mama de is as a song, and the joy that it brings me when I listen to it.

Sadly, this is another track that doesn't come with a music video, but I think that the song itself does a great job of painting an image in your mind. It has a strong, imaginative sound that is vibrant and joyful once it truly begins, and feels reminiscent of the colourful adventures you would pursue as a child. Though it feels more realistic against the other tracks, this is the one song that will take you back to simpler times where you could imagine your own world, become a part of a fairy tale or embark on a quest across stormy seas and dangerous deserts.

So, whilst it may be grounded in reality, it feels like the reality of a child's imagination to me, and I love that. As a listener I can create my own narrative for this song, and even as I appreciate the quality of this track, the beauty of the vocals and the happiness that emanates from Toumei no Mama de, I can't deny that this is a song that takes me to another time and place, and a world which I created for myself as a child. It's simply amazing that a song can do this to me, but a little melancholy as well, which is only enhanced by the loneliness of that opening and ending. Still, I can't help but enjoy this track for its sound and all it creates in terms of memories and emotions, and I only hope that you will like this track, too.

Okay, this might be my favourite track. Dangit!

In A Nutshell: Fuelled with the sound of a marching snare drums and sprinkled with happier tones, tiny little charm's Toumei no Mama de stands out amongst the other tracks for its more grounded tone, whilst still sounding like it would fit into a fairy tale setting. It's a great, textured track, and reminds me of innocent times and colourful adventures. Enjoy.

8. Prologue

The beginning of the end, Prologue opens with an acoustic guitar and natsune's serene vocals, and captures a very different side of tiny little charm to the one we have seen throughout the rest of the album. With a softer instrumental, the presence of this song feels a lot lonelier than the other tracks I have listened to, at least in the first half, but still contains that undeniable beauty that tiny little charm seems to capture so well in their music.

Against all the other songs, Prologue feels a lot more mature, and further shows just how amazing natsune's voice is. Here she sounds a lot more refined, the sweetness of her voice somewhat absent to make room for a lower, more expressive tone that fits the style of the song better than I expected. It's a refreshing approach from natsune, and further showcases her range and ability as a singer.

With this song, it feels like Prologue is a direct answer to flora, or vice versa. Where flora depicts the spirit of spring in a joyful, energetic manner that is somewhat ethereal and childish, Prologue takes the opposite approach in its sound and style, instead showcasing a lonelier, much more grounded feeling. Both are great depictions of new beginnings and hope, however, and it seems rather fitting that they would open with flora, and come to an end with Prologue, two incredible songs that juxtapose one another in sound and style, yet share similarities in their themes. It's wonderful organisation on their part, and I can't help but feel giddy at this realisation upon researching and reviewing this album.

Back to the song itself, a key feature of Prologue is its use of the acoustic guitar, the inclusion of the drums, piano and string bass are important aspects of the song when it heads into each chorus, with each one feeling more magnificent than the other, and ultimately creating a fuller experience that feels more hopeful and bright. It never disrupts the song though, and enters the song in a soft, fulfilling well, and adds more texture without being too overbearing or sudden. It's a great way to create an uplifting moment within the song, and takes it from a lonely place to one that is warmer and a little more promising.

Thankfully we are treated to another music video, once again in full animation and directed by Yoshima Harerama and depicting the lone figure of a girl as she walks through a vibrant world of colour, sometimes pausing to watch the world around her. Though the beginning depicts the girl looking down and walking at a slower place, the way she is presented begins to change along with the song itself; the livelier it becomes, the higher she begins to look up and the bounce in her step increases, perfectly matching the progress of the song with the video.

It is a very cute, uplifting video, and I love how it doesn't shy away from the darker moments in its imagery, especially when we see the figure of the girl come to a halt in the final third of the video, where we lose sight of her before seeing her enter a broken, desolate area, losing the spring in her step as she tries to avoid the reality of the world, only to look up again at the moon and continue her journey, her hope renewed.

Prologue is a song that expresses the idea that every persons image of the spring will look different, but with each step you take the colours will change and show a different side to the spring you had never seen before. It is a song that expresses the loneliness we feel before hope is found, and the journeys we take to see a brighter, more beautiful world that inspires us to fly higher than before. It's a song that, despite its lonely feeling, ultimately brings you a sense of hope the more it plays, and a track that ties in perfectly with the albums theme of spring and new beginnings.

This is an undeniably pretty track, one that I enjoy a great deal and can't help but like more with each listen and each new discovery. Prologue is incredible in its own way, and though it may lack the texture and busyness that they other tracks contain, it makes up for in impact. That, and I thoroughly enjoy its clean sound and refreshing approach.

It's definitely unique against the other songs, making for a nice, relaxing end to what has been an incredibly fun, entertaining album jam-packed with delight and cuteness. It's a great end, and allows me to reflect on the rest of the album whilst still admiring the beauty of Prologue. Perhaps it throws off the rest of the album a little bit, but I do think that this song was a beautiful end to what has been a wonderful album.

In A Nutshell: The beautiful end to a delightful album, Prologue delivers a moment of serenity and creates feelings of loneliness and hope. A poignant piece, Prologue is a nice change of pace, and a much needed breather from all of the energy and fanfare that we have endured up until now. 

- Conclusion -

I don't think that I can further express just how much this album pleases me, but I will say that I adore it. From the beginning to the end, 2◯2◯4 has proven itself to be a well crafted album, one with gorgeous accompanying music videos and vibrant pieces of music that perfectly reflect the vocals of natsune and the talents of the other members. It's an amazing work of art, and one that I will happily sit through again and again, all to relive the magic that is tiny little charm's 2◯2◯4.

Every moment that has been given to this album is a moment that I won't regret. From beginning to end this release brings me absolute joy, and I enjoy the texture and colour that each song delivers in its own way. I'm also in awe of how well-organised it is, and find each song placement fairly perfect, especially the opening and end tracks. It's great, and I am so happy that I could find this group, and in turn this album, when I did, because 2◯2◯4 has brought me nothing but joy.

I have been so absorbed in this album since finding it, and whilst I have taken a few breaks away from the songs to focus on other releases, this is one that I keep returning to, amongst others. It resonates with me, and is yet another incredible album release for the year of 2020. It fills me with hope and joy, and I can't be any more thankful than I already am that I was able to find 2◯2◯4. I love it, and I can not say that enough.

2◯2◯4 is a moving, entertaining album filled with incredible songs, all of which have their own personality and style that will appeal to different people. With playful tracks and serious songs, 2◯2◯4 will hopefully indulge in something new, and maybe even deliver a song that will charm and delight you.

To conclude, I ultimately hope that you have enjoyed this release as much as I have. Music is amazing, and what it makes us feel is indescribable, but listening to tiny little charm's 2◯2◯4 allows me to fall even deeper into the depths of music and how incredible it can be. I hope that this album sees me through the rest of the year, and that you have discovered a new group with me today.

Favourite Songs: flora, blue moon fantasy, balloon flower, Wendy, Prologue... Okay, okay, it's the whole album. I like all of it, even the one song I don't care for as much. I just can't make up my mind.

- Final Rating -


It's a solid 5/5 stars for me, mostly because I can't fault this album, and find it a pleasing mix of songs that simply fit me as a listener. It's a gorgeous compilation of songs, and one I look forward to enjoying even more as both a fan and lover of music. Still, it has been interesting to tackle this album as a reviewer, and I'm glad that I delved even deeper into the meaning of some of these songs to gain a better understanding of them.

I feel fairly positive about this album already, but we are still in the first half of the year, so I will reign myself in a little. Regardless, I love this album at this very moment and can't help but gush about it, so I will let myself be enamoured by its very existence for a little while longer.

And to end this long review, I thank you all for sitting through my post once again. Hopefully I have introduced you to something new, and hopefully you enjoy this release as much as I do. It might not be everyone's cup of tea and biscuit, but for those of you that do find some joy in 2◯2◯4, I hope that you share it with others, and further the interest in this group and their music. They deserve to be heard, and I only hope that they became a little more well known through this review.

As always, please take care of yourselves as best as you can, and I hope that you are all mentally and physically well, staying safe and healthy, and of course enjoying your music and idols. Of course, be sure to keep your own well-being, as well as the well-being of others, in check, and do all you possibly can to help your community in these trying times. Thank you.

Until the next post, everyone. Stay happy and healthy.

*If you enjoyed this album enough to purchase it, you can find it on iTunes and Amazon Music. Or, you can check out the groups for other sites to purchase from.

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