Thursday, 2 January 2020

The Definition Of 2019: The Best Of Singles & Albums

☆★☆★ And A Happy New Year! ☆★☆★

With 2020 now in our grasp, it's time to look back at the year that was and reminisce about the music that we loved.

It's time to define 2019 in music. Have you picked your your favourites as well?

Though I typically do my Year End posts at the end of the year, I decided that this time around I would have a change of pace and begin 2020 by getting all nostalgic and reminiscing over the music of 2019. 

That, and I had no time. With work and life getting busy during the festive period, I have had little time to spare for my blog, writing of any form or even visiting family. It's hectic, but it must be done, however i would never abandon this list - I love writing them, and I love the challenge that a Best Of list brings me. You never know what you're going to consider your favourite until the last moment, and you never truly consider which songs have leaped in ranks since you first heard them, or which ones will fall below the number you initially thought they would stop at.

Anyways... another year, another list. I hope that this one proves just as interesting as past Top Tier of the Year lists that I have created, and I hope you find some singles you yourself loved, as well as those that you you haven't heard of before and hope to check out.

It's time to define 2019 with music, pass our judgements and choose our favourites. Of course we won't all agree on what was good, what wasn't... but that's the fun of these lists. So, let's take a lot at what I've picked for my personal favourites and head into the post.

Welcome to The Definition of 2019: The Best Of Singles & Albums (According to Chiima). I hope you enjoy the music I share with you all today~

As a quick starting point before we head into the Rank list itself, I want to show you my list of criteria for how I choose my favourite singles / albums / songs of the year. Of course, an Album or a Single must have pretty much all of these factors in place, or at least a good chunk of them, for each song present in the release.

Here we are~

Chiima's Criteria:
  • How much I listen to the single / album in question
  • How much I want to listen to it
  • My overall love / like factor of the release in question
  • IF I remembered it
  • How quickly I get into it (singing or dancing along, etc.)
  • The feelings the single brings up / emotional investment
  • Do I want to skip it when listening, or not?
It's that basic, but it works. Of course, not all of the singles or albums on these lists adhere to each bullet point - I know one or two that made it, that have songs I skip immediately or want to throw in the bin - however, a lot of it does have to do with how much I like the release as a whole, the variety it has, how rounded it feels, and how diverse or fun it is. More so, it is about how much I listen to it or the feelings it gives me, or the excitement I feel when listening to it.

... I'm rambling. Some things never change...

Anyways, we're going to get into this list. It's time to define 2019 in single and album releases, starting with the Albums! Let's go~

The Definition Of 2019:
The best of Album Releases

i only have three - yes, 3 - albums to share on this one, only because I hardly listen to albums, and because not many of them actually were that appealing this year. That said, the ones I have picked were my favourites for various reasons, and each appealed to me in their own, unique way. Hopefully you like what I have chosen, and likewise I hope that these albums are from singers or groups you may feel intrigued to check out. They're all great in their own right, and deserve more support than they already have.

Anyways, these are the Albums that Defined 2019. But who won out of the few albums I actually listened to...?


Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta by Ueno Yuuka (23.01.2019)

I love Ueno Yuuka, so of course I'm going to continue listening to her content even in 2020, but for 2019 I do think that her sole album release, Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta, was pretty damn good. Not her best work, no, but it was still a nice effort from the ballad queen, regardless.

And, hey! She has some upbeat pop songs in here. That's different.

In all honesty, this is the album I listened to the most this year, however I'm ranking at my #3 position more or less because I think that this really is one of Yuuka's weakest albums. There is definitely thought and effort put into making this album feel different to others, with a few more pop-centric tracks thrown in for creative flare, however there is one song that I just can't help but wonder why it was put into the album... it is honestly God-Awful.

With that said, there is so much more good in this album than bad, and it is genuinely a lot of fun to listen to. I have a few favourites, with Yuki no Uta and Kun mate ~ino kyori being two stand out tracks when it comes to the more upbeat, energetic songs.

Yuuka sounds great here once more, and I do love this album a great deal, but it isn't one of the biggest stand-outs of the year for me, at least from the minimal selection of albums I listened to this past year. Still, it's a nice release from my favourite Ballad Queen, Ueno Yuuka.

Now, go stream Kun mate ~ino kyori. It's a bop.


Saki PLUS YOU = 2& by 2& (DOUBLE AND) (20.04.2019)

Saki might not put out as much content as the typical major debuted Idol, but she is the type of Idol to deliver quality content when she does release something. Sure, a lot of the content she gives us is in the form of songs she performs a lot, but these are also songs that have either not been released before, or were held back from when she was under a different management. Whatever she brings out though, you can always expect Saki to create an album or single release that is enjoyable and filled to the brim with her catchy music and big, vibrant voice.

Saki PLUS YOU = 2& is the second overseas album release that Saki has produced for the Western fandom, and though my initial thoughts were that it wasn't as promising as The Theory of 2&, I have since re-evaluated my opinion and come to realise that actually, this is a pretty solid album. It has great songs - 3pun, Koboreochi and Ningen Moyou especially - and is full of Saki's personality, from cute and fun to cool and loud.

I think it took a few listens, but I was finally won over by this album completely. I love how it sounds, I like that it's basically Saki in a nutshell, and I think it is a good album for those who are just learning about Saki and her solo project. It's a passionate, driven release that should be heard, and I think that Saki did an amazing job in choosing the songs that have formed this incredible track list.

Also: Machigai Dareke (Accoustic ver.) is just... it's amazing. Then again, it's Saki. She is amazing, as is her music. Please go ahead and check her out.

Okay. Now it's time for the big fish. The cream cheese of all the albums (ha!) I listened to over the past year. This is the one that truly made 2019 special, an album that impressed and stunned me. It's time to unveil the winner, but out of the albums I heard, just who managed to sneak into the #1 spot...?

☆ ⭒  1 ⟢ ⭒ 
The Definition Of 2019:
~Album of The Year~

 by ZIYOOU-VACHI / QUEEN BEE (22.05.2019)

I had no idea who ZIYOOU-VACHI were until this year, and after being introduced to them via their music video for Introduction, I became hooked. So I found their album, listened to it and... wow. Wow.

ZIYOOU-VACHI have some of the most mesmirising, unique sounding music I have come across thus far as a J-pop fan. Mixing both low and high vocals - thanks to the talent of Avu-chan, who is the groups vocalist - and tackling various styles of instrumentals and ways of singing, ZIYOOU-VACHI have an undeniably strong presence in their sound.

 is honestly a lot of fun to listen to, mostly because I feel like I never know what is coming next. Yes, I've listened to this single a fair few times, but it still feels like there's a surprise in terms of what I will hear next, and I like that. I like how unique and diverse this entire album is, and how beautiful Avu's vocals are and how she controls them.

I am so happy that one song brought me to this group, allowed me to immerse myself into their atmosphere and find out that their music is simply amazing. Though it isn't their first album,  was a great introduction to the group, and has allowed to me fully appreciate just how fluid music can be. It also gave me a new, talented group to follow and enjoy, and I am delighted that I can place this Album as my favourite for the Year 2019. Sure, there weren't many to choose from - I don't listen to enough albums as is - but it is still an important part of my year, as well as a memorable one.

十 has truly allowed me to define my 2019 in sound, and has also allowed me to branch out in my music tastes a little more. I look forward to seeing what 2020 brings us in terms of ZIYOOU-VACHI.

Honorable Mentions

Though they didn't rank in my list, these are the Honorable Mentions who still had some sort of impact on me as a listener, but not as much as the other three. Regardless, let's celebrate these albums and the joy they have brought others in sound.

The Beginning Of The End by Dreamcatcher (11.09.2019)

Tairyou Gyakusatsu by 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san (04.2019)

Metal Galaxy by BABYMETAL (11.10.2019)

MINE by YUKIKA (01.05.2019)


And there's my Top 3 Albums of 2019, which means that we will now move on to my Top 10 Singles of the Year gone by!

In so many ways these releases defined my year, delivering me idol goodness in so many forms and allowing me to truly appreciate how far I have come as a fan. Of course the love i hold for these singles in particular is completely subjective, I know that, but it's still fun to share it will you all and see if you agree or disagree and all that jazz.

And if you find something new, then that's awesome! Sharing is caring, and sharing our favourite groups and Idols is the way forward for us Western fans!

Now it's time to share the list and see which release has won all of 2019. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, these are the singles that defined 2019, but only one can define it completely...

Place your bets! It's time to rank some Idol singles!

The Definition Of 2019:
The Best Of Single Releases

For any songs that had an original rank but, for one reason or another fell or rose within the list, I will note their original rank. I do this simply because I think it's interesting to know where a song stood initially, and how far it managed to go within the list.

Originally #9

Endless Notes by i☆RiS (13.02.2019)

A consistent favourite in my Top Music lists since who remembers when, i☆RiS return to take over another position in both my favourites and my heart with their single for Endless Notes, with the title song serving as the ending theme for Gimms Notes: The Animation.

Endless Notes is a great single overall, however it is my ambivalence towards the b-side track, Innocent Innovation, that actually placed the single at the #10 spot. Sure, I enjoy the song a great deal on the off-chance that I'm in the mood for something energetic and cute, but it isn't a track I exactly reach for to hear on its own, and at times it becomes a bit too much for me a listener.

I adore the A-side for this single a great deal however, which is one reason for why it's on this list. When hearing both songs together though, I can only admire how balanced this single is. With a beautiful ballad in the form of Endless Notes, and a hyperactive, sugar-infused piece like Innocent Innovation, this single is both fun and emotional, and will definitely appeal to fans of i☆RiS who enjoy this kind of balance in a single.

It's varied, it's fun and it's beautiful. I just wish I gravitated towards more Innocent Innovation a little more and didn't find it so annoying sometimes...

Originally #10

"Hitori de Ikiraresou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? / 25sai Eien Setsu by Juice=Juice (05.6.2019)

When it comes to Hello! Project and 2019, it's undeniable just how much this company have stepped up their game when it comes down to their music and video production. With some high quality songs and MV's released just this year, I can not deny that Juice=Juice especially were blessed with some of the highest quality content this year alone. One of those blessed singles happens to be "Hitori de Ikiraresou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? / 25sai Eien Setsu, which stands as my #9 - initially #10 - pick for the year gone by.

The reason why the single itself is so low is more or less because I simply haven't listened to it as much as I have others, and whilst I do enjoy it a great deal - 25sai especially - I can't place it above any other singles that I consider better due to emotional investment, or because I feel the songs appeal to me. With that said, I do think that this single has long-term appeal - it won't simply fade out of my mind or feel dull and outdated in a few years' time, as others have done in the past. Plus, I love it so much - it's a beautiful goodbye to one of H!P's finest.

This is a great single, as well as a wonderful testament to Miyazakai Yuuka's time within Juice=Juice and the love that the members have for her as a leader. It's a beautiful send-off for one of the most underrated, perhaps even most disliked, members of the group, and I think that it truly does Juice=Juice's former leader absolute justice. I am so glad that she was given such a strong, memorable single for her last hurrah. It's beautiful.


Koi wa Accha Accha / Yumemita 15 by ANGERME (10.04.2019)

A new addition to my original list of Top 10 Singles for 2019, Koi wa Accha Accha / Yumemita 15 actually found its way onto my final list in the final editing process because of the visceral reaction I experienced when I began listening to Yumemita 15. Thanks to that, ANGERME's first single from 2019 made its way onto the list, even though I had no desire to even throw into the mentions pile.

I suppose that's the strength of emotions, feelings and nostalgia, huh?

Anyways, let's not deny the fact that this is a really good single, one that I seem to have ignored upon its release not because I didn't want to listen to it, but because I liked other songs more and just didn't think to come back to this one. That's actually the reason it's pretty low on the list, though still higher than some - because I hardly listened to it. And also because I couldn't remember how either sounded, but that's besides the point.

That said, I do appreciate the care and attention put into these songs, Yumemita 15 especially. The power this song contains in terms of its emotion and nostalgia is bigger than I imagined, and upon hearing it for the sake of maybe putting it in my mentions... well, it was overwhelming, and I began crying before I knew it. This song has so much meaning, it's the final release from the remaining fragment of Hello! Project I knew when I first became an Idol fan, and it's the goodbye Dawa and the fans deserved.

Koi wa Accha Accha is good too, I can sing along to it easily, but its Yumemita 15 that actually put this single on the list. Still, I can't deny that it's a good single and that it packs a punch. I'm glad Dawa had a fun, epic send-off.

I still hate that she was forced into the Wedding Dress in the Accha Accha PV. That was not a great send-off!

Originally #5

I am I by Ohara Sakurako (31.07.2019)

Ohara Sakurako returns to my Year End lists with I am I, a single that I just adore and can never skip because of the absolute beauty that is Sakurako's voice, and also because her songs simply appeal to me. Always a joy to listen to, you really shouldn't be surprised to see this soloist on my list by this point.

With that said, I actually anticipated a higher placement for Sakurako. However, due to the fact that I haven't listened to this single this much - yet I have listened to it a lot more than others - it is placed a little lower because, yes, there are single releases on here that I have a greater attachment to, and probably find myself gravitating towards more. That doesn't mean this isn't a great single, however, because it is.

There are three great tracks on here, with the third being an English rendition of Nakitai Kurai, and I adore them all both individually and when played one after the other. Each track has its individual strength and charm, but when you hear these three songs together I just feel so happy and peaceful. Sakurako is an amazing singer, the singles she puts out are structured nicely, and each song is great in its own respect. 

This single brings me a lot of joy, hence why it's on here. I just wish I had listened to it a lot more this year, for the sake of placing I am I higher on the list. Oh well, c'est la vie~

Originally #7

Shin Jidai Princess / Princess no Teigi by Houkago Princess (10.07.2019)

Shin Jidai Princess / Princess no Teigi is the single I struggled with in terms of placement, because I didn't know whether to place it really low, or a little higher than even I imagined. Upon hearing it for the first time many months ago I was certain that it wouldn't even place, but upon hearing it more and more I thought 'Okay... it's a #10 song for sure", and now here we are, all because it grew on me thanks to nostalgic charm, passion and all that bullshit.

Also, Princess no Teigi is an absolute bop and I love it.

I am a sucker for HouPri in general, but I do love this single a great deal, hence why it's on this list. Over the past 5 or so months since its release Shin Jidai Princess / Princess no Teigi has grown on me as a listener, with Princess no Teigi being an undeniable favourite. I love listening to both songs in succession of each other of course, however it's the second track that truly showcases the passion and joy of these girls hold, whilst also feeling like a musical representation of everything I adore about them.

This is a great single. Despite my earlier reservations about it when it was initially released, this single grew on me to a point where I just can't feel anything but love for it. Because I listen to it a great deal, think of it so highly and sing along without abandon whenever its on, I have to place it higher than I first anticipated. I guess that's the true power of HouPri Love, aye?

Originally #4

Junin to Iro / Kingyo no Uta by BANZAI JAPAN (25.06.2019)

I had confidence that BANZAI JAPAN would make their way onto this list because, let's be real - Junin to Iro / Kingyo no Uta is a great single. With three great songs, a lot of energy and memorable tunes, there was no way I was going to neglect this single. I absolutely adore it, I have fun listening to it, and Kingyo no Uta just takes me back to when I saw the group perform in London. So, not only is it a great single, but it's packed with nostalgia for me, which makes it a bit of a personal release, I suppose.

I'm having a hard time putting into words how I feel about this single because, damn, I love it so much... it's honestly such a great release, one that has three amazing songs I never want to skip. I love listening to Junin to Iro / Kingyo no Uta, and though I haven't listened to it as much as other releases I can't help but regard it super highly, hence why it's within the top 5 (and also why it topped HouPri's single release for 2019).

I am glad that this was BANZAI JAPAN's first major single release. It's a great collection of three songs that represent their style, energy and the love they hold for Japanese culture, the richness of its history and also the modern use of music technology and choreography.

It's great, enough said.

Originally #1

Scions Of The Blasted Heath by NECRONOMIDOL (12.06.2019)

I honestly thought that Scions Of The Blasted Heath would be my 2019 Single of the year, and for a while that's where it was placed. My initial rankings were so different it's unreal, but after re-listening to the amazing EP release from NECRONOMIDOL, thinking a little more about my favourites and revising the list... well, this is where it's landed.

I don't regret it placing it here, but I can't deny that I'm a little disappointed in myself for not placing it any higher. Sadly, my reaction towards this EP isn't as strong as I thought it would be when I started listening to it again for the sake of this list, and it was that lack of a reaction that made me realise 'Oh, you're not my #1'. Still, I love Scions Of The Blasted Heath with all my might.

This is an incredible release with some amazing songs, a fun story within the lyrics and mesmerising vocals to pair nicely with the instrumentals. I love the care that has gone into this, the quality and the beauty it holds, and I'm glad that I was able to purchase it for my collection and watch NECRONOMIDOL perform it as well. It's amazing, one of my favourite works from the group thus far, and a joy to listen to.

But no, it's not my absolute favourite, and that kind of saddens me. Still, ranking in the top 5 is amazing, especially when Ranking my Top 4 favourite singles is one of the trickiest parts of this list. So in a way, I'm happy, but also not. It's a bittersweet battle of favourites at the end of it all, aye?


Ultimate☆MAGIC by i☆RiS (22.05.2019)

Originally sitting at #3... is my #3 spot!

Without much of a change, we have a repeat offender in my favourite singles list because, let's be real, i☆RiS are an amazing group who have consistently stood as my favourites since Make it! was released, and with a similar feel, a wonderful charm and energetic sound, Ultimate☆MAGIC stands as one of my favourite singles from 2019!

I actually had a hard time placing this single, wondering if it should actually be my #1, over #2 or #3, however much like the rest of the singles in this list I came to my conclusion: I love this single, but there are other singles I listened to and adored much more. So, whilst I do indeed love everything about Ultimate☆MAGIC in terms of its sound and appeal, there were just greater singles that managed to win me over more.

I know, hard to do when you have i☆RiS in the running, but it happened. Therefore, one of my favourite groups will stay within my Top 3. I am proud with this positioning, and I'm glad that i☆RiS have managed to come out on top once more in my rankings, even if it wasn't the top spot.

This is a great single, the b-side is absolutely incredible - please listen to Arienhodo Fever, you will love it, I hope! - and the overall feel is just... it's just amazing.

Ultimate☆MAGIC is one of my Top 10 singles of the year, and it's pretty high up. But what singles happened to be so much better and beat it out..?


Dash & Daaash!! by Fudanjuku (19.06.2019)

I had a few mixed feelings on where I would place this single. At first it was the #2 spot, then it went to #3... and then #4, because the last 4 in this list were honestly the hardest to place. I have a lot of love for the Top 4, love that comes with emotional investment, and favouritism, so it's a bit difficult to place all of them... but I think this is the right place for Fudanjuku. After all, it's one of my absolute favourite singles that 2019 had to offer, as well as one of the first few singles that I knew would be on this list.

So here it is - my second favourite release from 2019. Despite thinking of putting it a little lower, it managed to come back to its original place, because Fudanjuku is far too powerful and this single is just too damn great to deny the second place spot.

Actually, I listened to Dash & Daaash!! a lot when it first came out, to a point of obsession because I think it's such a great song! And when I heard the b-sides, I realised just how strong of a single this actually is. Cheerful, powerful, packing in personality... it has everything a Fudanjuku fan could ever want, and honestly speaking, this is their best release from the year 2019. It's absolutely amazing, I love all of the songs on the track list, and I don't think that there is a flaw from this release. It's a bloody gem, and I'm so glad I did all I could to find the songs... only to find them on bloody Spotify.

Believe me, this could have easily hit the #1 spot if it wasn't for the fact that whoever did win happened to hit me harder in terms of being a consistent presence in my playlist upon its release. Still, the quality of this single is undeniable and I adore it, and yes, I wish I'd bought it... because it's amazing!

A strong contender for #2, and one of the singles that truly stood out for 2019 to a point where I immediately knew it would be in this list. But just what kind of single happened to beat Fudanjuku's magnificence?

When it comes to the emotional impact, the favouritism, love and desire to listen to the single over and over again, this is the single that defined 2019!

Are you ready for the results?

☆ ⭒  1 ⟢ ⭒ 
The Definition Of 2019
~Singles Of The Year~

Originally #6

Date Datte by READY TO KISS (06.03.2019)

X / Sakura no Yakusoku by Miyashita Maika (18.09.2019)

It's a tiiiiiiie...~

This list was hell to make, but there was something that was pretty obvious upon my first run of editing: There was going to be a first place tie, and / Sakura no Yakusoku was going to be one of the singles taking up that space. The other first place position was initially going to Scions Of The Blasted Heath, but as mentioned above, that didn't happen. Because feels and love and all that crap.

Instead, READY TO KISS managed to snag that spot, moving itself forward by 5 spots after I finally realised that placing it anywhere else would be stupid, and that I would ultimately be lying to myself about how much Date Datte means to me as a single release.

Yes, Date Datte means that damn much to me. and yes, Maika's single is damn incredible that I had an abundance of confidence in where it should be placed from the get-go.

I love both of these releases, but for different reasons. With Date Datte, there's a lot of attachment there that I don't have with the other singles. Having listened to the title track since the PV was released, and then listening to the accompanying tracks a stupid amount upon receiving the CD in the mail, I have invested a lot of time and love into this single. Is it perfect? Hell no, I actually hate the last song with a passion. Is it for everyone? Heck naw, the vocals would piss some of you off. But is it my favourite?

Why yes. Yes, it is. And I have no regrets in making it my #1, because Date Datte is one of my most played, most loved single releases of 2019. If I feel sad I will listen to it. If I want something cute and upbeat, I listen to Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie. If I want to give my ears a chance to bleed, I listen to all of the tracks. Whatever it is, there's something on this single to enjoy... aside from the last track, because it sucks. Kurenai can go to Idol Hell, for all I care.

Actually, Kurenai is the reason why I initially put R2K pretty low on my list. Still, I can't deny that I love this single and everything else about it that isn't Kurenai. So because of this love, the amount of times I have listened to it, the times I have just randomly thought about it and decided that I want to hear it are all reasons for why it's my #1, and also for why it is one of my defining singles of 2019.

That, and whenever i put the single on I just suddenly start singing, dancing and smiling. I love it so, so damn much!

And finally, in regards to Miyashita Maika's release, / Sakura no Yakusoku, I just have to admit that I can't stop listening to it. Right next to Date Datte, this is a single that has been a consistent presence upon hearing it. Sure, I didn't start listening to it until November, however upon hearing it I became hooked, something that hasn't really happened much for a full single release this year aside from like, my Top 4.

I have liked singles, loved all their songs... but I haven't been obsessed with them like I have / Sakura no Yakusoku.

This single just brings out so many emotions for me, from happiness to sadness, hyperactivity and joy. I adore it, sing along to it like an idiot and dance as well. I think it's a lot of fun to listen to, even if it is a rather ballad-heavy release, but that's the amazing part about it - even if it does sound quite ballad-like, it's still powerful and a little poppy, especially on It's mature and graceful, too, and it hits all the right notes. It's a perfect release, and I just feel so elated that Maika was given a release that fits her so well and matches her vocals perfectly. It truly is a blessed single.

Maika has truly surpassed herself in this release, showcasing the raw emotion and power she holds as a singer. I love her voice in this, it feels so different to the voice she uses within Houkago Princess, and commend her for bringing me to a point of tears with Sakura no Yakusoku especially. She is incredible, and I hope that others can hear her voice and understand how pretty of a singer she is, and why she is basically a ballad queen.

Honorary Mentions

And of course, how could we forget the Honorouble Mentions? Though these singles are all amazing, I didn't put them into the list for one reason or another. Some I just didn't listen to enough, others had a little less emotional value. With that said, there were a few singles that did make it into the initial list, but eventually found themselves here in favour of other releases.

Regardless, I love all of these singles. They're all great, you should check them out, and hopefully you will follow Fudanjuku and bOYS AND MEN after this. Right? RIGHT!

Tsubame by Fudanjuku (30.01.2019)

Atama no Naka no Film by BOYS AND MEN (29.05.2019)

Choosy Museum Dictionary by Colorpointe (19.05.2019) - Initially in Top 10, Unranked

Bitansan / Potsuri to / Good by & Good luck! by Juice=Juice (13.02.2019) - Initially in Top 10, Unranked

Megane no Otoko no Ko / Nippon no D・N・A! / Go Waist by BEYOOOOONDS (07.08.2019)

Mother of Pearl by Rukatama A Go Go (04.2019) - Originally Position #10

Fantastic Illusion by i☆Ris (28.08.2019)

... And that's it! That's The Best Of Singles & Albums list for 2019, with a total of 14 releases ranked by yours truly! It was a bit of hard work, but above all it was fun creating this list and looking back at 2019, the music that defined it and the releases that truly brought me joy and happiness...

I am glad that I can continue sharing these types of dumb lists with everyone, and I know not everyone likes creating or reading them, but I have found that these types of things create so much happiness for me that, by this point, I don't think I can stop doing them. It's a yearly tradition for me now, and however tiresome it might seem, however hard it is to come up with the ranks and who wins... it's all worth it. It really is worth every hour spent creating such long, heavy lists.

Anyways, I hope you have all enjoyed reading and finding out my favourite Singles and Albums for 2019! But this isn't the only list that I will create in regards to celebrating 2019, oh no! I have a few more on the way, and I hope you look forward to them when they appear!

Finally, I would like to quickly point out that, whilst these lists showcase my favourite singles and albums, there is no guarantee that all of the songs within these releases will be in my final Songs of 2019 list. Yeah, a lot of the songs from some of these releases will be in there, but so will a few other songs that didn't even make it into this list.. There is also a chance that Honorable Mentions single or album songs will rank higher in the Songs of 2019 list, but it honestly all depends on how much I like a song.

That's a different list for a different day though, so please look forward to it.

Until next time everyone, thanks for reading and following the blog. I hope you have a wonderful day, a Happy New Year, and I pray that you keep following your idols, their journeys and their wonderful music!

Let's meet again soon. Take care and be happy, healthy and safe.

Much Love,

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