Monday, 13 January 2020

The Definition Of 2019: The Best Of Music Master List

Finalising the defining sounds of 2019, it's time to take a look at the Master List of music that engulfed my year gone by. Though it doesn't seem like I listened to that much, let's take our time to appreciate the individual songs we have enjoyed over the last 365 days.

It's time to dedicate myself to Idols, music and more. Are you ready to experience the Master List?

2019 comes back in another music-heavy list, one that includes my favourites from the year gone by. Though I have not listened to a lot of these throughout, there were many I remembered enjoying a great deal, and many that I wanted to note as favourites. So, through this desire to share the songs that I enjoyed the most, I created what I like to call The Master List, a list that is made up of 70 individual tracks, all of which brought me some form of enjoyment in the year that was 2019.

A little on the excessive side - because when I have ever not been excessive? - this entire list will showcase some of my favourite songs, with the ones at the bottom being those I listened to a lot less, and the ones at the top being the tracks I have been obsessed with throughout 2019.

And to top it all off will be my #1 spot, the song that brought the most joy, had the most plays and also holds the most meaning to me. This is the song that is my Definition of 2019, a song that holds great importance to me as a listener and saw me through the shit storm that was last year. Out of all the songs, this is the one that I consider my favourite. Whether you consider it good or bad, that doesn't matter, because the importance of a song is not defined by analytics; it is defined by how important it is to the individual, and no one else.

So without further ado, I present to you The Definition Of 2019: The Best Of Music Master list.

What songs will you find in here, and which ones did you enjoy that made it onto the list? Read on to find out~

The Best Of Music 2019:
The Master List

I will quickly throw out a disclaimer that this is a personal collection of tracks ranked by me, myself and I, and that these are in no way shape or form supposed to reflect an official ranking of any sort. I do this list for fun each and every year, and do it to showcase the songs that have made my year great in terms of music. Do not take it seriously, and do not take it personally, either. If a song you enjoyed ranks low, or not at all, that is not my problem. We all experience music differently, so please acknowledge that this is what I enjoy. Thank you.

Now, onto the actual rank list. LET'S GOOOOOO!


DA DA DANCE by BABYMETAL (08.10.2019)
(From the album Metal Galaxy)

Kick-starting my Master List with a certified bang is DA DA DANCE, a catchy track that fuses metal and club music for a fun, invigorating piece that people could easily do para-para too. A little unexpected in terms of its sound and style for the KawaiiMetal duo many have come to know and love, DA DA DANCE is a cute and cool song that I simply enjoy thanks to how enthusiastic it sounds, as well as the nostalgia it brings me.

Para-para may feel a little old-shcool for some, but the way that DA DA DANCE takes me back to the early 2000's and my days as a DDR fanatic only makes me love this song all the more. It's an incredibly fun, entertaining piece that I like a lot, and despite it being in the last place on this list, I want to acknowledge just how good it is and the joy it brings to me as a listener.

I thank the Fox God for delivering this precious track to me. I just wish I had listened to it a little more upon its release, because it would have definitely made a higher dent in this list if I had. Oh well, c'est la vie~


Dream Chu☆Doku by BOYS AND MEN (29.05.2019)
(From the single Atama Naka no Film)

BOYS AND MEN are currently the only boy group I follow thanks to their hyperactive sound, their humour and the music style they have adopted, which is why they will be one of two groups you see on this list. So, kick-starting their appearance here is Dream Chu☆Doku, a fun b-side that is also the best song on this entire single. So, it kinda sucks that it's so damn low on my list, but I honestly haven't listened to it that much since its release.

Dream Chu☆Doku is a great song, one that embodies the personality of bOYS AND MEN well. Though not as hyperactive as some of their past releases, this is one that draws you in right away thanks to its catchy sound, as well as the charming vocals of BOYS AND MEN. I just love hearing them when they sing chorus - and solo, damn, some of them have dreamy voices... - and I can't help but enjoy this cute, fun song. I feel like I need to hear this live, it's just that precious.

It would also be nice to have the members sing 'I love you, I need you' to the audience. That would be both an amazing and memorable moment.

This is a cute song, and that's all I need to say on the matter. Love songs are always appreciated, and this one is definitely meant to make the listener swoon. So, let's swoon~

Originally #55

Gingham Check by MNL48 Undergirls (26.07.2019)
(From the single Kimi wa Melody)

Oh, Gingham Check, you mess of a song. How I love you in the most un-ironic way possible. I mean, how could I not? Sung by MNL48 - which is by far the best 48 sister group when it comes to vocals - this is one of my favourite versions of the song, if only because the music video for it is an absolute mess that you can only laugh at it when watching. And yes, it is that very messiness that happens to make me adore this song all the more, because I am weird like that.

The song itself is definitely one of the 48's more generic songs, but it's pretty fun regardless. I love how easy it is to listen to if anything, and upon the release of Gingham Check by the undergirls of MNL48 I listened to it a fair bit before letting it fall into obscurity. Thankfully i remembered my love for it, because here it is.

It's a cover song, yeah, but it's still a lot of fun to go back to. I'm glad it was released this year, and I am so happy that this mess of a song got one giant mess of a music video to accompany it.


Go Waist by BEYOOOOONDS (07.08.2019)
(From the single Megane no Otoko no o / Nippon no D.N.A! / Go waist)

In a country where every other big-ass J-pop group covers the smash hit, YMCA, BEYOOOOONDS decide to do something different and cover Go West in their parody rendition, Go Waist. A rather fun cover, this track has caught the attention of many a fan thanks to how ingenious it is, but also because the video is extremely entertaining.

For me, the song is one that I have only just started to enjoy a little more than when I had first listened to it. Slowly but surely, Go Waist has managed to grow on me and worm its way into my ears. More often than not, I am reminded of this song and how catchy it actually is. Thankfully I like the song enough to not feel pissed off about it randomly popping up into my brain during work hours.

This is a fun track, and if I had liked it a little more when I did eventually listen to this single, it may have climbed its way up the list. But as it goes, it didn't actually get stuck into my head until fairly recently, so I feel like this is a pretty decent place to put the song, even if it is a tad low.


High Tension by JKT48 (30.03.2019)
(From the single High Tension)

I really should have listened to High Tension a lot more in 2019, but I didn't. Why? Because I'm dumb, and because JKT fell off my radar a little after a lack of releases. With that said, I still want to honour the fun that is High Tension, one of AKB's many gems that has been covered by one of their superior overseas sister units.

High Tension is one of those songs that, upon its release, I really didn't like. After a few years though, I find it to be an entertaining song that is easy to sing along to, memorable and damn iconic. It's so unique and fresh, and honestly, I think JKT did it justice. Plus Cindy is an amazing centre for this release.

If I had listened to it a little more throughout 2019, I feel like High Tension could have broken the Top 30 at least, but instead it is fairly low on my list. Still, I'm glad it made it onto the list at least, otherwise it would simply sit with the honourable mentions crowd. Nostalgia for early 2019 won out here though, meaning JKT are moving in on my list. Woohoo~


CHEER SONG by CARRY LOOSE (22.10.2019)
(From the album CARRY LOOSE)

Though I don't follow WACK as closely as others, I feel like CARRY LOOSE may be the group that gets me into the company and its weird ways thanks to the fun release that they put out back in October. With 13 tracks to listen to, CHEER SONG is one that caught my interest thanks to its energetic opening and upbeat appeal. It's so much fun, and I just love how entertaining it sounds.

Now, I haven't actually listened to this album all that much, however I can't help but feel impressed by everything about it. By no means is it perfect, but I genuinely enjoy what CARRY LOOSE have hear in terms of sound and style. CHEER SONG especially is one of those tracks that will catch your attention right away, and will keep your interest from beginning to end.

It's a fun track and, yeah, I enjoy it a lot. I don't love love it, but it's certainly one that I would happily listen to alone or with other songs. CHEER SONG is a welcome addition to my playlist, so thank you for creating a fun track, CARRY LOOSE!


I Miss You by Dreamcatcher (11.09.2019)
(From the album The Beginning of the End)

A running theme in this entire post is definitely "Crap, I should have listened to this more", because so many of these songs are good, and I Miss You by Dreamcatcher is definitely one of them. Catchy and appealing, this song has a banger of an opening and, honestly... I just love it. I love how powerful it feels, I like how it makes me want to dance, and the vocals are wonderful, as always.

Dreamcatcher continue to amaze me, and though I have paid them a lot less attention this year - yeah, shame on me - I do think this album is pretty good. Sadly, this will be the only song of Dreamcatcher's to appear on the Master List for 2019, only because it's the one song of theirs I have completely gravitated towards this year. Still, I'm glad they've managed to make it on here. They are a great group, with equally great music in their song collection.

I Miss You is great, and I honestly wish this album had included more original songs. Still, one original song that stands out is enough for me, but let's be real: they need more original tracks instead of previously released ones.


(From the album CARRY LOOSE)

I think that CARRY LOOSE as a song is great. It's fun, reminds me a little bit of BiSH, and makes me happy whenever I listen to it. Honestly, it's such an appealing song, and the sound is just so energetic and fun that I can't help but like it a great deal. Sadly though, I haven't given it too much of a listen, and therefore favour a few other songs above it.

Regardless, I need to give it a mention in the Master List, so here we are. Yeah, it may be 5 positions above the bottom of the list, but it's still further along than some of the Honourable Mentions, and I wouldn't have it anywhere else. I just wish I had tuned in to it a little more, but sigh sigh sigh, I am barely on Spotify or Soundcloud, so this happened.

Anyway, it's a fun track, but that's what happens when you are one part of a great album release. It's definitely one to check out, especially if you are a fan of WACK's sound and style. Definitely check it out and give CARRY LOOSE a listen.


8bit Town by Colorpointe (19.05.2019)
From the EP Choosy Museum Dictionary

When 2019 gave me a little more Colorpointe, I was absolutely delighted. Though the group may not be one I follow consistently, they are still a group I admire a great deal thanks to their somewhat mysterious, classical sound, as well as their ballet concept. And yet 8bit Town feels different to everything else I have ever heard from them, but that's because it is different.

As the title suggests, 8bit Town has an 8bit concept to the instrumental. It's an interesting style of sound from the ballet Idols, but it's definitely a track that captures my attention thanks to how unexpected, cute and unique it is against Colorpointe's other songs. 8bit town is a lot of fun, too. I really love how carefree and adorable it sounds, and how much it seems to contrast with some of the other songs on the Choosy Museum Dictionary track list.

A welcome change of pace against all of the elegance and mystery this group typically totes, 8bit Town is a great addition to the groups latest EP, and it is one that I suggest you check out on Spotify when you can, alongside the other tracks from Choosy Museum Dictionary. Hopefully it will surprise you, and above all I hope that it inspires you to listen to more of Colorpointe's music, because they honestly are amazing.


Potsuri to by Juice=Juice (13.02.2019)
(From the single Bitansan / Potsuri to / Good bye & Good luck!)

I believe that Potsuri to is one hell of a good song, probably one of the most impressive that Juice=Juice have put out in a while, which is saying something: this group is always impressive when it comes to their fluid sound style. But there is something about Potsuri to that feels unique, though I can't put my finger on just why it feels this different. Well, whatever: it's a great song.

by far this is the best song on the entire track list for Juice=Juice's 11th single, and I'm glad that something so strong and memorable came from this group for Yanamin's graduation release. It's a breath of fresh air, it sounds cool, but it also sounds emotional and meaningful towards the members. Perhaps that's why I gravitate a little more towards this song - it feels a lot more personal than past tracks have.

The instrumental is absolutely incredible, I really can't get enough of it. I'm glad that Hello! Project brought out such a memorable, intriguing track, because it really is a joy to listen to, and Juice=Juice's vocals suit it perfectly. Thank you, Idol Gods. You did a damn good job with this song.

Originally #57 & #62

Sono Saki no Mirai e by READY TO KISS (17.12.2018)
(From the single Sono Saki no Mirai e)

Despite being a song that only recently dropped - like, December 18th recent - I have come to love and adore Sono Saki no Mirai e by READY TO KISS in all its generic, cutesy glory. And despite my own desires to place it hella high on my list, I am going to control myself a little and think of all the songs that came before it, the ones I have obsessed over for months and months... and place it here.

Because damnit, self-control.

With that said, I do think this song is great. Yeah, it sounds like many other READY TO KISS tracks before it because ~signature sound~, but that's why I enjoy it. It's a charming, adorable piece that speaks of ones hope for their future, and a song that represents Sakipyon's final hurrah as an Idol. It's a special track, one that fans will love singing along to when it's performed, and maybe even crying over.

I won't say it's the best track out there, but I have obsessed over this song enough to know that I like it a great deal, even if it is fairly weak and forgettable. Still, I love it so much and know it has a rightful place on this list, and it's here at the #60 spot, simply because I've sung along to and played it so much more than the other tracks.

I love my shitty, generic idol songs. What about you?

Originally an Honourable Mention

Innocent Notes by Taketetsu Ayana (06.02.2019)
(From the single Innocent Notes)

Despite thinking that this song would never make it into the main portion of my Master List, I surprised myself by consistently thinking about this song, and how it seemed like a shame to keep it in my Honourable Mentions pile. So, after a short break from ranking these songs and writing about them, I decided that, screw it, I am going to include the song. And here we are, because I am weak and have no chill.

I feel like of all the Honourable Mentions, Innocent Notes is the song that has haunted me the most since I decided to put in the mentions pile. I like the song a decent amount, and the fact that it keeps popping into my head only shows the lasting power it has on me. Plus it's pretty. I can't forget the pretty.

It's a good song, and I think that if I had perhaps listened to it a little more, it would have grown on me. But I didn't, and yet thanks to this song haunting me in my dreams and staring at me from the void that is my Honourable Mentions pile, I finally managed to drag it into this list to appreciate it in all its pretty, haunting glory.

Originally #61

Magyaku no Ito by MeseMoa. (04.10.2019)
(From the single Magyaku no Ito)

Because I love my friend - and also because this song somehow resurfaced in my mind after repressing it for a little while - I have somehow managed to allow MeseMoa. to infiltrate my Master List, because catchy-ass music, hella deep syllables and 'Shit! Shit!'.

Honestly though, this song is hella memorable thanks to how repetitive it can get, and for a while all I would think of was the chorus of this song, as well as the beat of the instrumental. To say I don't like it would be a lie because, let's face it, I do like it. Magyaku no Ito is an incredibly cool song with an upbeat, somewhat sexy sound. It's mature and interesting, and I simply love how deep some of the syllables are in this. The 'sa' parts are actually my favourite, and more often than not I just randomly think of 'sa' being said over and over again.

I also dance to this song a bit, because why not? Then again, it makes sense for MeseMoa. to create a track that feels easy to dance along to, because that's how they started - dancing.

It's a great track, and if I had listened to it a lot more it would definitely be a lot higher. Still, the fact they rank higher than last place surprises me a little... I actually thought I would place the song last, but instead they beat out a few others. Funny how my brain works when working on this list, huh?


Apocalypse by Mardelas (22.06.2019)
(From the EP Ground Zero)

Though I hadn't heard of Mardelas until 2019, I somehow managed to fall in love with their song Apocalypse after listening to it for the first time. With such a strong, heavy sound, amazing vocals courtesy of Hebiishi Marina and a powerful aura, this type of song isn't usually my area of interest. Still, when you love something, you love it a great deal, and I really do enjoy Apocalypse.

Oh, and it feels like a hardcore anime opening. I love that, especially when I consider that this type of song appeals to my younger years as an anime and manga fan.

Honestly, I'm glad that I was able to be introduced to Mardelas this year and find Apocalypse. It's a great song, one that I have listened to a fair bit since finding it, and every time i hear it I can't help but marvel at how fun it is. I would love to hear this song live at least once, but until that day comes I will simply make do with the studio version. Regardless, it's absolutely amazing and 100% worthy of being on the Master List.

Originally an Honourable Mention

Good bye & Good luck! by Juice=Juice (13.02.2019)
(From the single Bitansan / Potsuri to / Good bye & Good luck!)

When it comes to graduation songs, Hello! Project undoubtedly rocked it this year, and with the first being the chipper Good bye & Good luck!, I feel like we can't round off this year end post of music loves without it because - yes - I really did enjoy this track.

Though it isn't my favourite graduation track of the few that H!P brought out, this one has been stuck in my head upon first hearing it, all because it is hella catchy, and very cute. I mean just listen to it: adorable. Very idol, very cute and pretty much perfect for the cute little bean that is Yanagawa Nanami. It's such a fitting release for her.

I like this song a decent amount, and I remember it super well from the year gone by. It really is one of those tracks that just gets stuck into your head, and I'm fine with that. I just pray I don't start screaming 'YOU SAY GOOD BYE & GOOD LUCK" to my co-workers by accident...


Thank you forever! by i✩RiS (28.08.2019)
(From the single Fantasic Illusion)

you know when you hear and song and immediately like it? Well, that happened with Thank you forever!, the gorgeous b-side that accompanies i✩RiS' mess of an A-side, Fantastic Illusion. No lie, I actually dislike the leading track a great deal, so for a while I ignored this release until finally, I gave it a chance.

I still don't like Fantastic Illusion, but holy crap, Thank you forever! is such a pretty, angelic song that feels sentimental, and also a little bit like a graduation track. Honestly, listening to it scares me a little in regards to the future of i✩RiS because it's so heavy on the sentimental factor. I can just imagine them singing it on stage as they wear white dresses... ;^;

Okay, okay, I'll stop feeling sad over the song... and instead talk about why it's pretty low on this Master List, despite the fact that I clearly enjoy it. Well, let's be real here: I heard it far, far too late - as in when I started writing this list out too late - but because it speaks to me, and because it's a good song, I wanted to put it in the list. Plus, I've already been looping the crap out of this song, which goes to show just how precious it is.

Thank you forever! is a sweet, sentimental song that reaches my heart and makes me smile, but also makes me worry a little. i✩RiS did a good job with this beautiful track.

Originally #58

Koboreochi by 2& (20.04.2019)
(From the album Saki PLUS YOU =2&)

Whenever I hear Saki, a biased little voice in my head screams 'AHHHHHHHHH, SAKIIII!!!' and I immediately fall in love with whatever she creates. So, it should come as no surprise to any of you once you see a Saki-oriented song on my list, especially if it's a powerful and fun track like Konoreochi, which has the best opening over.

Because SAKI!!!

Ahem... I love this track, and I initially struggled with whether or not I should put the song higher or lower than others, simply because I like it that much. But, due to my inability to listen to it enough from the year gone by, I decided that it would probably be best if I was only being fair and put it a little closer to the end of the list, as opposed to the top of it. So, here we are: #54 in my favourite songs of 2019. I think it's a pretty decent spot.

Thankfully this isn't the last we will see of Saki, but rest assured, people, putting Saki this low means nothing. She is an incredible singer with an amazing sound, and Koboreochi is but one of my favourite tracks from her UK-exclusive album that I picked up this year. It's a great track, filled with energy and a big voice from a small Idol who will undoubtedly rock your world.

Check it out if you can, and fall into the world of 2&'s very own Saki.

Originally an Honourable Mention

Koi wa Accha Accha by ANGERME (10.04.2019)
(From the single Koi wa Accha Accha / Yume mita 15)

Koi wa Accha Accha was one of those songs that I was initially shaking my head at. Though I found it fun and entertaining, it wasn't the sort of song I gravitated towards or even felt the need to listen to... well, not until I began mentally preparing myself for this list and listening to the songs from 2019 I had heard over and over again, and suddenly poof! Here it is.

In my damn list.

How dare you, Koi wa Accha Accha.

This song is catchy, infectious and fun. It's memorable on so many levels, and despite my initial thought to simply keep this an honourable mention, I knew deep down that that wouldn't be right... so I kicked Haru Urara from my list and added this one instead, because priorities and yes, I will admit it: this is a far superior song in so many ways. Haru Urara who?

I like this song a lot more now than I initially thought I would, but that's what usually happens with these kinds of lists. I got all nostalgic for it, found its charm and realised my mistake in making it an Honourable mention, so here it sits, a few pegs higher than I ever anticipated.

I saw the light, y'all!


Mother of Pearl by Rukatama A Go Go (04.2019)
From the single Mother of Pearl

Though she won't really be recognised within the general Idol fandom, Rukatama A Go Go - of Melonbatatake A Go Go - is probably a lot better known throughout the alt-Idol fandom for both her group and solo work, and honestly speaking, she should be someone you guys need to pop onto your radar, because Rukatama is simply incredible.

With the release of Mother of Pearl earlier this year, Rukatama has quickly become one of my favourite solo singers on the J-music scene thanks to her voice and the style of music she seems to enjoy singing along to. Granted, I have only heard the one release from her - this one - but the tone and style she has feels so laid back and old-school, and I love that because it's refreshing, at least for an Idol.

Mother of Pearl is freakin' great, period. I just had to get that out there because it's the truth. Also, to say that Rukatama has an amazing voice is an understatement, because she goes beyond that. When I first heard her voice I was like "Excuse me? How did THAT happen?", and I was honestly blown away by how strong, emotive and mature she sounds. this young woman is on a whole other level when it comes to singing, at least in my eyes. She isn't just any Idol - she's an Idol who actually has a voice you want to listen to, and she will capture your attention right away.


Tsubame by Fudanjuku (30.01.2019)
(From the single Tsubame)

I actually aimed to put this a lot lower on the list, but after listening to Tsubame once again I realised that placing it anywhere between 60 ~ 70 would be absolute madness, so after a little pondering, uhming and ahing... I actually switched READY TO KISS out with Fudanjuku, placing this song a fair bit higher. I guess that's the power of Fudanjuku, right?

Tsubame is such a good track, one of those feel-good graduation songs that Fudanjuku seem to do oh so well. I absolutely adore how this song sounds, and though it has Fudanjuku's signature style to it that is easily recognisable, it's that very style that makes it so enjoyable and appealing. It really is a nostalgic, sweet song, and I am so happy something like this was used as Kouki's graduation track.

i adore Tsubame, though it isn't my favourite song from Fudanjuku all year. That song will come a little later on in the list...~


Silk Hat Parade by 26ji no Masquerade (26.10.2019)

After adoring the heck out of them last year, I have been keeping an eye on 26ji no Masquerade and their activities since, though I need to be honest with you all and admit that their music hasn't exactly impressed me. But somehow - despite initially disliking the heck out of this song - their song Silk Hat Parade somehow managed to wind up on this list.

And dude, I really didn't like this track. Yet somehow I kept going back to it, and through some bullshit miracle, the song itself has been one i just have to listen to, sing along with and whatever else. I just love it in its calm yet oddly upbeat way, I enjoy how the members sound and i even like the shit autotune that is riddled in this track. It's endearing, and I just can't get enough of it.

I still wonder why I like this song because, dude, it's not exactly great, but somehow it became a favourite without me realising. So, because of how much I have obsessed over this song and its sound, I think that placing it within the Top 50 is pretty reasonable. I mean, I have enjoyed this song a great deal over the December month, and I still go back to it now. So yeah, that's why it's here. Because it's a really recent favourite, and because I still enjoy the hell out of it.

God damnit, 26ji. You dun got me with this one.


Witch Hunting Night by Colorpointe (19.05.2019)
(From the EP Choosy Museum Dictionary)

Though they're still far too low on this list for comfort, I am back with some more Colorpointe, but this time with a more fitting song for their image. With more of a Halloween vibe at the start, Witch Hunting Night is an effective song that feels atmospheric and reminiscent of past Colorpointe releases.

I can't express how much I like this song, because it's a bit of a weird one. Though it takes inspiration from some of Colorpointe's older releases, it also becomes its own entity once the tone and pace takes on a complete change. And that's what I like about this song in particular - it doesn't have one style or tone, yet it flows beautifully and somehow manages to still sound complete. Honestly, Witch Hunting Night is a bit of a trip, with it starting out in a lovely, classic way, before eventually veering off into this playful sound that makes me think of fairgrounds and children's parties.

Definitely interesting, though a little weird, but I appreciate that about it. I just hope that you guys give it a chance and check it out.


 by ZIYOOU-VACHI (22.05.2019)
(From the album )

One of the more unique groups I have stumbled across in 2019, ZIYOOU-VACHI - otherwise known as QUEEN BEE - have released one of my favourite albums of the year, and kicking off their debut appearance in this list is , an enigmatic title track that takes you into a world different to your own.

Atmospheric and unique, this song is a powerful addition to the albums track list, and makes use of various techniques to continue drawing you in. From powerful strums to soft, beautiful vocals courtesy of Avu-chan, as well as some trippy vocal layering to distort your perception of the song,  is a unique experience that needs to be heard, especially as I can't express its magnificent weirdness in words.

 is a trip, and I earnestly ask for you to give it a listen. The whole album is amazing in general, but this song is from a whole other planet, and I am so glad that I could experience its unique quality and give it a place on my Master List.

Originally #51

"Hitori de Ikiraresou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? by Juice=Juice (05.6.2019)
(From the single "Hitori de Ikiraresou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? / 25sai Eien Setsu)

Honestly, I have to give Hello! Project their dues: this year has been pretty incredible in terms of music from Juice=Juice, so placing them so low... well, it feels a little bit like a crime, but I have to place these songs where my heart tells me they should be placed, and as I haven't listened to this song a great deal, nor do I feel much attachment towards it, I feel like the #47 position is a pretty solid place for "Hitori de Ikiraresou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no?.

This is a great song, one that contains a lot of power and showcases the talent that Juice=Juice has as a group. Honestly, this song has left many a person speechless, and months after its release I still see fans talking about it, especially the opening. I really can't blame them, either; that opening is jaw-dropping, and I am so glad that Karin is the one who starts this song. She really is H!P's Ace.

"Hitori de Ikiraresou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? is a great track, I really do think highly of it. Heck, I would even consider this single in general the best H!P has put out all year, and I would even go as far to say that this is the best song they've released in 2019, but sadly I neglected it. Yes, I love it, but i don't love it as much as I do a few others. So, here lies Juice=Juice's song of the year, sitting in the graveyard that is position 51. Sorry, girls.

Originally #56

Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta by Ueno Yuuka (23.01.2019)
(From the album Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta)

A regular on these kinds of lists since 2013, Yuuka Ueno has returned with the title track from her latest album, Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta, a ballad that pretty much sounds similar to all the other ballads she has sung in the past. And yet regardless of how familiar it feels, I still can't get Yuuka's song out of my head for the life of me.

I initially planned on putting this down as an Honourable Mention, but given the fact that I have a tendency to think about this song, as well as the desire I have to listen to it every so often, it makes sense to actually put it on the list. Pretty low on the list, yes, but it's on the master list of 2019 songs all the same. Because it pretty.

I adore Ueno Yuuka's voice. I love the music she puts out, the power she has in her voice and the love she puts into her songs. Everything about her ballad songs especially simply appeals to me a great deal, and I will never deny that. I am glad that she kick-started her album with this track because, let's be real, it's very pretty and very on-brand for the singer, and it gives us an emotive start to the album.

It's a good song, one that I have listened to a fair bit upon its release, and a great starting point. I am so thankful that I still love Yuuka and her voice after all these years.


family name by ZOC (30.04.2019)
(From the single family name)

I feel like ZOC impressed me more than I anticipated. Prior to hearing any of their music, I didn't know much about their leader, Oomori Seiko, aside from the fact that she loves Michishige Sayumi and is an Idol fan. That was the extent of my knowledge, and I had no desire to get into ZOC.

And then family name happened, and I gelled with their music. It's totally up my ally, and though I was surprised that I came to the group, I'm glad that I gave their songs a chance, because they are a great group in terms of energy, style and vocals. I also love how they sound a little rougher, similar to BiSH. That type of sound and vocal style is rather appealing to me, I guess.

family name is a great track, and I sincerely hope that it isn't the last song I hear from ZOC. With such a promising group on the horizon, I look forward to what they bring come future releases, and I anticipate even more catchy releases from this awesome group.


365-Nichi no Heroine by Theme Park Girl (21.08.2019)
(From the single 365-Nichi no Heroine)

Despite only recently learning about Theme Park Girl - a whole 4~5 days ago, actually - somehow this group has wormed their way into my heart at a rapid pace, and managed to place a little higher than a fair few songs I have listened to over the course of the year gone by. Still, I can't deny what my heart wants, and it would really like me to place Theme Park Girl. So, without further ado, please say hello to one of the sweetest groups I have ever come across.

With a heartfelt sound and sweet lyrics that talk about how hard a mother works throughout the year, this song is a testament to mothers around the world who care for their children regardless of the time, season or issue. It's a beautiful track that pulls at my heartstrings every time I hear it, and ever since stumbling upon the song itself I have just not stopped playing it on repeat. I absolutely adore 365-Nichi no Heroine, and I have no doubt that I will continue listening to it well into the new Year.

I know this is a very recent addition to my favourites list - I only found them in 2020, after all - but it would be criminal to leave them out of the list, and given how much I have been repeating this song, singing along to and enjoying the heck out of it, I think that placing it here is justified, at least in my mind.

I love this song, and if it wasn't for the fact that I found it so freakin' late, it would probably be in the Top 10. But I have my own rules to play by, and because I want to stick to them, I will keep 365-Nichi no Heroine here. It's a pretty good spot though, I won't lie.


Aru Wake Nai no by Maneki Kecak (18.12.2019)
(From the single Aru Wake Nai no)

There is something about maneki Kecak that draws me in, and I don't know what it is. Well, thanks to this strange appeal they have, I was able to fall into the depths of Aru Wake Nai no, a halloween track that I have pretty much been obsessed with upon its release thanks to its cute sound, the high-pitched vocals and, most importantly, the music video that accompanies it. I love that video, and I especially love how bored the members look throughout it as ghosts.

This song is simply enjoyable. I don't think there's anything else I can add to it, aside from that it is very catchy and a fun listen. It does have its moments where it feels a little more atmospheric, but honestly... I just love this song because I love it. I listen to it a lot, play it frequently and think of it far too much for comfort.

Aru Wake Nai no is a good song, and though it's not the best on here, I love it far too much to place it lower than this. That said, I don't love it as much as others, hence why it isn't further along in the list, but the good memories I have of it - all three months worth of memories, ha! - have encouraged me to place it here. So, here it is! I love this damn song.


Beautiful Sunday by Rukatama A Go Go (04.2019)
(From the single Mother of Pearl)

I absolutely love listening to Beautiful Sunday by Rukatama A Go Go, mostly because it's such a pleasant experience. As I said before, Rukatama's voice is incredible, and I can only continue to praise her voice with her coupling track for the single she recorded for her fans. She really knows what songs suit her, and I am glad she created a cover of a song I didn't know existed before now.

Honestly, she is incredible.

I was fairly obsessed with Beautiful Sunday when I first heard it, and I remembered how much I loved Rukatama's rendition of it periodically throughout the year. Though I haven't gone back to it as much as others, I have listened to it once or twice since getting the single. I like it a lot, and I think that placing it here is a good decision on my part.

This is a great track, and yes, I want you guys to seek it out. It's my favourite of the two songs on the single, as well as the one that I was most excited to place. Sure, it isn't that high up in the pecking order, but it's a pretty good spot. I'm sure Rukatama would be happy with simply being on someones favourites list.


Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo by Magical Punchline (19.06.2019)
(From the single Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo)

Good grief, I listened to Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo so much once the PV dropped, and for a while I was pretty sure this would crack my Top 10. However, after months of ignoring it, I have come back to Magical Punchline's song and realised that, whilst I have fond memories of enjoying this song a great deal, it no longer gives me that excited feeling I once felt when I was obsessing over this track. And that, dear readers, is the reason why it is within my Top 50 as opposed to being in my Top 10.

Now, don't get me wrong: I still like the song, but it somehow lost the impact it once held when I first heard it, and that's okay. Some songs stick with us for a long time, whilst others simply fade out of our minds after a certain point. For Magical Punchline, as fantastic as a group they are, Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo simply stopped being a prominent track within my playlist. It happens, and I have no regrets in choosing to place the song here, because whilst I may no longer feel that rush of excitement when I hear the opening bars or experience the bridge of the song, I still remember singing along and dancing to this song with happiness.

It's a cute song, and one of my happier moments from 2019. Sadly, Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo fell into obscurity for me, but that is what happens. I am thankful it allowed me to experience some happy, energetic moments in 2019 however, and I am glad it brought me joy for as long as it did.


Zessan Influenza by READY TO KISS (06.03.2019)
(From the single Date Datte)

READY TO KISS have been climbing my ranks since 2017 thanks to the addition of Miho, and 2019 has only furthered my love for the group thanks to the types of songs they bring out. Cute, upbeat and enjoyable, Zessan Influenza is one of my favourite tracks from their single Date Datte thanks to that signature HouPri / READY TO KISS sound, and also because it is pretty easy to sing along and chant to.

I have had a lot of fun listening to this song since its release, and even now I still sing along to it. Actually, Date Datte is one of the few releases that I have listened to consistently throughout the year that was, often tuning in to it whenever I felt the need to. I like how sweet the songs are, and I find the overall feel of the songs charming. And despite Zessan Infuenza not being my favourite of the three songs I do enjoy from the single, I still like it enough to add it to my list and find it to be an infectiously catchy song.

It's a bit of a bop, actually, and I look forward to hearing this live if I can.


Sakura no Yakusoku by Miyashita Maika (18.09.2019)
(From the single / Sakura no Yakusoku)

Though I may not have been keen on her debut mini-album last year, her single release for 2019 was a whole different situation for me, because wow, this is an incredible release, as well as one of the most beautiful singles I have heard all year. Seriously, Maika is even putting my solo favourite, Ueno Yuuka, to shame with the power and emotion that this single contains.

One of the songs that I just happen to love is Sakura no Yakusoku, the second track on the double A-side release. It is honestly very pretty, with the instrumental and sound of Maika's voice making me reminisce about my youthful days when I played Final Fantasy because - somehow - this track reminds me of the Final Fantasy soundtracks that played during the game. And yeah, that's pretty powerful, at least to me.

I enjoy Sakura no Yakusoku a great deal, though it isn't my favourite song on Maika's single. But hey, you will have to wait and see which one is my favourite later on, and where it will end up on this list...~

Originally an Honourable Mention

Mikansei no Story by Ohara Sakurako (31.07.2019)
(From the single I am I)

I absolutely adore Ohara Sakurako, and ever since finding her music and falling in love with her voice and style - ballad queen, how predictable - she has been a consistent attendee on this Best of Music list of mine. And hey, why not? I adore this singer and find her music so calming. Sakurako soothes my soul, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

With that said, Mikansei Story is surprisingly not a ballad, though it isn't exactly that energetic, either. It's still an upbeat track, and seems to be a style that Sakurako herself is dipping her toes into a little more right now, because I am fairly sure that her most recent release was very upbeat. I don't dislike this style she's trying, of course - in fact it suits her very well, but it does feel different to other releases that she has put out.

Mikansei Story is a great track, and though it isn't my favourite that Sakurako has put out from all the music I have heard from her, it's still a song that I gravitate towards and listen to semi-regularly because of how catchy it sounds, and how happy it makes me feel. It's such a feel-good track.


Junin to Iro by BANZAI JAPAN (25.06.2019)
From the single Junin to Iro / Kingyo no Uta

with their major debut this year, BANZAI JAPAN's single has become one of my favourites for 2019 thanks to the groups use of mixing traditional and modern elements to create a theme that celebrates Japanese culture at its finest. Complimenting that idea is Junin to Iro, a song that makes use of both traditional and electronic sounds to bridge that gap between Japan's traditional values, as well as its modern vibe thanks to how far ahead the country is in regards to technology, fashion and music.

This is a great track, as well as the first song of BANZAI JAPAN's to receive a music video to accompany it, and I couldn't think of a better song to be given a PV. It's energetic yet calm, dance-heavy but elegant at certain points, and catchy from start to finish. It's the perfect song for BANZAI JAPAN, and though it's not the best track they have put out, it's certainly an interesting one to tune into.

I love listening to Junin to Iro, it honestly puts a smile on my face. BANZAI JAPAN are an energetic, fun group filled to the brim with personality riddled girls, and I am so happy I could be won over by them. I look forward to their future single releases under a major label, but for now I will enjoy Junin to Iro. It's so much fun!


Aitakunai, aitai by Ueno Yuuka (23.01.2019)
From the album Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta

Rolling back around with another ballad is our Queen, Ueno Yuuka. Undoubtedly my favourite ballad from this entire album, Aitakunai, aitai is such a beautiful, emotive peace that truly shows the power of Yuuka's voice the longer it goes on. I can't get enough of how amazing she sounds.

The instrumental paired with Yuuka's voice is simply incredibly, and though I am aware that a lot of people don't care for ballad tracks, I hope you at least check out this one, just to see if it does appeal to you at all. Maybe it's just me, but I feel so inspired whenever I hear this song. If I still wrote stories, this would probably be the song that I write them to.

How it fluctuates, the tone and the power behind Yuuka's voice are all aspects of this song that makes it so appealing to me as a listener, but that may also be my bias showing. I just love everything about it, and I am so happy I listened to the album in full, because however flawed it may feel, it does have some gorgeous tracks thrown in there. Case in point: THIS ONE.

Originally an Honourable Mention

Shin Jidai Princess by Houkago Princess (10.07.2019)
(From the single Shin Jidai Princess / Princess no Teigi)

Shin Jidai Princess was the song I pretty much uhmed and ahed over in terms of either placing it in the Master List, or choosing to throw it into the honourable Mentions list. Well, in the end it made its appearance, because whilst it may not be my favourite song from the group, period, it did manage to grow on me like a freakin' beanstalk. Because HouPri, bitch.

So, yeah... I love this song now, and despite my initial thoughts regarding where I would place it - not even in the honourable mentions, surprisingly - this weed of a song has found its way in the Top 40. Well, damn. It's surprised even me, and I'm the one making this list.

It feels like there are a lot of songs here that I initially didn't like, but still ended up putting on here because they grew on me. But that's how great music is; without you realising it, a song you initially didn't care for can quickly become a favourite, even if you didn't want it to.

Anyway, I like it a lot now. I think it's because in general, the song is catchy as heck and reminiscent of the groups 'old' sound, the sound that they had back in their first indies era. It also includes a lot of titles and lyrics from every single up until this point in its own lyrics, which I enjoy greatly about the song itself. It gives an air of nostalgia, whilst still acknowledging that there is a future they need to create together in their current form. It's this aspect that I love the most, but I do have to admit that the song itself is great now that I have listened to it a lot more. It's still weak, but hey - it's fuckin' catchy.

And that's Shin Jidai Princess in a nutshell. What a bloody song.


Kaen by ZIYOOU-VACHI (22.05.2019)
(From the album )

Kaen, though still unique in its own way, is a little less out of this world when compared to the joy that was  from this album. Still, the song itself is a trip, once again bringing ZIYOOU-VACHI's weirdly atmospheric vibe to your ears. And yes, it is hella catchy once more.

I actually never anticipated placing Kaen on my list, however after thinking of the opening words 'Party is over' on more than one occassion, I realised that I needed to go back to the song and see if it warranted being placed on this list along with a few others. And, lo and behold, it managed to make it on here, because it is that good of a song.

Honestly, I just really like what ZIYOOU-VACHI has created here. It's such a fun song as well, mixing hella high and low notes thanks to the talent that is Avu-chan. There is even a little bit of rap in here, which I do appreciate because, y'know: rap and all that jazz. It mixes the song up, giving it a unique feel that is very in-keeping with this album.

Like all the other songs on this list, Kaen is great. It is really fun to listen to, I love the fluctuating paces and tones throughout, and I enjoy the fact that Avu-chan is just having one hell of a time recording this. The passion and desire that's riddled through this is amazing and notable, and yeah... I love it. I love Kaen. Thank God I decided to give it another listen (or five) to aid me in making the decision to put it on this list. It is far too good to not appear.


Watashi Datte Idol by Sashihara Rino of AKB48 (13.03.2019)
(From the single Jiwaru DAYS)

Adorable. This song is adorable. It's also pretty damn great, a wonderful testament to Sasshi's career as an idol, and an overall fun song that was simply created to celebrate one of the best Idols in all of AKB48 history, perhaps even the idol industry as a whole.

Despite its very generic nature, this song pretty uch screams 'Sasshi', an Idol fan who became an Idol herself and created an image for herself that is hard to ignore. Though she had a lot of disadvantages during her career as an idol - a girl who was a little plain, couldn't sing or dance as well as others and even went through a scandal - Sasshi herself beat the odds and became one of the most well-known Idols in all of Japan, as well as one of the most respected, even by those who don't care for her. And it's this song that basically celebrates all of her achievements. It's great.

A fun, cute song that is perfect for Sasshi as a graduation track. It is worthy of this Master List, truly.


Kingyo no Uta by BANZAI JAPAN (25.06.2019)
(From the single Junin to Iro / Kingyo no Uta)

Reeling themselves back in are BANZAI JAPAn, who honestly impressed me a great deal with Kingyo no Uta, a favourite of mine not only from their recent single, but of all time. This is such a great song, one that is a ball of energy and fun, and must be experienced live. It is only enhanced when you see it performed by the members themselves.

I heard this song prior to its official release thanks to seeing them perform in London, but hearing it in studio format is incredible. I love how fun it is, and I love that I generally want to dance along to it. It's so catchy, too, like a lot of these songs on here. I just can't help but love it, really.

I think that if you are going to get into BANZAI JAPAN, definitely check this song out and find a live performance for it. It really is a lot of fun, and I only have fond memories regarding this song. it really makes me miss BANZAI JAPAN though...

Ahhh, I LOVE IT!


Arienhodo Fever by i☆RiS (22.05.2019)
(From the single Ultimate☆MAGIC)

It took a while to get to this point, but finally, i☆RiS appear on the list at #31! It feels like this spot was pretty hard to fill in general, as I probably placed 2~3 songs here before realising pretty quickly that there was no way they should be this low, and whilst I definitely don't want to consider anything by i☆RiS as a low rated song, I do have to put Arienhodo Fever somewhere on this list, so why not here?

Honestly, this song is absolutely fantastic, quite possibly one of my most favoured b-side tracks from the year gone by because it's an absolute jam of a track. With such high energy, a bit of a cool sound and some catchy lyrics, this song stands out for me in so many ways. I adore it, and I am so happy that i☆RiS gave us such a fun follow-up to the A-side that is Ultimate☆MAGIC.

I doubt I will stop listening to this song any time soon because, similar to the b-sides from the Date Datte single, this track has been with me since just a little after its release. I have really enjoyed listening to it throughout 2019, and I look forward to hearing even more incredible music from one of my favourite groups this 2020.


Nakitai Kurai - English version - by Ohara Sakurako (31.07.2019)
(From the single I am I)

I didn't anticipate putting Nakitai Kurai - English version - on here, only because I'm aware that the song is just a re-recording of a previous track she has released, but why the hell not include it? I love the song, it's been pretty consistent in my playlist, and I think that Sakurako singing in English is great. That, and I already love the song a great deal, so why not give me another reason to love it more than before?

Nakitai Kurai is a great song by one of my soloists, but hearing it in English is just so surreal. It's nice to finally understand the lyrics and to hear Sakurako sing them out loud. She has such a beautiful voice, perfect for romantic songs.

I really can't get enough of this... -dabs eyes with tissue-


Ningen Moyou (Acoustic ver.) by 2& (20.04.2019)
(From the album Saki PLUS YOU =2&)

To say that Ningen Moyou is my favourite song from 27's Saki PLUS YOU =2& would be an understatement, because I simply believe that this song is incredible. Actually, I had no idea where I would place this for a while, but after leaving it close to the 30+ section, I think that I've finally found it's place in the list. It's not at the top, but it's definitely not at the bottom, either.

I'm actually pretty happy with where it stands right now, because it truly is a fantastic song. I just so happen to have a few others that I have listened to a lot more, had more fun with over the year gone by, and feel more of a connection to emotionally. Y'know, all that twoddle and whatnot.

Regardless, Ningen Moyou has been a song I returned to a fair few times in the past year, and I thoroughly enjoy it no matter how many times I loop the bloody song. It's a lot of fun, a little less heavy than some of Saki's other tracks, and great all around. Definitely check this one out if you want a more chilled out Saki when it comes to her music style. It's a winner, and one of my absolute favourites from her album and the year gone by.

Originally #32

 Yumemita 15 by ANGERME (10.04.2019)
(From the single Koi wa Accha Accha / Yumemita 15)

Okay, I held it off for as long as I could. I kept this one behind for the sake of this entire post with the hopes that maybe, juuuust maybe it would make it into the Top 20, at least. But no, there are just too many other great songs that I treasure more than this one, and despite the love I hold for yumemita 15, the nostalgia and the tears that I shed whenever I watched or listened to this, I think that this is it. It's my #28.

I do adore this song, I really do, but it doesn't make my heart flutter like others do. And whilst I want to basically hold a candle to this beautiful, emotional and wonderful track, I can't deny that it isn't one i hold higher than others. Still, it's such a splendid release, a perfect goodbye for Wada Ayaka who graduated in 2019. I love all it does for her in terms of homage and celebration, and I enjoy that it celebrates the S/mileage many of us knew and loved. It is an amazing track, one that is worthy of everyone's love and adoration.

I'm glad that Yumemita 15 was created, and I am happy to have it on my list. But sadly, I can't have it go any further. It just isn't possible for the year that was 2019.


phantasmagoria cosmos by NECRONOMIDOL (12.06.2019)
(From the EP Scions of the Blasted Heath)

When it comes to all of the songs from this EP, I feel like my favourite songs differ greatly from other NECRONOMIDOL fans. For some, phantasmagoria cosmos may be a little too low on the list, but for me it's in the right place, because whilst I love this track, it's certainly not my absolute favourite. Still, this song defined a wonderfulpart of 2019 for me, and I did adore listening to it when I bought the EP.

I really do enjoy how fun this song is, and how different it is against the other tracks in Scions of the Blasted Heath. It's cute, a little spacey, and feels reminiscent of 80's songs thanks to that upbeat, space-like nature. Then again, with cosmos in the title. I shouldn't have expected anything less.

Regardless of how I ranked it, phantasmagoria cosmos is a fantastic song and one of my favourites from this entire EP, but it's not the favourite. I have a lot of fun listening to it, but honestly, I've not paid much heed to it for a while now. Still, I acknowledge that it's an awesome track and that, for 2019, it definitely made a part of my year a lot of fun and a little bit frantic.


25sai Eien Setsu by Juice=Juice (05.6.2019)
(From the single "Hitori de Ikiraresou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? / 25sai Eien Setsu)

I don't know what it is about 25sai Eien Setsu, but it appeals to me. It's probably the pretty sound, the hopeful feel and the positive outlook more than anything, but honestly, I just can't help but love this song in all its glory. It really is a pretty song, and one that did Yuka justice for a graduation track.

I know that putting this a few pegs higher than Yumemita 15 may seem cold, but I honestly like this song a lot more when it comes to its sound and style. It's a soft, sweet song that is so fitting for Yuka, and it just makes me feel so happy and refreshed. I love that!

I enjoy listening to this song a great deal, so I'm glad that it broke into my top 30. It's a gem, it must be appreciated, and I can't help but feel delighted that Hello! Project gave its listeners something this sweet and sentimental for a graduation track.


Seisen by ZIYOOU-VACHI (22.05.2019)
(From the album )

Finally getting to the song that opens this incredible album, Seisen is an amazing track really sets the scene for  in terms of tone, style and story. With a defined sound, Seisen pretty much acts as the grand opening and does not play around. With a beautiful pace, gorgeous vocals and an instrumental that is simply mesmerising, this track feels the most 'normal' out of all the songs in my opinion, as it doesn't really fluctuate or change its style like the others do. It's consistent, which is great because as a listener, you are lulled into this false sense of normality, something this album lacks.

Seisen is beautiful, a track that I enjoy listening to every now and again because I find the instrumental itself enjoyable to hear. Though it's certainly the least unique in terms of what it does, I feel that Seisen sets up the rest of the album beautifully, especially as you can clearly hear a similar sound in a good chunk of the songs throughout, which only lends to tie them together.

I'm repeating myself. It's a good song, one of my favourites from the album, and a track that I keep thinking about it. I love it.

the festival by NECRONOMIDOL (12.06.2019)
(From the EP Scions of the Blasted Heath)

the festival is probably a close second in terms of favourites from this EP, and it's this song that I think a few people will go '???' at, only because it seems like it's fairly unpopular. Still, this is what I enjoy, and I honestly think that this song is great. I also love experiencing it when sung live.

It's a great song, one that I honestly enjoy listening to a great deal. Though I haven't exactly heard it in a while, I had a pretty big reaction in terms of moving my head and feet to the beat once I started playing it, because it's just that memorable, catchy and fun. It's such a mood enhancer.

I guess I like this song because it's a little bit creepy, but in general I like that kind of stuff when it comes to story writing and the like, so to have something that matches the atmosphere I want to capture... well, it's entrancing, much like a spell. So, yeah, I appreciate how enchanting this song is in a twisted kind of way.

the festival is fun, and though it may seem a little bland to some, it's right up my ally. I'm so glad this track was put onto the EP, because it's a bit of a bop, and I adore its pace, atmosphere and overall tone.


I am I by Ohara Sakurako (31.07.2019)
(From the single I am I)

Though I would have preferred to see Sakurako break my Top 15 with I am I, I need to stop denying that there are more important songs in my list and that, regardless of how much I enjoy I am I as song, it isn't as high on my list as others are.

But dude, 27 is still damn good. I guess I really do regard this song highly, huh?

I am I is one of Sakurako's more generic A-side tracks, but that's why I love it. I enjoy the sweet feeling the song delivers, the prettiness of her voice and the happiness that I am I delivers to me as a listener. it's simply delightful, offering me a momentary slither of happiness when I need it the most and delivering quality vocals as well. It's pure joy, and I am thankful that this is the song that pretty much brought me back into the real of Ohara Sakurako.


(From the EP Scions of the Blasted Heath)

I would have honestly liked to place this higher, but because I have other songs I favour a little more, I think that CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT is a little more suited to the Top 30. I feel a little guilty because I would have liked to see it enter the Top 20, but honestly... it's just too hard to choose where to place everything! Argh!

This song is amazing though, and my immediate reaction to hearing the opening bars is pretty physical because, yes, I begin to dance with arms. I just love hearing CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT because it's such a high energy song that is perfect for live shows and headbanging to. Oh, and it's sung completely in English, which is awesome.

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT is one of the best tracks on this entire EP, if not the best. It's catchy, memorably, fun to sing along to and worthy of head banging to. I love listening to every moment of this track, it gives me so much energy! Energy, good memories and sing-alongs... what more could i want from a NECROMA track?


Yuki no Uta by Ueno Yuuka (23.01.2019)
From the album Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta

I have a certain stubbornness about me which can be annoying at times, and when it comes to these lists it only seems to increase. With Yuki no Uta, I was stubbornly sure that it would be within the Top 10 and nowhere else, so for this long I held out placing it anywhere until... shock! Horror! I realised that of the songs I had left, my reaction to this one was the weakest.

So I told myself to do what was needed, and place Yuki no Uta, the beautiful track from Yuuka's 2019 album, at #21. Because priorities, people!

Okay, so I love this track a lot. It is one of my absolute, top tier favourites from Yuuka's entire album, and it's not even a ballad! In fact, it's a sweet pop song that is fairly upbeat and fun, a style that Yuuka has recently tried to branch into. Luckily this song suits her a great deal, and out of all the album songs it is this one that I reach for the most. It is simply delightful to listen to.

I'm glad to hear Yuuka branching out when it comes to style, and I am glad she has found some songs that suit her. Yuki no Uta is a gem, one that I adore. But yeah... still a little annoyed that I couldn't break it into my Top 10, somehow xD.

Originally #25

Nippon no D.N.A! by BEYOOOOONDS (07.08.2019)
(From the single Megane no Otoko no o / Nippon no D.N.A! / Go waist)

Finally. Finally I have found an appropriate place for one of my favourite H!P songs this year and, despite it not breaking the Top 20 like I had anticipated it would, I am still pleased with where it eventually landed. It may have taken a while to figure out where it should go, but I am happy with this because no matter it went, this song was deserving of being anywhere within the realms of the Top 30.

Nippon no D.N.A! is a great track, one that is so full of energy and fun, representing the vibrant personalities of each BEYOOOOONDS member as well as their talent as a collective. It's amazing, and I was simply blown away by the power and catchiness of this song. Sure, the other songs are pretty good, too, but this is the track that I remember, as well as the one I want to listen to. The others? Pffft, they can just sit in my folder for all I care.

In all seriousness though, this song is absolutely fantastic and the strongest of the three leading tracks on this entire single. It has lasting power, it's memorable, and Nippon no D.N.A! has a fairly fun message, too. I like everything about it, and yeah, I'm glad it was one of three debut songs for BEYOOOOONDS. It's pretty much incredible and I love it.


 TTP Festival by AKB48 Team TP (24.07.2019)
(From the single TTP Festival)

And now I have finally found a place for one of my most played songs of 2019, TTP Festival! Sure, it isn't as high as I had anticipated, but after a lot of thinking, I feel like this is a pretty good place to put it. I mean, 23 is pretty high up in the list, don't you think?

This song is a lot of fun, and I feel like Team TP has one of my favourite renditions of the song, mostly because the soft vocals of the members appeals to me a great deal. Seriously, it's super cute and charming, quite energetic and above all: FUN! I love this track, and though I haven't listened to it for a few weeks, coming back to it just makes me smile! I adore it so much.

I am happy that I found TTP Festival when I did, because it's a great track that gave me a lot of happy moments as I sang along to it, danced to the choreography and more. It brightens my mood too, and because of that I had to put it on my list. I love TTP Festival so much.

Originally #35

Sensei by ZIYOOU-VACHI (22.05.2019)
(From the album )

Well, that flew up a few places, huh o 3o.

Opening with a much slower pace than some of ZIYOOU-VACHI's other songs on this album, Sensei is another great track that has a bit of a slow build, as well as a sudden ending. A much shorter track - it actually sits at 2:37 minutes - the impact and feel of this song is rather impressive, and stands out to me thanks to how normal it seems in comparison to other songs present on .

Still, despite being one of the more 'normal' tracks, the sound is in-keeping with the style that ZIYOOU-VACHI has going on throughout the album, tying the stories of each songs instrumental together very well.

If anything, the narrative of this song seems pretty interesting. With Avu-chan taking on both roles of teacher and student, he creates a story about an illicit love affair between the two that ends rather abrubtly with the sound of a match being lit, insinuating the end of not only their relationship, but their lives.

It's dark, it's beautiful, and it's an incredible song. I really love Avu-chan's voice as well, and the fact they play out both roles and create such different characters is incredible. Truly, Avu-chan is an inspiration.


Su na dokei by Miyashita Maika (18.09.2019)
(From the single / Sakura no Yakusoku)

Another one that caused me some grief in terms of where to place it, Su na dokei by Moyashita Maika has to be one of my favourite ballads from 2019, period, if not the favourite because of how pretty and serene it is. And yeah, once again it reminds me of game music, though not Final Fantasy specific this time. It does have that vibe, however.

Honestly, i love this song. I love all these songs, but Su na dokei has this special place in my heart because it pulls at that very heart, makes me want to cry and just speaks to me musically. It's absolutely lovely, with Maika doing this song so much justice. Truly, she is a songstress.

I feel like everyone needs to pick up this single because, to put it bluntly, Maika is an incredible and singer and deserves the support and fans. She has a moving voice, one that is rich and powerful, and I can't help but appreciate and love it. I am so thankful that I finally sat down and listened to this song because, as I have said numerous times in various ways, this is amazing.


Excuse You! by Fudanjuku (19.06.2019)
(From the single Dash & Daaash!!)

The amount of time and energy I have for Excuse You! is a great deal because, to put it in the exact same way as I have done every other song on this damn list, I love it. And what isn't there to like? It's catchy, the opening demands your attention, and this is honestly such a good follow-up to Tsubame.

This is the kind of energy I love to hear from Fudanjuku when it comes to their music, and it's the kind of song that captures me the moment I listen to it because it's just so entertaining. And yeah, when I first heard Excuse You! I knew that it was an absolute banger of a bop, and i have no regrets in waiting this long to finally place it. It totally deserves to be in the Top 20.

Excuse You! is catchy, fun and has a wonderful instrumental. I seem to have a surge of energy whenever I listen to it, and even if I don't dance along to it properly, I am still dancing in my seat. It's such a happy, energy-fuelled song, and I am so happy I was able to find this single on Spotify, or else I would have never heard the absolute joy that is Excuse You!. Now, go listen to it, dear readers~


≠ME by ≠ME (04.08.2019)
(From the digital single ≠ME)

To say that I didn't know where to place ≠ME is an understatement, because no matter how much I love this song, I always knew that it would more than likely stay within the Top 20 because of how new it is. That said, this is a song that I adore and have invested a lot of time in, which is why it managed to break itself through to the Top 15.

=LOVE had an equally memorable debut, but I feel like ≠ME have come out with a more powerful sound, and a little bit of a more mature look when compared to their older sister group, which I like. Honestly, I would love to see these girls basically beat out =LOVE with more songs like this, because ≠ME really is a bop, and I just love clapping along to it and having a blast listening to it.

A glorious song, a wonderful debut and an amazing group. I really do look forward to what ≠ME achieve in the future, and I anticipate them rocking on up to these lists a little more in the near future.


Jiwaru DAYS by AKB48 (13.03.2019)
(From the single Jiwaru DAYS)

Finally making an appearance is Jiwaru DAYS, a song that has managed to stick with me in the past year since its release, and one that I have continually gone back to because I simply love how it sounds. A little bit elegant, very much generic, this graduation track is a fun little release that has filled my 2019 with a spark of joy thanks to its pretty sound.

I really do love Jiwaru DAYS, which is why it won my #1 spot for best Graduation song of 2019, and though I would have liked to see it break through to the Top 5 at least, I can't keep holding on to the song when I know that the other tracks ahead of it mean more to me than this. Still, I hold Jiwaru DAYS in high regard.

This precious track has seen many a smile from me in 2019, and I'm happy that I could enjoy Sasshi's final song with AKB48 before her graduation. It's a perfect, cute fit, and I love it. The days i spent listen to it truly were fun and without worry.


Kimi made no Kyori by Ueno Yuuka (23.01.2019)
(From the album Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta)

I earnestly wanted this to break the Top 10, but due to the amount of songs I have in this list, and also because there are other songs that I simply rate a little higher, I finally made the difficult choice to place Ueno Yuuka's final, final track right here, just outside of the realms of the top 10, but still snug within the Top 15.

This has to be my favourite song of Ueno's in a long time. Upbeat, fun, carefree and cheerful, this song is everything. My reaction to it is immediate, and I absolutely love dancing along to the chipper tune that is Kimi made no Kyori. It's honestly a bop, a song that deserves to be heard and loved by fans and casual listeners. This track is incredible, and I will shout it out loud if I have to!

God, I love Yuuka, I love her voice and I love this album. It has brought me so much joy in 2019, and though I may have disliked one or two songs on the track list, this entire release has honestly surprised me, pleased me and kept me interested in Yuuka's ever-improving career.

i am so pleased that this album was released. It was a true joy to listen to, and I honestly hope that you guys manage to check it out, too, if only for a few of the songs mentioned on this list~


Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie by READY TO KISS (06.03.2019)
(From the single Date Datte)

With my #12 spot being one of the biggest pains in the asses to figure out, I finally present to you Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie, a food-themed b-side track from the wonderful READY TO KISS! With a cute summer sound and adorable vocals, this is a super sweet track that will probably give you a bunch of cavities if you listen to it enough.

I love this song. I really, really adore it and just think it's one of the greatest things in terms of a READY TO KISS b-side, and ever since hearing it for the first time I have been obsessed with Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie. This honestly has to be one of my most played tracks from 2019, right next to another one or two songs that will appear further down the list.

This song... Ahhhh, I just love it so much! The happiness it brings me, the smile I have when I hear it and the surge of joy it delivers... this is everything. I truly, madly, deeply love Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie.


Princess no Teigi by Houkago Princess (10.07.2019)
(From the single Shin Jidai Princess / Princess no Teigi)

To say this song brings out a violent reaction in me is an understatement, and if it weren't for the fact that I am typing this right now, I would be punching the air, dislocating my shoulder and looking like I am having a bad reaction to something, all because i freakin' love this song so damn much. I love it so much that it makes me violently para-para the house down, and I'm okay with that.

I actually never anticipated enjoying this song so much that, one way or another, it would wind up in my Top 10 songs of 2019 Master List. Yeah, I knew it would appear on the list somewhere, just not here. With that said, this song has truly grown on me since its release, and I have since come to love the charming, fun piece that is Princess no Teigi by Houkago Princess.

This is a fun, lively track, one that will probably become the groups signature song alongside Juliet ~Kimi wo Suki na 100 no Riyuu~, and I am so happy that something this precious was released. I absolutely adore it, and though I could never imagine it would break my Top 10, I am so glad it did. It truly is an amazing song, and I will continue to violently dance along whenever I listen to it.

10 by Miyashita Maika (18.09.2019)
(From the single / Sakura no Yakusoku)

If it wasn't for the fact that I didn't start listening to this until a lot later into the year, I feel like Maika would have won this entire list, hands down. I am completely obsessed with as a song, and more often than not i will be listening to it when I am working on my computer. It is a fantastic song, a perfect example of Maika's incredible voice and the best way to start off the entire single.

I don't know how many ways I can say I adore this song, but i do. I really, really enjoy listening to this on a daily basis and, so far, I haven't gotten sick of since first hearing it. I know for sure that I'm going to pick this up when I have a chance, because I absolutely adore this single and all the songs in it. It is bloody perfect, and I don't know if Maika will ever be able to top this level of perfection during her career as an idol and soloist. is everything. I adore this song, I love Maika's voice, and I want more. Simply listening to this song once is not enough, so onto a loop it goes. Please obsess over this song with me~


Be My Way by BE MY BABY (11.05.2019)
(From the single Be My Way)

After accidentally stumbling upon Be My Way by the recently defunct BE MY BABY, I fell in love. It was a bit of a hard fall, granted, but after picking myself up again I realised what a gem of a track I had stumbled on. A little generic, very upbeat and fairly hopeful in terms of it sound, this was definitely the sort of song that would appeal to me. And man, I am glad I never looked back. This song really did define the end of my year, and I am still in love with it this very moment.

it's fairly hard to categorise a song like this on my list, mostly because I could easily say 'yes, I want this to be third place', but Be My Way doesn't have the history some of the other songs on this list have with me. So, with that thought in mind, I think that being within the Top 10 is a pretty sweet deal. And damn, for a group I had never heard of before, a song I basically tripped over and a few months of enjoying it, this is a pretty sweet spot to snag from all the others.

Be My Way is a lot of fun, and it is definitely one of my favourites from 2019. This song never fails to make me smile.

Originally #37

Gattan Gotton Go! by BOYS AND MEN (25.12.2019)
(From the single Gattan Gotton GO!)

... This flew waaaaay up. What happened!?

BOYS AND MEN happened, that's what. And I happen to be obsessed with this song as well, hence why it managed to break a fair few barriers to finally get to this point. Damn.

 are incredible, and thanks to the powers that be, we were given another single release in December that showcases the groups wonderful energy and happiness. Honestly, I adore this song with all my being, and have been obsessively playing it on repeat since it dropped. It's so catchy and fun, very BOYS AND MEN in style, and just so...!!!

It's a song that appeals to and inspires me. I love tracks like this, ones that tell you to go for your dream and do what you can to achieve it. I love songs that make you feel like your goals and aspirations are important and that you can achieve anything. I like the positivity and the joy it brings, and I like how much this song makes me smile. It's just so damn amazing, and I can't get enough of it right now.

Long live bOYS AND MEN! I honestly look forward to the day where they break the Top 10 and head for #1, but today isn't that day!

Originally #36

Hoshi no Tabiboto by Tenkou Shoujo* (13.11.2019)
(From the album COSMOS)

This is one of those songs that I immediately knew would be on my list, simply because I loved this song a great deal back in October 2019. For a while it was a song I listened to a lot, and despite not listening to it for a few weeks now, Hoshi no Tabiboto still holds a place in my heart as one of my favourite songs from 2019.

Much like every other track on here, this song is very pretty. I love how it sounds, the way it makes me want to dance a little as I listen to it, and the feelings it gives me. It just makes me feel so damn happy, and during a time where I felt a lot of sadness and anguish, this song was basically a beam of light pouring through my clouds of grey.

I was initially going to place this a lot lower, however after writing about it and realising how much this song meant to me during a period where I needed it the most, I have finally brought it to the place I had originally thought it belonged: The Top 10. It might not be the best track on here, but the meaning that this song has to me is greater than anything else. It may sound silly, but this song has helped me in a way I never expected it too, and that feeling of gratitude I hold towards this song alone is irreplaceable. 

It's a simple song, but it's one that delivered a simple slither of happiness. And that was all I needed at the time to get me through even the darkest of days.

Originally #13

Endless Notes by i☆RiS (13.02.2019)
(From the single Endless Notes)

I think it's become obvious by this point that i☆RiS are a favourite of mine when it comes to music and style, and with Endless Notes being the beautiful ballad that it is, of course it's going to find itself somewhere close to the top, though not the top. Still, I regard this song pretty highly, hence why it's found its way to the #6 spot on this list.

We all know by now that I am a sucker for ballads, and thanks to the beauty of Endless Notes, my year was filled with the gorgeous, emotive sounds of i☆RiS. This has honestly been one of my favourite songs of the entire year, with multiple replays as both a single and on its own. It has seen me through some dark days, a few brighter ones and even made me cry. It's a song that spoke to me a great deal, and though it may be just another ballad to some, it is a song that holds great meaning to me when it comes to the year 2019.

i☆RiS are consistently promoting good content and delivering music that I fall in love with quickly. I can't help but put their music on repeat, and throughout 2019 this has been one of those songs that I have not only listened to a great deal, but thought about constantly as well. I adore it, and thanks to Endless Notes I had a 2019 that sounded beautiful. Honestly, I am so happy that this song became a part of my year that was, and that it ranked so damn high.

Originally #1

Introduction by QUEEN BEE (22.05.2019)
(From the album )

A lot goes into the process of making these lists, and throughout that process a lot can change, especially the #1 spot. Though I typically have an idea of what song might win, that song usually never stays in the #1 spot by the completion of the list. Case in point: Introduction.

I absolutely love this song, and whilst I consider it the best song I heard from 2019, I also need to admit that it isn't my favourite, nor is it my most played. Still, I absolutely adore this song and how incredible it feels when I sing along to and listen to it. Introduction is amazing and needs to be heard by everyone who likes music, because ZIYOOU-VACHI are incredible and create such mesmerising, atmospheric music that will make you want to dance.

Despite falling behind a little in the list, I consider Introduction one of my favourite songs, and the highest in quality. It's absolutely amazing, and it was the perfect introduction to a group I had never heard of before, no pun intended.

I love this song, its sound, the way it flows and the way it makes me feel. The happiness that surges through me whenever I hear those opening bars of Introduction is paramount, and though it isn't the song that I feel defined my 2019 completely, it's still a song that brought me joy and made 2019 amazing in terms of music. It's simply incredible, a song that should be hear and appreciated, and a song that I want others to enjoy.

Introduction is simply incredible, and it brought me to a group that basically produces magic. Keep your eye on ZIYOOU-VACHI, people; they are worth your time and a whole lot more.


Ultimate☆MAGIC by i☆RiS (22.05.2019)
(From the single Ultimate☆MAGIC)

When I say that this group is one of my favourites, I mean it. Ever since falling in love with their song Make it! back in 2014 and awarding it my #1 spot, i☆RiS have been a signature group on these yearly rankings, more often than not reaching the higher points of my lists. This year is no different, of course.

And with one of their most memorable songs of the year, Ultimate☆MAGIC, who can blame me for bringing them into the Top 5? Catchy, energetic and crazy cute, this song wormed its way into my heart despite my reservations about it after my first listen. Despite all the odds, I came to love Ultimate☆MAGIC a great deal, regarding it even higher than my beloved Endless notes, because the power of a cute, hyperactive i☆RiS is so freakin' strong.

What started off as an annoying song that I thought I would forget about became something more, and it is now one of my favourite songs from 2019. I remember it so well, I think about it a great deal, and I love singing along to it with enthusiasm. It excites me, I smile whenever I hear those opening bars, and I can't help but adore it. Ultimate☆MAGIC really is an amazing track, and I am so glad that I came around and realised just how incredible the song is.

The power that i☆RiS holds is amazing.


Sustainable by AKB48 (18.09.2019)
(From the single Sustainable)

I thought that Sustainable would be the song to snag that #1 spot, taking away Introduction's original position in a surprise twist that even I didn't expect. But, whilst I do regard this song to a higher standard than you might expect (because yeah, it isn't a great song), I realised that another song deserved the #1 spot, which is why Sustainable finds itself in my Top 3.

The happiness that Sustainable provides me is indescribable, and whilst I don't know how I became obsessed with this song, I can say for sure that this is one of three tracks that defined 2019 for me when it comes to the music I was obsessed with, and the songs that brought me absolute joy and delight. Sure, it may not be the strongest track out there, and it may not be the best that AKB48 has provided us with in recent years, but it is a song that I have come to see as one of my favourites from 2019.

This is a simple, happy song, one that sadly caused a lot of grief for its centre, Yahagi Moeka, who will graduate from AKB48 in February 2020. But somehow this song became a favourite of mine, with Moeka actually being the main reason for why I wanted to watch the video that accompanied the song. I suppose it's thanks to Moeka that I love this song a great deal now, and whilst i do think it's one of my weaker favourites, it still brings me great happiness whenever I hear it.

Sustainable endeared itself to me somehow. Though I initially couldn't remember the tune or even the song name - often calling it Sentimentality in my head - this is a track that I quickly realised I wanted to hear more of, and in the end of it all it became one of my defining songs of 2019, as well as one of my most replayed.

It isn't perfect, it certainly isn't the best, but Sustainable makes me smile. That's what I needed the most in 2019, and I am glad that AKB48's Sustainable gave me a reason to smile during even the darkest of days in the year gone by. I am just sad that it didn't get my #1, because I really would have loved to see it in that spot. That spot is reserved for someone else, however...


Dash & Daaash!! by Fudanjuku (19.06.2019)
(From the single Dash & Daaash!!)

Though there are typically a lot of changes in these kinds of lists, I always knew that Fudanjuku would find themselves at the #3 or #2 spot on this list, even before I created it. If I am going to speak honestly hear, I seemed to know where Dash & Daaash!! would place the first time I heard it, and I'm glad that my decision is pretty much unwavering even now. I love this song, and it is 100% deserving of being one of my top tier tracks from the year that was 2019.

Upon hearing Dash & Daaash!! for the first time, I fell in love. From the energy to the vocals, I knew that this song would be a standard for 2019. I absolutely adore it, and though I had no access to the full-length version for a while, I dedicated my time to playing the short version on youtube on a loop. Still, I wanted to hear the full version, and would dedicate my days to searching for Dash & Daaash!! online before, finally, I stumbled upon the entire single on Spotify, of all places.

I generally dislike Spotify for my own reasons, but I have since lessened my hatred for it after using it for the sake of listening to Dash & Daaash!! and other songs I can not find anywhere else. But honestly, when I say that I was addicted to this song, I mean it. I am ready to buy it, I love it this much, but have only stopped myself from doing so because i have to save for an up-coming trip. Still, I am glad that I was able to find the full track for Dash & Daaash!!, because it is an incredible, invigorating song that makes me smile. It also makes me want to sing and dance, and gives me the drive to keep on going. It is amazing, and I couldn't have asked for a better song to come from Fudanjuku this year.

I love Dash & Daaash!! with every fibre of my being, and I will for a long time. I look forward to eventually buying the CD and supporting this group properly instead of listening to this song over and over again on Spotify, because they deserve the support, and they honestly deserve my money at this point.

Fudanjuku are amazing, and Dash & Daaash!! is an important part of my 2019. It defined my love of music a great deal last year, it made me happy and made me want to continue moving forward even when I wanted to take multiple steps back. This is a precious, wonderful song, and I love it so damn much. Thanks for being a song that gave me hope and reason, and thanks for being a part of my 2019.

The Honourable Mentions

In keeping with past year end rank posts, I will showcase my Honourable Mentions before finally coming to #1 Song of the Year. These are, of course, the songs that did not make it on to the list for one reason or another, but still deserve a mention of sorts.

Basically: These are the songs that are decent, but I didn't listen to them as much, or they don't hold much regard against others. They were close, but not close enough.

Innocent Invitation by i☆RiS (13.02.2019)
(From the single Endless Notes)

Into The Unknown by Panic! at the Disco (15.11.2019)
(From the album Frozen II)

Diamonds by Risky Melody (25.09.2019)
(From the single Diamonds)

SALEM by NECRONOMIDOL (12.06.2019)
(From the EP Scions of the Blasted Heath)

Serenade by ZIYOOU-VACHI (22.05.2019)
(From the album )

Elevator Girl - English Version by BABYMETAL (08.10.2019)
(From the album Metal Galaxy)

Dasai Falsetto by 2& (20.04.2019)
From the album Saki PLUS YOU =2&

Sora by Ueno Yuuka (23.01.2019)
(From the album Suki na Hito wa Anata Datta)

101-kai no Challenge by Theme Park Girl (21.08.2019)
(From the single 365-Nichi no Heroine)

(From the EP Scions of the Blasted Heath)

PA PA YA by BABYMETAL (08.10.2019)
(From the album Metal Galaxy)

Atama Naka no Film by BOYS AND MEN (29.05.2019)
(From the single Atama Naka no Film) - originally #69

My Way ~Kono saki no Michi e~ by Dreamcatcher (11.09.2019)
(From the album The Beginning of the End)

ERASE and REWRITE by CARRY LOOSE (22.10.2019)
(From the album CARRY LOOSE)

Arkadia by BABYMETAL (08.10.2019)
(From the album Metal Galaxy)

Choosy Museum by Colorpointe (19.05.2019)
(From the EP Choosy Museum Dictionary)

Haru Urara by Kobushi Factory (24.04.2019)
(From the single Oh no Ounou / Haru Urara) - Original #70

ANYBODY by CARRY LOOSE (22.10.2019)
(From the album CARRY LOOSE)

Machigai Darake (Acoustic ver.) by 2& (20.04.2019)
From the album Saki PLUS YOU =2&

Chu~puri by ZOC (30.04.2019)
(From the single Family name)

Kono Hana Sakuya-Hime by BANZAI JAPAN (25.06.2019)
(From the single Junin to Iro / Kingyo no Uta)

Dream by 2& (20.04.2019)
From the album Saki PLUS YOU =2&

Fantastic Illusion by i✩RiS (28.08.2019)
(From the single Fantasic Illusion)

Speechless by Naomi Scott (22.05.2019)
(From Aladdin (the Original Sountrack))

And with that we come to the final song on this list. With it's place at #1, this is the song that defined my 2019 and held the most meaning for me. Whether it is considered good or bad, this is the track that I enjoyed the most.

It's time to take a look at my #1. Is it the track you expected it to be?

The Definition Of 2019:
My Song of The Year
Originally #14 & #5

Date Datte by READY TO KISS (06.03.2019)
(From the single Date Datte)

I have a lot of songs that I consider my 'Definition of 2019', but the one song that I always come back to - the song that truly defined 2019 from the good, the bad, the fun and the ugly - is Date Datte. No matter how I look at it, no matter how many excuses I try to give myself, this is the song that has been the hardest to place, as well as the hardest one to write about.

And no matter what I write, there is one piece of a specific sentence that pops up in every description I start to type up about this song, and it goes like this:
"If I have to give you one song that defined 2019 for me, I think that I have to point you to Date Datte..."
Yet I would always make an excuse for myself, more often than not following that sentence up with "but this song isn't the winner, despite getting pretty damn close", only to think that that didn't work, and that I needed to rephrase everything. And after that, I would put off placing the song entirely because no matter where I put it, it didn't feel right. And even after letting this entire post sit for around 4 or so days, I still had no idea where to put it. #3? #5? I had no clue.

Well, I had no clue until I listened to the song again and started crying. And then I knew it; this is my #1.

Date Datte is the definition of 2019 for me.

I'm a sap, a crybaby by nature and someone who puts a lot of invested emotion into the music I listen to when I like it. I did that with Date Datte a lot this year, and throughout 2019 this has been the pillar of a song that I leaned on. Through the joy it provided me, the darkness it pulled me out of and the amount I have overplayed it, this song basically started off my 2019 in a positive way and has continued to follow me to the end of the year without being forgotten or neglected.

There is noting intriguing or unique about Date Datte. It isn't amazing, nor are the vocals that great. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying or adoring it, and the memories that are now attached to this song mean a great deal to me. It might not mean a lot to others, but somehow this song became my anthem of 2019 thanks to the replays I put it through, the daily listens and more. Somehow down the line this became an important song for me, one that filled a void and kept me company.

There is an odd comfort in Date Datte and its sound, a happiness and a love that I can't explain any better. Yeah, I didn't think that it would win - I actually didn't want it to win, only because I knew other people would think it was such an obvious, even dumb, choice - but that's the surprising thing about these lists: I never know what will win myself, even when I have a good idea of what I would like to win.

Initially I chose Introduction as my defining song of 2019, but after a lot of thinking, a few tears upon hearing Date Datte all over again and looking back at what it meant to me in the past year, I knew it would be in the one spot I didn't expect it to be in.

It was so hard to write about this song whenever I placed it anywhere else, but when my feelings for the song poured out, I knew where it should go. I love Date Datte with all my heart, and whilst it may not be the perfect song or anyone's idea of 2019's defining sound, it is the song that defines my 2019.

Date Datte is a song that can not be replaced. It is far too precious and valuable.


And with that my Master List for 2019 is complete.

Thank you very much for sitting through this behemoth of a post and putting up with my wordiness. I honestly appreciate everyone who has read or skipped through this, and feel grateful to those who have visited the blog in general.

I don't aim for this to be my final 2019 rank post, but I am unsure when I will next update it. Still, I hope you look forward to the next post on this sanctuary of mine, and I look forward to seeing what your own favourites of 2019 are.

Though I am cutting this post pretty short towards the end, I want to say this: once more, thank you very much. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. For now however, I need to rest up. This post really took its toll on me emotionally, and it certainly hurt my fingers to type all of this out. I hope you understand, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Until the next time everyone, please take care and love your idols.

Much love and happiness,


  1. Absolutely yes to 'Introduction' being a song that needs to be heard and appreciated! It was an unexpected top favorite of mine in 2019. ♡

    Also Chiima, I'm curious on what are your thoughts on Dreamcatcher's 'Deja-vu' album??

  2. That
    Great !!

    Thx my dear Chiima for this selection and lets rock this new year !! 😘😘