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Idols Of Advent: Under The Snowy Dome - Nan kini's! 'Snow Dome' (PV Review)

... Oh crap, Christmas is four days away. *cue cheesy spiel*

As the night grows dark and the air begins to bite at your cheeks, with cotton gloves clinging to your finger tips, the scent of winter falls upon you. Crisp and fresh, a smile or a grimace might fall upon your lips. Like it or not, with the tell-tale signs of winter comes one thought:

"The holiday season is upon us."

And if you're lucky, this season will come with the magic of snow...

Let's get ready to celebrate~

Nan kini! are new to both this blog and myself, mostly because i discovered this PV last year and only happened to rediscover it in the run towards December, back when I was figuring out what PV's I would be reviewing for this year's set of festive posts. Immediately this one stood out for its name, look and sound, which happens to full under the category of: Very Christmas Idol.

Or something like that. It makes 0 sense, I know, but let's just go with that for now.

Anyway, I fell in love with this music video after watching it, and during my adventures in screen grabbing and gif-ing the heck out of this PV for the fun of this post, I decided to learn about the group in question whilst also checking up on the members themselves to see if my favourite from the video was still in the group. As it so happens, none of the members present within this music video are apart of the group, with all of them having graduated by April of 2019. To further that slight blow, I also came to learn that this video has also been unlisted, something that confused me at first... until I started digging, that is.

Here's a run down of the graduations and events, just to keep everyone up to speed before we delve into this adorable Christmas music video:

Inui Michiko, a second generation member, left in January of this year to pursue academics, whilst the other three - founding members Shiratori Yuuna and Nagisa Hoshino, as well as 2nd generations Chonan Mai - left the group in early May, however the groups activities had been suspended from April 27th, with all of their activities being cancelled up until May 10th this year.

The group has since been restarted with 7 members, and a CD debut is set for January 2020, however the sudden departure of the Nan kini! system that we see in this music video was not a happy one. With issues regarding how the management treated the members being cited as one of the reasons for the members' quick leave of the group, it makes sense why the video in question has been unlisted, especially as management are now 'restarting' Nan kini! as a whole with this new generation and single release. So,if you decide to search for this PV on YouTube, please be aware that you will have a hard time finding it thanks to its 'Unlisted' status.

As luck would have it, however, I had previously saved the link in a draft I keep specifically for Christmas videos, ultimately allowing me access to the video despite it being hidden from general viewing.

With that said, I didn't actually know it was unlisted or even find out about the drama behind the group until I had finished the task of screen grabbing and gif-ing the PV itself. Yet once I found everything out about the groups history and all that had happened, I was of two minds: scrap the review altogether, or go on with it. Given that I am currently writing this, you can see that I chose the latter, and it's mostly because I love the video itself, and I find the song charming in a cute-but-weak type of way.

What can I say, it charmed me.

Anyways, in regards to the song: Snow Dome comes from the groups first album, Boku no mado ni, kimi no kazegafuku, and may have been one of a few PV's from the album, which actually dropped on January 13th this year, and is still available to buy on Amazon Japan, as well as to listen to on Spotify.

Now it's time to watch a cute music video and get ready for the festive season! Snuggle up in your PJ's and get the hot chocolate out, because winter is coming and we need to keep warm!

As the nights get colder and the snow starts falling, you snuggle up all warm and cosy inside your house. And then when you put your favourite Idol winter songs on you can't but think "Ah, the festive season has finally begun...~"

❄ This is my Silent Night... ~ 

Fun fact: I kept referring to this song as Snow Globe, despite previously labelling it as Snow Dome in my Idols of Advent document and hearing the lyric in the song constantly.

I'm dumb AF, y'all.

Cue me forever calling Snow Globes 'Snow Domes' from now on.

Mai is so damn pretty. How did management let a cutie like this get away?

Okay, I want those dresses and capes. They're freakin' adorable!

God damnit, Mai is about ready to burst into tears, I swear. Maybe management really were that bad?

Also - damn - Hoshino is so freakin' gorgeous!

When she isn't straining her vocals trying to sing, Mai actually looks like she isn't ready to cry. Maybe she's just in pain upon hearing her own voice?

In all seriousness, these scenes are absolutely gorgeous. Good job to the director and set designer for creating such a beautiful, soothing scene that perfectly captures the essence of winter.

All of these girls are so pretty.

And that tree...well, it's a sad excuse for a tree, if you ask me.

Watching this over and over in gif form, I finally realised that Mai is a lazy dancer XD Do the para-para properly, girl! I swear, it isn't that hard!

The editing in this is near seamless. I just love how in-synch these movements are and how everything flows perfectly in terms of timing.

Well done, Editor-san!

Still of the mindset that Hoshino is freakin' perfect, even if she looks out of place in the choreography for this scene. Argh.

Again, Mai is adorable, and I love the ratio and setting for this scene. It's so bright and airy!

I want those earrings.

This is adorable. Mai and Yuuna are both hella adorable. Their interactions are super damn cute, and hey! I just realised this is a 1st gen and 2nd gen pairing here! Cuuuuute!

Mai: "Management-san, why did you try and erase our history as members of Nan kini!..."
Yuuna: "The fans will dig this info up, you know~ You can't hide us forever, ehe~"

Here, have some screen grabs of cuteness! Fuel your love of adorable Idols who were wronged by their management!

Mai: "Dig dig dig~ Find all the evidence~"
Yuuna: "OwO let's hope Management don't delete the PV~"

Seriously though, I hope this PV is never deleted, cause then I will just blame myself (lol).

Hoshino: "Lalalala,I can't hear Management whining~"
Michiko: "No no no... NO!"

And if you're wondering, my favourite from this PV is the short haired Idol. Sadly, Michiko is no longer an active entertainer like the other three.


Aren't they adorable?

My favourite first gen and 2nd gen girls! (Hoshino = 1st, Michiko = 2nd)

Oh, no, poor Hoshino is scared for her career! Quick, run from the big, bad management before they destroy your reputation!

Ah, there's still hope! Even with a self-produced career you can flourish, Hoshino!

Seriously though: PRETTY! Hoshino is so damn gorgeous. I love her ;;

Yuuna is freakin' gorgeous, too. Honestly, I think they're all stunning. How did Nan kini! have such amazing girls for idols?

Also, I love how bright the alternative solo shots are in comparison to the rest of the MV. Though it isn't exactly Christmassy in terms of location, the white is keeping up with the theme of winter, as white typically represents snow and freshness.

Mai looking so confused is adorable, but that quick switch is also super damn cute.

Yuuna: "Pinky promise to destroy management one day, yeah?"

Mai: "Sounds like a plan, Yuuna-nee!"

Such a baby! Ahhh, how is Michiko so cute? Such an adorable baby!

... Makes sense for her to also have the singing chops of a baby, actually XD

Michiko: "Gasp! I am baby?"


Look at this adorable bean, how can the Idol world live without her, huh? ;;

1st gen represent!

This is such an aesthetic image, and so damn refreshing, too.

I love it (even if it reminds me of the Spring time).

Yuuna is a Goddess, enough said.

And again: SPRING TIME!

I like how they are represented by some form of foliage in their respective spots, with Yuuna being the only one to have flowers and Hoshino the only one to be outside.

It's damn refreshing to watch, too.


Colour changing Snow Domes?

Mai still looks like she wants to cry when she smiles like that.

Who hurt you, Mai? Was it Management-san? ;;

God, look at that editing between shots. Seamless, wonderful... it's amazing.

The flow of this PV is spot on. I adore it, and I love these duo shots. They're glorious, and Hoshino is just amazing in all of them.

Baby Michiko is just far too cute, too.


Awww, this pose is super cute, but... hm...I can probably make it better... >_>

When Idols are wronged, they FIGHT back...

Star Wars: Idols Fight Back is now available on YouTube Unlisted, never to be viewed by fans again...

This whole image is such a mood. Baby Michiko being her cute, baby-like self whilst our dear Hoshinois just breathing in that Festive, Christmas spirit...

That, or she's envisioning herself in a perfume advertisement.


She is so freakin' precious WHY DID YOU LEAVE US?

Okay, what? This scene is very out of left-field.

Also, it's a very long-winded scene, but very nice to watch as the tracking shot strolls along.

Mai is so farkin' cute, I can't get enough of saying that. She has such an appealing, refreshing type of cuteness and I really do get why she was made centre.

100% Ace energy, right here.

When Yuuna overhears you say '100% Ace Energy' to anyone but her.

Yuuna Death Glare! Unlocked~

Hoshino: "Ehehehehehe *sobs internally*"

Hoshino looks like she is crying but is covering it up with laughter, because she wanted to be centre too, but a 2nd gen kid got centre instead.

Hoshino: *whispers* "I will destroy you, Management-san."

Wait, what was that, Hoshino?

OH! Are they knitting a scarf or a very small, smalllllllll caterpillar blanket?

OMG, BABY MICHIKO IS KNITTING IT! Such a talented lil' bean ;;

Oh, is that... snow?

Knitting Michiko Baby discovers the first snow of the season, is immediately entranced.

Internally I feel happy that it is *my* favourite who notices the snow first, so EEEEEEEE!

Michiko is a baby, but she is super charismatic and just... POOF, she makes the members jump thanks to her charisma and charm.

Isn't she just adorable?

Look at these adorable things - Michiko especially. I just love how much personality is in these shots, cause Michiko = energy, Mai is a gentle cutie, Yuuna is just a ball of sweetness and Hoshino is grace personified.

I love them all and feel mad at Management for hurting any of them.

Okay, these shots are nice. It's like a magical dual-picture frame type deal and I LOVE IT.


The level of wholesomeness that this image captures is HIIIIIIIIGH.

So wholesome. So refreshing. So PERFECT!

I love these guys. I love Baby Michiko and Elegant Hoshino, they are so freakin' adorable when together ;; Mama Bear and Baby!

I just love how wholesome and cute Mai looks here. She truly is Centre material, huh?

I just love these scenes. There is cuteness everywhere, and the hugging scene... Ahhh, it's so precious!

Seriously, I love everything about this. It's adorable.

Precious members sharing precious moments together ;;

The freakin' elegance that exudes from Hoshino is undeniable.

And because we need to relive that elegance, here, have it in a gif. You're welcome.

Double Cuteness right here! Bask in the sweetness of Michiko and Mai, the adorable 2nd gen!

Once again, Mai is crying from how high she has to sing and how much it hurts her own ears.

Mai: "Don't... make me sing... this damn high... my ears are bleeding!"

Michiko, the baby, leading the other three is such a cute and precious moment, and I adore every second of this clip.

Yuuna: "Where are we going, though?"

To the roof, of course! Because the roof is such an iconic scene in most music videos!

Oh, damn! Is this the roof scene!?

This is cuuuuuuute!

That joy, that cuteness... it gives me life! Mai is so freakin' CUUUUUUUUUTE!

Look at these precious beans! This is such a gorgeous scene, I love it.

I know they're not dressed as Angels, but I'm just gonna call them Christmas Angels for now, cause they are angelic and sweet and AHHHHHH so damn cute!

Have I mentioned their cuteness and the love I have for them, yet? Yes? Well, buckle up, I need to say it a few more times!

I. Love. Them.

Christmas PV's are the best, y'all. And so are Summer ones, but damn, I love the cuteness of this whole video and how sweet it is.


This precious bean is just... She is adorable. I love her.

As a complete and total weeb / wota devoted to Idols, I am happy to have seen her even in just one music video ;;


Elegance, beauty, grace... everything about this gif captures the true beauty of Hoshino, Nan kini's! very own Princess!

That looking back beauty who will slowly turn to face you...

And grace you with a smile that is so sweet and elegant, you can't help but feel as if you're the only person in the room she is smiling at ;;

And then there is Yuuna, who is just so lovely and has this shy presence about her.

Yuuna: "Erm..."

Yuuna: "Thank you for liking me..."

I always considered Yuuna the confident one, but nope. She has a cute shyness about her, and I am enamoured.

And then there's Mai, exuding an abundance of cuteness and further reiterating just how perfect she is for being an Idol group centre.

Look at that adorable lil Angel! So farkin' CUTE!!!

And finally, a smile that doesn't look painful!

A wonderful image, I love them all.

So freakin' adorable, can you blame me for taking so many screen shots?

The snow is oh-so obviously blowing in from the left XD But whatever, I love how festive and bright it is, and how it reminds me of the beauty of winter.

I wonder... were they all in the Snow Dome performing this song? I like to think so, for some reason. And when Mai shakes the snow dome, the members relive the first snow of the season again and again...

And to end this, a relaxing gif of the gentle snow fall in the pretty snow dome...

The End~

❄ Holy Kiss...~ 

Many days later...

I didn't forget about this post, I swear. I just got stupidly busy, because being an adult is just... it's heavy, and work gets in the way, life drains you and all that fun stuff. But I want to do this, so screw it, I'm doing it!

Moving on to the review portion of this hefty post, Snow Dome - which I still refer to as Snow Globe, because I'm stupid - is a cracking PV. I absolutely adore watching this sweet, wholesome piece, though at times my viewing of the video can feel somewhat bittersweet. With the aforementioned issues regarding at least three of the members' departures from the group and company, I can't help but feel conflicted over how something this innocent could be the product of a group that had an (apparently) horrid management, but at the same time I can't help but love how sweet this music video is.

I also can't stop admiring it's editing, because damn, I love how perfectly timed everything is. Even some of the bigger companies can't get some of the most intricate timing down, because laziness and all that fun stuff.

Ignoring the glaring issues behind this groups past and why the MV itself is unlisted for a moment, I want to appreciate just how beautiful this music video is in terms of its visuals. Bright, vibrant and cute, Snow Dome is a great testament to that generic cute Idol Christmas.  With adorable costumes, lights strung outside and a tiny Christmas tree that the girls dance in front of, Nan kini! create an atmospheric piece that is perfect for the most festive time of the year. And they seem to use realistic looking snow, too!

One of the things I love the most about this video is its pacing and use of juxtaposition. Mixing night time and daylight scenes, as well as a variety of backgrounds to keep the MV interesting, the this video can at times feel somewhat Spring-like thanks to how vibrant and white the solo shots and outdoor scenes look, however everything is eventually tied together upon the start of the snow falling gently as the girls knit scarves, socialise and laugh outside. It's a nice little scene, one that brings the whole winter feel of the MV back in an elegant and touching way.

I think that making use of both daytime and night time scenes is a nice addition, too. By making use of the daylight, we understand where the Christmas spirit began, and the night scenes that showcase the girls in cute costumes as they dance in a decorated room feels cosy and inviting thanks to the way the room has been lit. I can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy, because that's just how Christmas lights make me feel!

The pacing is also something to be admired here. With a slower feel than most cute Christmas music videos, Snow Dome takes the time to appreciate everything this music video has to offer, from the decor, the choreography and the members. it's a rather slow build, and though the editing here is sharp, it never cuts away from a scene too fast, allowing us to take in the atmosphere at a steady, much appreciated pace that few Idol videos will allow, sometimes. I truly love this aspect of the PV, and each time I watch it I can't help but marvel at how well thought-out the pacing for this music video is. It also fits the pacing of the music, which is pretty great, too.

As a quick end-note to this Review portion, I would like to add that the use of ratio within Snow Dome is a fun addition. The storyline scenes are bordered with black, whilst the outdoor solo shots are more closed in with white, similar to a window, and the Christmas outfit scenes and duo shots are full-screen, giving us an effect that allows us to subtly acknowledge the difference between the story based sequences, as well as the Idol-specific scenes. I was honestly surprised by the use of aspect ratio at first, however since watching this music video more and more for the sake of this review, I have come to acknowledge its genius and how useful it is at differentiating the scenes, whilst also allowing us to appreciate certain points of the scene in which the ratio is a little smaller.

Oh, and the little duo snapshots depicting both a member solo scene as well as a story scene is a nice touch. I absolute adore the cuteness of those scenes, even if it does make me think of a storyboard.

I just love everything about Snow Dome. It's a cute, atmospheric PV that gives me the winter feels and allows me to truly enjoy the joys of Christmas thanks to how adorable and appealing it is. It has everything I could ever want in a PV: Sharp editing, atmosphere, various scenes, snow and gorgeous lighting. It's cosy and inviting, and it just gets me in the mood for Christmas. I was excited to finally review this PV for you all, and I'm glad that my desire to review it won out over my initial worries in regards to posting it.

Snow Dome is a music video that needs to be shared, not because there is a history behind it that is less than festive, but because it's cute, fun and well-made. It's a good Christmas MV, and though it may not be the best one out there - because let's be real, they're all too great to trump each other - it's still a damn good, very fun music video that will put you in the mood for Christmas, winter songs and twinkling lights in a darkened living room.

Ah... I love Christmas~

What is your favourite Christmas, winter or snowy music video? We all like different things, but for me I enjoy the music videos that truly capture the essence of winter's beauty, and the joys of Christmas. Thankfully, Nan kini! managed to do both in Snow Dome, so this PV has truly made me anticipate the joys of the winter season and the holiday that comes with it.

And now to completely end this post, thank you all for reading. I hope you have enjoyed the review, the screen grabs and the cuteness that is this hidden gem. Please enjoy it whilst it's still uploaded, and once again, thank you for visiting and reading.

Until the next time everyone, please take care and enjoy your idols.

Much love and festive cheer,

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