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Idol'ween: The Rise of Lucifer Bear - Summon Alongside Iketeru Hearts in 'Ziashou no Lucifer' (PV Review)

It's finally halloween, the evening of October 31st where children dress up in cute or terrifying outfits and roam the streets. Will candy be thrown into their bags, or are tricks littering the streets this horrifying night? Whatever it may be, the magic, mischief and malevolence is high in the air tonight, and Idol'ween is coming to a close. But before we say goodbye to our spirited Idols in their cutest get-up, let's take a look at the grand finale they have in store for us all tonight...

Tonight's offering: Idols who summon! Are you prepared for what these girls have in store for you this Hallows Eve...?


I have wanted to review Zaishou no Lucifer for a while now, ever since it first came out actually, however never got around to actually doing the review or the Halloween series itself until now. Procrastination is a bitch, but thanks to my desire to return to Halloween PV Pic Spams - and a major thanks to everyone on Twitter who voted for this Music Video to be reviewed - I am finally getting around to checking out Zaishou no Lucifer, the first and only PV to get me interested in the idol group Iketeru Hearts!

Not to say this group isn't interesting - pretty sure they are - but they have never really managed to capture me as a listener or a viewer. With all of their recent and past endeavours in music, I have been left unimpressed, often wondering just why others want me to check them out. I've checked them out plenty, often hoping for something unique, wonderful and catchy that will keep my eyes trained on this group, and more often than not the exact opposite happens. I just can't get into this group.

And yet Zaishou no Lucifer is the exception to the rule here, because this is an incredible masterpiece of a music video, as well as a wonderful song. Catchy, entertaining... it's everything I could have ever wished for from a group that rarely stands out to me, and I do continually wish that they would bring something this edgy and unique to the rest of their discography, but... alas! Tis not meant to be!

I am happy this exists however, because regardless of my feelings towards Iketeru Hearts, I love Ziashou no Lucifer a great deal, and it's thanks to the voices of Twitter (your votes), as well as this love I hold for the song and video that allowed me to get through this heavy Pic and Gif spam review today.

And without any further delay, let's sit our asses down and enjoy some Idol antics, sacrificial lambs, summoning Lucifer Bears and more. It's time to fall into our own cute Hell, Dear Readers, so prepare yourselves.

They might look cute and innocent, but if you step into their territory then your body and soul are up for grabs! In this atmospheric land of idols and Bears named lucifer, let's summon our Overlord together and go on an adventure. Now's the time to prove to the world that Lucifer truly exists...

Let the summoning begin!

Let's Walk Towards The Pure World!

Well, isn't this promising? Didn't expect to see a Steampunk Bunny any time soon >_>

Idols chanting to a demonic Teddy Bear...

Nothing new here, then.

If they're trying to chant for beauty, they're shit outta luck, cause they're already too beautiful for humanity!

Holy shit, they're on the ceiling!

Oh no, wait a second... damn simple editing tricks! You got me again!

I wouldn't go around someone else's house, man, especially when it's full of Idols who like playing with witchcraft.

Doesn't help that it's Halloween night, either.

That is an adorably demonic bear, right?

Clearly the chanting Idols agree.

Okay, where do I get myself a gem-like eye? Do I need to talk to Lucifer, or...

Or is the bear himself Lucifer? le Gasp! Lucifer Bear, give me the power to turn my eyes to gems!

YES, bow to Lucifer Bear! Bow to him for gem eyes and eternal Idol Youth!

God damnit, dude, stop creeping around! You'll get into trouble!

Yes, Idols. Chant for Lord Lucifer Bear. Chant his power into existence!

And she is hella pretty. Who is she? Is she still in the group?

... I bet she's graduated >_> JUST MY LUCK!

That's a nice shot. Damn. I love it.


I would question this, but I'm still a tad concerned about the mountain goat.

I like how weird this is, of course. But it also reminds me ever so slightly of Mugen Climax by C-ute.

WELP, you dun goofed there, didn't ya?

Tis but a slight inconvenience, right?

Oh shit, he saw Lucifer Bear. Run, potential Johnny's Ent. member, RUN!

Awww, crap. They grabbed Johnny's Ent. Man and are ready to sacrifice him to Lucifer Bear!


God, whoever she is, she looks smug as fuck.

What a cute brat.

"Here, Johnny's Ent. Man, have some cute bunny ears and steam punk googles. They won't hurt much..."

Wait, are they tying him up?

This is both cute and weird on various levels.


"In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

Something, something IDOL POWER!

Nice to see that a cute earring set subdues him.


I want them. NOW.

Ooooh, look! We're gonna watch a puppet show! Isn't that exciting?

You are the least threatening child I have ever seen in a PV.

Which is what makes you so scary. Who knows when this foetus will strike!?

I like how she is basically petting the damn puppet theatre like it's her pet cat, Lucifer, and she is Lady Tremaine.

Okay, I'll stop now before I turn this into some warped Cinderella variant.

Ois this really a puppet show, or is it some way to trap us all in Eternal Hell?


Cute, Eternal Hell.

Okay, I'm game now.

The prettiest member I have seen in this entire video thus far.

... I bet she has graduated already >_>

Hell never looked so adorable until now.

A baby.

A wonderful, precious baby whom I want to protect at all costs.

And a baby who I bet has already graduated, god damnit.

The baby turns freakin' pink after being blown a kiss, oh my fuckin'...

I can't. I can't. I am deceased by the cuteness of baby.


Another one of the prettiest members in this whole damn music video.

Eye see you!

They're all secretly Lucifer, aren't they?

Don't drip blood on the pretty member, GAWD!

The smug brat is still trying to be a threat, but she does as much damage as a chocolate toffee.


"Hum diddy, Haa diddy, DIDDY DIDDY DOO!" chant the marching Idols.

They have magic!

Adorable, magical, Hellish Idols are at your service!

If someone ever tells you "That's far too many idols", this is where you object with the phrase "YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY IDOLS, NORMIE!"

Damn, this puppet show is great! I hope they do a national tour with this little piece!

"Comfy, Mr. Johnny's Ent. Man?"

I don't think he's that comfy, girls.

If that isn't the face of a Gremlin, then I don't know what is.

One mans discomfort pleases them.

Baby is having a grand old time, but damn, poor Johnny's Ent. Man isn't. I don't think he likes the show, girls...

Wait, why are you wheeling it closer to him if he doesn't like it?

That isn't the face of a man who likes puppet shows.

Me when I have had one too many full-fat cola's.

"You will watch the damn puppet show, Johnny's Ent. Man."

Holy shit, her highlighter is on point.

Does her expression ever change?

The short answer: No.

More flower power!


... Is that a goat, or a ram? XD


Well, that's a non-violent ay of shooting your brains out, I suppose...

Eye can't believe it's not butter!

An eye for an eye, they always say... >o>

Yeah, you're not getting out of this Netflix subscription, Johnny's Man. Now watch the new season of Riverdale and suffer, swine!




The cutest member is back!


Why are all the prettiest members the most demonic?

Why have they trapped me with their bewitching beauty?

Okay, this is cool! I love it!

Eye of Sauron who?

This PV is so aesthetically pleasing. It's weird for sure, but that doesn't stop it from being pleasing to the eye.

Why does this remind me of Alice in Wonderland?

Damn pretty. So pretty.


"KARMA, BITCH", screamed the angry flowers.

Okay, this is a bit of a trip. Maybe I've had one too many cola's...

Overwhelmed by cuteness. That's what happening. Too much cuteness in one room, therefore he cannot focus.

"I put a spell on you...~"

Holy shit, that's trippy...

-pops 3D glasses on-

Their antics please them.

But what sort of spell will you put on Johnny's Ent. Man, girls?

... Why are you all bathed in red? Is the spell happening now?

Oh, craaaap! Has he succumbed to the power of Iketeru Hearts and their brilliant overlord, Lucifer Bear?

Let's be real: I could watch this show all day.




This whole part of the dance shot is just so awesome. The editing, the imagery, the high it brings... everything about this scene is basically perfection.

How can a cute group who I found bland before look so cool here? I love it!

Iketeru Hearts: "We command you...~"

Well, this doesn't look like a good time for you, Johnny's Ent. Man.

Wait, you trapped him in Hell!? And your bowing down to him?

Welp. Looks like you managed to reincarnate Lucifer into this man. How fun~

The lack of fucks they give as he falls is amazing. The disgust is evident.

I love it.

And here stands our Lord and Saviour, Lucifer Bear!

Who knew that Evil could look so cute?

The dark side wears lipstick and has bangs.

Hell likes nail polish, too. And flowers!

Oh, and BABY!


Where did the body go? I doubt the clear-up was that quick!

Sooooooo, does this mean that Lucifer Bear is now the container of Johnny's Ent. Man's soul?

I want those earrings.

It Is Never Ending...~

There is a lot to love about this PV, from it's weird art style to the way it has been acted out, the plot and the scenery. No matter what, this music video manages to impress me on so many levels regardless of how many times I have watched it.

This is one atmospheric, interesting PV. From the onset it has an interesting premise - a man breaking into a house to spy on these girls, only to be captured by them and eventually being trapped in the bear that they had encircled previously, leaving no body, no soul... nothing, aside from the question of 'what happened?' from the viewers side, of course. It's extremely effective, albeit a little simple, but that is sometimes the best way to be - simple, effective and smart.

The rest of the video however, is anything but simple, because from the elaborate location to the incredible background design, the costumes and more, this music video feels expensive and exudes creativity. It's well thought out, eye-catching and perfectly captures both the fun and dark tone of the song. It's absolutely fantastic, and I can't help but look at Zaishou no Uta in absolute awe.

I don't even know where to begin with what I love about this PV, because let's be blunt here: I love everything about it. I love it's vibe, I love how the members act with absolute glee as they basically torture their victim, I love how even the ring leader can't act to save her life in this. I love the backdrops for their 'Hell', I love the way the members chop and change in such scenes. There is so much to enjoy here, plenty to take in as well, that I can't pin point exactly what is and isn't my favourite parts of the entire product. It's just so beautiful no matter what scene I happen to land on at any given moment, and with each clip played I just feel like I am falling even deeper in love with the very essence that is Zaishou no Uta.

Oh, I'm gushing. I had better stop.

I suppose tho most obvious thing about this video and why I like it so much is that, simply put, it's a lot of fun. It knows exactly what it is, it knows that it's not overly serious, and it's aware of the fact that it's a little camp and outrageous at certain points, and that's great! I love that Zaishou no Uta isn't overly horrific or serious, otherwise it would probably be too much seeing these badly acting cute girls try to portray serious scenes, and I love that it isn't overly silly either, to a point where this would look more like satire.

There is a balance here, a perfect combination of silly cuteness mixed with a dark and serious atmosphere, and it works really well for Iketeru Hearts. It works so well in fact that, when I first watched this PV all of 2 years ago, I wondered if it really was Iketeru Hearts singing and performing in this PV. They had never showcased such power, or uniqueness before, and they had certainly never stood out this much. It felt like they had finally found their identity.

Basically: They look like they're actually having fun here and not hamming it up for the camera, like they do in their other music videos. They also look invested, which invests me as a viewer. It's so unique to everything else they've ever done in both sound and vision, and everything else this group has done before and after this release just seems to pale in comparison.

Zaishou no Uta is interesting, and that's my basic analysis of it. I like it a lot, to a point where I can not pinpoint my favourite aspects of it because - to put it bluntly - I like all aspects of this PV. It's aesthetically pleasing, the choreography is great, the members' expressions are good, the use of a proper location and a chroma key background delivers a sense of budget and creativity, and it has a fun, devilish plot that is perfect for this time of the year.

The PV is also subtly creepy, yet it maintains its cuteness thanks to the members of Iketeru Hearts and their lack of acting talent.

I am sure that if I were less tired and a lot warmer I could talk about this PV a lot better, however I'm in a state of tiredness, and the only thing fuelling me right now is the excitement I hold for this music video and song. I think of both the song and the video highly, and I would happily listen to the track itself on its own, but having the video there is a bonus. It's an absolute joy to watch, and even though I am not an Iketeru Hearts fan, I am a big fan of this music video and everything it contains.

It's interesting, entertaining and pretty to look at, and the song is pretty damn fun, too. I do think that people need to watch this PV, if only to see the quality of the video, the fun it exudes and the cuteness it contains. Oh, and for anyone who doesn't follow Iketeru Hearts much like myself, I think this is a good video to watch, if only to get a small dose of cuteness and euphoria from it.

If Lucifer is ever summoned, then let's blame Iketeru Hearts! But we'd probably forgive them anyway, because cute Idols and all that shit.

Do you enjoy summoning Lucifer alongside cute idols, or are you more of a casual trick or treater who likes candy? Whatever you enjoy doing on Halloween, be sure to dose up your night with cute idol music and have fun! But if you prefer to sit inside and relax, why not put on some fun Halloween-esque music videos from your favourite idols?

But now that this review is over and done with my dear Readers, it is time end Idol'ween for 2019 and put the Halloween Idols to rest for another year. Hopefully I can bring them out again next year. Until then however, let's simply appreciate the spooky cuteness they deliver us before going back to their regular brand of cuteness that they deliver every day of the year.

Until next Hallows Eve everyone, good bye and good night! Take care, enjoy Idols and brush your teeth after trick or treating!

Much Love and candy goodness,

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