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Idol'ween: The Poltergeists Lament - Lay Awake with Dreamcatcher's 'Good Night' (PV Review)

With magic, mischief and malevolence on the horizon this Hallows Eve, let's celebrate the day of tricks, treats and dress up with our very own Idol'ween where I will review a selection of PV's themed around magic, nightmares, dress up and horror! Whether it's cute or spooky depends on the group in question, but with a collection of cute idols, fun themes and one or two spooky PV's thrown into the cauldron, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Returning with a few film references, more obnoxious commentary and a terrible review of the final product, I am back with my second entry in my Idol'ween series for 2019. With a focus on the malevolent side of Hallows Eve, this heavily pictured and gif'ed review will see you fall into the pit of nightmares.

For tonight's choice of music video there is a sweet lullaby to lure you into a nightmarish trance, one that few can escape from. So before you head to bed and rest that weary head of yours, remember to hang up a dreamcatcher and say a prayer, because without it you will surely succumb to the terrors of the night.

It's time to say Good Night. Have a pleasant slumber, my darling dreamers...

I first reviewed Dreamcatcher's Chase Me back in February 2017, fairly soon after my friend had introduced me to the group and music video. I was enamoured by the PV, loving every second of it and left entertained by the end. The video was dark, beautiful and fast-paced, delivering a nightmarish plot that didn't seem to fit with the groups name. I was in love, mostly because I like dark groups and horror themes, so the group was a perfect fit for me.

After that Dreamcatcher continued to release music videos and mini-albums and, whilst I followed them a degree, it was not to the extent most fans would. I love the group and their theme, don't get me wrong, but I am simply not a K-pop fan. Still, they're one of the few K-pop groups I actively like, even if my interest in them has waned slightly since I was first introduced to them.

Something that has not waned however is my desire to review a few more of their PV's, especially around this time of the year. Now that Halloween is pretty much down the road, why not check out another Dreamcatcher PV? In fact we should continue from where we left off well over 2 years ago and pick up the story line with Good Night, the sequel to the incredible Chase Me. Sure, my dialogue will be vastly different - so what? - but it's the fun of commenting on the scenery and everything else that makes these reviews so enjoyable for me. Plus, my friend wanted this reviewed instead of Fly High, so there we go.

She actually wanted both to be reviewed, truth be told, but I have a weird self-imposed 'no two reviews will share the same group' policy, so... yeah. There's that.

It's time to delve into the world of Dreamcatcher, a nightmare you need to escape before it traps you in its web of confusion and horror. It's creepy and it's spooky, mysterious and ooky... and you will be haunted all night long if you don't cover the mirrors and hide anything that can tempt the poltergeists,.

Tonight your nightmares are a playground for mischief and terror, so be sure to prepare yourself and hang up those dreamcatchers. If you don't, then you are in for a night of malevolence...

Good Night...~

Baby Welcome To My Dream World...

"Heeeeeeere's Johnny's Entertainment!"

Aw, crap, Johnny's Ent are back to take their crown as the reigning Entertainment company in Japan!

Johnny's Ent: "Arashi... they will crush you..."

Dude, K-pop's taking over the world. Get over it.

I don't even have to listen to the song to hear that tune playing in my head.

It's iconic, okay?

Erm... kid. I thought i told you not to leave the candle burning when you walked out of the room.


Wanna put it out before it spreads?

I remember none of their names, but she looks like I oshi'd her... right?

i'm getting Blair Witch vibes, just so ya know.

OOOOOH, a dreamcatcher!

Role title card!


I really don't think there's anything lethal about two girls in nighties. Y'all can chill your assassin antics, now.

okay, this is cool and all, but can we chill it with the excessive cuts that allow to appreciate none of the scenes because it's cut so fucking rapidly?

No? We ain't gonna chill?

Fine. No Netflix for you.

I didn't know we were in Hogwarts... >_>

Whomever taught this woman to blend needs firing, because that eyeshadow is hurting me both physically and emotionally.

At least this one's in the shadows so that I can't see her horrendous eyeshadow. I've been spared!

Let's be real; the make-up in this is shit. Unless Zombie-chique is the exact look they were going for, of course. That said, it could be the filter doing the girls some injustice.

I do like that lipstick, however.

His... he has a tiny ear.

Has anyone else noticed that?

OOOOOH, I want that doll!

Did she taxidermy a bird?

Why - oh why - are they dressed like they're ready to star in an Austin Powers movie?

Those gold coat dresses are tacky, y'all.

Obvious book: it's obvious for a reason.

Now, go pick a less obvious one so that we don't have to play out your brand of stupid and watch you fuck yourself over later on in the PV.

... no. You won't listen? Fine. Whatever. You asked for it.

Also this is basically just the Dreamcatcher version of that scene from Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.

Fuckin' iconic, and of course no credit to the true artist.

God damnit, Dreamcatcher.

Well, those chains don't look inviting.

Ah, yes, bubbles. The most threatening thing on earth.

Right next to red balloons.

"Bitch, don't touch my picture book."

Please respect the original owners property. She doesn't want some muggle touching up her parchment, thank you very much.

Ah, yes. Women randomly popping up in mirrors.

Because that isn't the least bit creepy now, is it?

-proceeds to cover all the mirrors in her house-

... Why does this look familiar...

Aw, crap, I know where this is going!

Alice in Wonderland. Seriously?

You can't keep copying Disney. Make your own shit up!

I would try and run away from that horrendous outfit too, girls.

Anyways, I swear they're saying "That's a NAISU POPSICLE" during this part of the song. Just me? Well, okay then...

-sings 'That's a naisu popsicle' along with the song-

I love the lighting in these scenes. Very chase scene-esque from a cop movie.

Well done.

These outfits really are the true horror of this PV, huh.

Instead of blowing a kiss, I like to think she's popping a mint into her mouth. Mmm, minty freshness!


I am concerned.


What kinda fresh Sci-Fi Japanese horror MV is this!?

Oh wait. It's K-Pop o 3o

I think this is one of the more genuinely scary scenes, let's be real. Tree root arms trapping you? Yeah, freaky as fuck.

And also very Snow White of you Dreamcatcher, now stop stealing off Disney!!!

D'oh! Indeed, dear. It's less of a blunder and more of an issue when you are caught copying numerous times, I'm afraid.

This is one of the prettiest scenes though. I love how aesthetically creepy it is.

I just wanted this scene in here. Just cause.

I hate those dance outfits though o 3o


Okay, this is why you don't play with a ghosts property. They don't exactly appreciate you messing their shit up.



A-are there eyes on the wall?


Okay... why does this feel like a cheap rip off of the spell book from Hocus Pocus?

Eye spy with my roaming eye... RIP OFF!!!!

So cute. I love her.

Did I oshi her?

Johnny's Ent: "What the fuck-a-doodle-doo?"

Johnny's Ent: "You sexy, sexy beast..."

okay, time to stop fantasising about world domination with Arashi, mate.

I swear she said "I don't want a KitKat" in the song, and lemme just say...

No. You always want a KitKat!

Okay, but is it even that bad if suddenly your reflection became extremely pretty?

God, I hate these outfits.

I love this choreography, however.

"Don't mess with my shit!"

Me to every person ever who tried to touch my stuff.

Okay, corrupted Alice Through The Looking Glass, calm down.

Seriously though, this is hella creepy. I would fuck off right out of that room ASAP.

Okay, what kinda voodoo shit is this?

Didn't know they taught whittling at Dreamcatcher Summer camp.

Okay, Blair Witch Project, chill your creep factor. Yeesh.

Welp, at least one of these girls is possessed.

I vote for all of them.

Ah, that's a nice lil bit of reverse you've used on the clip there.

And this is why you don't go near mirrors in horror movies, people.

Horror Logic 101.

I can appreciate this shaky cam whilst simultaneously hating these outfits, right?

Erm, dude. That paper will make a little fire become a big fire.



Okay, well it's killing the tree hands. But dude, what about the girl!?

Well, that's one way to get his attention.

I don't pity the poor sod that has to clean this shit up.

Continuity error! Where's all the paper on the floor?

Urgh, hate it when they can't keep their own story straight >_>

... Wait. Why isn't your tiny ear in the reflection?

What kinda witch craft is this akakdjaojsioijadiol

Good to see Professor Umbridge's office is burning down. We really can't stand to see that much pink in one space.

Welp, he's screwed. This is what happens when you play puppet to the obvious plot devices, and don't listen to me when I tell you to not pick up the obvious as fuck book.

And so the poltergeists leave, successfully defeating the looming terror that is Johnny's Ent. and his tiny ears by trapping him in a mirror.

Good work, girls!

Wait... don't drop the book. Pick it up.

Some unfortunate sod will find it and unleash Johnny's Ent.! Please, if you care even a smidge about this world, pick it up!

Why doesn't anyone listen? God damnit.

Run Run Run~

As much as I rip on the makeup and costumes in this video, I do want to say that I thoroughly enjoy all that Good Night has to offer as a video. Fast paced, dark and a little bit destructive, this PV really brings you into the nightmarish world of Dreamcatcher and keeps you wanting more. Personally it's the visuals and storyline that drags me in, but for others it may simply be the song or the members themselves. Regardless of what dragged us in, let's all acknowledge the beauty of Dreamcatcher's Good Night and appreciate it's quality.

Before I head into this review properly I do want to note that, as per any review on this blog, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own, as are the theories and scenarios I may portray within these types of posts. They are not fact in any way shape or form, but they are my own expressions in the written word, and I would like it if you respected that, same as I will respect your own opinions, thoughts and theories. Thank you.

Moving forward, I must say that this is a beautiful music video. Dark and playful, Dreamcatcher take on the role of poltergeist-type beings who wreak havoc for the poor detective that was sent to find them. Not only that, they also act as escapees from formidable beings with terrible makeup, or girls who are trapped by nightmarish arm-like roots that they need to burn in order to escape. Whatever it is, it seems the girls in this story are trapped in their own kind of hell and need to escape it by obtaining a certain book. Sadly with every deal a price must be paid, and in this case it's the soul of the Detective, who eventually finds himself trapped in the mirror by the end of the video.

It's creepy, it's even a little bit sad by the end, and yes I feel some second-hand guilt for him - he never asked for this, he only wanted to solve a mystery. Still, it's the way of the nightmare; sometimes you get trapped in it when you have gone too far. That doesn't make the ending of this PV any less harrowing, however. To say the idea of the detective being trapped in the mirror in another world left an impression on me is an understatement, and whilst it has been a long time since i last watched this video for pleasure, I can safely say that this feeling of sadness and pity for him is still as relevant to me now as it was when I watched this PV when it was first released. It's a strong image, one that I can't shake and one that will continue to stick with me even after this review.

Thing is, Good Night is filled with a lot of strong imagery, not just the defeat of the Detective towards the end of the video. From the chase scenes between the two members in the forest, to the member being held hostage via the tree root hands, there is so much that captures my interest here, even the simplest of scenes. I think it's because there is so much going on in each sequence, but also because Dreamcatcher are once again painting an interesting picture here by bringing various fears to life; confinement in an unknown place (the office / the mirror), seclusion (the forest), being captured (tree root hands), supernatural activity (poltergeists / ghosts) and the pursuit of an evil, unknown force. Throw in some creepy little dolls, a bit of fire and multiple mirrors, and you have a video that might just bring a few of your own nightmares to the surface.

Aside from the creepy scenes, I want to acknowledge the beauty of this videos pacing. Fuelled with the same adrenaline that courses through the members' veins as they run away or play poltergeist with the Detective, Good Night creates an exhilarating assortment of imagery that fits with the music perfectly. The pace of the video matched with the music only furthers the idea of the chase, and at points the heart-pounding beat of the song matched with the fast cuts of the scenes leaves you wondering what will happen next, all the while still lingering on the important scenes long enough to help you understand the story and appreciate the craft of the PV.

Another aspect to note is the way the video has been filtered. Similar to Chase Me, the music video for Good Night includes an overlay that strikes a similar look to that of a painting, with the shadows made by lights or fire being further enhanced and the members' skin looking almost otherworldly. It truly creates this idea of a distorted reality, a place that is not exactly our world. It's warped, much like a nightmare, depicting a version of the Dreamcatcher girls and the Detective that we would only see during a nightmare. It's incredibly effective, and despite the filter looking like a fairly simple addition it manages to tie the two stories between Chase Me and Good Night together whilst still demonstrating the videos dark quality.

I am also rather fond of the effects in this video, from the opening effect that seems familiar to a film roll being burned, and the simple edits of adding a members face to the pictures on the walls. Sure, some of these edits are rather cheap looking, but who cares? They are a fun addition to the end product and help to enhance that idea of Dreamcatcher being in another world.

Overall this is a pleasing video to watch. It's nice to look at, the locations are great, the editing is pretty damn good and, even with the horrible dance outfits and cheap effects used, the video continuously leaves me impressed regardless of how much I have watched it. It's great, it gives me a little thrill of fear for the poor detective as well as an adrenaline rush thanks to its pacing. The song itself is wonderful as well, one that has managed to grow on me the more I listen to it.

It's awesome, I love it, and I'm glad I finally got around to reviewing this PV. It took me 2 years to finally get to it but, hey, nightmares never fade, so it's better late then never.

What are your thoughts on the nightmare you just witnessed? Would you like to relive it again, or will you move forward towards a better dream, one that doesn't include mirrors and poltergeists, fire and dark forests you can't escape from?

And now that we have finished this review I hope that you can sleep well tonight. Remember to put your dreamcatcher above your pillow, otherwise these nightmares might just engulf you. Sweet dreams, dear readers. I only hope that you have a peaceful night of slumber after experiencing this dark and enticing music video.

Until next time everyone, thank you for reading and please take care.

Good night...

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