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Idol'ween: Of Idols and Magic and Bears, Oh My! Experience The 'Ultimate☆MAGIC' with i☆RiS! (PV Review)

After a year and five months of PV silence, it's time to finally make a come back with my obnoxiously long PV Reviews filled with screen grabs, gifs and words galore. And what better way than to come back with a whole series dedicated to one of the most entertaining nights of the year?

With magic, mischief and malevolence on the horizon this Hallows Eve, let's celebrate the day of tricks, treats and dress up with our very own Idol'ween where I will review a selection of PV's themed around magic, nightmares, dress up and horror! Whether it's cute or spooky depends on the group in question, but with a collection of cute idols, fun themes and one or two spooky PV's thrown into the cauldron, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

For tonights PV Review, there is a faint crackling of magic in the air. So get read to dust off that witch or wizards hat, hop on a broomstick and pull out that spell book, because we're going on an adventure together to find the Ultimate☆MAGIC.

Are you ready? If yes, then let's hop on our brooms and go!

Kicking off our Idol'ween festivities are the ever-incredible i☆RiS, a group of AniSong singers who also act as voice actresses. Most notable for singing the opening and ending theme songs for various PriPara seasons - as well as voicing the lead characters - i☆RiS have been active as a group since 2012 and are under the Avex label. Despite being one of Avex's few idol groups, they are not under the iDOL STREET label.

Made up of six members - Yamakita Saki, Serizawa Yu, Akaneya Himika, Wakai Yuuki, Kubota Miyu and Shibuya Azuki - i☆RiS have held a consistent lineup since their debut 7 years ago, and though I was initially disinterested in the group after their debut single, I have since found the way of i☆RiS and fallen in love with them since their adorable single Make it! was released 5 years ago! Since rekindling my love with them however, I have not featured the group on my blog with a review since... well, since they debuted.

Because I am that much of a fan, y'all.

In all seriousness though, i☆RiS - though prominent in my Year End song posts - have only featured in one PV review on here, way back in 2012. That doesn't mean I don't love the group of course - I do, they're a brilliant group and they have so many good songs in their discography - I just haven't really put much thought into reviewing their stuff individually on here.

Until today, that is. Because what better way to bring one of the most magical girl groups to the forefront of my blog than with a PV review that focuses on their charm, their cuteness and the magic that they hold within?

And hey, what better way to bring back my PV Pic Spam reviews, aye? Ayyyye! >o>

Now that Halloween is just around the corner and the idols are bringing out their PV's full of magic, mystery and mischief, let's dive into a world of alchemy and potion making, spells and enchantment in the beginning of the Idol'ween series! But what will we experience this Hallows Eve with i☆RiS? Will it be all cuteness and spell casting, or is something spookier lurking on the horizon?

It's time to take out your wand and cloak, little witches and wizards, for we are about to enter a world that isn't our own. Are you prepared to be spellbound, or are you immune to such trickery?

Bibbitty, Bobbitty... BOOF!

Did I Do Something Wrong!?

That's not grape soda.

Don't drink it.

"Om nom nom"

Okay, when did I switch over to Brother Bear?



It's that cute group photo you always wish you had in the Year Book, but it never looks like this.

A true Horror Story, as told by Graduates.

Look at this cuteness. How are i☆RiS so adorkable?

Saki: "Alas, poor Yor- EEEEEEEEEEEEK!"

this ain't Shakespeare, toots, this is J-pop!

Azuki: "Wingardium Levi-OOOOOOH-Fuckin'-SAAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaahhhhHHHHHHH!"

I don't think that's how it works, you dork.

This opening is cute, and reminds me heavily of WaSuta for some reason. Hm...


It's too bad Yuuki kinda sucks at magic, though.

But damn, she's so cute that her adorableness makes up for her lack of magical ability!

Er, Miyu... Miyu. Wake up. Miyu, this is no time to be sleeping!

Miyu: "Zzz..."

God damn it, Miyu.

Miyu: "Aha, psyche! I wasn't really sleeping~"

It's a good thing you're adorable.

Okay, I don't like the look on Himika's face.

I mean, does that look like a face you would trust?


Mad Scientist Himika, ready to play a lil' Jekyll and Hyde with her friends.

Yeah, I don't trust her with those potions either.

Saki's expression doesn't exactly comfort me, either.

Saki: "Yes, Master. Add some more of the Beetle's Blood..."


From Gremlin to Idol cuteness, Saki transforms! That's the true magic of this video, I tell ya.

Isn't she adorable? And look at that ear! Hello, little ear! God I'm weird

By the way, how is she the oldest member? She looks 12, not 28.


Oh, crap. What did you do, Himika!?

Saki, you didn't put any shit in there you shouldn't have, did you?


This is what happens when you mess with Alchemy and magic of any kind, girls!

I didn't know I was watching Kiki's Delivery Service.

Yu: "Grrrrr, I'ma get ya!"

I think the scariest thing about you is your singing voice, Yu.

Awwwww shit, I upset the idols! I didn't mean it, I swear! People love your voice, Yu!

And this totally isn't Kiki's Delivery Service, either. Promise.

Azuki: "Fuck YEAH this ain't Kiki's Delivery Service!"

Good, cause otherwise that might be plagiarism, or it'll infringe on copyright or whatever...

Azuki: "Welcome to Azuki's Delivery Service, motherfucka!!'


Yu: "Yaaaay, I'm Kiki!"

Ya know what? Forget it,

Wasn't a Dream5 PV filmed in this exact location?

... Nah, but I'm pretty sure another group has used this exact location before.

Y'all did nothing wrong.

Avex, however, will do everything wrong outside of the cute PV's, good groups and entertaining songs.

Yeah, I'm sorry you're under that company too.

I just had to gif this, both for the sake of having it for future apologies, and secondly because I'm Sorry y'all have to suffer through this post.

Let's all universally acknowledge that these girls are all adorable, and that Yu has won me over.

I have a new blue Oshi, y'all.

Can you even blame me?

And dude, how I can forget Yuki? She is my other oshi in this group. Viva La Red members!

How is she so freakin' ADORABLE!?

I love her. Let's protecc the Yuki. Protecc her.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate these costumes, the place they're dancing in and the cute effects? Cause I do appreciate them.

Too bad the PV is lit in such a dull fucking light that it feels like they're going to enter the Sepia Zone any moment now.

Miyu:"Hey hey, check this out. It's my super rare IZ*ONE Vampire photo card collection~"
Yuki: "Do I look like I don't have taste? Smh."

You two have seen Fullmetal Alchemist, right? Cause this shit seems iffy and I think you should know what shit you're getting into with this kinda stuff...

Oh, you're just going for it? Well okay, then...

But if Miyu ends up with her soul trapped in a suit of armour, don't blame me!

Yuki" "Don't screw this up. Don't screw this up..."

Please don't make it so that the damn bear sings on my Way by Phil collins for the rest of eternity. Please...

Okay, where did that shit go? I was hiding my stash of cheki's in there!

Yu: "I will pray for the cheki~"

I'm praying that the disappearing bear doesn't start singing Phil Collins into the void, personally.

Miyu really seems like she is what the fucking out of this.

Miyu: "IT GONE?"
Yuki: "It worked?"


Yuki-Miyu: "We're going on a Bear Hunt~"

But are you going to even catch one?

Yuki:"Y'all find a bear ornament?"
Himika: "Nah mate, not today."

Brother Bear: "Tell Everybody I'm on My Way..."
Azxuki: "Shut the fuck up, ya massive knob!"
Brother Bear: "New friends and new places to see...~"


Yuki: "Crap! I made him think he was in Brother Bear!"



Well, shit.

Super i☆RiS, ready to rescue our ears!

He's overflowing with the power of Phil Collins! Quick everyone, cover your ears and duck!

Okay girls, cut the cutesy crap now. We're in serious trouble, so please get to work!

Saki: "Roger that!"

Himika, do you have a sword? Please say you have a sword!

And hey, Yuki really does look like she's ready for a bear hunt! Now, where is Yu and why isn't she in the frame?

Yu: "Here I am, cute as can be~"

Okay, but cuteness won't save our ears from the likes of a bear singing Phil Collins songs.

But yes, you are so bloody cute it's unbelievable.

My Oshi senses are tingling.



Yuki: "Burn, baby. Burn!"

So elegant and cute, Yuki really is sizzling when she gets her magic right!

Yuki: "Magic will work when you need it most!"

Wait, no. You should practise and let the magic grow, not leave it til the last minute and hope for the best!

aWWWWWWWW YISSSSSSS, The Grand Battle of 2019! i☆RiS vs. Brother Bear! Who will come out victorious this year?

Let's be real: Saki looks awesome here, and I want to see her as character in an RPG, stat!

Miyu to the rescue! Through those waves, girl!

Yuki is just too adorable. I'm sorry for all the screen caps of her, but I can't help it~



Yu: "Ultimate Magic Love Kiss Attack!"

Yu, I think this is to turn wota into your fans. It won't be useful as an attack...

Damnit, why is it so cute?

Yu: "Super Effective, too~"

Brother Bear: "BLOCKED!"
Yu: "Yah~!"


Brother Bear: "Kame-hame-ha!"

That's not a Phil Collins lyric!

Azuki: "Fuck this, I'ma do this my way mate!"

Go Azuki, GO!

Azuki: "Fuck ye sing songs, mate!"
Brother Bear: "Two worlds, one family!"
Azuki: "Argh, Tarzan songs! My fuckin' kryptonite..."

Crap, Brother Bear hit the girls hard. Quick, regroup!

Brother Bear: "Come at me, bro!"

Phil Collins would not appreciate such a cruel bear sullying his lyrics!

Oh, shit. Yankee Azuki has appeared!

Azuki: "Grrr, that Motherfucka's gonna be wishin' he was in two worlds after I'm done with him!"
Yuki: "What are you on about now, Azuki?"

Yuki" "Hmph!"
Himika: "Oh, dear..."
Azuki" "Wanna piece o' me, Brother Bear?"
Miyu: "What in the..."
Saki: "Erm..."
Yu: "Are we going on a Bear Hunt yet?"

Brother Bear: "Yeeeah, that's what I thought. Fuuuuuuck YOU!"

Well, that isn't very brotherly of you at all!

Saki: "EUREKA! That's it!"

What now?

Brother Bear: "Just set your sight high, look 'em right in the eye and take it`~"
Saki: "... And then we punch him and we..."
i☆RiS: "???"


Yu looks just like a power ranger, but with a magic wand!


For comic relief and dorkiness, Azuki and Saki are your beans!

Miyu being the graceful alchemist that she is. Don't go losing any limbs now, Miyu, and keep away from those suits of armour!

Brother Bear: "... I think I should have sung Barry Manalow."


Yuki: "Kame-hame..."

Omg, YES!



And now he's a rug.

PETA will riot.

Miyu being the cutie she is. You did good, cutie pie. Thank you for your efforts~

Miyu: "Thank you very much~"


Awwww yiss, look at the wonderful Yu! Thank you for being such a good sport and helping to capture the bear!

Yu: "I went on a Bear Hunt, and I caught a bear!"

And turned him into a rug, don't forget that.

Victory streeeeeeeetch!

Now, where's a fireplace to lay the new rug beside?

God damn, Himika is pretty. She really is one of the most beautiful women within i☆RiS.

Brother Bear: "Oh baby I'm a FIREWOOOORK!"
i☆RiS: "Oh, shit!"

HE'S BACK, new and improved and singing more popular tunes!

The shock, the horror! The Jukebox Bear has risen!

And he dances, too! Finally, i☆RiS have their long-awaited 7th member! Now they can have all the colours of the rainbow!

Look at that smug face. It screams "I can do it, hehe~"

You're all grown up, huh ;; A full-fledged witchling!

Saki: "Saki POWER!"

The most powerful idol of them all!

God, that's a pretty spell.

And this is just adorable.

Why haven't I reviewed any i☆RiS PV's since 2012? Why? They're so good.

Yay, words! Also thank you for being a giant dork, Azuki. Thank you.

Who is the most beautiful member of i☆RiS?

Yes. Yes is the answer. Thanks, Himika.


We're going on a Bear Hunt, with the Bear! YAY!

Look at all that colour. Look at that dancing bear. How can this not make you happy?

Honorary member of i☆RiS: Brother Bear.

I swear, if he isn't in the next PV I will riot.

Why does this remind me of the Mockingjay? Why?

Wait, why does this library suddenly remind me of The Page Master?

Holy shit, I'm having flashbacks to my childhood... whut.

I'm Sorry! (It took so long to do a PV review)

Ultimate☆MAGIC is a trip. A gloriously weird, hectic trip that took me by surprise in how the story ran its course. With a little bit of magic, plenty of cuteness and a bear - a freakin' bear - i☆RiS once again deliver in both sound and visuals to give us all a slice of spellbinding antics, happiness and entertainment galore. What more could an idol fan ask for?

Visually this is great. Colourful, cute, cheeky and funny in a few places, Ultimate☆MAGIC really brings us into the story of i☆RiS as they try to put right the spells they screwed up in this story, all the while trying to better themselves as alchemists / witches / wizards. With a bunch of colourful spells, a little bit of summoning and a lot of enchantment, it feels like i☆RiS have gone above and beyond to impress their fans with a sweet, adorable music video that is both eye catching and entertaining to watch.

... I sound like an infomercial. Ew.

I get a lot of joy out of Ultimate☆MAGIC, and it's a song and video like this that reaffirms my love for i☆RiS once more. They truly are a great group, and though this song might sound similar to some of their past works - anything PriPara related, basically -the girls really give it their all in energy and passion. They sound excited, happy and overjoyed at singing such a cute song, and thanks to the catchy beat and hyperactive tune I can't help but feel a surge of energy and delight coursing through my veins whenever I hear it! It's addictive in the most positive way, and I love everything about this song.

Yes, even the annoying anime songstress squeak. I love it all, because i☆RiS are incredible, god dangit!

Ahem... moving along, the video itself is a real treat as well. Given how Avex - the bastards that they are - only allow us to view a short clip on YouTube, I had to seek out the full MV myself to see how the story progressed and whether or not the video got better as it moved along.

Well, I wasn't disappointed, because this is an amazing PV, one that gets better with each and every scene. From the members' expressions to the freakin' bear that taunts the girls, Ultimate☆MAGIC rises in its entertainment factor and further showcases the joy of watching i☆RiS when they are given a strong premise for their works. This video also allows me to further acknowledge the fact that Avex - however much I dislike the company itself - really does work hard to create quality content for their artists and idol groups when they aren't blatantly screwing them over.

This is great fun, and honestly Avex and i☆RiS both have outdone themselves. I mean from seeing the preview alone I was a little more hooked on Ultimate☆MAGIC as both a song and PV, but it took me a while to seek it out. Once I knew I was going to do Idol'ween however, I knew what video was opening this series because, let's put it simply: there is no other video to start with other than Ultimate☆MAGIC. It was too cute and addictive to put anywhere else, hence why it's the start of this series.

So basically I love this PV. How can I not? Ultimate☆MAGIC is all forms of adorable and quirky, and with their use of graphics, colour and the adorable antics of the members (and their expressions. I love their expressions in this, holy heck), how can I deny the joy that this video brings me? Everything about it is charming and over the top, and whilst it may not necessarily be your cup of tea, I do think that there was a lot of hard work put into the presentation of this video, the use of its graphics and making it feel whole and alive. There is a world here - a small world, but a world all the same - and it feels like a world I would love to fall into if I were a witch.

Ultimate☆MAGIC is pure escapism. It takes you outside of your own world and creates a brighter world filled with magic and dancing bears. It has a story, a purpose and moments that are undeniably cute and quirky. It's adorable, I can't say that enough, and it's a trip. I love it so much, and I do believe that the members are one of the main reasons as to why I love it so much. With their charisma, humour and personalities shining through here, the members really hook you and bring you into their world of mischief, magic and mistakes. They make you love every moment of this cute, quirky world that they have created and have you watching it from beginning to end, wondering what they might do next.

Azuki was the best of all six members though, just sayin'.

I really don't think that there's a lot more that I can say about this. It's magical, cute and a little bit weird, the location is great, the characters were on-point and the plot was entertaining. Yes, this might be more or less geared towards kids, but so what? I love everything about Ultimate☆MAGIC, and I am so thankful that it fits in with the season of witches and mischief.

Oh, and yes - Brother Bear is my new i☆RiS oshi. COME AT ME, BRO!

... That makes no sense, as per usual.

In short: I love this PV. It's colourful, cute and energetic, the choreography is entertaining to watch, the song is catchy as heck and the bear is my oshi now. I love i☆RiS a lot, but this song reminded me of how much I adore the group, whilst the video really made me understand just how entertaining they are when they're given a decent plot, a lot of props and a bit of freedom to act like idiots. It's great, the personality factor is high here, I couldn't praise it any more than I already have. I love it.

Ba la ba ba baaaaa... I'M LURVIN' IT!

There was a lot of thought and effort put into this PV to create something fun, magical and humorous, and I am thankful for that. It's a gem of a PV, possibly one of my top favourites from 2019, and I have watched the crap outta it. It also makes me want to cosplay and pretend I'm a witch whilst dancing to this tune, so yeah... there's also that.

I love it. I just love it. The end.

Have you seen Ultimate☆MAGIC by i☆RiS? If yes, what are your thoughts on the PV, and if you haven't do you think you would ever watch it?

To those who have sat through my rambles, the pictures and the captions, thank you. I hope that it's been a fun read. Above all though I hope this gives you the incentive to check out the charms and cuteness of i☆RiS, an adorable AniSong idol group who bring out consistent bops and cute PV's. They really are worth the time and views, so definitely check out some of their music~

Until the next review though, thanks for stopping by and sitting through my writing. Take care and enjoy your idols.

Much love and peace,

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