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A New Era Begins, By Royal Decree! ~Updates From The HouPri Royal Court~

With an all-new generation and a renewed lineup, Houkago Princess step into the on-coming Era with a few announcements. From new members to their latest single release, it's time to update ourselves with the going-ons within the Royal Court.

By Royal decree...~

It has been a long while since I last created a post like this, so here I go, updating y'all on the HouPri front once again, because they're my beloved idol group after all. And boy, there are quite e a few updates I need to share with you! From new YOUTH members to their up-coming single, there's quite a bit to cover, and given how long I've sat on some of this news... well, it kinda stumps me as to why it took me so long to remember that - hey! - sometimes I create update-type posts like this.

Sadly, I happened to remember I used to do this frequently very randomly, just before I was about to sleep. Oops XD

Anyways, I'm back with an update for HouPri, and I'm ready to talk about a few things! Let's get this news covered and update ourselves with news from the Royal Court. Are you ready to see what the Princess have been up to just lately?

Back on March 14th, Houkago Princess debuted their latest sub-unit, Team SWEET, a refurbished form of the original Team Miracle who were announced back in November of 2016. Made up of members Michishige Saho, Yukino Yuria, Kohinata Nanase, Yamamoto Natsumi and Takano Hiyori, - as well as members of HouPri YOUTH - the sub-unit will hold mini-lives regularly.

Since the departure of Kojima Mayumiand Shirosaki Himari in August of last year, it seems that Team Miracle halted their activities, which had initially included the members practising their MC skills, and performing a lot less than they are now as Team Sweet. The group had also been seen as the 'lesser' of two sub-units when they had intially been created, with the superior group being Team Twinkle, originally made up of Odagiri Nana, Maika, Yamaguchi Miran, Kizuki Saori and Sekine Sasara. There have been no uipdates as to whether Team Twinkle will continue holding separate mini-lives or performances.

In regards to my own opinion on Team SWEET, I can't contain my absolute surprise and delight at the original Team Miracle idea being refurbished and allowing some members to perform regularly on a smaller platform. It's freakin' amazing to see that these girls are being allowed to perform a lot more regularly, especially without the likes of the current Big Three (Maika, Sasara and Nobara) taking up a majority of the line distribution. It's incredib;e, and as a fan of two members within Team SWEET - Saho and Nanase - I feel like this will become a great way to get the lesser known girls a little more recognition, as well as enhance their performance skills.

This is a good decision from management in my mind, and I really hope this Team SWEET deal stays for a while. It's helpful to the girls who don't get as much, and it allows the current lineup of YOUTH to hang around their senpai and perform with them a little more. This is a great idea, and I can't wait to see what Team SWEET do in the future!

On March 23rd, Houkago Princess YOUTH announced two new Candidate members, Aoki Ririka (Right) and Ozawa Ruru (Left), bringing the current lineup for HouPri YOUTH to a total of 6 members.

The girls have participated in a few events alongside Houkago Princess members, as well as performed alongside their fellow YOUTH members. They are also able to participate in live performances with Team SWEET members in the future.

For everyone's benefit (as well as mine), here is a quick profile check on the members so you can get to know them a little more!

Name: Aoki Ririka
Birthdate: April 25th
Height: 145cm
Appeal: Small face, small height
Favourite things: Sweets, cosmetics

Name: Ozawa Ruru
Nickname: Ru-chan
Birthdate: April 7th, 1995 (24)
Member Colour: Light blue
Favourite Food: Ramen
Favourite Drink Tapioca milk tea
Favourite Animal: Dog

In regards to my personal thoughts on these two members, I really don't have any as of yet. I'm genuinely more surprised by how small YOUTH itself has become since last year, but in general I am glad to see new members being added and continuing the process of HouPri's whole 'Candidate - Apprentice - Princess' system that they have going on. That said, I feel like the member who stands out to me the most is Ruru, but that is solely due to how much more personal her twitter feels, and how confident she seems to act on it. It could be a case of age here, however I do look forward to Ririka's own growth.

It'll be nice to see either of these two debut at some point, and it would be even nicer to see them last. Right now though, we shall see what they can do. Good luck to these girls, and a belated congratulations on their YOUTH debut!

In other new member news... HouPri will debut another addition to their Regular lineup! Holy cow!

Aoi Mizuki, formerly of AOP fame, has officially joined Houkago Princess as of March 31st and will hold her official coronation with the group on April 15th. Much like fellow member Tani Nobara, Mizuki is one of few members who has joined the group without previously belonging to the YOUTH / training movement, allowing her to debut effective immediately. With that said, Mizuki is the first member to officially debut without having to audition, period.

Due to her tenure within the idol group AOP (2015 ~ 2019), Houkago Princess Management decided that the idols previous activities as an idol were enough to allow her quick entry into the fully-fledged lineup. With this, Mizuki will begin her activities as a Princess from mid-April.

Aoi Mizuki started out as an idol within AOP from 2015 before taking a break last year. On March 1st Mizuki ended her contract with AOP and officially withdrew from the group. On March 31st 2019, it was announced that Aoi Mizuki would join Houkago Princesses official lineup. Both Mizuki and current Apprentice member Sawada Momo will both be crowned as official members on April 15th, 2019.

And here is your handy profile for the newest addition to HouPri!

Name: Aoi Mizuki
Birthdate: December 26th, 1996 (22)
Special Skill: Baton, Jazz dancing
Affiliated Groups: AOP (2015 - 2019), Houkago Princes (2019 - ?)

Regarding my personal thoughts, I am honestly just confused. Confused as to why / how Mizuki got in without an audition, confused about why another member was added... and mainly confused because, Hell, I am always confused. But damn, I'm also quite impressed that HouPri are still managing to surprise us with even more unnecessary member additions, though it does make me laugh and question whether or not Maika / Sasara / Saho will leave soon, given how big the groups becoming, as well as how quickly they shoved Aoi in. I mean... the last time we had a swift addition through means of no YOUTH training was because management needed a new Ace to replace Nananyan, and that was before they announced that she, Miran and Saori would be leaving.

So, I'm calling it. I'm calling another impending Yearly graduation for HouPri once again, and you can bet I hope I'm wrong this time around. Doubt I will be, though.

Still, I do think it's great that we have another member. This means that HouPri is getting gigantic and that they're trying to keep the fans intrigued with their next moves, so yeah, I look forward to what Mizuki herself has to offer, and I look forward to seeing how HouPri as a whole develops from here on out.

Show me what ya got, HouPri. Show. Me.

And finally, the piece de resistance (or however you say it)... HouPri are gonna release a NEW FREAKIN' SINGLE, Y'ALL! This post has increasingly become more common as it goes along, WHOOPS, not intentional.

Announced who-cares-when, Management revealed that the up-coming single will be released on July 10th 2019, and will be a Double A-side to commemorate the groups 10th release themed around Princesses. This time, the theme will be 'Houkago Princess', and will celebrate the brand-new lineup, their new Leader and the new Japanese Era that begins on May 1st, 2019.

Titled Shin Jidai Princess / Princess no Teigi (New Era Princess / Defining A Princess), the single will be released in 5 editions - Princess version, Venus version, Dream version, Twinkle version and Sweet version - and include four tracks in total, which include instrumental tracks for the two title songs.

The idea behind the theme for the single is that it will commemorate the 10th release of their Princess series, and that it will showcase the groups 'wish to become the Princesses of the idol world'. Both songs will contain different styles as well, with Shin Jidai Princess bringing together the past of the group with their current state, and the song being one of strong determination for the future whilst holding thankfulness within the members' hearts for the past. Princess no Teigi, however, will be a song that showcases a specific style of courage a Princess holds whilst she lives in a normal, human world. It has stated that this song does not specify a gender.

This single has also been noted to be different to Kaguya ni Negai wo in that, where Kaguya was themed around farewells, this is a single which looks towards the future and also introduces new members to the group and showcases a vastly different lineup.

This will be the first official (physical) single release for Kohinata Nanase, Yamamoto Natsumi, Tani Nobara, Takano Hiyori, Mizuki Aoi and Sawada Momo. It will also be the first single to feature Sekine Sasara as the groups leader.

And in regards to my personal thoughts...


I have been waiting for this. That is all.

And with that, I am done. Hopefully these updates have been somewhat relevant to all of you, maybe even a little bit helpful, and if I have missed anything I do apologise... however, my laptop is on its last legs charge wise, so I really do need to go. Still, it was a lot of fun to get back into this kind of post, casual as it may be, and give you guys a little something to read about while I try and get my butt back into gear post-wise.

Again, I hope this was a worthwhile read, and hopefully you are as excited as I am regarding the up-coming release for HouPri's new single (and the new members being added in, like, 5 days' time).

Until next time though everyone, please enjoy yo idols and be happy, healthy and mentally well. Stay physically well too, y'all.

Adieu, one and all~

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