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KAYANO - The Graduation Appreciation Post

Today on March 30th, 2019, KAYANO of LONDON BLUE graduates from the Idol world. Despite only being an idol for a short time, I want to take my time to appreciate KAYANO and her time spent with LONDON BLUE. So for the idols we adore, let's appreciate them as much as we can before they graduate from our world of idols.

It's time to appreciate KAYANO, my 1-year Idol.

Shall we begin?

It has been a while since I created one of these posts, and because of that it is also a struggle. I do not know what to say, I cannot figure out how to word everything I want to express, and I don't know how to introduce this fandangled post of feels... so, let's start it like this:

Meeting KAYANO is one of my most treasured memories. Even though I have not been her fan for long, I feel blessed that I was able to meet and talk to such a cool, fun idol. I am happy I could see her considerate side and learn about her helpful nature, and I am grateful that, even for a short time, I could witness KAYANO's stage of her life where she acted as an idol.

I love Kominato Kayano as an idol and a performer, and it is no lie when I say that I will miss her so freakin' much now that she is graduating from the world of idols. She was a wonderful idol, and I am happy to know that she cherished her time on stage as a member of LONDON BLUE. In return, I will continue to cherish this beloved memory of her as an idol, and I will look back on my interactions with her fondly. No matter what, KAYANO will continue to stay as an idol in my heart.

KAYANO only became an idol in February last year, seeing it as her last chance to take on a different stage to one she had been on before. Already 25, KAYANO made the decision upon joining the group that she would graduate before she turned 26, meaning that she would be a part of the group for one year. In many ways I am saddened by this decision of hers to leave before she hits a certain age, but in other ways I understand her reasoning. KAYANO has other dreams she hopes to pursue, such as becoming a voice actress and continuing her love of dance. At the age she is now, it seems time might be limited, so whilst I do not like the idea of her graduating because of her age, I also understand why she needs to do it now. KAYANO is a young adult, and not everyone wants to remain an idol forever.

But despite only being an idol for a year, KAYANO has experienced so much already as a member of LONDON BLUE. Granted, the group is not the most well-known or the biggest, but 2018 marked the year of opportunity for the girls. First, the group had a major lineup change before it was announced that they would make their major debut in September with KING RECORDS. Then the group was given the chance to travel to the UK for Hyper Japan Festival, where they performed in London for the first time, before returning to Japan to celebrate their major single debut as well as their 5th anniversary. It was one heck of a year for LONDON BLUE, and KAYANO was able to be a part of it. It must feel amazing to know that, despite being an idol for such a short period of time, KAYANO could achieve and do so much. Not many idols are given this kind of opportunity, especially not smaller, more unknown idols like LONDON BLUE.

It's incredible to see that she has done so much already and experienced all she can with LONDON BLUE, and I'm happy that I was able to see her during one of these events. Meeting KAYANO has to be one of my most treasured memories as an idol fan, and whilst I am still a little shocked that she will no longer be a part of a group that I undeniably love now, I am happy that I was given time to process her graduation, and I am thankful that I could at least meet this idol I love at Hyper Japan.

KAYANO is a sweet, fun girl with a cool attitude and a big-sister aura. Though she herself was new to LONDON BLUE at the time the new members were announced, the maturity and big sister-nature she exuded was undeniable, and I really do commend her for being such a positive force within the group and for acting as a reliable figure to her kouhai when they were still fresh. I truly feel like she looked after the group, though that could be due to her age - at 25, KAYANO is (was) the oldest member within LONDON BLUE, despite being so fresh to the group herself back in 2018. She is the type of idol who has an undeniable maturity to her, and you can see it right away. I loved that about her from the get-go, and I believe it was her coolness (and her lovely face) that pulled me to her as a favourite before I even watched the group perform.

But my love of KAYANO goes beyond her image or her performance style. I like a lot more about her, such as her kindness and will to help. Of all the members I met, KAYANO was the one who tried her best to help me with questions and answers when I was stuck. Despite not knowing English herself, she tried her hardest and put herself out there to not only help the members of the group, but those who interviewed or interacted with her as well. This impression of a 'cool and mature' girl I had of KAYANO from the first time I saw her picture online has only heightened since meeting her, and through my interactions with KAYANO, I can safely say that my love for her as an idol is only growing with each passing day.

KAYANO is someone I admire. She is a young woman who decided to go after an idol dream despite being 24, and she is someone who knew from the get-go that her experience would only last a year. She took on the challenge of becoming an idol at age 24 and understood that this would not be a forever deal, but a short contract in which she would do all she could in order to achieve one of many dreams. It is through this challenge that she presented herself that she was able to do so much in so little time, and achieve many things. Because of her passion and resolve, I can't help but admire Kominato Kayano, an idol who knows what she wants and will do what she can to fulfil her purpose as an idol and performer.

A year and one month is not a long time for any idol, and it certainly was a short tenure for one of my favourite idols of 2018, but it was still a great experience for KAYANO. She has already done a lot in her life before this, from dancing to modelling, acting and maybe more, and I hope that she can achieve her next dream o/f being a voice actress. She's a talented young woman, and though she's leaving one career to pursue another, I hope that KAYANO finds great success in all she does in the near future.

I am sad that she is graduating. I am sad that she will no longer be a part of LONDON BLUE, but I also believe that KAYANO will do some great things in whatever path she choose to take. I just hope that, come her departure from LONDON BLUE and the idol world, she will keep us all updated on Twitter and keep her fans in the loop for what she will be doing project-wise in the near future. That's all I ask for as her fan.

That said, if she does choose to leave the entertainment world completely, I do understand; KAYANO has been within this industry for a while now, and whilst I would love to continue following her updates, I know that one day she will take a break to figure things out for herself. Whatever she chooses, it will be my duty as a fan to support her decision and wish her the best of luck in her decision.

I wish KAYANO all the happiness in the world, and I am thankful that for even a short period of time I could support her as a member of LONDON BLUE. She was my favourite member, and I am glad I could witness her performance and see what a cool and mature person she was. She's fun, energetic, happy and endearing, and I am glad that she could be a part of my idol fandom for even a year.

There is so much more I want to say, but I will leave it at this:

Thank you for being my idol, Kominato Kayano. I will miss you as a member of LONDON BLUE, but I will always cherish these memories of meeting you and being able to speak with you. Though I have sadness in my heart during your graduation, I will still look forward to what the future brings you, and I will watch you as a fan whilst you take on a new path.


KAYANO, 卒業おめでとう!Thank you for a year of being an idol! I will miss you, but I look forward to your next step! どうもありがとう

Mostly 'cool', but also a little 'cute', KAYANO showed us the side of LONDON BLUE that the others could not. Despite her short tenure, she was a staple for the group with her dance technique and stage presence, and I will certainly miss this about her. Still, thank you for everything. A year goes by so fast, but in one year you made so many memories...

Kominato Kayano, please take care and create memories. Thank you so much!

Chiima / Kelly~

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