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An Alternative to The Conventional Idol: An Introduction to NECRONOMIDOL (Updated on June 2nd, 2020)

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An Introduction To is a series of articles on both Selective Hearing and Okay! Musume Time that aims to introduce readers to various groups and musicians, regardless of their time within the industry. Whether they are indies or major, unknown or even relatively well-known, this series is here to give readers an insight into who is who and what they do.

Today's group is an Alternative to your generic and conventional idol. Say hello to NECRONOMIDOL!

*Please note that I am no expert on NECRONOMIDOL, and do not claim to be. I also want to point out that I may have some facts wrong, though I have done my best to ask other people about various facts regarding the members / group. At the end of the day, this is all for fun and from my own research on various fansites, websites and more. This document will not be perfect, but nothing ever is.

The Origin Story

Though I had been aware of NECRONOMIDOL some time before I eventually became a fan of the group, it was not until early 2018 that I started to take notice of the group. After being tasked to review the album DEATHLESS for JaME UK, I came to appreciate the variety and style of NECRONOMIDOL's music, and eventually found myself booking tickets to see the group for their UK tour in June of that same year. It was a rather risky decision, I suppose, especially as I was so new to the group, but it was a risk I was willing to take. Since then, the rest has been a short piece of history, and I am now somewhat dedicated to the group (as a sideline fan).

Now, shortly after my beginnings as a fan, the group has since changed its lineup after the graduations of Sari and Yotsuyu Hina, and with this change I decided that now would be better than ever to create an introduction post for the group. So, without further ado, let's take a look at NECRONOMIDOL, the wonderful alternative to your everyday idol.

Imagined by Ricky Wilson in early 2014, NECRONOMIDOL was originally advertised as an 'occult and paranormal' themed group in February 2014, and the recruitment process began. Just under a month after advertising for members, Ricky interviewed 30 applicants before finalising the lineup with eight members - Kakizaki Risaki, Henmei Setsuko, Tachibana Ruu, Sari, Kaede, Nagata Kagura, Miyano Aisa, and Maeda Rio - four of whom left the group within two months of the audition process for various reasons. With this, NECRONOMIDOL would officially debut in late June of 2014 with four founding members: Risaki, Setsuko, Ruu and Sari.

With a few lineup changes under their belt, seven official singles, four albums (one mini, three full-length) as well as a few collaborations, NECRONOMIDOL have truly evolved in both sound and image. True to their ultra dark idol group inspired by HP Lovecraft and Japanese horror image, NECRONOMIDOL has incorporated various styles into their music from the very beginning, from traditional  folk themes mixed with Black Metal, to Dark Wave and Synthwave music to create a catchy and atmospheric piece. In terms of their visuals, the group began with a traditional Japanese shrine maiden image meets paranormal activity, before delving into the aesthetics of the occult, Japanese and Western horror tropes, as well as the Cthulu Mythos.

The group is still self-produced by Manager Ricky - as well as his team members - but despite this, the group has become well-known both in Japan and around the world for their stage performances, otherworldly choreography and concert experience.

On March 16th 2020, NECRONOMIDOL went on a sudden hiatus with the immediate graduation of three members, leaving Tsukishiro Himari as the sole member. Just over a month later, new members were revealed with June 2020 marked for the groups return.

Their motto is: 'We are NECRONOMIDOL, and we will choke you to death!'.

Member Profile

Name: Tsukishiro Himari (月城ひまり)
Nickname: Himari
D.O.B: 21st March
Blood Type: AB
Member Colour: Witching Hour
Special Skill: Calligraphy, flute
Hobbies: Anime, reading, travelling alone, eating, spending time with her little sister
Title: Owl, Leader
Tenure: January 2017 - Present
Status: Member, Active

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An otaku, Tsukishiro Himari joined NECRONOMIDOL in January 2017 and has since made a name for herself as the groups biggest Anime fan, and is easily identifited by her long hair as well as her height. Since joining the group, Himari has participated in two single two single releases - DAWNSLAYER (2017) and STRANGE AEONS (2018) - as well as two albums, DEATHLESS (2017) and VOIDHYMN (2018).

Despite being one of the later additions to NECRONOMIDOL, Himari quite possibly has one of the longer-running tenures as a performer compared to her co-members. Initially debuting in 2013, Himari acted as an original member of the medical rock idol group, Bakuon Dolls Syndrome. She participated in three singles and one album during her time with group, before graduating in December 2016 in order to join NECRONOMIDOL.

Bonus Trivia: She wanted to become a Magical Girl when she was younger.

Personal Thoughts:

Himari is my favourite member from the group, initially for her looks and finally for who she is as an idol. There is a lot that I could say about her and why she charms me, but I'll stop here-ish, because despite this being a 'Personal Thoughts' section, I do not want it to get cluttered, so very briefly: she's funny, she's clumsy, she stalks fans' Twitter posts, she patted my cheek twice and I JUST LOVE HER, OKAY?

... Ahem. Regarding Himari as a member, it feels like just yesterday she was the 'newest' of the bunch, but now she is a senior member thanks to the additions of Kunogi and Michelle. Prior to actually becoming a fan of NECROMA, I actually thought Himari was already a senior member, so actually seeing her become one... it's strange, but I also think it will be fun to see how Himari herself grows as a performer and team member. After all, this is the first time in any of her groups that she has become a senior member to a couple of newbies.

Regarding Himari as a performer, I feel like she is a really entertaining person to watch. I mean, if you like clumsy idols who throw mics around or bump their heads during introductions, then you may be entertained, but even without her clumsy nature coming into play, Himari herself is a fun watch. She has an elegance to her that matches her look in my opinion, something that completely counters the clumsiness we are sometimes graced with. Also, her voice is just rather enchanting. It's a little haunting, a tad too soft for the songs they sing... but that's the beauty of it. Himari adds a ghostly style to her performance, and I love it. It fits in so well with the groups theme.

In short, I love Himari. She can do no wrong, and I would like to see a solo single from her one day. Also, I'm glad she finally became a senpai. Now I can joke with her and ask if she'll stop being a clutz cause she has new members to teach.

Name: Kamino Nana (神乃菜愛)
D.O.B: May 3rd
Blood Type: A
Member Colour: Crimson
Hobbies: SNS, watching movies
Speciality: Selfies
Title: TBD
Tenure: May 2020 - Present
Status: Member, Active

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A former idol, Kamino Nana was revealed as one of three new members of NECRONOMIDOL.

Name: Rukawa Shiki (流川慈綺)
D.O.B: April 16th
Blood Type: A
Member Colour: Bellflower (Purple)
Hobbies: Illustration, movies, music, karaoke
Special skill: Changing her voice
Title: TBD
Tenure: May 2020 - Present
Status: Member, Active

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Joined NECRONOMIDOL alongside two other members on May 1st, 2020.

Name: Toda Roa (兎蛇髏亞)
D.O.B: 30th August
Member Colour: Twilight (Yellow)
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Manga, games, window shopping
Special Skill: Whistling
Title: TBD
Tenure: May 2020 - Present
Status: Member, Active

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Joined NECRONOMIDOL along with two other members on May 1st, 2020.

Former Members

Kaede (April 2014) - Family / School reasons
Nagata Kagura (April 2014) - Family / School reasons
Miyano Aisa (April 2014) - Focus on Solo activities, offers from other groups
Maeda Rio (May 2014) - Poor health

Name: Henmei Sera / Setsuko (逸見静羅)
Nickname: Secchan
D.O.B: 24th September
Blood Type: B
Member Colour: Pink / Red
Hobbies: Listening to music, comedy
Tenure: March 2014 - January 2015
Status: Graduated, Inactive
Former groups: RipukA -HOT HEAT HEAT

Inactive as of 2017


Henmei Sera joined as an original member of NECRONOMIDOL back in March 2014, and participated in two singles with the group, Ikotsu Mofubuki (2014) and Reikon Shoumetsu (2014), before she left the group in early 2015 to pursue a different route as an idol. Setsuko would go on to join the group RipukA - HOT HEAT HEAT, where she began as a Kenshuusei and was active from March 2015 until April 2017.

She claims that her charm point is her chubby cheeks, and she likes Juice=Juice, with her favourite member being Miyamoto Karin.

Name: Tachibana Ruu (橘涙雨)
Nickname: Ruuchan
D.O.B: January 27th
Blood Type: Unknown
Member Colour: Turquoise / Teal
Hobbies: Singing, writing, costumes, archery, reading mushroom picture books
Tenure: March 2014 - April 2015
Status: Graduated, Active Idol
Group: 15GERMS



Tachibana Ruu joined NECRONOMIDOL in March 2014 as an original member of the group and stayed long enough to participate in three singles, Ikotsu Mofubuki (2014), Reikon Shoumetsu (2014) and Etranger (2015) before graduating the group in April 2015.

As of late 2018, Ruu is acting as a member of the idol group, 15GERMS, who made their official stage debut in January 2019. Prior to joining a new group, it seems Ruu acted as a solo idol since leaving NECRONOMIDOL.

Name: Kusaka Karen (久坂華恋)
D.O.B: November 11th
Blood Type: A
Member Colour: Dream
Tenure: May 2015 - October 2016
Status: Graduated, Inactive


Kusaka Karen joined NECRONOMIDOL in May of 2015 alongside Yotsuyu Hina, and could be considered a 'third generation member' of the group. Despite her short run with the group, Karen participated in one single release Exitium (2015), the groups first album release, Nemesis (2016), a mini-album release from chaos born (2016), as well as one limited CD release titled and LE TOUT EN UN ET UN EN TOUT (2016).

Since graduating, Karen seems to have left the entertainment industry.

Name: Tsukumo Hotaru (九十九ほたる)
D.O.B: December 28th
Blood Type: A
Member Colour: Light Purple
Tenure: January 2015 - November 2016
Status: Graduated, Inactive


Tsukumo Hotaru was introduced in January 2015 as 'second generation' member of NECRONOMIDOL. In her almost two-year stint as an idol, Hotaru took part in two singles - Etranger (2015) and Exitium (2015), one album, Nemesis (2016), the mini-album from chaos born (2016), as well as two limited edition CD releases titled Cthulu Shoujo Sentai Theme Song (2015) and LE TOUT EN UN ET UN EN TOUT (2016).

Since graduating, Tsukumo Hotaru has been inactive.

Name: Sari (瑳里)
Nickname: Sari-chan
D.O.B: January 15th
Blood Type: B
Member Colour: Transparent
Special Skill: Ceramics, Japanese paintings
Hobbies: Excessive Decoration
Tenure: March 2014 - January 2019
Title: Queen
Status: Graduated, Active

Twitter Instagram


An original member of NECRONOMIDOL, Sari joined the group in march 2014 alongside Kakizaki Risaki and six other members. Known for her green hair, white face and the spider attached to her cheek, Sari is one of the most unique and recognisable members of the group, as well as the inspiration behind many of the artwork covers for the groups releases. During her time within NECRONOMIDOL, Sari never showed her face without her theatre make-up.

Prior to joining the group, Sari was a street model. Since graduating, it seems that Sari has returned to her modelling roots, and now shows her make-up-less face.

As an original member, Sari has participated in all of the groups releases from 2014 - 2018, including any collaboration singles.

Bonus Trivia: She likes spiders.

Personal Thoughts:

Despite not adding my personal thoughts for any other former members before Sari, I want to add my piece about her, considering I met her in-person and watched her perform.

Regarding Sari as an idol and performer, I never expected to like her so much. She stood out a little too much for me as a viewer and idol fan, yet upon meeting her and speaking with her, I was drawn in. She had this calming and beautiful aura, her voice was soft and lovely, and she was really pretty up-close, too. That, and I loved the spider on her cheek. I actually loved Sari as a performer, too - she has a presence that is undeniable and magnetic, and you can just feel the power she has when she's singing a solo line. That, and she commands attention that even Risaki can't command. It's amazing watching Sari on-stage, and when I first witnessed her live performance, I understood why her fans considered her a Queen, of sorts.

I actually recall my initial thoughts when Sari announced her graduation. It was a whole 'Crap! Now I can't give her a fake spider ring!', and I still feel sore about that. I really wanted to get her a spider ring XD

Anyway, I'm glad that Sari is still int he spotlight, somewhat. It gives the fans a nice bit of closure. Still, I'll miss her as a member of NECRONOMIDOL. She was an amazing addition, a necessary part, but I understand that in order for NECRONOMIDOL to grow and change, Sari had to leave eventually.

Still... Glad I could meet her, even if it was only once, especially since she was awesome to watch and speak with.

Name: Yotsuyu Hina (夜露ひな)
Nickname: Yotsuyu
D.O.B: June 7th
Blood Type: A
Member Colour: Blood
Hobbies: Cats
Title: Doll
Tenure: May 2015 - January 2019
Status: Graduated, Inactive


Debuting in may 2015 alongside Kusaka Karen, Hina contrasted her fellow members of the group with her short stature and cute, doll-like looks. With long, pigtailed hair and a penchant for school uniforms, Hina was a fun and wonderful addition to the group who tested time by staying in the group for three years and 9 months before making her final bow. During her time within NECRONOMIDOL, Hina took part in three single release - Exitium (2015), DAWNSLAYER (2017), STRANGE AEONS (2018) - three album release, Nemesis (2016), DEATHLESS (2017) and VOIDHYMN (2018), one mini-album, from chaos born (2016), as well as one limited release (LE TOUT EN UN ET UN EN TOUT (2016)) and a collaborative release (boundless wounds (2018)).

Since graduating from NECRONOMIDOL, Hina cut her hair and has become inactive from her public social media, and is no longer a part of the entertainment industry.

Bonus Trivia: She purchased a British school uniform, just because she wanted to. She collects them, apparently.

Personal Thoughts:

Much like Sari, I feel like i can actually say something regarding Hina's tenure as a member, as she's someone I saw live and met in-person, but also someone who was active during my time where I knew about the group. So, here we go.

With Hina, I really liked her as a member. I suppose I like all the members, but Hina was just... she was unique amongst the rest, more-so because of her height and look. She really was a little doll amongst all these other performers, but she acted a lot cooler than I had anticipated. Sure, she was adorable and sweet, but I feel like Hina was a lot cooler as a person than she looked, and when she performed she was quite striking. When speaking with her though, she was simply lovely. I think Hina has a lot of sides to her that I wish I could have seen a little more, but from what I grasped when I went to the live... well, I just liked Hina as a performer and an idol. She was cute, entertaining and cool on stage.

I feel like Hina, similar to Rei, had something unique about her that only she could deliver to the group. That said, unlike Rei she had this image of a creepy, dark idol thanks to her 'creepy doll' look. She fit in, but stuck out due to her height, therefore making her a perfect mix for the group. I don't think we will ever get another 'Hina' in NECRONOMIDOL, but that's okay - we don't need another one. Hina was a perfect addition during her tenure, and I will continue to miss her even as I look forward to the new NECRONOMIDOL that we see today.

She was great as a performer, and I am happy I met her and spoke with her. She was a doll, for sure.

Name: Kenbishi Kunogi (剣菱くのぎ)
Nickname: Kunogy-chan
D.O.B: 25th September
Height: 162cm
Blood Type: O
Member Colour: Futarishizuka
Special Skill: Mischief
Hobbies: The occult, taking pictures of Times signs, watching anime
Title: -
Tenure: January 2019 - September 29th, 2019
Status: Graduated, Active solo Idol

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One of the latest additions to the group, Kenbishi Kunogi joined NECRONOMIDOL earlier this year on January 13th, shortly after the departures of Sari and Hina. Prior to joining the occult-themed group, Kenbishi was active as a member of Gokigen Teikoku from mid to late 2016, before withdrawing from the group in March 2018 in order to focus on her solo activities. Kunogi participated in one single and an album during her time in Gokigen Teikoku. Currently, she has not participated in any single or album releases with NECRONOMIDOL.

Kenbishi Kunogi was previously known as Kunogi Hibiki, but has since changed her name as of joining NECRONOMIDOL. She also has her own band, Lilium Mu, where she acts as the lead vocalist.

On September 29th 2019, Kunogi graduated from NECRONOMIDOL due to breaking contract rules and staff recognising that she wanted to go in a different direction.

Bonus Trivia: She loves grapes, gravure and anime.

Personal Thoughts:

Though Kunogi has a history as an idol already, I have not actively looked into what she used to do with her old group. That said, of the two recent additions to NECRONOMIDOL, Kunogi has the look I typically feel myself leaning towards. She's cute and sweet looking, I love her hair, but let's be real - she's no Himari. Still, I think that Kunogi is an interesting addition to the group, and she balances out Michelle's own brand of creepy with her undeniable cuteness.

Surprisingly, I don't have as much to say regarding Kunogi, though I do want to point out that, at this moment in time, I am not the biggest fan of her singing voice. It may take some time to grow on me, but recordings-wise, Kunogi is far too fake-cute for my own liking. Performance wise, however, she seems fine. Regardless of my dislike towards her voice though, I think that Kunogi herself is the perfect balance for Michelle as an idol, and I feel like both girls can teach other some valuable lessons as they grow together within NECRONOMIDOL.

It feels like Ricky chose a nice duo with both Kunogi and Michelle, and I feel like Kunogi's prior experience will help to not only bring in new fans for NECRONOMIDOL, but it will also allow for Michelle to grow nicely alongside her. She's got experience, she has an understanding of the world she's re-entered and can promote NECRONOMIDOL both as a group member and with her own band. Hopefully I see Kunogi grow as time goes on, and hopefully I see her performance skill rise, more-so when it comes to energy. I look forward to seeing what she does for NECRONOMIDOL.

Name: Kakizaki Risaki (柿崎 李咲)
Nickname: Okaki
D.O.B: October 25th
Hometown: Aomori Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Member Color: Red (Formerly Rhododendron and Golden)
Special Skill: Eating spicy food
Hobbies: Horror movies (particularly American Horror), looking at floor plans
Title: Ninja, Original Member
Tenure: March 2014 - March 16th, 2020
Status: Graduated, Active

Blog  |  Twitter  |  Instagram


A self-proclaimed Ninja and the last standing member of the original lineup, Kakizaki Risaki began her activities as a member of NECRONOMIDOL in March 2014 alongside seven other girls, but debuted with only three of them by the time the group made their official stage debut. Since then, Risaki has acted as the groups Leader-type figure, with her Leader status being made official just this year (2019). Prior to officially being named Leader, Risaki was seen as the groups Ace and is usually seen in the centre when the group performs.

As the longest running member, Kakizaki Risaki has participated in all six single releases, three albums and one mini-album. Prior to joining NECRONOMIDOL, Risaki was a member of another idol group.

On March 16th 2020, Kakizakai Risaki announced her immediate graduation from the group alongside Imaizumi Rei and Michelle. Various reasons lead up to the members leaving the group so suddenly, however all three members plan to hold a separate graduation event, and will continue activities as idols.

Bonus Trivia: She enjoys Splatter Horror.

Personal Thoughts:

As the longest-standing member (and the coolest), Risaki is, to me, one of the most eye-catching idols I have come across. She's intriguing and beautiful, really cool and maybe a little dangerous. There's a lot about her that I like, and after witnessing her perform live and meeting her last year, I was really drawn in by her character and aura. That said, I was also a little confused by her, because at first Okaki can seem quite timid and even modest, but then suddenly she becomes this self-aware, maybe even narcissistic being. I suppose it's her own self-confidence that I like the most, though her smirk is something else I love about her.

I have not watched NECRONOMIDOL for long, but given her time with the group and all she has seen and experienced, it feels like Okaki has grown a lot to become the very person she is now. As an Ace and a Leader, the confidence that she exudes on and off the stage is staggering, so I really do want to find older footage to see just how she was back in the groups early days. As she is now, though, I can't help but really like her; she's an appealing person to watch, and I just feel somewhat attracted to her as a performer. She's incredible.

... Is attraction the right word to use here? Well, whatever. It's in there now.

Okaki is a really cool and endearing person, someone who commands attention and keeps you waiting for more. I love her smirk and how she performs and she is, by far, the best singer the group has to offer at this point in time. She creates such a cool and alluring performance and honestly, I want to see her perform again. Kakizaki Risaki; bad-ass, Ninja, inventor of smirks. What more can I say?

Name: Imaizumi Rei (今泉怜)
Nickname: Rei-chan
D.O.B: 17th February
Blood Type: A
Member Colour: Dawn
Special Skill: Piano, sewing
Hobbies: Hello! Project Idols
Title: Healer
Tenure: November 2016 - March 16th, 2020
Status: Graduated, Active

Blog  |  Twitter  |  Instagram


Acting as both a group member and a soloist, Imaizumi Rei joined NECRONOMIDOL back in late 2016, and is currently the groups brightest, most idol-like member. Since joining the group, Rei has participated in four releases over all - two singles, DAWNSLAYER (2017) and STRANGE AEONS (2018), as well as two albums, DEATHLESS (2017) and VOIDHYMN (2018). Rei has also released her own solo single, Oshioko no Uta, which held a limited release.

Imaizumi Rei is currently the second-most senior within the group, and began her solo career as a way to help spread the word of NECRONOMIDOL. As of 2019, with Kakizaki Risaki being named the groups official Leader, Rei has been appointed the 'Ace' position within the group. The announcement was made during her 2019 Birthday Live.

Prior to graduating, Rei stood as the second most senior member, just below Kakizaki Risaki. She wants to create happiness for fans of not only herself, but also NECRONOMIDOL.

On March 16th 2020, Imaizumi Rei announced her immediate graduation from the group alongside Kakizaki Risaki and Michelle. Various reasons lead up to the members leaving the group so suddenly, however all three members plan to hold a separate graduation event, and will continue activities as idols.

Bonus Trivia: Her catchphrase is 'I will bring a smile to everyone'.

Personal Thoughts:

An aspect of Rei that I really like has to be the story behind why she started her solo activities, and I feel like this is really telling of her character and just how hard-working she is, and the care she holds for NECRONOMIDOL as a whole. It's just so inspiring that Rei herself took on the challenge of becoming a brighter, more sparkling idol as a way to spread NECRONOMIDOL's name whilst performing her own songs and doing what she loved, and I love that it is this very image of her that paints such a shining contrast to the dark group itself.

As an idol, Rei is a really cute and endearing person. She definitely stands out as the most idol-like of the group, and even when she's performing she has the charm and persistence of a conventional idol. As a performer, she's a bundle of energy and joy, and that allows her to stand out on stage by a mile compared to the others. I think that this type of performer is great for NECRONOMIDOL, because it shows the varying styles of each member, with Rei standing higher than the rest when it comes to sticking out and showcasing just what she's made of. She's fun to watch, and though she isn't a personal favourite, I find her to be a wonderful addition to the group who adds an extra layer of depth thanks to her uniqueness in a dark and tantalising idol group.

Rei is cute and idol-like, and she's fun to watch. I understand why she has a lot of fans, and I'm glad that there is someone so dedicated to her activities as both a solo idol and a member of NECRONOMIDOL. Her loyalty is unrivalled, in my opinion.

Name: Michelle (みしぇる)
Nickname: Michelle-chan
D.O.B: 15th January
Blood Type: Unknown
Member Colour: Sea Foam Green
Special Skill: Walking
Hobbies: Fashion, Modelling
Title: Baby
Tenure: January 2019 - March 16th, 2020
Status: Graduated, Active

Twitter  |  Instagram


Another recent addition and quite possibly the greenest of the bunch, Michelle is the self-proclaimed 'baby' of the group who has no prior experience as a performer or an idol. Though Michelle has worked as a model in the past, very little is known about her past career or why she became an idol.

Michelle has a younger brother, and she is a fan of the 'sickly cute' makeup looks.

On March 16th 2020, Imaizumi Rei announced her immediate graduation from the group alongside Kakizaki Risaki and Michelle. Various reasons lead up to the members leaving the group so suddenly, however all three members plan to hold a separate graduation event, and will continue activities as idols.

Bonus Trivia: Michelle is very social media-savvy and likes the Little Mermaid fairy tale. Created stage costumes for NECRONOMIDOL.

Personal Thoughts: 

Given her green-roots with the idol industry, I really don't have much of an opinion of Michelle at this moment in time, other than that she kinda freaks me out. That is a personal issue however, but there's something about her look, demeanour and eyes that unnerves me, and in a way, that's good - Michelle is a part of an occult group, and if there isn't something a little unsettling about NECRONOMIDOL, then the group style isn't working that well. So, props to Michelle for making me feel a little uneasy whenever I look at her.

I will give Michelle this, however - as a performer she is wonderful. Though she might not be the best at singing or dancing, she has an energy and charm about her that is endearing, and the uneasiness I feel when I look at her pictures melts away, because replacing that unnerving girl is a cute, entertaining and happy character I didn't expect to see. It was a surprise to see, but a welcome one all the same!

Speaking as a casual fan of the group, I feel glad that Ricky and co. have brought a girl like Michelle into the group. Not only is her image striking and fresh, but as an idol she's brand new, giving us a taste of that whole 'growth' period we don't always see in idols now. I actively look forward to watching Michelle grow as an idol and a performer within NECRONOMIDOL, and I anticipate how her image might change over time. yes, her image is already powerful as is, and she looks amazing alongside the other members, but I really would like to see just how she warps her style alongside her growth as a performer. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Also, as a side-note: her image colour really suits her, and initially I anticipated Michelle to be a Sari-copy, of sorts. She's not. There's a completely different aura to Michelle, and the hair is just so very striking...


Since debuting in 2014, NECRONOMIDOL have released six singles domestically, five albums - two mini-albums and three full-length albums - as well as a few collaborations, and a handful of limited releases for their overseas and birthday lives. As of now, STRANGE AEONS and DAWNSLAYER are the only releases to offer two variants of the single release.

I would like to note that I may not have included all overseas limited releases documented here. I apologise if I am missing any singles.


Personal Favourites: Etranger, STRANGE AEONS

Ikotsu Mofubuki (1st single release)

Release Date: June 1st, 2014
  1. Vulture
  2. Atai no Tsumeato
Debut: Kakisaki Risaki, Sari, Henmei Sera, Tachibana Ruu

Reikon Shoumetsu (2nd single release)

Release Date: November 12th, 2014
  2. Azathoth
Last: Henmei Sera

Etranger (3rd single release)

Release Date: April 22nd, 2015
  1. Skulls in the Stars
  2. Nayenezgani
  3. Ankoku Shoujo Sentai
Debut: Tsukumo Hotaru
Last: Tachibana Ruu

Exitium (4th single release)

Release Date: September 30th, 2015
  1. Puella Tenebrarum
  2. Lamina Maledictum
  3. Sarnath
Debut: Kussaka Karen, Yotsuyu Hina

DAWNSLAYER (5th single release)

Release Date: August 30th, 2017

Dawn Ver.
  3. R'LYEH
  4. celephaïs
Slayer ver. 
  3. R'LYEH

STRANGE AEONS (6th single release)

Release Date: October 13th, 2018

Dirge ver.

  3. dirge of baldr
PAEAN ver.

TUPILAQ (7th single release)

Release Date: June 2nd, 2020
Debut: Kamino Nana, Rukawa Shiki, Toda Roa


Personal Favourite: DEATHLESS

Nemesis (1st studio album)

Release Date: February 17th, 2016
  1. Atai no Tsumeato
  9. Ankoku Shoujyo Sentai
  10. ICHOR
  11. puella tenebrarum
  13. Warabeuta
  14. 'Umr at-Tawil

from chaos born (1st mini-album)

Release Date: June 15th, 2016
  1. psychopomp
  2. Shimin Kaihougun
  3. NYX
  4. Tamam Shud
Last: Kusaka Karen, Tsukumo Hotaru

DEATHLESS (2nd studio album)

Release Date: February 22nd, 2017
  2. 4.7L
Debut: Imaizumi Rei, Tsukishiro Himari

VOIDHYMN (3rd studio album)

Release Date: September 29th, 2018
  1. Dawnslayer
  2. Thanatogenesis
  3. In Black
  4. Samhain
  5. Innsmouth
  6. Psychopomp
  7. Strange Aeons
  8. Les Tenebres Sans Visage
  9. Kadath
  10. Skulls in the Stars

Scions of the Blasted Heath (2nd mini-album)

Release Date: June 12th, 2019
  1. Salem
  2. Phantasmagoria Cosmos
  3. The Festival
  4. Children of the Night
  5. Lament Configuration
Last: Kakizaki Risaki, Imaizumi Rei, Kenbishi Kunogi, Michelle

Limited / Collaborative Releases

Cthulu Shoujo Sentai Theme Song

Release Date: January 24th, 2015
  1. Cthulu Shoujo Sentai Theme Song
  2. Ankoku Shoujo Sentai
  3. Cthulu Shoujo Sentai Theme Song (Karaoke ver.)
*NECRONOMIDOL's management were contacted to do a one-off collaboration with the publisher for Cthulhu Shoujo Sentai books, where the group would sing the original lyrics to the theme song. The group were then allowed to use the music, but with their very own lyrics, to use in future performances, which became Ankoku Shoujo Sentai, which was later released on the Etranger single.

**Around 30 copies of this single were produced, and were all sold on the day of January 24th during the event.

***This is the last single that Henmei Sera recorded with NECRONOMIDOL, though it is not considered her official last release. Likewise, this is not Tsukumo Hotaru's first single release since debuting two weeks before the release event for this single. Though she took part in the release event, she is not credited on the single.


Release Date: March 23rd-27th, 2016
  1. Umr at-Tawil
*The single was released as a limited tour-exclusive during NECRONOMIDOL's tour in New Caledonia.
**Both songs are sung in French.


Release Date: June 4th-9th / June 16th, 2018
  1. Skulls In The Stars (JitteryJackal Remix)
  2. 4.7L (Kei Toriki Remix)
  3. R'lyeh (JitteryJackal Remix)
*The single was a special UK and European release during the groups UK and Europe tour.
**Each CD was signed by one member of the group and were given at random.

boundless wounds (NECRONOMIDOL / NEMLESS)

Release Date: 23rd December, 2018
  1. boundless wounds
  2. na_stalgic (NECRONOMIDOL ver.)
  3. psychopomp (NEMLESS ver.)
Last: Sari, Yotsuyu Hina

SARNATH (Tsukishiro Himari Birthday Live Limited CD)

Release Date: April 1st, 2019
Debut: Kenbishi Kunogi, Michelle

Music Videos

NECRONOMIDOL have 10 music videos to their name, each one representing a single or album release, respectively. Each music video encompasses a style or method that is almost typical of NECRONOMIDOL as a group, whether it is the use of a forest, black and white effects, a certain amount of stillness, a slow pace or even horrific, mythical beings. No matter what, there is a consistency to NECRONOMIDOL's style of video, whether the trait is noticeable or not.

There is also a pretty nice transition between some MV's from black and white to full colour.

Personal Favourites: psychopomp, ITHAQUA, STRANGE AEONS

Atai no Tsumeato

It is always interesting to see how a group began, and with NECRONOMIDOL, it's here in Atai no Tsumeato, a simple music video that paved the way for the occult themed group. Sure, it has its beauty - a woody, atmospheric location, a black and white filter to set the tone of this being 'another' world, costumes similar to that of a Shrine Maiden's... there is no denying that there is hauntingly beautiful quality about this PV. It's quite lovely to look at, though I understand that the pacing might put some people off. It's rather slow, and that can get rather dull very quickly.

Still, I admire the hammer horror look at has going on at certain points, and I like that the focus goes from the girls to the scenery at times to break from the monotony of just following the members.

It's a decent music video, though nothing to write home about. Still, I enjoy it, but it won't ever become my favourite.


Prior to making this list I hadn't seen this music video, but that's more to do with my lack of interest in NECRONOMIDOL's past. That's my own fault, but as I sit and watch the video, I can't help but admire the cohesiveness of NECRONOMIDOL's earlier videos - black and white, slow paced creations that are made to create an eerie setting. Once again, NECRONOMIDOL succeed, but this time they have taken themselves out of the wooded, scenic setting and are instead placed in a more present, modern location - Tokyo.

I think that this is an interesting counter video to Atai no Tsumeato, especially since this one portrays the girls as a more ghostly, spiritual kind of figure who happens to stalk a passerby, before finally cornering him as he walks down a tunnel. it's quite creepy in its own way, though once again achingly slow, but I like that it has a more cohesive story line this time around. Sure, it's easy to follow and doesn't have much riding on its plot, but it is pretty enjoyable to watch.

This is a decent music video, but sadly it's just not that interesting (for me). The ending, however, is intriguing - I really do wonder what happened to the guy, and I love how the screen just seems to 'pause' on that red light before cutting to black completely. For me, that has to be the most interesting part about this entire MV.

Side-note: I especially love Sari's wig in this one


This is the third and final video to follow the whole 'black and white' theme that the group seemed to dote on during their first two years as a group, and once again, it stands out as being different to the other two music videos before it. First, this one seems a lot more candid as opposed to scripted, and second, it was the first music video to feature the group with a new 'generation' of sorts.

This is the type of video I generally appreciate, something that acts as a window into the going-ons of a group. From performances to getting ready, travelling and off-shoot moments, the video gives us a look into NECRONOMIDOL as performers, and maybe a little more. It's simply interesting, and though it might look like a 'filler' MV for some - or perhaps a cheap cop-out - this is something that I personally find interesting. Plus, this would have come out around a time where NECRONOMIDOL's performance skills were growing, where they were becoming more well known for how they acted and presented themselves on stage... so, to see the evolution from their previous two music videos is quite nice.

That, and I love seeing fan interactions, and this includes some nice footage of how the crowd and NECRONOMIDOL interact with one another when the girls perform.

This is a great video to watch, especially if you like seeing groups on-stage or looking at how they act when they're behind the scenes. It's a window into the group itself, something that isn't 'staged' per say, despite them standing on a stage. I enjoy it, as I do most concert themed music videos. I'm glad they created something like this, because I do believe that this is the only MV of theirs that looks like this.


I initially didn't include this video because, stupidly, I thought it wasn't a music video. Well, it is, and after finally watching the video in its entirety, I do want to say that this video fits really well with NECRONOMIDOL's themes and style. It's dark, playful and entertaining, but it's unique in its own way, too.

With its location - a creepy forest, a dilapidated house and lots of debris to play with - pacing, as well as the reference footage to showcase just where they are, this image video matches previous styles the group has adopted since their beginnings. What they introduced that has not been seen before this, however, is the parody aspect; cliché school uniforms,  turning towards the camera and smiling ever so coyly, sitting on the patio step demurely, cute skipping and sweet, playful interactions with tilted furniture... it's all so conventional, and ever so idol.

And then they start killing themselves, and the parody ends. That's when we return to the realm of NECRONOMIDOL, and it's so glorious and abrupt.

NAYENEZGANI is an interesting video, one that contains the darkness of most of the groups PV's, and one that parodies the typical mainstream idol video. Despite being rather short and abrupt in its ending, this is one of the more interesting, even humorous, PV's from the group. I amy have snubbed it before making this list, but damn, I learned something from watching it. So, don't snub image videos - just watch them.

As a side-note, this is the groups first proper 'full-colour' music video, despite being edited in a sepia tone. But, it's not their first full music video in colour. I initially thought pyschopomp was, but i stand corrected.


I almost missed this music video out because, simply put, it did not have 'MV', 'PV' or 'Music Video' within its title. Luckily, after some research on NECRONOMIDOL's history, I found out about a crowdfund project for this very PV, and I checked it out. Needless to say, I am surprised by the video itself, but delighted that SKULLS IN THE STARS has a PV, because it's one of my favourite songs from the group.

Now, unlike any other video from the group before this (and after), this one lacks the physical forms of the members, start to finish. Designed like a Mario, Final Fantasy or Sonic game, this RPG-fuelled PV is an abundance of colour and violence as the girls make their way through various levels in order to defeat the final boss, and save Tokyo... though they may destroy it in the process. Oops.

This is a fun music video, it has high energy, colourful and fun graphics, a nostalgic feel, as well as a creepy, horrific vibe that is fitting for NECRONOMIDOL. The design of the characters are great, and I like that overall, this is one of the most unique music videos the group has to date. It doesn't match with the pace or style of their other videos, past or current, but it certainly stands out for its style, nostalgia and colour. This is a super interesting video, and I can see a fair few people enjoying it a lot. Definitely check it out, especially if you're a fan of the old-school gameboy colour and N64 games.


There are carious aspects to this music video that impress me, one of which happens to be the quality of the video itself. Another aspect is that this is the groups first full music video to be in colour, and with the colour comes a noted strength in the final production. You can really feel the quality here, and you can see just what the director wanted to create - a gorgeous but eerie portrait of NECRONOMIDOL, one that is void of any sudden movement.

psychopomp is a strange piece in its entirety, thanks to the serene feel the pacing creates, as well as the almost unnerving feelings the video strikes thanks to its lack of movement. In so many ways it feels both natural and unnatural, and that's the beauty of it. This video creates an otherworldly feeling thanks to its starched imagery, still models and pretty close-ups of moss, fungus... anything that looks pretty, but weird.

If anything, this music video acts more like a picture book than it does an MV, but that's why I appreciate it. It's like I am watching photography that moves, and I have appreciation for both the girls and the director involved, because the end product is truly stunning and captures the serenity of the location, as well as the strangeness of the girls as they try their best not to move. It's absolutely stunning, and I love watching this video over and over again.

Though it's different to other music videos from NECRONOMIDOL - both before and after the release of psychopomp - it still encompasses various aspects of previous PV, from its use of pacing to the eerie quality it aims to deliver, as well as some striking images and beautiful scenes. The song matches the pace of the music video, too, and the quietness of the songs vocals really enhance just how eerie but delightful the whole sequence is, image-wise. I can really take in the scenery and feel of the song thanks to the tone, editing and slow pace of the music.

Still, unsettling and eerily-beautiful, psychopomp is a glorious piece that is eye-catching and mesmirising, and one of NECRONOMIDOL's best. This was clearly the beginning of a 'new' era, if you will, and boy, what an era it would become.


Out of all the NECRONOMIDOL videos available, this happened to be the first one I was introduced to back in 2018, and honestly, it's lovely. Though it may not be considered their best - I certainly won't class it as their best thus far - it has its charm, and it's certainly one of their most beautiful videos. The quality of the image is high, the contrast between the snow and the members' black clothing is gorgeous, and I love the use of the depth of field here. Plus, that opening is incredible. I love aerial and landscape shots.

ITHAQUA acts as a nice successor to psychopomp, as it continues the use of stillness and a slow pace, as well as a music video that contains some gorgeous full-colour scenes. However, we have much more movement here, the members sing to the lines a lot more expression is used overall. Plus, we have the additional use of black and white scenes here - a nice homage to older music videos. That said, we could easily argue that the overall theme of the music video is somewhat black and white, thanks to its use of snow, silver / grey trees, the costumes... the only true colour we see peeking through happens to be the red within Okaki's hair, Sari's own green hair, red bows for Hina, as well as make-up and their skin tones. Otherwise, everything else happens to fall within the black, white and grey spectrum.

Once again, NECRONOMIDOL deliver a music video that embodies this idea of stillness and a slow-pace, a beautiful location that is void of any other life form, as well as a suitable song that truly captures the essence of NECRONOMIDOL's music. It's a delightful watch, though it could easily bore those who do not enjoy a slow pace. Thankfully there's enough for me to enjoy here, from the use of tone, the angles and panning, gentle tracking and more. It's a beautiful PV and one of my undeniable favourites. I can't help but love ITHAQUA for all it contains. It's so freakin'wonderful.


This is one of those music videos that I really did stumble upon a little late to the game, and it's also one of those music videos that follows a distinct story line, something NECRONOMIDOL are not known for. That said, I have seen a fair few similarities in this video that are reminiscent to every other PV that the group has released, and I'm pleased that their consistency is not lacking in the slightest.

This time around, NECRONOMIDOL create a stunning piece that focuses on the 'initiation' of innocent girls into a cult-like setting, where the innocent ones are reborn as darker versions of themselves. It's pretty damn interesting, with the music video showcasing some gorgeous scenes and fun effects. We still have a few lingering shots and a wonderful steady pace to the music video, but the rest of the video seems to have a higher production value than its predecessors. From its location to the costumes, there just seems to be a higher budget here, an it definitely shows.

Still, I love that the music video isn't fast in pace or overly difficult to follow. It still takes it time when needed, we still have gorgeous interior shots to showcase where we are and what is happening, and we are still treated to some powerful scenes with the members, Okaki especially during her wonderful solo.

It's a beautiful video, one that brings darkness to the cutest members of this NECRONOMIDOL lineup, and pits two friends against each other. It's an interesting watch, and possibly the music video new fans should look up first. It'll keep your attention, but it will still introduce you to the darkness that NECRONOMIDOL is all about.


ABOTH is a strange one because, unlike the others, it's not as slow or driven by eerieness. Sure, its small moments of strangeness, but it does not exactly fall into the same category of creepiness that the other music videos can boast. Plus it's a lot more fast-paced, especially when it comes to the concert sequences. If anything, it feels a lot more like a documentary piece, which is exactly what it is - a 'documentary' style of music video, one that truly showcases the dedication of NECRONOMIDOL's fans, as well as how outwardly and openly strange they can be in public. It's nice to see the girls (and the fans) so dedicated to the NECRONOMIDOL image.

With that said, I want to acknowledge how refreshing it is to see a music video like this come along for the group. It's a wonderful change of pace, one that showcases the groups performance style, their fans' dedication as well as the lengths members will go to showcase what the group is about. It's wonderful, and I must admit that it's nice to see a change in the groups video style every once in a while. I especially love that it is in this video that we see them wear white outfits instead of black, because not only has the video showcased a complete change in pace, style and theme, but it also changes the image of the members, to a degree.

It's a fun music video, one that is a complete change of pace for the fans and the viewers. It's a welcome video, of course, and I thoroughly enjoy it for the fan dedication, the white outfits, the fast pace and the joyful imagery. The thing is, it's just not as creepy as the other ones, and i kind of miss that.


The pattern of slow-pace, fun camera angles, awesome locations and fitting music continues with STRANGE AEONS, the latest music video from NECRONOMIDOL, as well as the last to feature Sari and Hina before their graduation. This is also their best-looking music video to date, and that is all down to how cinematic it looks and the quality of each and every shot taken.

I do want to acknowledge that, despite some of the slow-pacing within this video, there are also a lot of fast paced moments and quick cuts throughout. That's an interesting choice to be honest, because it seems NECRONOMIDOL either do slow or fast feeling music videos. STRANGE AEONS is a happy medium however, and I can see this one being a favourite with some, especially those who do like horror or weirdness. Personally, I adore this video. It iss both beautiful and horrific, plus it showcases so many qualities from other music videos prior to this, but betters them.

I can see why it took so long for this video to come out - it's done so well, after all - but I do wish we could see the deleted scenes at some point, or watch it like a short movie. I am aware there was a lot more graphic content than what has been issued to us, and honestly, I'd love to watch it one day. For now, I'm content with this edit of the video, and I thoroughly enjoy the way each scene has been edited, the use of dutch angles, how lighting has been played with and the decent acting from the members.

It's a good video, a fun one that kind of delivers an 'origin' story of sorts to NECRONOMIDOL, and one that continues this beautiful, deliberate pace from past videos whilst making use of faster motion and quicker edits. It's a delight, and it's a little bit creepy. I would recommend it, but that's because I really do enjoy it.


A return to the groups use of the monochromatic filter, CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT is a fun  music video that mixes the personal outgoings and antics of the member with backstage footage, and various segments of live footage from the groups overseas tour in 2019, ultimately showcasing the dedication of the fans and the dominating stage presence the members of NECRONOMIDOL encompass.

It's a simple music video in terms of its execution and what it shows, but it is still a great showcase of the groups popularity and their energy on stage. It's absolutely incredible, and I have a lot of fun watching it and reminiscing about the performances I saw myself during the groups time in the UK.

It's a great little time capsule for some fans, and a nice look at how well received NECRONOMIDOL is abroad.

Live Streams, Performances & Interviews

Thanks to NECRONOMIDOL's manager and his American roots, the group has a string of English-subtitled or English spoken interviews available, as well as a few live streams floating around for your viewing pleasure. Regardless of how one might feel about the group itself, it is rather admirable how dedicated NECRONOMIDOL's team is to getting the name out there with Live Streams, Interviews and more for the group, and allowing their platform to grow not only in Japan, but abroad as well.

Some of NECRONOMIDOL's live performances can be viewed on the groups official YouTube channel. For this post, I have only included a handful of live videos from varying 'eras' of the group, including one of their first performances.

Logo Evolution

NECRONOMIDOL have had their fair share of logos throughout their time as a group, and with each new 'era' that comes, NECRONOMIDOL's logo evolves. The group are in their fourth 'era', and have recently revealed a new logo to represent them.

Introduced: February 4th, 2014
Designed by: Ali Grant

Introduced: July 11th, 2015

Introduced: January 5th, 2017

Introduced: January 15th, 2019
Designed by: Ali Grant

Introduced: May 1st, 2020
Designed by: Christophe Szpajdel (Belgian calligrapher and illustrator)

And with that, I hope you all enjoyed.

Thank you for taking a look at this profile and learning a little more about NECRONOMIDOL with me! Taking a look at the members, watching interviews, viewing lives and finally checking out all of their PV's has been a big learning curve for me, because despite already liking this group a great deal, I was not all that knowledgeable on them. I still don't know as much as others about them, but after creating this profile I was really able to see how much depth and beauty this group contains.

Of course, these sorts of posts are not only here to create a valuable document for potential fans or to showcase my thoughts on certain members. No, they're also for me as an idol fan, a way for me to learn by myself what the group is about, who the members are, and to further my understanding of the members, the group and their music or videos. So, I am very thankful that I was able to create this document and gain even more insight on a group that I already love and enjoy.

Hopefully this whole piece has been worthwhile to you, and once again I thank you all for taking a peek and learning more about the group that is NECRONOMIDOL. I hope that you check out NECRONOMIDOL if you haven't, and i hope that they deliver a song or a video that piques your interest.

Until next time, everyone. Please take care and stay happy.

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  1. Great article ! Thank you so much ! My first Necroma show was December of 2017 in Portland, Oregon. To say I was starstruck would be an understatement. Especially striking was Sari, who sort of floated down the hallway next to the stage before their set began. There was a lot of fog in the venue due to the use of a machine on the stage. I saw her face just appear down the hallway, and she made her way to a raised seating area off to the side to watch the opening band. I was one of three VIP's, so we got to meet Derek and Ricky first, and check out the merch table. Such great people ! After the show, we were allowed to meet the girls, get group cheki, and a signed poster. Sadly, Hina was not there, but, I got to meet her at East meets West festival in Anaheim, and later in Philadelphia. Then, Sari and Hina were gone. I've been lucky enough to see Necroma perform multiple times on 4 separate trips in the U.S. I'm from Iowa, so these were pretty special events for me. I really love this group, and have tattoos of their signatures, and the Necroma Black Sun logo. Hopefully, they will come back to the U.S. soon , so I can meet the new members, and add their signatures to my tattoo ! I still stubbornly refuse to pick an oshi, because I love them all ! Thanks again !

    1. Thank you for your comment, and apologies for a late reply! I'm glad you got to see the group live and that they delivered such a memorable, amazing performance for you. I agree that Sari 'floats' when she appears on stage. She is truly commanding and just takes everyones breath away the moment she appears. Sari is truly graceful and mesmirising in so many ways, and I'm glad I could meet her just once. I actually haven't met Derek yet, but Ricky is a nice guy, he helped my friend out when she needed some aid in meeting the members when we saw them in Manchester. I am sorry you missed out on meeting Hina though, that's a bit of a bummer ):

      Is Iowa far from the places where they performed in America? I'm from the UK and so far seen them perform once, but given they will come to the UK again, I'll see them here once more with their two newest additions. But I'm glad you could see them and create such wonderful memories with this group, they truly are special and wonderful, and I envy your tattoos! I don't have tattoos at all, but I can only imagine how beautiful they'll look on you! And hey, become a 'haka-oshi'! That way, you like all the members instead of picking one core favourite! :D

      THANK YOU once again! <3

    2. Just reading through this again since the new member info was posted. Iowa is in the middle of the U.S., over 1000 miles from either coast. So, it requires flights to be taken for a Necroma show. 2018 was a great year, as I went to the west coast twice, and east coast once for Necroma. Very sad that they lost 3 strong members, but, I'm excited for the future !

    3. Hello again!

      I aim to update this as soon as more information comes in. But thanks for adding with your comment regarding Iowa and where it is situated. But yes, let's look forward to Necroma's future and enjoy the content they bring out! I am optimistic that they will return stronger than ever!

  2. Nice arcticle! I've used some info from here to update NECRONOMIDOL and its members pages on FANDOM.

    1. Sorry for a late reply, but thank you very much! I'm glad some of this information was helpful for the FANDOM page (but of course, the FANDOM page was a big help in the creation of this post as well!) <3