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To Conclude: The Releases Of 2018

Though we have fallen into the realm of 2019, I still want to conclude the year 2018 with my last few posts. So, before I sink into the Year to come and surrender myself to future posts, music and more, let's look back at some of the single and album releases of worth, and even those that are less than worthy from the Year That Was...

Despite already ranking my individual songs of the Year that Was, I did want to take some time out for the Single and Album releases of 2018 as a whole. This means that I will take the full single into consideration - minus the instrumentals - and rank the release as a whole, instead of the just one or two songs, much like I did for the individual rankings.

So, whilst a song might have ranked high or low on the individual songs list - or not at all - means nothing here. I am basing my Single / Album rank on how much I enjoyed the experience of listening to the release, anticipating the next song, etc... as a whole. Likewise, I could still love a song from a certain release but rank the single pretty low or not at all, just because the whole single was a flop in my own eyes.

Basically, the individual rank doesn't matter at this point. All that matters is how much I liked a release in its entirety, start to finish. If it was memorable enough, it will rank, and if it was forgettable... well, that's another part of the list that we will get to quite shortly.

And with that said, it's time to take a look back at the more worthy releases of 2018, at least for my ears. It's time To Conclude: The Releases of 2018. Are you ready to play some music?

Those That Are Unworthy

Similar to my Individual song ranking, I want to take a moment to look back at the releases of 2018 that just didn't do it for me. Now, whilst I may have titled this 'Those That Are Unworthy', this does not mean that the albums / singles presented are terrible. These songs and compilations will have their fanbases, dedicated listeners who love every moment of them. For me, however, these are the rare few releases of the Year that simply didn't do it for me, and yes, it's quite sad. Still, it has to happen, so for 2018 these are the flops, and in no specific order, I will take you through my 2018 releases that were hella unworthy...

What by Dreamcatcher (20.09.2018)

Okay, so this isn't terrible, but it's certainly not memorable. I love Dreamcatcher and all, but even I have some form of standard when it comes to music, and the disappointment I felt when I first heard this release in its entirety really did not live up to said standard. Sure, it's fun when I hear it and, yes, I enjoy the tone of the final product, but it's also forgettable and bland, and simply not the quality I expect from Dreamcatcher as a group.

I may change my opinion on the release once I get a better feel for it after multiple listens, but after a few loops I can not say I am convinced. It's a weak release, and whilst I love the packaging and design, I'm kind of mad at myself for buying this release. Oh, the rabbit hole of quality K-pop goods to rope you into buying sub-par, almost shitty songs. Le sigh.

#blooMing by Miyashita Maika (11.07.2018)

I was so excited for Maika's first physical mini-album to be released, because whilst she might not be my favourited member of Houkago Princess, she does have a damn good voice and sings some gorgeous ballads. So, as you'd expect, I anticipated this release, and after listening to it, I knew right away that I didn't like it. It was also this album that sparked my desire to place it on the 'worst' of 2018 in terms of releases in general, because - let's put it bluntly, here - this is a fucking boring release, and Maika was cheated.

This album does have its fans, don't get me wrong, and it does have some really nice tracks to it, but as an entire release, I can't remember feck all about it. Listening to it bored me, sitting through it feels somewhat painful, and whilst Maika has such a good voice, I really just can't take the songs she's singing because, damn, they don't suit her that well. Well, those are my thoughts at least.

It's just bland and horrible, and I don't like it. For those who do like it... I'm sorry I couldn't be one of you, but please enjoy it.

YEAH YEAH YEAH by Hello Pro All Stars (20.10.2018)

Here's one I put on here due to complete forgetfulness of what any of the songs sound like, A-side track or not. With such a big release for such a big year - the 20th anniversary, damn - you would expect at least one decent song in the whole single, and at least one or two memorable ones to boot. Well, I can't remember any of them, though I do recall that one track, Akogare no Stress-free being hella catchy. Heck, I even mentioned it in my Special Mentions, but even that can't save this disaster single.

As a whole, this release was not worth it. It was forgettable, lack-lustre and a total 'current' H!P state of affairs. It wasn't fun or quirky, just bland and silver and a terrible representation of the company as a whole, music wise.

I don't like it, but thankfully it's the one H!P release of the year I disliked enough to put on this part of the list. The rest of the releases were actually fairly decent this year, not gonna lie.

... Next!

The Albums Of Worth

Okay, with the negative side over and done with, let's get to some positives, starting with the Albums I enjoyed from 2018. Of course, this is a shorter list when compared to the singles, but like every other Year gone by, I still don't dedicate enough time to albums or the like from various singers and groups I enjoy, mostly because I still find them a waste of time. This is more to do with the fact that, more than 90% of the time, an album is a compilation of previous song releases that make up a bulk of the release, with around 2-4 new songs making the cut. I don't like it, I think it's a waste of time and energy for listeners who have heard the full singles prior to the album release, and I just feel like an album should be dedicated to fresh, individual content we have not heard before.

Oh, I am a negative ninny at times, aren't I?

Anyway, before I go on a whole spiel about the money-grabbing ways of companies and their use of albums (H!P especially), let's take a look at my four favourite / most agreeable albums of 2018. So, to conclude: these are the favourites, and there is some form of designated order to this, because who doesn't like a ranking list?

Enjoy! by Ohara Sakurako (27.06.2018)

Okay, so Sakurako is kind of an exception to the rule of '90% single tracks, 10% individual songs', because of the 14 songs on this entire release, only four are from previous releases, with a fifth being an 'Album ver.' of a song I absolutely adore. So, Sakurako gets a pass here. In general, though, I just enjoy this release a whole. It;s fun, varied and delightful, and Sakurako once again impresses me with her vocals and choice in tracks.

This is an album I actually own, too, though that's all thanks to my friend sending it to me as a birthday gift. Regardless, it's a really nice album that is pleasant to listen to, and further showcases the talents and stylings of Ohara Sakurako, one of my favourite soloists of the moment. I do need to listen to the album more, of course - it's #4 due to not listening to it enough - but from the few listens I have given it, it's impressive enough. Definitely not her best release, but the compilation of tracks is a nice array, and there's at least one ballad in there I enjoy.

Also: Jet Set Music! ~Album ver.~ happened on here, and I am living for that.

COLOR*IZ by IZ*ONE (29.10.2018)

I may gripe about IZ*ONE and how their debut mini-album is super generic and all kinds of bland, but damnit, I do like it. I hate to admit that I like it - my Selective Hearing co-writer Allen will be so giddy with glee and happiness, and I hate that he's getting his way with me liking this release - but, I do think it's a fun set of songs. Yeah, they have at least one shit song on there - La Vien Rose, to be more specific - but everything is pretty enjoyable and catchy.

It's still generic as all heck, however.

Still, props to whoever composed and compiled this all together to create something pretty pleasing to the ears. I generally enjoy listening to this or having it on as background music, and this release has had its fair share of listens on my laptop or computer, hence the #3 rank. It's had more spins than Enjoy!, though not as many others. Still, I appreciate the general appeal and prettiness of the album, and damn, that packaging... I like it. I like it enough that I own it (though once again, this was a purchase from a friend as a birthday present. So, I'm thankful I have it!)

Let's just bloody hope I don't fall into the K-pop rabbit hole of buying shit for the sake of products I may get with it. Urrrrrgh!

Tentenko by Tentenko (03.10.2018)

So, weirdly enough, my #2 album from 2018 is typically the kind of album I hate to see or even listen to, given the situation. Made up of only previous releases - all of them are A or B-side tracks - this LP offers no originality in its content, unless you are a new listener or fan to Tentenko's style of music.

Luckily, I'm so green to her style of song that I hadn't taken note of where the songs came from until I had to research the whole album. So, whilst I am mad at the fact that it's a basic compilation of old songs with nothing fresh or unique to make it stand out amongst her other releases, I give Tentenko props for basically marketing a best of album without having to call it a best of.

It's a fun compilation of songs, all of them as weird and quirky as the next, and all of them growers on the listener. Initially I really hated this album, but after many listens for the sake of a review, I eventually came to enjoy and appreciate the noise-riddled weirdness that is much of Tentenko's soundtrack here. Sure, it's not for everyone, but I think that after giving it more than three chances, this sort of album can certainly grow on its listeners.

It's weird, it's noisey and it's fun. I just wish we had been given an original track or two, and it's this lack of consideration towards something new and fresh on an album of old tracks that will stop it from being my favoured album of the year. Not sorry.

The Theory of 2& by 2& (??.06.2018)

Though The Theory of 2& falls under this idea of 'multiple singles thrown into one album release with very few original songs', there is some forgiveness given here for Saki, because as a singer she's rather under the radar (unless you are an underground idol fan, then she's hella popular and well-liked), and through that, a lot of her releases are either quite old, or she has never released the tracks publicly. Oh, and some are complete re-do's of 2&'s initial tracks, originally sung as by a duo before 2& became Saki's solo passion project. So, I can forgive it for that, in this regard.

And similar to Tentenko's international album, I hadn't heard any of these songs beforehand, so it works out for me as a listener in a way. Regardless of my feelings towards albums though, I really enjoy this release as a whole. It's damn appealing, the songs are varied, Saki is an incredible singer (duh), and the power, passion and energy that surges through the track list is undeniable. It's such a good, fun album, and I just love every moment of it thanks to the raw vocals and entertaining instrumentals that back Saki's vocals.

It's a great release, and I'm happty that I was able to purchase Saki's album during the NECRONOMIDOL live I attended back in June 2018. It's absolutely wonderful, a great showcase of her vocals and nicely compiled. From start to finish, this is a wonderful album, one of my favourites of the year. After I heard it the first time I knew I had to add it to this kind of list. It's awesome, and though it's a change of pace from my usual idol fare, it's worth every freakin' moment of my time.

Saki is great, so please check out 2& and her content. I hope you aren't disappointed.

... Okay, now we need to get into a bigger rank list. Let's check out some singles, aye?

The Singles Of Worthiness

Okay, so a Top 10 is not exactly gigantic in terms of lists, but for me it's a lot, especially when you consider that most singles released throughout a year do not always work out thanks to one or two tracks. It's hard to find a single that I genuinely enjoy from beginning to end, because 9 times out of 10, I find something wrong with a release, even if I do happen to rate one or two songs from an entire release rather highly. So, this Top 10, whilst not that hard to figure out for me in terms of quality, enjoyment and the like, is still going to be a pain when it comes to ranking the singles as a whole, because damnit, I kind of loved all of these singles thriughout the year.

Still, rankings are fun to do, and I love feeling conflicted about my choices sometimes. So, let's get on with the list and check out my favourite singles of the Year. Who will make #1, and who will be at the bottom of the top?

To Conclude, these are the Singles I really freakin' liked throughout 2018. Let's do this.

Strange Aeons by NECRONOMIDOL (17.01.2018)

Despite being one of the more unique single releases on this list, it's also the lowest, but only because I didn't listen to it enough this year. That said, I really loved this single to the point where I remember it so well that I knew upon making this list, it had to be here. It's energetic, different, fun and so jumpy as a single that I really can't help but love it, and the tracks are pretty memorable as individual songs, it's just that there are some that stood out more than others.

I love the nightmarish feel and atmospheric vibe this single gives off, and I love how - amongst all the other singles in this Top 10 list - it stands out against my general idol fare when it comes to sound and style. It's creepy, it's a little bit idol and it's a lot more metal, and whilst it's not my typical style of music, it fits the nightmare feel I enjoy in some of my Japanese music. It's a little different compared to the other songs on this list, and I appreciate it for that.

The single is a bundle of fun, and though it is on the tamer side of alt-idol, it's alternative enough for me where it stands out amongst the other songs, singles and albums that I have enjoyed throughout the year. It's just so memorable and entertaining, and I love this release from NECRONOMIDOL (even if it did disappoint their older, more dedicated fans).

Nakenai ze・・・Kyoukan Sagi / Uraha=Lover / Kimi Dake ja nai sa...friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.) by ANGERME (09.05.2018)

Two of these songs made my list of favourites from 2018, but as an entire single this is just incredible. It's catchy, varied and vibrant, housing three great songs from Hello! Project this year. The only thing keeping it from ranking higher is my lack of acknowledgement towards it this year in terms of listening to it more and enjoying its very essence. Still, I want to point out that, regardless of whether or not I listened to it multiple times over the course of the year, it's still a single I thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that it's made it into my Top 10 releases for the Year (in terms of singles).

I like all of the songs a lot on this release, and listening back to it I can't help but enjoy just how great the single is as a whole. It's got three very diverse and distinct songs, all of which bring up various feelings for me. Nakanai ze... delivers a surge of energy and excitement, Uraha=Lover gives me a ,enalncholic but romantic feeling, and Kimi dake ja nai sa... Friends (Acoustic ver.) is simply emotional, pure and beautiful. Three very different songs, but all distinct and expressive in their own way. It's something only ANGERME or even Kobushi Factory could do, at this point.

It's really lovely, a nice mixture of songs that will stand out to individuals who listen to the release in its entirety. For me, each song delivers a unique message to me and I love them all as a whole release, as well as individually. I'm glad that ANGERME were given such a strong single for their first release of 2018.

Want you! Want you! by =LOVE (17.10.2018)

A complete throwback to the year 2017, Want you! Want you! returns to =LOVE's cute and desirable idol sound, in all its generic, quirky glory. With a light approach and sugar galore, the entire single is just a bundle of joy and sweetness that we should expect from the adorable group. Yes, it's typical of =LOVE to bring out something so adorable and colourful in sound from beginning to end, but it is what they do best.

I appreciate the groups darker change in the opening act of 2018, but it really is this style that they do best, and you can see the joy it brings the members and their fans. The fast-paced, jumpy opening track, followed by the anime style that is Aikatsu Happy End and then the adorable Ima.Kono fune ni Nore! creates a trio of happiness. Yes, it might be generic as a single, but for those who love this type of idol fare will be genuinely pleased with the single and its overall quality.

It's appealing, and whilst it might not be everyones cup of tea, I find it extremely likeable and fun. It's my flaw as an idol fan - I like generic crap, and this typical bubblegum pop from these generic Japanese idols is everything I need in a single, especially if I am feeling the need for some good background music to sing along to as I write, procrastinate or edit.

Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie by MNL48 (01.12.2018)

I think that this is one of a few releases where all songs made it on to my rank list, either on the list itself or as a special mention, and it's because I genuinely loved the entire release that is Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie by MNL48. Much like IZ*ONE, I have such conflicted feelings for the group as a whole, but 2018 allowed me to see that a big mess can fix itself up and produce some decent content. In this case, the mess that was MNL48's first half of the year eventually resulted in this, their second single, and I enjoy every moment of it.

I'm still completely besotted with First Rabbit at this point in time, but I also really like the other two songs and happily listen to the single in its entirety every now and again. It's catchy, it's cute, uplifting and hopeful, a perfect second single for the cover-group all the way from the Philippines. And yes, I say cover group because that is all the overseas units will ever be, unless they do an SNH48 and go their own way, or Aki-P gets that stick out his butt and let's them do their own thing.

... Ahem, mini-rant over, I want to say that I simply enjoy this single. I've listened to it a lot more frequently than the other three singles, hence why it's a little higher than them. I really enjoy it though, I think the overall cuteness of the songs is really appealing, and I just enjoy the positive vibes the tunes bring out. It's a great little release, well-sung and well-blended. It's an improvement on the originals, if anything. Ooooh, burn!

Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai / Junjou cm / Kon'ya Dake Ukaretakatta by Tsubaki Factory (18.07.2018)

Though I more than likely neglected Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai from my favourite songs list, I actually do enjoy the track itself. In fact, I enjoy this single as a whole and have a lot of fun singing along to it. Sure, it's stereotypical H!P in sound - Shower Twice before a Date especially - but that doesn't stop it from being catchy or enjoyable. I love listening to this single, and in general, I love listening to Tsubaki Factory's music. They have a really good discography going for them, and I sincerely hope that H!P don't fuck it up any time soon.

As a release, this is a pretty memorable one. The songs, despite being a mix of cool-and-cute, each have a summery, warm feeling to them, fitting the month they were released, and I think that the songs are well-placed and work in the order given. I love listening to them this way, and feel quite happy with the pattern they display as songs. Date no Hi... is a perfect opener, Junjou cm is a nice medium in sound, whilst Kon'ya Dake Ukaretakatta ends the single one a high. It's well planned, and I appreciate that.

This is a good single, and no doubt one of my favourites from the year gone by. I love its sound, I love how memorable and catchy each song is, and I love that summer vibe it gives me. H!P have had some awesome releases this year, with Tsubaki releasing at least one of them. I hope they keep up the good music in 2019, because i have had a lot of fun belting out these tunes throughout 2018.

Momoiro Typhoon by Haruna Luna (22.08.2018)

I don't really watch anime these days, but I still get a kick out of anisong tracks, so it makes some sense that Haruna Luna's Momoiro Typhoon would make its way onto this list. And given that it is Haruna's only single of the year, I feel like she went all-out on the anisong feels this time around. It really does sound like this entire track list should take place in a 2D world.

I love this single. I love hearing the songs, I love going through the energetic stories of the first two tracks, and I adore the sentimentality and passion of the third track, Again, which happens to be a beautiful pop-ballad. Sure, I had a bit of 'meh' time with this single upon first hearing it, but after a fair few listens, this has actually become one of my favourite releases of not only 2018, but a favourite single from my personal CD collection.

Infectious, energetic and passionate is what I would call this release, and a perfect addition to any anisong addicts own collection of songs. It's perfect for Haruna Luna, one of the anime worlds reigning queens in terms of songs. It's an amazing release, and there are so many reasons as to why I love it, but for now, let's just leave it at this: it grew on me, and now I can't get it out of my head. The whole release is simply beautiful.

Kaguya ni Negai wo by Houkago Princess (10.10.2018)

I probably say this every year regarding a Houkago Princess release, but I honestly believe that right now, Kaguya ni Negai wo is the best single from the group in a while. Energetic, sentimental and beautiful, this release is an absolute show-stopper that showcases the talents of the composers and members in question. I think it makes sense that this release would be so good, though - this is the last release for Odagiri Nana, after all - but honestly, it's a masterpiece and I freakin' love everything about it.

From start to finish, Kaguya ni Negai wo deliver a whole host of images and emotions through each song. A lot goes on here - powerful and melancholic, hopeful and upbeat, traditional and somewhat magical, and finally some bubblegum infused idol pop - but it all works beautifully, with the three Kaguya-centric songs tying together beautifully with their instrumental styles and traditional vibes, whilst the upbeat idol track, Love Fighter, ties the single together with its adorable appeal and over the top cuteness.

I adore this single and find every song on the track list appealing in some way or another. Though I might prefer some songs over others, I can't deny that as a whole package, this is a winning release. Houkago Princess may have ended their year with some key member departures, but they also ended their year with an amazing single release, and I really do want people to give it a listen once they have the time.

Kore Kara da! / Ashita Tenki ni Naare by Kobushi Factory (28.03.2018)

When it comes to Kobushi Factory, I honestly feel like they were given the short-end of the stick when it comes to releases, because let's be real: they deserved a triple A-side release, and never received it. Still, despite H!P's clear ignorance, Kobushi Factory released some amazing music in 2018, and this was one of those amazing releases. I really love Kore Kara da! / Ashita Tenki ni Naare as a release.

Powerful, energetic and hopeful, this 'rebirth' was a much-needed release for the group after the turmoil of 2017. The fighting power of Kobushi Factory was strong in this release, and in both the sound and lyrics, you can really feel the change in the group as they stand together as five. It's incredibly moving, and I love that both songs - though different in power, emotion and style - showcase this change within the girls well. It's incredible, and I love this release for revealing the strength of Kobushi Factory at the beginning of the year.

It's no lie that I finally began to see Kobushi Factory for the amazing group that they are in 2018, but I am glad I took note of them, because from both singles they released I could see their passion, power and drive. This single just happens to be my favourite of theirs from 2018, and it is their more memorable release of the year, too. They did a cracking job, and they deserve to be given so much more. I hope that 2019 gives us a triple A-side with these girls, and I hope that they blossom even more for the year to come.

'Twas a good release.


This might just be my bias creeping in, but damn, LONDON CALLING is a good single. Much like a fair few singles on here, it has a range of songs in it that create a nice rhythm thanks to their placement, with some being more energetic than others, and at least one holding a more sentimental vibe in its structure. In terms of its sound though, I find every song appealing here, and I like them all for different reasons.

I feel like LONDON CALLING is a nice nod to the groups theme of 'cool and cute girls' who enjoy UK rock. There's some nice guitar rifts, a bit of a UK rock sound, and the tracks all have this cool appeal to them whilst still having a little bit of cuteness in some of the songs. The tracks are also incredibly catchy in tone, and pretty easy to sing along to, but I think it helps that some of the lyrics are in English. Simple English, but that only makes it easier to sing along to for me... and yeah, I have sung along to this single A LOT since receiving it.

This is a fun single, I like the songs on it and I love the cool vibe it delivers throughout. As a major debut release, this is a great start for LONDON BLUE, and I think that the songs chosen here are going to sound incredible live. I just hope a band will be behind the girls as they perform, because some of these songs do sound like they shouldn't be performed with just a backing track.

It's a good single, and I adore it. I'm happy that LONDON CALLING is a part of my collection, and glad to see it in my favourite singles for 2018.

~☆Special Mentions~

Much like any other post similar to this, I have my Special Mentions to give. So, here lie the songs that did not make it, but only by a small margin. Though I adored them for some reason or another throughout 2018, I may not have listened to them as much or remembered them a little less than others. STILL! I liked them nonetheless, and just because they didn't make it to the Top Tier of Singles for 2018 does not mean that they shouldn't make your top tier.

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let's take a look at those who narrowly escaped the Best Of list, and liste to the beautiful music they delivered to us all...

Kon'ya mo tottemo Dansu de Zansu! by BANZAI JAPAN (01.07.2018)

Are you Happy? / A gonna by Morning Musume '18 (13.06.2018)

AitakatTa by MNL48 (28.09.2018)

Kitto Watashi wa / Naseba naru by Kobushi Factory (08.08.2018)

Teokure Caution by =LOVE (16.05.2018)

SEXY SEXY / Naite ii yo / Vivid Midnight by Juice=Juice (18.04.2018)

Aother mini-list down, and no more singles to hide. It's time for me to unveil the Single of the Year, the release that made my 2018 perfect in all its glory. Sure, one of its songs might not have made it onto my #1 spot for Top Songs of 2018, but as a whole this release impressed me to a point where I couldn't help but think 'Yes, you are my #1 for 2018!'.

There have been some amazing singles this year, don't get me wrong, and no I have not listed them all for you to see, but I have made up my mind. It's time to finally delve into the finale for this list, a Conclusion of the music from 2018 that I enjoyed. So, without further ado, let's take one last look at the Single that made 2018 great in its entirety.

Welcome to my Holy Grail. Ready to take a listen?

To Conclude: 2018's Holy Grail Single
Teion Yakedo / Shunrenka / I Need You ~Yozora no kanransha~ by Tsubaki Factory (21.02.2018)

You know when you have doubts about your #1 song? Well, I had some of those, and then I played this single again, and said doubts melted away, because Tsubaki Factory's first single of the year was bomb AF, and since its release it has been a staple in my playlist. I love this single release, and I am so thankful that Tsubaki Factory were given such a varied, promising single. It only further showcases their strengths, and daaaamn, this was a perfect winter-spring release for 2018.

It's a beautiful single, one that has such variety and an ability to capture the various sides of the group. Cool, happy, serious and sweet, these three songs truly showcased Tsubaki Factory at their finest. I love all songs a great deal - some more than others, obviously - but I do feel like this single especially has great expression within it. Plus, each song is passionate in a different way to the other, and I love hearing that passion in such different tones. It is striking, and this is one of the reasons why this single stands out to me so much.

I can't deny its catchy nature and the memorable tunes are another reason why this single has stuck with me throughout the year. I really can't help but love everything about it, because in all its glory, this is one of the more perfect singles from 2018. It has everything I could ask for - energy, passion, power, a pop-ballad, cuteness, coolness... it's incredible, and the fact that all of the songs are so unique, refreshing and memorable only heightens just how great this release is. I can't put this one down, and I would happily listen to it throughout 2019.

This is my Holy Grail single of 2018, a single that truly showcased the power and perfection of Tsubaki Factory. And, whilst I'm aware that they may get less promotion now that new groups are infiltrating Hello! Project, I hope that their distinct sound, varying style in songs and their power will not fade away. I want to see this group succeed, I want releases as colourful and vibrant as this one, and I want the members to continue showcasing their vocals and personalities. I want more releases that shine like this, something that truly captures the listeners attention.

Teion Yakedo / Shunrenka / I Need You ~Yozora no kanransha~ is a beautiful single, the finest of the year and one of Hello! Project's best. Let's hope they continue this winning streak in music, because damn, this was good, and this is definitely my 2018 Holy Grail.

Thank you, Tsubaki Factory!


And here we will end the post. Thank you once more for waiting patiently and sticking through this post. I am happy that, despite the lateness of the post, I could post it and share my thoughts on some of these singles and why they made me happy this year. Truly, 2018 has been an incredible year in sound, and through my own absence I was able to realise how much I still adore these musicians and sounds. I wish I had heard more, definitely, but what I did hear was great. Let's hope I find even more incredible music from here on out in this brand new year.

Enough about this list, though. Which singles did you enjoy from 2018? Let me know~

Until the next post everyone, thank you and A Happy New Year. Let's have a fabulous 2018 together.

Adieu and take care,

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