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Three's A Crowned - Houkago Princess Debut A New Generation!

Way back when on October 8th, 2018, Houkago Princess crowned three new princesses who aim to continue the legacy of Idols transforming into Royalty after 4pm. With the graduation of Leader Odagiri Nana, 3rd generation member Yamaguchi Miran and 4th generation member Kizuki Saori, these three girls will take on their seniors' responsibility and create a new type of Houkago Princess.

It is time for the second story to begin...

With Nana, Miran and Saori fully graduated from the group as of October 14th, members Kohinata Nanase (22), Yamamoto Natsumi (20) and Tani Nobara (17) were able to begin their activities within Houkago Princess from October 15th of this year. Though crowned 7 days earlier, the members were preparing for their full stage debut behind the scenes and have finally began their activities with the group who transform from idols into real princesses!

It's a fairy tale come true, especially for former trainee members Nanase and Natsumi, both of whom have been a part of Houkago Princess YOUTH since August 2017 when the little sister unit found itself being refreshed with all new members and candidates for the throne that is Houkago Princesses 'Regular' lineup.

For the youngest member to be crowned - in both her generation and within Houkago Princess - Nobara's own Princess dream came true through a once in a chance audition for the Regular title, no training needed. Though this type of audition has never happened before. Nobara was able to beat multiple candidates and become a part of the group, which typically has YOUTH members train for a year before they can completely debut within the group (even the original lineup of Houkago Princess trained for 9 months or more before they could debut on stage).

Though the site has not updated the members' details yet, it can be assumed that the girls will join the 8th generation alongs Yukino Yuria who debuted with Houkago Princess back in July of this year, alongside the re-promotion of Michishige Saho.

And with that said and done... let's take a look at the new members. Who will become your Princess?

First to Charm: Natchi!

Name: Yamamoto Natsumi (山本夏望)
Nickname: Natchi
D.O.B: August 20th, 1998
Age: 20 years old
Hometown: Kagoshima
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Watching movies and dramas
Twitter: @Natsumi_ymamot

Stage Three: Complete!!!


I recall not thinking much about Natchi, or at least thinking little of her looks. Yet over the past year and a bit she's truly grown, becoming one of those unmistakable beauties in a way. She might not appeal to everyone, but in my opinion she's definitely changed in terms of her cuteness and appeal, not to mention in her confidence. She has such a radiant aura now, and there's no denying that she seems a lot more poised and confident, and that's simply judging by her images. it really does feel like the training period has done her justice.

I think that she's someone we may need to watch out for. Of all three members, she has the most unique looks, and seems the least likely to become a Princess. Natchi seems to have won over management however (and the fans), and I only hope for her growth to continue. This girl is a beauty, someone who won't be regarded as a 'cute' princess like a few others. She, Sasara and Maika are going to be an intriguing trio I think, and I'm excited.

Natchi wanted to be a strong Princess way back when, and now that she's finally become a part of the group she's trained for for so long... well, I think it's time to create a strong Princess for HouPri. I look forward to the strength she brings forward!

And as a final not: If you dare to take a look at her twitter, you might just see how lovely Natchi truly is. That smile is especially enchanting!

Sweet Second: KohiNana!

Name: Kohinata Nanase (小日向ななせ)
Nickname: KohiNana (こひなな)
D.O.B: January 28th, 1996
Age: 22 years old
Hometown: Aichi
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Window shopping
Twitter: @nanase_kohinata


Here's a girl I wanted to see debut! Finally, this dream has come true and Nanase is a Princess! How lucky are we? Very!

Of the three members who recently debuted, Nanase is my favourite. Over the past year that she's been in the group this girl has grown on me, somehow making me fall in love with her and even allowing me to peg her as my favourite... and with the graduation of Kojima Mayumi, my favourite member at the time, I feel like it's safe to say that I now have a member who may become my new oshi for the group. I really love Nanase, so to see her debut completely really makes me happy.

This girl is adorable, and over the course of one year she has made a name for herself within the YOUTH group. A gravure idol on the side, Nanase is HouPri's latest answer to their former Gravure legacy, Nagasawa Marina (let's just hope she doesn't graduate by the new year. I might cry if that happens, honestly). Thankfully, Nanase seems to enjoy doing gravure as well as playing the Idol role, so one can only hope that she keeps up both jobs and finds joy in both sides of her career. Personally, I think that Nanase will make an excellent Princess. Whether her skills are up to scratch or not... well, that's beyond me, but I'm charmed by her already. Nanase is such a cutie!

Even before she debuted, Nanase seemed confident and determined to be a Princess. She made sure to get to know her seniors, made her presence known and created an impression. She loved her fellow YOUTH members and though she is now a Regular member, I doubt she'll stop talking to or caring for them. She's a good egg, someone who really does feel like a big sister, but also a member who is a hard worker. I truly look forward to seeing how she adapts to her new duties and the joy she will bring to her fans, the stage and her fellow members.

I really love this girl, so seeing her finally debut is a dream come true!

Third time lucky: Nobara!

Name: Tani Nobara (谷のばら)
Nickname: - (-)
D.O.B: June 1st, 2001
Age: 17 years old
Hometown: -
Height: 156cm
Blood Type: -
Job: Singer-songwriter, Idol
Hobby: Guitar, watching dramas, reading manga, light cosplay, travelling
Twitter: @nobara_purple


I don't know that much about Nobara right now, aside from what I have read about her of course, but from her tweets, images and her debut song, she seems like a really cute, happy and serious young girl who has ambition and drive. Despite being just 17 - making her the youngest member within HouPri and the first member born after the 90's to join - Nobara learned how to play the guitar a year before joining the Miss iD contest for 2018, which resulted in her placing within the contests Top 10. Since then, Nobara has released her original PV for her song Watashi dake ga shitteru on YouTube, and is also the first member within Houkago Princess to join the group without prior training in the YOUTH unit.

It really does seem like Nobara is a dedicated young girl. I am actually impressed by what she's done so far, though some might say it's normal or not that impressive... but for a 17 year old, she seems to have her head screwed on. Plus, I think there's got to be something impressive about a girl who beat out 4,000 auditionees for the title of Regular member within the Princess-Idol themed group, especially someone so young when the group age is higher than most. Hopefully Nobara will continue to impress us though, showcasing her strength with each performance and release.

I feel like this girl is going to be the Ace of HouPri soon enough. With her looks and skill in singing and guitar, it seems like we have a new front-girl in our midst, and it seems like a few others may think the same as I do. As a few articles have pointed out, adding her to HouPri without training is a bold move, but with her singing voice and her character, it seems like Nobara could be the one to open up a new door for HouPri and help it transform. She is one part of this new chapter, but I have a lot of faith in her. Let's hope that everyone else has faith in her, too.

She's adorable, she can sing and she seems determined. What more could I ask for? And yes, I hope she gets all Nana's lines. Good grief, we need someone who can sing to take over those lines, and not Sasara or Maika to get them. They have enough to sing already.

And for those interested, this is Nobara's debut PV. She's so cute, how can you deny her smile?

And with that, we have three members freshly crowned!

Right now it truly feels like Houkago Princess has been revived. Though I love the group as I knew it, it really does give me some renewed hope for the future to see this kind of change, Though the original lineup is completely gone, though we have a new leader and an all-new lineup, I think that this is for the best. A part of most idol groups appeal is how much they change overtime, and regardless of how much we adore a group for what it is and love the members for who they are, the lineup change is what keeps the group going and alive. It's the change that is necessary, but it is not necessarily the change we always want. For me, however, this is the change that I anticipate for the group.

This is the time to showcase HouPri's strength with its new talent and leadership. It's time to see the group grow and showcase what everyone can do without Nana heading the front. It's time to start a new story with a new lineup and I look forward to what everyone will bring to the plate, especially the four newest additions - Yuria, Nanase, Natsumi and Nobara (now abbreviated to Y3N) - because for the first time in forever, it really does feel like Houkago Princess has transformed as a group. They are finally a freshly revived unit.

I'm going to miss the old Houkago Princess and my love for what I knew is still there. Nostalgia is strong and I will never forget the love I held for the group I cam to know back in 2011, but I am also happy about this new 'Houkago Princess' we see in 2018. I am excited, hopeful and positive for what they can bring and all they can do, but I dearly hope that everyone else is excited as well.

It's a new era everyone, a new chapter to read. I wonder what kind of story these girls will write?

What kind of tale will they spin next, I wonder? We shall have to wait and see...~

Until next time.


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