Monday, 29 October 2018

Personal Thoughts: A Decision For Okay! Musume Time

Back in July this year I posted a quick update on my thoughts regarding the graduation of Okay! Musume Time as a blog and my conflicting feelings towards whether I should continue writing here or not. I said I would give myself until the blog's 8th anniversary to give you an answer. It has been 3 months since then, and I finally have an answer to what I wrote back then.

I will keep Okay! Musume Time going, but my content will lessen from here on out. Thankfully I have posted a little more since I wrote that post initially and after a lot of thought and consideration I qrealised that I couldn't leave Okay! Musume Time just yet. There's too much I want to try and do, plus it is my space. It's a space that only I know completely.

I came to the realisation that I could not close the blog or stop writing on it just yet maybe a month or so ago. It took a while, but I feel confident in my abilities to keep Okay! Musume Time open. Of course some content may now be cross-vers from Selective Hearing (with slight differences, as personal commentary on here won't appear on SH's more subdued posts) however I want to continue to try and create content for Okay! Musume Time as well.

This is a blog that I love and care for deeply, so I'm happy that came to the conclusion I would like to keep it open. I am also exceedingly grateful, thankful and blessed that I have readers like you who offered me words of encouragement and understanding during the time where I thought closing this blog was the only option. I am happy that you are here to help and support me when I need it most, so thank you for everything. I love you all and feel like the luckiest writer in the world. Without you I would be nothing.

Be happy and healthy everyone, and of course take care. You are all so amazing and precious to me, and I wish you so much happiness and luck.

Lots of love,


  1. Im happy about your decision :)

    1. Thank you very much! <3 This comment makes me really happy <3

  2. I could not bear the thought of losing O!MT and Passpo in rapid succession so I am glad you have decided to stick around. Don't pressure yourself to write too much if you don't want to. I know you have burned yourself out a few times in the past trying to keep us happy, but d'ya know what? We're not going to be happy if you're not happy. So write what you want when you want and it will all work itself out.

    When I'm feeling a little drained I like to go in search of new inspiration. Not long ago I found a group called Chuning Candy. They're on Pony Canyon! Surely you must remember how much I have ridiculed Pony Canyon in the past. So I guess this is me eating humble pie, so to speak. Check them out if you get a moment. Maybe one of their fresh, catchy tunes will rejuvinate you! Or maybe just my advice to keep looking for a new muse will inspire you to keep searching for that something special.

    Like, one day I went searching and I wound up here. What a lucky find!

    1. Oh yeah, PASSPO stopped being a band this year! That was a really surprising announcement in a way, but expected too, as most groups I got into way back when are stopping activities... still, I'm really sorry you lost PASSPO this year. They had such a solid following. Thank you for being happy i am staying as well, that makes me happy! Plus it's really nice to hear from you again.

      I never wanted it to get to this point where I hardly updated, but actually, you make a lot of sense... I've burned myself out previously to keep readers happy, thinking it makes me happy as well. It's not always the case, is it?

      Actually, regarding Chuning Candy... my friend introduced me to them around a month or so back! So I was aware of them, but I really got into them this month just before you commented here! So you're not the only one who is enamoured by them! I like them enough honestly, though their 90's vibe in outfits is so Avex it's almost funny... actually, their outfits ARE funny to look at, but I enjoy how colourful and flamboyant they are as a group. It's nice!

      Ahhh, don't make me blush!!! It makes me too happy XD