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Oyasumi Hologram WORLD 27 TOUR - An Alternative Music Journey Through The West and East Side of The US!

November is right around the corner, and for American fans of Japanese music and alternative idols this is the time to travel through the US.

9 dates.
8 venues.
3 cities.
3 leading acts.

Now is the time to act everyone, because Oyasumi Hologram and more are coming to a venue near you. Just make sure you're in the East or the West when the time comes...

With only five days until the event big, the Oyasumi Hologram WORLD 27 Tour will be taking the US by storm in a 9-day tour that sees the dynamic indie rock, alternative idol duo travel across the East and West Coast. With only five days before the tour begins, there's still enough time to grab your tickets and join the girls in their amazing music-driven adventure across the US!

From California to New York City, Oyasumi Hologram's latest US tour promises to be one of the biggest yet for an indies act that hails all the way from Japan. This will also be the duo's first overseas tour.

And they won't be coming alone. Joining them on their tour through America's most popular states is Toriena, a 25 year old chip tune artist from Kyoto, Japan who will join the duo for their WEST COAST lives. If that wasn't enough though, it was also revealed that NECRONOMIDOL, the group born from H.P. Lovecraft and all things dark, will also perform alongside Oyasumi Hologram for the tail-end of their EAST COAST side of the tour.

Cheki and buppan sessions will be included at the end of each show.

The tour runs from November 1st, 2018 until November 11th, 2018 and will see Oyasumi Hologram and their support acts in a variety of venues. Tickets are currently available from a variety of online vendors, so be sure to grab yours soon.

*Please note that November 4th's show is VIP exclusive, and includes a class held by Toriena on how she creates her music, as well as an exclusive acoustic solo act by Oyasumi Hologram. Limited to 30 attendees.

**Headlining acts will be different for some of the tour dates.

Show Details

West Side

San Jose, CA
*Oyasumi Hologram Headlining act

November 1st (Thur) - Back Bar
Back Bar Lounge, 418 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113, United States

8:00pm Start
11:00pm End

Ticket Prices:

VIP Ticket - $81.20 (Early admission + VIP merchandise for both Oyasumi Hologram + Toriena)

*Minimum age of 21 to attend

San Jose, CA
*Toriena Headlining act

November 2nd (Fri) - Back Bar
Back Bar Lounge, 418 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113, United States

7:00pm Start
10:00pm End

Ticket Prices:

VIP Ticket - $86.50 (Early Admission + VIP merchandise for both Oyasumi Hologram + Toriena)

*Minimum age of 21 to attend

San Francisco, CA
*Phoenix Ash Headling act, PhEri CD Release event

November 3rd (Sat) - Bottom Of The Hill
1233 17th Street, San Francisco 94107, United States

1:00pm Start
5:00pm End

VIP - $59.98 (General Admission NOT INCLUDED, GA will need to be purchased as well) (Includes VIP merchandise for both Oyasumi Hologram + Toriena)

Fremont, CA
*VIP Only, limited to 30 attendees

November 4th (Sun) - UNI #7
3555 Edison Way, Fremont, CA 94538-6179, United States

1:00pm Start
4:00pm End

VIP Ticket - $213.80 (Includes VIP merchandise for both Oyasumi Hologram + Toriena)

East Side

Brooklyn, NYC

November 7th (Wed) - Ceremony Nightclub
224 Manhattan Ave, Ceremony Nightclub, Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States

7:30pm Doors
9:00pm Start

VIP Ticket - $65.28 (General Admissions NOT INCLUDED. Purchase GA separately) (Includes VIP merchandise for Oyasumi Hologram)

Brooklyn, NYC
*Oyasumi Hologram Only Show (acoustic live)

November 8th (Thur) - The Way Station
The Way Station, 683 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States

8:00pm Start
9:00pm End

General Admission - Free
VIP Ticket - $65.28 (Includes Oyasumi Hologram VIP merchandise)

Brooklyn, NYC
*NECRONOMIDOL Headlining act

November 9th (Fri) - Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale, 1031 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

6:00pm Start
11:59pm End

General Admission - $20
VIP (NECRONOMIDOL) - 5,500yen (General Admission NOT INCLUDED) (Includes march pack)
VIP (Oyasumi Hologram) - $65.28 (General Admission NOT INCLUDED) (Includes Oyasumi Hologram VIP merchandise)

Queens, NYC
*NECRONOMIDOL Headlining act + Imaizumi Rei solo set

Trans-Pesos, 915 Wyckoff Avenue Queens, NY 11385, United States

1:00pm Start
11:59pm End (Estimated)

VIP (NECRONOMIDOL) - 7,500yen (General Admission NOT INCLUDED) (Includes march pack)
VIP (Oyasumi Hologram) - $70.59 (General Admission NOT INCLUDED) (Includes Oyasumi Hologram VIP merchandise)

Philadelphia, PA

November 11th (Sun) - PhilaMoca
PhilaMOCA, 531 North 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19123, United States

8:00pm Start
11:00pm End (Estimated)

General Admission - $16 - $22
VIP (Oyasumi Hologram) - $65.28 (General Admission NOT INCLUDED) (Includes Oyasumi Hologram VIP merchandise)
VIP (NECRONOMIDOL) - 5,500yen (General Admission NOT INCLUDED) (Includes march pack)

About The Acts

Oyasumi Hologram - OyaHolo for short - began their activities in 2014 and fall under the alternative idol genre. Made up of members Mochizuki Kanami (left) and Hachigatsu-chan (right), the group came to be life through producer Ozawa Koichi, who handles the groups lyrics and music. In the past, the group stood at five members total before becoming the duo it is today.

Since their incarnation, Oyasumi Hologram have released at least 4 albums and a single. They are signed under goodnight! records.

Toriena is a 25 year old chip tune solo artist who creates pop and hard music using LSDj and the original GAMEBOY. With her beginnings starting all the way in 2012, Toriena not only composes her own music but also writes lyrics, designs her own logos and artwork, and is also a co-founder for her label, MADMILKY RECORDS.

Toriena's journey to the US will not be her first overseas trip. In 2017 the singer-songwriter found herself at Lodnon's Hyper Japan, and 2018 saw her perform at MAGFest 2018 in the USA. Toriena has previously provided music for gaming overlords Konami and Capcom.

With 14 releases to her name - 9 EP's and 5 albums - there is no denying that Toriena has made her presence within the industry known since her humble beginnings all the way back in 2012.

NECRONOMIDOL need very little introduction in the realm of alternative idols. With a distinct look, that H.P. Lovecraft vibe and a penchant for darkness, this unmistakable group has continued to stun its audiences and listeners with a diverse sound and style from both the screen and live. Formed back in 2014, NECRONOMIDOL's 4-year run has seen them perform for fans in Japan, the UK, the USA, France and the Netherlands.

Made up of five members - Kakizaki Risaki, Sari, Yotsuya Hina, Imaizumi Rei and Tsukishiro Himari - this tour will be one of the last overseas lives for this lineup. With both Sari and Hina's departure from the group in January 2019, it will surely be a memorable live for the groups American fans and the members themselves.

NECRONOMIDOL currently have six singles to their name and three albums.

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