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Become a Princess After 4pm! Houkago Princess ~Regular Member Auditions~ Awaits You!

From now until August 31st, Houkago Princess will be accepting auditions via mail to join the group. A website has been specially created for these auditions, so if there is anyone interested in auditioning to become a potential member, please follow this link HERE for all of the information needed regarding the process.

In this post I will break down the information given on the website, including the requirements for the audition and what girls need to do as a part of this audition process. I apologise for any mistakes that may happen throughout the post.

To start, the website has been laid out to create an easy navigation between topics:

- An Introduction to Houkago Princess
- About the New Member Audition
- About the Audition application
- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

And with this in place, I will go through each topic individually, and briefly. Let's begin.


I need to give very little introduction to Houkago Princess - I talk about them enough - but the audition website introduces the group like this:

At 16 o'clock, the headband will transform into a tiara, and from the uniform a princess gown shall appear. Here, an idol will become an after school princess!

There is a lot more, including a bit about high-quality songs and how the group is about friendship, an experience, being inexperienced, a fantasy and so on, before noting that the songs are created with an image of a Princess throughout history. We also get a nice little bit about the fandom, including the fact that the group has an overseas fanbase as well. (Hi, thanks for acknowledging me... NOW COME TO THE UK D8<)

Wow. My cordial tone dropped quickly XD

There's a bit about the costumes as well, which I liked seeing on the website. Noting the characteristic of HouPri being their costumes, it's explained that the costume is a motif for each song and Princess that the members will represent, and that each design is tailor-made to allow the members to truly transform into a princess on stage once the clock strikes 16 o'clock.

And yes, it adds charm to the members even more when they spin around in pretty princess dresses. I agree with you, website-san.


"I want to stand on the stage as a member of Houkago Princess!"

Yes, the website is screaming out your thoughts right now. Website-san knows all. Also, here's a rough, google-aided translation to help us along:

"For the first time, Houkago Princess hold an audition for Regular members to join immediately!

Houkago Princess follows the traditional method of Apprentice → Candidate → Regular Member. However, this time there will be no promotion process implemented, as this is an audition that will introduce a Regular member's entry.

We do not ask that you are experience nor inexperienced, because we are looking for girls who have confidence. Experienced idols will, however, be subject to review for their past experiences and achievements.

Whether you have been singing since you were a child, have won championships in dance, won an award in high school, can play musical instruments at a professional level, it is self-confidence we want. We are looking for those who are filled with self-motivation."

For all who are auditioning, it's been noted that participants information will not be given out at all during the audition. Once applicants have been accepted from the audition itself, it will be decided when the announcement regarding new members will be revealed, and the activity start time. This will be done through consultation (most likely with the lucky winners themselves, I'd hope).

This was a bitch to translate, mind. Google couldn't handle it. So, thanks for the translation, Grace! 8D

It's also noted that Apprentice / Candidate applications are welcome, always.

So, for those who would like to be a part of Houkago Princess but figure it's too high a hurdle to leap, or if there are girls who feel too inexperienced or have no special skills but still dream of being an idol and a member of Houkago Princess, then applying for an Apprentice or Candidate position would give them the chance to train with the aim and intention of becoming a part of Houkago Princess in the future.

Oh, and there were asterisks. So, there's further information / conditions we need to read up on.

*The application method for both the Regular and Apprentice / Candidate auditions are through e-mail / mail.
*After the audition examination process, there is a chance that there will be no successful applicants.

Please don't do a fucking MoMusu on me, HouPri o3o


The conditions for the audition are as follows:

- Women aged 14 ~ 25 (Negotiable) ← May I negotiate for men to audition, too?
*After reviewing the skill and talents of each application, management will also consider applicants for the Apprentice / Candidate unit, HouPri YOUTH.
- Minors must obtain consent from their parents
- If a girl / idol currently belongs to another agency, they must consult that agency before auditioning.

There's also a flow chart depicting the audition process, and because it's a picture, Google can't help me. So my friend used her google translate picture stuff 8U Thanks, Ami!

1. Application (send that shit in)
2. Document review (they'll judge you hardcore, then e-mail you YAY or NEIGH)
3. Interview(Where they interview the successful few)
4. RESULT! (The lucky winner gets an interview if they pass everything with flying colours)

Oh, and here's the application method, in case you wanted to apply:

(Note: It's e-mail only, no SHOWROOM this time around)

Please apply via the e-amil address provided, and fill out the following steps from 1 - 11 and 14 in full text. For steps 12 & 13, please attach the images required.

Audition e-mail address: sp@iris-japan.world


① Name (Please give the name you want to use during activities, ie: stage or real name)
② Date of birth
③ Hobbies
④ Special skills
⑤ three sizes (hip, waist, breasts) / height / weight
⑥ Shoe size
⑦ Whether you have or have not had past experience in entertainment (for those with experience, please include the agency you have been a part of previously)
⑧ Current occupation / school year
⑧ In the case of a minor participating, include parental consent
⑨ Which songs do you like from Houkago Princess, and which members do you like
⑩ Your dreams and goals
⑪ Self promotion for the audition
⑫ Photograph from the bust up (a clear photo which shows the face well)
⑬ Whole body photograph
⑭ Twitter and Instagram handles

So... apply!  And make sure y'all can live in Tokyo if you do this, cause it's a long drive there and back, otherwise.


Sad to say, this isn't a fun little Q&A that let's you know which Princess is the members' favourites, or which Princess their manager identifies with most. Nah, it's just basic stuff, like 'how to apply' (cause y'all skipped the fucking application part, clearly), and whether or not you can send queries about whether or not you've been accepted. Basically, your usual Q&A fanfare.

It should be noted that only successful applicants will be contacted, however, a timeframe has been given for when applicants should hear back if they are successful. 1 week is the time frame, and successful applicants will be contacted by e-mail or phone. However, subject to the volume of applicants, the time in which someone is contacted might vary.

*It will also be noted that if an applicant does not reply to the e-mail or call once the audition is over, their audition pass will be terminated.

Successful applicants will also be informed of a time and place for the interview process. They are planning to hold the interviews for the audition in a disclosed Tokyo location.

*Applicants will cover the fees to travel to the interview. So, hop on yer bikes!

Oh, and no. You can't ask about whether you passed or not. That's just not how it's done, darling.

And there we go, the audition process for Houkago Princesses 2018 Regular Member Auditions. I can only hope the search is successful, and that we will eventually find a promising, new Princess to join the ranks of the 7 - soon to be 9 - members who are already a part of this fantastic group.

Its still quite strange to see they're doing these auditions, but I'm excited. It will be nice to see what sort of girls this audition will bring in, and to see how the group will shape after the auditions are over and done with. Most of all, I'm just excited to see another change happen in HouPri, because whilst change is scary, it's also quite welcome.

But, let's be real - it's quite alarming how much HouPri have thrown at us new member, promotion and audition wise in the last few months. Then again, I feel they are prepping us for a big graduation, and it might bring a few tears...

Oh, and what am I less than excited about? The chance that management pull a H!P and leave us hanging with zero new members, of course. I really can't deal with that shit, let's be real.

Anyways, thanks for reading everyone. Hope some of you audition, and I hope you anticipate these results as much as I am, but for now, take care.

Ja ne,

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