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[This Is Duu!] Her Final Journey. Goodbye, Duu... 'Wakain da shi!' (Music Video Review)

[This Is Duu!], also known as [A Week with Duu], is a series of posts dedicated to Kudo Haruka and her impending graduation on December 11th 2017. It is a series that will look at the wonders of Duu, whether it is in the form of a music video, sketches, live performances or even her photo books!

To celebrate all that is Duu, let's take a look back at everything she has given us, and remember the joy that she has delivered since debuting in Morning Musume, all those years ago! Are you ready to celebrate all that is Duu?

It's the end of the road, dear readers. Today I post my final review that features Kudo Haruka as a member of Morning Musume. All other reviews from past singles hereafter will include a graduated member, someone that many of you have cherished all these years. Somehow, this day has caught up with us far too fast.

Knowing that by tomorrow, Kudo Haruka will have graduated Morning Musume and Hello! Project, brings about a feeling of great sadness and despair. Though I have told myself countless times that this is the right thing for Duu to do, pursuing a dream of hers that I have no doubt she will do well in, I still have a melancholy feeling about it all. After all, Duu is an incredible Idol. She was never my Oshimem, but I liked her a lot. I always found her to be a bright, talented girl, someone who was worthy of the title 'Idol'.

This road of hers is coming to its end, though, and that path of 'Idol' will become a path for an actress. I do look forward to watching Duu grow in that area, but I wish she could stay in Morning Musume, too. I know, I know - Idols have a limited shelf life, and Duu is only doing what many other Idols have done before her. Still, I wish we would have had more time with her.

Today marks my final review for [This Is Duu!], and after a week of posts and thinking about Duu, dedicating my time and energy into all of these posts, I know now that I am going to miss this girl greatly. Kudo Haruka is amazing, and I feel like Wakain da shi!, the final music video that was specifically crafted for Duu, is a perfect representation of why we all love this girl, and why she is such a cherished member of Morning Musume.

It's time to say our goodbyes, everyone. Though she is only at the height of her youth, it's time for Kudo Haruka to walk a new direction, and become a person more incredible than the one that stands before us.

As we stand behind her and wave, Duu will walk towards a bright future, but she knows we're there. She knows that we will always cheer her on from behind...

What Can I Do? DUU!


Okay, I'm already feeling teary-eyed. Where are my tissues? Here, Duu, take one ;_____; -hands Duu a tissue-

Okay, I still object to the constant use of white costumes, but at least they look pretty here. Plus, the soft focus and the solar flare effects make it look quite romantic and a tad sentimental.


Duu is so freakin' gorgeous. I'm so glad she shined in this PV as much as she does. DUUUUU! <3

That smile, one as bright as the sun. A smile that will grace us on a brand new stage, soon.

These are really cute scenes. I love how it shows off the closeness of the members.

Maria looks especially gorgeous in this, I love seeing her hair down.

OOHaa: "RRRRRRRRRRRRRR I'm driving the bus!"
Potato Princess: "LOL, no you're not."
OOHaa: "Arrr, I'm a pirate?"

Gosh, I love these scenes. They just look so enchanting and flawless, I feel at ease whenever they come up XD




That smile, the confidence as she strides, the whole entity that is Duu... Yes, this is glorious.


She's never gonna be in a PV with us again, is she? ;_;

Chii-chan's trying to look good, but when you've got the Derp-Pons derping by your side, the whole effect of being sweet goes out the window.

Unless she's Doing-ing her head, then yeah, I get it XD

Kaedii: "Has she graduated yet? It's about time, I need her lines..."
Miki: "Pft, like you'll get the lines..."

I love these scenes.


The scope of this MV is freakin' amazing. SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO (DUU!) H!P? CAN YA SEE IT, NOW D8<

Duu is flawless, and I want to cry ;^;

I love this, how she's just walking casually and going past the other members. It's a nice way to represent Duu moving forward, alone, whilst the others are supporting her from the side lines together. So freakin' sweet.

Owwwww, seeing someone bite into an ice lolly just makes my teeth hurt >_<

Also, is it just me, or is that ie lolly foreshadowing Chii's inevitable colour change? >o> White on the inside, orange on the outside... >_______>

Oh, it's Sakura who is late! Yeah, is this a regular thing, Sakuranbo? Tut, tut >o>

I love how Kaedii keeps watch on that kinda thing, I'm guessing she's a bit of a stickler for time, aye?

Okay, that's just adorable.

What Can I Do? DUU!!!


Oh, Honey, you delight. I do wonder who did that to your hair, though.

Look at drunk Eripon in the back there, though!

How are all the members so delightful in this? I love them all, gosh darnit.

Holy guacomole, that is both terrifying and adorable o-O

The perfect description for Maachan, then. XD


Reina: "I loooove you!"
Kaedii: "Feck off, midget."

Oh gosh, look at Duu in the background there, THE DUULIGHT <3

Duu, you precious child. Miki, you delightful girl. I love you both <3

Duu: "See you on broadway, bitches!"

That freakin' smirk. Riho would be proud.

Oh damn, I love this scene. It's just so nice and is so Maachan.

It's cruel, seeing these two so near (scenes back to back) yet so far (not together). How dare you play such tricks on us, H!P!!!

Maachan, it's nice to see you back in the PV, walking and everything. So cute, and so Duulightful!


-and cry-


And this is the 10ki we'll be left with, y'all. How are those broken hearts you're all holding at this moment in time?

I freakin' love Honey in this, she's just so silly and cute. It's nice to see these precious carefree moments.


Oh, shit, they even go in age order here, with Duu hugging her beloved Maa, Ayumi running up next, and Harunan running to greet the generation she adores.


Nope, nope, noooooooooooooooooooooooope ;___________;

This is so cute, and damn, I'm not mad at these costumes now. I like 'em.

Oh, hai, Chii-chan, I kinda forgot you were in this 8U

She really is a forgettable person in MoMusu, isn't she?

Oh, damn, Nonaka! You look super pretty (as per usual).

I just love how the choreography is all about Duu, too. She's either in the center, behind the members, or in front of them. It's all very significant to her graduation.



Duu taking the lead, as she should. But, she shouldn't be standing alone ;; SHE CAN'T!

Duu: "And..."

Duu: "Bow!!!"

Yo, I didn't know False had made his re-emergence. Guys, quick, he's gonna take all the girls away and keep them pure and young forever!!!

This PV looks incredible, doesn't it? The outfits are amazing, too, and Duu looks so tall and proud, from both the style choice of her outfit, as well as how the camera has been positioned. Very nice!

Yo, this reminds me of this picture:

What can Leo DUU?

OH MY GOSH, DUUUUUUUUUUUU! ;^; She's looking at us, guys! <3

Duu: "Hehe, I have fangirls."

I don't blame you for sending Duu hearts, darling Reina <3

How is Reina so adorable? Though she looks disgusted by the fact someone is trying to touch her.

Reina: "Ewwww, get away, filthy peasant!"

Duu: "Walk away from the bobble head, Duu. Walk away..."
Maria: "DUU, LOOK AT ME!!!"
Duu: "I'm not Duu, I'm Do!"

Duu looks amazing in this, the way everything is shot makes me look confident and powerful, big and strong. We are looking up at and to her. Amazing.

Nope, nope, nope, my heart can't take it any more! -sobs loudly-


This choreography will feel so incomplete without Duu, once she graduates -sobs hysterically-

The 9ki are watching another comrade graduate... Gosh, it's so hard to think that They were the start of an era, and have to watch their own era members depart as they stay on ;^;

Yo, Maria, stop being so cute! I'm quite content with not caring about you.

Jeebus, OOHaa, how are you so precious and adorable? I love you <3

Awwww, they're so cute! Such a tender, sweet moment for these three precious Idols <3

AAAAAAAND that moments been broken. Thanks, Duu XD

This is a bus full of drunk people, isn't it?

The reall winner? DUU!!! <3 #1 all day, EVERY DAY! :D

This looks so pretty. I do love how they've edited these scenes.

Duu in the centre, as she should be. Gosh, I'll miss you, Duu ;_;


Yup, my heart's breaking. Guys, help me find all the pieces, please?

Morning Musume: "We will always stand behind you."


Looking towards a sky that is limitless. An endless sky that will become your new path...

This is adorable. I love it.

Also, is it just me, or were these lines given to the youngest members, specifically? Is this Duu's way of representing her own 'youth' (one of the youngest members, has been younger than even some of her younger kouhai's) through Reina, Maria and Akane?

GDI, this video is full of sentimental meanings and moments that just keep breaking my heart. Why not put in a shredder and call it a day, H!P?

This is a gorgeous moment of Duu.

Every moment is gorgeous, Chiima. Tut.

Oh my gosh, these precious girls ;^; Duu, I'm going to miss you, and so are they.

This is so hard ;^;

Ogata is precious, but Duu is 100% fixated on us.


Can I nope out of this tear-fest, yet? No? Shit.

Honey looked like she was about to cry! No, my heart! HARUNAAAAAN! ;_____;

Duu: "No one can cry but me!"

No one should be crying! Stop it!

That is a sad smile, Duu ;^; Do you have to go?

Duu: "It's my time to go. My path is changing."


Way to ruin a perfectly captured moment, H!P. Thanks for obscuring the beautiful jump with your ugly-ass lyrics. URGH!

Duu, why are you so gorgeous? Why are you so precious?

Why are you leaving us???

Duu's final journey with MoMusu.


A succession of 10th gen members. Crap, my heart ;;

The highest hand in the air, because the sky is limitless for Duu, now that she is breaking free and walking a new path.

That beautiful, amazing girl. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! ;;

As the other members face one direction, Duu stands forward, and looks towards a new future that is solely hers...

So cute, so sweet. I love how close and happy they all look.

Potato Princess: "I see you~"


Honey, you charming, weird girl XD

This is not the time to sleep, Ayumin! Duu needs you to love her!

... NOPE!


The final tears from Duu. This time, they are for herself, and the departure's of past members...

But even when she's sad, she will smile through the tears, because this is the group she loves, and because it's the Duu she wants us to remember most...

Thank you for being our Idol, Kudo Haruka.


Don't wake Duu up! She was dreaming beautiful things, and remembering the love she has for you guys ;;


NO! DUU!!!!!!!!

The memories of her time in the group are beautiful, and when she looks up at that limitless sky, she will remember the opportunities being a part of Morning Musume gave her.

But now it's time to walk a new path. Alone...

100 Screenshots Later...

How are we so close to the date? Now that I've finally reached the end of this post, my heart is hurting, and I just want to cry... I'm going to miss Duu so much, and after watching such a sentimental, pure video countless times to capture the best, final moments of Duu, I'm feeling such despair, knowing that this time tomorrow, Kudo Haruka will have given her final bow the the fans, and left the stage as a Graduated member of Morning Musume.

It's hard to process, and I really don't want to believe it.

I honestly tried putting off this review today, knowing that this part of the post would signal my final dedication to Kudo Haruka in review form. It's the part I didn't want to face, but now, after 7 days and 7 Duu-dedicated posts, it's time to give my final thoughts, and embrace the up-coming Duuparture of, who else? Duu.

Wakain da shi! is probably one of the most genuerous Hello! Project graduation music videos I have seen. Not only does it feature a lot of Duu, but it also contains a lot of sentimental moments and cute scenes that feature the members. Every moment feels touching, the girls seem close and happy, and the relationship they hold for one another is loving and sweet. Watching these scenes really showed me how good these girls are, and what great friends they have become since joining Morning Musume. They have an incredible bond, and you can see just how much Duu means to each member, whether she is their kouhai, senpai, or their generation mate.

It's not just the scenes that feature the members on a bus or in a field that show off this closeness and sentimentality, though. The choreography is another aspect of the video that includes a few elements that make it personal, even more touching than before. The way the members are positioned to watch Duu from behind is an important scene, showcasing that the members will watch and cheer on the graduating member even when she moves forward without them. The Do! formation is also symbolic, allowing us to see the 10th gen together one last time in formation during the concerts, and also allowing us to see that all of Morning Musume have come together to celebrate Duu. The way they hold each other and smile only further expresses their love for the girl they are singing about.

It's scenes like these that are truly overwhelming, and no matter how small they might seem, they are significant. So much thought and time has been put into this music video, and it is all about Duu. It's amazing just how much dedication staff at H!P headquarters put into this video, choreography and its meanings. They must really respect Duu, and clearly wanted to give her a proper sendoff.

This is a great video, and not only for its sentimental value. One of the things I immediately noticed was that Wakain da shi! has a wide scope, something that most H!P videos don't have. With its use of tracking shots, wide shots, upper shots and the expansive space of the outside, Wakain da shi! is open and bright, allowing us to see a world that is opening up to the members and Kudo. It's nice to see that they aren't stuck in a studio, and that they're going somewhere, especially when this song is all about a future and a limitless sky.

And, damn, I've just realised. All three PV's from this single are about directions. Dokyuu no GO SIGN has direction symbols, running and pulling one another along. Jama Shinaide Here We Go! has the members running in aimless directions as they try to find a way through the mirrors, and to find each other. And of course, Wakain da shi! is all about Kudo heading into a new direction, a new path.

Holy guacamole, that's incredible, and I don't doubt it was intentional, either. Very clever, H!P.

It's nice that the videos all have something in common, and I do love that Wakain da shi! is all about direction and changing paths. It's a beautiful song, and an incredible video that is befitting for a sendoff for the incredible Duu. It's hopeful, it's sentimental, and it showcases a bond that is inspiring and heartwarming. Of course, it also allows us to see that this is a goodbye, because whenever Duu is alone, or walking by herself as she passes the members who stand together on the side, we can see that she's become independent, a young woman with a future she wants to run towards. It's sad, but it's wonderful, too.

This is a great music video, and it is one of the most beautiful I have seen from Morning Musume in a while. Natural, bright, open and loving, Wakain da shi! features tender moments, soft visuals and touching imagery. It's incredible, and it was all for Duu. We couldn't have asked for a better goodbye.

There is nothing more we could have been given as fans. Thank you, Duu.

Until the next post. Take care.


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