Wednesday, 6 December 2017

[This Is Duu!] Dreamin' of Triple Duu - 'Dream Last Train' (Music Video Review)

[This Is Duu!], also known as [A Week with Duu], is a series of posts dedicated to Kudo Haruka and her impending graduation on December 11th 2017. It is a series that will look at the wonders of Duu, whether it is in the form of a music video, sketches, live performances or even her photo books!

To celebrate all that is Duu, let's take a look back at everything she has given us, and remember the joy that she has delivered since debuting in Morning Musume, all those years ago! Are you ready to celebrate all that is Duu?

I never intended for it to be this way, but somehow, Triplet happened to be my third review for Duu's Graduuation Week. How convenient, blogger-girl. Actually, I wanted to review Kimi no Kawai wa Iyashinai, but due to a lack of Duu (similar to PPU), I could not justify the review itself. Yes, she has awesome hair in that video, but she's also not in it as much as I'd like.

And then I saw one friend suggest Dream Last Train for one of their favoured Duu-related releases, 
and because I wanted something to review in the 2014-2015 era, this song video was the most fitting. Plus, it comes with bonus Duu, something many MoMusu PV's lack, for some freakin' reason. And seriously, how can I deny a glorious amount of Duu? I can't, I just can't, especially when this week is all about her.

That, and I needed something to review before the day was up. I'm trying to keep to a schedule, here.

I know that Dream Last Train is a bit of a fan favourite, because it's a great song, and it brought together three of H!P's more underrated vocalists. A mix of husky and powerful vocals, Triplet was a true power-house unit, mixing three of the best that the company had to offer. I'm honestly surprised they never released anything past this, because let's be real; these girls were awesome together.

It's a freakin' crime, actually, especially when H!P denied us more Duu!

Anyway, we're gonna check out the (Another version.) PV for Dream Last Train, in all of its cookie-cutter glory. There will be Duu, and we will be trippin' over all the glorious moments of Duu to come. So much so, we might see... TRIPLE DUU! >o>


(Wait, wait, Chiima, that sounds creepy and wrong, don't say that, for fucks sake!)


It's always a promising video when Duu is the freakin' center.

This isn't whiplash... It's Duu-lash!

Duu is a freakin' goddess, and Chissa is a babe. I do not miss her soccer mom hair, however.


Duu Last Train~ (Duu only ver.)


I fuckin' miss Chissa, she was such a star. The only thing she ever did wrong, was that hair.

GDI, look at Duu, channeling her inner K-pop boy. She was really rocking that boy look, way back when, aye?

As cool as a fuckin' cucumber and then some. Look at that flare, that pizaz! Such a star, and so damn gorgeous, to boot.

I love how much Sayuki stands out with her hair, though. She's a lil bit awkward at times, though, but whatever. She's my boo, and she is wonderful! <3


And holy shit, Duu really does look like a guy from the back. That fist pumping and hunched back is so JE, I almost mistook this for a Sexy Zone PV.

AAAAND, IT'S A GIRL, EVERYONE! 8D Sorry for this damn trap of a video.

Holy shit, Duu, why are you so charismatic on-camera?

I can totally imagine Sayuki swinging an axe and going all lumberjack on us >o>

Keep your fantasies to yourself, Chii >o>

Chissa: "BOOM! I'm a girl~"

God damnit, why does the plaid make you all look like boys?

Yay, fast circle shots! Always a fun time, no alcohol required. Sayuki doesn't know what the fuck she's doing though, does she?

Chissa: "YOU will join my harem!"

Wait, you have a harem!?

Chissa: "Why do you think I made that dance group? Kekeke..."


Look at Sayuki, rockin' her lil heart out! She's so freakin' wonderful.

I love the lights. Finally, Sayuki is being given more spotlight, as she deserves!!! She is such a glorious girl <3

That hair flip, tho <3

Duu is just amazing. Gosh, how is it that you didn't get a second sub-unit to join, or another song to sing? THAT IS NOT ON! D8<

Sayuki and Chissa be like "Talk to the hand", but Duu is totally "Netflix and Chill?"

Duu is just so fucking chill, and she knows it.

Duu: "Hey, babe."

-each and every one of us-

God damn, look at that flawless transition. Sayuki twirls and then, BOOM, DUU!

I love these shadowed scenes, and I love that I can see who is clearly in the center of it all.

It's frekain' Duu, where she belongs, people!

Sayuki: "I'm dreamin'... of a Duucember...~"

Duucember is a reality, so far, Sayubee.

This starts off as such a cute, girly moment, and then Duu Jekyll and Hyde's us with a cool pout and serious eyes. GDI.

Duu: "Ahaha, I love ya guys, thank you!"

... How did I not Oshi you? >o>


-me right now-


Triple Plaid, everyone, the hottest new boy trap band on the block!

Look at Chissa, the freakin' Goddess. She is amazing, and I miss those little looks she gives. GDI, how I miss the beauty and her mom hair ; A;


No, you're not feeling the after affects of your coca cola. This is the actual editing, and you're either gonna love it, or pray for it to end soon.

Hello! Project's Photoshop Masterclass, people. Because I swear, this is what they have done for bloody single covers, just a tad less annoying.

Triple Sayuki would be great, thanks!

Oh, shit, they broke out the generic boy band poses! Quick, someone call the press, Triplet went full-on mainstream!

Holy shit, that's an assault on the eyes o-O

But hey, THERE'S MORE DUU! <3


And holy shit, is Duu hitting on me? She's hitting on me, people!

Duu means business here, and she is honestly milking every damn second that she can. I really don't blame her.

And siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh~

-fans self-

Chissa is such a boss in this scene, that hand-on-hips move is incredible. I can't help but feel an overwhelming amount of love when this scene appears <3

And Sayuki is just a gem. Her earlier awkwardness isn't as apparent, and she's truly embracing this time to shine <3 Yas, girl, GET IT!

Yup, some boss imagery here, How can we ever deny their greatness?

Okay, can I have Triplet back? I would accept Chissa returning to the Idol world just for this trio to freakin' happen before Duu leaves us all. PLEASE!

I needed this in my life, because Duu and Chissa are having a blast, whilst Sayuki is being all cool and collected XD What a way to break up a scene.


Choo choo! All aboard the Last Dream Train, people!

That's what this scene screams to me, for some absurd reason XD

GDI, they're all so perfect. Why did this group never make anything else, may I ask?

Oh, yeah: Because Up-Front e.e

Welp, it was a dream that didn't last long. But it was a sweet dream while it lasted...



After what has already happened today, it's nice to actually sit down and focus on Duu for a little bit, because let's face it; Duu makes everything a little bit brighter. Plus, after a day at work, I'm enjoying coming home to a blog post regarding the antics of Duu, in all her delightful manner. Sure, I was wondering what song and video to talk about (that took well over an hour to decide), but once I was certain which one I would review, it was a blast GIF-ing and captioning it.

Because, again, Duu is a delight, and Last Dream Train is a great song.

Although Triplet's Dream Last Train is as cookie-cutter as they come - basic music video template, barely any added scenes or effects, simple in its technique and fairly standard for H!P at the time of Triplet's release - this is still a fun video. All three members are entertaining, their camera presence is awesome, and their charm is absolutely wonderful. Duu especially is captivating here, and she is easily the most noticeable member, despite being one of the younger girls in the group.

But age is just a number, after all, and Duu is truly a seasoned professional here. From take 1, she knows what to do, how to charm the viewer, and understands where to go in order to keep you captivated. She is a true performer, and she keeps you waiting for me as she throws cool looks and little smiles, all to charm you into liking her.

I swear, I'm not saying this because it's a Duu based review - like Tamura Meimi, Duu is someone who was born to perform on a stage, and in front of a camera. She is someone who understands how to connect with the viewer and how to act when the camera is switched on. It feels like there are no pretenses with her, and the effort she puts in feels effortless. This is a girl who can communicate with a medium that, for some, is hard to work with. Duu was honestly born for this, and I think that Dream Last Train is a great example of just how amazing Duu is on-camera.

Any PV that features Duu is proof of this, but as we see Duu a lot here, I think that DLT is as good a video as any from her earlier works. Plus, this one shows a lot of Duu, and sometimes, a lot of one person can get a bit heavy if they can't work well with the camera - snippets of boredom might appear, or eyes straying off-camera by accident when they're unsure of themselves. Sayuki does that a bit, her awkwardness coming out in the beginning of the video, but Duu has none of that. She is simply all charm, and a lotta awesome.

I would say that, despite being cookie-cutter, this video does have something I didn't expect, and that is the trippy, triple images we see of the members. I've never seen this version of the video before, so to actually see triple of, well, Triple, was a bit weird and fun, because it was a nice little tie-in for their group name. Of course, I would have never found out about this version of the video is I had found a good copy of the original MV. Sadly, I couldn't find a decent copy of that version anywhere - it must have flown away somewhere. So, I settled for the next best thing: The Another ver. Hence all the trippy imagery.

The triple image is not that bad, but it does get annoying after it's used frequently, and in succession with other triple-scenes. It's almost headache inducing at times, so I found it more annoying than clever, though I do understand why they did that. It adds some dimension to the existing video, and spices up the scenes when we least expect it.

It would have been nice to see the members leave the damn studio, though >o> But, this was H!P in their cheap-ass prime; they really couldn't be arsed to spend money on anything but a studio set, and CGI back then. Urgh. Well, I guess I'll get over it. Maybe.

It's a fun video, one that features a good amount of Duu. Here, she shines, and both Chissa and Sayuki work well with Duu. Their vocals mix beautifully, there is very little contrast between the three of them, and together they sound powerful and cool. It's a fitting sound for three of H!P's finest, as well as three of the girls who weren't given as much as others, at some point in their careers.

I just wish they had released more, damnit! Still, at least it's Duu-tastic, and that's all that matters. Right?

Oh, and because there is an original (but watermarked) version of Dream Last Train floating around, here's a copy of the first music video, including its additional escape-the-studio scene that most H!P acts wished they could do, way back when. That must have been bliss, to breathe real fresh air! Ah!

The final train has yet to leave the station, so as you wait to watch Duu board her last train ride in Idoldom, why not watch a few more videos, and enjoy all the Duu you can?

Three reviews down, four more to go. Our Week with Duu is marching on, and with it, we come one step closer to Graduuation '17... Can't these days go any slower?

Until next time, everyone. Please love your Duu, and watch her videos with adoration and nostalgia, and keep your memories happy.

Take care, and thank you.