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The Sound From '17: The Final Selection ~Music Selection '17 Ver.~

My creativity is lacking. This post is late. I have work in just under three hours. So, what am I going to do?

Aggravate my carpel tunnel, all for the sake of being ~kind of~ on time. Plus, I really would love to see this one out, because hey! It's the Music Selection Post: Year End version! Finally, I can crack on, and rank a bunch of tracks that I've loved from the year gone by, possibly piss a few people off when the beloved's don't rank, and focus on the songs that have delighted me this year.

It's time to put our Ranking pants on (that... sounds gross, lol) and take a look back at what 2017 has delivered! In sound and song, what has pleased you, and who has ranked high?

My darling Readers, it's time. Let's blast this music!

Whenever the End of Year posts roll around, it's a struggle to think up the titles and concepts to make each yearly post a little different. In 2016, I tackled my first Top 100 Songs of the Year post, and though I did enjoy doing that... Yeah, it's not happening again this year.

There are two reasons for why I won't be doing a Top 100. Firstly, and most crucially, I didn't listen to as many songs this year as I did last, and secondly, the time to do it just isn't there. I mean, what I'm doing for this year's post is time consuming anyway (especially after missing the previous days post). So, this time around, it will be a tad more condensed, though a little different than before.

This year, I'm also ranking my favourite Albums and Singles, as well as a final ranking of my favourite songs. It won't be enormous, but, it'll be enough. After all, it's actually somewhat harder to rank a smaller number of songs, than a multitude. At least, that's what I think.

As with any other Ranking themed post, I would like to point out that, as this is my blog, and I am one blogger, a lot of (all) these songs are all based on my preference, and therefore will not cater to most of your tastes. I have tried to make the list as diverse as I possibly can, but I also haven't listened to every single, album or track out there that was released this year. So, if a song you loved hasn't appeared, or a single and album have been neglected from my list, all I can say is this: Suck it up, and make your own list. That way, at least the things you loved can appear on a Ranking of sorts, somewhere.

I cater to my own music joys, first and foremost, but satisfying your own musical tastes is a bonus, as well. Still... My list, my choice! That is the way it will always be (until I do a fan-ranking, then it's totally your call).

So, this is it! A bunch of music, a few Top Ranking lists, and one overall winner for 'Song of The Year', or whatever I title it. Which song will come out on top, and just who pleased my ears from the year gone by?

It's time to listen to some music and find out, dearest Readers. Are you ready to enjoy the Sound of '17 in all its glory, and see if your favoured songs made it.

It's time to listen and enjoy! Are ya reader, beloved Readers?

Top 5 Albums
~'17 ver.~

Starting off the Music Selection Rank for Year '17, let's open with the Albums that made my year! Though I didn't actually listen to that many (whoops), there were a few that held a lasting impression on me. Some I remember more than others, and others, I just adored outright. Hopefully, there will be something within this small ranking list that you enjoyed, too, even if it was just one or two songs within the entire album.

And if you have an Album Ranking yourself, please feel free to share it with me! I know that you guys probably listened to so much more than me, so it'd be nice to hear your own favourites, and to eventually check them out myself.

Okay, enough spiel. It's time to rank a few Albums, and see just who placed. Whose album will you see place today?

Roll on the rankings!

℃omplete Single Collection by ℃-ute (03.05.2017)

I feel like I might get beaten for ranking this so low, but also, I feel like I would get beaten if I didn't place it, because, y'know: ℃-ute. They are currently the Holy group, especially with their disbandment back in June. So, if they never appeared on this list, I'm pretty sure one of you would spear me, right after hacking into my blog and changing this list so that ℃-ute were somewhere on here.

... Oh, shit, I am giving you ideas >o>

Okay, back to the actual topic at hand. The album. Honestly, I loved hearing this album in all its glory, featuring the songs we have known for years, as well as a select few new ones, and some of the 'originals' that had been changed in the process. It was nice to hear that growth in sound and vocals from ℃-ute, as well as to listen to a final few originals from the group that we wouldn't have heard until the release of ℃omplete Single Collection.

It's a pretty good album, but the reason why it's placed so low is because, honestly, I didn't listen to it much after the first round. I had a couple of favoured tracks, but otherwise, I didn't return to it. Still, it was a good listen, and a nostalgia trip for all who have loved ℃-ute. I think that as a form of goodbye, it was a nice set to leave with.

Tomo Arite... by BOYS AND MEN (20.12.2017) 

As this is a very recent release (like, 9 days ago), I can't say I've listened to this release loads. But, it is good, and I am so impressed with how fun and playful this entire album is. It's such a cute, Idol-like release, and it fits the group that is BOYS AND MEN so well.

There is something charming about this group, and so far, this album has enhanced my view of them. I already liked them, but with such a cute, positive release that is energetic and fun, I feel like I've grown to love them even more. DOGI MAGI and UFO are especially fun, with DOGI MAGI including some nice background chants and easy to follow lyrics. UFO, a cover of the Pink Ladies release, is just a ball of fun. I love how BOYS AND MEN sound in it, and how they make it their own.

This album has also allowed me to appreciate the joys of NAGOOOOOYA, which I didn't like before after listening to it on Ho wo Agero!'s tracklist. It's actually a pretty good song, so I'm glad that this album has made me realise that.

It's fun, it's full of personality and charm, and it has allowed me to discover some new gems from the delightful BOYS AND MEN group. I like it, and I have a feeling that, the more I listen to it, the more I will love it. Good.

Beauty and the Beast: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Various Artists (10.03.2017)

Okay, so, this might be a first. I don't think that I usually (or ever) place anything on my list that isn't J-pop based. I mean, that's what this blog is primarily themed around, however, I can't deny that, for a majority of 2017, this album has been a big part of it. Hence why it's here.

I love Beauty and the Beast. It's one of my favourite Disney films, and whilst there are certainly some issues within the latest movie, and the soundtrack is far from perfect (worse autotune than MoMusu, ha!), there is something about it that makes me love it. May it be nostalgia, or the fact it caters to my musical tastes, I don't know. I just love it, and I think that it's a pretty fun album to listen to.

I especially love The Mob Song rendition here. It's so textured in vocals, and good grief, you can hear just how much fun Luke Evans is having. The glee in his voice is bloody wonderful, and I feel excited hearing it. I love the original too, but as a song, 2017's The Mob Song is my preference. It's so much more epic and passionate, and you can feel the pressure rise throughout.

Another song that I adore from this album is Celine Dion's How Does A Moment Last Forever, though I also adore the Montmartre version as well. Both a beautiful songs, holding just the right amount of emotion and depth, lending to the tone of the movie well (especially the Montmartre version).

All in all, it's a pretty solid album. Sure, I have my issues, especially where the auto tune is concerned, but despite that, I think this album is great. It's fun, varied, and the new song additions even bring about a slight Broadway feel to the whole thing. Not too much, but enough, and that satisfies my own need for Broadway.

STAR-T! by Kasai Tomomi (15.11.2017)

Another album that hasn't been out long, but I don't care, because STAR-T! has left an impression on me. Of course, it can only be a positive one, because it's ranked close to the #1 spot for my favourite albums of the year.

This is a genuinely fun album. Though it does include a bunch of songs that were recorded years ago, from previous singles Kasai released, the new ones and the old create a complete, fun album that befits the tone of Kasai's voice, and shows off her strengths well. She has such an adorable singing voice, allowing a good chunk of her songs to feel uplifting and cute. STAR-T! especially sounds positive and fun, giving me hope that Kasai herself is looking forward to her future in being an Idol once again.

Saigo no Namida is another favourite of mine from this album, but it's a ballad, so of course I'd favour it. It's such a sweet, emotive song, and Kasai really put her all into this one. Though I actually don't hear Kasai sing in this kind of tone often, it's nice to see that even the most uplifting of vocals can bring out such beauty in this kind of song. I fell in love with Saigo no Namida from the get-go, and I don't think that I'll forget it any time soon. It's so beautiful.

There is a lot ot enjoy about this song, whether it's the old tracks Kasai released years ago, or the new ones made for STAR-T!. Whatever it is, I feel like this is a strong album, one that will please a lot of fans and bring in a few new ones.

It's a good'un, and I like it! What more can I say?


And there are the first four of my Top Albums from 2017! But before I head into my favourite album of the year, let's take a look at a few Honorable Mentions, the ones that only just missed out on being included.

Are any of your favourites on the list?

Honorable Mentions

crescendo by PINK CRES. (28.06.2017)
My Princess by Houkago Princess (22.03.2017)
Thank You Disney! by Various Artists (25.10.2017)
SEA SAND SUNNYDAY by Juliet (19.07.2017)

Yeah, that's a tiny list, I know. I really didn't listen to a lot of albums this year, did I? So, that's why it's minuscule, at best, but because I did have a few I enjoyed, I wanted to include the ones that impressed me here. Plus, it's all about the quality of the product, not the quantity, am I right?

Okay, I'm going to shut up, but not for long, because now it's time to talk about the one who won. The album that I've loved this year, and think so highly of. This might not surprise a lot of you, because I love this Idol so freakin' much.

Have you guessed yet? Whether you have or haven't, let's take a look, and revel in The Album of The Year for 2017...

Are you ready? ;)

★☆★ 1 ★☆★
Sweet Dolce by Ueno Yuuka (11.01.2017)

I really had to. I just had to.

Ever since hearing the album in January 2017, I've loved Sweet Dolce, because it's one of the most varied releases my darling Ueno Yuuka has released. Full of pretty sounds, Sweet Dolce shows sides to Yuuka that I didn't know existed. Aside from the usual ballads, Yuuka's Koisuru Pretty Girl shows off this fun, bubbly side that is silly and all forms of cute, and because of it, I have come to appreciate the songstress even more.

I love the ballads in here too, of course, because I love ballads and I think that Yuuka performs them beautifully. It's nice to hear Yuuka try new sounds, though, and to see her branching out with Sweet Dolce's tracks is an absolute delight. This is only a mini-album, of course, but it's beautifully done, and there's a good amount of variety, enough to keep me entertained and to show off Yuuka's talents in various styles of song.

Because this album has been out for so long now, it has stayed with me a fair while, meaning that its power over me is a lot bigger than the other albums included in this list. But, I have also looked back at this album with fondness, remembering it at various points in the year and recalling how much I enjoyed it when I first heard it. It has lasting power for me, and with any kind of music, whether it's a full single release or just one track, is important to me as a listener. If I can remember one song, let alone a full album, then that is something to consider when creating these kinds of lists.

I remembered Sweet Dolce, and the songs included are ones I adore for various reasons, whether they are ballads or fun, cute tracks that Yuuka hasn't tackled before. This is a good album, and it's made my year brighter. From the beginning until now, I love Sweet Dolce, and it is fully deserving of its #1 spot in my Top Ranked Albums of 2017 list.

Now, moving Forwards...

Top 10 Singles
~'17 ver.~

Now that the Albums are done, we're getting into a bigger list, only by a smidge. This one, much like my Album choices of the year, is about the overall quality of the product and how much I enjoyed it. If I found that the overall single was top-quality, at least for my ears, then it will be ranked. My taste isn't the best, as we well know, but bear with me. I simply want to share all that I enjoyed with you!

Unlike Albums, I listened to so many singles this year, however, there were few that really stood out to me. Some, I adored completely, and others included tracks that were meh or so-so at best. Surprisingly, this part of the list was really easy to construct, because again, there weren't that many singles that stood out to me as an overall product. It's nice when it happens, though, and this year, I wanted to include what I consider the best singles of 2017. The ones that impressed, and the ones that I have listened to in full over the course of the year.

I doubt a lot of these will surprise you, though I do think there will be one in here you question. Still, I hope that what I do include, you have enjoyed as well, or hope to enjoy. Also, please, don't get too mad with the placing for some of these songs. Though I do take their quality into consideration (as stated), how much I enjoyed it actually what makes this list the way it is. So, in terms of how much I have listened to it, the replay factors and also how much I want to hear the entire single alone are key reasons for how high a single can rank.

Okay. It's time. We're going to hear some singles, and see just what ranked! Are you ready to find out if your favourites made it this time, or if I've left them in the dust?

Press play and let the music flow. It's time to rank a few singles...~

BLAST! by Momoiro Clover Z (02.08.2017)

I recall ranking BLAST! pretty high back when I reviewed it, and after listening to it for review purposes, I have to say, it left a lasting impression on me. And yo, we all know I don't care about MomoClo Z, so it's nice to actually see them appear on this list. Yes, they're at the bottom of the Top, but honestly, I haven't listened to the single all that much, aside from one or two songs.

Re-listening to it, however... Damn, this is epic. I still think that Kyokai no Pendulum is incredible, with such an epic, near-Gothic sound that makes me think of churches and ghosts, cold nights and black and white movies. It's such an intriguing, serious track, and MCZ did it so much justice.

I actually still listen to Itsudatte Chousensha a bit, but the whole single is highly memorable, and I would happily listen to it all in one go. I don't think any of the songs are tacky or bad, they all have their individual merits. As a single, this is impeccable, and it's got a song for everyone, I think. The serious, the cute, the quirky really give the product diversity, and allows me to see just why people adore this group. BLAST! is amazing as a whole, and I'm so thank that Tanera requested this one. You are a star, Reader darling.

Lychee Red no Unmei by Houkago Princess (15.02.2017)

Lychee Red no Unmei is one of those singles that, after not hearing it for a while, I forget the quality of it. Then, when I put it back on, I'm amazed by how I have forgotten such greatness. I swear, the title song song is amazing, and I love how fast-paced and upbeat it is. It makes me want to dance, sword-fight, and everything in-between. I get such a rush from it!

Though it's a pretty short single (only two tracks), I feel pretty fulfilled whenever I hear Lychee Red no Unmei and Sennen Maika. Both songs are a little different from the other, with Lychee Red no Unmei holding more of an epic sound, whilst Sennen Maika is a tad more subdued, and feels like it would fit right into a Kabuki Theater production at certain points. Of course, both songs do have some similarity in that they are based around Chinese sounds, and both instrumentals make use of traditional Chinese instruments sometimes.

Overall, this is a good single, and I love both songs for various reasons. Lychee Red no Unmei is one of my favourite singles from the year, not because HouPri are my beloved group, but because this is a good, varied release that shows off HouPri's strength in producing yet another different style of track to fit the stories and themes they are representing.

In short: T'is good, yo!


Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou by Tsubaki Factory (26.07.2017)

... I'm going to get bludgeoned, aren't I?

This is technically quite low on my list, but, I have other singles present on this list, that I preferred over Shuukatsu Sensation, etc. Yes, I liked this one, and yes, there are some bloody incredible songs on this release. In fact, it's one of the highest in quality releases from H!P this year alone, but... preference?

-proceeds to get bludgeoned-

I'm not discrediting the single or its quality just because of how low it has placed, because again, it's a damn good release, and I was highly impressed with the songs provided, but it's a single I didn't really return to throughout the year after its release. I had an itch for one or two of the songs, and I have played them on repeat a few times, but there were other singles from 2017 that I looped a whole lot more, and thought even more highly of.

All three songs are amazing. Hana Moyou is probably my favourite of the three, whilst Shuukatsu Sensation is hilarious and fun, in a serious way that I never anticipated. Waratte is great too, of course, and I think that all three songs are strong and could easily stand alone, without the others to back them up. It's a varied, fun release, and it shows off Tsubaki's skill in different styles of song, whilst still playing up to their freshness as a group.

It's fun, it's unique for H!P, and it's amazing. It just wasn't put on replay like others were.

Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka! / Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa by Kobushi Factory (14.06.2017)

Well, after shoving Tsubaki's single to the #8 slot, this one should be a kick in the teeth for fans, am I right?

Cue the raising brows and furious exclamation points, because I know a lot of people dislike this single. Well, I'll be honest here: as a single (not including the SP version, by the way), I really freakin' LOVE this release. I have played it so much since its release in June, and I'm really not ashamed to say that, damn, this is a good Kobushi product. I'm so glad they brought it out.

I still don't care much for the group, because a majority of their releases suck, but this one showed off that carefree, cute side I really like, as well as their hard-working, near-serious side with the second track, Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa. Both songs really appealed to me, and over the course of the half-year since it was released (and all the fuck-ups thereafter), I have found myself returning to this single release, enjoying both songs together or separately.

It;s a fun single, and it holds so much personality and energy. Despite the fact that a lot of people don't actually seem to like this, I really love it and think of it highly. It's made my year a lot brighter in terms of music, actually, and I think that it's nice that Kobushi Factory finally appealed to me in some way.

It's fun. It's cute. It's carefree. There's a lot to like about it for me, and it deserves a spot on this list. I say, Me Gusta!

Akashi -soul mate- by Fudanjuku (18.01.2017)

Released way, way back in January, of course this has to be on my list, because it's stayed with me for so long. Plus, I love all three songs on this release, whether they make me happy, hopeful or sad. Whatever track it is, I love them. They're all great in their own right, at least, to me they are.

I have returned to Akashi -soul mate- a fair few times since its release, typically opting to listen to all three songs together. I actually love listening to one song at a time, but Akashi -soul mate- was one of the first singles this year to have me put all of its tracks on a loop, one after the other, because I genuinely enjoyed them all. Of course, I have a favourite, but I genuinely enjoy them all, and find that each song makes this single incredible.

Each track is its own sound. Akashi -soul mate- is this uplifting, hopeful song that is the perfect graduation track for both Kojiro and Uramasa, allowing me to think of a bright and happy future for Fudanjuku without the final original members to guide them. However, the regular edition b-side track, Hoshi kuzu no Shizuku is a different story, and is probably the most emotional of all three tracks included. It's also my favourite because: BALLAD! Though Akashi -soul mate- is the undeniable graduation track, there is no denying that Hoshi kuzu no Shizuku is the goodbye song.

And yeah, I love it. There is so much to adore, and so much to cry about.

This is an amazing single, one that I find quite perfect, and one I will listen to again and again, until the end of the year and beyond. It's varied, it's beautiful, and it showcases all sides of the Fudanjuku I love. The fun, the cool and, of course, the emotional and brotherly. This was a perfect send-off for the final originals, and a perfect release overall. It is gorgeous.


Sayonara by Sakurako Ohara (22.11.2017)

I am simply enchanted by everything Sakurako Ohara does, and Sayonara is no different. Despite being one of the newest releases in this list, I already know that this single will be replayed and adored by me in the near-future. It's such a gorgeous, emotive release, with the leading track being - surprise, surprise! - a ballad. The following b-sides are not, however, giving the single some much-needed diversity and sweetness that pleases me greatly.

Honestly, this is a brilliant release, and I would love to place it so much higher on my list (originally, it was #4), however, I need to consider the songs that I have enjoyed more over the course of so many months... Still, the love is there, and it's why Sayonara is placing as high as it is.

As an overall product, Sayonara is just delightful. It makes me so happy to hear it, and it's so pleasing to the ears. Sakurako's voice is beautiful, and how she sounds in both everyday and Paper Plane is both satisfying and soothing. Not only does she work magic in her ballads, but she also creates joy in her b-sides. To me, she is a powerful singer.

Paper Plane is also my favourite song from the entire release, and reminds me of blue skies and warm spring days. It's such a pretty, uplifting sound, and as the final song, it truly completes the release. I love every moment of this single, and I think that all of the songs are incredible. Even though it's so new as a release, it's already one of my higher ranking single releases of the year. I guess that's the power of Sakurako Ohara, isn't it?

If you wanna by Perfume (30.08.2017)

Another single that was a requested review, and through that review, I realised just how much of a gem this single was. I mean, it's beautiful. It's only two songs long (one being under three minutes, so: short), but everything about it feels complete and perfect. This is such a joyful release, and every time I hear it, I'm reminded of just how incredible it is.

Hearing both If you wanna and everyday, I feel so happy. It's such a delightful, entertaining release, one that is uplifting and cute, cool and crisp. It's also very visual, the sounds creating imagery in my mind and allowing me to imagine colours and all those fun things. I love that, and it's what makes Perfume's music so incredible, that they can make you see things through their sound.

Both the quality of the single, as well as how memorable it is and how much I replay it, is so freakin' high, and I really do recommend this single to those who haven't heard it. It's too good to miss out on, and should be heard by even the non-fans of Perfume. There is just something about it that makes it incredible, and beyond perfect. I can't find any more words to describe it.

I love it. I replay it a lot. There is so much to love, and I can't get over how thankful I am to those who recommended it to me. If you wanna is amazing, and it's left such a big impression on me, to a point where I am besotted.

... How is this not higher on my list?

Abrakatab Luv! by Houkago Princess (20.12.2017)

I feel like I'm cheating by throwing HouPri into the Top 3, but honestly, I feel like this single will become a solid favourite once the year is up, plus, I love all of the songs included. It's such a fun, entertaining release, and every song I could hear over and over again, together or alone. In regards to HouPri, once again I am impressed. This is a really good single, and a nice little comeback after ending their contract with Universal Music Japan in September this year.

I actually find its rating quite surprising, given how much I side-eyed this release upon its announcement. I really wasn't keen on it at first, yet, here we are.

I know that some may think the songs aren't that Top Tier in sound, and I might have to agree, but honestly, it's how fun and carefree they are that gets me. Jasmine ~Kimi no Kokoro ga Shinjiru mama ni~ is such a cute, fun track that is full of youth and energy, perfectly fitting Team Miracle and HouPri YOUTH to a T. Then there's Furuten LOVE&ROLL, one of the most diverse and intriguing tracks of the four that you get with this single. It's a lot more cool in its sound than the other tracks, but it has this mellow, laidback feel that I didn't expect from HouPri. It's a weird one to describe, but it's so unique for the group, and amazingly, it fits them.

The chorus is one hell of a rollercoaster, though. It's a quick, fun switch from the mellow sound, to something a little more exciting. And yes, I love it.

As a product, I find Abrakatab Luv! to be satisfying from beginning to end. It's fun, it's diverse in its sound, and it also marks the return of Juliet ~Kimi wo Suki na 100 no Riyuu~, which makes me hella happy. This is a great release, and I think it deserves to be a Top Ranking single, despite its shiny new-ness.

I love it, and there's very little anyone can do about that. Ha!

Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo by Juice=Juice (26.04.2017)

Yet another release I side-eyed into oblivion, until finally, I realised all its charms. That is to say, I realised just how good Jidanda Dance was, and all of my original feelings towards it vanished. Now, here we are. It's in the #2 spot, and that's where it'll stay, because bloody hell, this single is good.

I feel like Juice=Juice satisfied all my needs in one single, similar to Akashi -soul mare-. It has a fun, entertaining song that is silly at points, but not to a point where it gets annoying, whilst Feel! Kanjiru yo satisfies my hunger for ballads and pretty sounds. It's a good combination, and shows off Juice=Juice's strengths as a group well. I love that here, they can be both cute and near-childish, but can also put on this serious and mature facade that is very befitting of the five young women.

Admittedly, I haven't listened to this single as much as I have Akashi -soul mate- or even If you wanna, but I hold it in such high regard that I thought, yeah, it kind of needed to be in that top spot. I have very fond memories of this one, and because of those memories, it's rewarded highly. Plus, it's such a damn good single, one of the best H!P has had to offer us this year, right next to Shuukatsu Sensation& co.

As an overall product, despite being such a short release, Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo is fun and entertaining, and a very promising release from a group I had nearly given up on. It instilled a new faith in me, and has allowed me to understand the charms and talent of Juice=Juice. As a five member group, I feel like this was a fitting way to end their reign as they stood back then, because it showed both their energy and maturity well, and captured what is one of the best sides of five-nin J=J beautifully.

It's a great release, and I enjoy it very much. Thankfully, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.


And there we have the first 9 picks for my Top 10 Singles of 2017! Of course, there were a lot of singles I enjoyed, but as I wanted to only do a Top 10, I picked the ones that I knew I listened to and loved the most, as well as the ones I know I will continue listening to well into the new year. I know that some of these may be disappointing, and that I haven't included a lot of favourites, but... oh well?

Anyways, before we get into the #1 (can you guess? GUESS!) please take a look at a few Honorable Mentions, the singles that nearly made it, but missed by a tiny amount. This does not mean they are back, of course. They just weren't my favourites (despite being replayed again. And again... And again).

So, are there any mentions of your beloved singles here, too? Check em out!

Honorable Mentions

Ho wo Agero! by BOYS AND MEN (02.08.2017)
Tomodachi Gokko by Ueno Yuuka (26.04.2017)
START!! by PartyRocketsGT (17.06.2017)
Kimi no Uta by Yasuda Rei (24.06.2017)
Let It Flow by Flower Notes (19.07.2017)
Jama shinaide Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakain da shi! by Morning Musume '17
Hirari by Sakurako Ohara (08.03.2017)
Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou by Tsubaki Factory (26.07.2017)
Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Try! / Uruwashi no Camellia by Tsubaki Factory (22.02.2017)
Final Squall / To Tomorrow / The Curtain Rises by ℃-ute (29.03.2017)
BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy by Morning Musume '17 (08.03.2017)
Sayonara Duarena by Houkago Princess (19.07.2017)

Yep. That's the list. A lot longer than the Album Selection, but still not as big as it could be. Still, I listened to quite a few singles this year, and there were a great deal I enjoyed, but these were the ones that I enjoyed most, that I could remember off the top of my head. In so many ways, they are all great, it's just somewhere down the line, my impression of them wore off. I need a lasting impression, yo.

Oh, and please don't kill me in regard to ℃-ute not even placing on the list. I liked the single, it's just... Yeah, I forgot it happened. I like the songs, but the fact I forgot them, kind of speaks for itself. That's just the way it is.

Anywhoo, with that all said and done, it's time to check out the winner of my Single Selection for 2017! Which single made it to the top, and left the others flailingin the studio? Whether it's a surprise or not, I hope that the winning single delights you, and that you all enjoyed it, too!

It's time to unveil the winner, and see what single earned the coveted #1 spot for Single of the Year, 2017 edition...~

★☆★ 1 ★☆★
Fiesta! Fiesta! by Juice=Juice (23.08.2017)

Did I ever say I wouldn't include digital singles? Cause I never said that, though honestly, I think there are a great deal of us who wish this was a full release, with photo cards and all, because damn, this is a fiery single! From the opening track to the end, it's a bundle of fun, showcasing the maturity and coolness of Juice=Juice, as well as their cute, fun side that Wonderful World depicts beautifully. From beginning to end, I love this single, and since its release, I haven't been able to put it down.

2017 has been a damn good year for Juice=Juice, in both music and in their performance. Not only have they taken over the world with their tours, but J=J have also brought in a lot of new fans with their music, as well as brought back some of those who went in a new direction. The power of this group is stifling, and I am so glad that for 2017, they got their mojo back. They really are glorious, aren't they?

I feel like I don't have to say much in regards to this single, because so many people adore it already. This is a single that doesn't need a PV to boost its popularity, it's already epic enough without it (and, the promotional edit is shit anyway, so thank goodness the song can stand alone) and it already has a giant following because of its incredible sound. It's so spicy and fun, and it really gets me pumped whenever I hear it! You can tell straight away that this song will be great to hear live, it has that vibe, it has that atmosphere about it, and you just want to be a part of it when you hear it.

Not just Fiesta! Fiesta!, but Wonderful World, too. The b-side track, recorded in English, is just as fun and concert-worthy as the title track. Of course, Wonderful World is a lot less cool, and so much more cute and fun, filled with energy and sweetness that befits the members of Juice=Juice. It's so youthful, and it makes me feel energised as a listener. It's also great to sing along and chant to. I love it.

Everything about this single is amazing, and I can't get over just how perfect it is. It's a grand release, one of my favourites from H!P and Idols in general this year, and it is so damn deserving of being #1. What. A. BOP!

Speaking of Bops, I think we need to look at this...~

The Final Music Selection
~Top 20 Songs Of '17~

This Final Selection list does not reflect my previous Selection Posts throughout the year. Also, Album and Single Rankings do not affect where I place the songs. Regardless of whether an album or even a single ranked high or low, the song itself could rank very differently, if at all. Feelings towards a song, a single or an album are completely different, at least for me. That is all.

After about two or so days, I'm finally on this. Thank gawd, because I need to breathe, and sort out my life and the MV Selection, and everything else in-between. It's been fun, guys, and I love all these songs, but damn, I can't wait. I want to get to my #1, and show you all the song that has made this year epic for me.

Now, this one has a few key points that I want to go by. Firstly, how much I listened to the songs listed throughout the year is a huge factor in where it is placed. Second, how much I can remember the song itself (and if I woke up singing it or thinking of it, etc) is another factor in whether or not it is ranked. Third, how much I actively love the song, which is kind of a duh situation, because I gotta love it right?

Fourth, the impression it has left on me. Impressions are everything. And fifth, the longevity of the overall product is key, too. After all, if it doesn't have lasting power (impressions, memorable, etc) then I see no point in listing it. All of these things allow me to go back to the song, to hear it more and more, and to fall in love with it as the year progresses. Of course, some of these songs are younger than others, but I know a few that will stay with me throughout the next year and beyond. So for those, how memorable and impressive they are are the keys to their success in being in this list.

Yet again, this is a list full of songs that are made up of my preferred tracks. I am not catering to anyone here, just me, myself and I. But please, feel free to provide me a copy of your list. I like finding out what you guys enjoyed, just as much as I enjoy writing these out. So, yeah. Send 'em over~

And with all that said and done, I think it's time to get into this final Ranking.

20 songs. 1 Top Spot. Out of all the songs I have adored and looped this year, which one will be singing me into 2018, and which ones will follow it with grace?

These are my Top 20 songs of the year 2017, and this is the final part of the list! Who has made it, and who will be left on the shelf as an Honorable mention? Dear Readers, it's time to move forward, read on, and find out who the winner could be. Are you ready?

It's the final ride. Wanna play some music~?



There is a part of myself that hates me for putting HELLO! Mirai so low on my list, but after thinking about the songs I have adored from the year gone by, I know that, whilst this is the bottom of the top, it's the correct spot for the song.

I adore this track, but after much consideration, I know that after the first part of the year, I neglected it. There were other songs I preferred listening to, though whenever I wanted to hear HELLO! Mirai, I returned to it and enjoyed it a great deal. I just so-happened to not listen to it as much as others, hence why it's here. Still, I'm glad it made its way onto the list; it's such a fun song, with so much energy. It really gives me a bit of a boost whenever I hear it.

ROSARIO+CROSS, though they aren't one of my favourite groups yet, are clearly climbing the ranks. I think they're such a fun, cute group, and I can't wait to see what they produce in 2018. For 2017, though, HELLO! Mirai is one of my favourite tracks from then. The videos is awesome, too, and I feel so happy hearing it. What more can I say?

Sweet☆Smile by SUPER☆GiRLS

Believe it or not, I was going to place GiANT KiLLERS by BiSH here originally, but due to me realising I didn't listen to the song too much this year, or even cared about it that much, it dawned on me that another song should be placed here, one so much more deserving of being within the Top 20. Say hello, it's Sweet☆Smile!

I pay so little attention to SUPER☆GiRLS, it's kind of unreal, but every now and again, they bring out a song that makes me notice and remember them, and throughout 2017, I have been returning to and enjoying the cuteness that is Sweet☆Smile. It's adorable, it's fun, and it's energetic as well, but above all, it's freakin' catchy. If it wasn't, then I doubt we'd be here, talking about it now.

Though I haven't returned to this song a great deal throughout the year, the fact that I have continued tolook back and play it, speaks volumes. I've remembered this song with great fondness, and whenever I want something to spike my sugar levels, I generally choose this track, or another one. I just adore it, and I don't think that the adoration will go away any time soon.

It's a great track, despite its cute simplicity. I need this track in my life sometimes, and if I ever feel down, it's there to cheer me on. Hopefully, it's cheered a few of you guys up, too.

Jasmine ~Kimi no Kokoro ga Shinjuru mama ni~ by Team Miracle (Houkago Princess)

Compared to so many other tracks, the 9-day old Jasmine ~Kimi no Kokoro ga Shinjiru mama ni~ is probably one of those songs I am getting a tad too enthusiastic about, but really, I can't help it. I love it already, and I think that it's such a good, entertaining release from Team Miracle and HouPri YOUTH. I feel like the clock has been turned back, and we're getting a glimpse at old-school HouPri in sound, with a fresh set of vocals. It's so nice to hear that, and to feel nostalgic about a group I have loved since their beginnings.

Though this song isn't anything groundbreaking, it feels hopeful and sweet, with a hint of romance for good measure. I was actually scared that this would be a re-worded reboot of Juliet ~Kimi wo Suki na 100 no Riyuu~, but it wasn't, and I am so thankful for that. Instead, it's its own little sound, and it's very pretty and magical, energetic and para-para worthy. I can only imagine an adorable dance would accompany this song.

I feel like this encompasses all that was good about old HouPri, and whenever I hear it, I feel so happy. It's a cute, catchy tune, and it's worth all the loops in the world. Despite its newness, I think highly of the song already, and I know that come 2018 and beyond, I'll be listening to it more and more, because it is my favourite track on the entire new HouPri release.

It's good, and it appeals to me so damn much. If it wasn't for how new it was, you can bet this would crack the Top 10, at the very least. But because I actually do care about a lot of other songs that are older, I'm not going to be unjust. So, it will sit here, comfortable, in the lower tier of my Top 20.

Sugar Baby by GEM

Sugar Baby has been with me since February this year, and damn, it's delivered some good times for me. It's such a fun, energetic song, and whenever I need a boost of delight, this is one of those choice songs to go for. It's just so good, and I love how adorable it sounds!

I guess this is cookie-cutter Avex and iDOL STREET at its best, but I really couldn't care less, because it's so entertaining and delivers what it needs: Sugar, and all things cute and nice.

I keep returning to this song, it's one of those that, from the get-go when creating this list, I knew it had to be on here. I had such confidence that it would show up, because it's been a staple in my listening habits throughout the year. Of course, it hasn't always shown up on my Selection Lists, but it's a song that I jump back to every now and again, simply because I love how it sounds, and how energised it makes me.

In all its catchy cuteness, Sugar Baby has charmed me, and it's my favourite track by GEM from the year gone by. Of course it would be, though... I've kind of ignored them in every other aspect. Whoops~

Morning Misoshiru by Morning Musume '17

I have listened to Morning Mishiru a damn lot, and I freakin' love this track. I love that it's a nice little update of the original Morning Coffee, and that it has a new spin to make it a little more relevant to the current generation. Plus, the updated instrumental and the vocals add a nice effect, allowing for it to feel like a refreshing reboot, rather than a hack-job cover that the one recent cover album was -cough-.

This is such a pleasant, peaceful song, and I feel like the current lineup of Morning Musume did it so much justice. Their vocals are pretty, they sound pretty good together, and the smiles can be heard in their voices. It's so nice, and it made me realise just how much this group has grown, and how close they have come. Comparing this to other songs from the group in the past, it really does feel like Morning Misoshiru is proof of their togetherness, and how they have bonded as a unit.

Whenever I want to relax or just listen to something easy and light, this is generally the track I go for. I've returned to it so many times since its release, and overtime, I realise that I have to love everything about it. Morning Misoshiru is such a gem, and I'm delighted it was recorded on the first single of the year. For the spring, it definitely brings a comforting, warm atmosphere, and in the winter it reminds me of family and friendship, and all the joy that Idols bring me.

It's a gorgeous song, a classic in Morning Musume's discography, and it's a dedicated reboot. It's the best re-cover I have heard, and a perfect representation of just how much this group has grown over the years.

How Does A Moment Last Forever by Celine Dion

I have listened to How Does A Moment Last Forever so much this year, and despite thinking it wasn't that great originally, it's become one of my favourite songs. It's just so beautiful, so delicately crafted, and so fitting for the re-boot of Beauty and the Beast. Celine Dion delivers a gorgeous performance here, though at times, her accent annoys me (lol).

I just love this song. It's delivered so much inspiration, and whenever I hear it, I feel melancholy, but happy as well. Right now though as I listen to it, it feels weird placing it in a ranking list that is focused mostly on J-pop, however, I think it deserves to be here, too. After all, it's a song I remember fondly, one that I love to hear again and again, and one I sometimes wake up thinking about. It's just as important to my year as the other songs are, thus, it's placed right where it should be.

It's a great track, and yes, it's a ballad, but it's one I actually disliked in the beginning. My opinion has changed drastically since my initial hearing of it, and since then, my fondness has only grown. Now, it's a gorgeous piece full of emotion and soul, and it gives me life and inspiration.

I love it. I LOVE IT!

Aratanaru Makuake no Tame no Makuake ni yoru Kyoushikyoku ~Kimi ga Ireba Oretachi mo Egao Mugendai~ by Fudanjuku

Despite not being out very long, I already love this song. I just hate the long-ass title, and screw that noise if you think I'm going to type it out or copy and paste. I won't, it's just a waste of letters at this point, but damn, I love this song. I love everything about it, from the random instrumental changes (hello, Cheeky Parade and wasuta memories. I see you there.) to how energetic and cool it becomes. It's such an entertaining song.

From the get-go, this song hooks me. It's cool at the start, before delving into something catchy and even cute. The rapping, the dialogue, the little yells, they all add to the texture and brilliance of this song. I just want to join in and dance along, and damn, I bet this would be an amazing song to hear live. It feels like there would be a great deal of audience participation, especially during the cheerful, cute parts of the track.

Since first hearing the preview on youtube (a damn short one), I've been re-listening to Fudanjuku's latest release on a loop, even if it was only the smallest of previews. Now that I have the full thing, I play it like nobody's business. It's been looped to Heaven and back, and I can't get enough of it. It's just so good, so varied, and it makes me happy. Every time I hear it, I smile and sing along, and I will continue singing it into 2018.

The only thing I refuse to do, is write out that title. That's a NO from me, sir!

Sayonara Duarena by Houkago Princess

Okay, so I never listed Sayonara Duarena as one of my Top Singles for 2017, but I have my reasons. The thing is, I do adore this song a damn lot, hence why it's here. I mean, this is a damn good song, one of the strongest this group has ever released, and one of the most unique. It's such a powerful, mature sound, and Maika is a damn Goddess in this.

It's such a classic, dark track, one with a Gothic tone that borrows from the beloved Swan Lake ballet in sound and tone. I feel so excited whenever I hear this, but a melancholy feel overtakes me the more I listen to the song, because it isn't meant to be exciting. It's meant to be powerful and overwhelming, emotional and dark. It perfectly captures the idea of Swan Lake in this modern rendition, but it doesn't take away from it, either. I love that about it.

I know that this song captured a bit of attention for the group, because it is a cool and mature track that has a bitter feeling to it. It's a lot deeper than other tracks, and has such a high quality to it that has impressed me. It's not the Houkago Princess I knew, for sure, but it's a HouPri I love and would like to see more of.

Cool, collected and dark, this is such a powerful song. It's catchy as well, which only lends to how amazing it is, and I think that it suits the group quite well.


Jidanda Dance by Juice=Juice

I love Jidanda Dance, but I can't deny that some days, I want to hate it. Still, my love for it is stronger than the desire to rip it to shreds, and honestly, it is a great song. It's just the right amount of fun and cute, energetic and boppy that pleases the ears on the right day.

Though I had my misgivings about it before, over time I realised just how good Jidanda Dance is, as I have stated already in my Top 10 Singles for the year. It's such a fun, entertaining track, one that showcases the youth and appeal of Juice=Juice really well. Though J=J typically display such a cool and mature sound and look, Jidanda Dance was that refreshing twist, a little 'something-something' to keep the fans interested, whilst also allowing us to look into a new side of J=J that hadn't been shown in a long while. It was a good, much needed change of pace at the time of its release.

The song is so quirky and cute, and I love the little 'Ah's' and such that are thrown into the song. It adds texture, and it makes it that little bit more enjoyable. It's already highly enjoyable, but the little things complete it, making it that much more entertaining, and allowing us to discover new things the more we listen to it.

It's a good song, and so deserving of its place on this list. Of course, there are songs I prefer, but I cannot deny the pull that Jidanda Dance has on me.


Yokusou Plankton by Hirone-chan

Released back in January, Yokusou Plankton became one of the most unlikely releases that I have enjoyed. It's a strangely soft, almost atmospheric piece with high but near-whispered vocals. I honestly wasn't sure about how I felt about the song at first, but it kept creeping back into mind, and for a while, I was hooked on Hirone-chan's Yokusou Plankton. After a while, though, I stopped listening to it.

Thing is, I never forgot this song,a dn knew for a long time - well before this list was being constructed or even planned - that it would appear on my Top Whatever Songs for the year 2017. It left that much of an impression on me.

I feel like I've known it forever, but it's always been apparent to me that Hirone-chan's beautiful, calming Yokusou Plankton would make its way into the Top whatever.

I feel like I can't describe why I like Yokusou Plankton, I just do. It's one of those weird, magical songs that spins its web and allows me to appreciate its beauty the more I listen to it. And, despite not listening to it for so long, I still recall the song and its sound, the mystical presence it has and the gorgeous lull that soothes me whenever I hear it. It's so beautiful, and so different, but it's also perfect, in its own weird way.

#SukiNanda by AKB48

Despite being that 'typical' AKS sound I seem to loathe, #SukiNanda is something I adore. Sure, it caters to the tropes of the classic AKS sound, but it also updates and refreshes a tired instrumental, and creates something summery and fun that I can really get behind. Plus, it's undeniably catchy, and I find the overall product hella appealing.

I like to sing along and dance to it, too. Oh, how far the Chiima was fallen :/

Seriously though, I love this song. I love how gentle yet upbeat it is, and how nice the girls sound together. I love how it reminds me of journeys and blue skies, summer and warmth, and the good old days when AKB weren't sellouts. It's pure and fun, and it is so very Sasshi, a true old-school Idol who fits this sound and vibe so damn well. It makes so much sense to give her a song like this, one that caters to her own Idol love, as well as ours.

I find this song fun and refreshing, as well as pretty in its sound. It's catering to my wota tastes, and I have found that, since its release, I enjoy it a great deal. I may not listen to it a lot now, but I remember it fondly, and I think it's beautiful. Also, I feel confident in its spot on this list. It shouldn't be any higher, or any lower.


Despite its squeaky tendencies and ear-splitting mixing, I really do love =LOVE. It's adorable, it's peppy, and it's hella fun. I swear, if it wasn't for whatever other songs were released this year, this one would probably be at the top. It's just so bubbly!

I feel completely energised and happy whenever I hear this song. Whatever worries I have (plenty), or if my anxiety is acting up, this is the song that makes it all better. It's fun and energetic, it makes me want to jump around, and every chance I get, I will sing to =LOVE. It's such an easy, cute song, and the parts that are memorable like the little chants, are the parts I participate in. I feel super happy whenever I do that, now that I think about it.

This isn't an older release, but I've listened to it so much since it has come out. I feel like this is one of my most played songs, actually, next to a select few others. It's such a joy to hear, and despite my initial thoughts on it (annoying, loud, obnoxious... all of the above), this has become a staple favourite of mine.

It's the beginning of something great, and it was the start of my new-found love for =LOVE. Hopefully, 2018 brings even cuter music from them, and sees me falling for the girls even more. Fingers crossed~


I was not aware that SHAMROCK was a cover song until I researched it a little, but damn, I love this version so much. I mean, THE HOOPERS may have made it a little more pop-oriented and relevant to their audience, but honestly, they made it their own, and they made it great. Both versions are, of course, amazing in their own right, but this one just has me hooked.

I listen to SHAMROCK a great deal. Lately, it's been one of my main sources for story-based inspiration, lending me the much needed background noise that aids me in writing my tales and losing myself in romantic writings and the like. The song is so fun and flirty, and the vocals are incredible, I love how varied they are and the power each member holds. Some are softer, others harsher, but it's that variety I love to hear.

Plus, they all sound like they are truly invested in the song. I love that about SHAMROCK. It being catchy only enhances how much I like it.

From the first time I heard SHAMROCK, I have loved the song. It's entertaining, and even when it was just a small preview, I wanted to hear it more and more. I'm so glad that, after finally hearing in the song in full, it was better than I anticipated, exceeding expectation, and stapling itself to my playlist of favourites.
This is an incredible track, a wonderful tune, one that I highly recommend. I play it so much still, and love it even more after hearing it again and again. I doubt I'll ever get sick of this song, and I hope it follows me into 2018, because damn, it's amazing.

One In A Billion by Wake Up, May'n!

Another August release that I adore, and one I had a hard time placing. One In A Billion is actually on par with SHAMROCK, because it's also given me a lot of writing based inspiration, and has also been repeated multiple times. Both songs are damn amazing, and I really can't choose between them, but, damn, I do love this one.

I feel like I should have tied #8 and #7, but in terms of One In A Billion, the energy and cuteness of it really gets me. I love how it just surges through from the start, never falling until the song ends. It feels like it's a bit of a race, with its fast pace in vocals and instrumental. It gives me a surge of energy thinking about how energetic May'n and Wake Up, Girls! are, and it makes me want to sing along and join in.

The song is super cute, too. One In A Billion definitely caters to the squeaky-tribe, making it a song that you will either love, or hate with a passion, but damn, I do like it, regardless of all the squeak and shriek it holds. It's fun, it's energetic, and it packs a punch. If it wasn't for my headache right now, I'd be listening to this on full blast. It's a song you have to crank the volume up for, to hear its greatness in full. Honestly, just thinking about hearing this with headphones on and no headache, I already feel excited and ready for One In A Billion on full blast...

It's great. I love it. That's it, next song!

JET SET MUSIC by Sakurako Ohara

I feel like all the August songs have come out in full force this time, because yeah, JET SET MUSIC is an August release, too. But damn, it's a great one, and the saving grace of Sakurako Ohara's My Favorite Jewel. Without this song, I wouldn't care much for this single. It's kind of boring, otherwise.

JET SET MUSIC is a surge of joy for me, and I knew right away when making this list that it had to appear. It wasn't one of my early realisations, like Yokusou Plankton, but I knew that it would appear here as I was crafting the list days earlier. I mean, it's one of those songs I continue to return to, a song that I remember fondly and wake up thinking of. I hum it a lot, and I adore it so much. It just makes me smile whenever I hear it.

Yeah, it makes me happy. Go figure. Also, it's not a ballad, so feel blessed. Feel so blessed, guys.

I clap along to this song a lot, and I sing to it, too. It just delights me and fills me with warmth and smiles and all that bullshit. JET SET MUSIC is one of my core favourites, and if it wasn't for a few other songs released this year, it would have probably made it into my Top 5. Speaking of...~

Paper Plane by Sakurako Ohara

I keep mistaking the title for Paper Planes, but I'll try to kick that habit now. Regardless of its title, though, I freakin' adore this song, so much so it's already quite high up on the list. And it was released in November.  Yeah, I'm getting hella ahead of myself with this one, but I don't give a fig. I have good vibes in regards to Paper Plane, plus, the impression it has left upon me is strong. Of all the songs on this single, Paper Plane is the best.

When I was discussion Sakurako with a friend and they heard the previews for this single, Paper Plane was the one they pointed out, and it made me so happy. I mean, to me, this is Queen-tier level in song. Sure, it might be a little simple and quite pretty in tone, a tad generic if you will, but to me, it's so much more. This song gives me a lot of hope, in all its light, airy feeling.

Oh, and it reminds me of the sky. I freakin' love the sky.

This is such a refreshing, innocent song, and I feel like I'm flying whenever I hear it. It has such a light atmosphere, and if it wasn't for the fact this song was released in the winter, I swear, it could be a spring track. It's perfect for that time of the year, but honestly, I'm glad it was released this year, otherwise I wouldn't have become so besotted by it.

I adore it, and I know I'll love it come 2018. The love for this one is strong, my friends.

Ho wo Agero! by BOYS AND MEN

Yo, August is back, and damn, I am getting such nostalgic feels for this song, despite it being not-that-old. I mean, it was released in August, but when I discovered it, I had only heard the short, snippet preview.

It was this preview that made me love Ho wo Agero! and BOYS AND MEN though, and the preview that started this upward spiral into Heaven. Since then, I have adored this song, and every time I hear it, I'm reminded of what it brought me. Since then, it's created such happiness, and I can't help but feel blessed and thankful that I stumbled upon this group by accident.

When I first listened to the full song for Ho wo Agero!, I was honestly scared that I would hate it. After all, my expectations had grown so high after listening to the preview so many times, but once the full song was within my grasp, I was happy. I was so happy that, when the bridge began, I cried. I was so in love with it, to a point that my happiness became tears of joy. The song was - is - perfect, and it's everything and more than I could have imagined.

This is a glorious song, one that has defined my 2017 and made it so great. It's a song that showed me a group who is amazing, and through this, I found even more happiness. It's perfect, and it's great, and it's deserving of being my #4. I love it so much, to a point where only a few songs could top it. Still, for male J-pop songs this year, this one has to be the Top. Too bad I like female groups, most of all... XD

Wonderful World (Eigo ver.) by Juice=Juice

Oh my days, this is beautiful. Ever since hearing the English version of Wonderful World, I have been besotted. I swear, I return to this more times than I can count, and every time I go back to it, I feel like I am falling for it even more, again and again. It's just so wonderful, so pure and so delightful. It's amazing, and it's one of my favourite Juice=Juice tracks of the year, for sure.

I know they have better song releases, but seriously, Wonderful World (Eigo ver.) captured me in a way I never imagined it would. It also happened to remind me of just how gorgeous Wonderful World is as a song, but, after listening to and looping this form so many times... Well, I actually prefer this to the Japanese edition. I'm serious, it's true!

Wonderful World (Eigo ver.) delivers such happiness, I can't even form words to say how much it pleases me. I just feel like I am full of sunshine when I hear it, or something sappy and weird like that. I just find it so beautiful and heartwarming, and it cheers me right up. Especially when I hear Fiesta! Fiesta!, I automatically think this will come right after, and I become so excited. It's a song I want to hear, one I anticipate, and that's incredible. Somehow, this version of Wonderful World has made me look forward to it, even when I'm not going to play it. Haha~

I feel invigorated when I hear it, and I can't help but adore this song. No words can truly express how much this song delights me, and honestly, this is very deserving of the #3 spot it is standing in right now.

(Believe it or not, this was originally, like, #15 XD It went up SOOOOO HIGH!)

Just be yourself by wasuta

For such a long time this year, I was certain that wasuta's Just be yourself would be my #1. It only recently occurred to me that, no, it might not, and that's typically the case. I get ahead of myself, have a song I adore and think 'yeah, it'll be #1!', before looking back and realising that there's another song more worthy. So, once again, I have proven myself wrong, and found Just be yourself sitting at #2, a comfortable position, if ever there was one. Honestly, this is a damn good spot.

Just be yourself is so cute and fun, and I love it. Regardless of my feelings towards wasuta's music switch from unique to generic as fuck, I think that Just be yourself is a beautiful, fun track, one that encompasses all the bright, energetic, happy feelings that cupcake Idol songs should. It's adorable, and it makes me happy, and out of all the songs I've listened to this year, this has to be my most played.

Actually, scratch that. It is the most played. I feel like I've burned a hole into it, with all this back and forth I've been forcing it through. How could I not do that, though? This is such a great, cheerful track, and it makes me so happy whenever I hear it. I love it so much.

From the PV to the full single release, Just be yourself is one of my most adored 2017 tracks. It has brought me a lot of joy and inspiration, and it's been one of so many tracks I turned to throughout the year gone by that never failed to entertain me. It's wonderful, and it means a lot to me, and I'm so happy I was able to hear it this year. Of course, I feel a little guilty, because it's a track that holds so much power over me, yet it's not the #1. Still, it feels right that it should be here.

After all, I do love it, and it's a favourite. But it's not my favourite track of the year. That spot belongs to someone else...

But first: Honorable Mentions!


I have enjoyed so many songs this year. Not as many as last year, of course, but enough to warrant another list for the year gone by! Of course, I have a specific favourite in mind, one that I never anticipated until this list was being crafted.

Before we get to the winner, however, it's time to take a look at those who missed by an inch, and check out the Honorable Mentions for the Final Music Selection of the Year! Who didn't make it, and are they on your list for best Music of the year? Let me know~

Honorable Mentions

Darling by Yes Happy!
BRAND NEW MORNING by Morning Musume '17
Wakain da shi! by Morning Musume '17
Chase Me by Dreamcatcher
Let it flow by Flower Notes
Sayonara by Sakurako Ohara
Hirari by Sakurako Ohara
Abrakatab Luv! by Houkago Princess
Lychee Red no Unmei by Houkago Princess
Sennen Maika by Houkago Princess
Furute LOVE&ROLL by Houkago Princess
Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa by Kobushi Factory
Shuukatsu Sensation by Tsubaki Factory
Waratte by Tsubaki Factory
Saijyoku Paradox by wasuta
Promise The Star by BiSH
Sweet Memory by MACO
Bokura no Seifuku Christmas by =LOVE
Peanut Butter Jelly Love by CountryGirls
Final Squall by ℃-ute
Akashi -soul mate- by Fudanjuku
Live & Try by Takagaki Ayahi
Koisuru Pretty Girl by Ueno Yuuka
Datte Kimi no Kanojo da mon. by Ueno Yuuka
Easter bunny by The Idol formerly known as Ladybaby
STAR-T! by Kasai Tomomi
Hatsukoi Sunrise by Tsubaki Factory
Uruwashi no Camella by Tsubaki Factory
Hana Moyou by Tsubaki Factory

Another hearty list for you to enjoy, but I hope I haven't broken any hearts with these narrow escapes. I know that our music tastes are different, and I appreciate that you all understand I have my own preferences, but I do not want to make you hate me! Seriously, don't kill me for these choices! XD

Anyway, those are my Honorable Mentions, which means that this post will soon come to a close. I hope that you have enjoyed the list thus far, and I hope you have found a few new groups or singers to enjoy before we finish 2017 and start a new page with 2018. Of course, I hope you look forward to all the music that will come from 2018 as well, but for now, let's just appreciate all the sounds the year gone by has brought, and listen to them a little longer.

Okay, spiel over! Now is the time, Reader dears! It's the final hurdle, and we're going to cross it! After ranking the Albums, Singles and Songs of the Year '17, let's jump forward and take a look at the song that made my 2017 worth every moment, and see just who produced the magic that delighted me so!

Is it a group you know, or one you're unaware of? How much will I surprise you this year? It's time read on, press play, and find out...~


★☆ 1 ★☆
If I Become An Adult by BONUSBaby

It's not even J-pop. Have I surprised you, yet?

I swear, even my own #1's surprise me the more I do these things. I mean, when I was making this list, the decision to place BonusBaby at the Tippity Top was a surprise for myself, but after looking at the cover for If I Become An Adult - which I had originally placed at the #3 spot - I realised that, deep down, this was my #1 song. It's the song that defined the happiness I felt in 2017, despite the struggles and strife. Right next to wasuta, If I Become An Adult by BONUSBaby defined the music that I adored all this year, even if I didn't listen to it as much.

I adore this song. I love how happy it makes me. Whenever I think of it, I feel excited. I don't even need to hear it to know that its a song I want to put on, because it's been in my head for so long now. Whenever I think about it, the giddiness wells up, and I want to sing and dance. It just makes me feel incredible whenever I hear it, and I smile when the song plays and loops on my laptop. It's the sort of song that I basically want to hear all the time, even when I'm not in the mood for it, and it makes me want to sing, dance, and everything in-between.

It's such a cute, youthful song, and it makes me happy. It's brought me this much joy, and as I listen to it now, I want to cry because it's so amazing. It might not be the most complex song in the world, or even the best, but for me, it's brightened even the rainiest of days. I want to hear it more and more, and to memorise the lyrics and sing along as much as I can. It's beautiful, and I am so happy that Balma introduced me to this release, otherwise, I wouldn't know it existed.

I can't put into words how much I love If I Become An Adult, but sometimes, I feel like this song expresses the things I desire in sound and performance. It's exciting and upbeat, it's bouncy and full of life, and its cute and carefree. These are things I crave myself, things I try to be, and to see it portrayed in a song that I can relate to in sound is so nice. It makes me feel like I can express these very things, and not be afraid to act in a way that might be unfitting for an adult woman.

If I Become An Adult is my #1. Though I was certain it would be Just be yourself, the true song of the year appeared suddenly, at just the right moment, and I am so happy that I was able to realise how much this song meant to me. It's the best in my eyes, a winner out of hundreds, and the light of my music selections.

This is my #1, and regardless of whether it's J-pop or not, it's made me so freakin' happy! 2017 brought some damn incredible music, but out of all those albums, singles and songs from the Year That's Been, it has to be BONUSBaby who take the prize, and I couldn't be happier with the result!


And there we have it, the Final Music Selection for the year 2017. Hopefully I have listed a few favourites of yours, and if not... Well, there is always next year, right?

Of course, I want to include your favourites, but that can't always be the case. Still, I hope that regardless of who was and wasn't placed, you had fun. Above all, I hope you know which song is your #1 for the year, whether it is J-pop or not. As long as you love it, the music that takes the cake is all that matters, regardless of what other people might say.

Thank you all for reading and following these posts, and thank you for your patience. I hope to see you in the next one, where we look at Music Videos, and find the favourites of the year...~

Until then, everyone. Take care.

Much Love and Music,

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