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[PV Selection] November '17


It's the final Music Video Selection of 2017, which can only mean one thing...

IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!! And Duu's Graduuation month ;^; Let's just cancel that last one, okay? >o>

We're at the end of the years selection posts, which means that now I will dedicate myself to the final reviews of the year! Of course, as with every December since 2012-ish (or 2013, who knows?) I will be writing out Christmas reviews, and my final Year End posts. Of course, this December will also have a dedicated slot to my Graduuation posts. I don't want to do it, because Duu is leaving far too soon... but it must happen. Le sigh.

Anyways, as per the usual, these are the videos chosen from the month gone by! Though my tastes will not match everyone's, please do respect my choices, and also, remember that I am one person, and what I think about a video or what I enjoy about can differ greatly from the thoughts of others. Plus, I may have not seen a lot of the PV's released for the month of November; some could be blocked in my country, or I never found them.

And of course, there is also the fact I might not like a video. It happens, and again, tastes vary. I can't apologise for not enjoying something XD

Finally, if you do want me to watch something - whether I have seen it already or not - please don't hesitate to suggest it to me! It's good to look back, see what you see, and reconfigure my thoughts. I'm not gonna say no to re-watching a video, after all!

And with that all said and done, guess what time it is? It's topress play, relax and enjoy some more Idol videos. Are youready to celebrate the penultimate releases for the year gone by?

Ready, and PLAY!


CHRISTMAS VIDEOS! The Christmas videos are here, and oh my gosh, I am delighted! Even though there weren't that many released, enough came out that I was able to get excited enough about the winter and Christmas season! Yay! Plus, the few that were released are all hella cute, so definitely keep your eye out for them in this post!

Actually, there were some great releases from Idols last month in video! The songs can be a bit meh, but on the whole, the visuals are beautiful. Hopefully you agree, and I pray you find something in here you like!

I'll shut up now. So, without further ado, let's watch some videos! STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!! <3

Bokura no Seifuku Christmas by =LOVE

This is the video that began my Christmas for me... at least, the video that started Christmas '17 for me >o> I am such a sucker for anything Christmas themed, especially a song and video as cute as this one!

Also, I have now found a favourite from =LOVE. Woohoo! :D

Bokura no Seifuku Christmas is a really cute song, one that depicts the charm and joy of a winter romance between a school girl and her crush. As each member of =LOVE knits a scarf with dedication and love, all the while trying their best to hide the gift from their beloved, we see so much cuteness unfold. Plus, we get the added bonus of a cute choreography that includes the use of the scarf, with the members dancing energetically in front of a glittering Christmas tree.

It's pretty, it's sweet, and it feels so warm and fun! I adore this video, from its cute choreography to the way the members use expression. I'd say the only thing that I question, are those weird bauble costumes when each girl is sitting atop a tier of presents. What? What the fuck are they meant to be? Candles? Baubles? Christmas wrapping? Who the heck knows?

Well, whatever, it's a great video, and I now have a favourite from the group. Oh, and of course... IT'S CHRISMTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!! <3

Sweet Memory by MACO

I managed to get a review of this song out before November caved and ran into December, and thank goodness. I really do like this MV, because it's so nice to look at, but also tearful to watch. I'm so glad this was a full-on drama version, and not just a drama video cut to random clips of MACO herself singing. That woulda killed the video's story a bit, I guess.

Sweet Memory is filled with the bittersweet tale of a girl in an unrequited love as she watches her crush from afar. Though the two are actually good friends, it's a love story that echoes some truth for people who may watch this. The lead, a girl in love with another girl, hides her true feelings from the person she is friends live, creating a near but far situation for herself. Of course, her friend loves a boy, and the story only becomes more tangled with each of their feelings when it is revealed that the boyfriend actually covets the heart of his girlfriends best friend.

It's full of heartbreak, anger, tears and unspoken feelings, and yes, I cried. Of course, I like this sort of thing, because I'm human and sad things make me feel even more human.

It's a great video, and totally worth the watch if you like drama, love stories and something a little sad to bring a tear to your eye. Just remember to bring out the tissues, kay?

Happy Merry² X’mas by Flap Girls' School

YOOOO, IT'S ANOTHER CHRIMBO VIDEO! And this one is more about the party and togetherness aspect, which delights me. I love parties, and I love it when cute Idols come together to deliver a cute and friendly atmosphere that is perfectly fitting for the Christmas season!

And damn, there's a tall member in this group! Guess which one's my favourite, now? XD

I actually didn't know what to think about this song at first, but after a few listens, I've come to really enjoy it. In fact, I was singing it quite a bit, so it's rather memorable, I've found. Plus, it's an adorable song, with an equally adorable video! I especially love the parts where their feet clap to the floor in time with the clap in the song. That's some nice timing, there.

The soft lighting paired with the fluffy outfits makes for a very sweet, gentle video, and the cosy setting of the bed and nighttime scene is especially comfortable and fitting. This video has such relaxing settings, and I can't but feel calm whenever I watch it. I guess the song helps, too.

Oh, and they have about four outfits throughout, and I love them all. The only gripe I have is that the red member's wrapping paper is on the wrong side, compared to the others. That fucks up the synchronisation of their costumes, y'all, and it annoys me.

Welp... at least the rest of the video is visually appealing, aye?

Todoite LOVE YOU♡ by =LOVE

Okay, so I'm not exactly crazy about this song, but holy shit, this video is adorable, and LOOK AT THAT GYMNASIUM! It's decorated so cutely, and it feels so vibrant! This is such a freakin' Valentine's song, and I'm in love, aha.

I especially love that one member in particular is quite savvy with her Love You game, and knows what it can do to people. That's both cute, and scary, especially when she sends everyone a-fluster with her 'I love you's' and winks. Man, Chiima of the Winking Wota era woulda loved this chick.

Chiima of the HouPri era loves her too, actually. The fact this chick can do it to even inanimate objects and animals only helps my love for her to grow. Damn.

Oh, and the failure of the rest of the members is damn adorable. They're trying their best, but they really can't compete with the twintails cutie, can they? Of course, my Oshi would floor me straight away, but that's by the by XD

It's adorable, it's perfect for Valentine's, and I am glad to see another member taking the lead in a song for =LOVE. This is hella adorable.

Pop-up Dream by Pyxis

This is cute, a nice little friend-date music video that showcases the closeness of Pyxis as they walk around the shops together and spend time with one another. It's sweet, it's cute, and both girls are freakin' adorable here. I love that they are in winter wear, too.

The interactions between each member - in both the casual scenes and the studio shots - is really sweet, and only cements the idea that both Miku and Moe are actually really close. The way they look at each other is adorable, and it gives me all the feels. I would totally ship these two XD

It's adorable, it's quite a cosy video, and it's fun to watch. I hope the full version has some cute, final scenes that show off more of these girls' relationship with one another. Ah, what a wonderful winter date!

Abracadab Luv! by Houkago Princess

I've already reviewed this video, but it's good to throw it in here, too, because I do enjoy it. After my first watch of Abracadab Luv!, I didn't really know what to think. After some thought, a few more views, and a review to boot, I've come to the conclusion that, yeah, I do like it! It's actually quite a pleasant video, and whilst it doesn't exactly echo the crisp and defined style of Universal Music Japan's editing team, it does still show us something worthwhile. Plus, it showcases the fun editing style and imagination of HouPri's indies team at work! Ah, it's been a while since we saw something from them!

I'm glad that the group went with a new style and theme for their release, whilst also keeping with the idea of Princesses from a story book world. There are some beautiful shots here, a nice colour scheme, and a pretty good location that fits with the idea of Arabian Nights.

Though there is definitely a smaller scale in budget here, the company the group is currently with have definitely tried their hardest to make the video work with the song and the story the girls are retelling, and yeah, it's a damn good effort. Oh, and parts of the structure of the video remind me heavily of Junpaku Antoinette, which isn't a bad thing - it's a pretty, stylish video, so I'm glad that the girls are borrowing from what actually sold pretty well, as well as adding in other little scenes to make it theirs.

It's fun, and it's a nice watch. The colour sceme is especially tantalizing, and I enjoy it greatly. It took a bit, but I guess my love for HouPri won out... of course, I can't deny a good video, even if I disliked the group. I just really like nice videos, at the end of the day XD

Yubikiri Genman by Kaqriyo Terror Architect

Ooooh, this reads a bit like a horror movie, at times. I love the use of black and white, how some scenes have static thrown onto it as a filter, and how some of the scenes are obstructed by bars or screens. I like that, it just makes the video a little bit more eerie and cool, in my mind.

It also makes me feel like a peeping tom, sometimes, especially when we catch two people kissing >o> Oooooh, secrets to be had, eh~

Sadly, this is only a short video, but it's done really well. I love all of the shots, how the seamlessly flow together, how the red tints and black and white, static fueled scenes disrupt the flow a little bit, and I especially love those quick-kiss scenes. It's a little bit sexy and creepy, because I wonder if the girl the guy (is it a guy?) has kissed is dead? I have no freakin' clue, I may need to watch it before.

It's a damn good video, nice and dark, with a wonderful eerie vibe. WATCH EET!

nightmare by Zombie Powder

If you call your group Zombie Powder, I am there! I like Zombie themes (even though I don't watch a lot of zombie themed movies), so when I saw this groups name, I wanted in! Of course, weirdly, they're not channeling their inner zombies, so because of that, I'm a tad bummed. Still, I like their overall look, and hell, THERE'S A GIRL WITH PINK HAIR! I'm in!

There's actually not a lot going on in this video - lack of zombies or viruses, a lack of eating brains - but it's still quite a fun watch. The members seem quite charismatic, and their energy is nice. The flashing lights are also great, delivering a nice, creepy effect, if you hate flashing lights, that is. Their location is great, too; it fits the dark vibe they seem to be going for.

This is a simple video, with a nice atmosphere that fits the tone of the song. I wouldn't go as far to say that this is an amazing video, but its simplicity is nice enough for me. Not a favourite, but definitely not the worst I've seen, either.


I have no clue who these girls are, but if they're music and energy is this good, I wanna follow them from now on! Like, damn, I have been impressed. The smoke and overlaying imagery only makes me wanna adore them more, because they look so freakin' cool.

mThe editing here is really simple - it's mostly smoke and overlays - but damn, isn't it effective? It looks great, and the lighting here is freakin' amazing. I just love how beautifully everything flows, and how dramatic the scenes look as we move from one member to the other, either in a solo shot or watching them dance alone.

This video has a lot going on, despite how simple the editing is. It has some wonderful lighting, beautiful colours, and the smoke only enhances how dramatic and frantic the song itself is. It's freakin' cool, and I will need to keep my eye on SPARK SPEAKER. This is a damn promising group, if ever there was one. Daaaaang!

The Red Shoes by Misako Aoki x merry merli

YO, IT'S FUCKIN' WINTER! What is it with all the eerie videos coming out, this time of the year!? We're in Christmas season, yo! D8<

In all seriousness, though, I'm happy to see creepy videos make their appearance, no matter what the time of the year may be. I especially like when fairy tale videos come out with a creepy vibe, too, and given how this has been titled The Red Shoes, I can only assume that it's based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale of the same name. I mean, it's an iconic, classic tale, after all.

I'm not keen on the song itself - that has been the case for merry merli songs as of late - but the story book aspect and the Gothic look and feel pull me to the video itself. It's freakin' beautiful, plus it's really creepy, too. I guess that's because of the sound, but whatever.

The overall look is something to take a glimpse at, and see for yourself how you feel about it. Personally, I think it looks great. The song, however, is kinda meh.

Men go ~tsu!!~ Ibu wa iroiro aru no desu~ by Boboga!


This is a very energetic, cute Christmas video, one that includes a Devil chasing after members, cute cake, fluffy outfits, presents and sweetness all around. It's damn adorable and charming, and probably the most hyped up Christmas video I've seen so far. Heck, it almost reminds me of MCZ's Santa-san video, but a little tamer, and a lot less headache-inducing.

There is a good deal that goes on in this video, in terms of the members' antics and their cuteness. There are also a few cute effects thrown in there, too, just to add to the overall cuteness of it all. It really does make for a hyperactive, energetic Christmas release, something the fans of Niji no Conquistador and Boboga! will surely eat up.

I'd say the only thing I dislike, is the shitty vocals and the annoying song XD Otherwise, it's a whole lotta fun. I just gotta mute it... and it's already bearable! YAY! :D

=Niji iro =Sunshine by Kirameki☆Anforent

This is a hella simple music video, but I really love everything about it. The dance shot is nicely done, the insert scenes are pretty to look at, and the solo shots are gorgeous, especially when paired with the effects of the insert scenes. I reminds me of Windows Media Player on Windows XP, which was the best kind of media player, if you ask me.

Somehow, this video is filled with nostalgia, even though it shouldn't be XD Still, I love it, and I love how the effects in the insert scenes fit with the music. It gives the song a club feel.

Oh, and those costumes are hella cute, as are the girls. Dark pink member is especially wonderful, with both her serious and sweet expressions. She has really caught my eye and allowed me to notice her, though admittedly, all of the girls are gorgeous. I love that they all look quite invested in the song, too.

It's a cute video. Fairly simple in its execution, but pretty to look at. The only issue? The editing on the lighting is horrible. Up that contrast, bitch!

Tenshi wa doko ni iru? by fairy w!nk

After winning the Janken tournament back in who-knows-when, finally we have fairy w!nk's first music video, and damn, it's adorable. The astronaut outfits, I don't really get, but the fairy costumes I like. I love how the microphones come up, too. That's pretty cute and funny.

The other costumes, however, remind me heavily of Vanilla Beans. Even the way the girls act and move feels quite Vanilla Beans, as does the song, but hey, whatever floats the AKS boat. Surprisingly, it does work for the girls, though I was anticipating something a little more upbeat, cute and girly than this style of song. Instead, we have this... and no, it's not that exciting. In fact, it's quite boring.

The way the video plays out, however, is very cute and fun. I like the use of the mannequin man as their love interest and how both girls are kind of fighting over him, and how he is cheating on them both. Wow, what a dick.

It's a good video, but the song is bland. Gaaargh, what's with these good videos and shit songs!?

Fly High Myway! by Fuchigami Mai


Erm... *ahem* yes, I do indeed like that cage. It's very pretty, and gives me an image of a bird trapped in a cage, wishing to spread its wings so that it can fly away. And yeah, that's exactly what Fuchigami Mai kinda does, because editing is magic. Personally, however, I would have loved to see her break out of that cage on her own.

I love the imagery of her trapped in the cage, though. It's a very pretty cage (as we know), and it's some nice symbolism. I just hope the rest of the video plays out in a way that shows her breaking free, and soaring. Flying. There's not a star in Heaven that she can't reach... >o>

... Yeah, I'm done XD


Now I really want a giant birdcage, decorated in flowers and tinsel, to give it that Christmassy feel. It might be a bit OTT, and it might not fit in my room, but I really don't care. I want one bad, for the sake of aesthetic. And because I am weird as all heck, of course.

Hopefully you yourself found something to enjoy from this post today, too! If not, well... there is always next year! Even when a year ends, there will always be something new from our Idols, and their videos will always enchant us, and improve as they grow. That's the charm and delight of Japanese Idol videos, right? It's the charm of Idols in general, I think!

Hopefully I will see you all in the next year with more Music Video choices, and a few more Idols to look out for! Thank you very much for being with me for another year, and for following Idols and their videos with such dedication and happiness! Now, let's look forward to what 2018 delivers!

Until 2018, everyone! Look after yourselves, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and of course, LOVE THY IDOLS!!!

Bon chance et doux voeux!

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