Sunday, 31 December 2017

Images From '17: The PV Awards Of The Year

2017 is ending, and 2018 is on its way, but before the year wraps up and leaves us to start anew, it's time to take another look back at just a few of the PV's that made our year of Idols wonderful, and just a tad disappointing.

It's my favourite post of the Year End series, and it's all about the things I pretend to know about best. We're heading into the PV Awards of the year, people, and we're gonna see which ones made it. ARE YA READY, READERS?

SURPRISE! There's a bunch of H!P in here, and boy oh boy, I hate myself for it. Not because I think my taste in videos is lacking (dude, I'm actually confident in that area. I pride myself on liking good videos), but because there seems to be a lack of diversity here, at least to me. Still, it is what it is - H!P released some solid music videos in the Year gone by, ones that I have thoroughly enjoyed and remembered since they made their debut.

At least there's that positive to come out of H!P for this year, amongst all the fuck-ups and whatnot. They had to get one thing right, at least.

Anyways, with this post, I'm going to do my usual course of action, and rank the PV's based on random titles. I really see no point in doing a Top 10~20 of videos, because I like so many of them throughout the year, and I can never place them in a numbered order. Plus, I like doing the titles.

Of course I have a definitive favourite that stood out more than the others, even a nope or two from 2017, and they will be rewarded accordingly, just as I did last year. For the rest, though, I have grouped them into categories, based on various factors. Some categories will have more than others, and a few will have less, but that's how it is. Depending on the category, I can be stupidly picky.

As with music and most things, all videos included in this Ranking of sorts are the videos that, throughout the year, I have remembered the most. They are the ones that I recall out of all that I have seen, and the ones that are so impressive, I just had to include them. Of course, I won't list every video I have seen; that would take ages, and I don't have the time, and obviously, I won't include all your personal favourites.

As one blogger, and this being my blog, all videos included are subject to my own, acquired tastes. You may not agree with me on any of these listings, but I do hope that you respect what I have chosen to put in this list. I am catering to my own love for videos, though catering to your love for videos is an added bonus.

This is it, Reader dears. The PV Awards of the year 2017, in full. Which videos stuck out to me, and which ones are left in the dusty depths of the Honorable Mentions? Just who ranks the highest of them all, and who has hit rock bottom?

Plug in your earphones, grab a drink and get your viewing eyes switched on. These are the Images of '17, and it's time to press play...~

Will your group reign supreme in this unofficial ranking? Read on, find out, and enjoy~

The Best In Motion

The title explains exactly what I am looking for in this category: Music Videos that include a lot of movement, regardless of how swift or elegant the motion itself is. In camera work especially, I love seeing energetic and beautiful sweeps, fast motions and dedication to making the product look unique and entertaining.

Motion is the key here, and for 2017, I was very fortunate in finding some great videos that brought about my inner cameraphile...~

Hatsukoi Sunrise by Tsubaki Factory

I almost forgot that Hatsukoi Sunrise was released this year, because it's been so long since I last watched the MV. But, damn, now that I've been reminded it exists, I had to include it in this list. The sharp cuts in editing, the way the camera moves, the fast pace and the use of motion is just beautiful. Watching it all over again, I remember how impressed I was with Hatsukoi Sunrise upon first view. I still am, because damn, this music video is a lot of fun.

In other aspects, I don't think that it's that impressive, but it certainly kicked the year off in a positive way. This is one of H!P's more impressive uses of camera work, showing off their dedication and stylistic choices well. For all their faults, this company knows how to make a PV look good. It's so damn good, and it just makes me want to watch a making off.

Kono sekai no Sayonara shite by Tenkou Shoujo Kagekidan

I freakin' love this music video, and it annoys me that someone online somewhere said the production quality looks low. How in the fuck is it low? This is amazing, and it's gorgeous, and regardless of the money spent on it, the final product itself is absolutely stunning. I really can't get over just how pretty this whole music video is, and it's all thanks to the motion of the camera and the way the hair moves in slow motions.

You don't need big $$$ to make a video look unique or pretty, and thanks to all the movement in this video, it feels like there is a lot more going on than there actually is. I just love how the scenes rotate, how we are the right way up one moment, upside down the next, and to the side a second later. It's so fun, and it feels unique. I especially love that it updates the typical solo shot, which is usually very static, and not much else.

It's an interesting video, and one I remembered really clearly when starting this list. I wanted it here from the get-go, and still love it to this day. It's glorious, and filmed beautifully. 10/10, would watch over and over again.

The Gorgeous Aesthetics

The idea of aestheticism is so broad, I feel like it could mean anything. Editing, location, style choices, costumes... anything, so long as it appeals to the viewer. For me, aestheticism is typically in regards to the location, but the editing style can influence me, too. I do like style choices such as chromatic or fashion looks, too.

Basically, I like everything, but location is the big one for me, in general. (Darkness and grunge, too!)

In short: I like it when it's PRETTEH!

Morning Misoshiru by Morning Musume '17

I have already reviewed this PV, but damn, I love it. With its natural setting, beautiful colours and warm feeling, the music video for Morning Misoshiru is one of my favourites from MoMusu '17 this year. I can't really find anything to dislike about it, and it's thanks to how beautiful and well done it is.

Morning Misoshiru has a crisp, clean feeling that is very refreshing for H!P videos. Though the company is definitely talented in the Music Video area, I feel like Morning Misoshiru is a whole other level that we have never encountered from Up=Front. The level of quality this video has is very close to what AKS produces, delivering something that feels so real and genuine instead of generic and forced.

From the colours to the setting, the way the members interact and more, Morning Misoshiru is delightful to watch. It's easy-going and fun, and it makes me so happy whenever I see it. The location is damn gorgeous, too, but as an overall product, it's quite perfect. I can't believe that H!P produced something this glorious.

#SukiNanda by AKB48

As I mentioned AKS, it only seems right to include a PV from their collection this year, and damn, #SukiNanda has to be the prettiest PV I have seen from AKB in a long while. Not to say they don't have pretty PV's (they do), but not all of them are that impressive as of late. This one, however, is gorgeous, and ever since I first watched it, I've remembered it.

It still stuns me every time I re-watch it, because #SukiNanda is super pretty. It's like its on a whole other level, actually.

From the sweeping air shots to the beautiful landscape, #SukiNanda looks amazing, and it feels expensive, whilst still maintaining some form of reality through the various activities that the members do on their journeys. It's nice to see that they're being tourists, because it allows the fans to experience things that they might not have known about before the video came out.

This PV is incredible to look at, and it makes me want to travel. It's beautiful, and it's memorable. I'm still impressed by it, and I doubt that positive impression I have will fade any time soon.

Sore demo Aruiteru by Hiragana Keyakizaka46

I really don't like the song for this, but damn, this video is gorgeous. Opening with a black and white setting, slowly but surely, the members of Hiragana Keyakizaka46 are introduced to a world of colour and brightness through the magic of a mirror that shows a land of what could be.

This is a more recent discovery, one I stumbled upon in a twitter feed, and whilst I've not watched the video a lot, the impression it had on me was big. I just love how vivid everything becomes, and how despite being in a black and white world, the members of Keyakizaka46 are still having fun and living a joyful life. It's just that, when colour finally makes its way into the world, they see things they never knew existed before. That's really nice.

I feel like, for such a pretty video, a better song could have been chosen. The dull vibe doesn't fit the videos tone at all, but we're not here for the song, are we?

It's a gorgeous video, and fully deserving of being a part of this list. It#s so pretty, with a hint of melancholy in the end as the world of colour becomes black and white once more. It's beautiful, though, and damn, I think I should be paying more attention to this group.

From The Shadows

Basically, dark-ish PV's. Whether it's in tone or in colour, if the PV looks dark enough that it ignites my inner love for all things dark and enticing, then it'll appear here. I don't have a lot to display, sad to say, but the two that appear are ones I look back on with some sort of fondness.

They delight me, and they're incredible, at least to me. Hopefully, you think they're good, too. Watch on~



Okay, so this one is a tad controversial, given its message and overall tone. I mean, GiANT KiLLERS is fucking dark, and it unnerves me a lot, but damn, I love this video. It's such a change of pace from last years releases, showing off that controversial side to BiSH I have been waiting for.

In terms of cinematography, GiANT KiLLERS looks just like an action or horror film, with its beautiful lighting, use of shadows and the way everything is shot. It's fast and dramatic, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what happens next. It's glorious, and I just love how it all plays out as the members of BiSH seek revenge for the abuse they've been through from a man who claims to 'love' them.

It's a sick, twisted video, but it's amazing. I love it so much, however, I understand why some wouldn't like it. GiANT KiLLERS is a lot to handle, and I know that for some, it is more harmful than it is enjoyable. So, yeah. Viewer discretion: ADVISED.

Sayonara Duarena by Houkago Princess

Though it might not be as extravagant as Lychee Red no Unmei, I feel like Sayonara Duarena was rather pleasing to look at. The monochromatic look and the cold tone of the choreography and additional scenes really appealed to me as a viewer, though let's be honest: this is such a winter PV. Why it was released in the summer, I do not know.

It's not the darkest video out there, by any means, but I just love how Sayonara Duarena looks overall. It moves flawlessly, fluid and elegant like a ballerina, actually, with some lovely, crisp editing that feels so natural no matter where the scene switches to. It's bloody gorgeous.

This sort of tone isn't the usual atmosphere that HouPri go for, but when they get to do a cool, mature song that's a little bit bolder, they do it very well, as displayed here. It's nice to see them tackle such a melancholy tale, and I think that this video portrays the idea of 'Swan Lake' quite well. Sure, I wish there was an actual lake there, but it's a modern rendition. What can ya do?

It's dark enough, and it's pretty, though I might be the only one it actually appeals to.

The Fun, The Hilarity, The Entertainment

These are the PV's that I had such a fun time watching. I have a great time watching all these videos, but damn, these are the ones that just entertained me to a point where I thought I needed to watch it again and again, just to be entertained and delighted once more.

Some are a little more hilarious than others, but in general, all of these are the videos I found to be really fun and energetic, ones that made me chuckle or squee in joy. Whatever category they fall under, I love them all.

Okay, it's time to have some fun! Let's PLAY!


Oh, lordeh, I love this video. I had to put it down under my favourite PV's of the year, because it's one of those that just stood out from the moment I saw it. I've been such an obsessed fan of it, and whenever I hear this song, I have to watch the video alongside it, because it's so entertaining. Plus, it fills the need to watch drama's, given it's like a little drama itself.

SHAMROCK is entertaining because the members are such a joy to watch. They're flirtatious, cheeky and cute, and the playful nature they all have towards the main girl is so damn charming and sweet. I love that they're all supportive of her choice in being their friend instead of any one of their girlfriends, and that they also all support each other. I love that they also make their feelings open and honest, and that there are no pretenses. Why can't people be like this, aye? Why?

I adore this video because it's a blast to watch, and also because it caters to my love for romance and decent story lines. Plus, the song is amazing, and it only enhances the fun factor of this video.

Good grief, I am a sucker for SHAMROCK.

Ho wo Agero! by BOYS AND MEN

Here's another one I'm a sucker for, and for so many reasons. Firstly, this is hella fun, and secondly, it makes me laugh so much. Thirdly, this is AMAZING! And aren't they all just so lovable? I love them all, and they're such dorks, so of course I'm pleased. How did I not know of them before now?

Ho wo Agero! is so upbeat and adorkable, and every moment I spend watching it, I fall in love with it even more. The expressions, the set, the costumes and the way they interact is incredible, and it's such a hilarious video. I laugh so much whenever I watch it, no matter how many times I've already watched it. The damn giant, cardboard fish will always receive an appreciative chuckle, and the damn flying brooms. And the shoop shoops. How could I ever forget the fuckin' SHOOP SHOOPS?

This video is so fun, and so hilarious. BOYS AND MEN are such good performers, and they know how to entertain their audience. How could I not include this video?

2017 would not be complete without Ho wo Agero!, because this is the video that introduced to me to such an amazing group, and it's the song that has delighted me for a good part of the year. It's everything I could ever ask for, and more. I. Love. It.

Eee ja nai ka, Ninja nai ka by Kobushi Factory

I feel like I am one of very few who actively like this PV, but whatever. I may be confident in my PV tastes, but that doesn't mean my tastes are actually good. Still, I love how this PV plays out, and I love that even the movie clips work in line with the rest of the music video, because it's all kooky and surreal, and a hell of a lot of fun. Plus, it's colourful, and the video makes me laugh. It's just so warpy and weird.

The video also works with the energy of the song, and I think that is a huge part in why I enjoy the video so much. The energy and fun matches the colour, style and vibe of the entire video, and I can't help but feel excited by it all. Even the editing, though it may feel tacky at points, is still entertaining to see, and I can't help but laugh at the way the members interact with the set. It's just so silly, and oh-so fun and dorky.

It's super entertaining, and it's a video I knew from the get-go would appear on this list. It had to, because I really do love it (regardless of everyone else's views, lol).

Shuukatsu Sensation by Tsubaki Factory

Well, this one shouldn't be a surprise, at least, because everyone freakin' loves this song and video. Well, me too, because Shuukatsu Sensation is hilarious, in the most unique way possible. With its serious attire, neutral look and workforce vibe, this is the least likely video to be funny or entertaining, but it is. Somehow, H!P made a video that looks bland on the outside, but is actually a whole lot of fun and energetic on the inside.

The choreography is possible the most hilarious aspect about this entire the video, as well as the ever-serious expressions the members wear. I just can't help but laugh when I see such serious girls dancing in such a fluid, energetic and even weird way. The choreography is just so silly, but it's bloody entertaining.

Shuukatsu Sensation is great, and so deserving of being one of my favourite videos of the year. It's given me some good times, and I still chuckle when I see it. Not as much as Ho wo Agero!, but the laughter is there. How could such a boring looking premise, bring such entertainment and joy? Who bloody knows, but whatever, H!P are clearly geniuses.

Darling by Yes Happy!

This one could easily go into the up-coming category, 'The Cute Factor', however I have such fun with this video that I thought it'd be better in the 'Hilarity / Entertaining' section. After all, it does make me laugh, and I just love everything about it. It's such a wonderful video.

Though it's a pretty simple story line and setting - a generic one, at that - Yes Happy! make the video work, and turn it into something so much more fun and energetic than I'd have ever anticipated. The fact that the singers themselves can mess around with the soon-to-be couple, yet the couple can't see them despite knowing stuff is happening around them, is a really fun approach. And then the members also act as background characters to aid the couple along.

And then there's the freakin' dance, and how the guy finally charms the girl that likes him by dancing to the song that's playing in the MV. Holy shit, that's hilarious, cute and suave all at the same time. I just love that this couple comes together through a song, and that the members of Yes Happy! are going to do it all over again with the girl who is watching the video at the end.

This is great. It's so funny, and it's so entertaining. I love the approach to a generic setting and story line, and how Yes Happy! have completely revamped it and made it their own. Well freakin' done.

The Cute Factor

It's just what it says: CUTE! The videos that I watched this year and adored, because of how adorable, bright and peppy they were! Though aesthetic and even motion come into play here, it's mostly about how sweet and pretty the entire product is.

And yes you may see pastels. That just goes with the cute territory.

If I Become An Adult by BONUSbaby

Y'all better not be surprised, because I loved this video. Scratch that, I LOVE THIS VIDEO. It's so fun, it's so cute, and it tickles my tastebuds with all the sugar and sweetness it holds. I just love this adorable, fun video, and I look back on it fondly when I think about the videos of 2017 that made my year.

This is a bright, energetic video that is just so freakin' cute, I can't help but adore it. It appeals to my Idol-infested blood, filling a void of cuteness that quite a few of my beloved J-pop groups lack these days. I guess that Japanese feel to the video is what attracts me to it, for sure, but I also love how sharp and fluid the choreography is, as well as adore the cuteness of the members themselves. They feel so youthful and bright, awww!

If I Become An Adult is adorable, and I am so happy I was introduced to the group this year. They've brought me so much joy, and this video truly brightens my day. 10/10, would dance to this if I could.

Saijyoku Paradox by wasuta

In terms of cuteness and pastel, I don't think this list would be complete without some wasuta goodness, and damn, Saijyoku Paradox is adorable to the max. Plus, it caters to my recent love for corrupted graphics. That's always a fun look.

From the pastel colours to the way the images are displayed on-screen, this video is adorable to the max, and has some wonderful editing that just makes me so happy when I see them. The atmosphere is bright and bubbly, too, and the setting seems so soft thanks to the clouds that sit behind the girls. It's just so playful, and thanks to the still scenes, it feels a bit like a game, too. I suppose the music helps in that aspect, as well.

It's bright and energetic, and it caters to my love for cuteness and fun. This is an adorable video, one of the cutest I've seen this year, and one of the most memorable. It's a damn good MV, and once again, wasuta impress me. Will they ever do wrong, when it comes to their videos? I doubt it.

The Ones That Bring Tears

And now we are in the 'sentimental' and 'emotional' portion of the list. Here lie the PV's that made my heart ache, and the ones that made me cry the first time I watched them. Of course, these are videos I regarded highly from the get-go and remember fondly as the year has passed. There aren't that many, but these are the ones that struck a chord with me, and I know that at least one of them is probably a favourite of yours, too. Or at least, I hope it is.

Okay, grab a box of tissues. This might get emotional.

Tomodachi Gokko by Ueno Yuuka

I sent this video to a friend after viewing it for the first time, and when I did, she told me 'How dare you'. It's such a melancholy video, one that portrays the fragile bonds of love and friendship, and the heartbreak of a girl who just wants to do the right thing and be a good friend. Though the message within is a little complicated - I don't agree with it entirely, the friend hating Yuuka because the guy friendy likes is actually besotted by Yuuka - I still feel like the video is pretty emotional, and speaks for a lot of relationships between friends.

The ending is especially nice, when the friend finally realises her mistakes and comes back to Yuuka asking for forgiveness. It's such a heart-wrenching moment, to see both girls crying as they make amends. It's even more heart-wrenching when, at the end, you realise all the things that future Yuuka has done for her past self, leads to a future without the male friend in their group. That in itself is sad, whilst still showing the dedication the friends have towards each other.

I'd actually love to see a sequel PV to this, but I know it won't happen. Still, it's a gorgeous PV, one that is heartbreaking at points, and I love it. It makes me want to cry, but yes, I love it.

Sweet Memory by MACO

This one shouldn't be a surprise, because it's Sweet Memory, and we all know I like this MV. It's such a melancholy, dramatic video, one that portrays the hidden feelings of one girl for her friend, and the betrayal that the friend feels when her own boyfriend kisses the best friend.

There are so many feelings here, and there is a lot of unhappiness, too. You can truly feel the struggle of the leading girl as she watches the person she loves pursue a relationship, all the while she hides her true self because she wants to be accepted, and to see her friend live a happy life. It's complicated, it's deep, and it's very thought-provoking.

Sweet Memory is beautifully filmed, and even though it is only four minutes long, it feels whole. You get a full story here, filled with conflict and unresolved matters, but it hurts in the end, because the friendship between the two girls is never repaired. Unlike Tomodachi Gokko, we have no resolve. Just a girl who holds regrets and couldn't tell the person she loved that she truly did love them.

It's a beautiful video, but at a cost. I love what it tells, and how real it feels, because for a lot of people, revealing your true feelings to a friend of the same gender is not easy. Hiding your true self is difficult for so many people, and I feel like this video portrays this struggle well.

Sweet Memory is anything but sweet, and it breaks my heart whenever I see it. But, for all it shows, and for how tragically beautiful it is, I love this video and its story line.

Wakain da shi! by Morning Musume '17

A lot of people adore this video, and a lot of people have cried after watching Wakain da shi!. I mean, given how gorgeous it looks, I'd cry. Up-Front finally let MoMusu out of the studio! Hurrah!

Okay, okay, joking aside, this is sad for other reasons. Firstly, it's Duu's last single release, and secondly, this is Duu's graduation PV. Of course it would be a little sentimental, and throughout, you can see that this PV was made specifically for Duu and no one else. It's all about her, and the smallest moments to the biggest all revolve around her, and it's so wonderful to see just how much the members, the staff and those around Duu cared for her.

You can really feel the love in this video, even in the choreography scenes. I didn't think that H!P could literally revolve a whole song, dance and video around one member, but they did, and the end result is amazing.

I don't actually cry after watching this video any more, but I still feel at a loss whenever I watch it, because it's so well done and the feelings are so apparent. Whether Duu is crying or performing the dance, I feel sad seeing her with that smile on her face, the knowledge that this is her last full release there in my mind. It's heartbreaking to see the members run towards Duu down a path she is taking alone, and to see the other members standing on the sidelines, waving as she leaves them behind.

The small things make this PV what it is, and the more I watch it, the more I see. It's a beautiful, bright PV, but it's overwhelming in how sad it feels. I love it, but every time I watch it, my heart breaks a little more.

I'm going to miss Duu so much, you guys ):

The Disappointment

I really don't to explain what that means, because yeah, here's the disappointing PV of the year. Not the worst - no way, that goes elsewhere - but it left enough of a distasteful impression on me that I just had to include it, which is a shame because, well, the PV would actually be good, if it weren't for certain factors.

Yeah. Let's talk about it. Urgh.


Fiesta! Fiesta! by Juice=Juice

There was so much love and anticipation for Fiesta! Fiesta! that, when the PV was released, so many of us were at a loss for words. Not because it was good, but because it was such a huge failure. I mean, I understand what was trying to be done, here - H!P wanted to promote the members' overseas trip to Mexico, pay a little homage to the performance they did and show that they (the members) enjoyed their time abroad.

But by making such a garish video, the overall effect became tacky and cheap, which is a damn shame, because if it wasn't for the horrible font or the gaudy colours and atrocious effects, then this PV would be fucking amazing. Keep the live performance clips, keep the outdoor and desert shots. Just take the shit away that we don't want.

For a song as cool as this, the video really doesn't hold up, not with the cartoon fonts and bright colours. It ruins the maturity of the song, and only cheapens every other aspect of the video.

Oh, and those sexy parts? They're terrible, to a point where they're a little bit hilarious, but still horrible to look at. They aren't the worst part of the video, though. It's everything else I've already said, and sadly, it made this release on giant disappointment for the fans who waited for it patiently. URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

A Disaster From '17:
Worst PV Of The Year

Yeah, I don't need to explain myself. Roll on, the piece of shit that 2017 gave us all.

Inoue no Uta by Inoue Rei and Inoue Hikaru
You'd think that, after such an amazing year in videos, H!P would have saved us the embarassment of this. Well, they didn't, because despite all the good their videos delivered, they still had to subject us to the adobe flash horror that is Inoue no Uta.

Which is a shame because, Lord, this is actually a good song. I really like it. Such a shame the video was the product of laziness.

It's horrible, it's cheap, and once again, it's lazy. This isn't H!P trying, this is them filming in the space of 15 minutes, chopping together a hack-job edit in an hour, and quickly rendering it all together so they could upload it in 5 minutes. The fact they dared to render this in 1080p is a bloody crime.

I can't look at it. I want to cry from how shit it is, and how stupid H!P are for crafting such a monstrosity.

(Still, I do thank this video for blessing me with the Gif of all gifs, that I will never tire of).


The Image Of '17:
Video Of the Year

Okay. This is it. It's time to finally talk about the music video that topped my 2017 list of videos. After viewing so many, after experiencing various styles and themes, it's come down to this. Just who has won it, and how did it achieve the Top Title for 2017?

So many things can factor into what makes a video my favourite, but this year, the video that has stood out to me is one I remember from early on in the year, an MV that was introduced to me by a friend. I fell in love with it immediately, and since then, no other video could compare in style, editing or movement. It's gorgeous, it's pleasing, and it embodies so many aspects that allow me to love videos by our darling Idols, in general.

This is The Image Of '17, dearest Readers. Are you ready to finally take a look at my Video of the Year, and see if it's by your favourite group, or if it's your favourite video, too?

Read on, and find out~

Chase Me by Dreamcatcher

Chase Me embodies everything I want in a PV. It is aesthetically pleasing, it's dark and enticing, the theme is fun yet eerie, and it has delicious amounts of motion that fit with the style of the video. The lighting and shadows are also glorious, and whoever edited this is amazing. The whole video looks like an oil painting, casting an even spookier vibe that I didn't anticipate when I first watched the video. It's beautiful, in a creepy, dark way.

My friend Angel is probably rolling around with delight right this moment, because she's the reason I know this video exists. After all, she did ask me to watch it.

I just can't get over how incredible Chase Me is, from the editing to the performance, to the horror feel it provides. It feels just like The Shining at times, and I love that it gives me those kinds of vibes, because that is a glorious film, and this is a glorious MV, one that captures the true horror of ghosts and delusions well. It leaves you questioning the male protagonists mental state as he looks for answers, and makes you wonder whether the ghosts are real, or if it is all a figment of his imagination. I'm always unsure with this video, but I love that it makes me think.

It's not J-pop, but neither was my #1 song of the year. However, I can't deny perfection, and from the day I first watched Chase Me, it inspired me and made me want to write, and it made me crave more videos like this. Every moment is worth watching, and it is worth your view. Chase Me is incredible, and I thank Angel every moment I see this for introducing me to such an amazing, top-quality music video.

From the moment I first saw Chase Me, I knew that it would be hard to top. So many videos have been watched already this year, but very few could even come close to just how perfect Chase Me is. How can I compare other videos to this beautiful product, and how could any of them even measure up to how gorgeous, entertaining and brilliant it is?

10/10, it's amazing, and you should all watch it. Again.

... Well, one got really close. Because this year, I have a tie. Are you ready to watch my second Video Of The Year, dearest Readers?

I wonder what it will be?

Kyoukai no Pendulum by Momoiro Clover Z

Surprise! Not one, but two videos for the year 2017, and they're both out of my comfort zone. Gosh darnit, even I'm amazed that this has happened, because I don't usually watch either K-pop or Momoiro Clover Z, and yet here we are. My Top two favourites are the least likely candidates. Who woulda thunk it?

Actually, I wasn't going to place Kyoukai no Pendulum here, because it was originally under 'The Best In Motion', but after some thought, I realised that, aside from Chase Me, I really did love Kyoukai no Pendulum and thought super highly of it. Plus, it fits a lot of the same themes that Chase Me does. It's use of motion is incredible and gorgeous, the atmosphere is dark and grungy, the aesthetics are beautiful, and it's so entertaining and fun to watch. I swear, every time I put it on I anticipate what will happen, even when I know what's going on.

Kyoukai no Pendulum is an incredible video, and such high quality. Though I expect great videos from MCZ, anyway, I never expect anything as mature or cool as this. It's such a wonderful video, and from the first time I watched it, I was impressed by the cold, dark tone and how it enticed me to watch more of it. The song, too, is incredible, fitting the style of the video perfectly.

I really can't believe that MCZ made something this amazing. It's  so exciting, and it feels like the members are raring to fight and prove their worth. Kyoukai no Pendulum is so epic, and I am so glad I was asked to take a look at this single, because if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have seen this video again, or paid as much attention to it.

The detail, the setting, the look and the tone are incredible, and I love Kyokai no Pendulum. And amazing video from an amazing group, one who I should probably pay more attention to. This deserves to be one of my two Videos Of The Year, and it is worth the watch, over and over again.

10/10, I recommend multiple views.


And that's all, folks!

Wow, what a year. There have been ups and downs, but here, I want to remember a majority of the positives. Hopefully, I was able to list a few of those positives in this list, and if not... Well, there is always next year, yes?

Anyway, this was a lot of fun, and I'm glad that this is my last post of the year. Though I've not finished my Year End series just yet, the next few posts will need to wait until 2018 to be written and released, because of time and how much it lacks in my universe. Still, if I were to leave 2017 with one post, it has to be this one. Thank goodness I finished in time, aye?

Thank you all for being with me once again in 2017, and thank you for reading these posts. I am glad that I can share so many things with you, and I am glad that you can share things with me, too. Hopefully I will see you in 2018, and I hope even more for some incredible releases from out beloved Idols, in J-pop, K-pop and beyond.

It's been a decent year, even with the sadness that has crossed our paths. Hopefully, the next one will be even brighter.

And before we go, a few more videos to tide you over. I didn't forget these, don't worry.

Honorable Mentions

(In regards to this one, if I had seen it before the year's end, it would have actually placed. Gosh darnit, Chiima!)

Thank you all, once again. Happy New Year, dear Readers. Please take care of yourselves, and look forward to everything your Idols bring!

Adieu, 2017! I'll see you in my memories.

Much Love and Cheer,

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