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Idols of Advent: This Love Filled Christmas Eve - =LOVE's 'Bokura no Seifuku Christmas' (MV Review)

All around the world, the theme of Christmas Eve can differ. Some celebrate the night before Christmas as you would Christmas Day, whilst some treat it as a celebration of love. In Japan especially, the day is similar to that of Valentine's, where lovers unite to show off their love as they walk beneath the Christmas lights. The magic of the season brings out the true feelings of young and old alike, and beneath the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree, even more love can blossom...

'Tis the season to be loved, dear Readers, and tonight in our final review for the Idols of Advent, let's celebrate with yet another pic spam, and love all that our Idols deliver from the past, the present, and the near future. Are you ready to wave your Christmas Eve away with a beautiful song by your darling Idols?

The first music video for Christmas 2017 that I saw was Bokura no Seifuku Christmas by =LOVE, and from the moment I saw it, I knew that this would be my Christmas Eve finale. Though I haven't done as many reviews as I would have liked, from the get-go, I knew that I would have =LOVE on my list, because it's just so cheerful and cute, and the epitome of a Japanese Christmas!

Plus, I just love the visuals, and the girls. And =LOVE. I like everything about it, basically.

There are a great deal many videos based around this time of the year, of course, but for Winter / Christmas '17, Bokura no Seifuku Christmas has to be my #1 song and video for the season! With its upbeat nature, cute sound and lovey vibe, I have become endeared to the second single by this wonderful seiyuu group, and it has truly lifted my spirits and prepared me for Christmas day.

So, finally, let's get this review on a roll and finish Idols of Advent for 2017! Even if it was a small series, I hope that the Christmas spirit has shown, and that we can celebrate Christmas Day with some wonderful Idol songs, and some beautiful videos!

Grab your konbini cake, buy yourself a bucket of KFC chicken, and trail the streets beneath the lights with your loved one(s). It's time to celebrate Christmas Eve the romantic way, and confess your love to that special someone...

Have A Merry, Love-filled Christmas!

=LOVE presents: Running. In the most unflattering slow-mo I have ever seen.

... And more running.

Okay, can we cut to the music, yet? I give little to no fucks about this girls internal struggle for Senpai to notice her at this point.

FINALLY! The title card has appeared! Now can we cut to the music? K, thanks. Bye.

I hope the dude hasn't kept you waiting for too long, girl. If I had to freeze my tiny toes off for a guy, Id' be pissed.

YO, that's hella pretty. I wish our towns would go all-out like this for Christmas.

Of course, they don't. Cheap-skates.

Why does it look like Hitomi's been crying? Did Senpai #1 break up with her?

What in Baby Jesus' name are they wearing? o-O

Th-They look like glorified baubles o-O

This is really cute, though. I love that Christmas and couples vibe the video's got going on.

Is she rubbing her hands from all the cold, or praying to Santa-san for center position next single? I think it's the latter, personally.


She is my bae. This girls my fave <3

And whatever her name is, I like her second third. She's adorable.

I love the present tower. I really do. It reminds me of something AKB did one time.

The costumes, however, need burning. At least the gold parts.

This looks so freakin' fun, I love this choreography!

I need to learn this dance, STAT! It's so freakin' cute.

Right, quick! Throw in all those filler members we hired to make the group seem bigger!

Welp. Someone looks pissed off that she had to wait outside for her other half to turn up.

That's adorable, she's so focused on the lights. Screw Senpai #10 turning up, let's just stare at the pretty, twinkly lights!

I love the solo shots with the blue backdrop, they are so freakin' pretty, and flattering.

The night time scenes, they are not. Not for Hitomi, at least.

YOOOO, that guy behind her looks kinda old, despite the blurring. That ain't no senpai, he's a sensei! D8<

Welp, he picked up your ball of wool. INSTA-LOVE, BITCH!

One of these girls has giant ears, yet I don't insta-fave her. Damn, my tastes have changed ;;

I love these 'drama' shots, of course. So crisp and clean, bright and natural. Damn.

Holy guacamole, this girl is gorgeous! If I wasn't aware that this is =LOVE, I'd suspect her of being a Nogizaka46 member.

I mean, just look at her!

So lovely. So pure...

I feel refreshed upon seeing her face, oh my gosh ;A;


Nagisa is pure adorbs, of course, she's such a cutie pie.

Oh look, they threw the bland bunch at us all in one! They're still cute, though.

The last one is the most adorable, though, I like her, despite the soulless eyes.

Hitomi: "Ahhh, gotta make sure this one says 'To Senpai #3, not Senpai #2...."

We gotta check the tags, guys, otherwise it could go to wrong boyfriend >o>

Look at how pretty Hitomi looks here! Still, she's a tad bland, why is she center, again?

Oh gosh, that's a cute scrunchy face! Evil, but cute.

I can see why she's a center now.

Hitomi: "Ah, I hope Senpai #2 likes his present~"

Is it a scarf? Everyone likes scarves.

Look at all those guys checking Nagisa out. Damn, she's popular~

Senpai #4?

When did this review turn into the Mambo No. 5? >o>

It's fairly subtle, but I love how the edges of the frame are blurred to let the viewers know that at this point in the MV, we're the senpai looking into the eyes of the girl we like.


Don't look at him, look at me!!!! D8<

Oh dang, this is cute, and look! It's my refreshing #2!

... I must learn her name. Is it Emiri?

Oh, YES, THEY INCORPORATED THE SCARVES! That makes the video so much cuter, in my mind.

This is hella adorable, and even I can't deny how lovely Hitomi is in this, even if she seems like she can't smile naturally to save her life.

How have we been so lucky to be graced by Iori? How is she so perfect?

I really can't get over her beauty.

Add in a lil' bit of cuteness, and our sugar levels will spike.

... Yup. I make 0 sense.

That wink is everything, and so is this choreography.

I just love that they're able to include their scarves and make it so relevant to the drama part of the video. That's incredible.

Okay, so those costumes may be hella ugly, but I love the little hand choreography they do.

Para-Para, girls. PARA-PARA!



Okay, so, if you're knitting a scarf for senpai... Why are you doing it near senpai? That's kinda dumb, especially if you want it to be a surprise.

This is my favourite scene, aside from everything Iori, that is. It's too funny XD

Senpai #4 = REJECTED!

=Rejection is the groups new name, guys.

Too perfect. She is far too perfect for us mere mortals.

I don't know who she is, but she's actually quite adorable, too.

This is a cute scene, but two of them are looking at one of the other members, so I am getting a few "We prefer you~" vibes, here.

She reminds me of Matsui Rena. Blank eyes, soulless look, cute and quite appealing, a little less smiley than others. Nice and reserved, quiet but adorable. I like her.

Now, who is she?

Iori, you're adorable. I love you.

Those reactions are just priceless XD I love that she just casually takes the scarf off her shoulder, like...

Iori: "Yeeeeeah, this isn't for you..."

How can anyone not like her? HOW!? She is amazing! And she can sing!

Look at her.





This is a nice little sequence, I like that they;re spying on one another making their scarves. In public.

WHY!? Do it at home, out of school time. School is stressful enough, already, don't make it worse.

Those costumes could be cute, if it weren't for the faux gold tack added onto the pretty white clothes.

Why does it look like a tiny Octopus has attached itself to their heads, and is sucking their brains out?

Welp, that explains the soulless look to their eyes. They're all dead inside via Octopus.

I just love how excited some of them seem at the prospect of meeting Senpai #6, or whoever he is.

This is an adorable moment, another favourite in this entire MV (that does not include the Iori BAE)

Some of these shots are just so pretty, and well-suited for a drama.

I really love how it looks, how there is diversity in the angles and where we look.

Oh my gosh, the girl to the left looks SO HAPPY for her friend! True friendship goals, guys! <3

Waiting impatiently, I see.

I just love all of their individual reactions. Adorable.

Nagisa and Emiri, of course, are my princesses, and they look so cute.

Aww, look at her face! She's so happy because the date finally came!

It's nice to see her so happy, she's so wonderful ; A;

Senpai #2 isn't coming, Hitomi. He has another date... >o>

Lawl, nah. He'll come. She's the center, after all, so she'll get the One True Senpai, as the MV rules go.


Hitomi: "... Oh, shit. Wrong senpai."

Welp, that's too bad. Quick, Hitomi, run!

How is Iori perfect? How is she so glorious?

Us mere mortals are hella lucky to have her in our lives, you do know this, yes?

Hitomi: "Urrrrr, well, he's here now. I'll have to make it up to Senpai #2 later..."

Once again, I love this choreography, and I want to do it myself. I'll need a scarf first, though.

That forced smile is kinda cute, isn't it?

Hitomi: "Okay, well, ya didn't have to put it on right away, Senpai #5."

Hitomi: "That scarf doesn't look as good on you, as it would have looked on Senpai #2..."

Hitomi, keep your thoughts to yourself. Senpai #5 has feelings too, ya know.

Look at that dance. Look at that energy! It's so adorable, catchy and fun!

-swings scarf energetically-
-pokes someones eye out-

Okay, this is why I don't dance, and Idols do.

Oh my days, it's the Legendary Trio!

Or Heavenly Trio, whichever fits them best <3

Hitomi: "Will you be my Senpai #12?"


Hitomi: -mumbles- "I hope this is pure cashmere..."
Senpai #5: "What was that, Hitomi?"
Hitomi: "Oh, nothing, honey!"

A tree of presents, and the ugly-ass baubles that decorate it.

Good thing that tyhe girls inside the outfits are darned cute, right?

This has to be my favourite scarf-giving scene. It looks so warm and fluffy!

"Ah, thanks for your Konbini scarf~"

This is an adorable scene, too.

I feel like her reaction takes the cake, and damn, that's a cute scarf. I want it.

Emiri is lovely, of course she loves the generic konbini scarf.

I'm delighted by the fact that - finally - Hitomi has accepted her fate to being with Senpai #5. She actually looks happy.

Hitomi: "Welp. At least I have 10 other senpai's to get me through 2018!"

Wait, what?


Deck the Halls with Senpai's Galore,

Okay, this video is adorable. It might not be the most adorable Christmas video out there, but dang, I do love it. Of course, I feel like my lobias for it has a lot to do with it being the first Christmas video I saw, and also because I really do like =LOVE. Oh, well. Let the bias be biased.

This is a very sweet video in general, though. It's a video that speaks about a love on Christmas Eve, between a senpai and his cute kouhai, who has gone to the trouble of knitting him a scarf filled with her adoration and energy. It's all about the joys of a Christmas Eve filled with love, about couples coming together and spending the night together beneath the beautiful, twinkling lights in the streets as they exchange gifts and confess to one another. It's a Christmas Eve that is now typical to Japan, a romantic holiday that I find so cute and fulfilling, and whilst I have not seen it in action, I can only guess that =LOVE's Bokura no Seifuku Christmas is a decent representation of a typical couples Christmas Eve in Japan.

Of course, there's more to love about it than just that. I really like how it looks, for one, with its contrasting night and day imagery, as well as the beautifully shot drama scenes. The way these scenes are cut is quite nice, too, with a very choppy, jerky look to it, similar to how a vlogger might edit their videos. This might feel distracting to some, but personally, I enjoy how it looks, and find it quite satisfying. Plus, it moves the story along quicker, and doesn't give us any unnecessary imagery that could take up valuable MV time.

The scenes where we watch from the perspective of the senpai are nice, too. The use of a slight blur enables us to see from their line of sight, and it also feels like the member we are viewing is further enhanced; she's the only one who is in full, clear view. The sidelines and people within those borders are blurred out, because they're not the focus. That's really cute, and it also gives us an idea of what it would be like if we were the ones who pursued the members and liked them. This is especially effective throughout the MV.

I love that each member seems to have a designated love interest, too. They don't fight, and each one is cheering another in her quest for love. How adorable is that? No conflict, no issues. Just happy friendships, and a blossoming love between couples.

And then there's the dance. Oh, boy, this has to be my favourite part of the entire MV, aside from Iori and Nagisa and Emiri, of course. I mean, dang, that choreography is amazing. Though it could look quite simple, it's actually really sweet and adorable, and the incorporation of the scarves is just so wonderful. I fell in love with it from the moment I first watched the MV, and even now, I'm so excited to see what they do. It's a fast-paced, energetic dance piece, but it's really cute and girly, too, and I think that it shows off the joy and energy of =LOVE perfectly.

Even the para-para is uplifting and cute. Every aspect of this dance, whether it's just the use of their arms, or them jumping around, looks amazing, and it makes me feel so happy whenever I see it.

The one aspect I don't care much for, has to be those opening shots where Hitomi runs, and those god-awful costumes in the present scene. The actual coats look fine themselves, but whatever is on their heads, and the sashes they wear, are just a giant nope from me. Sure, they look like humanized baubles, but no. Just no. Feel free to argue with me on this one, but I really can't get over just how horrible they look in them.

Good thing the girls themselves are so cute, they save the costumes. Just a tad, of course.

Oh, and Hitomi. I like Hitomi, she's such a cute member, but damn that girl can't smile to save her life, at least not in this. Half the time, it looks like she's regretting her decisions in life, or that she chose the wrong guy to come meet her. I mean, couldn't they have picked someone who looks more excited? The best time to see Hitomi look like she's having fun or is happy, is when she's dancing, and there she shines. Yeah... That's all, I suppose, but seriously, Hitomi is great, otherwise, and I get why she's a center. That girl is adorable.

I love the MV, guys, even with its small faults. It's fun, it encompasses the passion of Christmas Eve for couples, and it's a fun, cute song with a beautiful video to match. And I love =LOVE, because they're honestly an amazing group, and they have made my Christmas that little bit more merry.

Check it out, and fall in love with them all. But please, mostly fall in love with Iori.

Whether you wear your uniform, your casual clothes, or even your pyjama's, please fill your Christmas with love, and have a wonderful time.

Thank you all for reading this small Christmas series, and for spending your winter time with me. I hope you have all enjoyed the reviews posted, and that you are listening to your beloved Idols Christmas songs until the day of Christmas itself. Thank you so very, very much.

No matter where you are in the world, and no matter how far away we are from one another, please take care, be happy, have a merry old time, and feel the love your Idols and myself send your way.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I love you

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