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Idols of Advent: This Christmas with Only You - BTOB's 'Christmas TIme ~Kimi dake wo~ (MV Review)

The holly, jolly time of the year is back, and in the spirit of the season, it's time to return to the yearly Christmas, Winter and Snow posts, and entertain ourselves with one of the most festive times of the year! Whether it's a video filled with warmth and happiness, a ting of sadness and regret, or love and merriment, let's celebrate all that the winter delivers in sound and vision!

We're counting down the days with these Idols of Advent, and making our December a little more merry as we go along. But who will entertain our Christmas thoughts this frosty eve?

I'm not a K-pop fan or follower, but the winter time is one of those very few, very rare moments where I will honestly go all ham, and listen to whatever is around, and let's be frank: Those K-pop artists many of you love and cherish are some of the best celebrators of Christmas music out there. I swear, there's more Christmas or winter related content from the K-pop industry than there is in the J-pop industry. That, or I'm just not looking hard enough in my J-pop categories. Who knows?

Regardless, I do love the K-pop Christmas content that I've seen so far, but one of the most impressive is from BTOB. Ironically, this is a Japanese track, but eh. I'm just happy I found a song I'm freakin' in love with, and a video that is hella entertaining and completely Christmas related. It's so cute, and 100% worth your time if you're new to the BTOB songs and videos.

Y'all are in for a serious treat, especially if you keep your eye on the members in the background. In fact, I recommend you do just that - it's worth all your time to go back and see what the heck everyone is doing, when someone else is taking the lead.

So, keep your eyes peeled, enjoy the happiness that is about to ensue, and entertain yourselves with the joys of BTOB! We're going to spend a beautiful, white Christmas with these guys, and fall in love in the process.

It's Christmas Time ~Kimi dake wo~. Will your heart be captured in the snow fall today?

I Wish You A Merry Christmas~

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...~

That guy in the hat is having a good time, already XD Looks like someone broke out the eggnog early~

Hat Guy: "Aha, aha... Phallic symbolism!"

Oi oi, keep it clean!

Oh, shit! There it is, the rumoured "Love at First Sight". Le gasp!

This is really cute though, and shot so nicely! It looks just like a drama.

Oh damn, I want those candle holders. Where can I buy them?

Aw, she's cute. A bit plain, but cute.

Yup. Damn floored by her plain cuteness. Someone's got it bad~

Side note: I want that scarf. Now.

Oh gosh, this guy is adorable. And oit, what's that hat guy doing to the tree?

OI, OI! Don't be a creeper! No girl wants a creeper D8<

The reference had to be done.


Oh, and cute guys, being dorky and cute and all that jazz.

Okay, is blondie just, like, stalking this girl at this point? Cause that ain't charming, that's weird.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA, the guys in the background are great XD I love how they're cheering him on, then feeling the annoyance after he becomes an awkward puddle of NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!

Y'all kinda ugleh, but I like you.

Sorry, fans of this guy XD

Guy: "Hallelujah, she likes me. Personality > looks."

The awkwardness of the background guys only makes me like them more. They don't know what to do, but wtf, get into the spirit and DANCE!

HAARTO! I'll give ya one back ;) <3

Nope, she didn't get off the bus. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CREEPY, BLONDIE D8<

Just love how ear muffs is like "Holy shit, gotta let my ears get cold I'm so shook."

I am questioning two of these guys, WHY ARE YOU DOING THE MCDONALDS SIGN? Why is one eating the snow? WHY!?

Oh shit, red coat is shoop-shooping, I love him. I LOVE HIM!

Oh damn, she found the creepiness endearing! She returned!

Well, shit. Constantly being in the same place every damn day, watching from afar, and walking away like you didn't stare too long, is charming, apparently. At least, if you're a cute guy.

This is not how this shit works, guys, but fuck it, it's an MV. Gotta shoe-horn that romance in, somehow.


He's a bird! A bird!

WTF are you doing, red coat?

Red coat: "YAAAAY SNOOOOW! Okay now I'm cold. Stop."

Awww, cute! Waiting on your first date with blondie? ;)

I just love how his boys be psyching him up, being all supportive and shit, and being there for him. That's true bro love, yo.

Blondie: "... Oh, shit. She's there."

Yup. She saw you three being dorks. Two of them are still being dorks, and I love them.




WTF is this group made up of? XD You're all fucking dorks, I love you.


Also, is this guy my Red coat? Cause I love him >o>

Adorable, though tea in the winter, outside, is kinda weird. GET INDOORS D8<

Oh my gosh, they're creeping as well. Does it run in the group?

Oh my fucking days, these goons.

I love them all.

I really wish this was a drama. A crazy, funny drama.

I swear they just make up what the fuck they're doing as they go along, and if they are, I love it.

God damn, this is shot so well. HOW IS THIS NOT A DRAMA? WHERE IS MY FECKIN' DRAMA D8<

I love him. I'm endeared to him. He's fucking great XD

Oh my freakin' Lord, I love them both. They're so fucking weird XD The disdain on Yellow-Bauble's face, too. What XD

Blondie has fan boys, and they support his love. These are my kinda people.

Oh, and Yellow-Bauble reminds me of this:

Gotta love some fist-biting XD

They're just so supportive and weird, I love it ;O;


I need more shoop shoop! XD

I really do question all of them. I love them, but they concern me.

Also, what's with this obsession to watch their mate get a girl?

It's a tad cold out, innit, Red coat? Gimme a hug and I'll warm ya up~ <3

Oh my days, they're rapping. THEY'RE... WRAPPING >O>


I really can't with these boys, guys. I just... What are they? XD

Flashbacks to all so many seconds of your time together. YAY.

I love these angles. I love how they think they're badass. They're such dorks, and I love them all.

Awww, they saw the tree together ;A; So cute!

I don't like your hair, but I like that you rap.

You are a fuckin' dork and I love you. What are you even doing, who are you waving to? XD



Awww, I just love how cute they are together ^o^

God damn, I love this framing. It's so... Christmassy. And, it's a good frame, even if it does obscure them a tad.


I love when this shit happens at the right moment, during the right part of the song XD

ALL MA BOYS ARE THERE! YASSS, they made this happen, they made it romantic as fuck!

Third-wheeling can be good, yo!

Look at them. Look at these idiots. Look at how great they are.

Don't you just want love them all?

Red coat is my darling. He's so fucking adorable, but Jeebus, I love Blondie, too. Shoop shoop, mother fucker. Shoop shoop.

I feel like I should be asking more about this group. I have concerns XD

Wait... WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Blondie, you've known her for like, 13 scenes. That's like a minute in MV land.


-original reaction: OMFG WHAT HE PROPOSED WHAT?-

I don't give a fuck about her subdued reaction, I'm living for whatever that guy is doing in the middle of this frame, oh my fucking lord.

All the squee's. All the God. Damned. SQUEE'S!

if ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it!

And that's what he did.

Blondie: "Guuuuurl, I got ma bling on, too."

Matchy matchy.

Red coat is just like "Yup. Big bucks from this wedding~"

It's so adorable, I love them. Good thing they love each other, too.

The boys are just so supportive. I need friends like this.

I have questions about this group. Few, but necessary, questions... XD

Okay. What are their names, how do I become a follower, and which of you readers love them, too? >o> I MUST KNOW!

You make me feel warm, even when it's cold outside~

I don't know about you, but damn, I am in love with this video, in all its cute, dorky Christmas glory. This is my first time watching a BTOB video, and I feel like it's one of those perfect introductions to what is a great, charming group. They're so funny and weird, giving this video a boost in charm and entertainment that I wasn't expecting.

I'm honestly so glad that I went on a Christmas MV search, because I found a gem that I truly enjoy, as well as a video that is perfect for this time of the year. It gives you all the feels, whilst still showing off a goofy, fun approach that you don't always get to see in love themed videos.

Some of the most entertaining moments come from those standing in the backdrop. I love that, no matter what, there is always something going on, whether it's right in front of you with the member singing, or the others playing around in the backdrop. The way each guy expresses themselves, or the small things they do, are eye-catching and cute in so many ways. I was laughing so much throughout this, and honestly, I'm charmed by BTOB right now. They're such an adorable group here, and though they do have their serious songs (yup. I researched some MV's. What can I say, I'm intrigued) they also have their fair share of funny and cute. They're super playful, and I love that. Hopefully, their quirkiness has charmed you guys, too.

It's not just the weird, entertaining things they do that made me like the video, though. I originally wanted to review Christmas Time ~Kimi dake wo~ because it was filmed beautifully. The performance and drama shots were really interesting to me, especially when the quality of the drama scenes felt so much higher in quality than the performance sequences. In fact, they were so high in quality, I was convinced that there was a drama paired with this song. That wasn't the case, of course, but it invested me enough to search it out and see if there were any TV show ties to the song itself.

I'm bummed there isn't a drama tied to the song, of course, but I'm glad that it was so convincing, and that the quality is different for each scene we see. It shows just how seriously the director and camera crew were during the filming of each separate scene, and allows us to view the story and the performance as two separate pieces.

Now, I'm not saying that the quality in the performance segments are low, because they aren't. I can just see a difference in the two, allowing me to view both drama and performance as separate entities. Honestly, it just allows the video to feel like a promotional video for a drama, and not a music video for just a song. That's good filming there, yo, and it reminds me of when artists create MV's that are tied to movies.

Christmas Time ~Kimi dake wo~ is so festive and cute, and I love that it takes on the Japanese tradition of Christmas being tied with love. It's filmed beautifully, each scene looks great, and I love the varied locations and costumes throughout. Though I do have my issues with how the lead singer eventually catches the girl by watching her every day, I understand that sometimes, this is how people come to know each other. I do appreciate how their love blossoms quite naturally, but again, I have my own issues with how it begins. Still, it's cute, and it's a nice little story about a winter romance that becomes a full-blown Christmas love, and all that ensues throughout is charming, sweet, and fun.

My favourite part by far, though? The members of BTOB themselves, and how they support one member in his quest for love with energy and cuteness. They're absolutely delightful to watch, and I can't help but fall in love with them the more I watch the video. I swear, I find something new to be charmed by, and because of that, I want to know about the group more, and fall for everything they offer. They're too darned adorable.

Not only is this a great Christmas song and video, but it's also spirited and cute, and it offers so much more than I could have ever imagined. I am so happy that I managed to stumble upon this gem, and could spend my day reviewing and watching the joy that is BTOB's Christmas Time ~Kimi dake wo~.

Maybe love at first sight for a group does exist?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and many joyful views of this amazing video! Enjoy BTOB's Christmas jingle, and enjoy the holidays ahead.

Until next time, everyone. Happy snow fall, and a Merry New Year!

See you in the next Advent of Idols,

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