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Idols of Advent: Ring, Ring, Ring! Let The X'Mas Party Begin! - Flap Girls' School 'Happy Merry² X'mas' (MV Review)


-World implodes-

It's the jolliest time of the year, and once again I am back to writing up some festive reviews! Whether the videos or songs in question are based around winter, Christmas or snow, it doesn't matter, so long as it reminds me of one of the many seasons I enjoy most!

So, with the Christmas posts here (finally!), let's count our way down to Advent List, and check out the Idols who will make our December merry! Are you ready to feel the warmth of the winter season this year?

Though I won't have as many days this year as I typically do, I still want to try for a few posts to round the season off, before the big day of Christmas itself arrives! I may not post every day, mind, due to a packed schedule and a lot of work... I will of course, try! So wish me luck~

To kick-start this cheerful set of posts (well, one can hope it's cheerful!), let's begin with the festive treat of a Christmas Party, courtesy of Flap Girls' School! Though it's a small gathering of four, don't be perturbed by that, because it's still a fun party filled with cuteness and, of course, CAKE!

It's time to prepare for the Christmas that's to come, so put on your Santa hats, take out the Christmas Cake and hot chocolate, warm yourselves by the fire, and snuggle close to your loved ones. Even when we are together or alone on Christmas Day, let the sounds and visions of our Idols warm our hearts...

A cute Christmas is about to begin! Are you ready to fall into a world of presents, parties and Idols?

Rin' Rin' Rin'! It's time to begin!


That's a really cute opening. I love seeing snow globes, they're so darned pretty.

Maria: "Wish I may. Wish I might. Please send me all the candy tonight...~"

Gosh darn, couldn't they have found a lighter shade of red? o-O Girl stands out like a beacon.

Oh Lordeh, Hinano is a damn cutie. I think I'll become besotted, before long o-o

But Sachiko is gorgeous! Look at that face, those eyes, her ears! So beautiful!

She actually reminds me of Umeda Erika, but prettier (and Erika was freakin' pretty).

PRESENTS!!! Gimme! >8D

Maria's adorable, she seems so happy to be decorating the tree!

HINANO!!!! <3

Okay, I don't actually like marshmallows, but if you're offering... -noms-

Hinano, you freakin' cutie. Lemme help~

I swear, Kyoko would fit right into Yumemiru Adolescence with her looks.

KEEKI!!! Gimme >8D

Hinano: "Squee~"

SQUEEEEE! This cutie, yo <3

Look at her. Look at the beauty!!! Sachiko is just... <3

And damn, those legs. Sachiko has legs for daaaaaaaaays! No one else in FGS can compare.

Gotta get in some roly-poly whatever that is.

Her eyes are so nice and big! She really is gorgeous, isn't she?

Hinano: "Haarto~"

D-Doki doki!!!


We aren't even halfway through, and I'm already half-dead from cuteness.

If y'all can't pin-point my newly designated favourites by this point, then you don't know me 8U

That pose, though. Just look at Sachiko's legs!


I hope that's just juice, you guys >o> Can't be bringing out the hard soda's or anything now, can we?

Maria, you little flirt! And Sachiko, don't flaunt Maria's favoritism in poor Kyoko's face! She wants candy, too!

Kyoko: "I'll just kiss her and steal it that way~"


Conga line! No Christmas Party is complete without one.

They're so adorable, aren't they? I love the floofs on their heads.

Awww, Maria! You shouldn't have! -opens present excitedly-

Oi! That's my KFC, Hinano!

Hinano; "Teehee, oops~"

A snow globe? I LOVE SNOW GLOBES! 8U

And this is just adorable, look at Sachiko!

But check out Maria and Kyoko in the back. Looks like Kyoko doesn't want Maria's love XD

Favourite part of the dance, as you might have guessed~

I dub thee... PRINCESS HINANO!!!

Actually, I would love to see her debut in HouPri, she's so darned adorable.

Kyoko: "Doki Doki~"

<3 You cutie. Even though Kyoko doesn't smile as much as others, and seems a tad more awkward, she's still adorable to the max.


Sachiko: "EAT IT!"

This looks uncomfortable for dear Kyoko, oh my XD

PIZZA? I love pizza! Lemme nibble it~

Sachiko: -silent win- "Yeeeeees~"


Maria: "Rin, Rin, Rin~"

Mini Moni Telephone Rin Rin Rin?

... o-O

Guys, don't photoshop this, please >_> CLOSE YOUR PHOTOSHOP D8<

This is just adorbs. How can we not love them?

Oh gosh, the bed looks like a sleigh! I WANT IT!

How cosy and cute are they? I want to be that cosy and cute! ;; All they need now, is a pair of fluffy socks.


Hinano has the best expressions of the bunch. I love her.

Maria, you dork. Hinano is just laughing her little head off, though, and I wanna know why!

Hinano: "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, someone photoshopped that pic of me XD."

They better not have! D8<

I think these two are in LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE, you guys >o> So cute and close <3

Maria is having the time of her life, damn. I love her energy!

I love them all, to be honest, and I don't even follow this group!


Kyoko, your face!!! XD

Oh gosh, these girls. How are they so adorable?

SANTA!!! *^* Though Sachiko looks like a cross between a Snowman who thinks they're Santa XD

I just want to snuggle up with them, a mug of hot chocolate in hand, and watch a Christmas movie together. That sounds so nice...

We should totally do it, guys >o>

I love these costumes, though Maria's Christmas wrapping side is on the wrong way D8<

Way to pin-point the center, Management >o>




Guys, I love them all TToTT Can I take them home with me. Please?

I love those costumes, and I want them. ALL OF THEM. Most of all, though, I love how tall Sachiko is compared to the others. That's funny XD

And now, we begin our Silent Night... Good night, everyone... Zzzz...

Happy Merry, Merry... X'MAS!

Whoo, that review flew by... But honestly, I really do love this PV. From the moment I saw it, I fell for the charm and cuteness of Flap Girls' School's Happy Merry² X'mas, for both its simplicity and its bright, happy look. It's such a cozy, warm music video, and I really can't find anything to dislike about it!

I adore the song, too, though that wasn't always the case - I wasn't exactly over the moon about it at first. Then, after a few listens, this song has stuck in my head, and I adore it as much as I adore the music video it accompanies.

From beginning until end, the members of Flap Girls' School create a warm, friendly atmosphere that is appealing and bright. With all the decorations strung up, the food laid out on the table, and the cute, warm costumes, we get a sense of Christmas time and being with friends. It fulfills a lot of 'Holiday Spirit' quota, from the cute and somewhat OTT outfits, to the food, presents and tree. The song especially feels quite wintry and appropriate for this time of the year, with its twinkles and jingles throughout to create that magical, winter feel.

Of course, it's a pretty simple video when you look at it. There are no extravagant edits, no additional sparkles or little snowflakes falling from the sky. It's basic, but the use of additional scenes, various outfits and the members' expressions and actions allow the video to feel varied in what it has. A room that is a place to gather can become the members' dance floor with a switch of their costumes, and some cozy pyjama's create a night time atmosphere when the lights are dimmed and we move to the bed where the girls will eventually rest for the night, awaiting Santa's arrival. Just these little things can make this simple little video, so much more than a few quick cuts and well-placed scenes.

Everything about Happy Merry² X'mas is adorable. This is a warm, friendly video that showcases the relationship between members well, and allows us to see the charm of the girls through their actions and expressions together and alone. There is a vibrant atmosphere all the way throughout, even during the dimmer scenes, because we see how well the girls interact, as well as their bright, happy smiles. It's a nice little treat of a video, and one of my favourites to come out this year for the Christmas season.

Sweet, enjoyable and fun, Happy Merry² X'mas will bring a smile to your face thanks to the cuteness of Flap Girls' School. Though the song might be softer than others, it's still an entertaining piece, and allows us to fall in love with this group, both in sound and in vision.

And now that this X'mas party is over, it's time to head to bed, and let Flap Girls' School rest. Though we still have a few days more to go until Christmas, let's anticipate our time with these cute Idols a little longer, and enjoy their Christmas and Winter songs. Ah, that sounds nice, doesn't it?

Ring, Ring, Ring? Is that Santa's Sleigh I hear?

... And that was a short review XD Well, we can't do much about that, can we? Today, my words have escaped me, but I still adore this PV. Hopefully, you will, too!

Until next time, everyone. Merry Winter, and a Happy Holiday!

Until the next Advent post,


  1. I am so ready for christmas idols

    1. I'm still ready for Christmas Idols, and it's January now XD