Monday, 25 December 2017

And A Jolly Christmas To You! Merry Winter and A Festive New Year!


And A Happy, soon-to-be, NEW YEAR!

No matter where you are in the world, and no matter how you celebrate this day - or if you don't - I hope that everyone is having a wonderful, merry day, and enjoying themselves to the fullest! Whatever it is you are doing - eating, spending time with your family, talking to friends or sitting in front of the TV - I want you to know that I wish you all a Happy Holiday, and that I wish for your happiness and well-being.

Once again, Christmas is a hectic day for the family. The children open their presents and make a mess (a good mess), play with toys, and then we eat and have dessert, pull crackers, tell those silly jokes and wear paper crowns. Today, my crown continuously fell off, meaning that I lost the battle about who could keep their crown between myself and one of my older nephews.

However, I gave him his original crown. Apparently I once ran two imaginary Kingdoms in this household.

I've also done the usual: Hoarding gifts onto the staircase (last year: the living room), and going under the tree to get said gifts. I feel like this is now my designated role, the gift-giver, so to speak XD But it's fun, and the kids are really enjoying this time of the year. The fact they all loved their presents, is wonderful.

The best part, though? One of my tiny nephews was so excited with one present (a bike), he was silent and dancing, eyes wide and sparkling. Even after he got off it, he looked at it again, did the same thing, and returned to the bike. He really couldn't believe it. That was amazing.

OH, and the chicken was actually cooked this year. I GOT CHICKEN! XD

Okay, I won't keep you all too long. Once again, please have a wonderful, warm Christmas, a Happy Holiday, and a lovely day. No matter where you are, no matter how you spend this day, please stay merry and smiling, and love your Idols.

I hope that your day has been pleasant and good. Thank you for popping up to see me this Christmas day <3

And now it's time for... THE CHRISTMAS IDOLS! Who will appear today, hm? ;)

Is it purple, or is it blue? Please don't tell me this is another one of those 'white gold, blue black' dress things DX

Oh, damn, look at all those presents! Santa Sasara has been busy this year!

Saorin and her Reinder Miran are ready to send the gifts off to all the good Wota boys and girls!

But Himarin will keep them all for herself! Muahaha!

I think this has to be my favourite edit, ever. And I didn't even edit it.

Gotta show that Tsubaki and ANGERME love, y'all. Look at em. Perfection.

Eripon with a basket filled with love and sweetness, all for me <3


Cutest Reindeer EVER.

The winter is not compelte without scarves.

I feel like a Masaki is missing from this 9ki-10ki sandwich... >_>

No tree is a match for Harunan!

Gotta put my HouPri Oshi in here, in all her cute glory <3


A present? For me~? Is this for Oshi-ing you all this time?

Princess Santa <3 Hime Santa!

And all the gifs to keep the Holidays happy!

Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for being here another Christmas day. I love you all, my dear Readers <3

Until the next post, please enjoy the rest of your day.

Seasons Greetings,

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