Saturday, 18 November 2017

Viva La Cake! 7 Years. 2555 Days. So Many Idols.

I have eaten a cake for every anniversary I celebrate. No wonder I've gotten so fat (ha!).

I didn't make a banner this year. Huh.

In 2015, the blog writer Morningtime made the decision to move his blog to a new address, just shy of his seventh year writing on the original. At the time it happened, I began to wonder if this would be me one day, doing the same thing as always, but through a new address? Would I even be blogging any more?

I look back on this thought a lot, especially when the idea of quitting or moving platforms creeps up. But, I am happy to say that, come my 7th Anniversary here, I am still on the same blog, and I am still enjoying my Idols as much as before. I just happen to be a little busier, and therefore, I am blogging a little less. Still, my desire to share with you all has not lessened.

Every year when this day rolls around, I celebrate and reflect. I think about everything I have written, the memories that I have created, and the things I have achieved. Granted, the achievements are minuscule, but every moment spent on this blog is one step further towards my own improvement, and every second I think about this place allows it to grow. Okay! Musume Time is special to me, and I say it every year; I love this blog, and I feel proud that I can celebrate 7 wonderful years as a writer here.

Even though I doubt myself a lot - especially when it comes to my writing - I feel confident in Okay! Musume Time. I am thankful that it's something I created, a place where I can share so many things about Idols.

Like all years prior, the 7th Anniversary is a special day for me, another milestone completed. Through all the ups and downs, my own idiocy and inaccuracies, the gripes and whines I create as a Wota, and anything else that makes me human, this blog has become one of my bright sparks in life. It's a happy place, despite the times I bitch and moan, and it's all mine. This is where I share my Idol-hood, the life that I chose to lead all those years ago.

If it wasn't for this blog, I am unsure if my love for Idols would have bloomed into what it is now. So, welcome to my happy place. I hope you enjoy the Idols, as well as the cake~

Now only 365 days until the next one! I'm already looking forward to it ;)

And finally, it's time to celebrate with Idols and Cake! What two things could be more perfect together?

Beautiful duo's all around!!!

Bunnypon seriously needs to make her comeback.

That HouPri cake is the prettiest I've ever seen and I want it.

Nana: "Can I have a slice?"
Sahochi: "Ahaha, no."

Sayumi: "It's SO big!"

Whenever cake is mentioned, I appear in this way:

Okay, so I'm way past the 5 year point now, but whatever. GAKI-SAN!

WTF is that cake?

LiNG LiNG is my spirit Idol.

Can't forget this specimen of perfection.

She even got me a birthday card! Awww ;;

And finally, a look at how I enjoy my cake... (and the words it spells out whenever I see cake)

Ha, jokes, I don't really look that pixelated... >o>


Happy 7th Cake Day!
Let's celebrate together once again in the next year~

100% me when getting a cake for my blog:

My blog:

My blog again, if it were as cute as Saorin:

Legit me to my blog:

Now, where's the alcohol? 8U

Lots of Love, Idols and Cake,