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This Sweet Memory Stained With Tears. MACO's 'Sweet Memory' Music Video Review

November is coming to its untimely end, and with its end, we will begin the December posts. But before any of that can happen, let's take a look at one last November release

It's time for a love story, but will it have a happy end?

MACO has a penchant for creating love songs, and I honestly like a good chunk of them. I'm a sucker for a pretty, ballad-type song, and that's the style that fits MACO best. It's also the style she overuses to heck, but because I am a sucker for it, of course I buy into it. Hence why we're here.

Plus, this video is sad as heck. I like a good, tragic love story from time to time, and after BiSH's Orchestra from last year, it's nice to see that just a year later, a new love story follows suit, one that echoes many a tale, as well as some people's reality: The unattainable crush.

I find it highly ironic that this has been titled Sweet Memory, when it's such a melancholy song. I expect something cute and fluffy, but the lyrics and video both show something that is more bitter than it is sweet. That said, it does have its moments of sweetness, mostly in the memories that the protagonist has. I suppose that is where the title really comes into play.

Anyways, it's time to delve into my final review of November '17. Through all the memories, the smiles and the tears, let's take a look at this tale of love and see where it goes. Is it a tale of happiness or resolution, or will it be filled with woe?

Let's look back through these memories, and remember the sweetest ones. It's time to look back.

This love story that does not come true...

Oh yes, because this is definitely not a creepy way to open a music video.

Totally romantic, not at all creepy. Who wouldn't want to kiss their unresponsive crush? #sarcasm

Okay, back to reality. I wonder how well this story will pan out? As beautifully as these camera pans, I pray.

YO, that's freakin' good. I wish I'd been that good at art, once upon a time ago.

Of course, the subject of desire is there, both in the flesh and in charcoal. YAY!

It's cute that they're practicing their confessions for the person they ~like~, but damn, this must be a little heartbreaking for our artist.

Okay, I'm calling you Ai-chan for the duration of this review, because why the heck not.

Ai-chan: "Su-"

Crap, I actually feel her pain. Dang she's good.

When you think it's adorably awkward that your friend stammers as you pretend to be their crush, when in reality, you are the crush.

By the way, I'm calling her Emi, because I can.

I kinda like this actress, in all her well-hidden sadness.

The friendship between these two is honestly cute, but damn, Ai-chan, don't bury your feelings for the sake of staying on good terms with her... ;-;

Roll Title Credits!

Oh, damn, Emi's going for it! She's confessing, and poor Ai-chan is watching! Noooo! );

And the guy has accepted - let's call him Oto-kun - because who wouldn't say yes to Emi?

I mean, just look at her - she's a doll! Her smile is one of the reasons Ai-chan fell for her, I bet. So pure and sweet...

Also, I like to think that the rain represents our protagonists tears, because y'know, her heart's breaking as her straight friend confesses to the guy she likes, and he accepts.

Ai-chan: "Bury the feels, Ai. Bury them all..."

Good grief, this is already heartbreaking, and we've barely even begun. Where's the tissue box, cause I'm gonna need it ;-;

Okay, she's either made it prettier with the pastel shading, or ruined it. My mind is conflicted, but eh, whatever; her painting, not mine.

I like that the shading is different colours, though, but yeah... why pastels?

That's a nice shot.

When you flake on your friend, because relationships.

Sad thing is, this is true for most couples and friendships, especially in school. You're so engrossed, you get to a point where you neglect those who were there for you first, even if it is unintentional.

And here, Emi is doing just that, because boyfriend syndrome.

Emi: "Ai-chan, thank you. Byeeeeee!"

I love how Ai-chan's expressions depend on who is with her. It's a nice representation of how much she hides her true self from everyone else, but in reality, she's lonely and sad, potentially regretting that she hasn't confessed. Every scene where she is alone feels quite heavy on both her, as well as the viewer.

Who wants to take a bet that, in a moment, our dear Ai-chan is going to walk into the hall to these two being all lovey-dovey? Hm~

And right on cue! Ouch.

Yeah, I wouldn't want to be a third wheel to my crush and her beau, either.

I mean, if my best friend was with her beau all the time, I'd just try and find new friends, not mull over my lost love. Still, I get it. She wants to capture the best of her friend, and remember her dearly. This is a little obsessive though, don't cha think?

Yep. We get it. You wanna kiss dem lips. I doubt paint tastes so good, though.

Oh, you poor thing. She's stopped turning up completely );

I suppose this is the Sweet Memory? Oh, lordeh ;o;

No, no, no, no, nope ); Why you making that face, Ai-chan? I wanna hold you ; A;

Gosh darn it, Emi is a true beauty. That smile, her hair... Yeah, I can totally see why Ai-chan covets you. Too bad you kinda like guys over girls >o>

Shit, my heart is breaking ;; That is a truly heartbroken face, there.

Okay, damn, that looks pretty. Well done, Ai-chan! I like it the more I look at it.

PLOT TWIST, it's the boy who came to see her. Oh, shit, something's gonna happen >_>

It's nice to see you appreciate Ai-chan's art, but you should be appreciating it anyway, because it's Emi, and you're dating her. Riiiiight? >o>

Oh holy shit, that's a fucking love triangle! That's a literal love triangle! Oh holy shit fuck nuggets cookie dough fudge cake, IT'S A LOVE TRIANGLE!

-internal screaming ensues-




Ai-chan: "... Oh, shit."

Purify the lips, Ai-chan! Steal his voice by giving him human legs and capturing it in a shell! Dispose of the body. Do something! Don't let Emi-chan know!


Tbh, there aren't enough slaps that would satisfy me at this point. The damage to my heart has been done.

Fuck, that painting's gonna get ruined.

Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT!

And here's the drama part of the drama we've all been dreading; CONFRONTATION!


I can't watch it! I don't wanna watch it! I just want them both to be happy, but fuckin' OTO-KUN DESTROYED THAT! D8<

Nope. Emi's pissed, and Ai-chan's not getting out of it.

YO, what happened to sisters before misters, girl?

Oh, shit, Ai-chan's crying. Emi's just pissed, but Ai-chan's heart is pretty much breaking, at this point.

Girl, this isn't your fault! You should never blame yourself!

No, Emi, I do not fucking pity you )8< You basically blamed your friend for something shedidn't even decide to do, that was against her will. I am not gonna pity you, ever.

Poor Ai-chan ); she feels like she's at fault, and she's not! All she ever did was love someone, who could and would never love her in return! ;;

GDI, WHY IS THIS SHOT SO POWERFUL? Upper shots usually show dominance, but this one just showcases vulnerability, and shit, do I feel vulnerable.

No, bitch, don't you dare! DON'T YOU DARE TELL HER YOU HATE HER )8<


Nope, nope, nope, I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING!

-uses up all the tissue with my tears-


-cries as she watches-

Literally erasing herself from Ai-chan's life. The coldest act Emi could ever - will ever - do. ;-;

Graduation day. A day to start a new path, ready to begin a life without regrets.

Or, so it has been said.

God damnit, you can see that Ai-chan still loves her, and Emi just fucking dismisses her presence with a mere look. WTF, she doesn't even deserve that, don't you think you should at least hear her out?

NOPE. Because Emi is happy in her little bubble of 'It's all her fault, so I will live happily knowing she ruined my happiness, because there is no other way to rectify this mess.' Fuck this shit!


I wanna say that the pink is a significant colour here (I mean, it was in the painting), but nah, I just like the scene, and how Emi walks off into the rain. The same rain that signifies both of their heartbreaks at some point in this PV.

And once again, Ai-chan's heart breaks as the rain falls...

4 years later...

I would make a Spongebob reference, but nope, it's too sad. I need this time to grieve for a lost love, guys.

Damn, Ai-chan, I hope you moved on and found a nice lady to settle down with. I don't want you grieving for what was, four years on ):

Glad to see she's still painting, but damn, that room is so blue-toned and cold. Is she still clinging to the past?

A warm, sweet memory. The only warmth left in the room.

And as she cries, she finally tells the girl she has loved for all these years that she loved her.

But it's only a picture of her sweet memory that she can tell...

I could not tell you that, Ah, I love You.


MACO lied to me. This video is not filled with sweet memories. It's filled with tears and bitterness, heartbreak and resentment. I honestly went into this thinking 'Oh, it'll be so cute!' Well, the more it played out, the quicker I realised it wouldn't be filled with rainbows and happiness. I mean, I saw the guy kissing the other girl coming when he found her in the art room, but that part was obvious. The painting being trashed was pretty obvious, too, but I did expect it to get broken instead of painted over.

But then our dear protagonist would have no memento of her first tragic love, would she?

I didn't expect her friend to hate her, though. I was honestly hoping for a resolution of some kind, but nope. It all ended on a bitter note, with the leading lady looking back 4 years on, regretting the fact that she had never said she loved her friend. That's so freakin' sad, and I also believe it's happened to multiple people, too. It may be a 'Drama' version of the music video, but that doesn't mean it won't happen in real life. I know plenty of people who have fallen out, all because of a significant other, and that's the sad truth for how some friendships end.

What's even worse for this couple of friends, however, is that one of them loved the other, and her crush turned around and claimed she hated her, all because the boy she liked happened to like her friend. It was one giant Love Triangle, and a very well executed one, at that.

Now, I love this video because it is a tragic love story. I loved BiSH's Orchestra because it made me cry, and because it was beautifully filmed. Sweet Memory is just as beautiful, and equally as dramatic, as what Orchestra was. It made me cry, and the gorgeous look of the video made it stand out, for sure. I loved how, whenever we saw the crush of the lead, we saw her from our leads perspective; bright, energetic, smiling and forever in slow-motion. It felt like we were watching the love our lives at times, and that's so cute.

The only time I really don't like the love story, is when the lead imagines a motionless crush sitting there as she kisses her. That part is kind of creepy, but I suppose it also suggests how unresponsive her friend is towards her true feelings, and how the desire is one-sided.

Of course, we also see the anger of the protagonist's crush, a change in how our lead sees the girl she loves. It's a sad moment for both the viewer and the lead, because up until that point, we have only seen her as a bright and energetic part of the lead's vision. Even at the end, when the crush no longer responds to the girl she was once friends with, we see her in a positive, smiling light - it's the memory that our lead wants to keep, the idea that her crush was always happy, even when the protagonist was heartbroken.

The story is well done, it has a great pace, and it's wonderfully linear and never loses its place. You can clearly tell which points are the memory, and which scenes are the protagonists reality. Every expression is beautiful, and the feelings of the lead are always clear and done well, allowing only us to see how truly pained she is to watch someone she adores, falling for another. It's tragic, but it's gorgeous, and it really does feel like a drama.

I'm honestly glad that MACO doesn't have any random solo shots thrown into this, because it would definitely break up the drama and story. However, I do think that it would be nice to see her sometimes, because MACO is gorgeous. Still, it's nice that the song was simply dedicated to this version, instead of focusing on both MACO and the tragic love story before us.

Clearly, I adore the story of this video, no matter how heartbreaking or tragic it can be. I love how it looks, the colours used, the way the rain represents the heartbreak of both girls at certain points in the story, the blue tinge to the final scenes, and the way the lighting captures both girls. I especially adore how we see the crush through our protagonists eyes; bright, beautiful, smiling and carefree. It's clear she holds this girl in high esteem, and you can truly see why she loves her. But it only makes the story more heartbreaking, because that smile and brightness only brings anguish and tears towards the end.

A heartbreaking love story, where there is no happy ending. It's a tale of regret and woe, but it's also a story filled with the sweetest memories our protagonist can harbor. Despite what she has been through, she tries to remember the good in order to keep her memories of her crush alive, bright and sweet.

I simply love the story. I love how it captures a one-sided love, and I love how it feels complete. It's sad, but it's beautiful, and whilst it is no Orchestra, it certainly made me cry, and it kept me captivated. I really do like Sweet Memory, and I hope you do, too.

She loved her enough, she might break. But she cannot tell you, so you will become a sweet memory stained with tears.

What are your thoughts on MACO's latest music video, Sweet Memory? Did it hit a chord with you, or leave you bored to tears? Personally, I would love to see a sequel to this - a return of the crush, and the two reconnecting, and the crush realising that the protagonist had loved her all along. But, I love this bittersweet ending just as much. What about you?

Until next time everyone, thank you for another month in reviews, and I hope to see you in the next one! Please take care, and love your Idols.

Much Love and Sweetness,


  1. That is a QUALITY video.

    1. it's SO GOOD, to a point where even my tears have become HD.

  2. Why gay stuff gotta be so sad all the time :(

    1. Because in so many places, Japan included, being gay is unacceptable :( It's a reality so many face... ;;

  3. I would totally try being gay for Ai-chan, she's gorgeous. Can anyone tell me who the actresses are? Emi reminds me of Yuko Oshima.

    1. Yes, please! I tried looking everywhere for the cast. I want to know their other works. The boy as well if anyone knows.

    2. Girl 1:
      Girl 2:

      I hope I helped!

    3. Anonymous: THANK YOOOOOU, MY SAVIOUR!!!!!

  4. Nama aktris yang berperan sebagai ai chan siapa namanya?.

  5. "is when the lead imagines a motionless crush sitting there as she kisses her. That part is kind of creepy, but I suppose it also suggests how unresponsive her friend is towards her true feelings, and how the desire is one-sided" That's exactly what the scene wants to go through. I do not strange, I found the representation interesting