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Sins Of The Idol: Pride

Pride can be pretty, but it can become unattractive when used excessively. Though we are always told to believe in ourselves and the qualities we possess, we should do so with a little bit of modesty, as well. No one likes a egoist, after all, but we will come across them in our lives from time to time. I'm pretty sure some of our Idols are prideful, too.

Whether they are prideful in their looks (Michishige Sayumi), or in their career as a singer (Hamasaki Ayumi), an Idols pride can come in many forms. It is the pride of an Idol that keeps them singing and dancing for fans, and it is their pride and determination to one up one another that makes us like them, or feel irritation towards them. Sometimes, we are endeared to it. Other times, we are not.

As fans we can be prideful, too. We feel pride in our Idols for doing well, and we feel pride when our Idols achieve something that they were aiming for since the beginning of their career. But, this pride is not always pure - sometimes, our pride can make us vindictive and cold towards other fans, and we can let it get in the way of our love and support. Sometimes, this sin can turn us into sneering, unforgiving sods, and through it, we become truly detestable.

Just for a little bit, though, let's Sin with Pride! Just don't let it define you, fellow Wota~

Pride - The one that started it all. Considered the original form of Sin, the act of Pride is the belief in ones own abilities, and that you are inherently better, more superior and even more important than those around you. Through the act of Pride, you can forget to acknowledge your own faults and wrong-doings, whilst boasting your superiority in a variety of ways. It is also considered prideful when talking about your achievements excessively. 

Vanity, Hubris and Futility are terms that have been used to define this sin.

The colour associated with this Sin is purple.

Around the time that Everyday, Katyusha was released, I was still fairly fresh to the Idol world, and a hell of a lot more ignorant than I am now. I won't say I'm no longer a close-minded fool - I am, but I'm a lot better than I was in 2011 - and at that point in time, I loathed AKB48, and when Everyday, Katyusha was released, I loathed that single, too.

When I first watched the music video, I thought that it was one of the most vanity riddled MV's I had ever seen. I actually stand by that belief, but only because it's true; this is a pretty vain music video, filled with pride and belief in AKS' achievements as it showcases a homage of old music videos in this scrapbook montage of the AKB we all know and love to dislike. But, my view on it has somewhat changed over the years. First, I definitely like it a lot more than I once did, and second, I can truly appreciate what it is doing, even if I still stand by my 18 / 19 year old self in the belief that, yeah, this is one giant mashup of Pride, all because one of the groups singles hit the 1 million mark.

I mean, that is a milestone, but damn. Y'all shouldn't make a giant montage of your own MV's just because that happened. At least wait until you hit the 10 year mark (which they already have, but still).

So, yeah. This is why Everyday, Katyusha is on my list for Pride. It's honestly the only one I could think of that fit the bill, and at the start of this series, I had no clue what to do for this review. Thankfully, I remembered this release and a blog post by Girls' Theory about how the MV corresponded with past releases, which you can find HERE. It's through that blog that I was able to properly identify which MV fit with certain scenes in Everyday, Katyusha, because let's be honest; I've not seen some of the videos the group has released.

I'm not a die-hard fan, and I don't think I ever will be. But, I will always appreciate the beauty of their videos. Or at least, the ones they make beautiful. It doesn't always happen.

So it's time to get into this little homage of vanity and pride! After their million seller single, Aki-P went ahead and produced this little gem of egotism, and showed the world just prideful his group could be! But remember, it's not always a good thing to boast ones own achievement, especially when you were pretty prideful to begin with... Well, I think Aki-P missed that memo, so, yeah. Whatever!

Let's hope the Pride doesn't engulf Aki-P or his group of teenage girls! If he lets their fame get to his head too much, though, then he might just regret it...

Are you ready to Sin?

Every, Every, Everyday!


Maeda on a bicycle!

Yo, isn't this scene taking too fucking long? And why does it remind me of Ponytail to Shushu?

Okay, so apparently Katyusha translates to headband. Oh, shit, even the title is similar to Ponytail to Shushu, ffs XD

GDI, truck driver, you had an opportunity to take out the rest of AKS' competition! Why'd ya beep!?




No one puts Maede in the corner >o>

Mariko-sama: "Raise your hands if you have ever felt personally victimised by Maede Atsuko."

Okay, I both love and hate what they did to Takahashi Minami's hair. WTF is that? XD

Also, damn, how did I never notice just how cute Maeda?

YOOOO, JURINA'S IN THIS! Ready to take the center spot, girl?

GDI, why are there so many girls? The fact I recognise a few of them, however, is amazing XD

Holy shit, Sayanee with long hair! It's like I've found a wild Entei 8U

Iiwake Maybe, bitches.

Mayuyu: "One day, I'm gonna be the center, and I'll win Senbatsu 3 times in a row!" No, you won't.

Why are y'all wearing Starbucks caps?

Mariko-sama: "Oh my days, I am so done with all you little shits."
Tomochin: "Ew, don't touch me, you vagrants."

Mariko gives me life XD

Okay, yeah, how was I ever blind to Maeda? She's so bloody cute!!!

WTF was wrong with me?

Yuko bewbs!

Ponytail to Shushu scene feels far too American for my liking. Get outta my J-pop!

KojiHaru: "Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Such a phoned in expression, but, KojiHaru still looks pretty here. Hard to believe she's actually graduated o-O


Lol, look at the tiny wheel on that bike XD It'd be funnier if it was a trike, though, kinda like the one in Buono's Renai Rider XD

This scene really doesn't fit in the video at all, but you gotta throw in Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008 in here somewhere, right?

WTF is this scene, and why are y'all looking stupid in shiny garbage-bag gowns?

Props for the transition, though.

Mariko just wants to give us all heart attacks.

TBH though, I needed this XD Nothing like a lil bit of lust in my pride vid ;)

Maeda: "I'm quitting, fuck y'all, I'll do better in H!P."

I have no clue if this scene happens anywhere else in any other MV's, but YAAAAAS, HIT EM, MAEDA! Slap dat bitch!

No one seems fussed by this, though. Smack downs must happen everyday in this school XD

This part is timed pretty damn well, too. Maeda's slap is timed to a sound in the instrumental, imitating the slight echo of SLAP! Well-fucking-done!

Do the CanCan!

I'm loving how much Minami fails at kicking her leg out XD

Oogoe Diamond, SIGHTED!

I do like those bikini's. If only I had the confidence to wear one... ;;

Oogoe Diamond is a popilar MV to steal from, aye?

Yuko is a freakin' gem, how could AKS let her leave!?

Bloody Hell, this scene always makes me feel sad ;; WHHHHY!?

Wow, Mayuyu looks so young here! And her chin doesn't look like it could cut me! YAY!

Minami is rocking that cake on her head.

Got a mashup of Namida Surprise! and Yuuhi wo miteiru ka? thrown into the mix, though it makes little sense, of course.

I've not watched Yuuhi wo miteiru ka? properly, btw. I just don't like the song.

Mariko-sama: "Let's go fuck shit up~"

Mariko is the saving grace for everything, even if the MV is good.

It's actually quite funny how bikes are significant to the plot line of Everyday, Katyusha, because the punishment for being overly Prideful is to be broken on the wheel.

God damnit, how much will this MV steal from Ponytail and Iiwake Maybe?

No clue who you are (I think I should know of you, however), but damn, you're cute! And yay, WINKU!

PIZZA! And that third girl is giving me life, she is just so saucy as she stares at us ;)

A wild Tomochin appears! Quick, catch her before she escapes!

This is a seriously fun dance, even if some of the members can't control their legs.

I really am confused as to why these specific scenes of Namida Surprise! were thrown in here, because they really have no relation to anything else, unless you think of the whole video as a memory Maeda is having from when she was popular and well liked by others.

But then, the ending would make very little sense. Arrrrgh!

I don't doubt they had fun, cause damn, it looks fun!

Yo, why did you have the bike race again? So that you didn't slap the shit outta each other?

And yo, technically, KojiHaru's won this one. She didn't give a shit about the agreement you made that we never saw.



Jurina, paws of Sayanee. I don't want you two getting too cosy >o>

Sayanee: "Who the fuck are you?"
Maeda: "The bitch whose gonna make sure you never get Center in Senbatsu~"

Either Sayanee's in awe, or she's really pissed that Maeda DARED to sit in on her and Jurina's rendezvous behind the bleachers.


And a little bit of Baby! Baby! Baby!, the MV that we won't see ever again, because nope, no fucks given.

This just looks tacky, y'all.

YO, don't stop now, I wanna find out why the fuck you're peddling so seriously, girl.

Okay, who vandalised the pretty sky picture!? Was it you, Yuko!? D8<

Another scene that sends me feels, guys ;; Like, what happened to make someone feel so alone ;;

Maeda: "Fuck dis shit, I'm taking Shanks's Pony!"

Damn, Maeda, way to treat the bike! What'd it ever do to you, aside from stop?

Yep, that's definitely outta place. I still appreciate the nod to Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou, though (and Yuuhi wo miteiru ka? too, I guess).

Look at Kashiwagi, trying her darndest to prove she has bewbs. A bit too much, dear, you look like you're desperate to prove something XD


Wait, wrong movie >o>

Who hurt you, Yuko!? D8


These scenes from Keibetsu really have no place in this MV. They just stick out horribly and don't work :/

I've only seen snippets of 10nen Zakura (horrible, shit song), but yeah, this is from that, and it does give me feels.


This is so cruel, and a little bit heartbreaking ;; WHHHHHY!?

Gawsh darnit, she's too cute, and I wish I'd known this way back when. Look at that scrunchy face!!! <3

Minami, you've hurt Maeda. You were her last friend! ;O;

That moment you find out you were put into the Burn Book.

And here is Aki-P, foreshadowing his ideas of AKB on a boat. AKA, STU48.

Yo, it's weird to think how many AKS groups are out there, now o3o

So, Aki-P is shipping these girls off because they're not as revered as the others? Jack-ass XD

That feeling when you see your ex in public.

Okay, Maeda, why are you running? Those girls made you feel useless and unloved, and yet you're running to say bye? What?


Tomochin: "Er, wtf are you doing here? This is MY turf."

Seriously though, where are the other members heading off to?



Oh, wait. Most AKS stuff has credits, nowadays. I overreacted.

As You Take Off Your Headband...~


I feel like there will be a few people who don't agree with me on this, but honestly, I find this video quite vain, at times. I mean, it's not bad to pay homage to your achievements - in fact, I would like to see other groups do this in future videos when they reach a specific milestone - but after only reaching one million sales, I don't think that's enough to determine a release like Everyday, Katyusha. I mean... AKB has achieved so much more in their time as a group, and this was the single that prompted a release to showcase how wonderful they are. No other group was that prideful or vain, at least not one that I can recall.

A billion, I get. The 10 year milestone, I understand. 1 million? Nah, man, that's a fucking joke, and does not warrant a homage to one self. That's just Aki-P thinking he's the shit, at this point.

Actually, do the lyrics mimic past singles, too? I think they do, but not much. I get that vibe, though.

Still, it's a pretty release. I mean, I can't deny that I enjoy watching Everyday, Katyusha. It looks good, even if it doesn't have a coherent story line, and there's no denying just how fun it is. The members look happy and lively, the atmosphere is carefree and cute, and the cinematography is damn pretty. The scenery is bloody gorgeous, too, showcasing AKS' stellar choice in locations and imagery. Seriously, Aki-P has a good eye for directors, and whoever he chooses, knows how to pick a good place to film. It's always so damn lovely to watch an AKS video that features multiple locations.

Also, those costumes are great. I mean, I feel confused when I see them, sometimes. I like them, but at the same time, I don't. They're not your typical seifuku, but damn, they look perfect for the summer!

A lot goes on in this MV, there is no denying that, and I know it has its fans, but for me, there are issues here. For any new fan or any passing viewer, I feel like Everyday, Katyusha would be a confusing video to watch. Unless you have seen all of AKS' PV's up until this release, you wouldn't get any of the references, and even if you do, there really is no consistent story line to follow. It feels botched together, with some scenes making sense (Oogoe Diamond scenes, any time Maeda looks like she doesn't fit in, the Iiwake Maybe scenes), whilst others just don't fit, creating this weird, extra story arc that we just don't need (Namida Surprise! comes to mind especially, and Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou, Heavy Rotation and Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008 as well). It makes these scenes feel unnecessary or out of place, making the video itself difficult to follow and understand.

Maybe I'm the only one who sees this, but, it's what I get from it. There are a few other MV's they could have added into it to make it feel a lot more whole and understandable, I bet.

You could easily argue that there's the drama version to accompany this, which would make so much more sense and tie certain scenes together, but for anyone who has never watched it (myself), or for someone who does not understand Japanese (myself), then it's a pointless endeavor; we won't understand what we have not seen, or cannot understand ourselves.

Still, the drama version would make me understand it a little better, but, whatever.

I feel like Everyday, Katyusha could have easily been its own thing, a story about certain girls leaving, Maeda fighting with them, before returning to make up with them before leaving so that there were no hard feelings left. But, it became something confusing and prideful, a homage to past releases that just turned into a little bit of a mess. What works, inevitably works well, but what doesn't just leaves me confused, and thinking that it was thrown in there to say 'This is from that MV, look, we're paying homage! YAY!'. Of course, that isn't bad, per say, but it's so obvious that it makes me want to roll my eyes. Like, you could have tied it in a little more cleanly.

But, I will stick by my idea that this is a video filled with memories from Maeda, who is trying to reminisce about the good times as she rides her bicycle to where the other girls are being shipped off. Still, the scenes featuring Heavy Rotation, or Yuko being waved to make less sense, as do a few other scenes. But, what can ya do? :/

It's a good music video, don't get me wrong. In many ways, Everyday, Katyusha is entertaining and sweet. It has some fun, memorable moments, and a few scenes that are genuine and give me goosebumps. It's beautifully filmed, there are some glorious shots and ideas, and overall, it is a fun watch. But, the downside is that it lacks a coherent story, focusing more on the fact that it's showing off scenes from past releases that have defined just who AKB48 are, and why their videos are so revered, breaking up the story just so Aki-P and AKB can show off.

So, yeah. It's a good music video, but there's aspects about it I dislike and find irritating, more than anything. I am not too fussy when a video has no story line - it happens - but, when you define a story line, I would prefer a director or editor to stick to it, instead of chopping and changing halfway through, to show off things we don't necessarily need. It just leaves the video looking like a bit of a clusterfuck, and leaves me as a viewer confused as all heck.

Oh, well. At least I know now that I was wrong about Maeda Atsuko all those years ago. Then again, at that point in time, my pride as a Hello! Project fan really got in the way. I guess I've learned something here, too. Huh.

Pride is a very unbecoming trait when you don't know how to control it, but once you learn to value certain assets over others, and to be prideful of the things that are important, that is when you start to become a better person. Of course, letting your pride get out of hand every now and again is normal, too. Just don't get too up your own arse, and you'll be okay.

Do you agree that Everyday, Katyusha is a video filled with pride, or do you want to fight me on it? I'm happy to talk to people about it, and see what your views are, too! It's good to discuss, and even better to help everyone learn something new through your point of view.

And with that, dear Sinners, our Sins Of The Idol series comes to an end! Which Sin have you enjoyed the most, and which Sin did you like the least? Which Sin defines you most? It's good to think about these things to try and improve ourselves so that these sins do not corrupt or overtake us in the long run, and to aid us in bettering ourselves as Sinful humans! But if you're happy with how you are, then don't change! I am simply suggesting.

Until the next post, dear readers! Thank you for reading, and thank you for entertaining yourself with these Sins! I hope that you have had a wonderful, sinful time.

Take care, Sin safely, enjoy all those Idol videos that are being released as we speak, be happy and healthy, and of course, LOVE THY IDOLS!

Sinful wishes and happy thoughts,

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