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Sins Of The Idol: Lust

Fore-Warning: This review contains scenes of a (somewhat) sexual nature, and therefore, the post is classed as NSFW. Please be cautious when reading, especially if you are pure of mind. Ta.

We all have desires, and sometimes, these desires need to be sated with another person. For many, the longing of another companion has been present since our teenage years, and there is no doubt in my mind that our Idols go through this same feeling, at some point in their lives. Why do you think they have scandals?

It's because finally, they have given into their desires, quenching their thirst and understanding that abstaining is not all its cracked up to be.

Purity is not for everyone, and neither is our sin of the day, Lust.

The desires of the heart and body are great, but as long as we don't go overboard, or let these desires overtake our mind, we should be okay. Still, it should be okay to partake in this sin once in a while, right?

Lust - The inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body, extravagance or power. Typically linked to sex, the act of lust is seen as an inappropriate, and therefore morally wrong, desire. Through lust, we feel want for an object or a person.

It must not be mistaken for Passion, which is far purer when the emotion is used properly.

The colour associated with this sin is blue.

There was no doubt in my mind which group I would use for this review, because damn, the only other groups risque enough to be under the Sin of Lust have to be Ebisu Muscats, and any number of the 48 family. From the get go, however, I was determined to use Predia and one of their more recent releases, Nouvelle Cuisine, for my Lust review. It had to happen.

Another contender would have been Heavy Rotation, or perhaps AKB's Ambulance. There are a number of MV's I could have used, come to think of it, but for me, Predia was one of the main contenders; they just do sexy so well, and it hardly feels awkward or forced.

I guess that's cause genuine women are performing, and not kids pretending they know what maturity is.

So, yeah. Another group that I knew would be in this set of Sinful reviews. I was also quite keen on finally reviewing Nouvelle Cuisine, because after viewing it for the first time, I was completely baffled by just how sexy and risque it seemed as a video. I had to stop watching it a few times, because it made me blush so much! Sure, it might not be on the same level as something like Heavy Rotation, but, Predia understand the art of subtlety, and they make it freakin' sexy.

Like, damn. I've lusted after this MV a few times. It's pretty hot.

And now we will lust after Predia together. In this delicious visual affair, will you fall into temptation and desire Predia's Nouvelle Cuisine just like me, or will you abstain, and wait until another groups lustful intentions pique your intrigue?

It's time to enjoy ourselves with this Sin. Are you feeling lustful yet?

A Delicate Burgundy,
The Aftertaste of Chardonnay.

Well, if this isn't quenching your thirst, I don't know what it >o>

Er, waiter? There's something in my wine. Could I get a new glass, please?

Damn, their dresses are pretty! It's as if their wardrobe department actually likes them... >o>

I'm not the only one getting a lady boner from the girls in wine glasses, am I?

Hot damn.

I am getting some serious James Bond vibes, guys. Like, old-school Goldfinger, but better.

Good grief, look at that shoulder shimmy, courtesy of Rumina! She knows what she's doing to us ;)

Akane's here for my darling, Ashley XD

Good grief, Sakurako, don't do this to me! DX Why so cute and sekushii?

Drop dat booty on the ground!

Keiko's lips look so nice! *^*

I wanna kiss em XD

Let's tango!

Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

Rumina is a damn babe, and she really knows how to keep your attention.

A bit dark, but who is this? Is it Akane? I bet it's Akane.

Slow and sensual, subtle and torturous. Oh, sweet desire~

I want Keiko to wink for me all day long, guys. I will die of happiness if she does that.

Keiko: "Welcome to the Land of the Winking Wota~"

I should totally revive that slogan XD

Hot damn, look at Reiko's lips! Now there is a lustful pout.

Also, damn, Mai, how are you so beautiful?

Rumina is just so present. She's a gorgeous specimen.


Oh damn, I think I'm blushing.

Don't point to your mouth like that or open it that way, girls. For your own safety, y'know >_>

Rumina is so bloody gorgeous. Not my favourite, but, she captures my attention all the time. How is she so captivating?

Yuu captures my gaxe, too, but that's cause she's a complete babe in general.

Keiko, stop being so fucking cute. I just wanna hug you.

Now this looks like it should be on the Goldfinger reel. But, damn, look at that hair flip!

All the students at the weekend be like ^ ^ ^ ^

I give props to whoever filmed this, because these shots are bloody stunning.

And yet again, Rumina steals my heart and my print screen. Why is she so stunning?

My mouth is dropping like that booty, and my heart rate is rising with it as well.

Sakurako, you babe. How did you get such a cute face when you're obviously a devious soul?

Okay, Akina, you feel out of place here. You look like a kid masquerading as an adult XD

But you're pretty and cute, don't get me wrong! Just don't get corrupted, k?

I really enjoy the choreography, but damn, the solo shots keep cutting it off! Let me enjoy the dance, guys!

Sakurako looking like a tease, as per. Those eyes say 'come hither', for sure.

Who hurt you, Yuu? I'll punch em! D8<

Good grief, you'd think they'd get tamer the longer it goes on.


Akane: "Oh, look. I dropped my sexy again."

Yes. Yes you did.

I just love watching how their hair sways...

Oh, and the booty. I watch the booty, too >o>

Keiko, NO!

K.O! Chiima down!

Seriously, how can someone so cute be so frekain' sexy, too!?

Wait, I take back all I said. Akina is sexy, she's just so damn good at playing the sweet and innocent act! WTF, I was so convinced she didn't fit in! D8

Holy shit.

Nothing like using grapes for phallic symbolism, aye?

Guys, I found the sadist of the group! 8U

Seriously though, Sakurako. Don't slap it too hard.

Look at how flawless they are. They're so freakin' glorious.

Yeah, my heart is pounding, too, and I think it's Predia's fault, guys.

Keiko, don't purse your lips like that! It's far too tempting!

I've not paid much mind to Runa, but she is really cute. She just doesn't capture my attention, is all XD

Swirl the wine! Swiiiiirl!

This is actually quite relaxting to watch XD

Yuzuka: "Whoops~"

Well, if this isn't fan service, then I don't know what is.

Mai, I don't think that you should wrap grapes into your hair...


Rumina's gonna give me a heart attack.

How in the heck is she so sexy!?

Now there's a glass of wine I wouldn't mind ordering.

Also, Akane's voice is just glorious. She's just not my kind of wine.

Yep. I'm definitely going to hell for this sin >o>

Predia can't help it if they're sexy, and they definitely can't help it if our thoughts turn all sinful with desire and lust because we're impure sods.

The simplest movements can be quite sensual, when filmed in the shadows.

Pretty sure I'm a Sakurako fan, at this point. How could I not be?

Dat booty, tho.

All the students in the club go ^ ^ ^ ^

Ah, recycled jokes. Well done, me XD

Is it a bad time to tell Predia that I don't like wine?



I don't think that I'll ever get over just how sexy this group are. I mean, upon my first viewing of Nouvelle Cuisine, I was blushing like a Nun watching 50 Shades of Grey. Sure, it's not that bad, but there's no deny that, for a music video, Nouvelle Cuisine is pretty damn sexy. Actually, it's one of the sexiest MV's I have seen this year, and it does its job well - it made me want the group quite a bit, more specifically, Sakurako and Keiko.

Like, damn, those girls are gorgeous >o>

I think that one of the more obvious reasons for why it is sexy, is because of those shadows and the way the members move in those scenes. I mean, we only see the figures, but that's quite erotic; the less we know about the person, the sexier it can become, because less is more. We don't know if they're naked or wearing clothes (they are), so the illusion of the shadows allows our imaginations to run wild. The way they move their bodies doesn't help, either: Slow, sensual and alluring, every moment spent on those scenes feels torturous and sinful, and my desire to watch more only rises.

I love to see the use of shadows worked into a video effectively, anyway, but here it's done for the sake of delivering a sexual feel, and yeah, it works. I'm pretty sure I'm still blushing right now, even when I think about such scenes! They're pretty intense, even if we don't see a lot.

The other scenes that are pretty lustful are, of course, the grape scenes. I get why the grapes are there; grapes make wine, the song is about food and wine, therefore, they're pivotal to the theme of the video. But it's how they are used that's the bloody problem, because Jeebus Cripes, I didn't think that this video could get any more sexual or intense.

It did, and yeah, my heart rate spiked.

Yeah, those grape scenes, though... Now, they are sexy, and they're definitely sinning at this point. I mean, I never thought that the grapes would be used in such a salacious way, but they have. Those scenes were surprising, but it's Predia; I should expect such imagery from them, at this point.

By the way, I think the grape scenes are done really well, and the members seem rather... engaged with their fruit. Amazingly, it doesn't look awkward, either. It's just extra kinky, and it makes the PV that little bit more arousing than it already was.

I also have a craving for grapes, right now but I don't want them the way Predia had them. I just like grapes XD

Aside from the arousing imagery thrown in there, this video only has the choreography and solo shots added in, not that that's an issue. It's nice to see the other members and how they interact with the camera. The choreography is something I enjoy, and whilst there doesn't look to be much to it, it flows and looks pretty, and works with song as well. Oh, and the costumes; I love them. They are so appealing, and the way they move just fascniates me. It gives the group an elegant, grown-up look, which is what Predia is all about, whilst also showing off how sexy and mature they are, without revealing too much or showing too little.

It's the perfect outfit for them, and whoever does their wardrobe, I love them. H!P really need to hire them, at some point.

The solo shots are also pretty wonderful to watch, too. Each member is engaged, and everyone reacts differently, which I enjoy. I like that Rumina is completely in tune with the song and camera, because she captures my gaze every time. Keiko is also a diamond in this; she looks so cute and sweet, but she really knows how to show off that sensual side when she wants to. Sakurako's the same in a way. I'm intrigued by her innocent face, but the way she gazes at the camera and the way she moves her body tell me that she's mature and understands what this song is all about, and how she needs to sell herself to the camera.

I'm genuinely surprised by some of these members, but, yeah, they all look amazing in their individual scenes, and even in their shadowed shots, they look bloody stunning. Not than I can tell who is who, of course.

Predia's Nouvelle Cuisine is stunning, but it is definitely sinful. In every scene, we can feel the lust in the air, and as the video trails on, it only gets worse, but I say that in the best way possible. It's a sexy video, and the members of Predia know how to perform without looking awkward, or making the video feel like its cheap and immature. They are all grown women, and they know how to entertain their fans.

But, for some, this might be a little too sexy. For the hardcore Predia fans, though, and all you lustful wota out there, this might be right up your alley. Sometimes it's okay to enjoy a little bit of lust, especially if it's in the form of Predia.

People give in to Lust everyday, but as long as it's consensual, and as long as it isn't illegal or there for revenge, it's okay to enjoy a little bit of this sin. Just make sure you enjoy it in a healthy dose, because far too much of everything is bad for anyone.

The act of Lust is natural, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now it is time to end our deal with the Devil, at least for today. There is one final Sin to go through, however, so be prepared! What final act will be committed, and who will be committing the deed? You will have to wait until the next post to find out, dear readers.

Until then, please take care, sin safely, enjoy the Idols who grace your presence and view, and of course, stay healthy and happy. Take care, Sinning Wota~

Sin Away,

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