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Sins Of The Idol: Envy

The grass will always be greener on the other side, and there will always be a part of us that pines for more. Specifically, we will pine for the things that another person has. Even though we try not to wish or want, we can't help it; the Sin of Envy is built into us from the day we learn to think for ourselves.

For our Idols, their envy may lie in various things. The desire to become a singer as great as Koda Kumi, the longing to be as renowned as Matsuura Aya in her Idol years, and even the wish to become as popular and renowned as AKB48. No matter what it may be, the desire and want for something another Idol has will always be there in our Idols - it is a natural desire, to want what another has, because people will always convince themselves that it will grant happiness and fulfillment.

That is not always the case, however.

Like anyone else in this world, our Idols should not let their Envy consume them. Of course, it's not always easy to hide that little green monster sitting on your shoulder...~

Envy - The desire for another's wealth, status, possessions and / or lifestyle. One of the three sins linked to Desire, the nature of Envy can cause great unhappiness to those who hold it. Though you long for what another has, you may still feel envy even after acquiring what you set out to receive or achieve. Also known as Jealousy.

The colour associated with this sin is green.

I feel like this MV was a no-brainer, and, like every other PV I have reviewed thus far, here's another one I've wanted to review for a while! Of course, the desire to review this one was not as big as other PV's, but... damn! I kinda went overboard with the screen grabs, cause this PV is stu-nn-i-ng! Like damn, I am kinda jealous of whoever got to create this PV!

Sadly, there's a giant lack of green here, but, hey! It fits the theme I want to review, and even the lyrics and video follow the idea of 'envy' and 'the grass is greener on the other side', which is good enough for me! Plus, I never bothered to look for other videos that fit the bill; I pretty much chose Jealousy Jealousy, and stopped there XD

Honestly, though, Morning Musume 17's song fits the bill quite well. Not only is the song speaking the sinful tongue of envy already, but the lyrics and the theme of the video fit that idea of sin well. It's all about someone wanting what another girl has, and wishing to be on the other side, where the grass is greener and a lot more lush than the patch of dry mud they are standing on.

It's a perfect fit, in short, and I'm rather glad I chose this one for the theme of Envy! Not that I had any other videos on the side, just in case, of course... >o>

*ahem* I doubt I'm making any sense right now (tiredness) so, I'm gonna shut up, and get on with the review!

Are you ready to feel the utmost envy? Once you look upon the beauty of MoMusu, I'm not sure you'll feel anything else. Fufufu...~

Let's go green with envy, fellow Sinners.

Made with Jealousy~

Okay, I thought this is Jealousy Jealousy, not Yin and Yang, jeez >o>

YokoReina gives me life, guys. She's just so pure and sweet, omg ;o;

God damn, even when she looks pissed off, Eriman is so cool *^*

Miki: "Good grief, why did they tell me my Engrish isn't needed, any more?"

KAEDII! The Lady looks lovely, as per *^*

TBH, this scene could be a background. So beauts!

Duu: "Okay, so if I stage dive for my last ever concert, will management be cool, or...?"

A pensive Duu is definitely a strange Duu.

Oh my days, the three Queens of Resting Bitch Face. YO, can I get y'alls autographs?

It doesn't matter if you're black or white! WHOO!

Yo, those dresses are fucking ugly, but damn, this is a fun choreography y'all cooked up!

YOOOO, OGATA! Y;all a BAE *^* <3

Okay, Fukubewbs, get outta the shot. Eriman's the one we all desire *^* YAAAS <3

GDI, they got two of the best looking girls in the same shot. Are they trying their darndest to give me a nose bleed!?

Sharkyumin: "Yo, bitch, love me, too!"

Nah, go wallow in your envy >o>

MoMusu '17: -plays the air piano-

Oooooookay? What the fuck are they doing, swatting flies?

Akane is not pleased with the lack of elegance this choreography contains.

HOT DAMN, Duu, you fierce! Go girl, GO! 8U <3

Akane's got serious down pat. Now, if only the rest of generation could do it, without looking like they need the toilet.

YO, Lady Kaede's smile is so refreshing but cheeky. Good grief, how is she so lovely?

Fukubewbs, we know you're old, but revel in it. You have seniority over these munchkins.

I could give Miki £1 billion, and she'd still suck at being serious. She looks hella good, tho.

Oh, are those hair decorations from Only You? I think the curtains are, too.

You get a Jealousy, you get a Jealousy! EVERYBODY GETS A JEALOUSY!!!

Gosh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, Lady Kaede! I think I am slowly falling in love with you o-O <3

Seriously, she's so flawless! ; A;

Oharu: "Bitch, don't point yo nasty finger at me."

I feel like Ogata needs a nap. Her 'serious' look needs some work.

Oh, wow! Maria's actually improving! WTFFFFFF

As in, her serious look. Not her singing. That still kinda sucks.

Maria: "Bitch, I will cut you."

LOL no you won't.


This girl is on it! She's on freakin' fire! <3 Bathe in her hawtness, guys! YOWCH!

Duu: "This is a lovely wall, but what if I... punched through it?"
Lady Kaede: "Mufufufu, I'm loved by Chiima~"

Dude, my human brain is about 90% Idol music. I'm probably about 30% jealousy, but I don't live my life wishing for everything someone else has. That's a damn waste of time.

YO, SAKURA! She is killing it and looking hawt as she does so.

The Ugly Duckling has truly become a swan ;o;

Duu: "Hehe, now I remember that I'm popular~"
Lady Kaede: "FFS, why is Maria so damn popular? Girl can barely hold a tune, tch..."

Oh, the grass is truly greener on the other side! Duu's finally happy, and now, Kaede's seething on the inside.

How daaaare the other members be happy! D8< RAWR!

Oh good grief, Eriman looks so damn cool! I love you, Eriman! ; A;

NOOOO, HOW DARE YOU TAKE AWAY REINA BABY'S SMILE! I'll burn the director who did this! D8<

But yay! Pillow face is happy again :3

Love how relaxed the white side is, and how stiff they are on the other side.

Always brighter on the other side, it seems~

WTF are they even doing? Batting away potential suitors? Trying to waft the smell of sweaty wota away?

I have no fucking clue, but if it's air piano, they're doing it wrong.

Oh, Good Grief, the Princesses smile has returned! Let us bow down to her beauty and delight, everyone! BOW!!! ;A; <3

GAWD DAMN, Ogata! And Maria! Like, holy shit, when did you both get so good at this!? o-O

Okay, I take back the whole 'only Akane can look serious' statement. Only Miki fails at this kinda stuff, now.

LAWL, no. Go get praise from your fans.

Oh, fuck, are we in Hell? Is this what I get for reviewing sinful MV's?

WTF kinda early 2000's MV did I fall into, this time? This isn't Get Up Rapper with stellar editing, is it?

Oh, my little creeper, Ogata. You are freakin' adorable as you photobomb, you precious darling, you <3

This shit is hurting my eyes, can we go back to the black and white already?

Of course, when you all get over your silly jealousy of one another, the world really is much more colourful, isn't it?

But, that doesn't mean you have to look like you dressed in the fucking dark. Hire some better wardrobe assistants, guys, this isn't 1992.

Eriman: "Oi, I liked the wardrobe for this."

Eriman, you need your eyes checked.

Harunan is fucking slaying this game, and I am even more in love with her than normal. She's a damn Queen!

LOL, Fukubewbs doing serious is pretty hilarious, and WOW, Eriman's troll face. That's not happiness, that's pure smugness as she realises just how damn awesome she is.

Oh, and thos body rolls. Whew!

(just noticed how Kaede looks away in misery, whilst Duu looks forward with positivity. Oooooh!)

Eriman: "Fufufu, I am better than you~"
Fukubewbs: "Urgh, why does Eriman look so good with a shortcut? Why is my face so round? Shortcuts won't ever suit me!"

This one is for all you Sakuranbo fans out there, cause damn, just look at her!

Eriman: "Kyaha!"

Good grief, how is Eriman so cute!? Manly and cool, but also cute and girly. Can she really be anything if she puts her mind to it!?

Ahahaha, Sakuranbo's smugness is great. I love it XD

Sakuranbo: "Bitch, I'm way better than you."
Ayumin: "Yeah, well let's see how you feel when the shoe is on the other foot, wench."

Sakuranbo: "Oh, shit. If only I was as cute and refreshing as Baby Reina..."
Ayumin: "My shark smile is great! It's a redeeming feature!"

Watching Miki try to be cool is the equivalent of me as a teenager throwing random Japanese phrases into English conversation. Embarrassing, and hard to watch / hear.


TBH, this is a little bit embarrassing, anyways. Some of these members really suck at acting cool XD

BABY REINA!!! *^* <3

Protect the preciousssss 'A' <3

YO, HARUNAN, when did you get so delicious?

Like, damn, perfection.


The saviors of MoMusu, right here! <3

Okay, Akane, when did you become so cool? Seriously, people need to watch out for her, this kid is a dark horse.

Harunan is killing it, as per usual, and Maria's just like... 'Yeah, I'm here too. Don't forget about me?'

Harunan has confidence. Maria lacks it, but hey, she's trying.

Not everyone can be in the spotlight, okay? Some of y'all need to direct the spotlight, and the rest stay in the shadows. It's how the damn industry works, unless you go solo, of course.

In those outfits, you won't be flattered. They're atrocious.


Lady Kaede, you can have all the flattery. You are too darned precious to deny <3

OGATA!!! Look at that adorable smile, that hair, that everything ;; SHE'S SO LOVELY! <3

Okay, seeing Maria's smile is just so nice. She really is a bundle of life energy and delight when she's active and adorable.

Ogata, though! Her life has been sapped right outta her ;; </3

Okay, despite how horrendous these outfits are, these scenes are fun to watch. You just gotta get past the 90's cringe that is swamping the girls.

Okay, not gonna lie, I just thought for a second that Ayumi's arm was a giant, yellow peanut, floating in the abyss of nope.

And, no, girls. Don't ever do that fucking move again. You're too good for this ; A;

AHAHAHAHA, Miki, don't act cool. You can't do it XD

Loving the spotlight she is getting, though. BONUS!

Even in the darkest of times, Harunan is elegant as all heck.

Okay, Fukubewbs is SLAYING this scene. She looks very pretty, too.

AKANE, THO! Look at that cuteness! Not only can she be cool and serious, but she's cute, too! How can you ever deny her? This girl is everything!

Also, love how they paired the oldest and youngest together to switch. Is Harunan pondering on how much she loathes Akane for being so youthful and sweet?

Those passive expressions, tho. They look like mindless zombies.

Oh, hey, we just stumbled into the latest episode of The Walking Dead! Who woulda thunk it?

Either Sakura's been told she will be given a solo career, or she's just singing to the Lord almighty, Gaki-sama, and showing off her singing chops.

Either way, holy heck, that was a glorious part of the MV and song, in general. I didn't know she had it in her! (Now watch her voice crack like fuck live, lol)

Reina and Kaede <3 Aren't they just perfection, regardless of all that weird arm waving as they try to do the Mexican wave (wrong, might I add).

Duu, you glorious human, you are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell ya different! D8<

FFS, you're all Idols. I feel like being idolized comes with the territory.

Also, damn, this shot is quite glorious.

Bitch, you're idolized, especially by me. I love ya, ya glorious human <3

DUU, YOU PRECIOUS LITTLE BEAN ;A; <3 How are you so wonderful?

... Yo, wtf is Ayumin wearing? A raincoat?

If only there wasn't a bright, white light washing Kaede out... le sigh. She still looks beautiful, though.


I really can't get over just how amazing Harunan is in this, whilst Miki... yeah, she's lacking, at best. Maybe she should take notes from Akane?

Speaking of...~

I will flatter you, sweet Princess. How and why are you so adorable, but so cool, too? You are precious ;;

These scenes are great, a little out of nowhere, but great. They make me think that these girls have let go of their jealousy and finally come together, so, it's nice. No more envy, just colour and happiness~

MoMusu '17: "Pat the dough, make it nice and fluffy!"

Okay, I both like and dislike this choreography. Was their instructor half baked when they cooked up this shit?

TBH, Mizuki looks great here. Too bad I remember the others more XD

DUU, you beautiful bean, you! I will miss your face ;;

Lady Kaede will be the resident Ikemen next, it seems. I mean, bloody H!P are adamant that Eriman's female, so, I guess I'll have to live with them shafting my darling to the side, and focus on the Ikemen qualities of Kaede >o>

Awww, so precious! They finally let Miki smile! ;A; FINALLY D8<

See, even Maria looks better when smiling. We really need another fun MV, guys >o>

Okay, why does it look like Sakuranbo's doing a Marilyn? I mean...

Yeah. I did it. Sakuranbo and Marilyn Monroe, together at last. It had to be done!

Good grief, Sakuranbo is gorgeous when smiling. I love her hair styled like this, too.

Erm, Oharu... didn't you get the memo to smile? You're all happy now. Happy! So smile, damnit!

So refreshing! So pure! So Reina!!! ; A; <3

I wanna keep her forever, you guys ;;

Okay, how wonderful is Ogata? Look at that satisfied smile <3 So damn cute.

The King is flawless. Enough said.

MoMusu '17: "Keep away from us, wardrobe department! We can choose our own costumes, from now on!"

Yes, please keep the wardrobe department away. They really do make you look like idiots, sometimes (and no, it's not because I'm jealous. They truly are ugly outfits).

Be J-J-J-Jealous!


I don't know when, or even how, but this song has grown on me. I swear, I didn't like it, at one point. Now, I do. Has Hell truly frozen over?

Doubtful, but there is one thing for sure... I may like the song now, but those outfits will always be horrendous. I do not envy MoMusu for getting to wear them, because, ew, their wardrobe department must have hated them that day. That, or they were high and figured that some blocky colours and horrible silver-white outfits would be passable for the song.

Thankfully, the video itself saves it. It really is a gorgeous MV; hence why there are over 90 screen shots. I was a little crazy when I started this review, some days ago (as well as buzzing on vanilla cola).

Okay, so even though there is nothing green about this video, I do love the concept it has going for it. The idea of 'black and white' is used appropriately, with the black representing the negative mindset, and the white portraying the positive outlook. In the dark side of the rooms, the members are stiff, cold and distant from each other, never interacting or smiling. They're just thinking, stewing in their own negativity until they pass over to the positive side. That is when they become open and friendly, engaging in conversation and playfully pushing one another or laughing.

Much like the colour black, the members in the black room are closed off and moody, whilst everyone in the white room are open and refreshing, just like the colour itself. It's great, and yeah, it reminds me of the state of a mind, how one would feel when they're either happy or miserable - as if it's too dark, or if the world is bright. Nice metaphor used there, H!P. Well done!

I think that the use of colour is used well, too, though it's used quite aggressively. The costumes are shit, don't get me wrong, but the idea of the colour is great. When colour explodes onto the screen, we come to the realisation that these girls have put their jealousy aside, and are finally coming together as friends and accepting themselves for who they are. Just like anyone in this huge, wide world, when we realise that we are fine as we are, and that we have all we need and no longer see the tint of jealousy, that is when we see just how bright and great everything is. We finally see the colour.

Even though the world can seem black and white at times, there will be colour eventually. We just need to drop that jealous little monster on our shoulder, and remember that we can't have everything another person has. It's just how things are.

So yeah, I enjoy the message this video delivers. It works perfectly with the song, and even though I find the outfits atrocious, I guess they work well with the song, too. The lyrics are great, too, and I think they really do bring across the idea of jealousy perfectly. The girls throw out their desires and wishes for things that others have, whilst also wanting you to praise them like you would your favourites. It's great! The complexity of the emotion is done well in writing, and the members seem to engage with it.

I would say that the one downfall (aside from the costumes) would be some of the members and their serious act. They can't all do it well, with Miki being a prime example. Of course, some members have it down pat; Reina is surprisingly good at it, Maria's improved immense, and our dear little Akane is on par with Haruna, at this point, which is quite surprising! I have to say, it was an entertaining watch, to see dear little Akane pull off a cool, collected look and show her serious side. Damn!

Aside from that, though, this is a stellar MV. It's edited beautifully, the cuts precise and energetic at times, and there are some wonderful shots thrown in there, too. Even though the camera is stationary at times, it works well here, because there is a great amount of movement happening, and even on the solo shots where the girls pose, a stationary shot works, because it feels more like a photograph than a video, capturing a perfect moment with the members.

The moving shots, however, are wonderful as well. I love it. They are sleek and steady as they move, and they just feel flawless. It's beautiful! Oh, and those shots where the members switch rooms? It feels like two frames have been put together, when in actuality, there are two rooms that they pass through. It messes with my head a little, but in a good way.

So, in short: It's a good music video, and it embodies the idea of 'envy' and 'jealousy' well, in both its look and in the lyrics. Typically, H!P don't focus on the story line or connection to the lyrics, but this time they did, and it works. It's beautifully shot, well edited, and the members seem to really enjoy themselves here. Next time, though, they should pay for acting lessons for some of these girls. Like, they need it, desperately.

Well, let's just hope that some of the girls don't get too jealous of Akane and Harunan, because they killed it, and they were flawless here.

I've totally found a new love for Akane, you guys. Oh my days.

The sin of Envy is hard to fight, but when you finally let go of it and realise just how much you have, you will see everything a little bit clearer. It's one of the easiest sins to embody, but don't hold onto it for too long; jealousy can truly make you miserable, and cost you valuable relationships in the long run.

It does not do well to dwell on the things others have or achieve, for your own merits are just as valuable, dear reader.

This sin has been dealt with, but which sin will come along next? With only two left, which one will take the lead and make itself known? You will have to find out in the next post.

Until the next Sin, fellow fans. Please remember to keep your jealousy for what another has in check, and do not lament those who have more than you in Idol goods or those who see their Idols regularly. Jealousy is not a good mask on anyone's face.

Take care, love your Idols, and love the things you have already. That's the advice I will lend you for today~

Keep your Sins at bay, and enjoy.

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