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[PV Selection] September '17

... Yeeeeah, this didn't come out in October when it should have, did it >o> Whoops, looks like Slob Blogger Chii is at it again, posting over one month later, and leaving these PV's in the dust. I swear... -rambles to self, throws a chair, rolls on floor, then posts, finally-

My excuse? I'm busy, I go to school Monday to Wednesday, and work at a bar at the weekends. My days off are spent doing laundry, plotting my takeover of the world, watching Idol videos, and making up blog slogans. Aren't those reasons to forget to do this?

Oh, and I actively hate looking up the romaji for the song titles and the group names that I don't know. There's an even better reasons not to post, right? o3o

... Okay, let's actually watch some videos >o>

Usual spiel:

All videos thrown into this here post are, for the most part, videos that I actively enjoy. Not all Idol music videos will be added into this post, either because I A) Didn't enjoy them as much as others, B) Never watched them, C) They were blocked in my country (Thanks, NG and Kayaking 46 >o>) or, D), I didn't actually like them at all. There are many reasons why I never posted them, but please remember, I am one person, so my tastes are absurdly different to yours, and also, I don't have the time to watch everything.

Amazingly, I have to be an adult now. Ouch. I don't like it, either. Puberty Being a grown-up sucks, don't do it, kids.

For those who do not see a favoured September release here, either, please remember that you can comment and post your preferences, too! It's good to share, and if I never viewed it or didn't care for it, it's a great chance to make me see what you saw. Sometimes, I need a kick or a shove in the right direction, so, prod me. Let me understand your love.


Are we there yet?


Okay, so, I had a few more videos on here before I cut a bunch of them out. I can be brutal like that, but, after the initial viewing, my mind can change drastically in terms of how I see it. So, some were cute, a lot weren't. However, it isn't just the simple stuff that was cut; I like simple, but even some of the awesome stuff was nope'd out of here, because it just didn't hold any interest. Kinda like this:

My policy is: If I can't find the words to describe why I like it, then why the fuck is it there? CUT!

So, these are the ones that made the list. Will there be anything memorable, and will there be something you enjoyed, too? It's time to find out!

Let's press PLAY, and have a grand old time! Let's get watching!

Dokyuu no Go Sign by Morning Musume '17

YO, this video is awesome. It's such a vibrant burst of energy, and for as a video, it feels whole and genuine. Like, damn, I love seeing Happy Musume! They usually fake their smiles to oblivion, because they're forced into 'cool' situations that don't always suit them. Here, though, it's damn cute and energetic, and I really can't get enough of how adorable this group can be!


I have discussed the video briefly in a single review for this release, but just to recap: I love it. I love the colour and energy, the happiness and cuteness it delivers. The only downside is those fucking outfits, with the white to accent it, but I do like the actual dresses and shirts they wear. The casual clothes are amazing, too.

It's a warm, cheerful video, and one of the best I have seen from Sullen Musume in a while. They're finally smiling properly! YAY! Also, damn, I want all those arrows. So pretteh!

Wakain da shi! by Morning Musume '17

Wakain da shi! is sponsored by the tears of Idols!

... In all seriousness, I do like this video. I mean, it's so freakin' sentimental, and holy shit, did MM go outside!? This isn't a green screen, right? It isn't H!P photo shopping them anywhere that isn't a studio, right? HOLY SHIT, THEY'RE ACTUALLY OUTSIDE! AND ON A BUS! WHAT!?

I was so happy to see this MV, and also to watch it unfold. I mean, it's so sweet! As Duu walks alone down a path, she meets the other members of MoMusu, who are still together but smiling and waving from the sidelines, watching her walk towards her future with confidence and support. It's damn sweet, and it feels like there's a metaphor here about how Duu will always have MoMusu standing behind her, whilst she walks alone.

So damn sweet, and so damn emotional. I cried, for sure. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

It's a great MV, and pretty simple. I'm so glad that such a beautiful video was produced for Duu's final release ;;

Biggest mistake, though? Dem white outfits, yo.

If you wanna by Perfume

HECK YEAH, THIS IS HERE! I mean, it's great. A futuristic video, as one would expect from Perfume, but it honestly looks great. I really do feel like Perfume are another species, almost like cyborgs or some other ethereal being. The graphics and effects used are just incredible, creating a technical, almost cyber feel that is entrancing. I can't look away.

Oh, and it has that distorted, malfunctioning look to it, like your computer is ready to crash. That theme has been running rampant in some music videos this year, and it's one of my favoured effects, so far. I love how discomforting it is, because it's such a weirdly satisfying image to watch.

This whole video, though, is a joy. But it's, like, 3 minutes long. WHY SO SHORT? D8<

c.o.s.m.o.s by Uchida Maaya

This is a damn pretty looking video, with some gorgeous visuals. The bubbles are especially beautifully, and when the depth of field of the camera is used juuuuust right, it looks freakin' magical.

What a shame about that song, huh? I mean, in comparison, it's a no, from me XD I really don't like it. They could have used something a little more colouful and vibrant in sound, though honestly, the imagery does suit the sound at times. So, at least they got that right.

But, yeah, the use of imagery and locations in this video is just gorgeous. It's like a little fantasy, mixed with adventure, and it feels otherworldly and oh-so breathtaking. I love how everything looks, and how well it has been filmed. D-D-DAMN!

But, again. That song. Ew.

Kokoro ni, ame. by DREAMING MONSTER

I was captivated by the shots used in this MV, and how beautifully the opening unfolded. It has some stunning imagery, too, more specifically that scene with the hand in the pouring rain as it holds the leaf. Everything else is wonderful about the video, too, of course, because it is all so wonderfully filmed. I honestly love how pretty and simple it is, in colour scheme and execution, but how powerful and personal each shot feels, too.

Oh, and that choreography. It just works so well with the music, flowing seamlessly whilst also being nicely synchronised. It just makes every moment that little bit better, and it makes my editing nerves vibrate with joy.

It's pretty, it's simple, and it makes me happy. It's stunning and it caught my attention right away, and yeah, I feel like I need to follow this group a little more. Amazingly, this is only their 2nd single, so I wonder who is backing them to allow them such an amazing MV? Well, amazing by my standards, at least.

Also, notice how much brighter everything becomes when the members walk and fade away? Yeah, that's subtle, but it's hella intriguing and a tad creepy, too. I wonder what story I could derive from just those small tweaks in contrast? Time to theorize!

Jelly beans by fuwafuwa

I feel like this group made a cute PV, way back when, but then I never heard of or from them again. I dunno, but, this is hella cute, and hella Idol. And, damnit, it panders to my love for pastel colours and cuteness! Sadly, the song title puts me off; I hate jelly beans. I'm not even joking; those things are gross AF.

There isn't a lot going on here - it's similar to H!P PV's up until recently - in that, it only really has a dance shot and a couple of member shots. Still, the colour is enough to get me, because it's just so bright and peppy! I like a little bit of pep, especially when it's filled with this much sweetness!

The choreography, however, is pretty lazy, and on the members' part, it doesn't look that exciting. They feel so lacking in energy and investment, but, their solo shots make up for it. I'm just hoping the reason behind their lack luster delivery in dance is due to their choreographers being basic and telling them to tone it down.

It's cute, but nothing special. Still, it catches my eye, and it makes me think of Easter. Damn, they brought the Easter MV out too early!

Egao no Kimi e by Suzuki Mimori

When this MV first started playing, I was like 'huh??? Haven't I heard this song? Isn't it old?' but, no, it's one I happened to have heard a few times throughout October, because damn, I forgot all about it and had never seen the PV before listening to it. This MV reminded me of it, though, and made me realise that this song is a little gem, mostly because it's so freakin' nostalgic

The video is quite pretty, too, though. I love the use of the picture frames, and the filter used over it to make it a little duller than it actually is. It gives the video a cool tone, as opposed to a bright and vibrant one. The filter isn't entirely necessary, however, I think it gives the little snippet we see a bit more of a winter feel.

Basically: It's pretty!

Moshiya Koitsu wa Romantic no Shippo by Ototoi Friday

Okay, so the first thing that intrigued me about this video was the visual style used. It looks just like an old film camera had been used to film it. Second, I enjoyed how the members sat in two separate frames, and how they knew the other was there, and often fought for other things, such as their blankets, or their phones, before passing things over to one another.

It's nice to see that, because it creates some form of intimacy between the characters, but keeps their interactions interesting.

The song, I'm not crazy over. It's not that appealing to me, but the playful tone of the video, mixed with its vintage look and tone makes for an entertaining watch. The end is quite nice, too, revealing the two in the same frame before ending on them in separate frames once again.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable watch, but again, the song is meh. I can't win em all, though, can I?

Kimi to Boku no Symphony by Toyama Nao

I am a glutton for simplicity, and colour. This has both. Good grief, why do the simple things in life please me so? Because, I am a simple fool, that is why. Oh, and Toyama Nao's Kimi to Boku no Symphony is just pleasing to the eye.

AND IT HAS AN OPEN SKY! I love open skies, they make me so happy whenever I see them. Looking up at the clouds is one of my favourite pastimes. Lord, I am basic. But, here, it works brilliantly, working some beauty into the simplicity of the performance sequences. And those shots that include Nao walking outside are so vast and clear, like a portrait. It's simply captivating.

I love the song, too. It's a simple, pretty sound, one that hooked me instantly because of how sweet and gentle it is. It has a bit of a kick to it, too, but I can't deny the generic sound it has. I still enjoy it, though, because it's the sort of song I would like.

It's a pretty, simple video, and it makes me happy. I kinda want to watch all of it, now.

Planetaric Carnival by Misako Aoki x merry merli

Most of the merry merlu MV's I have come across, are always entertaining. Usually loaded with visuals, pastel and anything cute, I can always rely on merry merli to sustain my Idol diet of cuteness and sugar, and here is no different. Though tackier than usual, I still enjoy this kaleidoscope of pastel, because it is entertaining.

The chroma key backdrop is shitty as heck, though, but damn, look at that make-up! Someone ate a smurf >o>

Yet again, here is an MV with a song that is nothing to rave about. In fact, it kinda sucks, but the video is cute, so I can forgive it a little. I guess. Maybe note >o> Good thing it is cute.

But, that's all it really is; cute. Aside from the kaleidoscope imagery used, there's nothing else enticing about it. It has a bit of a playful vibe at times, but, so far, only the pastel and kaleidoscope editing is keeping me hooked. Oh, and that blue lipstick. I kinda want it, but I know I'd never use it. Huh.

OH... AND BUBBLES!!! (And sprinkle lips. WTF, I need).

Mikansei no Shoujo by Tokyo Cute Cute

From the logo at the beginning of the MV, I honestly thought that this was about to be a homage to the mighty ℃-ute. Alas, it is not, but I do like what this group has done. It's simple, pretty, and it's aesthetically pleasing to my eye. What more could I ask for?

Oh, and they are wearing blue and white, and that reminds me of the sky. I like that in an Idol group, when they remind me of one of my favourite things, whilst simultaneously being another one of my many favoured things. Well done, Tokyo Cute Cute! You are my Sky Idols now.

This video is just hella nice to watch. It's kind of relaxing, actually, because everything feels so peaceful and gentle. The way the members look, paired with how they move and flow to the music, feels so serene and elegant, especially when they twirl around in their pink costumes. Those bows attached to the front, by the way, are hideous, but I won't knock it. I can't have everything. Urgh, why???? Let me be a spoiled wota brat.

... I have found a new headline >o> DON'T STEAL IT D8<

Mikansei no Shoujo is a calming, pretty music video with some nice visuals, and a wonderful colour scheme. I even like the simple editing, because it's pretty effective at times, and just gives us a snippet that feels like a little look into something intimate and private. It's cute, and feels pretty atmospheric, especially in the additional, edited scenes where the members either sleep, blow bubbles, or whatever else.

It's a nice, bright video, and it pleases me greatly. Simplicity rules all, bitcheeees!

xx warning by RANI

I have no clue who the heck RANI is, but she seems pretty badass. And damn, I love this girls hair! It's pretty to look at, but with her demeanor and vibe, she seems like someone I'd both get along with, and want to hide from, just in case I pissed her off. I really wouldn't wanna piss her off.

This video is great, because throughout, RANI demands attention. You only look at and see her, and that's amazing. She has such a strong appearance, and feels so cool and intimidating, but when she needs to, she looks and feels vulnerable, too, deceiving how you feel as a viewer. Do we hate her, or sympathise with the girl that is reaching out? It confuses me, but, that's the charm of it; it's making you wonder, and it's making you question where you loyalties lie with RANI.

Another reason to like this video is the visuals. At times, they're damn disruptive and hectic, but they're cool and interesting, too. It's a little violent and jagged, but that adds to how amazing the video looks and feels. I just love how it puts me on edge, through both the visuals and how RANI looks and acts. It's amazing.

It's a great video, with some great visuals, and an amazing performer. I've not heard of RANI before now, but I hope this won't be the last time. She seems pretty damn badass.

Dokuhaku-en by Zenbu kimi no sei da

I haven't really watched much by Senbu kimi no sei da, but their overall look and style of video reminds me heavily of Denpagumi.inc and Moso Calibration, so, it isn't exactly something I've never seen before. I guess, however, the difference with this group is that there is a heavier focus on the 'weirdly creepy' aspect, because yeah, I am getting some Halloween vibes. Everything looks so damn amazing, though, like the camera work seems like it's some high quality shit; I should really watch this in full HD, because sometimes, this reminds me of a painting or a photograph, not a music video. That's quite the achievement.

The editing for this is pretty nice, but the shots are amazing. I love seeing where the camera is going, what angle it's going to take, or how we will view the group next. It's just so aesthetically pleasing, and riddled with beauty, I swear. Well, until the guys in the full body suits come in. That's creepy as fuck, but whatever.

The use of the graphics just reminds me of Moso Calibration and Denpagumi.Inc, but I thoroughly enjoy the use of them. They fit into the video quite well, taking it away from reality, if you will, and delivering a more energetic, animated vibe that makes the video a little more fun. Not that it isn't already, cause it is, in a weird way.

And is it just me, or are those food scenes oddly satisfying? I love watching the massacre of fruit and veg, and seeing the members devour them.

Holy shit, this would have been the better Gluttony video. FECK!

It's a great video, very stylistic, and well edited. It's beautiful to watch, but a little creepy, too. I love how bold and bright it can be at times, and I love the overall affect it has on me. A great video, and one I really do wish I had used for my Sins of the Idol reviews, instead. Opportunity: WASTED!

Wagamama ♡GOD♡ by papi mache

I saw the opening of this video, and was instantly intrigued. Make-up! Idols! Make-up! Pastel! And did I mentioned, make-up? I am kind of a sucker for that kind of thing, but damn, this turned out to be a cute video, anyway! Plus, all the girls in papi mache are freakin' cute, and those seifuku look so fresh and cute! I just love how refreshing this whole PV feels, and right now, I feel like I want to become a fan of this group! Too cute!

I don't know about you, but papi mache have such a vibrant, cheerful air about them, and I love watching them perform here. Whether they are dancing together, interacting through additional scenes, or smiling in their solo shots, every moment feels genuine and delightful. They look so happy, and they're giving it their all. Plus, they all have pretty good charisma on-camera - no one shy's away, and no one looks around like they don't know what to do. How long have they been around, actually? >o>

Not long, I bet, but regardless... these girls are endearing, and I like them all. Plus, they wear pretty dresses at the end! Bonus!

It's a simple PV, with a fairly simple plot and layout, but I enjoy the energy and delight each member brings. Thank goodness that an MV that began with make-up, ended in me truly enjoying all that papi mache had to offer here. I call that a win.

Play the game by Asaka

I am not 100% on this song, but honestly, it's not bad, either. The video, however, I could totally get behind. It's really freakin' pretty, and feels so atmospheric thanks to its use of isolating colour, delivering an almost otherworldly effect, allowing us to believe that only this character is reality, whilst everyone else is a pawn in the game she is a part of.

Well, that's what it feels like to me, and yes, Asaka is a character here. This is her game, mother fudgers.

The use of yellow here is quite striking, especially since it is used as one of the only vibrant blocks of colour throughout the video. It stands out incredibly, creating some form of significance. Everything I look at this video or think of it, I remember the umbrella. I love how most places that Asaka stands in are also void of colour, naturally; it just makes her even more striking as a person, allowing her to be our visual focus. I have to applaud her director and editors for this idea; you really cannot take your eyes away from her, or her yellow brolly, can you?

It's only a short preview, but I noticed it, and I am honestly intrigued. Will she ever be a part of the real world, or will she and her yellow umbrella be the ones to stand out, and everyone else fade into the background? Until the full MV is revealed, we may never know...

Jama Shinaide Here We Go! by Morning Musume '17

This song has grown on me, but honestly, it wouldn't have if this video hadn't been so damn amazing. Like, wow, I love what H!P staff did here. Visually, this is pretty effective, and it's damn enticing. I love watching Jama Shinaide Here We Go! again and again, because 1) I love good editing, and 2) MIRRORS! Anything with mirrors must be appreciation, because it's always going to have some meaning behind it.

This is what The Shining did to me, y'all, but it's useful; I now know how to appreciate mirrors in media, and understand why they're used. Here, we're seeing that they represent the members' feelings of doubt and anxiety, perhaps a sense of feeling lost, too. It's amazing.

I've expressed my love for the MV already in my Single review for the single, but, yeah, it's amazing. The editors did a really good job with this one, and have allowed me to ponder a bit about why the mirrors were used. We could have different ideas, of course, but for now, I'll stick with the feelings of apprehension idea. It's a decent theory, I suppose.

Well done, H!P. Y'all are getting better with your PV's, and are finally giving us solid themes and ideas that we can watch, enjoy, and think about. I am proud of you!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND DONE! I swear, I always forget how easy it is to write one of these up, but my lazy ass just can't be bothered to do the romaji for any titles or group names. Why can't I read Japanese? Le sigh.

Still, when I do my monthly selections, I actively enjoy them. It was fun doing this one, seeing what PV's I did truly enjoy, and cutting out the ones that just didn't appeal to me any longer. It's nice to see just how much can go, and to see which videos truly held my interest. I like doing it, I truly do, but... I just don't have the time right now. It's a shame, though, because watching MV's is truly enjoyable, and MV's are one of the key reasons this blog exists. I feel so sad when I can't watch the very things that bring me joy, y'know?

Anyways, I hope that this list is satisfying enough, and I hope that I was able to show you something you didn't know existed, until now. And if not, so what? It could happen next month, or the month after. Hopefully, I introduce you to something, or return you to a PV you enjoyed beforehand. Whatever it is, I hope there was some viewing pleasure, here. I genuinely enjoyed all these PV's, though, give or take some of their little nope's that make me want to throw them into a river.

And again, if you have any PV's you want to suggest, do not hesitate to do so. I am happy to watch things, and I am happy to give second chances, though I can't promise I will like what is sent. Honestly, though, I have faith in you guys, cause you honestly have better taste than me.

Until the next PV Selection post, though, I am gonna leave. I've done my time here, and I am ready to procrastinate the October edition, because I am just horrid like that, yo.

For now, please take care, stay happy and healthy, be safe, smile, listen to a lot of music, compile lists better than me, and of course, love those frekain' Idols. I know you can do that, because you're all glorious.

Take care everyone, and have a splendid season of Idols,

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