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[PV Selection] October '17

I'm hella late with this, but surprisingly, I'm still in the month of November. What in the heckity-heck?

It's because I need to get these November posts out, before December hits. I have a full month ahead of me, and I honestly can't afford to lose a day of it. So, let's get this over with. ARE YA READY KIDS? 8U

As per the usual spiel I drag out before these posts, here lies the videos that I have personally enjoyed from the month gone by. Any that do not appear, have been neglected for a reason. Perhaps I have not watched them, or maybe I did, and if I have, then there is the chance that I did not like the video, or I intended to add it, but my opinion on it changed, and it was taken out.

There is also the possibility that the videos you enjoyed from the month gone by are blocked in my country, cause y'know, Youtube and entertainment companies hate me.

Of course, you do not have to like what I like. I am simply listing videos that entertained and appealed to me, in the hopes of introducing you to groups, songs and videos that you haven't really cared to look up before now. These are also here to catalogue the videos of the year that I have preferred over others, to help me in my end of year lists.

Oh, and because prettiness. It's always nice to see pretty videos that can be visually captivating.

... Okay, let's go. Videos Ahoy!


October has some promising videos, and also revealed a few up-coming releases to me that I am waiting for impatiently. It has also been a month of simplicity, in terms of execution, design and layout, though each video that has been simple has had its charm. This, I don't mind, because each video has something about it that is to be enjoyed, even the worst ones. Still, it's quite surprising to see so many videos that stick to a rather generic format.

There have been a few fun MV's too, of course, but I've noticed that the month gone by wasn't big on its green screen or effects, not as much as past months, at least. It's nice to give that sort of thing a rest, though, and I'm pleased that simplicity is making its comeback.

I want the weird and whackyvideos, and the editing beauties, to return soon, though. I'll miss them.

.Rant over, let's get into the videos of October. Which ones made the cut, and which ones do you wish had made their appearance? Let's find out, and enjoy some beautiful visuals. Are ya ready?

Press and Play~

&PEACH by KissBee

I really don't know what has gotten into KissBee, but as of late, they've become the poster child for costume themed MV's. Are they going to come out as the new MC-Z? The next Kyary?

Whatever act of rebellion or change they're going through, I can't say it's bad; it gives them a more defined, unique look, setting the group apart from the standard Idols out there. Plus, they generally look quite cute in their latest releases. This has to be one of my favourites, though, because I dig the monochrome look, as well as the way everything flows. The editing is pretty nice, too, as is the way it has been structured.

The song is adorable, too, and the video feels like it shouldn't be paired with such a sweet tune. I think they work together just fine, though, and again, I love the overall aesthetic of &PEACH. It's really pleasing to look at, and again, it's unique and stands out. Nicely done, KissBee.

Hajimete no Cheki by Shūen-go buppan

With a mixture of concert and solo shots, Hajimete no Cheki documents the experience and fantasies of a first-time Cheki goer, who finds himself besotted with a specific member of the group Shūen-go buppan as he awaits his turn to experience the joys of a cheki event for the first time ever.

This is a simple but cute portrayal of the ideas and visions a fan might have when finally standing with their oshimem, how it can seem like the fan and the Idol are the only two in the world before being returned to the reality of life; that other fans are waiting to do the exact same thing, and that your Idol is just as kind and delightful towards other fans.

I love the realisation at the end the most, though, that there are other members present; it's really cute. As a whole, this is a cute, simple, fun video, and a nice little look into how some of us might react when taking a cheki with our favourite Idol(s).

Koto baka na de by maboroshi karen GeNE

I was intrigued by all the pretty shapes that made their appearance in the beginning of the video, and whilst the projection can seem a little shoddy at times, it's still a rather cute video, and a nice idea. Actually, I quite like the overall look of the video - it's simple, but the overall design is nice.

Plus, ever since Morning Musume's various MV's came out that included shapes, I've enjoyed seeing them in other PV's, too. It's an appealing visual to have in a video.

All of the members in this are adorable, and whilst there isn't a well-structured story line, it's nice that there is some form of a 'goal' that the members are aiming for; following a note to reach a specific destination, that will either give them some answers, or lead them to one another for an even better adventure.

It's a sweet little video, and it makes use of some nice editing and effects. Sure, the projection they use for the choreography scenes isn't the best, but, it's quite adorable. I especially like the pictures at the end, as well as the shapes. It's nice and visual, and a delightful little watch.

I NEET YOU by Geki-jo ban Gokigen Teikoku

The title of the song is what first attracted me to the video. I mean, it's play on words! Who doesn't love a few play on words? And then I saw the girl with blue hair, and I was like 'yup, gotta continue watching this, it seems good'. In fact, it's actually pretty simple, cutting away to images of various people with somber looks upon their faces, before they all start dancing in an exaggerated manner, regardless of the spot they are in.

This is a nice little nod to the mundane lives of the everyday person, and how something as simple as a song or dance can bring some joy into their life, and break up the monotony of the day. I love that the members of the group themselves are included in these mundane lifestyles, from the everyday school girl, to the office worker her ditches work, and a construction worker who breaks her hat in order to get off work. I especially enjoy when everyone - salary workers, shop workers, etc - all come together in the end to have fun, no matter what their status in society, before finally resting after so much fun.

It's simple and cute, and it's quite effective. You don't always need a bunch of effects or story lines to make a video entertaining.
up mates after she and her senior kiss each other and cement their relationship with one another.

Koisuru Universe by Scandal

Featuring some rather nice imagery, Scandal's Koisuru Universe is a world filled with beautiful red, blue and green hues, a few sexy scenes and a lot of gorgeous lighting that really sets the tone, delivering a beautiful effect that feels just like a night time walk, which makes sense, considering one member is having a night time walk.

This is a really fun video, and the first Scandal MV I have come across in my time as an Idol fan. I really don't pay these girls any attention 9despite many people adoring them), however, I can already see that they produce some wonderful work, both musically and visually, because damn, this is pretty to look at, and those kissing and eating scenes are rather mature, but well done. I love the shower scenes, too, because it's running water. Water is always pretty!

I will say this, though; the flashing scenes and erratic cuts from the scene at hand to black are hella annoying, even if they do fit in time to the beat. I'm just getting a headache from it, so for me, it's annoying, even if it keeps with the pace of the song.

The rest of the video is gorgeous, though, and it is sexy when it needs to be, without being OTT or unnecessary. It's there to deliver some good imagery, and to fuel our fantasies in a tasteful way.

Darling by Yes Happy!

Despite the group being around a good while (since 2008, so almost 10 years!), Yes Happy! are releasing their first album, Last Summer, which features the catchy tune that is Darling, a sweet little piece that shows off the struggles of a girl trying to express her feelings towards the boy she likes. As she listens to a song that gives her courage - imagining the members singing it behind her, as they prod and play with her and punch the guy into realising he likes the protagonist, too - and waits for the boy to return her feelings.

Except, it doesn't go as planned, and what happens afterwards is quite possibly the best freakin' thing possible.

This is such a cute, funny video. I love how, no matter what, the members of Yes Happy! are present, dancing along to the song and cheering on the couple as the story unravels. My favourite part, however, is how the love interest dances along to the song in such a suave manner, like he's a peacock impressing the cutest female peacock around. It's oddly charming, and again, hilarious.

The end is actually quite sweet, too, showing us that another girl is watching the Yes Happy! music video as well, and finally resolves to confess her own feelings, thanks to the encouragement the song has given another girl and boy. It's darned adorable, and so innocent and sweet. How can I not enjoy this lovely piece of fluff?

Magical Toy Box by TOY SMILEY

I liked the name of the group, hence why I checked the video out. Sadly, the video doesn't feature the members trapped in toy boxes, or dressed as dolls and teddies as I had hoped, but it is kind of cute. Plus, I love those costumes; it's very i☆RiS of them.

I really like the location they dance in, too.

This is still a really cute video, despite the fact that it doesn't actually contain the toy box I hoped to see, because it's just so darned sweet, and each member is hella charming in every single shot. You can see that they are all having a lot of fun, playing around with balloons, toys, and jumping out of big present boxes (well, at least there's a box here. Thank goodness). The choreography is fun to watch, too. The music is a bit of an uhm moment for me, however.

It's pleasing to the eye, with its colourful, energetic atmosphere and pretty locations. The costumes are quite delightful, and the members are an absolute joy to watch. Hopefully, this won't be the last we see of them, because TOY SMILEY seem like a genuinely cute, fun group, and I want them to release more, so that I can be entertained by their sweetness once again. I will be waiting~

Sayonara ni Negai o by Kus Kus

It feels like it has been years since I last heard from Kus Kus, but wow, here they are, and as pretty as ever. I don't pay a lot of attention to them in general, but damn, I like this song. Plus, who is the girl with the lips? She reminds me of Nakky, but only a little bit. Both girls are gorgeous, though, and it's nice to see Kus Kus are still going.

I'm definitely into this for the song, but the video is quite pretty, if a little white. It feels washed out (blame the costume and location choice), but I like the use of lighting and camera work here, as well as how the girls are positioned. It feels like such a relaxed music video, and both members of Kus Kus are delightful to watch.

It's simple, and it's pretty. I just wish they would quit with idols wearing white, in white rooms. That's annoying, and makes me think of floating heads.

Sabishii Nettaigyo (2017) by FEMM

Oh, damn, this is a near-exact replica of the original Wink song from 1989, from the way it has been filmed, to the effects used, and even the costumes, to a degree. That's amazing, and wow, it looks fantastic.

I love me some retro, especially when they use retro camerawork and effects. It looks so good, and it feels so 80's. I'm seriously having an internal meltdown at how amazing it looks, and how pretty the overall product looks. It actually makes me really happy to see this, though honestly, the vocal editing could have been left out; it modernises the song far too much, and cheapens it a little.

Still, it's a damn good replica, and FEMM have done a solid job and recreating this iconic song and video from the late 80's.

Marine Light Girl by Hana Chirashi

I fell in love with those opening scenes for this PV, because damnit, they are glorious! How the camera gently pans towards each member as they lay in a paddling pool, staring up towards the viewer, is gorgeous and inviting. It feels like a private moment, and every time I watch that opening scene, I love it even more.

It's weird how the rest of the video doesn't follow its beauty, though, but I do like it. I just adore those paddling pool shots more, and think highly of them. Without them, though, this video would be a little blander, a tad more cookie cutter. The scene where they dance in the darkened classroom with flashlights is damn pretty, though, and the next best scene next to my beloved paddling pool shots.

I'm not at all familiar with this group, but they seem rather promising. Hopefully, their next MV will be good, and include even more entrancing shots, because whilst the video isn't as great as I would have hoped it was going to be, it allows me to see that this group has a lot of promise. Let's hope for something awesome, next time -fingers crossed-.

Zipper by Yoshida Akari

I fell in love with this video because of the storybook bed, and the giant alarm clock. Oh my gosh, where can I get these, and why are they not in my life already? That's far too adorable for words, just like Akari herself, who is really cute during this day time routine PV. I honestly dare you to dislike the cuteness that is Zipper.

The colour scheme, though a tad pink, reminds me heavily of something Michishige Sayumi would come out with, because it's just so pretty and sweet to look at. That said, it really is cute, and I love how bright and pastel the video starts off, before turning into an explosion of gaudy, fluffy fuchsia and hot pink.

It's quite a short PV, sad to say, but it feels complete, and Yoshida Akari makes every moment with it. She's truly invested in this video, having a fun time and milking each scene as a character who goes about her typical day, from the time she wakes up, to putting on her make-up and filming videos.

It's adorable. It's pink. It's pleasing to my eyes, and I might like this girl, whoever she is. She's enjoyable to watch, and hopefully, she has more work out there to please me.

Holy shit, she's an NMB48 member. And she's a youtuber. WTF? AND THIS WAS A STAGE SONG?

Saijyoku Paradox by wa-suta

I almost put this onto my September Selection, however, it was released just last month, so I fixed that before the post went live. I wouldn't ever forget this glorious piece of fun, though, because it's WA-SUTA!!! And the video returns to a style that I adore, which is fun, cute, a tad weird at times, and hella pastel and wonderful.

Plus, the members are like stickers or cut-out figures here. I like seeing that style in MV's, though honestly, I expected the video to be made up entirely of pictures, and nothing else. Nice to see them moving, however, because I can't be without the charm of the members. Seriously, they're too freakin' adorable here.

I really miss their original song style, though. They just stick to one tune, rather than going all over the place in whacky, wonderful ways. Le sigh.

Saijyoku Paradox is great, and it's a fun little video that details the adventure of the members as they try to look for the legendary KAWAII, to understand its power and to embody it themselves, if they can. It's adorable, featuring a cute super shoujo vibe that befits the group, and entertains its viewers. They really are wonderful, and I'm so happy more people are starting to notice the charm and power of wa-suta. They are incredible.

Koi no Himitsu by pua:re

Okay, so the lighting in this pisses me off (don't mess with the saturation, editors), but I do like this video. It's cute, bright and vibrant, and reminds me of spring or summer. Strange, given it's an Autumn release, at best, but whatever. It's pretty, I love the costumes, and the shots are nicely done. I have no clue who this group is, though.

The members are all fun to watch, and I love whoever styled them for the video, cause all of the outfits are gorgeous. The location is really pretty, too, albeit a little small, especially the room that they dance in. The space is used well, however, and the members feel quite genuine whenever I watch them. I like their interactions most, how they show off their friendship quite naturally in any given scene, and how they each charm the camera and their viewers.

Everything about it is cute, basically. Except for the lighting / saturation. That can go to Hell.

Watashi no Chizu by ROCK A JAPONICA

I honestly don't understand what this video is truly to say, but I like it. I like that the members stand on tables, and that they're trapped in giant alien eggs, or something. I like how pleasing this video is, aesthetically and musically. It's just so damn breath-taking, and wow, those members! How have I not paid attention to this group yet?

Watashi no Chizu is really gorgeous, and there are some mesmirising shots here. I love how the members are standing tall on tables or boxes (whatever those gymnastics things are called; we called them horse boxes when I was a kid, I dunno why), and how they seem to rise above things as they stand tall. The sky scenes, though, are my favourite; I love seeing such a vast, blue sky in the background. It's simply breathtaking.

Yo, it's pretty, what more can I say? I don't understand the alien egg part (or ice, whatever it is) but who cares? If it's pleasing to the eyes, what more could I ask for?

I'll get my explanation, one day. Maybe never. Ah, whatever. XD

apple*colorful*princess by Taketatsu Ayana

Okay, so this might not be the most extravagant 'royal' PV out there, but it's hella cute, regardless. I love the title, too, because it reminds me of apple pies, and Snow White. Mostly apple pie, though, which I love the look of, but not the taste. Okay, I went off topic there. Whoops.

This video, despite its short promotional run, is quite adorable from the get-go, showing off Ayana as both a Princess and a 'regular' girl exploring her surroundings, finally stepping out of the palace and into the beautiful world that is the outside.

Hopefully the full music video expands on the idea of Ayana's exploration of the regular world, and features more shots of her in the palace as a princess, and not just a singer. It's cute, and reminds me of Roman Holiday and Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato, but in a cuter, more effective way. It seems quite sweet, and honestly, I do hope it expands on its idea. I don't want it to just fall flat, and forget about how it began.

Tsubasa -TSUBASA- by Kazehikaru Fukurou

Hot damn, that opening is cool, though a little weird, considering the song isn't that epic or even that good. Still, it's nice to see that kind of effort thrown in there, because it makes you anticipate what you're about to watch more, and yeah, it intrigued me.

I love the song, though, despite what I said before about it not being that good. It's not, but damn, it'# fun, reminds me a little of a club track, and it's definitely entertained me since I first watched the video. It reminds me a little of SweetS and Hinoi Team for its sound, its look, and even how it has been filmed. Like, this is nostalgia in a way, though that might just be me.

I like how this video looks overall, too. It's pastel and pretty, the way the scenes change and move around is quite fun, and it gives me something to think about, too. Like, how did they do that without making the members move? (They moved, too, but it doesn't feel that way) And damn, those camera shots! They're glorious! I love how they move and come from above, how they track the members and fly around, just like a bird. It's glorious.

The choreography is damn pretty, too. I enjoy it thoroughly.

This isn't the full clip, sadly, but it's enough to intrigue me. I seriously hope I can find the full thing one day, because damn, I'm intrigued, and I have been entertained.

14-Byō-go ni kisu shite♡ by Yukari Tamura

Yo, that opening is creepy as fuck. I feel like I'm in one of those Carnival themed horror movies. Who the fuck thought that this would be a good opening, for what is actually a rather cute song? It was not a good idea, and damnit, now I'm sad that this didn't turn out to be a hella creepy MV. They lead me astray!

It is damn cute, though, and I love the location used. It's nice and fairy-like, making me believe that this is a fairy wonderland. The little windows that the singer pops out of are adorable, too, though the devil version of herself feels a little out of place, compared to how the rest of the music video is.

Who cares about consistency and structured images, though? Not this director, clearly.

Aratanaru Makuake no Tame no Makuake ni yoru Kyoshikyoku ~Kimi ga Ireba Oretachi mo Egao Mugendai∞~ by Fudanjuku

Yeah, that title can fuck right off.

Okay, so this song is a little bit like that one season song Sexy Zone did, in that it changes its tune and features different styles, in sound, fashion and even location, to a degree. This, I don't mind, because it actually works to a degree. I like how it flows, and I love how we switch scenes so effortlessly, with the members switching the 'location' for us, or the edit being quite quick and efficient.

Ack, now I'm wondering how the rest of the PV goes. I mean, I really do want to see it; it's the first single to feature the new members, after all, but I also want to see what 'locations' and styles they feature as well. It looks fun, and I like that it's the members changing the layout, not a team of runners or location designers.

Hopefully I find the full thing, and soon, because it's pretty good. Wow, my opinion on it has changed pretty drastically... Then again, I should be used to how flippant my mind works.

Hajimari no College by Wi-Fi-5

God damnit, I love their name. You can't blame me for wanting to add this, just to show off that group name and how beautifully it flows on the tongue; Wi-Fi-5. Freakin' perfect.

Oh, and the members are cute, too, and the video is a nice little watch. Simple and sweet, with a few nice camera angles thrown in there, though they can seem a bit hap-hazardous at times, too. The alternative scenes, however, are super adorable.

At times, I can't deny the awkwardness of the group; it's like watching Bambi on ice, but that's a part of the Idol charm - watching them flail as they try their best to be perfect. I love that, and no, they aren't perfect, but I look forward to seeing how this group grows, if they stay around the scene long enough. They have potential, and they have the talent, to become better Idols in the long-run.

Very cute, simple, and a little bit awkward. We need Wi-Fi-5 in our lives.

STAR-T! by Kasai Tomomi

The return of Kasai Tomomi begins with her latest album, STAR-T!, which is the singers first release in about 3 years. That's a long time, but it's nice to see Tomomi make her return, and in such a nice video, too! I love how she just walks out the door, and she's greeted by the airport terminal as she brushes her teeth, stunned and understandably weirded out by this turn of events.

Yeah, I'd run back, too.

STAR-T! is a nice little video that feels like an allegory for Kasai's life up until this point, living a life of normality until, suddenly, she is thrown into another world that she hasn't been a part of for a long time. Though she tries her hardest to ignore what lies behind the door, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she faces the world with confidence, ready to start again in this world of Idols. At first, it's hard to find the door to this path, but eventually it opens itself to her, because that's the path she needs to take.

This is the beginning of her career (again), and it's a starting point for Kasai in the ever-growing world of Idols. What a great video with a great meaning, and a wonderful return for Kasai. Welcome back!

11gatsu no Anklet by AKB48

I'm actually excited for this release, because all of the songs seem varied and fun. I mean, I'm not crazy on 11gatsu no Anklet,. but damn, this video is fun, or at least, the preview is. It's rather promising, and those long sleeves of Mayuyu's just entertain me. Her actions are funny, too.

The paint is also a nice touch, where Mayuyu creates a rainbow wherever she goes, delivering a world of colour in her long sleeves. It makes the video feel like a fun, carefree piece, and I love how Mayuyu herself looks like she's having a blast.

What a change of heart, after her sullen mug in #SukiNanda.

Sayonara de Owaru wake Janai by Watanabe Mayu

Holy shit, this is pretty! And it's the return of soloist Mayuyu, who has been missed, let me tell you. I've especially missed her Princess-like videos, because they are truly a blessing, giving me all the Fairy Tale vibes I need to keep going in life. Thankfully, this is Princessy, and it reminds me so much of Sleeping Beauty. Yeeei!

It's pretty damn sad, though, at least this preview is, showing Mayuyu looking at images that are a part of her memories, before staring over her shoulder as she wavers on her thoughts. Finally, she leaves through a door, which closes the video itself.

Gosh darnit, I need the full thing! When is this out? Apparently, not yet. KUSO!!!

Waiting, here I go! Urrrrgh!

Ase to Namida no Cinderella Story by SUPER☆GiRLS

Annoyingly enough, this video has nothing to do with the Cinderella fairy tale, but damn, I like the uniform nature of it all. It's rigid and put-together, it feels like everyone is a robot. Yes, I like it, especially the wall part. That's the one part that doesn't feel uniform; it's actually quite energetic and entertaining.

Sadly, it's a damn short preview, and there's not a lot going on. The locations, colour scheme and choreography looks great, though, and I could see myself enjoying this SUPER☆GiRLS release. There is something about it that makes it feel entertaining.

Let's hope the final product doesn't suck, then.

Sayonara by Sakurako Ohara

YO, it's ma boo, so of course I'm gonna throw this video into the mix. I mean, I enjoy the video anyway, but I adore this girl a great deal. The fact her releases are aesthetically pleasing only boosts my adoration of her.

This video is gorgeous, the loneliness of Sakurako enhanced by the lonely train ride she takes, the reminiscent walk along the beach and the solemn expression she wears. Even though she doesn't shed any tears, it feels like she's remembering as she bids her goodbye to whoever she has parted ways with. Is it a lover, or someone she was close to?

Hopefully the full MV gives us some answers, but if it doesn't, then oh well. From what I can see, though, Sayonara is pretty and simple, and yet another release that fits the beauty of Sakurako's voice. Gosh darnit I love her so much.


And there goes another PV Selection for the year! It's the penultimate one, too, so when November's finally rolls in, be sure to cherish the videos that our Idols have delivered in the year that is swiftly going by! We will soon be coming to the end, but for now, which videos from October '17 stuck out to you?

If you have your very own list of favourites, then let me know! And whatever I have missed, for whatever reason, be sure to place the name of the song and video in the comments so I can see it! We all have reasons for enjoying something, and by re-watching what I never placed here, could help me to realise just how glorious it truly is.

For now, however, it's time to take my leave. Thank you all for reading, and thank you for enjoying our Idols and their videos. Please, take care everyone, be happy and healthy, love all you do, and of course, enjoy those Idols (even when the year is up). I will see you all soon.

Au revoir and Ta-ta,


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