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[Music Selection] October '17

Okay, it feels like forever since I did one of these, even though it has technically been a month. The PV Selection, however... yeah, that's a whole other story. At this point, I have no clue if I'll continue that side of the Selections. I just don't have the time to watch the MV's any more, and damn, that's a shame. But, I'm a busy woman.

How'd that happen? Like, when did I become a woman!?

... Let's look at music.

As per the usual spiel of things, all songs addressed within this selections post are posted here because I like 'em! This blog is written by yours truly, and only yours truly, therefore what I say, goes. I will not place songs I dislike here, because this is a post of positive energy and delight. I want to focus on the songs that I have enjoyed this past month, and here they shall be posted!

Because it is a post based purely on my opinion (wait, my other posts aren't the same? <o<) then there is a high chance that music you have enjoyed from the month gone by may not be present. This does not mean that I hate it; it means that it either didn't stand out for me, I never heard it, or I just didn't care for it at all. I don't really 'hate' much music, per-say, unless otherwise stated. That is the long and short of it.

So here lies the music I listened to! From the past, the present, and even the ones from the future, let's take a look at what October released, and all that has been enjoyed from the month that has passed! It's time to look back, and let the music flow...~


Due to having very little time on my hands (I am either working, socializing, or blogging. Yikes) I have not really had that much time to diversify my listening track list, the one that I situate for pleasure, not for blogging or whatever else. So, what I have here is what I truly enjoyed, or the songs that stood out a little bit more than others when I went through the tracks I did manage to get my grubby mitts on.

I find the mix of songs interesting, if not generic, though I definitely dip into my usual ballad loves, here - you'll see where - whilst also indulging my Idol roots. Sad to say, there's no hard rock or screamo, this time; it's pretty standard stuff, all bubblegum and no mint. Hopefully, I branch out a little more, come the November Selections. We shall see.

Okay, talking time over. We're gonna get into this, and talk a bit of music. Will there be anything on here you recognise, or have I been so basic, you need to stab me with decent music to enhance my tastes?

It's time to start, so press the button. Are you ready?

Re: Dream by Dream Ami (2017.10.04)

I'm never really sure how I feel about Dream Ami and her vocals, but sometimes she works magic. Honestly, I think she's adorable, and the pace of her music is generally quite fun, poppy and bright, delivering something quite expressive and almost teen-esque. She's someone I will enjoy, but, I'll never take her seriously. #notsorry.

In regards to her latest album, Re Dream stuck out to me. It's not my favourite track in the world. but honestly, it reminds me of teen musicals. It's so vibrant, girly and sweet, and it makes me think of that one track in a teen movie about going forward and doing your best, to become who you want to be. That sorta crap, the good stuff that makes you all fuzzy inside. It's so cute and downright sugary, that you either love it, or hate it because it's such a generic song to sing to.

I do like me some generic fluff, though.

Re: Dream is hella cute, and despite all I say about it being teenage garbage, it really is a good listen, and it's energy is something you won't miss. I couldn't ignore the track if I tried, because it's bloody infectious and adorable. Ami really suits this style, and she truly sounds happy in Re: Dream. I hope she sticks to this kind of high school musical flavour, because it's a style that works really well with her vocals and energy. Adorable.

Saijyouku Paradox by wa-suta (2017.10.18)

I listened to Saijyoku Paradox throughout the beginning of October, and yeah, I loved it. But, as work got in the way, and my time online dwindled, I listened to a few other things instead, leaving this song to gather dust. I still love it, though, and I haven't forgotten it - I just neglected it, until I started writing up this list of my favourite songs from the month gone by.

Gosh darnit, this is a treasure, and it's so catchy! How is this song so good? How is any wa-suta song good? Because Avex - the bastards - can create miracles, when they want to.

I love the energy and cheer this song produces, and the cuteness it exudes. It really is an 'Idol' song, one that I adore. But, I can't deny that it makes me a little sad, too. Sad because of the turn wa-suta did so quickly, right after showcasing a promising mix of sounds in their first two releases. Whilst I do love Saijyoku Paradox, there is no denying that it's unpredictable, tame and un-daring, like a lot of other Idol songs out there. It's nothing like what wa-suta started out with, and it's a shame. But, it's still likable, and it's still wonderful in its own, predictable way.

A cute song, and fun as heck, too. I just wish it had a little more flavour.

Wakain da shi! by Morning Musume '17 (2017.10.04)

One of the two tracks from this release that I wasn't keen on, Wakain da shi! has made leaps and bounds, and I've finally realised just how precious of a song it truly is. A warm, mellow track filled with cheer and sadness, this song creates such a bittersweet, sentimental feeling, I can't help but want to cry. It's such a perfect tribute to Kudo Haruka before she departs the group, and the tone just seems so relaxed and perfect for Duu. It's the track I never expected, but it's a track that Duu deserved.

Wakain da shi! feels like one of the most unique tracks on this entire release, and surprisingly, it's one of two Tsunku composed pieces. I'm not surprised Duu's tribute track was penned by him, but, I'm more surprised that he crafted something so genuine and unique, and something so current, to boot. Plus, it fits Duu perfectly; a song that is both cool and pleasant, with a hint of cheer to showcase just how warm and sweet Duu truly is. Honestly, though, I'm glad that Tsunku delivered this one for Duu's final cantata - it's absolutely perfect for her.

Every time I hear this track, I feel at ease. There really is no 'worry' in this songs sound, and it just seems like the perfect walking piece. It's mesmirising, and so well done. I can only applaud Tsunku for crafting something so delightful.

Dokyuu no Go Sign by Morning Musume '17 (2017.10.04)

So, I am really into this track right now, and I never anticipated it. As mentioned in my single review for this release, Dokyuu no Go Sign was the song I deemed 'forgettable', because at the time it came out, it lacked something. Of course, I've done a complete one-eighty in regards to the track, and now I'm dancing to its tune. Sometimes, we need a little time to realise just how much of a treasure something is.

Thankfully, it didn't take me that long to figure it out with Dokyuu no Go Sign. Yay!

This is a genuinely good song, and it makes you feel happy and hyper when you hear it. There's also something slightly AKB about it - the mixing of the vocals, I think - that is quite unique to the group, but weirdly endearing, all the same. The sound and style, though, is completely up my ally; poppy, fun, energetic and hella cutesy, delivering an almost nostalgic feel that I haven't seen MoMusu lean towards in ages. It's a super refreshing track for the group, and I'm glad they went this way for their latest release.

Ah, it's almost like the spirit of the superior Musume returned to grace this new generation with epicness. YAAAAY!

Egao no Kimi e by Suzuko Mimori (2017.10.11)

I wasn't going to add this one in originally, but, I remember enjoying this when I did listen to it, moreso that Re:Dream. So, if that manages to get a place on the list, then why not this one? Plus, Egao no Kimi e makes me feel all nostalgic and sentimental, and it makes me want to watch anime. That's a nice little pull it has.

It's a rather pleasant song, riddled with generic anime feels that are sweet and enticing. It feels like one of those important insert songs during a moment of understanding between characters, or maybe even recognition. It's a song that is ~in the moment~, if you will, the perfect insert to set the tone for a beautiful scene.

Basically, it's a pretty as heck song, and it'd fit right into a romance drama, of some form. I like how it sounds, I like how peaceful it makes me feel, and I remember it quite well. It's not my favourite, but there is something about it that pulls me to it. It intrigues me.

September Roll-Over

=LOVE by =LOVE (2017.09.06)

IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK, because I am hella predictable, and this song is damn catchy. Like, seriously, how did Sasshi manage to produce something so addictive!? Like, damn her, she's finally getting me into something pseudo-AKS related. NOOOOOO! DX

In all seriousness, though, =LOVE is a great tune, and I know I won't get tired of it any time soon. The song is far too promising and catchy to hate, and it just gives me all the fuzzy feels because of how darned adorable the vocals are, and how much energy is running through it! It's such a good track!

I won't say much more, because let's be honest, I've talked about it already in the last Music Selection post. It's a great track, and whilst it may be squeaky as all heck, it's cute and sweet, and it makes me happy whenever I hear it. I like it, and it's staying in my beloved's pile. YEEEEAH!

Kaitou♡Black Cats by Erabareshi (2017.09.06)

I could kick myself, because I nearly forgot to add this one to the list! What a freakin' crime, because I really did enjoy this groups leading track, KaitouBlack Cats. I listened to it a lot, too, only because I was reviewing the video for my Sins Of The Idol series to celebrate Halloween (kinda). Not only was the music video fun to watch and review, but the song itself is a blast, too. It's cheeky and cute, and I think it's the gateway I needed to get into this group.

None of their other songs have had as much character or energy as this one, and I love the overall vibe, too. It's just really entertaining, and hella addictive once it gets playing.

There is no denying that this is a cute, fun song filled with personality and cheer. It's got the right amount of cheekiness to keep it interesting, and the members are just all around adorable, with a variety of voices and expressions throughout both the song and video. I enjoy it, and I think you guys should give it a chance, too.


If you wanna by Perfume (2017.08.30)

A few people were disappointed when I didn't add Perfume's latest release to my pile of Selected music in August's posts, and eventually - after over a month - I listened to the songs that Perfume had released, and realised just why you'd been disappointed in their lack of inclusion.

I mean, damn. If you wanna is amazing. Like, it's incredible. How did I miss out on this, again?

If my dear Nia was still blogging, she'd be proud of me (good grief, I miss her). Perfume have delivered perfection, though, because If you wanna is such a sweet, entertaining song, one that gives me a lot of hope and makes me smile. It can be really cool at times, too, mostly during the instrumental break, whilst also delivering this sense of otherworldly-ness that Perfume have pretty much perfected, by this point.

Everything about this track is incredible and hella mesmirising, and I'm so glad you guys pointed it out to me before the year was up. It's so darned pretty, and so perfect. I really shouldn't ignore Perfume ever again.

Just watch me go back on my words, y'all.

Everyday by Perfume (2017.08.30)

I never know which track I prefer; If you wanna, or Everyday. I enjoy both a lot, and whenever Everyday comes on, I'm reminded of how pretty and serene the song is. It's such a calming piece when it opens up, gently rising in such a natural, soothing way. It never hits you with the full force of the song out of the blue, making sure that you progress through the song at a steady pace. It's just like a rising storm; it begins with a gentle push of wind, before it turns into something a little more severe.

Everyday is just so pretty, and I love hearing this song. I don't know how else to describe this track, because it's so breathtaking and joyful. I think it's an absolute gem, and it works in perfect harmony with If you wanna. How were we ever blessed with such perfection?

BLAST! by Momoiro Clover Z (2017.08.02)

There is a lot to like about BLAST!, because it truly is a great song. I'm not one for most Stardust groups (least of all, MomoClo Z), but BLAST! is a force to be reckoned with. It's rough, fast-paced, energetic, and it has some fun near-spoken verse thrown in there before it becomes a more Idol-like affair, one that is entertaining and catchy. This is a memorable track, and I really enjoy all it brings.

Admittedly, I've not listened to this one much since I reviewed it, but I still think it's pretty great. It's not my favourite track on the single, but, I like it enough to put it on here. I mean, I had no high expectations for this song at all, but it surprised and intrigued me, so I think it deserves to be here.

If you haven't heard BLAST! yet, I urge you to do so. It's doing a Cheeky Parade, and throwing in some different styles, but the pace of their singing stays the same throughout, and their energy never drops. It's a feel-good track at times, and it's encouraging as heck. It's got that nice MomoClo vibe, too, so I think it's one to check out, if you have yet to do so.

Itsudatte Chousensha by Momoiro Clover Z (2017.08.02)

I think that Itsudatte Chousensha is, undoubtedly, my favourite song from this single. It's such a fun, genuine track, and I love every moment of it. It's weird, enjoying a MomoClo Z song this much, but of the three listed here, this is the one I keep running back to. It gives me such an energy rush!

I guess I like it because it's one of those tracks you really can't go wrong with. It's fun, but it's still pretty cool, and it feels like the members are really enjoying themselves. There's power here, both in the instrumental and within the members' vocals, and that captivates me. Plus, the song doesn't falter, always feeling high in its sound. It's like an epic anime opening, actually. Once it hooks you, there is no going back, and you're always craving more.

Itsudatte Chousensha is a great song, I love all of the vocals, and I think that it's one of my favourites from Momoiro Clover Z, period. It's just so damn good, and I can't get enough of it! It is so deserving of my love, and its place on here. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

Kyokai no Pendulum by Momoiro Clover Z (2017.08.02)

Honestly, this single is just hella promising. It's got a great track list, and Kyokai no Pendulum really sets the bar for MCZ. It's just so damn cool! I think this song is probably one of the most well composed tracks here, delivering a strong, powerful performance that is memorable and addictive. Oh, and is that a choir in the background I hear?

I swear it is, and because of it, there's this eerie church-vibe that echoes throughout the song. The church organs probably help there, too.

Everything about Kyokai no Pendulum is fierce and cool, and damn, have you seen the preview for the Music Video? It's dark and rugged, and it's downright amazing. It's a great pairing, the video and the song, and they enhance one another beautifully. I'm just so amazed by this mature, dark track. How in the heck did MCZ get something so awesome, all to themselves?

It's great - it's no Itsudatte Chousensha, of course - and damn, that choir! We really do need more choirs in Idol music, am I right?

In A Crowd of Thousands by Derek Clena & Christy Altomare (2017.06.09)

After work (whichever job it may be), I tend to tune into my broadway numbers more than I do my J-pop. It's nice to have that change of pace, and something like the Anastasia soundtrack is just the ticket for a tired Chiima. I especially love In A Crowd of Thousands, hence why it's here for your listening pleasure. Seriously, it's such a delight, though a little emotional.

Of course, this is like most revelation tracks in broadway musicals. It's nothing special, but, it captivates that moment of realisation and change in one or two characters quite well. This is the turning point for both Anya and Dmitri, where both understand just who Anya is, and that they have met before, if only for a brief moment, whilst also cementing the fact that they'll get together. Oops, spoiler alert.

It's a ballad (YAAAAY), and it's hella pretty, but, it's generic as fuck in terms of any broadway arrangement. It's one of my favourites, though, because I am generic as fuck.

The Sweetest Sounds by Brandy & Paolo Montalb├ín (1997)

YOOOO, I didn't know that The Sweetest Sounds was originally from No Strings. The more you freakin' know.

I do prefer the version Disney did, though, even if they did steal it from another Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Damn you, Disney. Damn you!!!

Seriously, though, I've been brainwashed by this version. I adore the 1997 rendition of Cinderella that features Brandy, because it's a part of my childhood, and because it's bloody brilliant, too. It's such a fun, goofy movie that has some genuine heart and soul thrown into it, and beautiful design on the sets, to boot. Plus, Pablo, guys. He was my dream Prince when I was 5. His voice is the reason I actually adore this song, because Brandy, bless her soul, is such a nasally nope in this track, whilst Pablo saves the day and creates something truly beautiful and romantic. Like, damn, I wouldn't mind hearing that voice sing me to sleep.

I like the way this song has been arranged, too. It's such a sweet, promising tune with a romantic, fairy tale vibe.  Compared to the original, it's a bit like a dream, but after hearing the original... Holy shit, it's a lot creepier than I would have ever imagined! It's haunting, in its original form, and the lyrics feel a lot more dark. Amazing what a new arrangement can do, aye?

It's a pretty song, and Pablo is my muse. Can't say much more than that.

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful by Brandy & Paolo Montalb├ín (1997)

Here's another 1997 Cinders song I adore. I mean, it's such a sweet song, and one that had me thinking as a kid, too. I mean, the lyrics are quite beautiful, with the phrase 'Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?' made me realise that love can create beauty and wonder, no matter what the person looks like. That's bloody poetic, and fits how I view love, as a whole. It's a strong, gorgeous message, actually.

Plus, I love both Brandy and Pablo's performances here. Brandy really breaks out of that shy exterior she'd had in The Sweetest Sounds (which makes sense, as she wasn't exactly breaking through with optimism thanks to her step-family) and there's a lot of power and desire in her voice, which is bloody amazing. I can truly feel the romance blossoming between the two here, and I can hear that passion in their voices.

Bloody beautiful, guys. BEAUTIFUL!

It's one of those iconic songs from a Rodgers and Hammerstein's play, and it's one of my more favoured performances of the track, because of how invested both singers feel. It's damn wonderful, and it's so beautiful. Or is it beautiful, because I love it? Who freakin' knows.

Monthly JUMP!!

THE GUERiLLA BiSH by BiSH (2017.11.04)

At this point, I'm simply throwing BiSH in here because I genuinely enjoy their music and what they're currently delivering. Granted, the leading track for this album release - My Landscape - is pretty meh compared to other releases, but I have more faith in BiSH than to simply rely on the track they decided to promote.

I have no clue what will be on this track list, but here's hoping there's something promising on there. More promising than My Landscape, at least.

Kazehikaru Fukuro by Kazehikaru Fukuro (2017.11.22)

This group is only just debuting, and with a mini-album, at that. Their title track, Tsubasa - TSUBASA - isn't much to write home about, but, I do enjoy the song. I think the most interesting thing about this group, however, is one of the members, Misaki. Misaki is the groups 'playing producer', and introduces the music video with a small dance scene before the Idol portion begins. I find that quite interesting, that there are five members where only one is a dancer and doesn't partake in the singing or the group performance, at least on-camera.

Well, I look forward to hearing this mini-album in full, if I ever do. It'll be an interesting listen, I hope.

Sayonara by Ohara Sakurako (2017.11.22)

Much like BiSH, anything that Ohara brings out, you can bet I will be there to hear it. I mean, I freakin' adore her voice, to a point where I might just be a little obsessed. She's no Chise Kanna, mind, but Ohara has a delicate, entrancing voice that pulls me in and keeps me intrigued. I truly adore hearing any one of her songs, even if some do sound like other tracks she has released in previous years, months and days.

Sayonara already feels promising, a beautiful ballad that is truly fitting for this time of the year, and for Sakurako's heavenly voice. I'm especially looking forward to hearing what Paper Planes sounds like, however - that name is making me all excited, and I honestly don't know why. It just feels like it will be a nostalgic, bittersweet piece. Oh, here's to hoping!

Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary ver.) by Morning Musume 20th (2017.11.03)

By the time I've updated my blog with this post, Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary ver.) will already be out, and we'll all be lauding over it. I mean, why wouldn't we? This was the song that began it all, the song that created a legacy, and now it's being re-recorded, 20 years on, with not only Morning Musume '17, but the first generation! Holy crap.

There is a part of me that wishes this had been done with just the original lineup, but, it's nice to see the OG and young'ins come together for this special occasion. I mean, 20 years? Crikey and wowsers!

Even though it's already been released, I still think it's something to look forward to! How did you guys find it, though?

Aratanaru Makuake no Tame no Makuake ni yoru Kyoshikyoku - Kimi ga Ireba Oretachi mo Egao Mugendai by Fudanjuku (2017.11.15)

I really can't be bothered to type out or copy and past this song title again, but, damn, that's a long-ass title. So far, I'm not 100% with the song either, because it has a weird mixture of sounds going on in one track, which doesn't work that well for Fudanjuku, sad to say. Hopefully, it grows on me, because some of the sounds (from the preview I have heard) are actually really entertaining and catchy, and yeah, they can work, but not all of them do.

It feels a bit like a cluster-fuck of weirdness, actually.

I'm still anticipating it, though, I mean, it's Fudanjuku, and I want to see what direction they go with these various songs and styles they keep throwing into the instrumental. Will there be a pattern, or will be different each time? Who knows, until the full single is released.

11 Gatsu no Anklet by AKB48 (2017.11.22)

It feels like it has been such a long time since I anticipated an AKB release, because let's be honest, I don't care for a lot of their songs, except maybe one or two. For this entire release, however, I may just be anticipating nearly every song on there. It's all so interesting, and the songs just seem to fit into what I enjoy right now.

Well, except one, maybe. But one out of however many AKB produce is pretty damn good, I say.

The release so far feels like a diverse, complete single, one that has some interesting songs and fun concepts in terms of the videos. I look forward to it, and I'm honestly so glad that Mayuyu's final release with the group is something diverse and entertaining. It's about damn time.


If there are any mistakes in the post, I apologise, but I'm in a rush. I should have done this a few days back, but, time is sparse now. Bloody adulthood.

If there are any songs missing, please don't hesitate to suggest your preferred track lists from the month of October '17. I am always interested to see what you guys have listened to, and what you think I should attempt as well. So, yeah... send in your suggestions, and don't hesitate to berate me for my appalling taste in music this month. It really is Idol trash (lol).

Hopefully you have enjoyed the songs suggested, however, and I do hope that you enjoy the music you have heard from October, too! Now, however, it is time to look forward to the November releases! Is there anything in particular you look forward to? Let me know, or wait until the next post to tell me! It is your divine choice, after all.

And now, this post shall come to its end. Thank you for reading, and until the next one, please do take care, live a hapyp and healthy life, smile to make someones day, and of course, love your Idols to the fullest.

Until then, everyone. Take care and Adieu!


  1. I told you so. If You Wanna is gooood.

    1. GOSH DARNIT, HANNAH XD You know too much!

  2. I love Momoiro Clover Z Blast! Single expect for Yum Yum

    1. Yeah, Yum Yum isn't that amazing, is it...? XD