Thursday, 30 November 2017

This Sweet Memory Stained With Tears. MACO's 'Sweet Memory' Music Video Review

November is coming to its untimely end, and with its end, we will begin the December posts. But before any of that can happen, let's take a look at one last November release

It's time for a love story, but will it have a happy end?

MACO has a penchant for creating love songs, and I honestly like a good chunk of them. I'm a sucker for a pretty, ballad-type song, and that's the style that fits MACO best. It's also the style she overuses to heck, but because I am a sucker for it, of course I buy into it. Hence why we're here.

Plus, this video is sad as heck. I like a good, tragic love story from time to time, and after BiSH's Orchestra from last year, it's nice to see that just a year later, a new love story follows suit, one that echoes many a tale, as well as some people's reality: The unattainable crush.

I find it highly ironic that this has been titled Sweet Memory, when it's such a melancholy song. I expect something cute and fluffy, but the lyrics and video both show something that is more bitter than it is sweet. That said, it does have its moments of sweetness, mostly in the memories that the protagonist has. I suppose that is where the title really comes into play.

Anyways, it's time to delve into my final review of November '17. Through all the memories, the smiles and the tears, let's take a look at this tale of love and see where it goes. Is it a tale of happiness or resolution, or will it be filled with woe?

Let's look back through these memories, and remember the sweetest ones. It's time to look back.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Abracadabra, Love Me More! Hear The Desert Maiden's Spell in 'Abracadab Luv!'

With November's end upon us, it's time to clear up with a few final posts for the month, just before the onslaught of December hits. It will be a busy month this year, with very few opportunities to post anything but Graduation Appreciations, Christmas themed reviews and my Year End selections.

And if y'all didn't know this was coming, then you don't know me well enough, because THIS IS HOUPRI, BITCHES >8U


With HouPri's quiet departure from Universal Music Japan - no promotion since July '17, the change in their 'uniforms' for day performances, Cute Black Ltd's. closure, as well as the fact the group has released the full music video on their channel, the first in two or so years - the Princess themed unit continue their story-book quest in Abrakatab Luv!, which begins a brand new chapter in their own story, as well as creating a refreshing new theme for one of the worlds most beloved stories.

Inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights collection (also known as The Arabian Nights), the members of Houkago Princess transform into a beautiful Arabian princess, most likely inspired by both Disney's Princess Jasmine and Scheherazade, the story teller from One Thousand and One Nights who tells her husband a story each night in order to prolong her life. Here, the members express the tale of a beautiful desert Princess through rich, emotional song and choreography, with the hopes that they will cast a spell on you all.

Now, when the information for the song was originally released, I mistakenly claimed this to be all about the tale of Aladdin. I don't think it actually is; Abrakatab Luv! seems to be linked more to One Thousand and One Nights, though it could easily be a mixture of both the story collection and Aladdin. I have yet to read the lyrics, so, I can't determine what it's about yet, but for now, I'm saying it's more likely the group is depicting the character of Scheherazade, with Jasmine's look thrown in there for good measure. Of course, I could be completely wrong, because it's me; I get everything wrong.

It's also the best explanation for why there are a lack of flying carpets and jinni's. I am sticking to it >o>

And now it's time to enter a whole new world of glittering jewels, floating veils and chai tea. In their latest adventure, Houkago Princess tackle one of the most beloved story collections of all time, and embody the Princess who told beautiful tales for 1001 nights. Are you ready to be enchanted by HouPri's spell?

Friday, 24 November 2017

[PV Selection] October '17

I'm hella late with this, but surprisingly, I'm still in the month of November. What in the heckity-heck?

It's because I need to get these November posts out, before December hits. I have a full month ahead of me, and I honestly can't afford to lose a day of it. So, let's get this over with. ARE YA READY KIDS? 8U

As per the usual spiel I drag out before these posts, here lies the videos that I have personally enjoyed from the month gone by. Any that do not appear, have been neglected for a reason. Perhaps I have not watched them, or maybe I did, and if I have, then there is the chance that I did not like the video, or I intended to add it, but my opinion on it changed, and it was taken out.

There is also the possibility that the videos you enjoyed from the month gone by are blocked in my country, cause y'know, Youtube and entertainment companies hate me.

Of course, you do not have to like what I like. I am simply listing videos that entertained and appealed to me, in the hopes of introducing you to groups, songs and videos that you haven't really cared to look up before now. These are also here to catalogue the videos of the year that I have preferred over others, to help me in my end of year lists.

Oh, and because prettiness. It's always nice to see pretty videos that can be visually captivating.

... Okay, let's go. Videos Ahoy!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Morning Musume 20th Anniversary: Top ⑳ Music Videos (Of All Time, According to Chiima)

In celebration of Morning Musume's 20 years as a group, let's take a look at some of the more memorable music videos and entertain ourselves. Through the nostalgia, the fun, the laughter and the tears, it's time to amuse ourselves once more with the best of Morning Musume, in all their visual glory.

It's all preference beyond this point, but which videos will make the cut, and which ones will be given honorable mentions? It's time to check out some videos, and make our decisions. Are you ready to make your choice?

Cross-posted with: Selective Hearing

With around 20 years' worth of footage and a little bit of time on my hands, I wanted to celebrate Morning Musume's 20th anniversary the only way I can: by making a list! So, here it is, after about three hours' worth of video watching, note taking and ratings, and a further 10 hours' worth of sorting, writing and re-arranging, I have my final compilation of my Top 20 Morning Music Videos, from their debut until now! Wow, that took a while!

The fact I did it all in one day is kind of impressive, though. I typically sit on my butt and uhm and ahh a lot before doing something further, however, I really wanted to write this one up and get everything sorted as soon as possible, before I became too busy all over again. I hate adult life.

In regards to the list itself, as stated above, it's all preference beyond this point; I am fully aware that my tastes are different to yours, however, I did try to include videos that, whilst to my taste, would appeal to others as well. I also tried to think about which videos would also be included in other Top 10 or 20 lists, but some videos listed here might come as a surprise, and would probably never come up on another list any time soon. Again, it's all about preference, and my weird tastes.

That said, I do hope some of your favourite videos from the group turn up on here. If not, feel free to berate me, and inquire why I never listed it, and why I'm an idiot for not listing it.

For the sake of it, I would like to note that I have used a Rating system for these videos, with 10 being perfection, and 1 being a big ol' nope. I have included my rating for the videos in the list, and made the decision early on when taking notes that all videos rated 7 or above, would become a part of my Top 20 list. Of course, with the amount of 7's and 8's I gave, a few were cut, making up my honorable mentions list. It was the fairest way, I found, especially when I rated a lot of MoMusu's MV's in the 6's.

Ratings will be included in the honorable mentions, just so you know where they stand.

Also, in terms of the reasons for why I have chosen certain videos, I am basing a lot of my decisions (and ratings) on these aspects: Themes, Style, Entertainment quality, Editing technique, Camera Angles / Cinematography, Lighting, Graphics, Location / Setting / Set Design, how Memorable it is, and Nostalgia. Not all of these aspects have to present in the video, of course, but I would like at least a few of these to be present. Clearly, the older ones will be more nostalgic than current MV's, whilst the newer videos will have better graphics, and some might encompass more than others. It depends on the video, as well as how a person sees the video.

I would also like to point out that, despite a videos rating on here, I will put it anywhere, depending on how I view it personally. So, even a video earned a 8/10, it might find itself somewhere with the 7's, because my preference for it is a little lower than others. Likewise, even if a video is an 8, it can still become a honorable mention, only because I felt it wasn't as good as certain videos that I had rated a 7/10.

And before I move on, I would like to say that, whilst I have created this list, it is not a definite or official list about the best MoMusu PV's out there. This is simply a list I have compiled for my own enjoyment, as well as to see which videos are to my taste after enjoying and begrudging the group for so long. This is not to slander your favoured MV's, nor is it to say what is better than others. I am simply doing this, because I can.

Feel free to disagree with me on any videos placed here, but feel free to agree with me, too. I don't mind, either way, I just want to throw out reasons why I enjoy certain videos, and why I think they're good.

I hope you all enjoy, and finally, we're going to get to the list itself. In honor of Morning Musume's 20th Anniversary, let's celebrate the music videos that have captivated us for so long! This is my Morning Musume Top 20 Music Videos List, where we will take a trip down memory lane and look at all the good this group has brought us. Who will make the cut, and which video will reign supreme?

It's time to tune in, dear readers. Press the play button, and let the results unfold.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Viva La Cake! 7 Years. 2555 Days. So Many Idols.

I have eaten a cake for every anniversary I celebrate. No wonder I've gotten so fat (ha!).

I didn't make a banner this year. Huh.

In 2015, the blog writer Morningtime made the decision to move his blog to a new address, just shy of his seventh year writing on the original. At the time it happened, I began to wonder if this would be me one day, doing the same thing as always, but through a new address? Would I even be blogging any more?

I look back on this thought a lot, especially when the idea of quitting or moving platforms creeps up. But, I am happy to say that, come my 7th Anniversary here, I am still on the same blog, and I am still enjoying my Idols as much as before. I just happen to be a little busier, and therefore, I am blogging a little less. Still, my desire to share with you all has not lessened.

Every year when this day rolls around, I celebrate and reflect. I think about everything I have written, the memories that I have created, and the things I have achieved. Granted, the achievements are minuscule, but every moment spent on this blog is one step further towards my own improvement, and every second I think about this place allows it to grow. Okay! Musume Time is special to me, and I say it every year; I love this blog, and I feel proud that I can celebrate 7 wonderful years as a writer here.

Even though I doubt myself a lot - especially when it comes to my writing - I feel confident in Okay! Musume Time. I am thankful that it's something I created, a place where I can share so many things about Idols.

Like all years prior, the 7th Anniversary is a special day for me, another milestone completed. Through all the ups and downs, my own idiocy and inaccuracies, the gripes and whines I create as a Wota, and anything else that makes me human, this blog has become one of my bright sparks in life. It's a happy place, despite the times I bitch and moan, and it's all mine. This is where I share my Idol-hood, the life that I chose to lead all those years ago.

If it wasn't for this blog, I am unsure if my love for Idols would have bloomed into what it is now. So, welcome to my happy place. I hope you enjoy the Idols, as well as the cake~

Now only 365 days until the next one! I'm already looking forward to it ;)

And finally, it's time to celebrate with Idols and Cake! What two things could be more perfect together?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Let's Make A Wish! Houkago Princess Prepare For A Magical Adventure in 'Abracadab Luv!'

After a long wait, the next chapter in Houkago Princesses fairy tale is about to begin! Finally revealing the promotional image and covers for the groups next release, it's time for HouPri to tackle their latest fairy tale adventure, and what better way to end the year of 2017 with a magic carpet ride?

Set in the beautiful country of Arabia, it's time to spin the enchanting tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, and watch as HouPri soar as the beloved Princesses of this popular, unforgettable tale! Are you ready to be spellbound in the twilight skied desert?

Celebrating the groups 7th major single release (14th overall), set for sale on December 20th, 2017, Houkago Princess have finally unveiled the new cover art for their up-coming release, Abracadab Luv!, which will honour
the beloved tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, a story that has been passed down through the generations. Whether the roots hail from China or the Arabian deserts, the story of Aladdin is one that will stand the test of time, forever known for its use of magic and enchantment.

And now we will watch and hear Houkago Princess spin the tale with their very own words! Wearing rich purple garments befitting a true Princess, the members show off their veils and sheer trousers (pants), a new look that is not typical of the dress and transformation oriented group.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

[PV Selection] September '17

... Yeeeeah, this didn't come out in October when it should have, did it >o> Whoops, looks like Slob Blogger Chii is at it again, posting over one month later, and leaving these PV's in the dust. I swear... -rambles to self, throws a chair, rolls on floor, then posts, finally-

My excuse? I'm busy, I go to school Monday to Wednesday, and work at a bar at the weekends. My days off are spent doing laundry, plotting my takeover of the world, watching Idol videos, and making up blog slogans. Aren't those reasons to forget to do this?

Oh, and I actively hate looking up the romaji for the song titles and the group names that I don't know. There's an even better reasons not to post, right? o3o

... Okay, let's actually watch some videos >o>

Usual spiel:

All videos thrown into this here post are, for the most part, videos that I actively enjoy. Not all Idol music videos will be added into this post, either because I A) Didn't enjoy them as much as others, B) Never watched them, C) They were blocked in my country (Thanks, NG and Kayaking 46 >o>) or, D), I didn't actually like them at all. There are many reasons why I never posted them, but please remember, I am one person, so my tastes are absurdly different to yours, and also, I don't have the time to watch everything.

Amazingly, I have to be an adult now. Ouch. I don't like it, either. Puberty Being a grown-up sucks, don't do it, kids.

For those who do not see a favoured September release here, either, please remember that you can comment and post your preferences, too! It's good to share, and if I never viewed it or didn't care for it, it's a great chance to make me see what you saw. Sometimes, I need a kick or a shove in the right direction, so, prod me. Let me understand your love.


Are we there yet?

Friday, 10 November 2017

[Music Selection] October '17

Okay, it feels like forever since I did one of these, even though it has technically been a month. The PV Selection, however... yeah, that's a whole other story. At this point, I have no clue if I'll continue that side of the Selections. I just don't have the time to watch the MV's any more, and damn, that's a shame. But, I'm a busy woman.

How'd that happen? Like, when did I become a woman!?

... Let's look at music.

As per the usual spiel of things, all songs addressed within this selections post are posted here because I like 'em! This blog is written by yours truly, and only yours truly, therefore what I say, goes. I will not place songs I dislike here, because this is a post of positive energy and delight. I want to focus on the songs that I have enjoyed this past month, and here they shall be posted!

Because it is a post based purely on my opinion (wait, my other posts aren't the same? <o<) then there is a high chance that music you have enjoyed from the month gone by may not be present. This does not mean that I hate it; it means that it either didn't stand out for me, I never heard it, or I just didn't care for it at all. I don't really 'hate' much music, per-say, unless otherwise stated. That is the long and short of it.

So here lies the music I listened to! From the past, the present, and even the ones from the future, let's take a look at what October released, and all that has been enjoyed from the month that has passed! It's time to look back, and let the music flow...~

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Sign Is Go! What Can I Do But Say Here We Go! - Morning Musume '17's 'Jama Shinaide Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakain da shi!' Single Review!

I was asked by an Anonymous reader if I would be reviewing the latest single release from Morning Musume '17, and now that my Sins Of The Idol series is finally over and done with, I thought to myself 'Yeah, why the heck not', because good grief, this has to be one of the more interesting graduation releases to come out of the group in a while.

It's nice to see that H!P are finally colouring outside of the lines.

Celebrating the debut of Morito Chisaki (14th generation), the 20th Anniversary of Morning Musume, and also the final release for Kudo Haruka (10th generation), Jama Shinaide Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakain da shi! has a lot going on, and a lot to live up to. I mean, being the 20th Anniversary release, there will be expectations from a lot of people - like, the expectation that it'll actually be a decent release. Lord knows, the rest haven't been that amazing, if only because they've followed a similar formula and pattern in sound, composition and everything else.

I'm not saying that this single is doing leaps and bounds away from that - it's not - but, it's taking a step forward, at least. I mean, the songs actually sound unique, which is a first.

And bloody Hell, the one I thought was a total non-Tsunku release is by Tsunku. Maybe the Hawaiin air is giving him good vibes, or maybe producing a little magic? Who freakin' knows.

Ahem. Going a little overboard, there. In short, I already know my feelings towards the single, but we're gonna review it, because it's fun to do so, and I like to see how my opinions differ from everyone else. So, with my thoughts in check and my typing hands at the ready, it's time to head into the first release for MoMusu's latest transfer, Morito Chisaki, and the final release to feature Kudo Haruka, before her graduation date this year. And whilst we're at it, let's see if this release is worthy of being the 20th Anniversary release for Morning Musume.

It's time to shine, readers. Here we go~

Friday, 3 November 2017

Sins Of The Idol: Pride

Pride can be pretty, but it can become unattractive when used excessively. Though we are always told to believe in ourselves and the qualities we possess, we should do so with a little bit of modesty, as well. No one likes a egoist, after all, but we will come across them in our lives from time to time. I'm pretty sure some of our Idols are prideful, too.

Whether they are prideful in their looks (Michishige Sayumi), or in their career as a singer (Hamasaki Ayumi), an Idols pride can come in many forms. It is the pride of an Idol that keeps them singing and dancing for fans, and it is their pride and determination to one up one another that makes us like them, or feel irritation towards them. Sometimes, we are endeared to it. Other times, we are not.

As fans we can be prideful, too. We feel pride in our Idols for doing well, and we feel pride when our Idols achieve something that they were aiming for since the beginning of their career. But, this pride is not always pure - sometimes, our pride can make us vindictive and cold towards other fans, and we can let it get in the way of our love and support. Sometimes, this sin can turn us into sneering, unforgiving sods, and through it, we become truly detestable.

Just for a little bit, though, let's Sin with Pride! Just don't let it define you, fellow Wota~

Pride - The one that started it all. Considered the original form of Sin, the act of Pride is the belief in ones own abilities, and that you are inherently better, more superior and even more important than those around you. Through the act of Pride, you can forget to acknowledge your own faults and wrong-doings, whilst boasting your superiority in a variety of ways. It is also considered prideful when talking about your achievements excessively. 

Vanity, Hubris and Futility are terms that have been used to define this sin.

The colour associated with this Sin is purple.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sins Of The Idol: Lust

Fore-Warning: This review contains scenes of a (somewhat) sexual nature, and therefore, the post is classed as NSFW. Please be cautious when reading, especially if you are pure of mind. Ta.

We all have desires, and sometimes, these desires need to be sated with another person. For many, the longing of another companion has been present since our teenage years, and there is no doubt in my mind that our Idols go through this same feeling, at some point in their lives. Why do you think they have scandals?

It's because finally, they have given into their desires, quenching their thirst and understanding that abstaining is not all its cracked up to be.

Purity is not for everyone, and neither is our sin of the day, Lust.

The desires of the heart and body are great, but as long as we don't go overboard, or let these desires overtake our mind, we should be okay. Still, it should be okay to partake in this sin once in a while, right?

Lust - The inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body, extravagance or power. Typically linked to sex, the act of lust is seen as an inappropriate, and therefore morally wrong, desire. Through lust, we feel want for an object or a person.

It must not be mistaken for Passion, which is far purer when the emotion is used properly.

The colour associated with this sin is blue.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Sins Of The Idol: Envy

The grass will always be greener on the other side, and there will always be a part of us that pines for more. Specifically, we will pine for the things that another person has. Even though we try not to wish or want, we can't help it; the Sin of Envy is built into us from the day we learn to think for ourselves.

For our Idols, their envy may lie in various things. The desire to become a singer as great as Koda Kumi, the longing to be as renowned as Matsuura Aya in her Idol years, and even the wish to become as popular and renowned as AKB48. No matter what it may be, the desire and want for something another Idol has will always be there in our Idols - it is a natural desire, to want what another has, because people will always convince themselves that it will grant happiness and fulfillment.

That is not always the case, however.

Like anyone else in this world, our Idols should not let their Envy consume them. Of course, it's not always easy to hide that little green monster sitting on your shoulder...~

Envy - The desire for another's wealth, status, possessions and / or lifestyle. One of the three sins linked to Desire, the nature of Envy can cause great unhappiness to those who hold it. Though you long for what another has, you may still feel envy even after acquiring what you set out to receive or achieve. Also known as Jealousy.

The colour associated with this sin is green.